Russian Art of Food Decorating / Vegetables | Galina G. | Skillshare

Russian Art of Food Decorating / Vegetables

Galina G., Impress your Guests!

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8 Videos (29m)
    • The Eyes also eat

    • Leek Asters

    • Tomato Sunflower

    • Tomato Roses

    • Onion Water Lilies

    • How to marinate onion

    • Cucumber Asters

    • Cucumber Curls (1)


About This Class

It is said that the yes also eat. And so, it is very important to not only prepare delicious dishes, but also decorate them, so they gladden both - taste and eyes! The presentation and unfolding of dishes are very important. A beautifully decorated salad, properly presented, causes more interest than it's "modest neighbor".

If you need to tint food decorations, use natural dyes, such as tomato paste, turmeric,curry, paprika, saffron, beet juice, tea, coffee and  green parsley juice.

In this class you will learn how to prepare all natural vegetable food decorations - Leek Asters, Tomato Roses, Onion Lilies, Cucumber Curls and Tomato Sunflower. 

Learn how to impress your family and guests!

More beautiful all natural vegetable decorations





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Galina G.

Impress your Guests!

I was born in Moldova Republic. Higher education in Food Technology and Management (Odessa State Technological Institute in Ukraine). More than 15 years experience working in European restaurants. Have had participated in many restaurants exhibitions and competitions.

My passion is Food decorating! I don't use artificial dyes.

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