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Rock Instagram - Instagram for Photographers

Matthias Hombauer, Rockstar Photographer

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26 Lessons (1h 27m) View My Notes
    • 1. Why Instagram?

    • 2. Goals and Commitment

    • 3. Instagram Copyright

    • 4. How To Install Instagram

    • 5. The Profile Page

    • 6. Instagram Feed

    • 7. Personal Profile vs Business Page

    • 8. Instagram Algorithm

    • 9. Photos

    • 10. Videos

    • 11. Carousel

    • 12. Captions

    • 13. Hashtags

    • 14. Likes, Comments, and Reply

    • 15. Stories

    • 16. Stories Highlights

    • 17. Instagram Live

    • 18. How Often Should You Post

    • 19. Strategy 1: Rock Hashtags

    • 20. Strategy 2: Rock Instagram Stories

    • 21. Strategy 3: Rock Other Platforms

    • 22. Strategy 4: Direct Message

    • 23. Strategy 5: Brands Takeover and Collaborations

    • 24. Instagram Ads

    • 25. Tools: Instagram Insights

    • 26. Tools:


About This Class


With more than 130 million monthly users Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform for sharing your photos. Almost every brand is there which makes Instagram your Number 1 channel to promote your work as a Photographer.

I am a concert/music photographer, but this course is suitable for every photographer who wants to get more followers, more likes and grow her/his brand.

With more than 130 million monthly users Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform for sharing your photos. Almost every band and brand is there which makes Instagram your Number 1 channel to promote your work as a Photographer.

I am a concert/music photographer, but this course is suitable for every photographer who wants to get more followers, more likes and grow her/his brand.

Your Profile page and your Instagram feed are crucial to WOW new visitors. I'll show you exactly how to set them up up for success.

I´ll show you how to build followers on Instagram by posting photos, videos and stories and making the most of hashtags. With my methods, you can grow a following even if you’re jus starting out.

My proven and easy-to-follow-strategies and tactics that will get you more likes and more recognition as a concert photographer.

The top tools to skyrocket your engagement on Instagram without wasting time sitting in front of your smartphone. My Nr.1 tool is for free!


1. Why Instagram?: you want to crew more follows, get more likes and pickling awesome Brandon Instagram. Then you found the right place. Welcome to Rog Instagram. I'm Metiers Humble, the founder of how to become a rock star photographer and then excited. You're here. So you might ask, Why should I use Instagram as a concert photographer? Let me tell you this Instagram is the number one platform I am using to promote my book, and they even got invited by Instagram. They flew me in to France to shoot one off the biggest music festival stare. It was a five days festival. It was just also hundreds off photographers from France with their end. Everyone was asking, Who is this guy from abroad? And why is he shooting the portrait of all the stars? With more than 130 million users stayed the Instagram, it's one off the fastest growing social media platform for sharing photos. It took Instagram eight months to reach 100 million photos, whereas Flicker needed two years. So Instagram is flicker on stare. It's almost every band and brand is an instagram, you might say Now, OK, media's, I get it. Instagram is important, but it's so hard to build a following there. It's so time consuming. And yes, I totally agree. Building a falling on Instagram It's not easy. Yes, there are millions of fuses on instagram, but in order to get the vaccine, you need to reach real followers and keep them. Otherwise they will unfollow you quickly. Yes, hashtag said, the fastest way to reach the right people on Instagram. But you need to know which has sticks to use and how many of them. Otherwise, even less people will see here posts. And yes, Instagram is the biggest showcase of awesome photos. But you need to know the tools and how you can quickly upload your photos from your computer, because otherwise it's just time consuming and very frustrating. But don't worry, I will show you exactly, step by step my proven tactics and strategies on how to grow your followers on Instagram. The course is built on five models, and every models includes short and actionable videos. The aim of this course is to watch your video and then immediately take action. I can't wait to get started to crow your Instagram brand 2. Goals and Commitment: we all set good resolutions for each new year. Go to the gym, eat less sweets, spend more time with the family and still ah, whooping 90 2% off own New Year's resolution failed. And, yes, we get a two year subscription for the new Cool Jim next door. But after three weeks of hard training, we're starting to find excuses why we can't work out anymore. I have no time. I'm too stressed. It's too hot outside. Their condition in the gym is too cold. I think you get the point, and I am no exception. But if you want to be successful in life, then we need to learn the falling principle. The key to growth is to learn to make promises and keep them building an awesome brand with engaging follows. An instagram won't happen if you just post one photo per month. It's the consistency of posting regularly, which makes people want to follow you and like your work. Therefore, I set up a little goals and commitment sheet, and you will find an example below in the pdf. So please fill out the blanks in the pdf printed out and put it somewhere where you can see it daily. This will help you stay on track when starting Rog, instagram and crow your audience. And here it just don't explain how your goals and commitment sheet can look like I and then your name committed to posting on instagram for it least five days in a row, starting and then the date when you're starting with your instagram strategy. Building my brand on instagram is very important for me because probably you want to bring your concert photography career to the next level, or you want to get in contact with pans and brands directly. Or it would make your life happier or whatever fits for you here. If I finish five days of posting my photos and instagram, I will reward myself with, for example, in awesome dinner with your significant other. It's important to reward yourself if you re jiggles. If you don't finish five days of posting Instagram, I will promise to donate $100 to charity. I don't support. So the idea here is to promise something that you really don't want to do or you don't want to support, and this will keep you on track and gives you the energy Teoh. Do the five days of posting in a row on Instagram, and I will do the falling things to ensure that I will posting Instagram every day. For example, you can pressure teeth only after posting a photo on instagram or set your alarm on Lee after you have posted your photos and instagram or you share your commitment with the colleague or friend or laughed one, and they will keep track as well. So print out the pdf below and ah, surgical's and commitments, and you will see it's way easier to stay on track if you have your calls and commitments written down. 3. Instagram Copyright: Instagram can just take your photos and sell them without your permission. Rumors like this have spread like wildfire and a lot of users are insecure as to whether they should use Instagram at all. Because of this. In this lesson, I want to take a quick look at the copyright terms off Instagram and shine some light on this topic regarding paragraph one off Instagram's terms off use under the right section. Instagram does not claim ownership off any content that you posed on or through the service . Instead, you hereby grant to instagram and non exclusive, fully paid and royalty free transferable sub licence Able worldwide license to use the content that you post on or through the service. So what does this mean? This paragraph clearly states that you own the photos. Other images are content that you post on instagram by richer off posting images and instagram. You are not giving up ownership off your images and for most uses outside of instagram, any third party should obtain permission from you to use your images or other content. So instagram can't just grab your photos and sell them. The only thing you give away is a license that they can share your photos with companies such as Facebook has stated. In another paragraph, I talked to a lawyer who is specialized in copyright, and she said that her reading off Instagram has always bean that they want use photos for profit directly. They don't use wording that indicates they will do that. But what they do have is wording that protects them in the event that it does happen. So basically, you don't have to fear any misuse off your work By instagram Copyright tips for Posting Content on Instagram Here are some tips you should follow. Been posting content online All this Make sure you actually own the content or have permission to post the content online. Post only low resolution images and use watermarks on your content and place a copyright symbol on your photos. You can see here copyright symbol and then my name, and this is how I'm doing it. I'm always putting the copyright symbol with my name on the bottom right off the photo. And even though this mortar market small, you can be sure if someone uses your photo without your watermark that they corrupted out and include a link to your email so people can easily obtain permission from you prior to using your content. And on Instagram, they can easily reach out and send you a message. So having dealt with this, let's move directly to the basics off using Instagram. 4. How To Install Instagram: first download the Instagram app. You can do this per searching for Instagram in your device APP marketplace, for example, the APP store on IOS or the Google Play Store on Android and then selecting the search result for town dude second opened instagram app. To do so, tapped Instagram Aiken. It resembles a multicolored camera on one off your device home screen, and third, create an account by tapping Sign up at the bottom office screen. From here, you will need to enter your email address, preferred user name, password and phone number optional, but recommended you will also have the opportunity to upload a profile photo before continuing. You can choose to add a bit of personal information in the about section as well, including a first and last name or a personal website. And if you already have an INSTAGRAM account, you can tap signing at the bottom off instagram logging page and enter your account log in information instead. In addition, you can also log in with Facebook. I'm personally a fan off signing up for each social media platform individually, so I have my own pass route and excess 5. The Profile Page: the profile pages the page where you introduce yourself to your audience. Think about what people want to know about you. They will see a photo, your name and your buyer right away, and you'll only have seconds to convince them off why they should follow you. Therefore, it's important that once people get to your profile page, they need to immediately see what you're doing and what you have to offer. Here you can see my INSTAGRAM profile page. I'm using an INSTAGRAM business account, and therefore it looks a bit different when compared to personal instagram profile page. But don't worry the main features of the same. And I'm going to talk in detail what an instagram business page is and why you might want to switch gin and that a module pro find photo. You want to start out with a great photo off you. Since it's such a small image, a closer portrait works best. People want to get to know you as the real person behind this account. Don't use one off your concert photos in your profile. Because Una James had filled up Bruce Dickinson, I chose a black and white profile photo off me where I was looking directly into the camera . When someone gets to my page, they have eye contact with me straightaway, which makes it more personal to the right. You will find the number off posts I have published. The number of Instagram follows a have and how many people I am following right now. If you visit my instagram profile page and you're not following me, you will see a blue follow button here. So, for example, let's go toe Marvel Entertainment. I'm not falling. Then you can see the blue follow button. If you want to follow, click the follow button, and if you want to unfollow, click the ICANN to the right and you can and follow them again. Use a name. Typically, your user name should be your personal name. If you're a personal brand, so minus metiers Humber. Our people are interested in the person behind the photos, so your real name is the best choice. You will find your user name at the top left, and you need to have your name written without spaces. Keep that simple, keep it short and try not to use any complicated symbols on numbers. Next up is your profile name or name? Field. A lot of people don't know that the words that you put in this name field are actually searchable on Instagram. This is a big deal because not a lot of things a searchable on instagram, So this little hag can make a huge difference for your profile. If you have a look at other profiles, almost everyone will repeat their user name, which is fine, too. But if you really want to optimize your profile to be found MAWR by your targeted followers , use targeted key birds in your name field. I use concert photography pro. Since I want people who served for concert photography, find my profile. You can use up to 30 characters to explain your business. Be creative and choose the best key birds in this name field for you. Next is the profile description, and in this part you can add your personal information. Your profile, photo profile, name use. The name and profile description can be changed when you click the edit profile button. The next thing you want to adjust is your bio text. You want to have a clean look and instagram is a bit weird in the sense that when you type your text, there is no enter key, and therefore all your text will be in one long sentence. So if you want to have a layout of paragraph look like I have, here is a little tip. Click there. Want to three button on your smartphone keyboard in the bottom left corner to bring up the return key in the bottom right corner. Now you can click into the text and get a layered look. If for any reason your smartphone doesn't show the return key on your keyboard, use this strategy. Go to your notes and write your text. I have a pre written text here. You can copy and paste it into your instagram bio, and one of the most important sections off your bio page is the ability to link to your webpage. Instagram doesn't allow to use any links in your posts, so this is the only way to get people out of Instagram. You can see here I am linking to my home page, and in this case it's the interview off Dana distortion. So in the bio, it reads. Listen to Dana Distortions podcast here and the website is the link to my podcast show Nuts Page. Think about what you want people to do. Should they get to your portfolio page, your latest block post or your Facebook fan page? I always experiment with this link and analyze what works best, and you can change it anytime you want. So here you have it. An awesome looking put fuller page where people immediately see what you're doing and what you have to offer. So the action step for this lesson is get yourself a great looking instagram profile. 6. Instagram Feed: your instagram feed is the first thing people look at when visiting your profile, and you definitely want to show your best work. Here are some great pages to get some inspiration from studying off with my friend have? Yep, Ricardo. And if you want to know more about his story, listen to my podcast. Episode 10 He has a great and funny profile photo, and you can find his email address and telephone number here, as well as a link to his homepage. When you scroll down to his photos, you will immediately recognize that he's found his own style. All of his concert photos show the pure heavy metal energy on stage, and even his portrait work has a distinct look. One of the key elements off his Instagram feed is that he's only posting his music photography work. You won't find any private snapshots, which makes it look very professional and not a great instagram profile. Is that off? My friend and colleague Alexandra's Kosta, and if you want to know his story, you can listen to my podcast. Episode 51. Also, he uses a headshot as profile photo and with more than 51,000 follows. He's clearly rocking Instagram, he spire description, reads, published music and portrait photographer, Scotland London Heavy Music Awards Young photographer Off the Year finalist 2000 and 17 And he told me that this nomination also posted his full account on Instagram and similar to Covey s profile. He's on Lee showing its best concert photos, which makes him immediately seen as a pro photographer. And that instagram profile, which is a little bit different, is the one off Eireann Mike Savoia. He's one off the official photographers for Rock Caribbean cruises, and you can hear his crazy stories on my podcast. Episode 37. He has been the huge falling around his personal brand. One of his trademarks is his blue beard, and Mike isn't only posting his concert shots, but also selfies and private photos. So this makes his feet more personal and follows concede the world through his eyes. When you few my instagram feed, you will see that I'm constantly testing. I post my concert photos, but I'm also promoting my podcast and my products from HD pop brand, and sometimes I also posed private images off my family. However, I take care that the main focus is on my life as a music photographer, so you won't find any landscape or wedding photos. And this is important if you want to be recognized to someone who specialized in concert photography, build your profile around this topic and not interesting find when posting a photo story. Instagram is that you were learned which off your photos perform best. Sometimes there are photos that it don't like that much, but they'll get hundreds off likes and other times you love a short and people are not engaging at all. I always keep an eye on these numbers, and by focusing on these results, I get an idea off what people like the most. You can then use these best performing photos for your portfolio exhibitions, as you know already, where you got great feedback to summarize. There is no right or wrong way off how to build your instagram feed. But keep in mind that if you're serious about concert photography, you should only show photos that they're related to this topic. 7. Personal Profile vs Business Page: before you start growing your followers, you need to decide if you want to use a personal account, which is your default instagram profile or a business account. The good news. First, switching to an instagram business pages free, and it will give you some pretty cool updates such as statistics and instagram insights. A context button. The ability to promote your posts using INSTAGRAM ads. Alto Schedule your photos from your computer using third party software, which I'm going to talk about a little bit later and adding links to your stories once you have more than 10-K followers. So let's go through this graphic together. As a photographer, you should definitely see your work as a business. It doesn't matter if you earn money with it or if it's just your hobby, but you need to act professionally in order to get more jobs. So the first question is, Are you a business? The answer should be definitely yes. Do you have 10-K? Bless Follow us. So probably no. The next question to you use Instagram for marketing, and this should be a big yes. Would you even run ads on instagram? Maybe you don't want to spend money to run ads. So that's a no. And would instagram analytics be useful to you? Definitely. Yes. Do you plan to make your instagram account private? This depends on you, but as you want to promote yourself and your photos, the answer should be no. And here we see the suggestion to switch to an INSTAGRAM business account. So let's try the other options. If you don't see yourself as a business, the next question is, is your goal with Instagram to grow your engagement and follow us? This should be a yes for the Instagram analytics. Be useful to you? Yes. And then again, do you plan to make your instagram account private, which should be and no, and we end up again with a business page. There is nothing wrong with keeping a personal instagram account, and I totally get it. If you don't want to politically share your contacting for your photos, then stick to personal account. Some people say that you might lose a bit of organic traffic with the business account because you'll be more competing with other brands. This might be true, but from my personal experience, it's not like using a Facebook fan page for only 3% off your follows will see a post if you don't pay to promote it, so I wouldn't worry too much about losing follows when switching to an instagram business page. My best performing photos also get 802,000 likes, and I didn't pay to promote them. How to set up your business account? First, go to your profile page and tap the three dots in the top right corner, Then tap switch to business profile. Make sure your profile is set to public. Private accounts can switch to business accounts, since Instagram is changing the layout quite often with new updates to the sign off the settings, Page might look a little bit different, but you will find to switch to business profile in there. Next, select a Facebook page that you would like to connect to your INSTAGRAM business account. You need to have a Facebook fan page in order to switch to an INSTAGRAM business account. If you don't have a Facebook fan page, go to www dot facebook that come slash pages slash create and set one up for free. If you don't see a business. Facebook page as an option. Make sure that you're listed as an admin in the settings menu wants to correct. Facebook Page appears selected and tap next on the set up your business profile page Review your business contact information, including your phone number. Physical address. You can also just enter the city and email. Once everything looks good. Step done. To save her instagram business account settings. You can always change your business account data by clicking on edit profile and switch down to the business information to add a category click category. Then you can choose from different presets like personal block product service. Our musician pans shopping and retail, but you want to click on the air ahead. To get more options, scroll down to people, click done and think like chooses, subcategory and choose photographer, then done, and you have set your category. Congrats. You've just successfully set up your first instagram business account. You can get back to your personal account by any time when clicking on the three dots on the top, right, scrolling down to the business setting and think like switch back to a personal account. And I'm going to talk about all the benefits of a business page in detail later in this course 8. Instagram Algorithm: the more you connect with people and companies on Instagram, the more fall issue gain and the better relationships you'll build. Let's be honest with you building a falling on Instagram It's hard work. You can't expect to post one photo per week and gained thousands of followers similar to other social media platforms such as Facebook. Instagram is also based on an algorithm, and basically the Instagram algorithm determines who is seeing your content. There is no question about it. Instagram posts and no longer getting the amount of exposure they used to. Now it's estimated that only 10% off your audience is actually seeing your post. This can be extremely frustrating for us. Let's assume you have 1000 followers on Instagram than only 100 users will see your post. And even worse, if you just have 100 follows Onley 10 will see your awesome concert photos. So no wonder why we get so less likes and comments. The instagram algorithm is constantly changing and therefore you need to experiment what works to reach your audience. What is known is that the Instagram algorithm is mainly based on engagement. This includes the number off likes the number of comments video views, saves, shared posts, the EMS and any other type of interaction opposed gets. When a post receives the turn off likes and comments, this signals the instagram algorithm that your post is quality engaging content that more people want to see and your post gets boosted in this model. I'm going to explain the different ways how to leverage Instagram to get more likes more followers and how you can build long living and true relationships with like minded people on the platform. So let's get started. 9. Photos: the number. One way to interact with your followers is through posting your photos. A lot of folks out there still believe that you can only post your smartphone photos on instagram, which is obviously wrong. This is a huge benefit for us as photographers, because we can share our DSL our photos and blow away the smartphone shooters to post a photo. You clicked the plus button on the bottom off your profile page. Then you can either take a photo with the smartphone or you choose library to get your DSLR photos from your computer onto your smartphone. You can either use Dropbox or people out which a cloud based storage services. I uploaded my photos from my computer to peak loud, and then I open the peak load app on my smartphone and saved the photos to my image folder . Once I have done this, I will go back to Instagram, click on plus and library, and here are my photos. So if I select the horizontal or vertical photo, Instagram will show me a square version off the photo first. As you can see here, click Tierra Icon on the bottom left and your photo gets resized. If you say like the vertical photo, the aspect ratio will be different compared to your normal portrait aspect rations than exporting in light room off photo shop. So, as you can see here, you have this crab version, and if I click on the airheads, it's gets resized. But it's a different ratio, so your photo will get cropped by instagram. Therefore, not every vertical photo with work. As far as I know, Instagram makes no difference if you post square horizontal or vertical photos, the different four months will just give you more options to show you over. Instagram now has three image orientations square, landscape, horizontal and portray vertical. Here are the instagram sizes and dimensions when posting photos, the standard square images shown at the maximum off 600 by 600 pixels. Instagram landscape images will be displayed with a maximum with off 600 by 300 37 pixels, and vertical images or portrait will display the maximum off 460 by 600 pictures. However, it looks like Instagram is storing the photos on its service at a maximum off 1080 by 1084 square photos 1080 by 1354 portrait and 1080 by 608 for landscape photos. What you can do is to upload your photos with these dimensions as more and more screens become higher in the pixel density. So you will be future proving your images from being too small. Once I selected a photo I click on Next and I have the option to select a pre made filter or I click on edit and can adjust the pride nous the contrast the structure manually, Dana. Click Next. I can write a short caption here, So let's right Life in concert. 30 Seconds to Mars Hit. Okay, I go In tech, people take photo, detect people and then I can search for the official page. 30 seconds to Mars. It's here then, and I can at the location. So in this case, it waas at the venue cold. I mean ah, Stata here and then a click on share, and my photo gets yet here. Here's some tips to get more exposure for your photos, click a photo and then the three dots on the top right thing. Click Edit. You can at the location on top. If you haven't done it so far, click in the bottom left corner off your photo to add more people than Tep on the photo again. Always make sure to add yourself to the photo, so it's Metis Hum. Bauer, when you can also do, is to add Fenn pages off the bend. And, ah, always tech depend on the photo or brands and companies that you want to see the shot. Once you take someone, she or he will get a notification, and this is a great strategy to pit your relationship. I also use Hashtags, which I will discuss in more detail in another lesson. Here in the model and posting from your smartphone is one way to publish your photos and instagram. But the good news is that there is also another way, which makes the whole process a lot easier. I will talk about how to post your photos from your computer and automate your instagram posting schedules in another module. The action step in this lesson is select 10 off your best concert photos and post them to your instagram feet 10. Videos: videos are a great way to post engaging and entertaining content. If you want to post a video, click the plus icon. The menu off your profile page video and holding the round button starts the recording. Once you've finished, release your thumb from the button and the recording stops. Your video can be up to 60 seconds long, then click next he you can again select from the filters and adjust the cover off your video and, as explained before right the caption and share it on your instagram feet. One idea to engage with the follows using video is to post short snippets before a concert in the photo pit in the backstage area or off the concert itself, like I did here at the concert off 30 Seconds to Mars Teoh. 11. Carousel: using Instagram carousel, you can upload up to 10 images or videos inside one post. Think about the gallery with the key image showing on your instagram feet. One great way to use an instagram crucial is to show a selection of photos from a concert as you would to on a block post. Here is an example off the doughnuts concert. Swipe to the left and you conf you all photos. The advantage is that you don't need to post all 10 photos on your feet, which keeps your feet interesting. Let me explain your step. A step. How to create your first instagram carusone Post a k a multi image post Tap the plus sign as you would normally to venue. Post on instagram directly selectee Aiken, showing distract squares to select the image. Crucial post option at the bottom right corner. Scroll through your camera roll and select up to 10 images. Once you're happy with the images you have selected, click Next, you can continue through to add filters and dentures. Next, the filter you choose applies toe all images in that crucial post, or if you tap each individual photo, you will have the option to choose individual filters here and then clicked on. If you want to change the order off the images tap and told the image you want to reorder and move it to the right or to the left, Click on next, right to caption Okay and share. And here we have our Caruso post. 10 photos off the 30 seconds to Mars concert. The action step here in this lesson is to build your first Instagram Caruso. 12. Captions: one off. The factors that determine how well your post will perform on Instagram is time spent on a post by having an engaging instagram caption that catches people's attention instead of having them scroll on pasture foto. Your caption can actually help your post do better in the Instagram algorithm that extra second someone spends reading your instagram caption has the potential to make a break that instagram post for you so spent time on your captures for us as concert photographers, it's obviously best to post concert photos. People love music, and we work in such a small niche chances a good stead. Others will engage with our music photos. Since my project is all about teaching and helping people, I try to provide information in my captions from which people can learn, for example, life in concert and then cigarettes. Always make sure to take the band also in your captions. Then the location varies. Shot the photo. He rock and sand in Paris, and I edit the exact camera settings. I used Nikon D 760 millimeter at F 2.81 over 200 fifties off a second, and I saw 800 technical details, a crucial for other photographers to learn from. And therefore it will add a lot of fatty, compared to 99% of all other photographers who posed without these captions. I know it can be a pain to get back to your photos and search for the ex if data. But in my opinion, the extra work is totally worth it, and your followers will appreciate it. Another way to use captions is to ask a provocative question. Here I ask Nikon or Canon. And as you can see, I got 395 comments where people were raving about why they love Nikon or Canon. And here I tested the food Txt two and ask. Will this little Fuji camera killed my Nikon and people started to interact in the comments . Another way to engage with the audience is to ask for their opinion here, posted to off my rules amount of photos and asked, Which one should I use in my portfolio, left or right? And also here, people started to commend which photos they like best. You can also post selfies with bands or your fans and post a short personal caption about your photo. Great fun with the fan during our highlights exhibition. Brenner's Iris back in April. What a cool trip. Or here I posted an image off my photo bus when I was working for Instagram at the Five Days Festival in France and wrote Awesome Shop for the next couple of days at Frank Awfully . LaRochelle. The bottom line is using captions to your advantage to interact and keep people engaged. Otherwise they won't return to your feet. The action step for this lesson is try to write engaging captions from now on. Four. Your instagram photos. 13. Hashtags: Instagram hashtags are one of the best ways to grow your INSTAGRAM account. Using the right hashtag or combination of hashtags can help you expose your brand too large and targeted audiences. In fact, your chances off attracting new followers, getting more likes and increasing engagement ah, vastly increased, but a use off hashtag X and instagram hashtag is a singular boat or serious efforts that it's marked with the hash symbol ever Instagram Post you create can be accompanied by a short message, a caption and a few hashtags. These hashtags help instagram toe organize and categorize photos and video content, which enables the platform to present the right content to the right uses. Let's have a look at the two most important uses off instagram hashtags gain More likes INSTAGRAM Users who are interested in a particular field are likely to search for hashtags , which are related to it. Using the right Tash takes helps put your content in front of people searching for keywords and phrases associated with your account and, in turn, find out more about you. Therefore, it's crucial to use relevant keywords for your content and second gain more follows Instagram users who are interested in a specific niche, always looking for more content that is related to it. Using the right in secret hash. Texas one off the best ways to gain a higher falling on instagram. It extends your reach, enabling your content to be discovered by more people. If they stumble across your account through Instagram hashtags and defend that you're posting content that's relevant to them, they're likely to follow your account. So which has stocks should you use? A good rule of thumb is not post hashtag that contain over five million posts. Or so. That's where your image will not be parked down within seconds to a black hole off. No return on the tastic feet because many uses a posting that same hashtag at the same time as you. As a user, you want your image to be available at the top off the hashtag feet as long as possible to be found, but those who are genuine enough to engage with you. But just take care that you can't include more than 30 hashtags in a single comment. Also here, I'm currently testing and experimenting what works best, but in general I'm doing this. I use relevant concert PHOTOGRAPHY HASHTAGS When a post music photos and add them to the first comment. So they're not showing up in the photo, but rather in the comments, which looks cleaner and works as well as when you post the hedge tax directly on your photo . Here are the hash tricks that I use and posting a concert. PHOTO concert, photo concert photographer. Music, photo MUSIC photography gig, photography, life music photography, Best music shuts life, authentic shows, music lover, music, blogger photography and HD part. The easiest way is to copy your hashtags into note, bet on your smartphone and copy and paste it to your photo when posting on instagram so you don't have to type all the hash sticks manually every time. How to find the best hash sticks one off The tools that I use is all hash tax that come. The instagram hashtag generated creates hashtag is based on a selected key bird, which you enter, for example, and the photography click top, and the software will present you with the best 30 photography HASH tax. This works best for general keyboards. You can check w w instagram tax that come, which shows you the most popular tax updated every hour. So the best text on Instagram in general are instagrammers instant love, insta mood, Instacart like follow comment, shutout photography and so on. Experiment with these hashtags and find out what works best for you. How to create your own branded instagram Hashtag a branded hashtag is a great way to start a conversation with your followers and increased the reach off your content. Branded hashtag Zahra way for your fans to share with their follows how they're engaging with your brands. It can mean major growth for your followers and help with the overlay engagement on Instagram at branded hashtag is a hashtag that's unique to your business. I started to add my own brand Tash, take HD part for how to become a rock star photographer to my concert photos when I posted them on Instagram and ask my community to do the same as for the time off. Recording this video, there are already more than 191,000 awesome concerts photos posted on Instagram. With this hashtag, I started to create day trip art gallery and to feature concert photographers from all around the world in my own land publication the actual. So if you want to get the chance to get your work published, start tag near concert photos with HD Part. So, for example, you can use your concert photography, branded Tash tax and use it for your photos. When you're shooting a concert building, your own HASHTAG will take effort and time, so don't expect overnight success. However, Building your own branded tastic will benefit you in the long run by adding more follows and growing your own community. 14. Likes, Comments, and Reply : the Instagram platform is all about engaging with people and therefore liking commenting and replying to your followers is crucial in building a good relationship with them. How to like and comment on a post. Simply scroll through your instagram feed and, if you like a photo tap the heart I can below the picture, and by tapping it again, you will and like it. So this is one way to like photos. The easier way is to just double tap on the photo, and you will like it if you want to comment on the photo tap on the speech bubble icon next to the hearts I can and the comment window will appear. And here you can just type in your comment. Awesome shut post and your comment will appear at the bottom off the photo. How to like a comment on your photos. Being able to like Instagram comments finally gives an easy way to acknowledge and reply to your followers to like a comment on instagram. Click when your photo and then, um, speech bubble I can. Next to the heart. Aiken. This will open the comment window, then simply tap the heart Aiken to the right off the comment. I would like to give pour guerre Iago alike, and the heart is showing when you like a comment off other INSTAGRAM users. They will get a notification just like you would when someone mentions you or leaves a comment on your photo by clicking the heart again, you can simply remove to like I will keep it here and per swiping to the left. You can also delete a comment and how to reply to comments on INSTAGRAM. This feature makes engaging with the community a lot easier. Instead of having to manually type out user names to reply to the comments as it was the case before, just click the reply button and Instagram will automatically mentioned to using him. Click Reply. Here you have already to use the name so you can save time replying to comments and also here they will get a notification that you left an answer to the comment. Thanks so much and post and now I have replied to his comment 15. Stories: stories are Instagram's answer to Snapchat. You can post photos or videos here that will get deleted after 24 hours. So here are the reasons why you should use stories. Instagram rewards those users who use all instagram features and instagram stories. A big more than 800 million people use instagram stories every day, which is more than double off that Snapchat users using Snapchat stories. It's an effective way off staying in touch with followers, even if there Mr Post, you don't need to be perfect. Show more real time stories can also help to gain new followers, since new stories appear on the top off the instagram app and business accounts with more than 10,000 followers can add a link to the stories. So let's get started with an instagram story. Swipe right from your home screen. Or tap the profile photo in the top left corner off the screen, toe opened instagram camera and then select normal. Take a photo by tapping the record button, or take a video by pressing down on the record button for up to 15 seconds. You can also upload a previously taken photo or video from your camera roll, but swiping up or down tapping anywhere on the screen will bring up the text tool. Awesome photo off and you can play with the text size, the orientation and the color. Let's put it here. You can also add stickers by selecting the sticker button some off. The more important ones include a location sticker, which let's attack the location off your story, the hashtag sticker or a mention sticker. So let's go with the hashtag sticker 30 seconds to Mars and let's put it here. So let's have a mention sticker here. 30 seconds to Mars. Put it here. You can swipe right or left to apply different filters. You can also select one or three different pen styles to doodle on your photo. You can also raise any drawings that you add to your story with the race brush. If you have more than 10,000 followers, you can linked an external page by clicking the link symbol over here. Connect your link and people can access it by swiping up. You might want to right swipe up on your photo video that people know what to do. This is an advanced feature that I'm using to link to my podcast episodes or to my block posts on my homepage. Once you're done, click send to click share on your story and you're done with your first instagram story. 16. Stories Highlights: stories Highlights Unlike regular instagram stories that vanish after 24 hours in sacrum stories, highlights a curated clips grouped together by you and live permanently on your profile until you delete them. They appeared directly under your bio and a buff urine sacrum feet and will play as a standalone story when someone taps in it. In this stories highlights, I promote my beginnings guy to concert photography video course, and in this one, you can get the 30 days free trial with four months if you want to build your portfolio. The aim of instagram stories highlights is too easily curate and showcase your content to users to use Instagram stories. Highlights you'll need to turn the outer archiving feature on with the latest INSTAGRAM update. Your instagram stories should automatically archive, but if you aren't able to view them in your instagram archive, you can edit it in your story settings by just clicking the three dots in the top right corner and scroll down to story controls and saving Safe to archive. You can retain and re share your very best instagram stories. Content after the 24 hour period has passed without needing to set the reminder to save a story manually. Two Great Instagram stories highlights. Go to your instagram profile and click on the plus new button. This will open the stories archive and you can see all my stories saved on my INSTAGRAM account here. Then select the story. Click next, give it a name and here it is. Our test stories Highlights to edit or remove 100. Just tap and hold the tile it on your profile. From here, you can change the name, edit the cover and or remove the highlight again. I would highly suggest to use stories highlights to curate your content and showcase your best work there. The action step in this les nous start building your stories Highlights. 17. Instagram Live: another way to post videos and Instagram is to use Instagram life. Instagram Life lets you connect directly with your followers but showing their engagement with likes and comments in real time. If you click the profile photo on the top left, your smartphone will open the camera app If you want to go Life on Instagram, Select Life and Start Life Video Hey, guys, how you doing, Matea Summer here from how to become a rock star photographer. I'm actually recording my new video course called Rog Instagram. So if you want to get more follows more likes and getting contact with fans and brands, then this is for you. I will talk about all the tools I'm using, Um, and all the strategies and tactics I used to build up my following or following with more than 12,000 followers so far. So right now I'm recording the course and I just want to show my students here how to use instagram life. You can see on the top left how many, um, follow us Are here life Welcome, Everyone hate urine. Hey, Killian. Greatest issue here. So I'm back recording the course. So if you're interested too cruel. Your instagram falling and especially is a concept photographer. This course might be for you. So let's give up the great work Rock on, guys. And thanks so much for all your support. See you soon. Bye bye. Once you stop the life broadcast, you can see how many people were watching your instagram life. I can safety video by clicking the safe button in the top right hand corner, and they can also share it so people can watch it for the next 24 hours using Seagram life for recording short videos, that concerts or on your photo shoots. Instagram life is a great way to get in touch directly with your follows. The action step in this video is to record your first Instagram life video. 18. How Often Should You Post: How often should you post on instagram? I would recommend posting 1 to 2 times per day. I personally try to post once per day because you need to keep your audience engaged, but you don't want to turn them off. According to this study, the best days to post on Instagram are on Monday and Thursday. On Sunday, there is very low engagement. The best time to post your photos is between two and three PM and later between 8 to 9 p.m. Posting a video on Instagram at nine PM gets 34% more interactions and post content more during off work hours 10 during the work day, aside from the peak times. So this is just a general study and you need to experiment when you're followers online. Think about it this way. When it's your engagement going down, then you want to post again. Let the post go until they die. And when no one is liking or commenting anymore, then it's the time to post and not a content. I will show you exactly how to find out when your followers most engaging in active on instagram in the Instagram Insights lesson 19. Strategy 1: Rock Hashtags: the rock has stacks. Strategy. If you've ever searched for a hashtag on instagram, you've probably noticed top posts and reason posts. Click on the magnifying class in the bottom menu, then the search bar on top Tax and Search for HD Part. Click it and then you can see top and reasons. According to Instagram, top posts appear on trending hashtags to show you some off the most popular posts that RA tacked with that hashtag Getting one off instagram posts to feature in the top post section is a big deal. It can result in a huge network effect that essentially makes your post go viral on instagram. So how do you actually get onto the top posts with the hashtag The formula for getting on the top posts one. Pick the right hash tax. The first step is to pick the right hash tags to trend four. If you got a smaller account with 10 thousands or less followers, you're much more likely to trend for smaller, highly targeted hash tax. So try, for example, concert photography or music photography generate aton off engagement. Once you've picked the right hashtag, you need to focus on getting as much engagement with your post as quickly as possible. Top posts generally take the position within the 1st 24 hours of posting, so you need those likes and comments to roll in quickly after posting. If you can generate a lot of engagement on your instagram post shortly after posting, this signals to instagram that your post is quality engaging content. For example, ask people a question in the Post caption to get more engagement or ask friends and colleagues to like and comment on your photo. Three. Use 3 to 5 big hashtag in your post. If you want to show the trending, you also want to include 3 to 5 big hash takes that unless targeted but generate a lot off likes and comments. Some example are photography photo off the day and instant mood. These big cash tax should still be relevant to you, but they get a ton of posts and the high amount of engagement. Lots of people searching for them. I mentioned that you shouldn't use Hashtags with over five million posts, but experiment with only a few off these popular hash tax to get more exposure to your photos and four engage with others who have recently used the same hashtag search for the hashtag that fits best. For example, concert photography click on recent to show posts that have been recently added to Instagram. This will ensure that the user is active on Instagram, and she or he might be even India up right now. So start liking and commanding on those photos to build engagement. Following these four steps will increase the likeliness to get more likes and comments, and therefore your photo might end up in the top posts for a particular hashtag. 20. Strategy 2: Rock Instagram Stories: The best way to use Instagram stories is to actually drive attention from your story to your post. This way, your post gets more engagement, more likes and more comments, which tells to instagram algorithm that this is a great post and it will show it to more followers. How to Boost Post with Instagram Stories One way is taking a screenshot off your feet and posting it in your stories and let people know that you just posted a new awesome concert photo. This is the easiest way but the most effective one. Then you can also share a screenshot where the image is partially hidden. People will get curious and will be eager to check out your latest post. Or you can ask a question and tell your followers that they can read your opinion in your latest post and ask them what they think about it. For example, how do you like the actual tour off X, Y said, Or how do you like the new album effects? Why? Said and so on. Use instagram stories to your advantage and drive more traffic to your posts. Using this approach 21. Strategy 3: Rock Other Platforms: another way to get your work seen by a new audiences to get in contact with other platforms . So what do I mean? Let's have a look at out your love official. These guys provide a platform for concert photographers on Instagram by re posting photos that attacked without your love official. So start tagging them or use their hashtag when posting a new photo. And if they like your work, they will re share it on their platform. With almost 6000 followers, it's a great opportunity to gain more follows. My work gets featured regularly, and they're doing a great shop for a concert photography community. You can see here my Metallica photo and also my 30 seconds to Maas photo they're posting daily, and they built an awesome concert photography gallery. Also start using my hashtag HD part, which stands for how to become Iraq's the photographer for your concert photography work. With more than 193,000 life photos, it's the fastest growing music photography gallery, and you will get exposure to a lot off instagram users as mentioned before. I'm also curating the gallery and you'll get the chance to be selected for my own land. Publication of action. Building your audience by leveraging other platforms is always a great way to get your work seen by others. 22. Strategy 4: Direct Message: I first heard about using direct messages from my colleague Alexandra's Kosta and a thought . What a smarter dear who I haven't. I thought about this before. The tactic is simple. Engage with your audience, bands or brands directly using direct messages. And this works even if you're not following the individual instagram account. So, for example, you want to say thank you to someone who liked your photo, click on the likes and search for an INSTAGRAM profile. You want to send a message. Let's try someone who I'm not falling. Then click the three dots in the top right corner click. Send message. Thanks so much for liking my work and click sent and your direct messages sent. You can use the same approach to get in contact with Ben's directly, like I did here with the band Calexico. I had the pleasure to work with them in Vienna two years ago, and then a sent them the photos and we started a conversation. Or, if you're posting a concert photo, you can visit the official Instagram page off the band like here, bring me the horizon, click on the followers and start sending direct messages to the offense and letting them know you have just posted an awesome photo off the favorite band. Supposing direct messages might seem time consuming in the beginning, but it's definitely worth trying out, and this approach will reward you in the long term. 23. Strategy 5: Brands Takeover and Collaborations: interacting with other brands. One off the strategies to grow your follows is to interact with brands. The more you engage with brands and stare audiences on Instagram, the more people are going to be aware of you to start following the profiles like some off the post and leave a comment. Let's go to the EU Gasam instagram account Orgasm is an ear plaques company that I love, and I also ranked them. It's number one in my ear. Plex REVIEW. You can go to H d pop that com slash year plaque review to learn more about them. The profile has 19.4 K followers, which is really good. Have a look at their feet and like some off the photos. I like this one. And this is a nice photo also engaging with other people by liking the comments. Don't be spammy. It might not be the best that year. If you like 100 photos off the brand the first time you visit instagram account. Just keep the interaction natural, and they might have a look at your profile and follow you back. And in my case, I'm affiliated with orgasm and get a small commission every time someone buys through my homepage. Here is another example off the camera strapped company peak design. Right now this is the camera strap that I love, and you can get more info by reading my camera strap review at a chip up that come slash camera strap review. They have 111 k follows, which is just awesome. So start falling them. If you're interested in the products like some off the content, and interact with people on their instagram page instagram takeovers. An instagram takeover means that you get access to not instagram account where you can post your photos, own the dearest to leverage other audiences from the instagram account you're partnering with. I did this when it wasn't too with Atlas losing grip. So on the first post, I introduced myself and road Atlas was in. Grape was rocking Hamburg yesterday. This was the first concept that a shot off them. My name is Metis Humber with the link to mainstay Graham account, and I'm currently touring with them. Check out more posts off their crooked miles two or 2016 soon, and then I started to post backstage photo in the bus set lists, videos from the concerts and some life picks. You get the idea, so make sure to link back to your profile that the offense can also follow your account. This also works for accounts that feature out of photographers. I also didn't take over with the Indonesian Page Stage I. D. With more than 6000 followers and on your love official, where I posted one of my photos a day for a week. This is a great way to gain more followers from already existing audiences. Take over its work best when you and your partner have similar follower numbers, it might be hard to get your photos on Instagram brand account with millions of followers. Or we think about what's the benefit off the account you're taking over. It always needs to be a vin Vin situation for both partners. Collaborations. I started my How to become a rock star photographer podcast for I interview The best Concert Photographers in the World in Episode 12 interviewed Secret Foot, who is the two photographer off Aerosmith after every interview opposed to show nuts Page on my block and they create custom graphics for every guest which I asked them to share with their communities. And you know what happened with this interview sac? Which Ford shared it on the official Air Smith page with more than 1.4 million follow us. And here it is. So far it got 4367 likes and 30 comments. So this is just one example of how to collaborate with other photographers and brand, speak creative and use collaborations as a way to grow your instagram falling. 24. Instagram Ads : There is also the option to pay for ads and INSTAGRAM. And you might have recognized sponsored ads from companies on the platform and might have wondered, Where do I set these ads up? The answer is on Facebook. When you set up your Facebook ads, you will have the option to post your ads also on instagram. But before you do this, you need to ask yourself to fall in question. What is the aim off this at? If you spend $20 on a concert photo to reach more people first, you don't know if you get any results. Second, if you do get tenure follows, is it really worth the money? As long as you don't have anything to sell or drive people to your home page, where they can leave their email address and you build up an email list, I wouldn't spend money on Instagram. It's This is the same for every other social network to ask yourself what is the purpose and how do you get your money back for your ads spent? So the best way to use Instagram ads is don't use them at all 25. Tools: Instagram Insights: If you switched on Instagram business account, you will get access to instagram insights, which help you learn more about your followers and the people interacting with you on instagram. Tap the four vertical lines at the top off your business profile, and from here you can get an overall few off how people are interacting with your instagram account. Here, you can see the duty tap the interactions In the last week, the profile visits the website, clicks, emails and get directions. 3860 accounts were reached in the last week and almost 7000 impressions. If you click, what do this mean? You will get an explanation of all the metrics. The next step is to content tap so you can see your feet. And this shows all posts in the last one year sorted by impression. So this is really interesting information for you because you can also surge on for photos for videos. Caruso posts. Let's keep it at all and have a look at the likes for one year. Apply and you will get a no a few off the photos that got the most likes, which is a valuable information for you because I know now that the Cardigans photo works really well then also the 30 seconds to mask Phoenix, the fools and so on. You can also see a stories that you posted in the last 14 days the impressionists, the reach forward and so on. And you also have to promotions if you're using in Sucre Mets and then the last step is the most interesting for us. You will see your audience. So right now I have 12,368 followers. I can see that 58% a man, 42% of women here is the age range from all off my follows. I can also have a look at women and man. So it seems that's similar 25 to 34 35 to 44 is my main audience. Then you have to top location sorted by cities. But Vienna will be the most visited city because I am from Vienna and visiting my profile quite often. So to get a better over a few, I click and countries and now you can see the main followings are from the United States, followed by United Kingdom, Austria, Spain and Australia. And one of the most important metric is when you fall interactive until you can choose hours or days and you can see that the Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday my follows the most active they can also, if you look at the hours so I can see that on 3 p.m. Six PM nine PM and 12 a.m. My follows the most active and again here. If you click what do this mean? You will have a description off all the metrics here. So to summarize, Instagram incites a crucial for you if you want to grow your instagram audience because you get detailed information about the gender, the age, and also when they are active. So for me, switching to a business account was key to learn more about my followers and you might want to switch to 26. Tools: I was over struggling to keep up with posting my content on instagram from my iPhone. Consistently, I showed you how to use Dropbox or P clouds to get your photos from your computer to your smartphone. This is one way, but it can be very time consuming. Fortunately, there is a better approach that will help you to save time and to make posting on instagram fun again. There are many tools out there that help you plan and schedule instagram posts from your computer. Tools like Groom, who issued and iconic Square were great, but they have a major drawback. Namely, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee starting from $7 per month, and it can go up to $99 per month for their services. Therefore, I won't recommend to get any off these, but I highly suggest to try later dot com later is the only tool that offers of free plan, including all features you will need and their official partners of Instagram. So you can be sure that your account is not being shut down when using the service. Let's have a look at the plans first, with the free plan. You can get one social profile per platform on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. You can post photos but no videos, and you're restricted to post 30 photos per month on instagram, 50 photos per month on Twitter, 30 on Facebook and 30 on Pinterest. Personally, I'm using later only for Instagram and with my scheduling off, posting one photo per day. The free plan is a perfect fit. You'll get basic analytics and unlimited media upload, but no other fancy stuff. I tested the premium version, but in my opinion it's not worth paying $19 per month. So luckily, the free plan is all you need. Once you signed up and you connected your accounts, you will see the calendar where you can schedule your posts, click on upload media on top off the page and upload your photos. Once you uploaded your photos into laters media library, you can start to schedule your posts. Make sure to select the social Media platform you want to post to first instagram, Facebook, paint arrest and Twitter. Here. I want to post on instagram drag and drop your photo to the calendar. You can edit the crop post a caption. Set the publishing time and click safe now your photos scheduled on the calendar. This post will automatically be sent and published on INSTAGRAM at your set time. You'll also get a notification on your smartphone once the photo got posted on INSTAGRAM. Another cool feature is the quick schedule option and two Visual Instagram planner. Go to your weekly calendar few and double click on the days you want to post your photos. Then select the photos from the media library and dropped them either into the calendar or on top of the page, and your photos will get immediately scheduled at your set time. The automatic scheduling function lets you plan your posts in advance. For example, plan One day we're use casual, all the opposed for the next month. Then click the preview button, which will open the visual instagram planner. Here, you can see how your instagram feed will look like after posting your scheduled posts. And in the preview, you can also rearrange your photos to your likes, and you can see here the order off. The photos also changes on the weekly schedule. In the analytic section, you will find the likes that were generated in the last 30 days and also the comments for individual posts so later was really a game changer for me, and it's a must have tool to crow your audience on Instagram. Give it a try and let me know what you think about it.