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Running with android: Build your first app!

Cristopher Ontiveros, Freelance Web and Application Developer

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7 Videos (58m)
    • Lecture 1: Project Intro

    • Lecture 2: Android Studio

    • Lecture 3: XML Layout

    • Lecture 4: Intro to Java

    • Lecture 5.1: Java pt. 1

    • Lecture 5.2: Java pt. 2

    • Lecture 6: Summary


About This Class


This course is designed for the beginner programmer/app developer and will teach you how to get up and running by developing an Android application.

This course will lay the groundwork for more advanced applications!

PLEASE NOTE: If you have not yet done so, or are unfamiliar with setting up Android Studio, be sure to check out Setting up Android Studio for App Development.This course will assume that you have set up a development environment and are ready to start developing.


You will be developing a Currency Converter Application. This is a pretty basic application for beginning developers and will teach you some very important concepts such as:

  • User Input (STDIN)
  • System Output (STDOUT)
  • Checking Input and Error Handling
  • Variables, Data Types and Mathematical Calculations
  • Familiarity with Android Studio
  • Java Programming Language
  • Segmented Coding with Methods and Bite-Sized Code Chunks

This course is designed to get you familiar with developing Android applications for fun and for profit. No prior development experience is needed, but general programming knowledge is super helpful. Just bring a positive attitude and you will go far!


  • Below are a few of the tools that will be helpful in this course.
  • PC or Mac Computer
  • Android Studio installed with Java Framework


I am excited to help you become an amazing app developer. Let's get started!

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it's just a sample app
Just what I needed to finally start making apps. Thanks!





Cristopher Ontiveros

Freelance Web and Application Developer

Cristopher has been in the tech scene for nearly ten years. When he is not working, his passions include visiting the local art scene, cultural events, film/television and theatre acting and binge watching netflix.

He is a pop culture enthusiast, fitness advocate and encourages self promotion, betterment and all things positive through business development and social media marketing.

Android Developer. Computer Scientist. Arguably the finest champagne on earth.

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