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RockStar Editor. GTAIV

teacher avatar Mo Lowery,

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Editors Intro

    • 2. How to start Recording and Get to Rockstar editor

    • 3. Navigating Through the Main Editors Menu

    • 4. Director Mode Summary


    • 6. In Conclusion.

    • 7. The creation.

    • 8. My creativity

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About This Class

Here I will be showing you how to use the main essentials of RockStar editor.  Since everyone has a different perspective I'm not going to tell you how to edit videos just show you the options they have for you to take advantage of. 

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Mo Lowery



The name is (Mo Lowery) I'm a Full Time Husband, Writer & Hero. Daily Entertainer , Part Time photographer, videographer and Pokemon Trainer. I put the Mo in Motivation, and I love seeing others succeed! Team Work Makes The Dream Work right?

I surround my self with excellent people to raise my excellence and I have many skills to share.....Get it? ....Anywho I never judge because everyone has something to bring to the table. Hopefully you can learn something from me and if you can't at least you learned that you can't learn from me. DAB ON EM MO LOWERY!

Thank you & GoodNight

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1. Editors Intro: Hello. My name is Moe Larry, not part of me, because I speak fast times, but I edit videos on Grant The Final Rock Star Editor. Now what Rock Star editor allows you to do you get to save your gameplay footage and create a film or a little video out of the grant? The final game. Play itself Now, even if you do not like to play the game itself. This video editing software helps you keep your skills sharp, so it's still beneficial in many ways. Now I'm gonna show you how to utilize this software with the best of his abilities. That way you can maximize your imaginations potential when it comes to grant a final. So with this week, these next few videos, I will show you how to use the rock star editor, and I would love to see your short fails. Once you learn what you learned out of this, let's get started so we can get it finished 2. How to start Recording and Get to Rockstar editor: now, in order to make these grant of viral videos, you have to learn how to record now. In order to do that, you have to press the button that allows you to select and shoes through your other grant of adult characters. And once you do that, you will see two options, and you're above your mini map from start recording to turn on action Replay. Now the difference between those two is start recording may stop recording. It has to tell you that you're running out of space or if you die. But the clips of much smaller opposed action replay, which, of course, large eclipse, and it continues to report in to rise space or turn it off. But the panel What type video you're making that is a very important choice you need to make. And if you don't see those two options, you may need to update your software so imaginable that is time to go to the man's by where you can go through all these clips that you recorded, which is rock star editor. Not to get there. It is in your paws me At the end, you go pass all these options that you have to get to the end of the menu to go to the top and just scroll to the bottom that fast. Whichever way you choose to get there, it's all the same destination. Let's go. 3. Navigating Through the Main Editors Menu: now edit these videos is not really hard. You just have to know where everything is. But the menu has a lot of different options, which makes it great because they take revenge of everything that's there. You can do a lot of stuff, so I'm gonna show you how to navigate through the menu. Now, East Thing means something different. I don't know what you like to focus on specifically, but I'm gonna give you a rundown of what everything is. You highlight what you want a high test test out. So with that being said gonna show you how to navigate the menu, move around a short description of different things and will go from there. This is the main menu for rock star editing. Now, the reason I have directors mode highlighter is because you need to know that if you're in story mode in the middle of a cut ST or any dialogue cannot enter director's motives are waiting to that cussing is over with. Use the option director mode, use all of the other options. But you cannot get to direct this moment to that customer. Other options will create a new project which house sounds creating new project low projects start on which you couldn't finish. Now I don't know if I don't say that the game corresponds with the rock star editor. I don't say the rock star editor is auto Save a Bull for all I know now. Director's motives. We could go pick your actor actress for the video you're choosing to create clip management off all your game player footage and video gallery is all the film stuff. You made it. Rock star Editor Tutorials. That's me. Exit story motive choose to. But right now we're gonna go to create a new project. And when you click that you're gonna public right here and what's right here is all the other options that you used to help create the project you're choosing to create. I'm sorry I'm speaking fast roll with. Now we're gonna show with war these little menu option. Add Cliff, And if you click add clip, it will show you the different ways you can use to organize the clips recording so you can do it by the date that you recorded by the name by the size, if you created or favorited today or if you have the clips currently used in project, so those are the different ways you can use the organized. Clifton recorded. Whichever works best for you is what works best for you. But those are the options right there. Now. The next one is add ambient track, which is different background noises. You can add your video if they're appropriate. Leather environmental noises, alarms, sirens, fire a little bit of horn music. If that works for your video, they have a little bit you add to it. Now we have the option to add a radio track, which allows you to add the songs you listen to y your plan grant a photo on the radio. But keep in mind, though, some websites still considered this contact right? So just because you got it from great the final won't pass some of the copyright rules on certain websites that in my cash make escort track. Now what this is is different background songs you can add to your video and change the pitch and levels to these songs. So let's say you have a suspenseful moment approaching in your video. You can change your use one these background songs and adjust the level. So that's a special moment. Comes the background music strikes just at the perfect timing. And I feel like you can get further with this and then you could with the radio tracks when it comes to copyright infringement, F y I. But I'm just letting you know that they have the text option. You can add text now with this. They don't have any facing moving graphics or anything like that. But they do give you the option to add subtitles to your videos and choose to get just a sign of the position. Have lots of different colors. You can have your fun. You can change the size of it in the style of it is well, you just make how transparent you want to be with the duration duration. How long would like to have this worries so on the video. So whether has one minute, one second, two seconds, three seconds. However, you true as always, always remember at the bottom, confirm and at a time like you go back, you have to start all those setting, not full screen preview shows you what you just made in the video editing on the full screen. Now remember, between scenes, there will be a little bit of a load. So 20 load forced increased by. I save project, as that's if you need to rename your projects and don't get mixed with any other Project. Eight. Project nine Project In the name of how you want to rename it That way, you'll find it faster. Video. Save it to not forget exported descendants. Your capture gallery that is all for this one until next time. 4. Director Mode Summary: Now, in this video, we're gonna talk about directors mode directors mode plays a very use part in a rock star editor because that's where all the characters air at. That's what abilities to change Your location changed the time of the day, changed the weather. Things of that nature come from director smoke. I keep in mind. You have to go to directors more first. If you plan on making the video, you cannot go into your editor and start at any old cliff and then come back onto you have to go back to the story and then reenter just to go back into it. So keep that in mind now with directors. Model yourself to realize that you can choose multiple characters if you want to play with your online character. The only thing that transfer is the outfit that your online character has on cannot buy clothes while using them. Then none of the cars be there. None of that stuff Just keep that in mind. You want to use that stuff to be buried, Just record while you're online. Point man, I know you are letting us, which is not proud. Ground. Okay, foot switch out now has lost directed move. Yes, I'm sure you d Area was taking to the casting trailer. This is the casting trailer where you can choose your character and how you would like to use it can make your foot. Now I will show you a little a couple of different options on a casting Actors setting shortlist. Actors recently now recently use actors a shortlist. Actors are two different things Recently used will use the actors that you recently used Shirtless is like a safe spot. We could put all the actors that you love uses like you go to act, you can save into your short list. Now you can see they give you multiple options and different types of people to work with costumes the animals themselves to cops you can work with just about any care to you've ever walked past on granted Final girl or a boy at changing gender is above the top character as you see, go male or female and go down on them. Now that's not standard at all. You can scroll down to another character to change the appearance. That character now, as you see in your lower right hand corner. You could change your appearance with square. You can zoom in destroyed list the Adam toe, that favorite character list, or you can go and you can go back or selected. Those are the after. They just like they have different types of characters of all different, like the culture. So it's good to search through all these characters, see what they look like in their parents. I personally like to use my online cake here. That's just about you see over the settings. You can change the time of day leading to change in the weather out here. That simple Ugo, you can change clouds Christmas, although not it gets very detailed. Make sure you're making the video. We may do some mischief tired. Want the level off pedestrian Just density shows that one. A lot of people walking around the corner a lot driving strict areas, made those areas that you stepped on and get five stars. You can turn that option off disabilities. You plan to do a lot of dangerous stuff. Turn on so your footage doesn't stop recording as you die. You have stuff like superhero powers like flaming bullets. Flaming Maley Ah, super jump, a sliding cars, sliding cars isn't that I like it? I like Yeah, test, I said. You think about it. All right, Here's the short list. No actualize a couple chunky guys. I just doing their randomly. But that is the short list, and these are my favorite actors that I used or that at least that I said I used. That's a short list of actors, and this is recently used. Now this is my short list, and I go back to recently used two different types. But remember, you need to keep that organized so you can go through. Your editing is easy as possible. Now let's start editing now that we know who is going to use. Well, now that I'm gonna use the less inter directors mode, welcome to directors mode. Never forgot to do anything in the casting trailer on the menu. There's more offers you to use your pop up menu, which gives you the same options and choices as the casting trailing me with a little bit more. As you see you can go to the same change time of day, whether one stats, all of that good stuff that makes it even better chance location favorite up to, which is what use your location means now. They give a variety of different locations. I recommend you check them all out. As you can see at the bottom. Right hand corner can set waypoint opposed to just go to locations, said Waypoint. You want to just go there yourself by walking. Driving, however, go to locations. Just take you there like I just be now. Sometimes you may not respond in the same spot, but it will put you around the same area. Now. You can also do stuff like actions to give your kids to a little personality as your recording to press both analog sticks down for the PlayStation. Other characters have dialogue there. Say something just to make your mouth move. Switch actors is all your actors recently using shortlist piled together, Shuffle through those look you want and in your garage allows you to you story more cars and I'm not sure which characters. I don't know if you have to interview the rock star editor from that character to use his garage, but I know you have the option to use it right. Here's what they have seen created, which allows you to use props and put them at the locations you want to put in that they give you props, you can customize and design whatever area you're act with these props and said, Set him at the locations you choose sentiment now after that really just ran through the whole pop up me slash directors loading that set That is easy. Good. I mean, you're really ready to get started to sit it kind of difficult. I'm sorry to speak fast, but you go through it one more time. I'm sure you catch it easier than get the first time. Keep in mind that depending on your type of death and directors motive, what you they send you back to the casting trailer or respond you in your nearest location . Now, that's why it's important to remember these locations because you don't want to die just sent back to the casting trailer and forget where you were. So I lived through that. Enjoy 5. NOTE TO SELF RUN THROUGH: Joo's What's going on? So this video right here is just a run through of things you need to keep in mind. I may have went over some of these things in previous videos, but due to the fact that I talk fast, you may not hurt, so I'm going to go over. Some of the things I feel are important and vital to know when it comes to making your own grant of out of film. First things first. If you want wildlife to be in your film like a mountain lion, hyena coyote or something like that, you have to either do it from the story mode or the director's mode. There is no wildlife and online game played, no wildlife in online gameplay, at least not yet. Something else. If you also want to use your online character to make the video, but you want to use like the stuff that you've already accumulated online, like your cars, you show off your nice house things of that nature. I recommend you doing it in a private lobby because you have to realize if you're in the public live and you're trying to record that doesn't stop anyone from doing whatever they want to do. Passive mode. If you go into passing mode in the public lobby, you try to record. You shouldn't appear transparent in your video. I tested that theory out a while ago. Now Grant, the father goes to many updates. I don't know if they switch that up, but you should still be a visible character. Even if you're in passive mode in your recording, let's see what else should keep in mind that whatever outfit you change your online kept their story more characters as well. Those are the office that they will appear in in the casting trailer whenever you're going to read to go into directors, most so crept them up, get them nice looking and get them ready to go if you plan on using any of them, which is your online characters. And Trevor, Michael And frankly, is this name Franklin? Yeah, I was gonna say CJ. Okay, let's keep that in mind as well. To use animals, you can also use animals while in directors more yet to find a certain plan. Now the plan is like a thing that rock star through around the whole map, so you can look that up on Google. P e Y o t e p o tape a town. I pronounce that, uh, find p e y o t eat plants. Those are the plans that you look for you to find one another animal will be unlocked in the director's mo. You can just look it up on there, and then they should show you full map. I really think those that's just a quick run through of some things I've liked. You may need to know, Um Hope that helped. Let's get to the next video. 6. In Conclusion.: So I'm hoping you learned at least one new thing while watching some of the videos uploaded . So after you recorded everything and saved everything, it's time to go on the timeline and edit the clip that you recorded. Now the timeline in the editing mode itself have a lot of a lot of things, but they're simple once you get used to it. If that makes sense to the point, I would really like to make a real detailed description of video showing. But that video be Ike. I try to keep it under 10 minutes. Would that be like a 10 minute video? It wants to go over everything and do it in a detailed, organized way. That would be a 10 minute video, so I don't have to put some time into that. So if that is needed, you can look forward to that in the near future. I probably will still make that evening or requested just so it could be there in case someone I don't want a way as to need in the future number. I only like making that one more so I will be uploading something like that soon in the near future showing you the different things at the time line, foot timeline and editing software had give you lots of flexibility. As you can see during this passport, I'm just moving around and ended in a short little video. Really, this process took me maybe about 30 minutes to make, like a one minute film. But you get detailed into it because you have to realize the same clip can look different from each angle. So you have to test that which angles you feel may look the best to what you're looking for . That's why it is so nice that they're given the flexibility to move around and emotions to pick your own angles to a degree, because now you can see what you're trying to make in many aspects of the film itself. So now, as you can see, I'm just I'm just rotating around. You always gotta scan the saying to see where your best look be, and as that's the beauty of rock star editor. So it's really just your imagination. You bring your imagination. It's a virtual reality. That's how I think of the entity. So forgives you many things to do. Like I said, many things to do now. You can't control the computer, though. That doesn't. You cannot control the computer pedestrians. The there any of that is always just their regular artificial intelligence to reaction. So that's just a I. They might talk with you, bump into him or they might have a sudden facial expression cannot change that. You have to go off with the game, get you and work off with that. So that's really the most difficulty always have trouble with, because I want to get a reaction of a pedestrian there, just doing nothing. We'll have to just work with them doing nothing, but they do give a little reaction to take advantage of that. That's a video and whatever where you see fit, but not only focusing on the character, the background. There's a lot of ah stuff going on in the background that you could take advantage of to if you have to apply your focus to it, because everything is you're looking at everything in the picture and they let you edit the care character themselves. 200 green. But the background, How sharp going tohave it. One. Adding light to it like the scenery around here, even though I'm looking at a fruit stam around nice looking mountains. I don't know that those are just things that I look for whenever I'm heading the video, because if they're going to give me the tools to touch a little bit of everything, Evolves will cover as much as you can, even if you're not a first into making videos. This is helping with photography skills as well, because you have to use some of these filters. Focus, depth of field. It's all the same thing just used in a different way. So keep your skills sharp nonetheless. So I'll show you how this video actually turned out upcoming. So, yeah, that's really it until next time. 7. The creation.: 8. My creativity : going to talk about his confidence. Confidence is a noun, and the definition is a feeling of assurance. What about my sure insurance assurance, Which means no doubt within yourself. No, You're not gonna sell me No book. What? Tonight on in the UK do you live next to a meth lab and find out where we found a man dodging child for t got airplane? No, this must come Wait. Guns won't talk about people aren't grateful for anything in life. One time I was driving, I was driving my really, really, really, really, really, really nice car with lots of room. Tons of Rome, actually, actually, like a 2029 even came out with those on TV. Anyway, I was driving my space shuttle and it was raining and I think, a person walking. So I pulled over, and then I rolled one of my many windows down. Was the sunroof? No, just one of my many windows. But I rolled one of the many windows down and I gave this lady in on umbrella and she got mad. Said, Hey, can I get around you that I gave you an umbrella? I didn't have to give you an Umbro? You didn't me. I have a pilot. I told myself even my farm that so sunroom is a son in the play. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. So be Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey! All right, think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think. Uh, Aboard aboard. I knew it. Um what? And a slew? Help somebody?