Rubik's Cube | Learn to Solve like a Pro

Byron Erwin

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12 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Principals of F2L

    • 3. Basics of Empty Slots

    • 4. Different Colors

    • 5. White on Top Case

    • 6. Improper Pairs

    • 7. Improper Pairs 2

    • 8. Trainer Example Solve

    • 9. Trainer Example Solve Finish

    • 10. Full Example Solve

    • 11. Final Example Solve

    • 12. Congratulations!


About This Class

           Here I will teach you how to solve the first two layers of the cube the same way most of the pros do. Utilizing a method called "F2L". This method is incredibly efficient and quick. Although this will take practice, it will speed you up like crazy. Please reach out to me if you have any questions whatsoever. 

          Keep in mind, when learning this method, your times will slow down significantly but don't let that discourage you from practicing this method. Through training, your times will get faster and faster. As I like to say, "You will get slower before you get faster." 

If you are interested in anything I use in this course as well as anything I would recommend for you, please follow the links below:

Speedcube Professional Timer:

Qiyi FBPB Speedcube Mat Small:
Qiyi FBPB Speedcube Mat Large:

Valk 3 Cube (white is discontinued) (used in video):

Qiyi Sail Cube (cheap):

Thunderclap Cube (fair price):

Thunderclap V2 Cube:

Gans 356X Cube (Expensive):

Gan Infinity 354M Cube (small hands):

Cube is lubed with:
Traxxas 30K:
Lubicle Speedy:

To lube:
Traxxas 30K on core and springs. Also, place 2 rice sized amounts on 2 torpedoes in the middle layer.
Lubicle Speedy and DNM-37: lube pieces and tracks

My Lighting:

My amazing white desk:

The microphone I use:

Microphone extension cable:

My camera tripod/boom:

The microphone boom I use:

The camera/boom 90 degree adapter:

The camera that I use and I LOVE:

Fully Updated