Ruby on Rails in 30 Days: Build Your First Web App | Tal Safran | Skillshare

Ruby on Rails in 30 Days: Build Your First Web App

Tal Safran, Software Developer at GitHub

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12 Lessons (3h 6m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Let's Get Started

    • 3. Install Ruby, Rails, Git, and Sublime Text

    • 4. Hello Rails!

    • 5. Our First Git Commit

    • 6. Add Bootstrap

    • 7. Add Posts (video)

    • 8. Understanding the Scaffold Code

    • 9. Styling Our Posts

    • 10. Add Image Posts

    • 11. Add Hearts

    • 12. Put Your App Online

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About This Class

Hey! This is the first full course to teach Rails 4 and Bootstrap 3!

Hi there, I'm Tal. I'm a freelance web developer in NYC. This class will teach you how to build a Ruby on Rails application and publish it on the web.

Rails is an insanely popular way to build web applications but getting started can be a bit daunting. This class is designed for absolute beginners with minimal to no experience coding.

We'll take a project-based approach, meaning we'll spend the class building a functioning, usable app from start to finish.

By the end of the course, you'll build and publish a mini version of Tumblr from stratch:

  • Create a Tumblr-like blog 

  • Post text content

  • Add photos (you know, like this)

  • "Heart" posts

  • … and more

By enrolling in this class you'll get lifetime access to:

  • A clear step-by-step project guide

  • Hours of professionally recorded video lessons

  • A student gallery to post your work for feedback from classmates

  • And additional downloadable resources

Concepts we'll cover will include:

  • Installation. Getting Rails installed headache-free.

  • Model, View, Controller. The way Rails apps are organized.

  • Reading and writing to the database. Using ActiveRecord, Rails' build-in database framework.

  • Git. Keeping track of changes in your code.

  • Deploying. Putting your app online with Heroku.

  • Rails 4. This brand spanking-new version of Rails has many improvements and is even more beginner-friendly.

  • Twitter Bootstrap 3. Hot off the press! We're using the just-released version of this amazing front-end library.
  • ...and more.

Enroll now to get started!