Run Linux within Windows Using VMWare | Nin Abayata | Skillshare

Run Linux within Windows Using VMWare

Nin Abayata, Online Streetmart & Designer

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2 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Part 1 - Setting up the VM

    • 2. Installing Linux


About This Class

You may want to try out Linux for a variety of reasons but don't want to take the risk and run it alongside Windows. This lesson teaches you how to run VMWare within Windows or any operating system that you own by using a "Virtual Machine".

Different from most of the classes that I usually teach, this 2-part class is a slow-paced lesson teaching you how to install a Linux distro that's Windows user friendly.

  • Part 1 - You'll learn how to download and setup a virtual machine within Windows
  • Part 2 - Follow through the video and learn how to install Linux within your VM