Romance Writing Project: Brainstorm Your Romance Story | Dani and Steve Alcorn | Skillshare

Romance Writing Project: Brainstorm Your Romance Story

Dani and Steve Alcorn, Authors, Mentors, Online Instructors

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7 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is a Romance

    • 3. Romance Genres

    • 4. Plot vs Story

    • 5. Dramatic Elements

    • 6. Your Project

    • 7. Next Steps

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About This Class

The Romance Writing Project series helps you complete a romance novel, short story or screenplay. Each class focuses on a specific step in the creative process.

This class helps you brainstorm your project, including determining what you should write, and helps you develop the idea for both your story and plot--yes, they are different, and this class shows you why. When you complete this class you will have a clear, written plan for your Romance project.

The classes in this series include:

  • Romance Writing Project: Brainstorm Your Romance Story
  • Romance Writing Project: Create Your Romantic Leads
  • Romance Writing Project: Structure Your Romance Story

You can also complete the Creative Writing Project series to dive deeper into the writing process:

  • Creative Writing Project: Write Act 1
  • Creative Writing Project: Write Act 2
  • Creative Writing Project: Write Act 3
  • Creative Writing Project: Structure a Scene
  • Creative Writing Project: Create a Setting
  • Creative Writing Project: Write Great Dialogue
  • Creative Writing Project: Energize Your Manuscript
  • Creative Writing Project: Publish Your Book
  • Creative Writing Project: Market Your Book





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Dani and Steve Alcorn

Authors, Mentors, Online Instructors

Steve Alcorn is the author of many novels and non-fiction books. His publications include mysteries, young adult novels, a romance novel, children's books, history and non-fiction about theme park design, and the writer's guide How to Fix Your Novel.

Dani Alcorn is the Chief Operating Officer of Writing Academy, a writing instructor, and author of Young Adult fiction, screenplays, and a screenwriting handbook. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Northwestern University, where she m...

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