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Rubberhose Character animation part two : walk cycle

teacher avatar Erfan Talebizadeh, Motion Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. What is a walk cycle (Really important )

    • 3. Redesigning our leg using rubberhose

    • 4. Leg animation

    • 5. Fixing our leg issues

    • 6. Head animation and layer style

    • 7. Turning a bad designed character into something useful

    • 8. Different approach for our leg animation

    • 9. Power of puppet pin tool

    • 10. Head and Hair animation

    • 11. Expressions and Thank you !

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About This Class

Hello and welcome to this class..

now after rigging its time for walk cycle , In this class we are going to master walk cycle , we will start our walk cycle based on animator's survival kit by Richard Williams  . 

we will learn about walk cycle posses as well as how to set a tempo for our walk cycle .

well that is not all ...! we will learn how to create walk cycle even if we have only a shoe in our design , this class is aimed for motion graphic designers  and animators who are struggling with walk cycle  and they want to learn walk cycle in short amount of time and they really want an easy way for it .

in this class we will approach walk cycle with different examples and tricks . so long story short if you are looking for fast and easy class for walk cycle , 

Then welcome :D 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Erfan Talebizadeh

Motion Designer





 Hello and welcome! My name is Erfan, and I am motion graphic and game designer.

The only reason I started to teach on Skillshare is because I LOVE teaching , and I used to teach motion graphic and game balance design in schools and colleges , I hope my classes can help you to become a great designer , once again welcome enjoy your time , :)

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1. Intro: hello and welcome to our second part of character animation with rubber hose walk cycle. In this class, we're going to learn everything about what cycles. We'll start with Anne Marie to so I will keep by Richard Williams, but we'll find out how we can create a walk cycle as well as how to set a temple for a character. Since Halloween is near, we will start with Ginny, but we'll learn how to redesign the lake and creative all cycle for her as well, asses tiling on other stuff. - And then we take our Timmy, who is not designed very well, and we learn how we can animate him. This class has streaming goals. The 1st 1 is how to create your character poses as well, a set of temple for it. So in that way, whether you are using after fix or other animations self work, you can apply these rules to them. The 2nd 1 is you will master world cycles with rubber holds. You will learn different approaches to your walk cycle with this plugging and turned on. The most important one is I try to aim these cores for motion graphic artists who are struggling When it comes to character design. I show you how to make a wall cycle, even if your character is designed bad. By the end of this course, you can animate every flat character that you see on Internet. So welcome to this course, unless a start. 2. What is a walk cycle (Really important ): So what is a walk cycle? According Toa Animator Survival Book by Richard Williams. Walking is a process off, falling over and catching yourself just in time. We try to keep from falling over as we move forward. Now, two things are really important in the walk cycle. 1st 1 is supposed and the 2nd 1 is Temple. Before we go into post, we need to know what is afraid. So take a look at this example. I'm sure a lot off you draw on a piece of paper like this and then move your paper to get emotion. Each paper off this example is a frame. So, for example, if a composition is on 24 frame, it means you have to draw 24 drying in one second. This is really important. And I tell you why in a second now, back to pose in every character there are five main poses. First, there is a contact post, as it sounds in the contact post are foots touch the ground and then there will be a passing post where our legs are passing each other and then we have a down on oppose where our body is at its lowest and highest. I want you to pose this video in here and take a look at these poses. Look at the head position in each post, or even the foot's notice that the foods are on the line in entire time now. The important part is that on what framed these poses should be, well, rituals, Williams said that people are usually working on 12. I'm going to stop you there. Richard Williams Consider his frame rate 24. So this will be our contact. Poses now are passing. Poses are happening between our contact poses, and they take half of a second, which means it will be at this time. Now the down on up polls will happen between passing on a contact post, and they also take half off a second notice now how everything It's equal in 24 frame animation now, for example, taking to get is Terry frame animation now in Turkey frame animation, people are going toe walk on fifties and now notice, for example, from contact to damn pose. There are three frames difference and then from up to contact. It's too, so you want to keep this in your mind because you never know what your client are going to troll you these days. But now every work cycle will happen on different beats. So here are some off the examples that you need to consider for your walk cycles. Now, with this knowledge, let's start our walk cycle. 3. Redesigning our leg using rubberhose: All right, here's our first character. But before we get to walk cycle, I need to prepare my character for it. So Argenis it be the small and I need to adjust the composition on her size in order to continue. So, in order to resize her poor report, I can just separately scale each part. But doing it this way gonna takes a lot of time and some body parts might get bigger than others. So there might be a better solution for this. I'm just going to make you know, by President Control All shift Why together? And then I'm going to parent everything to know on Able will scale the know. Now, as you see, everything is the scale equally as well as I did unless amount of time. Now, let's fix our composition sitting. Let's just put it on 1920 in 10. 18 on. Let's leave the frame rate at 24. OK, now, since we don't need this no, I am just going to do it, and I need to fit my background into my composition. So by pressing control plus off plus, if I can do that, okay. Now is, um after bit nice. Now let's quickly review our parenting class with rubber holes on. Try to go more advanced in creating body parts with rubber holes. So I highly encourage you to watch a rubber hose ringing plants if you're new to this plugging, All right now let's just like my hand on before we parented toe our body. Let's fix its anchor point position. Now let's parented to my party. And where is my 40 All right now. As you saw, it took me quite some time to find my body in my timeline so I can use color labeling to avoid such of thes problems. So I am just going to selling my body and I will change its color by clicking on this blue square, and I will make it right on this. Change our head to orange on. Let's like our facial ports on. Turn them into brown on this parent. Them toe are hit and now this parity head toe or party. Okay, now let's check the anchor points because they're really important in character animation. Everything is fine so far, and as you see, the head anchor point is not in the right place, so I am just going to fix it. So let's select our anchor point to by pressing why? And let's put our anchor point in here. Okay, now let's just go a bit advanced in terms off styling the rubber host in previous class I show you how to use rubber hoses style section. How too little or save a preset now rubber hoses basically a shape like a square that dream with expressions. So that means that every shame modify reward on rubber hose on this is really good. You can now rebuild every style off arms and legs with proper host. So, for example, I will create this lake using rubber hose. So let's create a lake by using rubber hose. And now let's put the ankle and hips to wear my rock, ladies. Okay, now let's just put the hole's length 200 so you can see better what I'm gonna do And this Heidi guides as well. Also thing mentioned before Rubber Hose, as you see, is a square that dreamed by expressions. Now, if I go towards my content and I select my style panel that I heat base hold as you see I can change my leg type in a stroke panel. So this term or late to both, cap on this reduce our struck with since our main Leykis take and let's re color it by using eyedropper tool. So this is going to be our lake. So let's just rename it too late. Now it's time to create our pants, so this just duplicated. But President Control plus D on Let's rename it to pants and this changing its color as well. Now in my pants menu, I can add a dream path. Now if I start to play with in and start value, as you see, I can get my favorite result. And now let's just increase our struck with Now. I can make these black lines by adding dashes so this is duplicated one more time on Rename it to dash on in struck menu. Our add dashes. Right now you don't see them because off the color, so let's just change its color and reduce the dashes. So now about the food. If I sold on my right leg, as you see, the foot is attached to my leg, so I need to redesign my food and I can do it by using the Pento. So let's just zoom a bit on Slick. Are pento on this fix its settings? And now this. Put a point in here on one in year on this whole chief to give her the curve and then finish it like this. Well, this is not perfect, but it's okay if you want to put more time to your design. But since our classes about walk cycles, I'm not going to invest any more time on the design. So let's rename it right foot on moving towards our rubber hose late now this spring are shoot or foot and let's put it above our foot so we can see it Now, here's all right leg. Let's give them a color on. Let's put it that where our character like is now I am just going to duplicate it, and I'm gonna place it towards my left leg. Now what I'm going to do is I'm gonna do this step for my left leg. OK, now it's time for parenting, so hips need to follow the body, so I am gonna parent them to my body. The ankles need to follow the foot and the foot needs to follow the shoot. All right, so in next lesson, we're going to start animating our legs 4. Leg animation: all right. Now it's timeto animate our legs. So before we start, since it's our first walk cycle, let's create markers in order to know what we need to do in each frame. So I am just going to grab a more caring here, and I will put it on frame zero. This is our first contact post on on 12 frame. I will put my second contact post. So let's just take 12 in here on this crafty marker and put it over here. And this booty another one on 24th frame. All right, Now, let's just click on them and renamed them to Contact Post. All right? Nice. All right. Now, I need some lines. So this just press control Plus are to bring up ruler on, gets put one line in here on one there. And I usually place to lines like this so I don't accidentally stretch one. Make more than the other. All right, so now the way we are going toe animate this work circle is we're going to set a key frame on hip shoe on the body, and I will also bring up rotation for my body as well. So this is select them on this press p to bring opposition on shift Plus are to bring the quotation from my body. And now let's set a key frame for them by pressing a stopwatch. Okay, lets the animate the shoe first. So I'm just gonna move to shoot towards on my left side. OK? Now, since the lake is moving forward, hip should move with it as well. So I'm just going to move it till I get it straight like a Now, let's do this step for my right leg. So I'm just gonna move to hit first. And I'm sorry. I just accidentally put a key frame on the ankle. We need to animate our shoe, not the ankle. So let me just fix that. And now let's bring the shoot backwards. All right? Nice. Okay, let me hold space. Zuma puppet. Okay, this is our first contact post, so we don't need to change our body in the contact polls. However, I'm just gonna play with rotation in order to get a unique style off animation. And since I have a loop animation, I have to copy my first contact post into last one. So let's just grab them and copy. Paste them into the last contact polls. Alright, control C control. We All right? Now about the second contact bulls in the second contact bulls. I need to reverse my legs on. Since the body is the same in the contact balls, I'm just gonna copy, place my first key frames. And now right. Shoot needs to go forward. And I need to do this step from a hips as well. So let's just move the hip as well. All right? No, this bring back the hip hopes. No, that was right. Sorry. I can have this move the hips backwards like this. And now this preview. Okay, that's good. All right, now, about the passing post. As you know, President poses opposed where lakes are passing each other and it happens on the six on 18 free. So I'm just gonna type six in here on. I'm gonna please a marker in here on. It's gonna type 18 to create my second post in here. All right, Next. Now listens. Renamed them to passing posts. All right, now, passing polls is opposed. Her legs pass each other on since I want to create exact post that we have talked about it . I have to turn the key frames into Tuggle. Hope so. In that way, there will be no animation between key frames. So this just Sediq are all of four key frames on this right. Click and click on Tuggle. Hold key frame. Now I can create exact poster I wanted to. Now they're left foot. Needs to go in the middle on the right. Food needs to pass it. So I'm just gonna put my left you a bit back. Same as my head. Right on the right. This and now let's select the right. You on more with a bit forward. Samos hip. Now let's spring up the hip and issue a bit up. Alright? A bit up for their nice Don't worry about the bending on other stuff. We'll fix them in the next video. So the zoom out a bit right now about the body as we have talked about it before in a passing post body is a bit hired in the contact post. Also, I will bring back the rotation to zero now also put my body a bit higher. So since the key friends on the passing pools is the same. I'm just gonna copy the passing post key friends from a buddy and paste it on 18 spring. Now, let's do this a step for the right leg. So Rachel needs to go a bit back, Assume bits now. Okay. Like this. Good. And let's bring back the hips. Now, the left, you we need to move a bit forward. So this is like the left. You on a move like this right now, the hip. And let's move our makes a bit up. Okay. Now, as you see, even the total hold key frames. We have animation, but this just turned them too easy. East by President F night. Now, here's our first walk cycle, but we still need boobs. Her. Okay, let me just fix it all right. As you'll see, we have a basic walk cycle. But the problem is it's too mechanical, and I still need to animate our hands on our heads. So we'll slowly fix these problems in the next videos. 5. Fixing our leg issues: all right. We created basic works I felt in the last video. But the problem is that our walks I can look into mechanical on. We need to make it more realistic. So I am just going to click on my ankle on. Let's just get rid of thes lines now, as you see in my passing polls, I need to bend my leg. Obviously, it depends in the wrong direction, so I'm going to change it. But there is a problem. If I bend it, it's gonna be bent in all poses. So I don't want that. And one of the cool things about rubber hose is that you can animate the holes live, and this will save you from path animation. So that's going to save a lot of time as well as it makes it easy for you. So I'm just gonna put a key frame on the holes of in now in the past, impose. I'm just going to increase hopefully and now I will put it on 100 again in the contact post on Let's just play with other parameters. Role. Not The only reason I don't mess with the been radios is because it won't start to move it . It's going to twist my leg. And now our shoes supposed to not move in a straight direction entire time, so we need to fix them by frame by frame animation. Now let's Heidi guides and the spring of rotation. And now this is just our shoot. Now let's do this step for our other leg. Okay, now this is just our path. Animation unturned is triangle into a curve, so listen, carp mental on. Let's hold shift and clicking here and now drag it to get a curve. Let's do this step again. Now let's preview our animation. Well, as you see, it looks much better now. It's time for had animation. Well, according to one of our animation principles, hands are not moving in a straight line, and they move like a curve that we did to our legs. Well, they call it Arc. So now we want at Arc using pin effect. So open your effects and presets and type C C bent. Or right now I'm using one of the video copilot, the scripts, which allows me to access my effects and presets by shortcut. But if it don't have it you can access your fit. Some presets tap in the window menu. Now, as you see, Ben Effects has its start on end value and thes anchors in here. But I can adjust my end and start value, so I'm just gonna grab it and put one in here on the end one in here. Now let's just put a T frame on the bed parameter. So right now my left leg is in the front on my front hand is in the back on when my left leg is in. My pack has needs to be forward. So long story. Sure, Bennett in the second contact calls and paste the first key frame for a loop on a still, I can make it more realistic by going to frame forward on add a rotation to it. It's bending too much right now, so this decrease it again. Well, in the next video, we still need to animate for head as well as adding layer style to our animation. 6. Head animation and layer style: OK, now it's time for head and facial animation. You always want to animate the head. Regardless, I know you one thing. It's not going to make a difference. But trust me, we will. So let's bring up body. So we put Artie friends based on body on. Let's bring up rotation on said a key for infrared minus 5 to 0. And now it was copy and paste them. Now let's look at our animation wheat and without hit rotation. As you see, it creates a huge difference. Now, listen or left on right eye on, bring up a scale property, another unchecked change option in here and this put this parameter to zero and to you more frames and put it on 100 again. And now I want to move my eyebrows. So let's create a no by pressing control. Plus, Chief was hopeless way on this movement in here. Get me close this panel. I accidentally double click on the norm on the spring up or panels. All right. Now, this parent, our eyebrows too, are no on parent or no to our head. Okay, now that's going our eyes. Key frames and city keep fighting for position like this. Okay, now considered this a step as a bonus, but everything should be appealing to audience. So I'm just gonna add noise. And Green takes year to finish this work Psycho. So this right click on hair on in layer style that's like in their shadow now in in a shadow menu has changed its color on I'm gonna play its size and always till I get in my favorite result. Now, I will copy this lower self for my body. So control see, then control we on body. Now, let's add a bit lighting by adding a drop shadow effect. So open your effects on presets. Tap on. As I said, this is located in the window. Tap on. This changes color as well as increasing the softness. Okay, Now I need to do this is step for all of my body parts. - Okay , although this is our first character. But before I forget, as I said, you can save your own rubber hoses style. You can do that by going into your style manual in here and then hold off and clicking here . And one more thing to say. Let's say I want to add the circle to my design. This will happen sometimes when you want to add something to your legs, but parenting will ruin your design. So go to your managed app and then select your leg and then select new Centrepoint. Centrepoint will do exact same thing as parenting and then parent your object to the center . Now, in the next video, we'll have a different approach for a walk cycle. 7. Turning a bad designed character into something useful: all right now about our second character. The reason I decided to go with this character is that sometimes you have a character that is not perfectly designed. For example, particular get its character head. As you see, his head includes his hands on hers on main part of his body. Not only this example, but sometimes you get a character that every part of its design is a miss. In these situations, you need to start by finding or redesigning part off body and then duplicate until you get your word circle. It can be a shoe or like so this is what we are going to focus from now in last character, we re design a lake, but now will animate one shoe. And then we duplicated till we get a full walk cycle. Okay, Now, first things first. This chick are anchor points, Okay? Hit isn't in the right place. So let's bring our anchor point down. I said we only assume that we only have one correct body for so I'm just going to delete rest off them on. I will just leave the foot. Okay. Now, let's close up this panel by pressing youth. What Now let's color labor or fish reports on then this cretin. No, let's rename it official and then panic them into No. Now, as you see, I didn't move my no in middle on the result waas this. So let's redo it again. Control, Plus it to get back on this. Moved in knowing here and now we're going to print it now in a world cycle. Carter Facial supposed to not look in the middle, since my partner wants to move in the right direction. His fee she Is she looking that way? So let's move our no looking. Now let's call the labour or head, same as the rest of for body parts. Now let's complete our parenting. Now this bring up ruler and this timeless, animate or hit first. So I will add my up and down position for my body this time. So let's bring the position as well as the rotation on Let's start a key frame on position on. If I go to reframe for war, it will be my down poles, so I'm going to press my down arrow T three times in order to move my character down now on the fix frame. It's going to be our passing bowls. So I'm just going to press air. Okay, three times more on it will be my contact boats, since the passing post is if it hard and contact pose, I will press my upkeep three more times to get my passing pools. Now T more frames is my up post, so I'm going to move three times on now. I will copy my first key frame for my contact balls. Now Eazy E's there now. As you see this time, we have a five second animation. It's not one second well to lose our animation. We can copy Paste are key friends, but this is not a really moistures, so we need to use our expressions. So hold off key and then click on the stopwatch and then right loop Capital O out Open fantasy code mark cycle quote mark close fantasy. Okay, now we need toe add rotation. Now let's set it on four and then in passing post. Let's move to zero Now, since this time about my body to rotate forward and backwards, I need toe. Add another expression. Don't worry, I will dedicate a video for expressions and I will tell you how to use it. But for now this press off and stuff, which and then this right loop. Capital out open, Francie. Quote more Ping Pong Court Mark Closed fantasy. I'll get really good now in next video, we're going to animate our shoes. 8. Different approach for our leg animation: Okay. Now, straight to the left foot. This spring. A position. Uh, make sure your timelines on zero. Now, the way we are going to animate this character is the same as our last character. We'll create one second animation, and we loop it using expressions. - Now , this copy expressions from our head on didn't pace it by pressing control. Plus three on. Now this just our foot by frame by frame animation. Now, keep this in your mind. If I don't put a key frame for my last contact pools, my walk circuit is going to be ruined. Well, this happens because I didn't put any king friend from my last contact polls. So even if foot is still on the ground, you need to put a k frame for it now. It's good. Okay, let's create a leg on. Redesign it. Now, you understand why I said that? We need to move our hips as well because right now, as you see, if I don't move my Carter hips, it's going to look so weird. So let's fix our hips. Now. I am going to adjust my ankle. Well, everything is fine, so we don't need this key frame. Okay, now let's duplicate our leg and rename it to right leg on this car, labour them again. And now, since this parenting is for left like, we need to change our parenting Now, let's officer or right foot by dragging composition like this and move it in here. This is a position that you want your right foot to be. There it is. Now. The main problem is our hands speech. I'm going to fix them in the next video. 9. Power of puppet pin tool: OK, now it's time for hand animation. As you already know this, Carter doesn't have a separate hands, so I need to find another way in order to animate. The only reason I choose thes character or other example is that thes character can truly explain to cover off the public pain tooling aftereffects. Yes, it might not give you a good result, but, however, as emotion, graphic or even a character animator, you should use public being too more often. We'll make sure you check the reading class if it don't know how to use Puppet Pinto. But now I'm just gonna set Peens for my character. London. I will animate my hands. Now here's our hand animation. Now let's do a final touches in the next video. 10. Head and Hair animation: Okay, now let's animate our eyes. So let's like our eye on. Since it's two part shape, I'm going to go into Group one, which is my people. And I'm going to set a gay friend from my scale. And now I'm going to copy and paste key friends for my next I. Now, let's set a position for our facial. No, I want to my character look down as he moves and then returned to its original position. All right, now about the hair. I don't know what the house I can call them. So this is called her. You can use public pain tool. However, I'm going to use three pull effect. Well, ripple effects, As you see, it creates this kind of distortion. So I am going to set its anchor point in here. And then I will play it sitting still. Get my favorite soap. All right, here's our final character. Thank you for watching 11. Expressions and Thank you !: Okay. Now, as I promised, it's time to show you the expressions. So mainly you're going to use loop out or loop in cycle or pink point for your expressions . Now, what are the difference between these two? This preview, our animation on this is for loop out. As you see, when I started my animation, there would be no looping before my key frames. And then there were looping after my key friends. This is loop out. If you want your animation to be repeated after your key frames, then you should go for a loop out. Now let's take a look at Lupin. Now, As you see, the blue pain will do the exact opposite eating as loop out. These four expressions are the most that you're going to use when you're working with character animation. Now, thank you for watching discuss. It will be really nice if you leave me a review and tell me what you thought about this class. I see you in my next one. Have fun