Rubber Stamping! Questions Asked and Answered. | Renee Day | Skillshare

Rubber Stamping! Questions Asked and Answered.

Renee Day

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7 Videos (45m)
    • There's More To It (way more)

    • Mounted vs Unmounted (that is the question)

    • Not All Stamp Pads Are Created Equal (smudges and smears suck)

    • Stamp Blocker (bullet journal ideas)

    • Cleaning and Storing (this is legit)

    • No Ink Pad No Problem (inking alternatives)

    • Just Add Texture (the stamps will thank you)


About This Class

If you're new to stamping, need a refresher course, or want more ideas on how to use yours stamps and ink pads, you've come to the right place!

Rubber stamping goes back, like way back.  But times they are a- changin'. 

It's not just putting a stamp onto a piece of paper anymore.  There are all sorts of products and materials to select from based on what type of project you want to make. 

Some questions I'm often asked are:

1.  What's the differences between all these stamps?

2.  Why are my inks smearing and smudging?

3.  I didn't know I can add texture to my stamped images, how do I do that?

4.  How did you create that stamped effect in your bullet journal?

5.  Do I really need to buy every single color of ink pad out there?

6.  How important is it that I actually clean my stamps?

I answer those questions (and more) while sharing some easy and fun techniques you can do with your stamps and ink pads. 

Also, if you are interested in any of the supplies I used in these tutorials or use in general, check out my list of Must Haves on my website thediyday.         





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Hello! I'm Renee Day, creator of thediyday. Let me just share this...I love DIY. I grew up doing crafting and creating and I never really stopped, I incorporate into just about everything, really.

For instance, I was once a professional photographer. I photographed engagement sessions, weddings, boudoir, and landscapes. After about six years, I decided I needed to do something else, so I applied to grad school. Three years later, I received a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Ther...

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