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17 Lessons (4h 13m)
    • 1. Overview

    • 2. Setup Ad Account

    • 3. Campaign Objectives

    • 4. Ad Sets - Budget and Targeting

    • 5. Ad Types

    • 6. Facebook Pixel

    • 7. Audiences

    • 8. Creative Hub

    • 9. Boosting Posts

    • 10. Implementation

    • 11. Growth Campaign

    • 12. Messenger Campaign

    • 13. Event Campaign

    • 14. Conversion Campaign

    • 15. Traffic Campaign

    • 16. Leads Campaign

    • 17. Conclusion

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About This Class

This class is built on the previous classes I created, Branding Yourself As A Real Estate Agent and Creating and Managing Your Own Facebook Page. In this class we will be looking at running your own Facebook ads for your small business.

We will discuss the ads manager, targeting and creating your very own ads. We will look at a in depth review of most of the campaign types, what they mean and how to set them up.

Meet Your Teacher

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Pieter Jordaan

Creating the 10x Developers of tomorrow


I have a BSc. (Hons.) Information Technology degree. After working as a software engineer and cyber security specialist, I decided to start sharing my knowledge of topics with the world and giving a little back.

I love teaching people and helping them achieve greatness. My courses are designed to educate, mentor and assist students in reaching their full potential.

My key area of focus is training Software Developers in taking their software development to the next level.

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1. Overview: However, one welcome to running Facebook ads for Real says my name is figured on your curse shot. Of course, this course is all about running Facebook ads Now. I assume when you do this course that you have already watched branding yourself as a realistic agent, that has to do with content. And I also seem that have watched creating and managing your Facebook page. And the reason for this is that we will be using the business manager, which have helped to set up in creating a manager Facebook page. And we'll also look at different types and different types of content that you could use that is actually discussed within branding yourself as a real estate agent. So in this course, I'm going to show you how to set up your air to come in now. And it becomes something that you need to use on Facebook to actually run your ads. I'm also going to show you how to set up your payments and billing. I'm gonna show you the different types of campaign objectives that you can. I'm going to discuss everyone with you and just go through the steps and tell you exactly what it means and how to choose the right campaign objective for what you want to do. I'll also look at Add Satan targeting as well as bad ity. How much should you be spending on your Facebook ads the day and use it to target houses especially focused on real estate agents? I'm also going to discuss different at types that you can use different composition off types that you can use. I'm going to show you how to use the creative hub to kind of do mock ups and designs to bold ads before you even create ads, create campaigns that will actually run and also Syrian implementation off. That's all some campaigns with you from start to finish, and I'm gonna show you about growth. Evade staff campaigns from version campaigns. Lead adds admission. So this is gonna be quite a country since, of course about running ads, it is going to be focused on real estate agents, and the stuff we discussed will be applicable to release it ages. But you could also use this information to run other types of campaigns and other starts off ads as well that painting on your choice. So that's it for this figure, and I'll see in the next one 2. Setup Ad Account: Hello, everybody, welcome back to running a Facebook ad for real says so in this video. I want to talk to you about at accounts. And how do you go to sit up and add account now becomes, or something that is separate from your Facebook page that is used to run your ads in. So what I mean by that is the attic on contains all the billing and payment information off the card that's going to be billed for the ads that are running multiple ad accounts can be used with the same Facebook page, and multiple Facebook pages can be used off the same ad account. So in most cases, if you only have one Facebook page, you're only gonna have one ad account on one building method. The main reason for different ad accounts is so that you can separate your ads from different Let's say, every years off your business. If you want to do it that way, if you're a digital marketing agency will have a different add a card for clients. But if you're a realty, will probably only just have one. That account also has the Facebook pixel into it. It's got a lot. The dates are containing about ads that are currently running. It's all contained within your added carbs. So let's get started. So in this video, I'm now going to jump into Facebook, and I'm going to show you how to sit up and add account. Okay, so we're in Facebook. I went to business that facebook dot com and because I've already signed into Facebook and actually locked me into my business manager account, which can see down here now, what do you want to do is you want to go over to this little circuits every year, and it's called that school business setting. So you want to click on that? Do you want to go down into the count's tab? There's going to be add account. You could come. Now there's going to be a button that says, Add, You wanna take ad and you want to say, Add and added counts all requested data cards or creates a new Attica. Now the difference will be when you want to add an addict can. This will be an added contact you kind of use currently, so if you feel really good at at account that you have control over. You could just add this. Add account to your business manager when you want to request access to a nada. Com is when you have an ad account that already exists is already set up. It was already probably running ads, but you need the ad account. I d to pull that add account into your business manager. This will be an antique gun that you don't have control over, but that you need control. For the purpose of this video, we are going to be creating a new ad account. All right, so now that I asked you which add account do you want to create what's going to be coming name? I'm gonna just call this taste that counts. Now, I've got different pages year that I can advertise on, but I am going to advertise it on the off. My company called Creative to 60 and then I can choose my time zone, which is already said to Johannesburg. I'm gonna choose by currency now. This depends on where you are If you us just us dollars. A few in Britain, just cheese tpp. If you are in South Africa, you can just choose czar, and then you can select your payment missing. Now, I already have a payment mason here. But what I will do is I will just say add payment method later. If you do not have a payment meted and will probably not show that box and then I can just click Create comes. Okay. Now, as I showed you guys, if you didn't watch the creating and managing your own Facebook page, I showed you about adding assets to certain people. So what I want to do is I want to select myself and I want to go through the different permissions that I can sit. So I've managed campaigns. So that helps me to create. And it adds access reports and view ads. I definitely want to do that. Few performance automatically get included, and this is part of the analyst role. So if he only wants somebody to few the ads, but not creating it the ads, you could just give them the view performance roll and then manage at a card. This controls everything that's controls finances and permissions, and it just gives it the full role. So this is your admin account. So you want to actually probably give that to yourself. But if you were to have other people working for you and you just want them to analyze the data but not do anything, we'll see any financial data. You could just click on that button if you want them to create. And it adds while a C reports, you can activate that. If you want to give access to yourself what you do, you wanna have admin access and you just like a sign good. This year that, you see, here is the ad account I d remember I talked about. When you want to request access, you need add account. That will be the idea for it. If I could contest account at the bottom here, I will see who has access. If I have any partners, they will have access here. And if there are any connected assets, I will add them here. But for now, what I want to do is I want to take on these food dot at the top here, and I want to take it and you can see you can add appear number if you want. This account will be used for my business If it's not account that you are going to be running for yourself for your own business or your own realtor, you are going to be using this for somebody else. You want to kick this another business client. What you also want to do is when I click here and you want to save you payment methods, right? So what happens when you view the payment methods is you will actually see when your next full will arrive, you will see what your balances view, which will be zero. If this is a new added cards like this one, now you can add payment methods are you want to add payment meted and you want to add your credit card number, your expiration date in your security code. If you already added a payment method in your business manager like I showed you in creating and managing your Facebook page, you can click on this button here and continue. It will actually give you an option to select one off the payment methods that is added in your business. Manager always received that ad coupon from Facebook. You can take this, which also could do in this pages you can actually sit on account spending limit. I don't want you to do this prefer, but not because this causes issues when you reach that limit. So you can say, OK, I'm going to spend in total when it spent 10,000 on Facebook ads. The biggest problem with that is that once it reaches that 10,000 grand, it's not gonna go on until you increase the limit. So I just normally leave the limit off. Since I am in control of my ads, I can see the budget and I can see what I am currently spending. So just to show you guys how you can have a payment committed in your business majors while you can take on your business cities at this little Kabul at the top and you can actually school down to payments on payments, you can click AG, and you can agile payment method here. Now you will see that I've really got this visa card at it on my payment method. So what I am going to do is I'm going to hit over to my ad accounts. I'm going to select my taste accounts. I'm gonna take that little drop down they are going to save you payment methods. And now I will scroll down to add a payment method. And I will say I had a paper admitted from business manager. Please continue. So make the call that I added. And now it says the payment Mrs you're adding from business manager will become the primary time admitted for you. Add account. Do you want to make this cordial? Probably. I'm admitting. So you always want to make that primary. You can add multiple payment methods to your ads. Manager. The reason for this. Sometimes you have, say, a business greeting card business credit card needs to be loaded with money so that the money can be deducted. If it doesn't have any money on, it won't be able to deduct. It's not like your general greater card that has created limits. That's what it works, kind of like a check or David card. Now, if you forget to upload money to that card, for example, and your payment bull goes down or there's not enough money to cover the pavements out of that car, you can add a secondary payment method. So if Facebook fails on the first payment method will try to do the second payment method. You can also add a second payment method. If you're quiet is about to expire and you're still waiting for a new card. So once that card does expire, Facebook automatically use the second payment missing. But for now, I'm just gonna make this one primary, and it's going to be my only payment method on this added cards. Great. So I've added my payment, meet its primary cord, and I've everything slow today. I've got no limit on my account and I've got noble. This four and I will have a bull by the first off December 28. See, what is sit. Remember, though, is if you add a new payment methods, if you go to ad and you car to your business manager for the first time, Facebook is going to adopt some money. I think there is a dollar, but once the money is deducted, Facebook will refund you for that money back to your career card. Only reason why they do that is to verify whether the credit card does work doesn't work, so don't worry too much about it. If some money goes down the moment to add record that is normal, and it's a normal verification process for Facebook. All right, so I showed you guys have to add add account of how to set up your believing around it, so I hope that added some value. I want you guys to go and do that. Now, if you do know, add that an account at the billing to it, you will not have the opportunity to run ads as preciso. Just go back quickly. Do that so that we can get you guys set up onto bay so we don't start doing some of the ad campaign stuff. Start working through the ads and it's orbiting. You wanna go and play with you? Want to start doing your own ads? You already set up up to this point. So that's it for this video, and I'll see in the next one 3. Campaign Objectives: Hello, everyone. Welcome to running Facebook ads for rules is And in this video, I want to talk to you about advertising campaigns and advertising objectives. All right, so I'm gonna head over to Facebook to my business manager, and I'm gonna quickly show you hard to access your account and get started creating your first campaign. Okay, so this is my business manager again. It's just business lot of facebook dot com that you can go to. I'm already logged in to Facebook, so it automatically logs mean to my business manager. Now I can scroll down and under recently used. This is a test, a county or under my pages. Here is ALS the pages that I have recently accessed. But if you can't find a day, you can just click on the top link up here, Educate click on ads Manager. Okay, Now, I've got different ad accounts on this account, so I will just search for my taste accounts up here. I was selected. Now what you will see is that there aren't any active ad. And now this. These are just some notice is always read this and just make sure that you selector appropriate options. Okay, so basic overview off the ads, Manager. So you've got your accounts up here. So if you've got multiple ad accounts, you will choose this option over here to make it to choose the right account. You've got your searches that you could use. You've got your fault is that you can use and that. But just add some type of filter. No. The first time that you've got year is your account overview. We will show you how much you spend, how much impression she had harmony in clicks. You have your demographics. Which off day was your ads most active on the country or region that you actually used? Now you also get creative reporting, which allows you to create a report about the ad campaign. So this is quite useful when you want to analyze the data in Excel spreadsheet or you want to send the data to somebody else. Appear is your date range so you can choose when you want to see your ads or when you want to see those ALS. For now, the biggest problem that most people have is sometimes they'll say the last seven days and they can't see that the ads have performed yet and it's been like 24 hours. It's because it's not listening today. So you've got today, which is now used. Today is the day before last seven days is the day before minus seven days at a time range , as you will see down at the bottom. Here's the fifth of December now, and but that they drained for the last seven days is from the fourth of December 28 off November. In between those two dates, save Got to foot lost 14 days, 30 days this week. This week will always work from the Sunday up until to today. Last week will be this previous Sunday and told until this boss Saturday this month will basically work for the entire month. So you can see from the first of December till the fifth of December at last month will be from the first of November to the 30th. Often no vendor. But if you want to see your overall campaign, you could wish his lifetime, and that will show you all of the ads that are front and entirely for those. So I gave also got your campaigns. Now campaign is that overall, let's call it objective off your So if you, for example, have a campaign Teoh getting more buyers, you'll have a bias campaign, and now a campaign contains something that we call add six. Now add Sit is where you do targeting and we need to budget. There's also some budgeting you can do on your campaign level. I will show you that, but your ad sets off basically different targets that you can sit within a campaign so I can have one bias campaign, for example. But I can talk to people in three different regions, or I could target people with different interests. So that's all in my ad sits and every ad sit can have a number off ads. Now these ads can have different let's say, text and different images or videos or anything that's different than I can create an ad for every single ad set I have. Why conveyed multiple. As for every ad set I have, the reasons for that will be to monitor these ads within each ad set and see which adds performed the based at Set, and you can also then compare that sets to each other. If you want to choose the based at set or the based targeting really state. That's not necessarily important to go that deep, because I will give you targeting that we could use four really state agencies and Realtors across the board, especially in South Africa. So I will show you which targeting to you. So there's no need to create these multiple add sets. You cannot ever create multiple ads as I have seen in the past, and different ads act different two different types of audiences. But to get to the point off this video, I just think you want to go to campaigns. And then I'm gonna click on this green button here that says Create. Now, once you create a campaign, always make sure that you are still in the right ad accounts. Now you can use other than existing campaign. If you had one. I didn't have one, so I'm just gonna say, created your campaign. And then it says, Choose your objective. Now this is what we call guided creation, and you can also switch to quick creation. So that will leave this page. I recommend that you guys stay on guided creation unless otherwise but there is a very small difference between creation and guided creation. The main difference is with guided creation. You can actually financial entire campaign and publisher of good creation. It actually creates and publishes that as a draft, and you still need to go to every single campaign and add seats to actually make the ad campaign live. So let's quickly run through your different objectives, right? So you've got awareness you've got consideration and you've got conversion. Now for Wayne issue, got brand awareness and reach our brand awareness will be a typical add that you run. That's just, you know, for brand awareness purposes, it's just to get your name out. There is justice. So your name, it's nothing major. It's not made to be clicking or it's not mention click food or something. It's just supposed to keep showing your ads and show your name out the So for a real estate agent, I wouldn't bother too much about brand awareness, and Rich is something unique. So what which does is lets say you've got 10,000 people in the audience that you select. You wanna marketing these 10,000 people once you hit a reach campaign you will actually tell Facebook to only show adds to the same person once in, it's a seven days, and with that you ensure that Facebook goes to your entire audience. On some cases, that's correct, especially if you want. Oh, want to run a promotion, and we want to show showers and want to reach as much as possible people with the least amount of budget. And you don't want to show the same thing over and over and over again. People. So that's gonna be inside early on. Whether you want to do that, whether it's something for very specific reason, you will look at reach traffic campaigns. Are you normal? Let's say if you compare it to Google, your PPC at traffic and parents or campaigns that you run and they point to a landing page , which I will cover in the landing page course that I'm doing or it will click through to your website. So, for example, let's say you advertise the property. You can use a deaf campaign to click through to the property on your website where there's more information on more details and they can actually phone you email. So that's what a traffic campaign is for. It's literally to drive people from Facebook to a website for paint. Engagement is when you want people to engage with your Facebook page. So this will be, for example, post engagement is the different levels. If your school down, you will see. Yet it's a post engagement page, likes and invade responses. So engagement is when you want to run, let's say, opposed engagement. So that is exactly the same as boosting, opposed to get more people to see and react to oppose that you made any of good page likes , which is to build your following to grow your following to grow your you know your page and the number of like to actually have and invent responses is when you want to create invent on your page. Let's say, for example, a show us and you want people to responses that you wanna show that invented people you're typically going to use the engagement for your responses happen. Stools is in that it south of campaign that you can run. I wouldn't recommend this to Realtors it'll at the moment because realtors don't really have acts that they use. This is more for when you use games or when you've got a specific mobile app that you want to promote, then you've got figure views. Now, video views is a campaign that you run to show as much off your videos to other people. Now a video of you campaign typically being when you created something, let's say, like a whiteboard animation video that teaches people about soul mandates. Or if you created some type of promotional vigil, and you want that to show that your video is longer than 1st 2nd so it's not going to really be a video ad. It's more going to be. You want people to watch that video. It's all about getting people to feel the video. So once you go into your mobile Facebook app, you'll sometimes see that when you watch a video, it will stroll up to the next video and it will say, sponsored. That's exactly what a video of you campaign is. It's all about showing your video to as many people as possible. Then you've got the generation. While this is what we will need, ads lead as work great in the sense that the campaigns are only used by Facebook so they don't take you off Facebook day. It's a form that you pulled that will run in Facebook. So once people kick on your dad well, actually, pop up a little food that Facebook. What populate with all the details, such as email, telephone number and May on a we need to do is click the submit button after that takes them to a little thank you page, and from there they can go to your website. Now lead. Hedge would great, but I know that Facebook did have some problems in the past with lead ads and realtors. I feel that Will says kind of use the information to contact the parties because off home sellers and buyers and the different parties involved the same lawyers. Now I know, for example, that that's not true, and, Real says normally used the data to contact and make contact with the buyer and actually use that lead to go out and do what you normally doesn't any normal by that dinner. It's so you can try new generation. They have seen a lot of guys that have had real successively generation ads and Facebook. I've has great successfully generation ads on Facebook. But I've also had some clients that I created the generation ads for, and Facebook just disapproved the ads and they said no because the company is selling out the need to third party vendors so you will have those issues and appealing. It doesn't always work. Toe the generation is something that it's a try. If it doesn't work, Change of strategy. If it works great, use it differently. Used. Okay, then messages visit just campaign or campaigns that you actually used to get people to send your page message. So it's a campaign that you run with. There's a button. It is seen music, and they can actually send the two messenger and were now off the latest changes. You can actually get them to send a message directly from the air to what's up Once you linked up, What's up in your business manager now? Messages campaigns are grateful. Engagement invites people to start talking to you, and one of the main reasons off running and messenger campaign is first of all to get people to easily, you know, engage of you and make contact with you. But the second reason you want to run a messenger campaign. This will probably be for the guys ago, not deep into bots and Mason journalists and messenger subscriptions. But if you go into, but you will see that the messages, for example, once somebody kicks it, sends a message on the messenger. Add that guy. That person gets added to your subscription list in your butt, and they can actually use it for the bottom software. I use a tool called many Checks that I Used to build Boats and life. Chetumal website Also Facebook Messenger platform. But that's a great way of building your messenger. Lester's when somebody clicks on the button, the central message and you build engagement that way they don't the conversion. We've got convergence now what a conversion is. It's when I want somebody to go to a landing page or a page on my website, and I want them to take an action. That's I see you conversion. If I want them to buy a product, I want them to give me the contact details. I want them to, you know, sign up for my newsletter. That's all the form of conversion. So when you are running campaigns, it's safe to get people on the landing page to sign up for they detail so that you could call Detective for more information. Well, they want to download your guide or they want to go into, let's say, special statute created for them. That's all conversions and for detention. Definitely one conversion campaigns now get in on sales, On the other hand, is not something that you're going to be using as a realtor because he's not going to have a product catalog that you can sell and the same of school visit. If you have something like, for example, a promotion where you want people to actually come to your office and once they come there , they can get, let's say, three cup of coffee. They can actually ran a stall visits campaign and Facebook will, by using the keeping airs on people's cell phones. See, you actually clicked on the store, visits link and actually accessed the premises where you are located. That's one way to do store visits. Another way is to give a promo code away and that promo code. Once they get into the door, they give the promo code and they get their free cup of coffee. So that is a basic basic breakdown off different campaigns, what different campaigns do and how different campaigns operate. But the biggest thing we need to ask you, which ones are great for real estate? So four recite agents. I wouldn't worry too much about brand awareness or reach there is a place for it. But for the guys that just want to start turning their own ads don't want to go into too much details. I wouldn't recommend going brand witness or reach Okay. Traffic campaigns will definitely be city. I recommend all used traffic campaigns for when I want people to go to, Let's say, a Globe article or I want to drive people to a property on my website. There were you Steffy campaigns. Okay, engagements I will use for the page likes. And I will use engagement when I want people to sign up for your events, such as my show houses. And if you're not running events as shows is, you can actually just create posts, and this is something I'll talk a little about boosting posts and the uses of boosting post , and you could do post engagement on your Charles I'll show you guys how to do that. They know difficult. Look at video views. If you've got some cool promo videos, you might add, or you've got something great, you've done a video on a house that you want to show to people via is definitely a great way to go. A lot of rules issues it, and it's really, really efficient. So people love video people, workers. The one see video. It's all about video these days, so if you want to do something great of you, you can run a video of your campaign. Then you've got a new generation. The generation is a stunning tool to use, and the reason it's so stunning is it 100% bubble optimized. It works perfectly with your mobile at waterfalls, the versus daughter within the full, and this reduces the number off friction that the client has now when we refer to friction , refer to the number of actions he needs to do to give his contact details to you so that you can actually contact him and, you know, get busy trying to take him out and start working with the slant. So what? Leading the reason ads do. Is they actually use that friction because Facebook waterfalls to date on all they have to do is click one battle, it is, submits its greater than that messenger campaigns. Definitely a must real sincere message campaigns in whether they're building a messenger list away, that they are just trying to invite people to like the page or to basically paid. I've always got this, this, this reasoning around it, that if somebody likes a real estate agent space, they are little something. They are not gonna likely a sect if you say great value that they can use. But normally they like your place for one reason, and it's because there are looking to buy a property or they are trying to raise the property. So that's normally the reasons why somebody would like a real estate agents page. And that is where the messenger ad comes in. The messenger, Add, is something you don't normally around everyone. It's something that you're going to run to your pitch. Followers show exactly how to do that, and it's inviting them to contact and connect with you on a messenger level, then conversion templates. Conversion campaigns is definitely something that you're gonna be running if you are doing landing pages and your doing offers, and you are giving away free stuff guides giving away free lists of properties. If you want to do that, you are going to be focusing on one type of campaign. That's conversions. Conversions are always the campaign's going to use when you try to get people to give you something. So if you want them to take any action, give you contact itself like purchase whatever you want them to do. If there's something they need to do, it's a conversation. Campaign conversion cabinets for a little more expensive in the traffic campaigns, but it's still better to use conversion campaigns. T Just use traffic campaigns, although you can use traffic campaigns for the same purpose. So why does Facebook have all these campaigns? Well, Facebook created Elise different types of campaigns for a thing that they like to call optimization. Facebook has unofficial, intelligent algorithms in the background that determines behaviour off people, so some people are more likely to click on a link. Some people are more likely to convert on the website, and some people are more likely to misuse your page. So Facebook has all this data about people and even about you about your behavior on the platform. So once you optimize for convergence, Facebook will start looking at who accident converts on your website. You. It saves the action that you want them to take now the action that they say you will go or face people going. It will look at people that will take the same action on your site. So that is way conversions come from Traffic, for example, looks at people that like taking on links and reading articles. So if you run a traffic campaign, Facebook is going to look at people that actually like clicking on links and going to pages and also monitor your own campaigns in your audience and see you on the type of people that actually clicking converts or click and go to the place that you want to see them and face was gonna settle people in that group that are exactly like that. So it's all about optimization, and it goes into a deep level. But the beta thing that you need to understand this is to always choose the correct objective. Now, if you don't know, still don't know which objective to choose. You could always go here to What is your marketing objectives? Here's this little's blinky. That's his help choosing an objective. Now Facebook has some great how particles about what objectives to use. There's a lot of YouTube videos and a lot of content about which objectives you could use. But I think that the breakdown that I gave you will be enough for you to choose your basic objective. I am going to show you some of the campaigns that we are gonna run with these objectives that as those are coming in later videos and then, yeah, that's by scared for campaign of victims. Okay, So I showed you all the campaign objectives on Facebook. I showed you how they work. And I and I can't explain to you every single type of objective on different objectives that you could use for difference and warriors. And as I said in the video, please make sure that you choose the right objective at all times. For now, you just need to know what the objectives are and kind of what they do. And I will explain some of this as we progress and we start running as thes. Things will become clear to you which objectives you need to use to actually run your own ad. But take that off. This is a very important video because it is going to be a big influence on the success or failure off your Facebook campaigns, so I'll see in the next one. 4. Ad Sets - Budget and Targeting: However, what? Welcome back to running Facebook ads for Realtors. So this year, I want to start talking about ad states that includes budgets at Target E. Who should to talk it? Where should you target? What should you be speaking? I guess I'm gonna jump right into Facebook and get this tutorial started. Okay? This is where we lived off the last time with our campaign objectives of this video follows on the campaign objective video. And for this I'm just going to select a traffic campaign. Now what I want to do with a tough campaign is I am going to just give it a name here, and I'm gonna pull this. Say it, Tevfik one. Now, just some of the lost options that are down here is to create a split states. Now, what this says is that taste add states against each other to understand which strategies give you the best results. Your potential reach will be divided among your AdSense for accurate split test results. So you can enable that, um, I, on the other hand, I like to do my testing myself until off the assets that are needed, But you can run a split safe for a baby taste on your ad set so you can have different ads and different ad sets, and you can actually taste it for creators against each other. You could test different audiences against each other. The important thing to remember when you do create a spit taste, even though I'm not going to show you how to create a spertus here is if you want to do a split taste is too early. Taste one thing at a time. Do not change the text and the image and try a different audience. See if it works because you won't know what worked and went in. And so only taste. One thing only change. Let's say, for example, the headline on your or change the image on your add or change the audience will change the budget. So it's all just one thing to create. A split sees. The other thing down is budget optimization. This thing's too this video. Specifically, when we talk about budgets, that budget optimization says campaign budget optimization will just a butoh budget across AdSense to get more results. Depending on your deliberate optimization choices and strategies, no one budget optimization does Let's say you've got five or six hours. Six. That you want to run in one campaign. So you want to have one campaign for Let's say, buyers and in that camp a B oner on five different. It's a single property, actually advertising one property at a time. Now what I did optimization will do is if I want to turn this on. I could sit a daily budget year or lifetime budget. I'll only go for the daily budget. Lifetime budget is only if you already got a schedule. And let's say I want to say, OK, I want to spend Let's say 100 red today on this campaign. If I have five Campaign for five ad sits within my campaign. Facebook will locate, let's say, 20 rand each set and as thes add sets perform and produce. And depending on the size of the ad set and how many people are active and how well the ad is actually at six actually before me, Facebook will redistribute the budget and optimize the budget will be spending more money on. The ad says that before, well, the ones that don't perform well get speak will be spending less money over time. What you can do, how it is if you create budget optimization, so I'll just wanna show you on the next page. Now and then we'll come back to this is you can actually sit at Spain for each ad sit that you could sit a minimum and the maximum spending to make sure that one adds It stays within the limits and doesn't spend too little money but also doesn't speak too much money. Okay, so on your campaign strategy, you've caught your lowest costs. It's always a good one to go for always keeping it lowest cost, but kept is if you want to sit kept for each ad sent. Now, how about kept work, for example, is Facebook auction or edge works at auction system? So you will be scamp eating with other advertisers to show your ad on the person spending the most money for adult view what we call a impression. The guys spending the most money on impressions will be the people that are actually getting the ad shows more, and this is all the pending on your budget. But if you were to sit a bit kep, you can actually the side in each add state. What is the maximum amount of money that people or that faced with my spade, let's say, for link, click for traffic campaign or per conversion so I normally leave that boss just continued. I will normally leave that off. So let Facebook decide its own caps, and it's a bit of Spain JAL budget, as he has Facebook feels. And instead of you trying, too, limited too much. But just remember, is Facebook's very smart algorithm in the back in doing and operating. And if you are interfering too much of manual overrides, you are going to limit the system, and you don't want to do that. So let the system do its job. If you see that sometimes your convergence are becoming so high, as I'm not saying they knew. I thought, you know, reading up about capsules sitting but capsule if you should do. But caps are not, but get for previously known as manual Buddy Way. Lowest cost was always seen as automatic buddy. So you're down here. You've got ad scheduling now, as scheduling you can say, run, edge all the time, or run ads on a schedule this is all to do with whether you selected a daily or a lifetime budget. If you selected a lifetime budget, you can, for example, change this. Do you write ads on the schedule and then you can go and you can choose the schedule for the ads to run on? But this was will only work. For example, if you want to do let's say a promo for a short while or you want to run a sharp, you only want to run it. They take from Saturday afternoon until Sunday evening, you are going to be running your ads on schedule. So you're going to sit in a lifetime budget off, Let's say 1000 ground and you're going to be spending that over the weekend, and you're only going to Central as to run on the scheduled date. So I'm just going to leave this a daily budget of 1000 I'm just gonna continue here, and we actually go to go to our at signal. Now, I will change it back from budget optimization. Now, I just quickly want to go down to budget and schedule. So this is the schedule. If you have a schedule, you can say select the start of the date. Time optimization is what are you optimizing? Four. So this is a traffic campaign, so we are optimizing for link clicks or landing page views. Now, if you want to optimize for landing page views, you will need to have something that we call a Facebook pixel. And I will discuss that within the next video about exactly what is a Facebook pixel and how to use an optimized a Facebook pixel. I will also want to show you this. If you've got budget optimization sit, you can add speed limits, so this is the minimum that they can spend. And this is the maximum that Facebook will speak on your ads, and this is only available when you have a budget optimization. So if you are not using budget optimization and you're stating the eggs state budget here, you won't have to worry about speaking limits. Facebook also runs your nose because that strategy years you've seen you when you get charges per impression, said for every 1000 impressions that you offer every 1000 years off your head, you will get charged a certain amount of money. The scheduling is now at the moment, run as all the time and the delivery type standard. There is a different delivery type. It's called Accelerated, and it only works if you've got a lifetime budget state. Now what accelerated dozens. This doesn't actually show your as throughout the day it shows you adds a lawn, the same silent. So that is something to keep in mind when you go into delivery optimization. I'm just gonna go back quickly to campaign on gun it off budget optimization. Well, now se continue. And now I'm gonna go back to my add seats. Okay, so we back it out ad set. So I'm going to start from the top now so you could just give it adds taking names. You could call it anything like taste. Add seat. All right, that's not gonna be a big deal. What you call it, you can also use this step if you wanted to create multiple new ad sits. But this is something that you can go and play around. The only different with it is you can click, add variation, or add variation or add arrange variation. You could also add different details targeting methods so you can just go through that. But it's easy way to create multiple ads, states, but I'm going to just say Create new Ad said. I just want to create one. Now it says you can choose where you want to drive traffic so I could say websites that can say app could say messenger or I can say What's up? This is we're different places where I want to drive traffic now Dynamic creative is something that you can use If you want to build ads with multiple lead lines and multiple images and multiple things, I am not going to go into dynamic rate of two imagines, and that's something that I use a lot. But it is something that you can use. It automatically optimizes your creative. It's quite easy to do that. Actually, if you just turned us on, it will just tell you that you cannot upload individual assets like majors headlines and automatically generate combinations. So what face people do is you can tell it. This is headline 1 to 5. This is text 1 to 5. This is image 1 to 5 at Facebook will go and automatically create take different combinations off these ads to show to people and Facebook automatically choose the base combination to use, so that is another way of doing it. Instead of having multiple ads in one ad say that you create yourself and they try to optimize it. So that's something that you can use on your own once you understand Facebook ads. But for now, I am going to leave that out. Offers are something that you can use. This is specifically for conversion campaigns, but I've got a different way of actually doing offers, so I never really used a Facebook offer option. So what you've got is you've got your custom audiences Now I will tell you about custom audiences when we start discussing audiences are you create custom audiences. But all you need to know now is that you can use different custom audiences like lookalike audiences or a normal custom audience. You can add it. Yeah, what Facebook will do is it will take your entire location that specialize here. It will take your location limited by your custom. BoDeans. They limited by your date range. They limited by your gender, your languages and your detail targeting to nobody outside off your custom audience will gets arbiter and nobody. Yeah, so nobody outside your custom audience will get targeted. Maybe you could also use the saved audience are safe. Audience is exactly what we are going to do. You of targeting. But you can actually savored with the name and then just elect an audience to use. So once we go down to locations, you will see that days different options that you can use. It says everyone that lives. Oh, everyone in this location. This doesn't matter what I live in a location. I'm just traveling through this location or they tell you a foreigner in the location. What Facebook will do is we'll use my GPS to determine exactly where I am and face it will Then go and say Okay, right. You are in this locations and now you will see that. So this is how cool for when you want to, Especially really state when you want, has its properties for sale. It's always a good idea to do everyone in this location people who live in this location or actually people that have marked they Facebook profiles as they live in. They say the citizen George, for example, South Africa. So if there's somebody that wants to run ads of people living in Georgia, Africa with the Western Cape, I am going to get that ad because I live in this location. This is typically the option that you want to use for sellers because everyone in the location doesn't necessarily live in the location. And everybody that lives in the location doesn't necessarily owner home in the location. So there is something you want to look at for your sellers. Then you get people recently in this location. So this is something that's great, especially for holiday goers where you've got people coming into. It's a holiday destination. Andi. I really enjoy the holiday, but you don't want to bother them on their holiday with ads. So you kind of let them spend their holiday and Facebook realizes where they are. And then once you start running ads to people recently in this location, it doesn't matter where they are. They have been in the location, so they will see the ads so all those months easier people whose most recent locations within the selected area so this will actually show to people that are going out of town or going away telling them, Listen, digital joy, your holiday. Do you want to maybe buy a house in this area so that you can come down more? Have more holidays here. So this is something to think about. And then you get people travelling in this location. Now, this is exactly the same. This is when somebody's 125 miles or 200 kilometers away from their home location. So, for example, a guy living in Cape Town once it comes to George is about 400 kilometers away from home. So Facebook pulled in, showing their tree. I'm saying, Listen, do you want to buy a property this year? But I could be assured that somebody that's coming down from Cape Town to George is a holiday go. And he's actually traveling in this location. So people living in the location and are you know, normally in the location are not gonna be targeted by this option. So, for now, I'm gonna leave this everyone in this location. No. You did your different location to get include and exclude. Now, for example, I could go to South Africa. It's a country I can go down. I can say wasted cape. It's a state. I could go and I can say George and it's a city on. I can even go as far as zooming in. I just came out first. Then I want you zoom in and let's say George is about yeah, so you zoom in. You mean there's George? But I don't work so good, George. Specifically Andy's George April. Let's out. Wanna drop a pin, right? They I can actually talk it. That's location. So that is how specific you can get. And it uses the GPS coordinate system to actually get the location league. But let's say we keep this okay, but before also exclude location. So let's say you want to talk about the entire world so you can go worldwide. Targeting That's a region, and it will target the entire world. You will see here that there's 2.1 billion people that's potentially in your reach, and you want to exclude certain countries they say you want exclude the United States and you wanna let's say stay United Kingdom on. Let's say you want Oh, exclude Australia and it's a you on a sweet Canada, right, so These are some of your more expensive countries to talk with Facebook ads. So that's why I'm excluding this. I am going to actually use this targeting system a little later on to actually show you exactly what we are going to do with this. Then you get your a trade just out just a minute. If you advertise to people under the age of 80 there is some child protection laws that are coming into place. Always make sure that whatever you advertise on Facebook advertising for people 18 and over , otherwise you need to make sure if it's going under 18 you to make sure that it has a certain level off friendly friendliness related to it. So I always say 18 but the average person that's going to buy a house from not gonna be 18 years old, the person is gonna by a house. It's more likely to be lit. A 25 was going to be maybe your first time buyer and let's say you are targeting people that are you know you have kind of talked about, so I go to audiences more about it. But let's say this person is you know he's got kids in the family, so let's I want to say 40. That's the number of people that I want to do and really state. It doesn't really matter whether it's me, no woman. But if you find that women are more likely to click on your ad, you can later on change in just a woman to optimize your campaigns further languages you don't have to worry about. But if you are in a country and you need specifically English speaking people, you can select English. Then you get detailed targeting. So this is basically where you can talk to people on the demographics, interests and behaviours so I can save, browse. And now you can get demographics and different things that I can target. People aren't now. I am just going too quickly just for the sake of the change. Um, no. Let's leave it loose. Leave it. I can show you guys the singly, so I'm the demographic. Something graphics like politics will be us. Only there are citizen. Let's say relationship status is you could look at. There are certain work related things. You can look at this job titles, employers, um, all the different things that you can look at you concerts for job title so I can say see, and it's not picking up anything. Second chief marketing officer. It's one of the options that I could choose Now. I can also look at interests, business and industry, detainment, family fitness and wellness food and drink. So there's a lot off things that I could look at regarding interest. And then you've got behaviors, behaviors or things like mobile device users. And I can actually say if it's a Samsung is nine galaxy. Well, I could say if they this person has anniversary within 60 to 90 days, we can say consumer classifications. So, for example, in South Africa, I can say people will prefer med at high value goods as two people prefer higher valuations enough a property or real estate. Actually, you will always select those so options for your more luxury property will only select the top one. And for people that are normal average homes, you will select both off these. The reason for this is just Teoh kind of filter are people who will not be able to afford your properties. Did you get digital activities from operating system used to all the console gamers or they Facebook payment users. In other words, people are actually running ads or they Facebook page Edmunds Business page Advance Fan Facebook Page admits Retail bait Edmund So this. There's a lot of stuff here. You can actually go to all of this and see what's happening and what do you want to use? But they are some very, very specific targeting methods. I am going to give you guys when we talk about building audiences. Then you can also expand your interest. Um, so the expanding interest basically tells Facebook to take a look at your ad. And when Facebook figures out what your ad is about, they can actually change this according to what Facebook things you should be having as it's orbiting mechanism. This was really well, in some cases. They were a lot of tests done with guys, you know, advertising airplanes and then typing intercessions ballet and, you know, fast food restaurants and some random categories and still actually caught the attention off the right people because Facebook figured out that this ad has got nothing to do with valuable fast food restaurants. But this actually has to do with selling airplanes. So this is one of the things that you can use. Just always be away, that when you've got a our system like Facebook doing certain things and you've got a very specific targeting get to go you want to use. Don't go too much into this. Okay, stay out of this for now if you want to. I use this a lot because I feel that people's interest change and Facebook changes. You know there's different interests coming up, and I don't want to miss opportunity where I'm just a day or two to slow to get some qualified leads in because off interests that might be changing. So just remember to always take that they might be some interest that you missile, that you sure it's always make sure that you select that if you want to do expanding of interest. But if you just want to, you know, kind of test the waters, so just leave that out because it does increase your audience size because your audience size, for example, if you look here, you've got it estimated a potential which of 410,000 people. But if I take that out and I adhere. For example, let's say I want to add teeth marketing officer that we had earlier. For example, you will see its 290,000. The moment I spend it, it goes back to 410,000 people. So you kind of wanna limit yourself to not actually have your audience too big. If this is going to be a problem for you in connections is something that you can say. Listen, people, everyone, it's all the people who like my page people, friends of people who like my page and exclude people who, like my exclude, is going to typically work on your page like campaign. We want followers and likes for your page. This is we're going to start excluding people who like your page in from the ad, because you don't want to show people that they can like your page if they already have the same of people who like your page for your message a campaign. As I said, you want to run it to your followers, you're going to choose disconnection about people like your your page. Then you've got events. People who responded to your veins So let's say you're running a show house campaign. You can say, for example, exclude. People already responded to the event so that you show only show your show house. Add two new, um, new people who haven't told me to responded to leave it. But you can also in a separate add for people who did respond to your evenings and notify them that Listen, how you remember about the show is coming about the showers coming because that audience is gonna be very small. It's going to be maybe 100 or 200 or 300 people compared to let's say, the 25,000 people you're running too, for those guys will see your add one more constant basis. Then you've got placements. Now placements are based. Leave them automatic differs from your ad group objectives of different types of ads to run . Just go to, say, replacements to show you what types of placement you can have. First of all, you can select devices you can tell it only adds a mobile only show ads. They start, you will have your feeds. That will be your news feed on Facebook that you're instant articles will be articles instead, or, you know, you can see the preview next to this. Then the in stream videos is we actually have a video, and in the next moment there's actually like you can see on the screen. Right now there's an AB start e, and in the Addis playing that is an in stream video. The right column shows up on the right side. Suggested videos. This is actually our your video view campaign looks. So forgive your campaign war automatically being suggested videos. And then the Facebook marketplace will actually also show you your ads and in Facebook stories will have your ads inside of them. Then you get instagram Feeds and Instagram stories. Audience Network Is anybody that photo app? Or if, as a website that incorporated Facebook tools and technologies in today websites or into the lab and they are seen as the audience network, so wooded videos off. For example, if you play a game and often you've won the game, you actually get a video that they need to watch for certain amount of time. Then you get messenger. This is your actual messenger sponsored ads, so you will see like you're on the right side, you will see that it shows up within your actual inbox. You can also select specific mobile devices and operating systems so I can sell it. It should be an iPhone. I can tell her that should be Android device, which should be a featured phone. I'm going to go off all mobile devices. Some of you, let's say videos and stuff might be big, and you might be concerned about people's dates or the site that they are going. Your will be concerned about data so you could say only when connected to a WiFi. So Facebook will. Actually, just to somebody that's currently on a mobile device and currently on WiFi, they could also exclude constant and publishers. I won't worry too much about this if I knew, but you can't around off this Read up about it. How Block lists working all this. But this is not something that you use on a typical day as a real estate agent. Then we've got the budget. Is the budget that we talked about a little earlier. It looks exactly the same as on your campaign level. They just say residual start date so agile run for 31 days that this is over a start date, but I'm going to say Run my continuously and I am going to run it for a budget off, let's say 100 red and that will be 100 grand a day. And then it says that you will speak no more than 700 grand a week. Now what Facebook does some days in will speak more than 100 grand, and some days it will spend least in a trend. But over the course of a week, it will level out to the 700 drain that you actually put in the again. You've got your optimization like that. I talked about You've got your landing page, usually in clicks, impressions and daily unique reach for daily dick, which is to actually that Facebook will actually only deliver your ad to, Let's say, one person wants a date, and a world showed multiple times start throughout the day, and impressions is to show the add as many times as possible. Link Clicks is to find people will actually more likely to link and landing patriots to find people that will actually click on your link and wait for the page to load God. Version campaigns have different optimization. Lead ads have different optimization. Messenger ads have different optimize stations, so for now we're just going to stick with landing page views. But strategy? I talked about this. It could your lowest cost with cap get your target costs. Target cost is what do you want to play for somebody being your landing page? I always recommend ago of lowest costs. If you are skate that the cost gets to hyper, it's a conversion or for landing page. You can see that but kept as I explained earlier, what target costs as it started crossed Facebook. Georges, You're solid cost for landing broken version, and it says most of the time it works out a lot more expensive than you would normally pay for. For click in some cases, a click. MBIA's little less, let's say 50 cents or to rent way. If you go too far with cost Facebook's automatically by default, setting a to 30 around a click well city around landing page view so you don't really want to take the top, but cost. Stay away from it for now, just go low cost. If you all more experience of Facebook ads, you can start playing around with targeted cost. Then again, really good charge ticket charge person at scheduling. It's going to run all the time on delivery type as you made by it'll do. You get incinerated and you get standard, I told video, and this is the basic breakdown about how you define your ad. Sit. Now I will discuss audiences targeting in more detail in a later video because there's so much I need to show you. And I will come back to actually show you how to use your safe. Audiences had how to use your custom audiences, but this is the basic way off creating an ad sit. So what I want you guys to do now is to actually just go through the different details targeting You can browse for options. Well, you can just start typing something. Let's say you want to say and I can. Now I can just click on it and I can take on suggestions. And now suddenly Facebook is going to tell me new house, this house dancing and this first time by every time you click something, check how your audience changes start at home, we'll sell by owner, real estate investing property. And so now that is the first level. Now you wanna narrow this audience and you want to Let's say again, type in property and you want to do something else. You want to do your house and you want to do real estate investing. So this is just examples. Now somebody needs to include in this category, and they must be included in this category to have them see your ads. I can also execute people who match one of the following. And then I can sigh Pier that I don't want real estate broke. For example, anybody that as interesting real estate brokers don't you know that show by ads today? So this is just a example off how these things change on how they operate. So go play a round off these assets sittings on, we'll get back to the targeting. What? You should talk about how you should talk it. How do you create and save audiences for your different campaigns? So I am going to get into that. This is just a quick breakdown. An overview off, creating an ad state and how Add state works. All right, so that's it for this video. This was a video all about at sit and how you're targeting and budgeting and stuff in ads. It's work. It was a long video. It's got a lot of information, But ever sit in in the pre or in a few minutes ago is go and play with around with a go and see what different targeting options they are. Go and see how you can get different graphics. You will see that your Geographics you can actually pinpointed to a certain amount of miles to go to the area. You operating your farming area and go see lick that area drop in if you have to. If you can't find it in the sedition box, narrow down, get a certain amount of people the and say OK, right, These guys, what are the different interests? How can I never my audience? How can I only use my farming area? So I want you guys to start playing around with it, see what happens and see how you could use it on. Yes, like it wasn't love video. So go through that you don't see in the next one 5. Ad Types: Hello, everyone. Welcome back to running Facebook ads for Realtors in this video. I want to talk to you about different ad types. So we'll jumping into Facebook and continue where we left off in the previous video. And I will start showing you different sounds off as that you could run for different scenarios. Okay, so this is where we left off the previous time with our at sit there. We were busy designing, So I'm just going to hear over and click on, add at the bottom and you reckon, give it an ad name. Now, I could just tell it something like taste. Add Now, you can either use an existing post or you can create a new ad, but we will definitely be creating a new head. Now, as I don't have any existing posts, you can choose your Facebook page. Now I'm going to use my pidio dawn page and you can also create a new Facebook page from here. But I want recommended. If you watch the tutorial about or the course about creating your own Facebook page, you will have a page set up Now. I also need to buy instagram account so This will be using this video on intrepid media accounts, but you can. Also, if you don't have an INSTAGRAM account, you can. There's a check box at CES. They will use the selected Facebook page to exercise on Instagram. Now you get the different ad formats now. First of all, you get the carousel Carousel is an ad of two more scalable images or videos. So this is ads where the images or videos appear next to each other, and the person that's viewing the ad can actually scroll through these images. You get a single image that is one single image. That's as easy is that there's nothing major about it. Same of a single video. Then you get a slide show in our slideshow is something that you that Facebook allows you to create, and I talked about this in I think it was branding yourself for several estate agents. I talked about slide shows and exactly how you could go about creating a slide shows. Well. We add after 10 images way with some music, and you can create a smudge on Facebook, and the collection is a collection of items I never use a collection face forward. Realtors will never use a collection Facebook. I think I have used the collection before, and it's actually more for people doing e commerce or products that they want to show itself. Daniel, you get your customize your instant experience. Now. Instant experience is actually a landing page or a full screen page that you can open up in Facebook. That is a way to do, let's say, landing pages worth Facebook for free, and it's actually built for mobile. So this one would great on your day stop, though, but it will work good on your mobile. So it is one way off creating landing pages. But I will be discussing landing pages more in my landing page schools. So for now, I'm just going to select a single image. Or, you know what? Let's do a carousel is going to have the same concept. I'm gonna show you what I do. They. So once you get down to an instant experience, they starting and I take add an instant experience. You will be able to choose a template that you want or you can, for example, So if I click on distinctly dry clear, it will load it up and you will see that this is the food that you will get for your instant experience. You can add an image. You can add a headline and description, and you can have some form questions that you want to ask, and this is spicy. Instant experience is basically the same as a Facebook league ad, and I'll show you how first quickly Dad works as well. But this is basically how you create a lead. Add formed to generate leads for you for your business doing. There's all in Facebook, so nobody used to navigate away Facebook wall. Wonderful. These details that this is kind off you can go to this deadline is just what happens day. It can be high and welcome, and I can tell it a description. It's a justice description is going to be made, and I could sell it. Okay, I want the phone number as well, really state. That's quite important. And you can add a custom question either multiple to his question. Short question people need for it. I would stay away from custom questions as far as possible. If you need to do custom questions, please do multiple choice questions and not short on questions because abs friction to the process. And if you know, you remember what I told you about friction? Friction is the number of actions that people need to take to get from point A to point B. And you wanted to reduce that friction as and get it as low as possible because the less friction you have, the more people you will get to sign up for your for you or actually submit They let's say contact details for you before your ads. So I'm just gonna discord these changes. We're gonna use an instant experience. Okay, so this is basically are the ad is going to look, I'm going to swap this. So Okay, first of all, these buttons change the types off. Usually does this. They stopped. That is mobile. Appears some buttons that I consider notification. If I go onto the stop, it still just so seeing the notification. But this is basically what I mean with the carousel carousel as images that can school. So I want to add some six. This will be the taste that it's open. I will say, Are you looking to buy your dream house, right, And now I can automatically put the based before me God's first. Now always recommend you do that because the course that do get the most interaction are probably the ones that's gonna pull the most attention. And you don't want people to scroll all the way to the back to see your based before me. Gods. You want to put the best cards in the front, you can say at the end of the card in your pro page profile picture. You can do that, and if they kick on, it will take them to a website, your AL. Probably your website, but I only try to stay away from that for the simple reason off. Actually using. I want people to go to the places I send them off the court. Now, down here, you'll actually get your cards and what you can do with them so you'll see a 123 and you can add up to 10 cards. Okay, and this is just a move. If you see you've got too many cards now, you can add either video or slide show to this orange image, so I'm just going to select an image and I'm gonna say page images and it's going to show me some of the images that on my page I'm just gonna sneak that one and, you know, horrible at great, um, experience. And you I will add taste description if you want to do a description and yeah, I actually go, And I will add my destination. You are out which I want to see people, too. So this will be a cps www dot peter dawn car. Now these your else can be different for every single card that you do. They don't have to be the same thing if you go look, this is how my card looks now. So this is one of the things you could do, and you can copy it over for the other ones as well. So you can, for example, let's just do that. Oh, yeah. Next image page images and the one next one and I want to say taste card one also in a pool distaste description. And I want to give the website up These your else can be different. These descriptions can be different, and these headlines can be different. They don't all have to be the same. That is basically how your gods look. This is just a picture that it learns from one of my articles that I posted, so you got to see more your outside. If you're, for example, decided to add a card at the end off your profile picture. You can type in the Seymour your our which will put in like that. And then you'll see Seymour at Pier Dachau. Don't come. It's just warning about this Facebook pixel that's not tracking, um, landing page. These so you can I d install a new pixel. And it's just because the pixel on that side is used for different purposes, so you can also change the display links. I can just call this if I want to. I don't know. Come in. Let it entirely something else. The simple reason is Facebook likes it when you still have your you are outdated. But let's say, for example, after this period on dot com, you had something like Slash, um, it's a pure donald slash posts slash 22 slash 11 slash 2018 slash be, and the saying goes to 13 You had some you're out like that, then it is worth it to just in the display. You were out. Show your it is in the sea. More link. It will actually be beneficial to just show that instead of having your out that looks like that. Come on. Did you get your call to action button? Now? Courts of accident is something you want people to do. It's something that you need to refer Teoh. It's something that you need to point to. Any needs to be applicable so you won't use. Some people prefer not to use the buttons. It looks like an actual poster. Not like I don't go there. I always put a button. You won't use this. And now, except if it's music or a port cost apply now is for anything that's got applications. Book now is when you've got a booking system. Contact us is one you can use. Then you get download. So if you, for example, I have a guy that you're giving away offer or something all showing in the conversions. If you've got something that you want people to download, you can use a down button. Get off, get good, get show times, then there's learn, which is the more obvious one. I almost all of the times he's learned drugs really well because people are seeing a property and they want to learn more about the property. They want more information. So that's what was his war. Then you can have request time, see many shop, now sign and subscribe. Watch more so you can choose one of these options. It doesn't really matter what shoes they all go to the same place. It's just you wanna choose option that's applicable to whatever you are saying appear now because that is a call to action. What you want to do is you want in. This takes up here. You want to refer to it so you will say Click. Learn more now to get more information. That is what I mean by when you refer to your call to action. I tell people to go and learn more. Now it never ask a question and never say Please click. Learn more. Now you tell people to do it to give a command kick. Learn more now to get more information, so you want to give that command its call to action, and it's the first accident people would take and you want, push them toward. Don't worry too much about branded content said. This is when you have 1/3 party branded products. If you are advertising, let's say anything else except your business. Then you will have to tag that business page within your branded content because I'm not selling anything. As a realtor with other people's brands, you are probably never going to use this. You're probably not gonna have extra your AL parameters, except if you're let's say, for example, your website needs certain parameters. Then you can say both campaign parameters, and then you can have a medium and content and the name and the source, and you can actually add parameters. These parameters are solely for websites that need those extra parameters. So most cases it is not going to be necessary. And the Facebook pixel. I will actually show you guys how to set up that faced with pixel in one of the next few years, we do, and then happy. Vince is not something that you guys are going to you because you don't have an app that you're going to be using with events and then you get offline veins, offline events or actually events that happened due to the ads, but it's not. It's not gyrating, so they didn't click on a link to go somewhere. They saw the ad and they phoned. Let's say you office, that is what offline event is now. You need to certify compliance the first time you create ads, and it's this easy as, um especially because if you read this, it says it looks like you add maybe for housing, employment off created opportunity, and you've included a multicultural affinity segment in your audience. If, say, you need to review and accept our policy prohibiting off discrimination so you can just, like, certify compliance and they just you can read through this, especially on the housing. What is acceptable on they just say except and that's not a problem. The too much text Facebook moans about this is a common problem in images. As you will see, these images have a lot of text them. Facebook doesn't like texting images, and there's another little tool that I'll show you when we get to the Creative Hub section about how you can actually taste your images for too much text and make sure that you don't have too much texting images. If you want to add text your images, it will be fine. But it has to be limited and you contest at a bunch of ticks so you have to. For example, make sure that your phone sizes are smaller will make sure that you know takes not overwhelming. Otherwise, face will limit your ads reach, and that's exactly what you don't want. You want to speak people to see what is possible. So if you don't have any, it's a text in your ads and Facebook does speaker up like, for example, when you've gotta add and there's a wall and there's some writing on the wall off one of your photos and there's let's say too much. You could always just check this little, um, flipped the switch here, and Facebook will do a manual review and personal actually, go look at your photo. Decide whether it is too much texting, add or not. So that's just some of the things you could look around. And yeah, that is basically a breakdown off. The different at sites you could run. There is so one more ad side that is not shown you and this is called lead at full. But I will say lead at form once we get to the end with implementations and we start talking about lead adds So, for example, single image. Just a quick Brunton uploaded image. You say it's going to a website, and it takes two Web sites where our articulate line and you can actually do the display league and the news feeding description, then the same with video. If you go for video, just gonna upload your video. Well, you can project lottery and actually political here from the site. Same details need to fill in. If you want to create a slide show, just gonna quickly show you you can, either. Okay, there's button and you will go into a video creation kids, where you can either use templates or you can say vertical templates or if you don't want to use any templates. I think this button um, yeah, this is actually a templates, or you can close this. There was a different way. I think you can say create slide show. It's the same same thing so you can just say continue and this doesn't have it simply now. So you can just say add photos or videos and you could choose your duration. So if you've got 1/10 of the videos, maximum time is 15 seconds. So if you've got 10 photos, you're it might only run for for 1.5 seconds. I think if you've got five photos and well, you can run it for three seconds. So the image generation must be sly. Just gonna be longer than 15 seconds, like it says yes. So you will need to choose depending on the number of images, the number off time that you can take. You could also squeaky images, rectangle images off vertical images. You've got different transitions that you can use between your images to fight it. And then you can also add different sites off music to your slideshow, and you can actually watch it here. And all your images will appear down at the bottom so you can actually see a day. And then you can also move your images around to actually show you different slides, what you can do and then, obviously your collection. But like I said, you won't use a collection a lot. You can't take away the incident experience on it. No, you can't. Instead, experience is actually part off. The collection said the collection is actually your entire instant experience to you need to create an instant experience to work with your collection and that will show as your main ad. So, yeah, that's it basically for ads targeting on and you can go through the cities and check it out . If there's something you don't understand the angel, there's something that's not familiar. Just give it a little time. At the end of this course, we are gonna have a video. It's going to be talking about these different sorts of magical running actually gonna run and create ads from 0.1 writes to until the end. So I'm going to use different formats and different things, so maybe some of this will tear up. This is just a basic overview about how the ad creation steep looks. So that's it. And thank you for watching the video. Yeah, that was types. And I think I showed you all of the different types that you can have images, videos, Cosell's slide shows so you guys can go through it one of those to go through it and make us get yourself familiar with the interface, so that when we get to the implementation section off this course we connect, you actually understand exactly what's happening. Where I'm taking away. I'm going when I'm building actual ads to run, so that's it for this video, and I'll see in the next one. 6. Facebook Pixel: Hi, everyone. Welcome back to running Facebook ads for Realtors. Now, this video, I want to talk to you about the Facebook pixel. What? It is what the purpose of it is and how it influenced issue some greater bits of Facebook. And I'm gonna agree. Hate a Facebook pixel. And I'm gonna explain the pixel as we go. Okay, So I'm in my business manager or the ads manager that I showed you earlier in one of the videos that we created an ad in. Now I want to go up to the same menu at the top, and I want to go to measure and reports go all the way down to pixels. Now, what you want to do, You want to click on this drop down and you just want to choose the correct accounts the ad account that you will set up the pixel for and you will get a screen like this. Good. So yes is an explanation of what Facebook pixel does. Church website activities. It improves your return on advertising and you help to which new and existing customers, now to quickly explain it in this way is a Facebook pixel is a piece of code that you paid either on your websites on your landing page that gets fired every time somebody visits that page, there's a big chance that that person is locked into Facebook, so that will be on his computer. I mean, if you go to facebook dot com, you will probably see that you automatically get signed in and the same would you know, when you go into your mobile, the most people have Facebook mobile app and always sign in to Facebook. So once I visit your site and your site has this piece of code injected, it actually tells Facebook that this person visited this site. Now you're sigh skip ranked or leaked to a category. So, for example, if you were to go to one of the property portals that property portal Web address gets lead back to the attic are with the first book pixel, which gets linked back to the page that is being run. So what that means is that Facebook can determine what stops off pages you are actually visiting, and this is where they find what interests you currently have, and that is how they determine who you could talk Facebook also creates a log off everyone who visited your site, and it's what we like to pull hard audience. It's somebody that visit your side goes to your site and I can actually go in self Facebook . And we'll discuss this with doing audiences to go and fetch everyone who visited my site in a certain amount of days or visited specific they'd say webpage or anything like that. And that is what the pixel is used for. The pixel is tracking. The pixel gives you power to track people on your website track people on your landing pages. So if you've got a landing page, which I will discuss again in the landing page course that's still coming, I will, for example, at a pixel to my landing page on the landing page. I can separate the people who have submitted their contact. It sells and the people who have it, but I can see actually visited it. My landing page. So if somebody visited my landing page, I can go. It's okay, right? Don't So add number one to those people anymore. That's that They clicked on show Add number two so that you can remark it to the people that went day but didn't submit. They contact and the people that did some critical insect eat cells don't show them any ads . So in a way, it can help you with my budget. But in another way, it's just better. So people don't see your ads over and over again if they really make contact with you or you all really working with. So that is the purpose off the Facebook pixel. Now pixel is extremely important. You need to have it. It's the way that Facebook users, you know, your websites attract, whether somebody converted where somebody, if you've got a Commons for Facebook and click, whether they made purchases or they just added items to the court, then abandoned it or whether lead came in. So that's the way Facebook kind of determines whether the objective that you chose when choosing your camp pain objective is actually working. It's all being tracked to the Facebook pixel. So for this ad account, I'm going to go and I'm going to say, you know, create a pixel. Yet the bottom, make sure that you have selected to write a counter name will tell you it stays two counts , Pixel, that's fine with me. And now I need to insert the website You're out. That is going to be tracked by this pixel. So if you go over here, we'll tell you into the website. You want your value once installed, this pixel on this field is optional. So you don't have to into any website. But you can if it just makes things a little easier for Facebook. Right? But im gonna say, OK, I'm not gonna add any additional website. You're just gonna say create. Okay, now it created my pixel. And now what I can do is it's gonna have this little set up so tells you could use the integration or attack manager. You can manually installed the Kurds yourself or you can email the instructions to a development. Now this is going to depend on you certain. Let's say interfaces such as, Well, comments make meter Shopify the Google Tech manager even weeks. All of them have these integration managers or tag managers to help you installed your facebook pixel. I normally do manually explored the code myself because I use a plug in inward president. It says insert taters and footers and then on the landing page software used that I'm going to discuss later. There's also a piece where you can actually add in code for your haters and for your food. It's not. This information needs to be in their behavior off your off your page. So otherwise, if you've got a web developer, do you want to await developments? Install the so called for you? You congested this emailed instructions to develop for the purpose off. This I'm very quickly show you. I'm gonna take one million. Stole this code yourself. So yeah, they give you instructions, locate data code for your website, copied the entire pixel code and placed it in the way. The website. If you just click on this, it will copy it. I'm just gonna open up notes bed. Well, quick, I'm gonna place this code, and I'm gonna show you This is what the code looks like. So it's a little javascript code needs to be dropped into your head. And now there are certain things here you don't need to worry about, but you've got account. I d. I mean, tracks page views. So tells you that it will track, you know, anybody that comes in, they will fire Invented called the page view that somebody was on that You need to add this in today hater for your entire site. Every single page of your website needs to have this piece of code, so you can either go pasted in every single page, or you can paste it in the global hater that gets fired every side and they just certain events, which also now we are going to add on to specific pages. So that is my page view. That's the heat of code. Right now, it tells you that they can use automatic Maxine and automatic matching means to use the information that your customers have already provided to your president, such as the email address and phone numbers to natural websites. Visitors to people who on Facebook does. It is not necessary for us a real estate agent. Finality use because you don't have a story. Anything that keeps a backup copy off all this information, and then you can say this is same traffic to your pixel. So basically what happens is a soon as you created your pick, Salih added it to your website. You can Saipi, a website. You are in here and you can say sailor traffic, taste and face. People actually discover whether the pixel is active or not. If you've done this and it shows that the pixel is active Conseco team and now it's going to ask you about it, bitch. Now you tells you what Avians is like at a cultural purchase on. Then why you should advance. You could just read through this. And how do you advocate now at the events that you'd like to check, that the US things like custom events. But I'm not gonna go into that gets complicated. Once you start building custom events and as a result, you will never really need customer events. So what you will normally use it's not a purchase, but it's a lead, right. In some cases, you can completely the states it will never have. Add payment in for X accord. Do is list search searching by to use depending on your website contact you might use depending on your website and subscribe might use depending on your website. But all of them were descent. I'm just going to show you how leads work its most of the time it is just adding a lead. C could just copy this little today's coach. It shows you how to insert it into your your body off your page. But I'm just going to go and copy that code like that. And all it says is if b Q. And it's as a track and lead, which means that's the event. All this event for the same. It's just the instead of lead, it says complete registration or instead, off completely station. It's is so there's all different types off in feats that you could fire. I'm just gonna open up, hurt bad again, quickly basis. They and you guys will see that this is the code that you are going to add into the hater. I know if I spoke, say Stone added, into the heater, but I'll just add it into the hater off the page. You could just do that. It's not gonna be a problem. So if you've got a Web developer, you consider this this code or you consume them the instructions and you can actually go and added for you, if you would use WordPress, there's a tool that I said that you can use. The thing is called what Incident Haters and Foot Is. It's a plug in that you can search for if you use Wouk warmers on magneto supper Fire, Google Technology weeks. There are certain integration managers you can use, and if you use, let's say a landing page software, you will see that they is sometimes a CEO meta data protection in folk. And this will go exactly the same place that you will put in your Google analytics data. So for the guys are all familiar with Google analytics and our works, this is exactly what you post a scripting as well. And then you can say, done just to show you I'm just going to show you My my business is pixel Just to give you an idea what happens as soon as you've got some data coming in? This is just one of the tests pixels we used. It will actually show you that you know these page views. This need chose you. The lost seven days, and then you get different things, activates off. Riding means whatever. So these are some of the pixels we tasted. I used pixels in a different way than most people put more than one pixel, and I've got certain pixels of certain areas for certain things. It's just easier for me to never get around. And other people just use one pixel overall for the Web, a jet landing pages and everything that goes with it. So there are a number of things that you can actually do. So my pictures don't really show a lot of traffic because they are used for certain specific events. No, what is great about this pixel is you can actually track it on, sidestepped. You go to educator, let's say add on or extension for chrome that you can use now. If you look at here, it's called the Facebook Pics of Helper. It is specifically something for, you know, for chrome. If you click on that extension that I've got, you can see that I had a page view that fired, and it can tell me which you are alike, old how long it took to load, and it can show me exactly what the location off the pixel waas and it can tell me the Facebook pixel idee and I can also view and analytics if I click on that it will not surely analytics with that specific pick so early, the pixels that I have myself. But if I go to a side like take a Lot, for example, which is online store in South Africa, it's quite popular here. You will see that take a lot, also has a pixel that fires, and it has this. Micro dates are detected as page views. So and if I click on any product, let's say I go into drugs, then take a lot, will actually fire and invade that says Facebook page of you. And it will actually tell me what exactly waas that I viewed will also fire a second. You've been telling me that I've viewed this, your out and the view Constantine's no products found and yet will sell me parts of missing from Goetz Looks OK, but it tells me exactly what product that is. What constant idea is sound. You know what take a lot does now is once you went to take a lot to go back to Facebook, you will actually see ads from take a lot, showcasing the products that you have clicked on and visited and see, and this is exactly Arctic jacket. There's a similar thing that you could use on Twitter is the Twitter pixel help tag, and it tells me that Twitter, which, like Dad, fired successfully. I don't use a lot of tweets attacks, but if you're planning on running to it, to add, you will around into Twitter tag a swell, but most of the time you will only be using the face with pixel. And to make sure that the Facebook pixel is installed and firing on your side, you could download this Facebook pics of helper, and you can just download it from your extensions. Okay, so that's it for this video. That was quick tutorial about Facebook pixel What it does. I didn't go into too much detail about the code in the back in and exactly what the goat does. But basically what the pixel does is it tracks your activity on a website, and that's when you need to know. And as an advertiser or marketer, it's extremely important for you to get that data because retargeting and re marketing to people really searching for properties on your side. People really visiting certain your house for people that will really going places and people that happen to go to your landing page a website but didn't contact you for more information. It's important to be able to read target and re markets, and so adds to those exact people. So in the video about audiences, I will show you exactly how to use this Facebook pixel to get the data that you want. That's it for this video, and I'll see in the next one. 7. Audiences: I don't ever wanna welcome back to running Facebook ads for real. Says this video. I want to talk to you about audiences now. I touched the little audiences when we did AdSense and targeting. I showed you a little about saving audiences, and I talked a little about custom audiences. I also showed him how to implement your Facebook pixel. So what we are going to do in those bring that all together and create some serious audiences that we use in our ads that when we implement it. So let's go over to Facebook and get our audience to tell you. All right, so here we are. Facebook doesn't We left off without Facebook pixel tutorial so we could just click on this little menu up here and we can go over to assets and people audiences. Now, what you want to do is you want to make sure that again that you select your actually add account that you want to use, just lose thes boxes if they come up. It's just something that you can Facebook giving you some information and some data. But down here you will see they are different audiences that you can create custom audiences connector of people who have aeration interest in your business or product. So how custom unions is work is that you can actually take those pixels or the pixel data that came off people that came to your website. You can use that pixel data to create audience off people. You can also use people who engaged if you paid, watch a certain amount of your videos. All those things that you can use of people that would really engage interacted with you. On some level that can be seen as a custom. Audiences look like audiences are created off from custom audiences Now what it looks like , audience is it's finding people with similar profiles to the people that you have inside your custom audience. So I would, for example, created custom audience with a customer file off a list of email addresses off potential bias for properties that we had in, Let's say, the lost two months. Nothing longer because people's interest changed and probably in two months after they bought a property or the interest has changed. So normally, work on two months get leads from the property portals and everywhere all the email addresses from Leeds that you have acquired over two months. It take those need to add him to a customer file, which I'll show you how to do. Then you can upload your custom of file as a custom audience. And then you can sell Facebook to go around and search for people like that in South Africa and say, OK, right, I wouldn't want the sense of the population that matches thes pro Falls closely. So first we will go and select the top 1% that's relevant to the custom audience you provided. That opens a whole new door to finding buyers all across the country. For people with the same kind of includes same kind of behavior as the people that really inquired about the properties that your Senate so it could be very powerful to use. And then the last one is saved. Audiences and saved audiences is all about. You know, targeting location and interest based are GTI behavior based, or GTI, and demographic based targeting. So let's get straining and start with a custom audience. I'm going to create a custom audience here. Now there are different things that you can select. You can either select customer file. Now. If my ocean you can import are ready from El Trip, I will show you this in the Mild Champ course that I am busy designing, and what my own trip allows you to do is use your email list. Pull that into Facebook, and then you can actually include a. It works as a customer fall, so those email addresses from your email list get then included as audience. Facebook goes and searches for the people linked to that email those email addresses so that Facebook and show ads they This won't work if it's a very small audience. So in the case that it's a very small audience, you will get like a custom audience, but you won't be able to run campaigns to it. So what you can do is you can then go and create a lookalike for it. Another way to do this is to click on this ad customers from the file or copy and paste data. Now you need to accept some of these terms and conditions you can just click accept, and now basically Facebook does give you a template that you could download as a CS freefall, and you can go into something like Excel and actually just face the email addresses in that order. Or you can just copy and paste. Just paste all your email addresses here, and Facebook will detect that it is from email data, and then you can just give you audience and name and just finish that off. That is how to create a custom audience from a customer file. Another way to create a custom. Audiences from your website. Traffic. That's the other way you will be using so you can click on that, and it actually tells you include people who meet any off the following criteria. ALOF the following here so you can have include or exclude. So when you include war, you can have, they should do this and they should do this, and they should do this and then you will use all. If you say any, it will be anyone off these boxes that you could add. Now, when I talk about boxes, this is a box. Basically, you can have multiples off these. If you say include more, so you'll have a or and if I take that away, you'll see it's ants and after this one and that one. Okay, I'm just gonna kill that one. You select the pixel that we created so you could use taste account. Speak so. And now you can say I want website visitors that were the past 30 days, or there are other options to which don't show you. Yeah, there is not so people who visited specific wit pages so that you can actually tell that your AL contains doesn't contain equals a specific we paid. Oh, you can do. I don't know why face, because doing this visitors by time spent and this is extremely powerful. We're going globe articles because if you are doing a long article, you can say, Give me that stopped 5% off visitors by time speaks in the last. It's a 180 days, which is the maximum amount off days. Now you can still add your specific website that you want for your block article. Now, what's great about this is you can actually narrow it down to the top 5% of people by the number of time they speak. So the people who actually read your block article will be the guys that you are targeting . And the people that just came to the blogger article and lived, they will eventually fault out. So I'm just gonna go and I'm going to work on Well, I'm just gonna leave it like this. It So you do want to do it on speak. And now I can just type in your HP is w w dot Peter, You're gone dot com Anybody that visited my home page I want you have. I want to talk about those people and I can just call this Peter. You're dawn website testing. So if it contains and she's being spewed on a concert visited any way page on my site, they will add into this audience. If I only wanted people that access the home page, I could say equals if I want to add people that if I've installed this pixel on multiple websites and I want to add people but not people that access this site, I could just say doesn't contain. So this is just one way to created something I'm gonna say contains, and I'm going to say creating Williams now. It was always 1000. The wooden might be too small, so just say creative audience. And then you'll see there was a custom audiences audience created. Its is below 1000 since really the reason why I will always say ready. But the residences below 1000 that pixel hasn't fired it. So my pixel is not active at the moment for the one I created earlier, this course so also that the population is below 1000 and it might be hired in that. Not a type of custom audience that you can create is I don't want to create a custom Williams like this. You can. Actually the screen changes once you have your first audience, so you can filter and you can customize your columns. But you can create a custom audience and then the other. What type of like audience file that you will probably create is engagement file. Now you can have a video, and you can tell how many people have What's two figures and how many off your figure half they watch. You can click this and you can choose a video. And then he says, people watch 25% of your video 10 seconds of your union, 95% of your video so you can actually talk to people like that. You could do a lead form where, if they were for any forms, you can. Circe. People who opened this form open this form but didn't submit the form, so that's grateful when you have lied forms or running. Lead adds instant experience, but people open before they submitted and they went away. If you want to exclude people that already submitted the form yuk unbilled exclusion audience where you could just say people opens and submitted before and then use that as exclusive audience, that is one way to do your lead forms. You've got a full screen experience, then you've got your Facebook page. So if you click on that, you can see everyone who engaged with your page that anyone visited your page gauge a full page content or ads on Facebook messenger. Then you get anyone visited your page. Anyone who engage with any postal add that can be as simple as clicking on a photo. People who clicked any quarter action button so that learn more butter that we added inside the ads. This is actually what 1/4 action button is, and that is what that option will mean. People who sent a message to your page or people who saved your page or both. If you use Facebook a lot, you will probably know that Facebook has a safe most future. So if somebody sees opposed that they like and I want to save it for later viewing or to show to somebody else, they could just click on it and say Safe. So if somebody saved any off your content, you could just, like use that to retarget those people. You've also got the INSTAGRAM business profile, which is quite new. I haven't used this yet, but basically it's already getting anyone who visit your business profile. People engaged of posts or ads. People sent messages to your business profile of people who saved any postal ed. That's basically the same as the Facebook page. And then you've also got events. So people who respond going so interested people have responded going. People have responded interested, visited the evade page, engaged, engaged of tickets, purchased tickets people had intention of purchasing tickets are faced with, determines attention by people, added stuff to a quart and then just abandoning it. That's the intention but it didn't occur. They lived, but they were. They didn't think to buy tickets. So that's actually what that means. That that switch goes in. So this gives gives you the engagement option. So what I just want to do year is I created the website. Excellent. So I've got one Custom Woodie instead of going to use, I'm gonna close this down now. The next type of audience I want to create is a look alike audience. Now, for that, you need a custom audience. I just click here and I can say other sources on custom audience page. So it doesn't actually, that's the application first with pixel or flying events. It for some reason it doesn't detect this audience. So I'm just gonna selected the at, say, create look alike. Well, actually selected they now I can say such for me, people in South Africa, I could do this for any country. Let's make it interesting that the United States all right, let's I want to find people in the United States Now. The total population of the United States would be 214 million around, maybe more, but that's 10% so I'm going to say Get for me Wonder sits off the U. S. Population that matches the people who went to my website. So it first will give me back 2.1 million people looking like you is for one. The seat, right. Let's say you want to create multiple Luca lights off different levels off people. You can actually size advanced options. And now you have got different buttons. So now Facebook will be viewed three audiences. One audience was the 1st 1% off 2.1 million people. Another audience of 2.1 million people between one and 2% and then another audience off 3% with 6.4 million people. So that is one way to do it, to add multiple lookalike audiences. I haven't done it this advanced yet. It doesn't did never. I never had a signoria. We I need to be yet once like this. So I only just go with one audience and I will create a population for our intention purposes. Let's say I want to do South Africa. Choose that and I'm going to say one audience, 236,000 people, and I'm just going to say created Williams now. First, people would dramatically name this audience as lookalike state, a 1% pretty good on website traffic, and it will actually create me. That audience you will see in the audience is still populating. That's what is below 1000 people. But they will find you the 246,000 people Eventually. This takes about anything from a few hours to 24 hours to just populate this custom Audiences. Then the lost type of audience he could create is a saved audience. Now, obviously, that this works exactly the same as the ad such worked that I showed you guys. So we will create. Let's say, just call is saved audience for buyers, property buyers. Let's call them death property that now for this, you need to define your client avatar down South Africa to get out a way to, you know, get the audience right. It does take some time, but it does take different mission off your clients. Avatar. So windy when you have a property that you want to advertise, you need to go. How old will the person be? That probably buys this property? What's his age range is between, you know, 25 35 or between 25 to 65. Isn't somebody gonna be somebody 35 older? So that's something that you need to consider, and it's going to be really important when defining your client's avatar. Just note that you cannot discriminate a new way on the Facebook Facebook will ban you, especially because it's related to housing. You cannot, for example, say this property is for sale, but only for people who don't that kids or you know this property is foreign, but it's not big friendly. Facebook doesn't like that. So don't say that you can either advertise the property and then, once they call, you can inform them that it's not speak freely or you can send them. Let's say to a new page or a landing page or your website, where they can read that it's not pet friendly child friendly. But you can't discriminate in any way on your Facebook. Ads on the wife's Facebook will get you back to think about this when you create your face or your clients avatar and clients advertise purely definition off the person that you want to the fine. It's a definition of your ideal clients. So our client will, for example, not necessarily live in South Africa. But it can be anyone in this location, right? I know George. South Africa. So I'm going to say I'm living in George something a snake George. And I am going to say, how far do I want to have my radius? I've assumed in. I can see that that's stretching over to Muscle Bay. And this is stretching almost incident ized. Now it doesn't really matter, but I think a good drainage to go force about 15 miles. I just finished 15. Okay, so now you'll see it goes about they added, goes just post the airport. Um, so yeah, so that's about halfway between Mossel Bay and George, so that would be a good radius for me to work on. Now, what I can do is now I've got my area and I've got everyone, everyone in this location, so it doesn't matter if people are coming to the beach or they're coming for holiday or they are actually living here. Everyone will see my ad and let's say I want to only advertise to people between 25 on Let's safe 15. I'm advertising for the working family. Probably kids, maybe one or two kids said they need to be closer to schools. They need to be closer to hospital, maybe, and, you know, closer to town as well. So it's working family, the husband and the wife. They both need to go out. They both need to, you know, visit the shops that both need to get to work. So I want to sell a property entire. And I am going to sell this property to people who are in a hydration come toe a high level income. There's a different story when you want to target investors when you want to talk it, invest issue will probably just go for the high income because those are probably the guys that are gonna be doing. The investing doesn't matter to me who select Luke clicks on the property could mean a woman doesn't matter to me which language they are. Most people that are on Facebook from South Africa probably speak English anyway, and now here comes the targeting part. So the first thing I want to do is I, I said, I want people who are in a metre high range earning potential. So I'm going to go down to consumer classifications. No, there's only works in South Africa or in any off these countries that this is just something that I'm selecting for the guys that all watching in South Africa. This is how I do it. So I would select both of these categories because I value goods. Is people that are, you know, higher earners and men and high value goods off medium to high earners. Those are the types of people I want to talk it. Now it's a look here. This is 14,000 people in the George area. If I take these two categories out, I end up with 51,000 people. So there's almost of 40,000 people difference between having metal Irish people and having you know, having that selected. So I'm gonna go back, and I'm gonna say, Just select that again. Consumer classification, South Africa. I'm not always so where they get the data, but they do get the data on your spending habits some way. Now, what's another thing I want to do? I want to talk with people. Mm. So I'm gonna say narrow audience because they should be high to mid value bonus. But they should also be interested in, let's say, property and real estate. Okay, now I will see that my audience job to 6200 people. So it's a lot more specific then. Just anybody in sound. It's very, very specific, actually. And I'm gonna leave connections out for now because I'm not too interested about people like my agent didn't like my This is going to be a general to nuke by ad, okay? And I'm going to create that audience. Okay, so I want to create one Would cyp off saved audience. And this is what we're going to be using for our page, like campaign a little bit later. So I want to just call this world wide woody ins. So when you use a custom audience toe, if I said later, custom audience in my safe, it's Please just remember that if I say people who live in this location, they are only going to take this custom audience and they going to be looking at people who are living in this location from that custom audience, they're gonna fall to those cause those people in that custom audience stained by age, they gonna fall to them by gender, and then they are going to be full training by interest. It just makes a custom audience. Please remember that your custom audience will be faulted and actually inside search result . I'm just going to remove the custom audience. For now, I'm gonna say everyone in this location going to change this to world wide. It's going to be a region, and now what I'm going to do. So I'm not gonna care about age we're gonna care about with its main woman. And I'm not gonna care about the language. All I wanted to year as Wallace I want to exclude some of the more expensive countries in the world. So I want to say you're not kingdom. I want to see United States. I want to say Australia and I want to say Canada, Are these all the more expensive countries that you can run ads in? You will see a left 1.9 billion people, and I'm actually gonna go down and just say connection, exclude people who like your page, and I'm gonna add a page and I'm gonna call this the period on paint. Okay, So this is my basic safety audience that I'm gonna do worldwide targeting on it's nothing special. And I'm just going to say, excluding people will really like my page don't show my adds to them again. So I'm just gonna say creative. Okay, so that gives me a worldwide audience. All right, So there was a breakdown of audiences, types of audiences he can create, and I traded a few audiences for you will use those audiences a little bit later. But that was just a overview of audiences And how you set up targeting. You can do that on different ways. You can do it in multiple ways with changing demographics. Audiences I did give you were the same ones that I use for real estate marketing in South Africa. If you are in the U. S, you might change that. My you might search for people interested in Zell Oh, or people interested in house hunting, which doesn't work in South Africa. So that's an option. So but what you need to remember about these audiences and interest it all comes back to your Facebook picks up so If I, for example, take Selo, which will probably be marked as property or really state? It's a business is well, and somebody visited, visits this site that pixel fires back and Facebook and determined that this person that winters ella is interested in Villa, which means it's probably interested in property or really state or house hunting as well. So what will happen now? Is that what you select Zillow as a possible choice? Facebook will actually find people with either engaged with sellers Facebook Page or they have engaged with the website. Yes, they can be deeper levels off finding those interests as well. But that's the most basic way of finding interest like that. So what did you to do is yes, it comes back to your plan ever tore? Think about ideal customer. What your ideal customer wants, what our customers would be interested in, somebody living in a goalfest. I'd probably be interested in gold. Somebody that's living at the beach might be interested in fishing. Somebody that wants to buy for might show some interest into farming or agricultural activities so, you know, just go around people that are interested in basing, for example, might also be interested in people like Grand Cardone or Robert came sucky or even Donald Trump, not for the presidential reasons for the actual real estate investor reasons. So they are different way things you can do to kind of full of once of people in your audience and get that exact ideal audience that will be applicable for you. So that's it for this video I don't see in the next one. 8. Creative Hub: Hello, everyone, welcome back to running Facebook ads for Realtors, and in today's video, I want to quickly talk to you guys about the creative hub. Now the creative hub is a cool truell that Facebook actually developed that allows us to create more cups for ads and then shade those at two different at accounts. This is grateful win. You need to build an ad, for example, and you need to have it approved by someone before you can publish it. You can create this, adds, that can preview these ads. And if they are happy, you can import those as into your ads, accounts Election pride into Facebook and I'll show you exactly how the creative works. Okay, so I mean business dot facebook dot com, and I'm actually inside by ads manager at the moment so you can head over to the top here and take on this little menu here and you'll see under plan. There's a tool that says Creative Up. Now creative Hubble allows you to manage lockups, so this is what you do here. You can create your mock ups. It is also video tasty, so if you click on that, it tells you. You can understand which video residents based with the audience could pay bigger dots up by running real ads on Facebook news feed ful 72 hour split test. So this is if you want to create a taste for your videos to see which videos perform better across your Facebook audience, then you get the limits. Text check. Now, this is exactly what I talked about. Your images. How Facebook limits your ad reach of images. So, yeah, it tells you you can upload images timid much Texas the image. If the proportion of takes off the images to hire, add my note reaches full audience and that right there inside, you can see the image ratings. You can see that your text can be okay low, medium and high. And if it's high, you add may not even run. Okay, So years just some frequently asked questions. So just to show you how this works and going to go up, gonna go see why. But way would I put us You know what's like this? For example, this images contains quite a lot of text, so I clicked on it, and I will just wait for its upload. And now, if I speak shows me that 16 Add this medium and this is a problem. So you always want to try and upload. Add until you get that degree tick box right over a year so that you know that your ads will actually be in the rights will actually deliver to the entire audience due to the image not having enough text, right? You also get your view formats. Now this is just like a little guide that they've given you a year about video. Exactly how there's a video look on the mobile news feed. You could do an instagram feed. You can instagram stories that shows you how single video would look. You get a slide show, you get your 3 60 video and exactly how these years would look good. Click on the view examples button and it goes to this get inspired tab. So get inspired is all about different ideas that you can use and check out. So this, for example, will give you Video Italia about it. You can see that to your mobile. You can open it up in a link and there are different stops off. 3 60 videos that you can run. If you close this up, it will tell you all the formats. Yes, So if I wanted Carousel, for example, I'll just give it a chance to learn. And now it actually loads up my carousel so I can click on this and I can see different ways off people actually doing Kerry cells. So this is something great for when you want to taste the food match when you want to read about stuff when you want to get some inspiration. So this is where the get inspired tab works. Now let's get to creating your own Markham's. Now you can see you've got different projects. These are some of my projects that I am running, and now what you could do is you can create a project, and project is nothing else than afforded to kind of keep your keep your mock up separates . In some cases, it might be for especially for running different clients, or you all running in a different area, said you want to keep the ads or the mock ups for each area you know, geographical region in a specific place, or, for whatever reason, you could just give it a project name and you can just tell him to say it was your project team. So they can be multiple people in your project team. Please know that for people to preview the ad data need to be in the project team. But you've changed the ad. They need to be in the project team, so there's a difference. And then once you've done that contested, save you automatically get this, like, private project. So I'm just gonna create my mock up inside that private project. What's actually country a mock up? I can see all the different sides off, adds that I can run. I can see Carousel Collection slideshow 3 60 video into the experience single video image. And I can also see what's happening on Instagram. So for the purpose of this, I'm just going to clear our single image. Okay, up here, you can actually kick on that. It's I'm gonna pull a test. Welcome. Then I could give it a page name. This isn't necessarily a poetry. It could be any page. Let's just leave that test page. You can add a profile picture if you want to. This is just for your own display purposes. It's not for anything else. Then you can add some text to it. So this is a taste and right, we're fresh. And then I could just select an image for my accounts. And I'm just gonna choose that image, confirm it. This is one of the images I'm running. So let's say I want to point this to website and I want to just call this beer good on the car, right? And I want to give it a headline, and I want to give it a news feed link description. Now, I want to add a court action, but sensor lets in more. Okay? And this is a basic mock up off the and I was sure I was going to look different. You know, interfaces. This is a day stop. Uh, you've got the right column appear that's going to look in the right column so you can see this now. This wouldn't necessarily be 100%. How you add looks at all depends on your campaign objective. So you feel campaign objective is different to let's say what the by six structure year is , they might be some extra options that you need to fall in. But the good thing about mark ups is it creates the basic basically out for you. So you upload your images such a basic takes you situate lines, your sexual your else and you could work and operate from the So let's say we want to run this. This is fine on just something that you need to know on your headlines. This is something I didn't do. They say You just wanted to say Hey, state line What's amendment to make this? The first letter? Capital. It's just, you know, draws more attention when your headline is capital on the first letters number need safe. You will see it in my private folder. It's saving now. Hey, what's great about it is now I can have more options. I can copy that. You are out. I can say that to someone I considered to my own mobile device to preview it on my Facebook mobile. I could open it in a new tab, duplicated I could move it different folder. I can check the image for text, and I can delete it if I need to, or I could imported directly into my ads. Manager Now what? I quickly want to show you if I want to copy you are out. That's copy now and I open a new tab. I'm not logged into Facebook Going eat in today. That is gonna ask me to log in. Right. So I'm going to look in, um, this is the test account that I used a little bit earlier to ship on the other videos to actually show people how to create a business manager. So it's not that I have duplicate accounts. I needed a separate account for demonstration purposes. All right, now, what you should remember is I'm not actually in this project are not a project team. This is private for the creative to 60 president's account. But now I can that not act doesn't have access to the business can. Now I can view and previewed ad I could say good, right. I want to see this in a different format. I could change my placements to mobile. God, this looks great. I could copy the preview aloud and send it to somebody else, or I can send it to my own mobile. So this is what the power of greater public works extremely well, Especially when you want to play around with five B s. But you don't want to create a campaign. And I would say just creator ad and maybe save the idea or you want to send it for approvals. There's a lot of things that you can do if the creative hub and it's good for you guys to play around with this and get a feel for it. Some people use this more than others. I don't use this a lot. I use it mostly when I want to send markups to clients. And those clients need to approve the ad. And once that is approved, taken off and I removed them out of my trade of begin after I imported it into my as many. Let me quickly show you, How do we do that? Import. I'm gonna eat import up here, gonna bring up this little box, and I'm gonna say I understand that in Abyan importing the smoke up it will be visible to anyone with your help. So, Dane, I say open it in a new tab. Okay, so it's important. I'm going to see it first. Find my taste account. I'm gonna imported into that account. Now it tells me this markup is already available in account. We're gonna say open and manager gonna wait for its load. This is quick creation. As you can see it stop. We used guided creation when we created the previous campaigns and ads. Since you can do guided creation when importing more cups so we're going to say, create a new campaign. That's fine. We're going to say Say, Say, campaign, we can have traffic date contingent to any other type of event as well. Now I'm gonna be an ad state with the name I'm going to say Taste at sits and I'm going to say creator ad from mock up. Not great. You will skip, just create from MOCA. Now it's going to give me the test mark up my headline, my text in my image and I'm going to say taste right now. What's gonna happen is I'm going to save this to draft. And now creation will open it up like this. It's actually in the edit window. Good to run through this. This will be fine. The ad seats? Yeah, I've got my websites. I've got my offer. I've got my budget. Let's make that 100 grand a day start automatically. It's I wanted Justin through the custom audience that we had earlier gonna say Use that lookalike audience going to leave the rest learn, Going to say with dramatic placements I'm going to say optimize for link clicks That's fine . And then I'm gonna go to taste. Add on. What you will see is my ad is there. I can now just go and select my actual Facebook page. Select my instagram accounts. It already loaded the image So the image is already day then I've got already got my text today I've got my website They got my display linking the headlines the and description sixties day I've got my call to action button and there's nothing else that I need to add years So basically why I did is I just imported you see 30 before I go on. This is actually what happens when you have too much texting. No image Facebook world warn you so always check out for this morning but to continue The thing about this is is that you will actually just import add as it's just need to set up the nitty gritty the campaigns targeting the budget and if they are any other options that you need to add. But the basic add itself will stay the same and being 40. So it's really easy to create ads and they import them as they are necessary. I'm just gonna close this down because I don't want to say these drops. So once you're done with your ad, you could just hit this review and publish button, and that will actually make your ad life but a little cereal to do this exactly once we get Teoh to the implementation fights. So for now, I'm just going to describe the drafts as this was only a taste. All right, that was a quick overview of the creative hub. I hope that added some value. T want you guys to go. Iran offered. Read some off the guide. See the different, such as that you can create and really play a round of the creative hub. It's not something that you're going to be using every day. It's not something that you're going to use it on a constant basis, and maybe off to the first or second time rate, the guide. You're not never going to go back, but it is important that you learn and understand the creative hub in itself. So that's it for this video, and I'll see in the next one. 9. Boosting Posts: Hello, everyone, welcome back to running Facebook ads for reals is, and in this video I want to talk to you about boosting posts so she to be boosting post. While boosting post is an easy way to get started with Facebook ads, it can work, but in a very specific scenarios, boosting posts. It's not preferred Other campaign types I showed you I will ever give you a boating, boosting post tutorial. Now just just expand on that a little bit boosting first is something that most people think to use when thinking about Facebook ad. But the thing is, when you do Facebook ads and created through the ABS manager, there's so much you can do that boosting post. You can actually design your ad. You could do dynamic creative. You could do better budget optimization. You could do split tasty. I mean, there's so much more you can do. You can point to links. You can point to places you can add. It's a call to action buttons. These things aren't always possible when boosting posts. One of this in orders were boosting posts. Works extremely well is when you want to do shouts us, for example, you great ad with a bicycle carousel and you explain everything about your ad and you could boost your post. You don't have to boost your post are ever you can create ads in the normal fashion through the ads. Many Jen actually just run those ads on the scheduled time in state off, boosting your post. So let's get into Facebook, and I could show you how to boost the post on how the targeting and scheduling works for boosting posts. Okay, so I'm on my Facebook page, and if I school down to my post section, I will actually find a post that I made and you'll see that there's a big boost post button below every post that you do. If you click on that boost post, but you will see there are two types of goals you can have the one when you get engagement , they say. So disposed to. People were likely to act comment, and she so this is just going to show your post all around and get more people to see your ad. Once you say Get my messages will actually had a button at the bottom. We just load that, says saying the message on opening Messenger. Right? So let's say our goal is still to get more engagement. Now you can add a button here as they said with messages, so we can change this button to send a WhatsApp message saying the message. Sign up, Learn more book now or shock. Now let's say we want to change this to turn. You can actually choose a link to go to so you can point into a website domain. You can change it to say the WHATS app message, and it's going to ask you for your WhatsApp number, and you can add that number. So there's a lot of stuff you could do. You complain around off the butters over here, they've got toe audience. Now you audiences work exactly the same as with the ads manager. It's just a little basic, so you can say people you choose to targeting people who like your page people who like your page and they friends or computer science and computer sciences only day because it's one of my interests. So I could say it and I can go and I can look at all men and women. I can change this I don't know wide set of Pakistan. But let's I want to make this South Africa and I can change my strangers. And then I can also do the interest based on behavior based orbiting that I showed you earlier. So you can do that. I can also do a geographical region. Let's say towards we still cape and again I can change my radius to, let's say, 15 miles. That is also option. I can add that I want people to like property and I want people to add real it states and then I can also se narrow audience. We exclude people so I can still narrow. The audience could go to the areas I could go to consumer classification. It selects South Africa and I can I think, those options, right? So that's basic targeting that I said it exactly the same as targeting in the ads manager. I can say save and it will show you your basic targeting over here. Then you've got your budget and duration so you can change the budget. Facebook does give you a dropped out you could choose, and they give you an estimated reach of how many people will see, Let's say, But you can customize this. It's I make this 100 well, dramatically depicted. Sorry, because it stole the currency debt My business managers in and I can say how long I want to run this. Do I want to run this one day, seven days, 14 days? Or I can say custom and I could say run this ad until the 18th of December. The thing was, was first is boosted. Posts need to be, let's say spread or need to be spread on a schedule. Boosted boats contract infinitely Like ads. Manager Facebook will also tell you exactly what the minimum budget is so than medium budget statement and the dates 12 days. So I need to make my budget 120. So there is a basic minimum budget to Facebook, some off the abs like page like campaigns run a little higher, and then some. Let's say global campaigns on a 10 year end today, so just make sure watch your actual costs is, I think, in the US The minimum is a dollar that you can run for, said also differs from country to country and area to area, and then you can have your payments so you can actually use in what currency you wanted. One in South African ran and I can choose my accounts. I can use my personal accounts or I can go down, and I could use the test account that we used a little earlier. You can add conversion tracking. If you have a pixel that is activated on your website. That's pixel. It's still not activated. It's not something that are used as only a demonstration purposes. And because I choose toes this taste account, I could add this payment method if I would add my own accounts. I don't actually think that I had a payment method here, so it will be a little difference. I'm just gonna change this to do more for now. So there is the payment that's set up for my accounts, and Facebook will probably ask me for my payment details a little bit later. But let's I say taste account. It's I turn on conversion tracking. I use those payment methods I run it for, let's say, seven days or edited the budget of understand sweetie red. I add my own targeting. That changed again. Some reason I'm just gonna say, Let's talk started people in South Africa and that's it. It's fine. So it's a basic targeting that has been defined. And now I could just eat the boost now button, and it will actually boost my post and start running my post for the time period. What will happen is it will get bowled against this taste account, and it will go down for my card with all the other adds that I am currently running within my test. So that's it. That was a basic basic introduction to boosting posts and our works. So there are fewer buttons you can use that is more or less the same, tormenting that you can use your meeting. Run your boosted postal scheduled a contract infinitely like your ads, and you need to specify on different buttons different actions on what separates provide a number on messenger Will Adam basically button that will take them to your Facebook on, you know, a learn more button. It will actually take them to a website, so there's a bunch of different stuff you need to do today. You need to make sure your budget is set correctly, and then You also need to make sure that your conversion recognises on and you need to choose the right ad account. So that's a basic places got to boosting post. I would not recommend that you use it for everyday use. They all bay the ways of doing lifted as manager, You could be more specific. You can optimize for your little campaign. You've got a lot more optimization techniques. You as you saw that wonderful messages or engagement so you can optimize a lot. Have a lot off difference. Campaign objectives in your normal adds manager. So if you can always go for the ads manager. But if there's something that you want to post on your page and danger on its Addis, well, you can use the boost functionality to do that. So that's it for this one, and I'll see in the next one 10. Implementation: Hello, everyone, welcome back to running Facebook ads for rules is, and in this video I want to start talking about implementation now. It's been a long road until now. There's been a lot of theory and a lot of things, and I showed you a lot off stuff that will actually blow your mind sometimes and you might feel a little overwhelmed right now. But once we start getting into the implementation, it's all going to start to make sense. So just a little introduction about implementation Before we get into it, I will be creating different videos for implementation purposes, right? So these videos will be for you so that you can easily go back and you could re watch those videos. If you want to know something about a very specific campaign objective, I am not going to do all of the compared campaign objectives. But I am going to do that campaign objectives that might be relevant to you as a realtor. Once we created an ad and you publish it, it will go into review. I'm not necessarily gonna do all those lost steps, but it will go into review, and then the ad can either be approved or disapproved if it is approved, and it doesn't start showing within 24 hours, and it starts reaching people. First of all, make sure that your date range your ads manager is actually set to show the lifetime value to make sure that it's not just for the particular day that you are looking at just to make sure the ads are actually running. If it's still not running, then you can start looking at your budget. Maybe your budget is, too, though this can be especially what this is, especially in places like the U. S. Where the competition is quite strong. So with a dollar or $2 budget today, you might not get number or reached the number of people that really wants it. So it's something to consider is that your budget might be to load because remember, Facebook ads is an auction. If it gets this approved, you can always a pew and really go back and ask Facebook why they disapproved it and they will review your head manually. Now what can cause this is a variety of issues, right? Can be too much texting, you add. It can be that you haven't accepted a policy or it can't be that Facebook things that you let's say, sell out to your information to third parties. And this is especially the scenario with lead at you might have a scenario where they tell you that you contra I need as because you do, you know south your information and you can tell them that you don't they will still not believe you. So if they feel that you do sell out to information or anything like that, it might be against the ad policies. Now you can then just read, visit your ad and actually try to fix whatever's wrong day. Or maybe change your campaign objective. Remember that certain campaign objectives such as traffic and conversion campaigns, can do exactly the same thing. Maybe instead of lead addresses, addicts that experience forcing people to a landing page. So there are certain things that you can do to still get ads running off. Today I've been disapproved. Sometimes you will see that your ads are approved, and then after that, disapproved will. Sometimes they get disapproved, and then suddenly they get reapproved, and that is sometimes because Facebook's got a automatic approval system, so part of the system is automatic. But there's also a manual review so that all people that are actually sitting goes in the ads that are being published and reviewing those ads on a constant basis. So if you add gets approved and disapproved, it means that the person picked up something that system did it, and they fully disapproved of your head. Sometimes it's the other way around. The system disapproved it. The person went to look wise, disapproved, and there was a bug in the system or something was wrong. I got reapproved. I've had ads that have been running for weeks and then suddenly get this approved. It happens. So they're just different types of troubleshooting that you can do to actually get as to run. If you are having a serious issue, try reaching out to Facebook support and see if you can get somebody to help you fuel your issue where you could try and Google. If some of the ads have a unique reference number and because of the variety of issues I want grinding through that issues here and sometimes on Google, you might find a reason why it's happening if you're still struggling and you still can't find a way, please Indian email and we can see if we can get your ads running and getting it to perform at optimal levels. What is important also about implementation, is don't change your campaigns within the 1st 72 hours off crying. I prefer to later drawn for one week. But some people say that 72 hours is enough. And the reason I'm telling you guys not to change your ads too soon. It is when you keep changing it every time it has to go through this review process. Waste time and it doesn't have your ads performing optimally faced with album also needs to learn so sometimes your ads before pulling in the beginning and will pick up pace as it goes on. But you need to give the algorithm enough time. It's normal for us is people to want to have instant results, and you want to run that ad and just hope everything works. It's not the case. Always sudden countries even take longer for the review process. I know I've been running some ads in the U. S. And in the US, sometimes it can take up to 24 hours for the attic get approved way in South Africa. It normally takes maybe an hour, maybe less, for the ads to get approved. So that is something to take into consideration. So don't be overly eager when it gets to running. Given enough time, I prefer really state to leave it for a week before changing it so that Facebook could fully optimize the algorithm that's actually running ads. The reason for this is that released a conversion rates all lower then, for example, advertising the local Adria's. And the reason around that is the number or the value off the items that you're selling. Property is a really expensive high ticket item, and property also isn't. Everybody is going to buy a property right now. Property also has a lot of people that are very curious about property, what the prices, all what's happening, and it's not necessarily a lot good leads or quality fires, so you need to remember that are gonna have a lower conversion rate. Was signed labs and lower actual clients coming from property than any other industry that I have worked with previously. So give it enough time for your ads to run and fully optimize to find the right people that might be interested in what you So that's a full day implementation face, and I'll see the next field will start implementing some of our heads. 11. Growth Campaign: Hello, everyone, welcome back to running Facebook ads for real says we are in the implementation face and we're going to start off by doing a growth campaign tutorial now. Growth get Bailey will increase. Your page likes. Now there are two types off both campaigns that you could run. The first is the key. Page likes campaign. It's something I'm going to show you. And then there's the more serious face, like where you pay more for like and you get fewer likes. But those are more quality likes. All right, so my ads, many germs selected my taste that counted they come that I want to run my ads on. So I'm going to start by clicking on or go to the campaign tab you can create just gonna kick start over. That's just because one off the ads that I did create, I wanted to just abandon that. So I'm going to go into engagement, so we want to do something without paid. So it's gonna be engagement, political engagement, going to school down. I don't want post engagement. I wouldn't page likes right. So I'm gonna call this Peter your door page like cheap. Now you can call this one if you want. This needs to be descriptive to that. You can understand it. And you know what campaigns are going on. I'm not gonna do budget optimization right now, so I'm just gonna say, continue what I like to do. Sometimes it's just go back to the campaign and copied the campaign name to keep everything in order and I will actually post. That's and I would just call add sit. Before that adds, sit. Our first. Want to choose my Facebook page on the creative 60. I just want to choose this page. This is the one I'm going to be running. And now it says that I can use audience now. We created some audiences in a few videos back. Somebody use one of those audiences, and this is going to be the worldwide would Ian's. This is going to be for the cheap page like pain. As you see we advertised worldwide. We advertise Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States, excluding these locations, and we exclude people who already follow my paint, and we take a age range of 18 to 65. That's it. We don't nothing else because thes lights are purely for numbers. Thes lights are not for paying customers. You will get a bunch of people signing from Pakistan. Indonesia, China and some of the countries were running ads is actually cheaper than in South Africa. For example, you will not get somebody from the excluded countries or any countries for that matter, which are expensive. Facebook will always try to get you the cheapest possible likes Brad spent. So just remember that these organ include people that are not from South Africa that all worldwide and are possibly not people that are going to buy your products or services or even do real estate business with you. This is purely to get your page like numbers up. All right, so we are going to do automatic placement. Just leave it there. Some people like to change it. For example, I don't like advertising the right column, but Dried Column is not selected anyway, so I'm not gonna change anything. I'm going to leave this on automatic and now comes to the budget. Now the budget that paint on us a person. If you want to increase your lights at a rapid rate, let's say you want to do? 10,000 likes a day. You can run with a budget for or 10,000 lives in two days. You can achieve this. It's not impossible. But then you are going to be running a budget between the thousands and thousands 200 grand per day. To actually achieve that, it's not necessarily that you're all gonna get 10,000 likes to get 5000 might get 6000 but I have achieved it to get 10,000 likes within two days with the structure. But then you need to speak about you can have a budget between two and 3000 trends, Chief that so for the normal guy that wants to run the space likes on a constant basis and grows fage stadia over time you can go for us little esten grand a day. So I'm just gonna leave this on 10 year and a day for now. You can't change that as you want. This is purely personal and how you want to do it. I'm going to say to run it continuously. I'll stop it myself when I need to. And then I'm not going to say that, but kept going Leave it on impression, and I'm gonna leave everything else as it is. I'm gonna go to my add, and I'm gonna rely on my abs. I'm just gonna give it that campaign name again. Just add the page has been selected, and I'm gonna use a single image. Now, I'm not going to use this image, but moved this and I quickly want to show you a little trick. So what, We're gonna hit over? I'm gonna head over to Google, and you're gonna search for five word quotes. Okay on. I'm gonna use this one. Failure is success in protest. I'm gonna copy that. This is just like something that I learned from someone, and it actually works really well to get cheap page lights. Now, what moves us to go and change the background to just get at some text, select everything and paste that quote? What you would do is you want to make it like it's about three words above, to its at the bottom. And you just want to move this to be exactly sensor. And you're just gonna leave it like this? I know it doesn't look great, and it doesn't look like this works, but I want you guys to go and try it. It really works to get your chief page likes. I'm just gonna kick download, Okay? And here is by downloaded image. When you close camper up and I'm going to say upload an image when a goatee downloads, I'm gonna choose. It's up one on. I'm going to change the sixth. So what I am going to say is click like Pais to, like, this age if you I agree. Full stop. And I'm going to change my headline. Well, I'm just gonna leave my headline as it is and that's it. That is going to be my cheap page like campaign now not off. You might be feeling the same as I did when I saw this for the first time. You would think a How can this work? It works. I've tried it. I tested it. I'm still building likes for some of my clients with this exact same it. So this is something I'm teaching guys to build up your page likes quickly, because remember, what we said about Paige likes is we were in a run this page lights as fast as possible because as we get numbers, we will get more clients that want to do business with us or like our page because we've already got a following. Remember that nobody can see who like your page except you, so they can only see how many people like your page. So you want to run this campaign? So you've got anything between 16,000 likes. If you go over 10,000 some people stop 13,000. Some people stopped 20,000. Some people never stop. So it's your choice when you want to stop with this, just make sure that it's a large amount that stop it. 1000 lives or 2000 lives Get it at close as possible to 10,000. War likes when you run this campaign. So what you want to do is you want you can click on review and review will basically just give you a little breakdown about everything you're targeting and your ad itself. Then you can justly confirm if you want to. And what first people do now is will confirm my items and this will take a few seconds. Okay, Now the ad isn't Croft, but you will see up here that it is actually publishing now. So now we don't go into review ad was in the short while it will actually go active. So you will also see that we selected the campaign. You will only be able to see the ad sits within that campaign and the ads within that campaign. You could also, if you've got multiple exits only select at set and only show you the ads within the one ad city. So these are all different things to do. If you want to refresh the space, you can click on this little refinished table date at the top, and you will see things happening over they. Now let's say you wanted to this campaign. It's It's been running for a while and you wanted to this campaign. All you can do is you can actually just switch off this little button over here at the same with your ad, sits and disable your ad. Now the reason you want to do that it's not just to stop your campaign, but now I can add a full sense. A campaign delivery is active. Add at no campaigns will be showing if I would change this too is active and in review, and I apply it will actually show it again. So that's just for faltering purposes. Have to actually stop your ads. Now. There are a lot of different things that you could see. You you'll see your budget, which is gonna be on add sit stays here using exit budget. Your results is how many Page likes you're getting reaches. How many unique people have been seeing you ad impressions? Or how many times have you should you cost the result? This will be different from campaign objective physical pain objective. In this case, it will be the cost per page, like the Mounties speaking total and also, you know when it ends. Dozen. It's ongoing. And how many Page likes did you get? Yeah, well, sadly, give you a breakdown off all of your campaigns, and it will give you the totals for Go to Add sits. Things will look a little different. It's got my budget that's got my butt strategy. It's got my results, everything else and it's good to schedule. And so I can click on this view. Sit a button to see ball, sit up orientated things I could see which adds which targeting I'm running or if I'm excluded custom audiences. Oy included any custom. Audiences could just believe that. And then on ads, everything stays the same. There's nothing else here. The only difference is relevant. School relevant School is something that we need to start looking at it something that you know. It shows how really vigil ad is to your audience. Now. In the case off this ad, it's not gonna have a good, relevant school. It's probably not going to have a good, relevant score. Don't worry too much about it, because this isn't the goal of this ad isn't to perform really well. It's supposed to just get UT page lights, and that's if you don't worry of the information is relevant on Not so you. What probably won't have a very big, relevant score. Arraignment scores out of tape, and the higher the score is, the better your hands perform. Keep it is to show your ads in the more Facebook shows your ad, and this is all about his experience that Facebook wanting to give this uses ads that are relevant to him or her. So just give the relive in school in mind when you actually run at the campaigns. But in this specific scenario, you don't want to worry too much about your element school. Then you can see Page likes up here. You can see your photo so you get delivery engagements of. For example, if I click on engagement, I'll see exactly how much reactions I had. How much comments pose cheese link, clicks and likes. Then I also get by CPC. Cost police click, and you can't get away These different options. You can go through them. If there's any columns that you can't find, you can click on this little plus side over here, and it will say suggested colors. And then at the bottom, it's gotta customers. Columns link conflict that will open up the screen, and you can goto all of the different things that you want to add. So if you want to, for example, add landing rich music had a landing page. You can do total unique value cost and unique costs. Let's say you had messenger. You can actually see how many messaging conversations you had, how many replies you had and how many blocks from the sittings conversations you had so there's a lot of stuff here. You get your city or your click through rate. How many people or what's the percentage of people actually clicking through of your ads? Go to CBC, you've got your ad wrinkle lifts. You got your cost estimated add wrinkle left. Then there's a lot of standard events that you can watch for Leeds, for example, need forms these purchases of fuel running online store. They sit and Spectators columns so you guys can go do this and actually see what's happening. The attribution window at the bottom is something different minutes, and it's quite difficult to understand. Normally, I say real estate. I normally work on one day view one day click principle, but it differs from ads as what is attribution Window? This is something that you'll need to figure out for the South icon. Sally, what is going to be no attribution We know what's gonna work great for you. But what attribution Windows says is that once I saw the ad, how long does it take to take an action? So, for example, if I saw the ad in one day, well, I click on that. That is my view. So will I click on the add within one day was in seven days within 28 days. Since I've seen the ad, when will I take on that? Then I've also got the click. So after I've clicked on the ad within one day, seven days, 28 days, how long will it take to convert and taken action? So don't worry too much about this. There is a default attribution window that Facebook six. If you don't not sure it's a 28 day click on the one day a few, but you can play around with this. If you needed to be different, this is all going to be up to you. You're also seeing some off the acid. We are gonna run. You can say the attribution window, but the attribution Window is going to be about personal preference and how you interpret your ideal customer. It's not something that I could send you to do. So that's basically how the like that bodes work I want to put to show you. I want to clear the second campaign now for more serious people. Now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna running in the same campaign. I just want to click this and I want to say duplicates, and I want to say I want to keep it inside or original campaign and I want to create one copy off each add sit to duplicate this right now, it's gonna create by campaign with my to add sits and two adds one added each had sit. So this one is going to be the copy. So this is gonna be really likes the really add seat. So this is gonna be from well, serious guys that we wanted wonderful. We also want to do 10 year and a day and we are not gonna run it to the worldwide audience . We are going to get it this and we are going to say Remove this and add only people from South Africa and I will go down and I still say OK, 18 to 65 is fine, but I want to add more people that all consumer classification South Africa interested in high value and mid to high value goods. And I wanted ad people that are interested in property and people that are interested in really states, and I want to execute people who like my page. So this is going to be a little serious page like that Pain is going to talk to people in South Africa. It's gonna target that actual audience that I want. If you were in the U. S, you can actually go. You can adhere. You could add Celo, you can add house on TV. These categories don't actually work in South Africa's. It's not something to consider. You buy property and ministate will work. So this is what you wanna do You wanna click update. This will actually update my worldwide audience. Now, I shouldn't have done that because the problem of updating audience like that is that audience in this one will also get updated to this. So what I am going to do is I'm going to say, Leave that as the South Africa one. I'm just quickly going to rebuild this audience. It's a worldwide No, not that one worldwide region. Good to exclude the United States. Basically, the United Kingdom exclude Australia. I'm gonna execute Canada. All right, We'll leave those all as it is, and I'm going to remove these categories because you don't get that. And I'm just gonna leave it like that. But save this is to do I'm gonna name this worldwide audience cooking. That's gonna be fun. So that will drink more unions for day. And I'll have another audience on this side that's going to be for South Africa now. This one is now flowing. An air tells mobile years I've been resolved quickly. Go down to this one. Could you check my ad? I probably won't run the same ad you care, But let's say you want to do something else. They say I mean so I want to get a nice picture, for example off, George. So let's I want to change the image and I want to go on. I want to say we're paging. They just have a look. It's I'm gonna use this way for that now. What I will say is, I would actually change this cell people. Would you like Teoh live closer to the beach like this page? Now, do you stay, uh, to date with properties for sale at the coast? This is just an example. Um, I would actually do something more like this. Give him or the description like that, and i'll maybe I won't changed a headline. I'll leave deadline, but I'll definitely change. Takes because it's more for your serious customers. And it's not going to be for people to just like your page so you can run this as you want , and then you can just go keep on the ads. It appear publish. And it was a published. My ad and I can say published this ad seat to actually get it published, right? No, you will see that I've got one campaign. It's still a review. I've got to add seats and I've got two ads with exactly the same name. If it wasn't for the pictures, they wouldn't have known which ad is for which at ST. So then I can go and I can kick on this. I can say only Select me images for the real at sit only show me one had. So if all of the ads are not showing, it's probably just take this little selected box to make sure that your ads are available, and that is basically it for running page like campaigns. And this will go you're following. Once you are done, you can just sell off the campaign over here and all of your ads will stop. You can turn off so early. It's an active, and what you will see is that these ones are still active and this one is still active. But even if it's approved, it won't get delivered because the campaign is down. But as a rule, I like to put down all of these ads as well. And just in close or turn off all of these buttons just for four purposes, they will see dot Delivering the campaign is off in the same of this one. I'll just So once you are done running at, you cannot always you know you can't lead campaigns you can delete, adds continent at, say, to the continent campaigns because it's for record purposes. Facebook wants to keep all that data for you, so that if there are any queries about spending these inquiries about results, you can always go back so it will get and wing. If you've got a lot of campaigns that are not running anymore, and you need to see all of them to the reason you also turn, all of that insanity can actually go. Campaign delivery is active or in River, and that's all I want to see. And that's it now, but no campaigns running. I could always just save my fault. If I want to use it again, I can call. Just call this Peter. You're Dawn Walter. Save its the next time. I can just select period on Falter, and it will automatically fortunate for me like that. So that's it for the growth campaign tutorial I showed you how to create T Page likes, which is one of my slow, secret study used. It's one of the little tools in my arsenal to get pages growing fast, get more likes on to them and then have also show you how to create a real page like campaign, which you can actually use to get people to like your property paid that are actually in your area. That might actually be interested in the properties that you're selling. I will only recommend that you start running your real page like Camp Nou real growth campaign the moment that Chief Bates likes all at a point where you are satisfied with it. And that, I would say is anything about 5000 likes run your pay cheap age like mentality. It's about 10,000 lights. You can turn it off, though, if you once adjust your budget accordingly. The higher your budget is on, the chief page likes, the more likes you will get faster. They lower. That budget is, the more continuous. You can run it, but it will have slower growth. Dane. Ah, higher budget. So that's it for this video, and I'll see in the next tutorial. 12. Messenger Campaign: Hello, everyone. Welcome back to running Facebook Ads for Realtors were still busy with the implementation faced in this video. We're going to be talking about messenger camp. Campaigns will start going faster now. The videos will get shorter as we've already handled most of the little gritty that goes around creating your ads. So let's jump over to Facebook and pulled a messenger campaign. Okay, so I'm in my Facebook ads manager. Now, this you will be familiar with this interface by now. Taken, create at I choose, uh, messenger campaigns are gonna choose messengers and in under messages. I'm just going to call it Peter. You're drawn, Mrs Singer. Right? And I'm not gonna do button optimization or split tasting. I'm gonna continue again. Go back to your campaign. I just like to copy this name and use that every week. So I'm just going to say that this ad sits on a difference. Now again, there's a new feature you consent to whats app. So you can either send your messages to messenger WhatsApp choice. I'm just gonna leave a messenger for now. Now I can quickly take a look at people that I want to add to my audiences. So we've created the website traffic audiences. We've created a lookalike audience, and that's basically what we have. We also have a saved audience for worldwide, But I'm not going to do anything around this now, so I'm not gonna choose any audience. I'm gonna say everyone in South Africa because I'm targeting mostly South Africans. Now we're gonna leave all of this as it is, and I'm just going to add people who like my cage. But she's my page, Peter, your dog. That's the page I'm going to use. That's it when you use automatic placements. Set a daily budget again for Let's 18 run today, and I am going to leave everything. It's gonna optimize dramatically for reply so you can't change anything day. It will get charged by pressure, and they said that the estimated reach is still to know. The reason for this is that there are no people qwerty like the space age, so I will just actually change the page to, let's say, or they are people that like that page. For some reason, it says that the rich is too low, so I'm not sure why that is happening but okay, I'm gonna leave it like that anyway, on just to give you an idea, people like my page 50 60 automatic targeting Taylor and daily Budget and leave the rest continue. Okay, I'm gonna go to the add change. The name to say add Now you can use the existing post create add. I don't have the instagram account that I'm gonna use now, or I can use the INSTAGRAM account. But I'm just gonna use the Cenex faced with Paige, and I'm gonna run a single image and you can actually upload an image. Not gonna used to say in which I used a little bit earlier. Um, let no, this is a different one. Let's use the desert one for that upload. Right? And I would say something like, Oh, you currently in the markets for rial state. Contact me today to get started. Now I will change the headline to send sing Miss sending a message or in exchange of different Let's connect now on messenger. But I will say sinned us a message today to get you the home off. You want screams? Say something like that these on actual ants that I'm going to run, so I'm just using anything that comes to mind. As these descriptions, headlines and takes. You can actually go and actually go and read through these different let's say, six years and really formulate a good article I will post in the leg below. I will bust a link to a book. It's called How to Write Copy That Sells, and I want to tell you guys about it before I forget about it. But how to write copy that Sells is amazing book that is actually being used by millions and millions of people to write Good copy for the websites. Now, copy is any text that appears on the incident. And I really recommend that you actually go to read that book and help me a lot to formulate some of the messages that are music now for my clubs myself. So it will give you a good idea about how to write this text to make texi to make it, you know, sellable how to make it so that people will actually click on your ads, click on your links and go force from the now. What you can do is you can actually agile faced with pixel, if you've got one and then you get to this bottom page Now this is different for messenger campaigns. It's not in any other campaign. You won't find this. So it tells you to encourage people to start a conversation with Mr off the click with your egg so I could create my own welcome experience. Or I could use my body get started screens if you've got a But you can use that. But I'm going to say use a custom template and I'm going to click on get started. Now I'm going to use visual. I'm gonna use the Jason format. So if you know coding and programming and you can write Jason like this, you could do it yourself. Otherwise, just use the visual editor, and I'm going to say text and image. And I'm going to select an image when you use that same wave image and use the button that says add personalization is I can add the person's full name first name lost or full name. I'm gonna use the first name. Yes, and says Hi, Peter. Please let us know how we can help you. So I'm going to say Hi, Peter, are you could currently in the market for property. Click on the replies below two lets us know, right? So that's gonna be my message. Now I can add a image title years. I could call it just Peters property. And I'm going to just say taking you to yeah, limits right now. I could keep preview how it actually looks waiting for the previous actually appear It's at the bottom. So that is how it's going to look in the person's messenger stream. So I could add a reply now and I can actually say Quick replies. So you get frequently asked questions. You get buttons, send people to this nation out of messengers such as a website or quick replies. So I'm going to use quick replies is the reason for this is say, if somebody clicks on, it will actually send a message back. And nobody use something like I want to buy a broken see. And I'm gonna add another reply, and I'm going to say I want to sell a property and then one lost to plant. Just gonna add I on looking to Reed's property. Okay, so you can add your but each one of these replies, you can add a different, but if you want, see if you are using bots. So how those who look now is you get this little buttons at the bottom of people can school , see? And if they click on one off them, it will actually appear right here as a reply. So it makes it easy for people to reply to your message campaign. And once that's done and you're happy with that, you could even change this. Call it, let's say, Peter Dawn, Miss Singer game and I can say finish. So that's going to be It's just a template. And if I go over to my own personal Facebook, I can tell Facebook to preview this in Messenger, I get a message from Creative 3 16 says, Hi, Peter, are you currently in the market for property? Kick on? That's Hispanic mystical. Just change that. Two replies to let us know. So as we put his property and I can select one of these and I can say I want to rent the property and it sends a reply instantly. OK, that's basically our messenger works. I am just going to change that one spelling mistake. Okay, so you won't actually be able to edit this one. You can only create a new template. Or you could use a standard simples. So I just want to see So this is the standard template you cannot edit a custom template doesn't look like it at the moment. And now, once you are done with this campaign, you can just click got firm, and it will publish your campaign and will start running. So this is basically it for Mr Okay. So I showed you guys how to create an easy messenger campaign is in quick replies, sending its a messenger. You could do the same off whatever you could do the same words. You know, any buttons, people say your message. They will actually get the supply with different things that they could go to other websites for about six. And so please use this information. Go and play around with trying different things. Try whats app trying trading buttons. Tried rating different types of quick reply. See what works good for you and really play around with this and get experience of this because messenger is becoming the new and fastest way to connect with people. So that's it for this video. I'll see you the next one 13. Event Campaign: however, one welcome back to running Facebook ads for Realtors and this video could quickly show you how to implement the fate campaign. Okay, so I hit it with my ads manager just like before. I'll go to the create button. I will just say Start over. That's just the messenger campaign that we created. And I will look at engagement now. Like I said before, there are different types of engagement We already did. The page likes campaign, so I want to do you think responses? I'm gonna call this My event can't pay since taken before I do that, let's compete that no continue. You want to place that? I want to say this. My vein campaign sits and I want to select saved audience off property buyers. This is the one that has interested property real estate and is already said to people who prefer high and value goods and with med high value goods in South Africa. In George, 15 miles around George on all between the ages of 25 50 70 used that saved audience. It's already set. Use automatic placements, use a budget off, let's say, 10 grand a day, and I am going to say I want to optimize for event responses. There are different things we can optimize for, but I'm gonna work on that and I am going to say Continue, go to paste your campaign ad When it's linked to my Facebook page, let's say Dawn and I am going to select a single image. Use that same. Let's do something different. Let's say we want to use the nature. Let's see what this looks right and I want to tell people what we're promoting. So I'm going to say visit my show house this we can now You could have made a slide show off different photos off the showers if you wanted to. You could have had a video of the shows if you had one of those. I'm just going to use a single image, but you can add up to six ads with one image, so it's not gonna be a problem. So I'm going to say visit my show us this weekend Sunday from 1400 to se Vaccine 100. Do not miss this opportune on a team. Now it sounds me that I should select a Facebook in mate that I want to promote now as a gate, I don't have any events, so I am going to quickly switch over to my business manager goods. My page and I could go over to you. Things I can say create any means Gonna close this up, Close that out. Let's leave that for you could have changed that photo as well. Call this test inmates ghost Comfortable, say, George Western Cape so you can actually add address. See if you want to, cause once I can specify the date, I could specify the time. Then I can add Coast if I want to. I can select category so I could go down. I could say home that will be the best one to choose. I could tell people about this DVD's. So let's say the this is a taste. You, Vince could select a schedule. I can actually, at different items that will be in the schedule for the event was going to leave schedule from now. You can add extra keywords if you want to, and I can say messaging circle on so people can ask questions about the civet Facebook messenger. They tickets let people know where they could get tickets so if there are any tickets which probably won't be for your shots but in their case, they were ticket. You gets like that and you can also, if I could say they just say that I can actually say when it will go on sale. But I'm not gonna have eight tickets for sale and then posting. Anyone can post report that post and story items must be approved. Anyone can post post story items must be approved. Only hosts can post so well can in it and post in your event, you always want to say only host can post. So this will mean that only you can post inside the event and you can display the guest list. Now what you want to do is you want to publish this and you can either use the boost event to get David at that. We are running out now or you could do it the way that I am going to show you. So is the event that we created. I go over to this side again and I can say taste event. So if that means this is how you add look so you can create a show house add to actually promote early things that people can submit the door interested. If they were interested, they can ask you questions over messenger or, if they were interested, face people also sending notifications about the event and that they soon. So this is something great that you could check out. This is something great to use for your personal Charles is that you want to do. It's really a great tool for Realtors to use, and very few rules are actually using the ability in Facebook to scheduled events for the show houses and any promotional dates that they might have. So what, you guys go in, play with others, get the fuel of your feet and see how you could utilize this within your own career and within your own little agency. And use Facebook events more and then use ads like this to boost the event and show it to people all around your area so that everybody can get interested in the same event. Once your radio you ready to go, it's get justly confirm to publish this ad. That's it. So I could show you how to creating fake campaign. Like I said, in the video. It's something that you need to be really utilize that something that realtors aren't using to his full potential. At the moment, this was grateful Schaars, and so any specific dates that you might have emotional days, even if you just got a special day about you invite people to come and drink coffee it office. This is a great way to do this. So that's a toy evade campaigns I don't see in the next one. 14. Conversion Campaign: Hello, everyone. Welcome back to Facebook ads for Realtors. So I want to quickly show you the conversion campaign. This the main type of campaign that you use most of the time, especially when you've got landing pages and you want to capture people's contact details on these landing pages. You've got to offer that you want to give these people. So let's jump right into it. Okay, so I'm back in my ads manager and I clicked on that create, but it's been the same that we've been doing the entire time. I'm gonna go over in a minute, Click on conversions. Now I'm going to say Here, Peter, you're Dawn conversion campaign. Let's Nick that I'm gonna continue and I'm going to give it a name. Appear because I had sits. Our conversion campaigns need to have a pixel. So you will just select your let's say, by lead pixel its rate because the pixel is an active but once is active, it will be the green event you convey very fired as well, if you haven't done so already. So but they need to be some type of pixel that jack some type of your feet that you will fire on your landing page indicated Facebook that you did have a conversion. It's important to get this right because Facebook will optimize for conversions. So if this is wrong and this doesn't work correctly, that Facebook would be able to optimize its algorithm to show the heir to the right people will actually convert. So this is just something to keep in mind. We are not going to do dynamic creative right now. Then you've got the option to add offer now again and offer Just gonna repeat this quickly . Our offer is something that you offer to people for free. So it can either be free tickets to something could be a free vacation. If you want to go there, it can be as simple as a guide that you can download our free e book. Or it can be as simple as having a list of features properties behind the gates on the landing page and offering people the option to go to that landing page and go to that offer . Now I'll talk a little more about, you know, offers and landing pages and got versions in the landing page course that I'm going to do so for now, you don't have to stress too much about. Also, there's tons of materials that can read up about offers. If you want to get into that now, I just wanna start building your own landing pages right now to create and promote offer. So this is basically not going to be happening for the guy that, just like Facebook ads from Facebook to take it to a normal website. There's a specifically for landing pages and the same off the entire convergent add ism or based on landing pages at getting people to taken action on your website. I submit their contact details will make a purchase what you were going to use. You're going to use that same safety audience that we created earlier of the George Wasted Cabe. And then we are going to sedated budget for 10 Red Day, and here's up to my realization right, so I'm gonna optimize for conversions. Another thing you can optimize for is leading page views, but then basically turns your campaign or your conversion campaign into a traffic campaign in effect, because landing page views are only the drive traffic to some type off website or some type of fate, so that is where you'll use landing page views. There are other options, but I don't recommend that optimize for any off these three options. When you do conversion campaigns always try to optimize for conversions. Then you've got the conversion window. I talked about the attribution we know a little bit before. This is where you sit it. So after clicking add, you know, one day after they kicked Advil, they convert. Seven days after that, click the add. Will they convert one day? Take a view or seven days? Quick overview so you could just leave that as a basic principle. The reason for this is sometimes when it comes to, let's say, physical products with what that somebody can buy on the landing page. Somebody will first submit the contact details and then they'll make the purchase. And a lot of people drop out between submitted. Their contact details is actually putting in their credit card information, so in some cases they will be email marketing for, Let's say, five or seven days, somebody will say email marketing to these prospective clients over and over again, convincing them intelligent. Why this product is great. So in those cases it can sometimes be that even after people you know went to a landing page where they clicked on add, it can take up to seven days for them to actually make a so in really state, it's not really a thing. I only just for one day tickle view because the type of office that I only do on my landing pages on normally for a guy, take some add any subcommittees, contact details right now, and that counts for me, that guns as a conversion on my add spice doesn't mean that guy puts us the property. Just means that he actually submitted his contact details at since really state is all about the generation and not selling products online. It's all about, you know, getting the guy from the day that it clicks on the ad to making the conversion should be one day, but you can leave it to seven days. People one day view if you were to leave with the default like Facebook, your strategy stays the same when you get charged. All these things stays exactly the same as the other campaigns. Now you've got your conversion again, sir. I'm just going to say that and you've got your Facebook page, which is the Graham accounts, and you'll see you've got a few more options. You could go for the single image. You can go for the video or the slider statistic off a single image again, but then you can upload an image you can add. Six you can add. Website your out of this will be the website. You're out for your landing page, so when somebody clicks on your website on your call to action, but it will actually take them to that page. So this will be the your out that you put in for your landing page. Then your headlines stays the same. You can add a display Lincoln Yousfi description, and they normally the branded content. You're all parameters, the same of the first pixel. Always make sure it's in able to You don't think it can be disabled conversions, so just make sure it is on up and running and the risk is quite standing. And it's exactly the same for as it was on the other. Let's say other campaigns run, so the egg creation stays the same. What's all that importantes to actually add your landing page. You're out to this website. You are out. So I'm not gonna recreate. This ad has been doing it over over again, so it shows you Exactly So you know what to put in here. Do you know what to do? Yet? This is just how you create a conversion campaign. Once you're finished, you can click confirm and your ad will be published. So that's it. That was a quick tutorial about conversion campaigns. How to get it conversion campaign up running. As I said, I didn't create add because you have been doing it over over again on the previous videos. So if you want to know about education, just go back 123 years and see exactly how the is being created. I've also created this type of ad when we did the creative hub videos. So all I wanted to show to you the converse of campaign is that there are different optimization strategies and that they are different attribution Windows in which you can actually run your campaign. That's it for this video. And I'll see in the next one 15. Traffic Campaign: Hello, everyone, welcome back to running Facebook ads for Realtors in this video. We're going to be talking about the traffic campaign. Okay, so I'm back in my ads. Manager and I kept on the create button four campaigns like we did in some of the previous videos, and now I have the option to select my campaign objective again. So in this case, I want to choose traffic. What was a traffic campaign? A trafficker. Pain is seceded people to a website, and it's like PPC for Google. It's actually just a drive for its traffic. Difficult beds normally work for things like your website home page. If you don't have a landing page, you want to see people to your actual website. This will work. If you don't have landing pages and you have a website, you've got property listings and you want to send someone to a property listing or you're using a property portal and you want to send them to a portal listing. This is where you use traffic campaigns, if you for it's a blob, articles that you want to promote those articles and Advil people. Read those articles. You can also run traffic and pay to see people to the articles. The reason there is a difference between traffic and conversion campaigns is because Facebook optimizes differently. Traffic campaigns are optimized for people want to read article, have a tendency to go off site and onto another website to actually read articles, access certain information on websites. We conversion campaigns optimized around people who are not, you know, isn't it actually into the convective details? Mike become a conversion in a way. So basically what? I'm gonna do it but leave the campaign aimed just traffic was gonna copy that. I'm gonna call that traffic as well. And I'm going to say at sits just by way of naming things getting, you can accent people to a website to an absent. This increases the number of visitors to a mobile district up. You can save people from as into messenger conversations, which is basically a messenger ad at the same off what seven. So we're gonna keep it on a date on a website again, you've got dynamic rates of that you can play around with again. You've got office if you want to. I'm going to select the same audience that created and now you can actually see the value of having safe audiences and custom audiences. It's so easy and so quick to use the same audience over and over again, going to leave it for automatic placement. But just to show you this reaction, want to show you you can disable certain placements if you would want to, That is actually how will be done. So in some cases I don't, for example, like the right column. I've never seen real conversions from the right column, so I normally does able the right column in any off the as I write. But for the purpose of this will leave it on automatic on, You should figure out what would flee. It's not going, Teoh. It's not exact science. It will be what works for you. Then you've got to optimization, so Facebook optimizes for link clicks, but you can also optimize for landing page views. What is important about landing page views is that you need to have a Facebook pixel so that you can actually see that people landed on the page. But what's the difference between anything Click and Atlantic page view? While a link click is just somebody clicking on the link. But it doesn't mean that that person gave enough time for the website. A load a landing page view optimizers for people not just clicking on the link but actually waiting for the page. They led on to load and spend some time, so that would be a landing page. Viewed you will see that the good strategy becomes available once I go for landing page views. And if I'm on link list licks, I don't have a target cost that strategies. If you're entertaining your bed strategy thistles, just something to take into consideration. Most of your traffic can paint. You will want to run on landing page views and not only clicks, but it might differ for certain scenarios. And they you'll need to use your own your own discretion to whether you want to use leading . Patris only clicks Gonna go continued and again, this ad is exactly the same as the conversion add. This'd carousel is that's what us before you know, automatically show the best before God's add the card. In the middle of the profile picture. These are all poured off the Carrie, So if again, got you called action button. You've got a symbol. You are well over a year, and you have got your takes that you can do it. They go back to single image. We will actually show you that you can add a gate Text. Whips like you are our headline angle call to action, but so and the rest is quite basic. It's the spelling and annoucement description. Branded content to gate. You can enable your Facebook pixel. It doesn't have to be enabled on a traffic campaign, but I always recommend that no matter what you always usual Facebook pixel in any campaign always have that. Because the data that is generated out of the place with pixel doesn't get stored on your machine. It doesn't get stored anyway, except on Facebook, and when you want to re use those that data it is available for use. Always activate your Facebook pixel in your ads. If it's not already activated. So once. If Daniel Insider ad, which is again the same, you could just gonna confirm Button and your traffic ahead, we'll go live. All right, so that was just a quick video about traffic campaigns. Traffic campaigns are mostly used for blogged articles or driving traffic to a website. And, yeah, it's basically the same as a conversion campaign. This is no root difference except for the optimization strategy. So just note that conversion rates can optimize for landing page views and conversions. But then, on traffic, it might optimize for landing page views or in clicks. So just think about that. That's the only main difference. There's no attribution, we noted in clicks. It's people picking on something thing on your ad, and they go into a website where you are promoting something, showing something or giving them information. So that's alot that you need to know about traffic campaigns. And that is, those are basically the two main campaign searchable running for most of the stuff that you do traffic cam page with extremely well without landing pages if you want to push people to your property website or your property portal. So, for example, if you have property, you've listed it and you show a picture of the property. Your ad you want pushed it that exactly property. You can use a traffic campaign to drive to your website to your property portal. That's it for this video I don't see in the next one 16. Leads Campaign: I don't ever wanna welcome back to running Facebook ads for realtors. And in this video, could you want to talk to you about lead? Add? So let's over and over to Facebook, and I'm sure you need ads tutorial. Okay, So I'm in my business manager, and I mean my ads manager and I click from the ad create, but since and now what we want to do is we wouldn't do lead generation. Now. This is not something that's gonna work for everyone. What generation ad is it creates? They say a form inside of Facebook that people can fall in and water populate off the details. It's a great alternative to using landing pages. Lead heads were great for real estate, but in some cases Facebook might disapprove your ads because they feel that real estate agency is selling out data to third party vendors. So I had some clients that actually got lead as running, and it was pretty well for them. And then another scenarios. I had clients that just couldn't get at work. So I'm gonna show you guys how that's working. You have to try your own environment where the Facebook allows the dance for you as a realtor, we doesn't. So just keep it as the generation here. I'm gonna go to continue. I'm gonna just call that regeneration at sit. I'm going to use that same Facebook page. Now, what's interesting is a list chase the page. It's changes to this. So it shows me that I should read and accept Facebook. Lead adds terms before creating ad for this page. So then you can read through all of these terms and then say, agree to terms and conditions, right? But he used the same saved audience I used before. When you use automatic placements gonna leave the budget as it is gonna leave everything just as it is when a second to you and I'm gonna personally generation ad. I'm going to use that same page and I'm going to say I'm going to use a single image on again. You can choose an image. It's used the days of one again. Remove that ad right. Same story you could into 60 year. You can enter your display link, intrigued line, introduce feet description, and you can say something like learn more also works pretty well in this scenario. Now What's different about lead adds is the actual league form that you will need to create so you can go into new for you can pull this form something. Someone hold this tasteful and now I can choose my full tight. So the first form is more volume. Use a form that is quickly fill out and submit on a mobile device. So more volume form world. Ask people. Often they details has been full in whether they want to confirm selling their details to it will just saying the truth. I state will ask people to review the all day information and whether they want to say that to you. So you will get more qualified people with higher in its it. But you will get way. Fewer people were firing seat. This is also only supported on Facebook, Mobile said. They stopped PC's or laptops will lose out so you can go consume more volume. Gonna leave a day? Did you get interest? New interview can have a deadline. So let's say, uh, hello perspective buyers and I could use the image for my ad or I can use a different image if I want to upload words we're gonna close that you use the same, which for my ad has the top image. Then I can add a paragraphs a year. I inside taste para graphs and this is really if you want to actually, you know, explain yourself a little bit. They really good questions Now for questions, you can use a headline again. So you could say please full in the following information, right? And I can select what information I want. Now, this information will be pre populated by Facebook. So I can say I want the email, the full name and the phone number. That's nobody the do you that you want to go for. Okay. The Eagles had custom questions, so you cannot short answers. Multiple choice conditional and appointment schedule E now, appointment scheduling will be for them to actually tell you time what would be based for them. So if you want people to give you a time that will be based for you to contact them, that will be appointment scheduling. If you want to do something conditional, so conditional answers are in a Series V file. So how this works is you actually have one answer. And if a person on association? No, it will direct it into different questions. That painting on what they answered. So you can guys can just play around with that. Or if I want to add a question, multiple choice. You can just, you know, ask the question. It's multiple choice. And then I could just my chances here, like one, sir. One answer two and you will see on the form here it becomes, Please select. And I could give a question. This is a question. So I asked a question, and I cancel 81 of the answers. But so that's just something that you could do If you want to add customers additional questions. It's normally not necessary in the real estate industry, because all you need is the email, full name and phone number. Like I said, anything that might be applicable is if you want to do appointment scheduling to just show you it will ask a question like waiting will be the based time to concept you on. You can ask for a confirmation message, and then the dates available will be Monday to Sunday, seven AM to be. You can actually change that so that would be depending on what you Facebook pages is your open and available times when somebody can choose a date big. So, for example, they will go into this with Jews on today, and they will choose the time and availability. Then you need to define a privacy policy so you could just call this something like Peter Dash. Load on. Don't come. The 2nd 1 is where your privacy policy will actually be. Sermon is at privacy policy on Remember, I showed you guys how to pull up a privacy policy. I think it was in the Facebook created manager. When faced with Paige, I showed you a privacy policy. I think I also showed you in this cause way to find Artie generator on privacy policy. You could just Google generate free privacy policy, and you will find a site that creates privacy policies for you. You can add a disclaimer, and as you see there is a This came and it says, by clicking. Submit. You agree. Descend your information. PDO don't who agrees to use reporting today privacy policy. Facebook also used subjects with our data policy, including to order full forms for ads. Then you can view the Facebook data policy advocate view my privacy policy, but I can add a custom disclaimer. So if I want to add this claimer, I can add this isn't disclaimer, and this is just for custom purposes. Then once people submitted their data, you get to the thank you screen so you can add a deadline is a description that you can change. Then you can have a button. Now the buttons can be either download. So if they if you have a downer there to give away for free, like a guide, once they click on that, it will open up the down the link and the father will be downloaded. You get a cool business button so you can actually type in your hole. Us Now add. You can type in your phone number, or you can do a visit website button, and we're just called it Go Teoh www dot peter that's you don't come and I can actually just add that as my website link. So what will happen is I will have three pages now. The 1st 1 will waterfall data in these three boxes. Then, once they click next, they will get my disclaimer and then they need to submit and then they will end up on a frankly screen. If I were to remove the disclaimer, you will see after we got to screens one would they could submitted data sick and one shows them thank you and they have the option to go to my website. Now you can also on Instagram. It looks like this. It's on Instagram. They can submit so they can go back and once they go next, they will have done. But we'll go to my website now. What's interesting is you can also, instead of actually sending people to your website a thank you page. This website to our out can be your Facebook page were out. Now if I were to go to my Facebook page, you'll see that. Okay, it's his business that facebook dot com But if I take this sport here that just thought for facebook dot com and I post that into a new tab, it will redirect me directly to my page. So what you can do is you can add that link. You can even add a www in front of it, and that will take people to your page and I can say visit page and it will take the to Facebook. Facebook. It would look a little different. Visit the page, but that's basically it. Once you are done, you can click save if you want to save it. You want to make changes later, but as soon as you click, finish cannot let this former Ginza Please note that once you created the form, if you want to change, if you need to go and delete it and recreated. So I'm gonna say finish again. It still needs a description. Say thank you for any new information made finish and that is my food. My taste for now. Once you are done integrated to add, I could just go got firm. Angela Ad will go live. Now here's the big question on Once it's gone live way Do I find the leads that end the information off people submitting data. So now what I can do is I can hate over to my Facebook page go to publishing tools and under publishing tools, you will see the lead ads for so yet gives me all of my faults in my full library. I can download any leans from here, so download leads dollars by date range, so I could decide how many I wanted. Download. So this is one way to get the data from off your actual need for please remember that you need to be admin user off your page to be able to do that. Editors, moderators and analysts cannot down to this data, So this will be one of the things that you could do if you are admin on your page. So make sure that the person downloading the leads or Edmunds okay so they could click download other way you can do it is there's a draft form library or you could go to lead sit up. So if you want to pull the leads into, let's say, external system like miles, you can, for example, say Find us your him and you concert for my autumn. Now this, I will show you guys in the mail chimp integrations, but you can choose biochip, I conclude, connect on. I can actually select the form just for I can select a mile Jim list. It's going to use the last melted account that I was active on. So if I wanted to just make sure that you are loved into the correct mile trip account you could selected for and you can say say, for that's gonna save. And then if you read through this, you will see that it connects from your website connected. Set up. Close your to Facebook using the city schools a pia, you don't have to worry about it. If you use Meltem and your CR can be found here, then you also get manager leads. Now, what will happen now is instead of you having to go and download your leads every day as leads come in, these leads will automatically be sent to Belgium, where you contented up your automated email campaigns and allow these types off nitty gritty, but that I will do in my altered course. I have a course plan for mild simple, its own because it's quite broad and it's too big to cover in this course below. So for now, the easiest way is to every day. Just go and make sure if they are new leads kicking down, it will tell you if there are new leads, you can kick down new leads and actually download tell you this fool Pixies v Excel is sees Visa Common separate file. But for most people, excel is we work, which is a normal marks off the word excel file. So you can try that. And that is how you get access to your needs. All right, so that was the lead advertorial. And I really hope that can help you guys. I think you should. Ironically, that seems, works. We What's great about me and adds, is it removes a lot off the friction that people get from going from Facebook to await sides or landing page and filling in the data. So lead has cut all that out by Facebook water populating the field. The bad thing about lead adds, is that a lot of people that you will concept that comes in food heads will actually tell you that they, you know, crystal button and accidentally seen hits something it. This can happen because since vice with water populating the data if they take on the subject, but it will send you the details. So if you find that you have a lot of those, this is you could always use the high, intense option. But I think for the deed and so straightforward. They're all great way. Biggest issue fleet as it was, just to make sure that you do, Darling leads every day. So as new leads come in that you can follow up with them. And as you won't have a solid way like a landing page of getting lead notifications, this will have to be done through Facebook. So that's it for this video, and I'll see you in the next one. 17. Conclusion: Hello, everyone, welcome back to running Facebook ads for Realtors. So that's it for this course. Is was a long course. This was a really tough calls, and I think it's got a lot of information. Facebook ads aren't an exact science. It's not something that I could teach you 100% and work would won't work. Facebook ads is something that you need to play around with, so I didn't give you the information. I know I showed you how the platform works, and I really want to guys to start using it, playing with it, fiddling with it. The more you get used to using Facebook ads, the easier you will start seeing what works and what doesn't. What you need to remember is people react differently in different industries in different areas in different regions and different countries, so you will need to find out what works for people in your area. What I can tell you is that traffic campaigns conversion campaigns off the number one go to campaigns, make sure that you run a messenger campaign for your page, and they also. What I can definitely tell you is that carousel ads work extremely well for real estate, instead, off using video. But if you've got a great video, use that as well. Just, you know, stick to things like Carousel, especially if you want to promote a property and you want to drive traffic from Facebook to your property portal or your property website. So yes, I think that's great. And this was really crammed in. I think that it feels long. But some of the other guys that are offering Facebook ads forces take 48 to 16 weeks to teach you Facebook ads and exactly how Facebook ads work and operate, and so on, because they do a little bit into week this course. I plan everything into a few hours. So I wanted to show you the basics, and the reason for this is not Teoh rush new things, but it is to actually get you guys started. For the Realtors that need to get into social media to get into Facebook advertising, this is now crucial. There's a lot of guys that have been lost questions and guys all, you know they want to get in now when learned Facebook ads now, So this entire course was built around the concept off trying to teach you Facebook ads as fast as possible to get you guys started and from your own. It's learn as you go to. You are going to start running your first few campaigns. You're gonna try your first year things for some of you might work for. Some of you might not, but don't get discouraged. Dozens Facebook ads, like I said, is not exact science. It's not yes or no. So, you know, trying to optimize and you to change and you should fire to see. Okay, listen, what if I take the image? What if I changed? It takes. What if I changed the headline? Maybe my audience is too small. Maybe my audience is too big. Maybe my targeting is wrong, So there's a lot of stuff that can change. And there's a lot of things that can play a role. So I want you guys to really start playing with Facebook ads. Start using it, start using the tools. If you've got any questions, please contact me and don't hesitate. If I can answer the question on email, do so. Otherwise I'll do it on a video. All right, block post about it if there's any videos that you feel are missing because I didn't cover every single link in the Facebook ads manager in the business manager and you feel that there are missing pieces and it's something that you need to use a want to using confident it out, please let me know, because if there's extra figure that I didn t you don't need to add. I'll add that. Also, please note that Facebook does change on a regular basis. It's technology never stand still. So how the screenshots look and the stuff looks in this exact videos. Isn't this Syria? How your ads and you will stop is going to live. They might be new options coming out. They might be options taken away. I am going to try and update discourses and keep them up to date as often as possible, and you guys will receive the lightest force material, and I will replace some of the videos as needed. But for now, this will work in. This is how Facebook looks now, so if you guys find anything that's new different or you can't find anything or something from something's broken, anything that you need Please send me an email, Contact me on my block, contact me on social media and let me quickly running through it. Or like undated video tutorial for you guys. Or also just a video explaining some of the concepts or all round of log article about it. So let's just quickly run through what we did in the schools. We started by saying up your ads account that feels like way back when they we set up payments and building, we checked out different campaign objectives. You guys should be proficient in what different campaign objectives me. Now you talk to you to add side starting and budgeting. We looked at building audiences around this. We talked about how you can have different types of budgets lifetime biting Staley budgets and how much of budgeting would kind of be we talked about different At times. I showed you how to use to create a job. So you wanna create more cops and you want to draw, so you want to share with other people. That is exactly how you use the creative hub. And then I want to show the implementation off. Add. So we went to growth. We went to the veins traffic conversion lead as an messenger, and those are basic to the You will see that the videos get shorter and shorter, and it's basically because that the information starts repeating itself. So I didn't really do the same things over and over again. I only showed you the most critical part that you needed to know for every type of campaign , if you can, master does five, 56 campaigns that we've dead six campaigns. If he came most of those six campaigns, you can most any campaign that faced with first cheap even if I spent brings out a new type of campaign tomorrow, you will understand it. If you can get into Facebook ads now, and you can understand what Facebook ads is about and you learn how to use it. You won't need somebody to teach you Facebook ads next year. You won't need somebody to teach you Facebook ads. The After it, you will understand Facebook ads to the core and anything that Facebook ads on will be just new features. And it will probably something that you could read a blob article about and understand exactly what is meant by it. That's it for this course. And thank you very much for watching. And as I said before, if you've got any questions, please let me know. My name is pretty road on, and I wish you could for the schools.