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Rock your Facebook Business Page

Laura Little, Hi! I'm Laura! Social Media Pro!

Rock your Facebook Business Page

Laura Little, Hi! I'm Laura! Social Media Pro!

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3 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Creating a profile, adding your business story

    • 2. Adding Business Details and Username

    • 3. Creating a first post! Page Likes!

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About This Class


Turn your Business into a ROCKET SHIP with Facebook for Business! 

A Facebook business page is the ultimate marketing tool, and what's the best thing? It's FREE.

In this class, students will learn how to create a Facebook Page for their Business!

We'll cover the fundamentals of a Facebook Business page, such as adding a post, gathering likes, and adding your business story to your page. 

This is a class for Facebook beginners or anyone that is thinking of starting a Facebook Business Page.

Before you start this class I recommend, you consider writing your Business "Story" first, a small description about your business. 

Have your logo/profile photo available, as well as 2 banner size images that represent your business available.

No photos? Don't worry, I've created a list of links where you can grab really nice royalty free images!

Free Stock Photography


and here's a cheat sheet for referencing sizing on Facebook! 



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Laura Little

Hi! I'm Laura! Social Media Pro!


Hi! I'm Laura, a small business Social Media Consultant! 

In 2018 I created "That British Chick" Social Media Agency to help small businesses and individuals harness the power of Social. 

I work with all types of businesses from app startups to retail brick n mortar, and I absolutely LOVE IT!

I'm Hootsuite certified and I'm a participant in the Facebook blueprint education series.

If you'd like to work with me please email me here! [email protected] 

You can also follow me online! 

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1. Creating a profile, adding your business story: Hi, everyone. It's Laura from that British chick Social Media Agency. How are you? I am a social media pro, and I help individuals and small businesses create social media strategy across Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn on YouTube. But today I'm going to be talking to you about Facebook and showing you how to create your business. Facebook page from a today, you're going to learn how to add photos. Havana create post a sign administration rolls on, get to 50 likes. So are you ready to get started? Let's go. Okay, so we are in the first step. Old making are facing page. It's important to remember when you first start thinking about doing your basic business page that you have well, that you need to have a personal profile page. Basic business pages aren't stand alone there. Always attached to a personal profile. So you need to make sure that you have that. So we're gonna make a start. We're going to show You can see that I'm on my personal facebook page. I'm going to navigate to this little talk. Do the other button right here. I'm gonna drop down here and then I'm going to scroll on top of here. You can see some of the pages that I manage, but we'll scroll down on. I'm gonna go to create page. And here this is where, you know, Facebook asked you whether you're a business world brand a community or public figure. Now, for the purpose of this lesson, I'm going to pretend that I am the owner off an ice cream shop. Because I love ice cream. That be my fancy job, right? So we'll pretend from now. I do. That's what my business is. And that's what we're setting up this page for. So I'm gonna hit get started. I'm here. Minute. Name my page. So my friend to see I scream shop would be Lola's ice cream shop. So I'm gonna call it that because that's exactly what it iss coolest ice clean. Okay on, then, the category that I'm gonna put it under. Now, if you're not sure, you could just stop searching. So, for example, I know that there is ice cream. Shop is a category here. Okay, but that's saying, do your pet store. So you've got pet service pet store pet supplies, or let's say you're a real estate agent here. Here it is. So you could use this category. Facebook has everything. Pretty much. Um, and you're feeling right here What it is that you do. So, ice cream shop? Yes. Yes. OK, so the address. I'm gonna fill out this. Okay. What is it? Now? Um, if you are service and you don't have a storefront or physical address and you don't want to list on address, you just gonna select this. Don't show my address right here, okay? And then you're gonna hit. Continue. Okay, now here, add a profile picture. So this is the proper picture is actually square. So, you know, you can upload a vertical or horizontal picture just to keep that in mind. So I'm gonna hit upload a profile picture, and it's the picture that goes right here. Okay, So, um, and you want to try to use a picture that is at a decent resolution and I'll we'll cover that in some of the knights. Um, try to pick a picture. Also, that reflects the business that is welcoming generally. I mean, in a logo was fine, too. If you want to do that for my prey file, I'm gonna select this one because I love it. I think it's good. Okay. Now Facebook is prompting me to upload a cover photo. So I will do that. Now, this is a horizontal Pitt job. I've got one here. No, I've put someone smiling. Generally, pictures of people smiling. Um, do you really? Well, okay, so here we go. How sweet is this? So here we have Lola's ice cream shop. Here we have the banner pick chop, and you can see right now on my world by the pictures. Updated. All right. All right. We're almost at the end of step one, so I want you to navigate the left hand side. Do not do anything here right now. We need to keep working on the paid before we start inviting people. Okay, So you're gonna go to Seymour. You're gonna click that, And here isn't about section You can hit that. Okay, now our story a really, really cool opportunity to talk about your brand new service. Who you are, what you do so well. Hit the plus sign. You need to have another horizontal image available to you. Andi, here you can add to see how I clicked. Add. You could add one of the stories that you already have, person, but I'm gonna do something fresh. So hit upload new phone to I think it's good to have variation. And then I'm gonna select this one because it's awesome. Okay, Okay, I scream. All right, now here. I'm gonna put a title. So I'm gonna put Blois ice cream store. Okay, Since 2018 so many years, and I prepared a little bit of text. Here, take that. I'm gonna put that there. Now. This is your opportunity to tell your customers or people that are visiting your page about you. Now, remember to stay authentic, be engaging, include a call to action. Don't just copy and paste something that's kind of wrote or to fall. Facebook is a very friendly platform to try to remember that when you're including things and you're writing your copy for this. Um, so I'm gonna hit Publish, Okay. And here you can see here, it lifts on the right hand side. Yea, Well done. You have finished Step one of creating awesome Facebook business page. I'm so proud of you on. I am excited to see you and listen to 2. Adding Business Details and Username: welcome back to building a Facebook page for business were on lesson to Okay, so where we net gulf? We had just filled out, um, story information here. Now we're gonna head to the left hand, signed and stopped to fill out the rest off the things here. So category ice cream shop. We knew that name. Lawless ice cream shot. Now use the name. This is where you create your user name, right? Okay, so I put Lola's ice cream shop. I created it earlier, so I can't demo this to you. And I don't want to change it because facebook gets a little funny and be, You know, you have to get back and do you know to stop? So just for example, whatever you put in here should be symbol and should represent exactly what the name of your business is because it's later used as an extension for linking which unexplained later. But we'll just put it in here. Lois, ice cream shop. Okay. Create user name. I'm We're all set so he can see the user name. Lola starts from shop has been created. And then here, Facebook tells you the link that you could use as kind of a shortened version. Teoh reference when you're trying to send people to your Facebook page. Okay. So Okay, we're gonna go down to price range. I did, Um, it's going to select gonna give us an option here. Sort of $1 sign to three and full, and then I'm specified. This is ice cream. Were not that expensive. So we're just gonna put too one. Let's just do that so you can see it. I'm gonna close out of that case you can see here. We can edit the start date if we want. So when did the business launch? Let's say it was opened in 2018 and July, but first safe. Okay. And then here, we've got the phone number, which we put in earlier. The link. An email address which I entered in. This should ideally be the business email address. Okay, the website link. This is my website link. Um, and here you can start editing other bits and pieces here if you want to. I'm not gonna get into that right now, because I'm just want to focus on the most essential parts, which is from here down. Okay, 3. Creating a first post! Page Likes!: Guess what. You are ready for your first Facebook business post. So exciting. This is the fun. Okay, so we are going to go to our Facebook wall, be navigated to home, and here we are. Where? It says, uh, write a post. We shall do so. So I went earlier. Just copy and paste it. It's an announcement. Lowest ice cream shop is open for business. So excited to be here. And to get to know all of our ice cream fans. I am gonna slept, voted on video on. We're gonna just keep this simple For now, we're just gonna do upload photos and videos. We are gonna select my open for business picture. Yeah, it open. And I have, um some resource is for you for later. As the weight gets a good free stock, vita crops. Okay. And then looks good. No gonna add anything else on right now, But, I mean, I just hit. Publish. What? Here is are based. Are you ready to get some likes ready? Get this business page moving full it. And this is how you do it. Okay, so you navigate to the top. This little dude out here, you go down, you hit, invite friends, and then you start selecting people that you want to invite, and then you just hit. Send invites. Now, my agent had done your site, so I'm not gonna start inviting people to like it. But that is how you do it. And boom, You are now the master of Facebook for business. You completed your basic business page. It was a wild journey, but we got there in the end. If you'd like to follow me, you could find me on Twitter at ideas live here. What's the one instagram ideas here and visit my website www dot dot com. I'm excited to see all of your homework and look forward to see your new Facebook pages.