Rose Golda Cut Crease Training

Jaclum Hill

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2 Videos (18m)
    • Morphe paltte Rose Golda Cut Crease Tutorial (1)

    • Morphe paltte Rose Golda Cut Crease Tutorial (2)


About This Class

The Zenda comes in the classic teardrop shape perfect for foundation and getting to narrow areas. I like the black color because it better hides staining than lighter colored blenders. It has a firmer feel to it than some other makeup sponges which includes both when it is dry and after it has been dampened and expanded in size. It’s certainly soft and squishy, just not as squishy as others. With that extra density, the Zenda sponge isn’t quite as flexible so you really don’t want to try to wring this one out or you will run into tearing issues. But treat this sponge right, and you’ll have a blender that works flawlessly and saves you loads of cash. Some people have found that it can leave tiny black specks as the sponge ages, but that’s not a widespread problem so just be gentle with it and change out your sponge as needed.