Rock Your Job Search! (Find More Freelance Work in 30-Days!)

Susan Finch, Freelancing my way through life! :-)

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15 Lessons (3h 19m)
    • 1. Welcome to Rock Your Job Search! Land More Freelance Work in 30-Days or Less

    • 2. How to Use LinkedIN To Find Hidden Clients

    • 3. Getting Your LinkedIN Profile Set Up for Success

    • 4. Learn to Use LinkedIn Groups to Find Freelance

    • 5. How to Use Linked Pulse for Deep Client Research

    • 6. How to Quickly Identify Your Clients' Pain Points

    • 7. Spy On Your Competition Using LinkedIN

    • 8. Use Google to Spy on Your Competition & Win Big

    • 9. Quick Win Backdoor Methods to Land Work at Corp

    • 10. Piggy Back Onto Other Audiences to Find Freelance Work

    • 11. How to Use Angel List to Help Your Freelance Job Search

    • 12. How to Use Job Boards In Combination with LinkedIN

    • 13. Learn to Write a Compelling Cover Letter that Converts

    • 14. How to Structure Your Freelancer's Resume for Winning Results

    • 15. How to Position Yourself for Success & Crush Your Competition


About This Class


Whether you’re a copywriter, video editor, designer, virtual assistant, social media consultant or just about any type of freelancer; your work brings depth and meaning to your client’s work.

So why don't potential clients see the value in your work and hire you? Why can’t you get past this threshold of one or two stray clients that you lucked into by chance? Why can't you turn this into more of a side gig and into something that yields a steady stream of work?

If you're an emerging or struggling freelancer and aren't seeing momentum from your job search, chances are you never learned how to market yourself properly. That trickle down effect makes every other effort from building a portfolio to drafting a cover letter completely useless. 

Fortunately, you can learn the craft of finding the right clients and marketing yourself in a few hours a week to see a big impact in your response rates and gigs booked.

You can do this. After all, freelancers are freedom fighters whose entrepreneurial spirit opened the doors for a world where their work matters. There’s nothing like the feeling of landing that gig and seeing your work come to life – then getting paid for it. But freelancing isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a serious hustle.

Do you apply for gigs online only to see nothing in your inbox but more spam? Are you attending networking events without seeing any traction?


The good news is your struggles with landing more work is most likely not about your talent. 

You just never learned how to identify the right clients, do the kind of research that digs deep into their minds, and position yourself so that you’re the ideal candidate for that particular job.

There’s a better way. Rock Your Job Search! shows you how to build a freelance foundation for yourself that works in just about any industry. Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you found that unicorn of a job board that has an endless supply of work if you don’t know how to position yourself correctly.

The good news is your struggles with landing more work is most likely not about your talent. 

You just never learned how to identify the right clients, do the kind of research that digs deep into their minds, and position yourself so that you’re the ideal candidate for that particular job.

There’s a better way. Rock Your Job Search! shows you how to build a freelance foundation for yourself that works in just about any industry. Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you found that unicorn of a job board that has an endless supply of work if you don’t know how to position yourself correctly.


Do you ever wonder how other freelancers find so much work? Is it job boards? Word-of-mouth? Networking events?

It's possible it's all of the above. And some freelancers do have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. But here's their big, huge secret. Unless they're unbelievably well-connected, they're simply marketing themselves in such a focused and specific way the client sees their value immediately. 

It's not always an intuitive process to connect all the pieces. You have to learn how to fit the puzzle together first, and in what order. Otherwise the picture you create for yourself and the work you do will look murky and hazy in a sea of highly seasoned freelancers.

This course isn't about bells and whistles of building portfolios, finding fancy networking events, the right apps, tech and content upgrades.

It's true all of those things work. Sometimes. Here's when they don't work: When you lack the rock solid foundation for identifying, researching and marketing yourself to clients in such a way that shows them exactly why you're the right candidate for the job. Every time.


  • Identifying – Not every client is the right fit for your skills. And other times you can pull out the buried details of your experience to make yourself the right fit.
  • Researching – It’s not enough to just send off a cover letter and resume and hope for the best. You’re better than that. Unless you’re a master networker, jobs don’t magically drop in your lap. But you can go out and find clients that are already eager to hire freelancers, or find ones that aren’t even advertising. The trick is to find them before they start looking for someone. There’s a ridiculously simple way to do this.
  • Positioning – Who are you in the world? How can you help your clients? What results do you get? How exactly do you fit in with each client? If you’re expecting your clients to piece it all together on your behalf and flood your inbox, you’re going to be waiting around forever.
  • Clarity Building – Is your resume a static PDF? Or is it a window to a crystal clear picture of what you offer? Clients aren’t detectives. It’s not their job to break apart your resume and put the puzzle back together again.
  • Following-Up – Are you just checking-in with clients to see if they’ll hire you an send you a check? Or are you relationship building in such an effortless way they don't even realize what you're doing?
  • Building More Credibility – Paying dues works. But it yields very slow results. Instead, you could be building credibility immediately to get to where you want to be faster, smarter and more efficiently.

Rock Your Job Search! is presented in an easy-to-use format of video, audio and PDFs. Here's what's included:

  • Video screensharing to show you what I'm doing, step-by-step, to help refine your search
  • Resource PDFs and Word documents
  • Done for You Excel Spreadsheets
  • Audio lessons with basic stills

In all, Rock Your Job Search! features over four hours of video and audio content to stream at your leisure from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

Buy now and get lifetime access to the course. So no matter how busy you are with work or play, you can resume your lessons whenever you're ready.


"I landed 3 new clients the first month I took this course! It really did pay for itself in just one gig." - Alexandra S. (beta test student)

My name is Susan Finch, and I'm a 15-year freelance veteran that spans multiple roles and industries. I started my career as a freelance video editor in New York where I dove headfirst into a world I wasn't sure how to navigate. My sink or swim situation worked out eventually, but is not recommended or for the faint at heart.

There were lots of bleary-eyed nights at the computer trying to piece it all together while I ate ramen just in case I didn't have enough left to make my expensive New York City rent.

I was frustrated. I wanted a way to find and attract more clients without having to do a sprint through every job board, connection and random idea I had. I saw other freelancers around me continuously booking work while I was fading into the background. Time seemed to be slipping past quickly without any sign of steady work. I was terrified I would be the only one without a real career.

Determined to make it work, I threw everything I had behind my quest to become a profitable freelancer. Through a lot of trial and error, I  figured out what was working and what wasn't and used it to implement the system in Rock Your Job Search! 

But video editing isn't the only place I use this system. I also rely on it to land work as a freelance copywriter, branding consultant, social media consultant, Multimedia consultant, and all around Creative Jill of All Trades. (I'm also a freelance magazine writer, and took this same system and built upon it to create a separate signature system to land more writing work.)

Today I work as a freelance writer and social media consultant and work around my two young kids' schedules. At the moment, I have more work than I know how to handle as I cram into various pockets of the day. But freelancing is more than just about making a living, it's about flexibility and freedom.

My husband and I are both self-employed and purposefully created a flexible schedule so we could be with our kids more and travel, including a month in San Miguel de Allende last summer and trips around the world. It's not always easy keeping everything balanced with kids, travel and work; but it's worth it.


Where Will You Be This Time Next Year if You Do Nothing But More of the Same Thing?

Will you still be struggling? Will you have given up altogether and never want to hear the word freelance again? Or if you give this a shot, will you be steadily working and enjoy the freedoms you're searching for?

Money is important and rewarding, but it's what you do with it that really counts. Here's what my work-life looks like:

  • I do my freelance work from a coffee shop down the street where I'm a fixture, and have made friends that are also remote workers.
  • Looking for clients now feels calm and fun instead of stressful and chaotic.
  • When I get tired of the work I'm doing, I look for challenging and interesting products.
  • I love to teach and mentor, and make time to build products like Rock Your Job Search! instead of only working for a paycheck.
  • I travel to Mexico for a month at a time with my family and by the time we leave, we have new friends who are sad to see us go.
  • Sometimes we take a quick 3-day getaway to the mountains or NYC to visit friends.
  • We take last minute beach trips to Hilton Head or dash away to Savannah on a whim.
  • I go to lunch with friends at least every other week and don't have to worry about checking in with a boss.
  • I never miss my kids' special moments like preschool plays and playground parties.
  • When a freelance gig ends, I don't stress out. I just use my system to find a new one.

 I can take my work anywhere, and I don't miss moments that I love with my family or friends. This weekend my friends and I are taking an overnight getaway to a spa to celebrate a birthday. I can just wrap up my work early and go. And I can work more if I need more money to afford it. But more importantly...


Unfortunately, not knowing how to find and book clients without feeling stressed out and defeated is the complete opposite of being empowered.

But there are no tricks to it. There are systems and methods that work better than others, and it's totally and completely doable. You can learn how to do it yourself, as long as you're willing to be open-minded, flexible and adapt. And at the end of the day, that's who freelancers really are. We're adaptable to an ever-changing roster of client's needs and know how to roll with the punches.

Freelancing doesn't have to be so unpredictable. Knowing I can control my income and career no matter what's going on in the world has given me an endless reserve of confidence and peace of mind. That's what everyone deserves in life.

Your Questions Answered


The more time you spend on it, the greater the results, but in general it's not a demanding course. I would suggest putting aside an hour a day at least a few times a week to listen to the lessons and go through the resource sheets and implement what you've learned. Set a goal for at least 3 hours a week in order to make a real commitment to this.


You should see some traction and growth in your freelance career in 30 days or less. Please remember every freelance career looks a little different, and that's okay. You will have to do some work to experiment and tweak to create your own freelance foundation. However, there is no quick fix in this course. I can't promise any kind of results if you're not going to put a lot of power and momentum behind this. You're doing all the work. I'm just giving you a system to push forward.


This course IS for you if you're already freelancing, but are pretty new to it or are emerging. In other words, you need to have already figured out a skill someone will pay you for and know the bare bone basics. This course is NOT about how to start freelancing. It's about how to find more freelance clients and position yourself to land the gig.

*** This course is NOT a for you if your primary goal is to be a magazine writer. ***

I know that's a strange gig to single out, but that requires a separate type of research and pitching that isn't covered here. So if you're a freelance copywriter, social media consultant, marketing consultant, video editor, graphic designer, illustrator, project manager, virtual assistant, assistant photographer or just about any other type of freelancer? This is for you.

This is also NOT a good fit for you if you want a magic bullet to transform your stalled career, are trying to be a writer and aren't a native English speaker, or have never freelanced before. This is not a "how to start freelancing" course.


This system works for dozens of students as well as myself, and I'm a 15-year freelance veteran who has worked as a freelance content writer, social media consultant, marketing consultant, brand consultant, TV promo writer, Multimedia Director, video editor and several other gigs. I love working on varied projects, and freelancing has given that freedom to me. Plus if I get tired of a job or want to fire a client, I can use this system to go out and find new clients!

Freelancing and using this system has also given my family incredible opportunities to travel more. This summer we packed up and headed off to San Miguel de Allende Mexico for an entire month! It was one of the most transformative experiences of my life to be able to show my kids a different culture and bond together in a new place.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee any monetary results from taking this course.