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Robot Framework and UI Automation

teacher avatar Winston Castillo, Learning is the way

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. UI Automation: Intro

    • 2. 01 UI Automation: What is a Framework?

    • 3. 02 UI Automation: Robot Framework History

    • 4. 03 UI Automation: Robot Features

    • 5. 04 UI Automation: Selenium & Robot

    • 6. 05 UI Automation: Installing Robot Framework in MAC

    • 7. 06 UI Automation: Installing Sublime Text 3

    • 8. 07 UI Automation: Installing Chromedriver

    • 9. 08 UI Automation: Modifying the Path Variable

    • 10. 09 UI Automation: Inspecting elements

    • 11. 10 UI Automation: Creating the first code

    • 12. 11 UI Automation: Running the suite

    • 13. Closing: End of the class

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About This Class

In this class, you are going to be able to automate your first test case with the help of the Robot Framework. We will discuss the tool and how to set your computer to run all your testing

Meet Your Teacher

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Winston Castillo

Learning is the way


Hello, I'm Winston. I had been teaching for different platforms and I am a QA expert and also a developer.

Please take the chance to review and learn with me

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1. UI Automation: Intro: working to your fears Automation class, I am going to show you how to use Robert Framework with Matt Black for on a quick overview off these fantastic tool. All my videos are about your testing on CO. Easy to learn at the end off the class, you will be able to install the tool on create your own automation for user interfaces. I am polish in new classes really often, so made sure to follow me and involved my classes. Also take the time to review my classes and feel free to major comments. So let's start the overview off Robert Framework. 2. 01 UI Automation: What is a Framework?: Welcome to the second section off my course. Now we are starting about your attesting grow with framework. So let's just start with an overview off the tool. The fair thing she'll be to talk about. What is a framework toe? Or maybe you're testing a framework is a language where you can write your test cases. It has call routines, and you can reuse the CO for several exceptions off the page or wherever you are working with you can reuse the cold. It supports library, which perform different options. You can test what interfaces AP eyes, database and ups. In this course along this course, you will be able to test what interfaces it has on a structurally year, which provide you with a better way to write your code you brought about It provides you the use of tax on permits you to select the cases by sweet or configuration you less you to come figure on integrate with other tools to its Karol your automation. Improvise reports with the steps. Hours results on Penis cream When the test fails 3. 02 UI Automation: Robot Framework History: Let's talk about the history of fraud framework. Let's go to two thou some fi. It was developed in Finland and basically in the West, an idea for a master degree basis off Picca Clack. He waas a dark time in bold in the Curia testing world, and he was looking for a solution to all of May or the testing process. In 2000 a The Heiress published the new version to that zero on. It's a free so much code version we will work along this course with the current version 303 4. 03 UI Automation: Robot Features: What are the functionalities and capabilities off? What framework I had to address here it is more dip latte from you can use it in Windows, Mac or light. Even with line, it's you can work with them. It is based on keywords, and you can insert some testing data. According to the case, it is done in a natural language. So we got some light bread, is there? Andi, I really want to show you here that you got some billing libraries. Those willing libraries are operated system process. The Iowa Dialogues, collections, extremes daytime. It's dembele on the Scripture. So in the other hand, you had some external libraries and you need to stop through peeps so that to install those library units, you need to run the command and then you will be able to assist them. In these course, we will work with Talayna Library. So we need to install that that library because it's an external library or so we got up at Pune. If you know a PM is just for mobile, for example, if you need to automate some some more violent testing, you can use that bribery. But we are just going to work with Selena. So here and just and mentioning on displaying some off the libraries, you also can is style through beat. So what happened? Withdrawing framework When you're working with Robert friend where you had a file that rob work on that file is sure call a library. It doesn't matter. Issa Library That is a building library or dishonest. Terrible. Already. Um, the most important thing here is that you have the court file with the name off the filer trouble. And then then inside the file, usually you have to ask for the library. 5. 04 UI Automation: Selenium & Robot: So, uh, what's the different between a silly noon? Um, a selenium code And Robert Framework. Oh, well, this is a waste of any looks like I think this is more programming oriented, more than cure. It tests him. And sometimes it's kind of complicated to understand each command that you are are in here in the in the fire, and you need to learn another things you need. Teoh develop more skills in order to use selenium. I have try Selena before and itwas even even I had worked with programming. It was complicated for me to understand the way that Selena library works. So that's the reason I just lead to start with troubled framework because even I know how to open for how to create a CO for selenium, that for selenium. Percy, I think it's more easy to start with throat framework. So if you see here you had a class under, you had definitions and you had a settled on test Google search. Those once are just want his case. So now if we move for the temple to see how sell it how ah filed in drove the framework Looks like with something Mills they think is not that complicated because you got, like, the settings where you call the researchers. Then you had this body of all exception on the view moved to the test case. Emption. In that disk exception you can astern creating your own test cases on. Then you use you use some keywords that are like a natural language. So it's more easy to understand. Uh, to understand. A drop with fring were filed more than understanding on side in your fight. So even you were withdraw it, freeing where you had to ask for a library and then in the library you can use war neighbor or whatever library you need to work with. So this is all that I can show you like an overview for Robert Framework. And we're going to start creating an Italian roads. They their tool growth frame. What if you have any dabble question, you can do it in the in the calm inception 6. 05 UI Automation: Installing Robot Framework in MAC: welcome to this. Crass. Finally, you know about road framework and how it works. Today we are going just to install Robert Framework. And in the next class, I'm gonna show you how to install some off the library's. Are there things you should know? It is that if you if you are working with Mac, you don't need any other program to start installing all year and are your suffer. So each time you want to add a new you, uh, framework her something new that you're going to start working with. My advice is to go for the for the official documentation. So road framework, the house, Uh um, uh, wet site where you can download or the documentation about the program. So isn't this computer that is huge news. So I don't have any of the tools install already here, So you just need to go for the documentation part on followed the installation instructions . As you see here, you need to start through Pete, then this off work. So if you don't have peed isn't already in style, you need just tired of them piers purse. So let's move for the grow, A framework, documentation and Yeah, you we haven't. So for now, I can not run these. Come on in debt, Terry. So if you if you clean controls days, you will You will find these in search Both. So here you can You can type turning up, and they should show you the terror. Me, Not here. So the first thing as I told you, is to know about Kite. Um you just need to type item. So lashes fast. Very show. So And you will see what is version off the Bytom you have here. Okay, so the next thing you have to do is to stop so you can start being just down learning they Pete file. So you cleat on the here on the people link on. Then you will see this things call it Starting on. You can just once you are in these page to just sent the photo file and then say peach us, please try to save it in a place where you can add just later. My advice for you here is just look for the same document 40 that you have for all your no follow up for or your documents or your fights. So That's the best thing. Because you will know where exactly it is located to fight. Once you are here, just look for the father. Military documents. I'm gonna call it, get cheat, save on. That's one. And that's full. So you can go for four order. I'm finally see that your file is actually there. So my documents here, it should be there. So, as you see, here is the final get Pete. So the next thing is to go to the folder. So remember this common city. It's huge, useful. You are going to use it so often here in this course, and then you can case order here. So now you are actually in the border here from the terminal, if you create a s in the window or here is not not the coming up words here, but actually, it works in window. So if you are with with no, you can't use that one. But in my case, it's just a outcast. And you can see that the here at sea get Oh, Then that's they need to do is to run pipe home. And so right on, then get okay. Uh, hi. That will run the fire and we stop Pete for you. These is that a huge importance? Or you need to running fears before running everything else there in Goldfinger. Complete. Enter, he enter and you will see how, if it is tart running that people. Yeah. So if you see something like these ever in the installation just 90 at this pseudo colon and then down. Right. So get that. Why is this common important? It is because you are giving the grand access to your computer. So the next thing that is going to ask you is your password. So put the council for year machine, and that's all. So he's going to verify that the password is correct on. Then it went from only in storage. Onda sit. Once you got thes message, it means that you are able to run all the Commons here in broad framework website. So let's go for documentation and installation instructions here on. Let's going to use this one is called Pete and start broad fingers. That's all that you need to run and you will have road train where your computer key It's time go framework. As I told you, you can't use Sudo in order to give grant access to your computer and you can't heat enter and maybe it will ask you again. Passport. But don't worry if, if not, it is because you already and introduce your passport. So it's not a security problem, is yes, that you're working this and since a damming up, so it's not gonna be something to worry about on that's it. Do you really had broad framework? Your computer? Congratulations. You are closer, more closer to the automation process. So Chapin, that's a stent is going to BT. Say let on and install the library. If you have done so far, if you have reached this part, you can continue for it with the Nets video. If you don't please give me your questions about these in the common section C. June in its class 7. 06 UI Automation: Installing Sublime Text 3: No, we got Teoh Eels, the editor we will like to work with Do our, um, automation. This point, I want to highlight why I am using so blind tests mosque off the most of the courses here they use for temple HR Thio Thio create the automation with draw with framework. So, to be honest in with me a good idea if you are kind of familiarized road finger and how it works. But in my case, I will like to give you the easy steps. As I told you and I am using I am using the tours here in the course just for your education. I think the main purpose off your few registering my court is to nerd things about automation is not to jump, you know, deep in the whole thing. I think you will be more interesting about learning on knowing how to use the tool. So that's the reason I have just using these tool for you. I got his goals of blind taste, but he's not completed. Complicated, but it has they treats on going to show you those. So the blind test three is the best choice. You know, if you if you are starting with a good road framework for me. So the fair thing you have to do is to down on the program in the official, the official website, So you can go here so scientists and you can down. So, you know, you just need to run these here in applications. You just drop that. I can't. Your applications border. That's all really simple to in style problems. Hearing mac. Yep. You're really in Starts a blind test, but you are needing anything todo in with two line taste on it is to install. They're assistant for road framework, so they smooth to applications, and we got to help him. Um, we have to open the application that I cannot open it because nobody said Yeah, he's cute. Okay, Just all pan and yet recovered. We have it here. Something that you need to do is to install it. Package control. If you go here to preference, you're not gonna see the back catch contra anywhere here. So you need to install it. Howard Dean style packets control. You just typing intimate catch control. So blind test three. No, no. Do you plead on here? Installation package package control and is going to provide you off the steps. You didn't know what side how to something. So Brian test just used these command. Unless we see here, you need to go to control toe to the council. So you go into the program and checking a few minutes and show constant so we just credence clientes human you and then go to control. Send should be here. You, uh, see chou council. But it's here. I'm here in the council. Me do it. Uh, here. You can't pays the common. And then he didn't there. And that's home. You're going to have the power catch control Now you need to close the program on opening a gay for Miss Lang test. It's the best option. To be honest, I like I like it. So buying taste. Thank you so much. It's not the best tool energy Destroying what size of something. But for me, to a automation process is a good tool, because easy to understand. Yeah, So you were again. You just go to spite his preference, and you should have the package control is now you. Yeah, G So cleaner. Package control. And then it's tough. It's time. Baggage. Then you will have these, um, these window once you create, um, started back at and you can't time here, roll with framework, and you're gonna see these weren't broad framework. A sister you just cleaned and robert finger system on. You have to weigh on through these may. Such is being display. If you reach this part, you are now really, really, really close to run your first formation. So regulations, Yuri had the editor set. You really had a rabbit framework installed in your computer and all that you need, um, different. Or besides, these is the chrome browser. So with the chrome browser, you will be able to run. Hold your automation. So you are really, really, really close to finish with with the installation installation off the tours of you need to run your automation. If you have any questions so far, just let me know that in the comment section See you in the nets class 8. 07 UI Automation: Installing Chromedriver: Onda. We are in the last part off off the installation process. You need to download your chrome driver. You just need to type tone, right? Burke here. And he's going to need you for the crown driver. Wet side, Uh, where you can down go your driver. You need this one to control your driver Through wrote funny work. So did you just go here? The current driver chromium at or on There you will see the largest police. So it would be awesome if you can download that They they actually the they last the day you got from the current value. Judy, if you see here, we got the latest release. Just create on here. And you will. You went down a a 85. That is a problem. So I'm gonna uses one because it's for Mac. These driver is going just work with chrome. So if you are using five foots are even a splutter or any other. But also you need to down there day the driver for it. You can use actually some off the off. The ones that I'm going to published in the nest class to use in your own computer so. But if you if you don't find the one for your for your browser, you actually can down Orient. Just a little mini Internet is not really complicated, but the complicated part of these two I used to put these driver into the rif older. Okay, How I know where it can put these fire where it sure use it. You just need to type here in the terri, not echo. It's You need to know what is in the pot. Bible. So you received that you have here different folders. You can proven these, um, driver in whatever off this. Well, so what I like most is this one. I think it's a more secure or the or the one where they can, where I can't with or these kind of fights to room and programs are Commons. This is there for me, the more accurate for their so co pedis. And you can type all kin. Yeah, this and he's going to open here the fact. So if you see here, you can see or the piper report problem we'll own then, um, being, uh, problems where you can those that you use from the terrible off so you can just paste it here. So if if you ask you for a until vacation, yells Now you have the crumb driver. I'm working from here on. That's whole. You can also create your own path. So if you don't know how to do it is not really complicated. Okay, I'm gonna show you how to create a path, how to incorporate apart into the pot. Valuable. And so let's move to the next class. 9. 08 UI Automation: Modifying the Path Variable: in case you don't want to to put your crown driver in these in these porter, you can also modify the path buyable. So you just need to Rome pseudo commend nan and command. And then you need to go for the path fight. So it's just into etcetera, and then you can't putts. Okay? Once you as I told you, the pseudo command ask you for the password. So you need to put a password for your computer. Lengthy. Enter. So he entered. Yeah, you will see these. So let's think that in my case, I want to I want Teoh include these for the forger documents. So what I'm going to do because I kind of place you agreed on your window for the terminal on going to run these for dinner, and then I just put it here, and yet you're a huh? It passed. Viable. So here. I'm just going to the bottom and I paste these The documents, they don't commence and the queen's your hell over. And it's not your document location. So one safe. I got these. I just need Teoh quit these files. And if you see here, you got over the ways to go out. You can just heat control X to quit. And he's going to ask you if you want to save the changes. So if you just click, Yes, and that's all. Hmm. Well, you just need to put their way. You don't need to tied anything. That's just the white. And he's going to ask you fighting to right, going just to be this agency. There are pants yet that's whole. Now you can just cause the terminal because this is necessary. And then open a new one and you can type ankle, huh? Coming out there, that's so and now you're for the issue. So if you have here the crown driver you haven't in thesis border is going to run anywhere , so you need to copy it here. This is that be if the first part is not running, you can move with dude. Then one you can add a new folder here in debt, the path valuable. So that's whole. You are ready to run your first automation, and it's gonna be creative about ourselves in the nets exception. So don't worry. You are also far away. You are also close enough to start working with, um or mation. We rode frames and congratulations. You did all of this death that you need to run road fame were injured. Computer. So that's class. We re list her running the automation by 10. 09 UI Automation: Inspecting elements: Hi, guys. Um, let's start with the with the nets class. And what we are going to do today is to find out what's the way to identify elements in your user interface. Remember that the user interface is for those it's queens that you are able to see for the system. For example, this is a user interface. So you have different elements here. Do you remember his death? If something is being searched by Google, however you're not Teoh, create the first. The first thing that you have to do is to create this clip with the steps that you're going to do in that test. Does it? Sadly, the same thing that you have to follow each time that you're testing so far, you have to create the test case. That script. Okay, so once you have this creep, you have to start, um, clicking on doing certain options in your test. So he's Julie. If you've over up to the class, you will see that I create a test case. We zone data on here. We got this steps. So you have opened the browser type in the browser, the for when you're l and hit enter. And once the pages slow, go to the test feel and type Test case, that is. It's actually the thing that you have to do here. You have to type test case. Okay, so how can I tell the program or the computer the name off these elements in the interface ? I'm gonna show you the way to do that in Google. Chrome on off also with suffering. At this point, I had I had show I had this play. Everything that I know with Mac and Mark is a releases tend to use because it's similar to Leeds. So you can use the same way that I'm teaching here and with leaners when is not justice ing with windows? There is another process to create your test cases and to inspect and to install everything in windows. So you have to follow this test for window and they are difference for Mac. However, at this point, I'm just going to show you the way to do it with Mac. What we are going to do, we need to tell what are the elements here in the interface? And the only way that I can do that is by through by the friend by different names that you can use for their user interface. The 1st 1 is their I D How can I find the i d? I need to give up, right click and do our create on his pet so you would see a new window with the elements off the interface. I am going to, um I'm going to make one in the window, so I'm gonna put it in the bottom. This is there, Inspector. So I can see here the elements and also I can see here the name, for example, if I want to see what's day, what's then i d for D's field had to directly that I told you and his pet and you will see that it's going to be shadow. You are going to be able to see the division, so I need to know it's aptly dinning off the field. So I go down here. But I can't do a clean on this Cairo. And if I go also down and down, I will see their I feel that I'm looking for and we'll once I have these when I have Once you have these, I can look for an I d name just here. Don't have any I d But if, for example if if I need the name off other element I just create on these tool It's like an arrow with a square anything so you can sleep there and make sure that it's blue This and you are going to be able to select any off there elements here in the user interface. So if if, for example I want to see this one you see the reason i d is hp local. Besides the I d. You can use the it spot on and C s s and Seletto So how can I use the expat? I just do it right clear. And this and that. Just here on copy and spot. I'm gonna show you what's the different between them. If I copied the red spot, for example, Net use sublime test to show you that. So if I pace here that they its path, you will see something like this. If I need the idea. For example, I just type hp flow. That's all there Any the idea Stage peak low and the last. The last one's a letter that I can't use rightly. And I just copy selector and that's It's our senate. So this is the I D. Okay, this is the X path. Finally, this is the C C E s s. So here you have the three ways to select a new element inside your scream. This is the way you do that with Ghoul Crown. As I told you, if if if you use for the temple another browser, you will have the same values because as a mother, this the browser is just the enemies that the developer give to the enemy. When they were programming, they would I'm gonna give you acquitted Temple off that downloading the safari and doing the same thing. Sorry with so far. But the brotherhood safari it is that you are not going to be able to see the death. Manu. At least you ask for that. We're going to use Google crown. And if I clean if I dio rightly it on gonna see any off there off their development, the spectre Manu. So to do that, I need to I need to change them settings for safari. So go here and they go for for 34 Safadi. I go from preferences and in advance boredom and going to look for the show. Develop menu Met you bar. Once I do that, I just just close these. We had to restart Safadi. So it's a bloody I'm gonna have to Albany a game one type Google that come. And then you will see that I have more enemies in my menu and they can't clean up. Inspect enemy if agreed on this bed enemy you I am going to see the same that suddenly sing Well, though very hot for Google Chrome. What is different here If I want to select something I have to create on this bottom and then I going to be able to select any off the elements here in the user interface. If I treat here, for example, and gonna see these now is highlight and I unable to see the I d and and anything off the elements description. So if you see here and you are going to see the HP low is the I d. Here. So the other thing that you're going to see here is the after the H B logo like the I D is just suddenly the same that we did on Google HP logo. And if I plead here and I do something like canopy, it's pot and I pasted here The spark is going to be exactly the same Very copy with Google Chrome and is going to happen the same if I click here on a copy. This is the third path, and they placed it here is going to be it. Suddenly the same thing that I did with Gulag in the whole curse and gonna show you how to use How do you scrum with all the chest cases? But the same crew that we are going to create with Robert Framework is going toe work with the rest off the browser. All that you need is to have the driver in style on the path folder. Or at least you have been style that in the pilot off order for them as they show you. And with Google with the crumb driver is just assessed. It said to be the same crosses. If you're having doubts off, whatever you do, whatever you can go back and you can You can bring red install all the browsers. There are you can bring standard browsers in another class and on the gift you the drivers for safari and fight foots. But as I told you, it's just suddenly this hand. You just need to change in your coat. The name off your browser ones. You create the browse, the next class on going on, going on, going to transport. You're tests creep in your first cold four Robert frame. Or so I hope. See either. And yeah, if you have doubts or questions, you can go. You can go to the to them Westerns exception. I will see you in the next class. Bye bye. 11. 10 UI Automation: Creating the first code: welcome to this class. Now we are going to start working in our fares cold for road fingers. Something that it really that I highly advise you is to use this website where you have all the documentation for selenium to create your Testa classes. So, Mark, these documentation last your favorite and just tried to keep in told And do you have to be all the time review win these My pretty, Because it's going to be the one we're going to use with our test cases. Whether we're going to do when we trance for dese. I am these desk case into a, um, into a called this case. Okay, so my part I'm just going to create thes part and you aren't going to do, but the rest of these Okay, so and one going to defence on don't agree. My file is going to be empty file. Could you put here new file and what they have to do that the first step do you always have to do is to save your taste case and you're going to save your case as a robot framework. Fire How you can do that? Just go to your desktop from sample and I'm going to create any folder is going to be for several mission. It's information. You them create that. And then here I'm going to put dinning off the street. Ongoing Teoh to recreate and going to post. I'm going to be to these five class. You won that trouble. And yet de crease and test those design here. So yeah, in the right folder and in creating the class, Robert. Fine. Yeah. So what I need to do is to create a streets Three Asterix for perceptions. So we're having the perception will be deception will be settings Someone sure that you're in the woods and then three out streets. 123 You will see that everything is a gay if it is. If this part is yellow, OK, so let's hear. I'm going to put something like the documentation. It can be tough de the confrontation. And if you see it, this grey, it is because it's OK. So I can't use here something like these Do your l for my test case. Oh, I am going to use that because is that your l When you can't find it whole street the Nets Thing you have to do is to tell what is the library you are going to use? Remember that you have to use more than two s paces. Oh, are you can use the top the tac ky. So the library I am going to use Iranian library and they have two Great. It just exactly the same that is here j So go here. They boots a menu in my body. Andan it's thing is going to be that reacts streets and I'm going to put here they're viable Valuables are those and let's see by animals are a place or a element where you can create or you can put some and values in order to make easier You're cold. However, we are not needing valuables in this test. Case is up to you if you decide to use valuables. But I want to show you what's the way to use the variables in the test cases. So in just for educational purposes and when to use a portable. But it's not necessary if if you are gone, if you're going just to to create a simple test case, as I am so enough it to his cases support sample had some test ladder and that would be useful if you are going to you. If you are going to create, for example, off to do something on need to be changed really frequently. So in order to, you know, Teoh do make easier and you don't need to a day or two Change your cold Really off, Tim. You can use valuables for that. The way that you use valuable. You use the dollar sign and you put dinning off the available. Now I'm going to use your work for the grocery and I'm going to use another body, for they were search. And why is that? If you're here for this creep, you will see that you're having a test case that at his case, world on also a browser, a browser. Maybe you will have to hear something like test data they told you is part of it. Uh, the off the tense cases and you can put here lie war to search. She's keys and you can yes, brochure going to be, for example, this is death data. So here you, when you see open the browser, you know that is going to be crumb on here. You can take today you're to search. This is a way to create this case, This case. So in our case, we didn't do that. However, I'm not in these information or to make it easy to understand the body, whole part, some in the browser. You just click here. You just use chrome and why you use chrome and why you have crowned this way. Because here in this Iranian library you will see a keyword that is called open browser began. You have like a cannon in this here. If you go to open a browser and you see Global crumb, he told you the way that you can't right crowds on your test case. So in these cases, from on, they were to say, which is going to eat tests. We copy something that I want to tell you. Remember to use the top key because you need more than two us paces here between the enemy on the bottle. Okay, then. Exception of your test case is they're keywords key worst. Not necessarily. Also, if you don't need to create anything, you don't need to use a key work. However, I'm going to use a keyword just to show you what's the way to use them. So when the keywords you just tied something like open today Mm. Said that tipped brown served every beat. This is not necessary is I'm just doing this to show you how to create a key work. But it's not necessarily that in this this case, because there is a key were on ready them. That is called open browser. And you, John, you can go directly to the to that. But yes, in this case, because on show you your first your bears cold and share when you this way. So however you can use open browser, it's a que were forced. Lillian library. Hold him. No, sir. And then you can't use these. The browser chrome. Okay. When Sorry. When you use did viable, you have to great it. It suddenly the same with the capital betters and everything as you created here. Him in the valuable sexual. Here in the open browser, you can set some parameters. One is the your kill. So you need to send first that you are held and then you can use the browser. Each coma it represents a tap on the information. So here I cannot use the browser first because I need to say and fiercely spares that your l on the your l is going to be www. That Google dad comes. You know, in case you have to include up. Also, the age did B test column slash slash www that Google that comes slash on then here between their your l on and here the browser you need Teoh, give a top key or you have to create more than two a spaces between them. Okay, so now you are sending appropriated there parameters for these key word. Okay, then the next section we want to create his cold test cases. Okay, remember that if you see everything in Jell O, it is because it is okay. So first you have to put the name off the test case here, So the base case name should be here in the title. So I copied these and I put these here in this case. Then they have to do a top here. And I'm going to start doing open ground, sir. So I create this key were open dissidents house, sir, for the Open brows, So I'm gonna pasted here. So as I told you, you can't do it directly. You don't need to create this keyword, and you can even delete the whole exception here. You don't need to include these can just delete that. But because I'm showing you what is the purpose of the keywords on? I think this. But you can also just copy this keyword directly here, paste it, and he's going to do it's actually the same on. Then you can believe the whole que perception. However, I want to show you how the keywords works. And out of these, I hope that this could be clear enough for you because and in the future, when you are working a security tester, you have to simplify your work. You need to complicate so much the things you just use some things when they are necessary on just showing you those tools on the exception because it is necessary to know the day it's is. But you don't need to be always using them if you are not comfortable with them. Well, ah, now you have the first step is open abroad. The browser on the 2nd 1 that its top in the browser that you're ill and hit Enter once it paces Loach, go to the test fire Untie the world to search That is going to be this. So I need to make sure that they that they that the pages low So what can I do to to see their pages alot My advice Here it's like Wait, you can't see something in the website. So I definitely go with Dickie. Were way until element is visible. But you have it here waiting dealer roominess peaceable and you have a deal. Wait until element is visible. So you need to send a locator and tang out over the road with the 1st 1 is is with the 1st 1 is just enough to tell their did the Robert framework and sell and leverage it here to wait until something is on the x scream. So what's gonna right? Wait home to many species full. I keep top on. I need to say this electoral or the identify for the for the enemy. So I have been away on Did these people of with peaceable how can I do that? I just sent it at the I d the ex pat or they see or this letter in my case and going to do I'm going to go these easy going to saying the I d Okay, on the ideas hp low. So I just can't be here. HP logo and thats hold way on the HP level. It's visible if if is basically is because we are on DCIS cream. So now the next step is to killed here and type test to search, right? I need the name off these elements. Okay. What? We need that because I'm going to import some tests on this part. Do input some tests on the bottom you need Ah, the word that is called in protest so well here and go to the input test. Input test is here he were. And here you will see you need first educator and then the test. For this time, I'm gonna show you how to do it with their ad spot. So on put input tests and then I'm going to do EDS. Pat equals you need you to expire its path. Oh, are. See, it's s if you are sending that information. Okay, So in this case is going to be the PAP. And what is that? It's part for the bottom For this feel that I'm going to use and just need to use these enemy Put it on blue. And here I have it. If you see here, there is not any I d. So that's good, because I'm going to you the it's part. So I don't need to, you know, to worried about he's not having I d because they had all the ways to tell the computer What's a day locator for that family? God be their head spot And I put it here. It tasted here and then I hit my top, okay, that I did something wrong. If you if you hit him on the top and happen something that is happening to me, that is just changing the capitan there, that is something that it's upped. It belongs to the territory. So that happens to you. Just ah, just he twice this pace weren't 12 and then he stopped talking. Okay, But don't change anything. Here in the eighth spot, the expats has to be exactly the same that you copy because otherwise it's going to find the they the element. If you change something in the head spoke. Okay? The next thing is in this and it's feel it needs to type the word to search. So I put here work to search. OK, nets, once you have that te keys you have to create on Google search. Okay, So, to hear on this bottom, I I am going to need again these and to select this bottom. Now I'm going to use there, sell it or okay, on the ones to be the world. Just clean, clean band. That's the key word. Then you're hungry. I'm going to use to create on the bar. Where is it? Pre Pre quickly. Elements clearly much treats link Click bottom. So I have it here. So I need just their locator. So I type here. Okay, I heat the top. I see. It s Are you close? Yeah. Here, I have it. So that's hold that you need to do the other test case is going to be. Oh, and missing something. Why did you hit the bottom? It needs to in its two. If if I heat here right, what is it? But what is the expected result? You have to resettle if ever solved with test casing Those So I need to receive test casing those. So what on what I'm going to do here is to verify that the name is a test case. Google search. Why is that? Because if I cleared here, if you see here, the title is mobile. But if I cleared on, search on Google is going to send me. They were and Google search. Okay, so there is a key word that is called tightened. Should be. And he's about the title off. What site? So where is it? Here. Title should be 1919 13 timeto I didn't see that I don't should be. And they had to give here the title. Right? So they use that once in Cleveland that Thai pills sure be so a top and side boob. It should be. Or to search. War to search and Sorry. I need to see here. Take the search. Google search with Kabila less. Well, search. Okay, That's all I have it. My whole test case complete down here. What's knits? I need to create the negative test keys, so I'm gonna give you some time to do it and then I will create the court. So go ahead, just stop video. I'm going and tried to do it and try to do the East test case. Yeah, so would you. Did it less find out how you did it on how I would do it. First time real closed today. It would cause a belt close. Browse here is Nike work that you can't Fine year school clothes browser that will Here crows browser. What you said when he's in recent closer. Closer. Yeah, and you just need to urinate just in any part of metres. She just years close browser and he's going to close about. Okay, so yeah, I close the roser and the the Nets thing is to create the test case Name? Not a bit here in the documentation this case is this one a copy? Hes okay now I need to just ongoing Teoh copy everything here because the only part that I am not going to do is to search is to search a word. So these per I can just delete it. I need Teoh if I see here. Open tie and hit. Enter. Okay. Well, uh, create on Google search bottom So it means that I need to create directly here without talking tape without tapping everything. If you are, if you are. If you have seen it enough you with realize if I cleared here, that is kind of window that is showing me the bottom in this bottom in the bottom off release. But if I don't type anything, that is not any window here. So I need delegator for thes bottom with not the window over that. So I create here on I I'm going to copy the selector here. Uh, I'm going to pay that senator here. It's finance. If it is the same, maybe maybe yes, maybe. No, but I'm going to peace. Okay, you see is not the same locator. So if you don't change, that is not going to clear on anybody. Because that bottom is not in there. He's not in. It's not visible because I need to create here in order to make it visible. Okay. However, I just read on these and it means that the title should be Google because it sure, until stay in the same window. So I am going to remove this and I'm going to remove them search, Okay. And then I'm going to close about, That's all. Just save liberals and yeah, that's whole. Finally, you had your co written in its class. We are going to Rome that coal and to see how it works. So yeah. Mm. I hope that you can do it. And well, I'm gonna show you how to the see you Internets class. 12. 11 UI Automation: Running the suite: on Dhere. We are with the last class when we are two way are almost going to run our cold that we create for our first class. Okay, so the way that I'm going to show you to run year round with framework test cases is but through the terminal. Well, night now is signed to run your, um, ation. The first thing you need to do is to go to the four there where you have a cold. You unready actually did it in the in the last class. So do the folder and it's in death talk. And then the first automation you to me on there. You can just try to create whole that clean and and go to the terminal window. Gay. You are going to need this CD command here. Yes, could hear CD and then you're going to see that you are all already in the folder because you see the title here. Now close your fingers and is going to be time to two rum. Your information Something that I want to tell you is that I get with here for ah these signs in documentation, but something that these and if you're clinically having that. You have to really? That Because it's not necessary for the look went Asian part. So yep. Here. And we have You just saved me, though. Here. Yes. Say, if you're go without any, get him in here. Just that word. Documentation and then cleat here. And well, as you are in the fourth with the terminar years type robot on the name of the folder that is class zero. Want road and hit. Enter. That's all that you need. Todo going to start doing these This case gait said something that the 1st 1 past the 2nd 1 you know, anywhere past the 1st 1 is not passing element. Not okay. If you are having these the best way to to know what is happening you go to the folder here and go to the lock. HTM l five And there you will see that something create bottom here. This is not saying that it I mean, not basically all exception. So it stays that this one is not visible. And if you go here, this is the good thing about of Ah wrote fame were just telling you basically, that is not after a cable border bottom. But I see the bottom gear. Something is not working well here. So we'll see what is happening. Just quit here and could hear on. Let's see if we up. Surely did. Will. The code is going to do on this trying to get rid of that. But test case. Okay. Yeah, I see. Here, pit and this bottle. You someone that belong to Yeah. Okay. Up. I need this. Okay. Yep. So copy. Go piece and a tour. Nicole. Quick bottom. Something that could be happening. It's that maybe is not recognized. That's a bottom. More like Adam in. So you can use. And I mean also, we'll help you to create your two. Great your test case. That is another another. Mm. Another key were here. It's called Create an Imam so you can look for that here. In the end, it's leak. A much link should be something like clean enemy. Okay. Yeah. Here. So you need just like locator. Okay, Sometimes it doesn't work because the program developers shoe put something like and bottom The elements should be a bottom. So if not if if it is not about him, is not going to work. However, I hope these absolute work. And I hope that we can get rid off the we're having. So just you put Robert class to one road indeed. Enter Going to open? Yeah, Tess case. Okay, so is still failing. Work him. Well, it's a steel saying that is not, uh okay. I'd say it's something that could be happening, That this element is not be sickle on the point. Okay, so but we're going to do is wait until animal this people wait. And that man people keyword so that we give some time to the browser to see if the bottom off the element is being low. Okay, let's see if we can get really off the mark. So far. Yes. Oh, yeah, we did it. That was this thing. And now it's failing because off another thing and see, what's the problem now? Okay, Test case yet I know. What's the problem? The problem? It is because I am a Spanish speaker he's using instead of of Google search. It's pouring the Spanish word that this car Congo go. So why that can do with this is to get rid off their back change in deciding off. Let's do it. And how can I do that? The sightings of Google. I am really sorry. I just forgot that I put it in. Okay, so here you would have done language. Yeah, we're gonna change fish. Anything English in English. But diploma is for me. Stanley Stelling me now. Uh, yeah. When we got a new one, he's ran. He's being Spanish. I am going to get rid off that maybe you don't. You won't have that problem because you are going to have a in English, the English one and browser. So it's not necessary to change that. However, I am going to change because of poor port of make it work. So in Spanish is standing with car Congo. Good. So anything to change its here we will. Search was okay. So maybe if you are not an English speaker, maybe you're the fall browser is going to lot in your in your native language because off this zone, you are working with your computer So dumb. Don't take so much time off that even at least you're testing the language. However, I'm gonna make out. Finally. That's one and yet Oh, sorry. And you don't go to the folder TV. He's four under You do here and there and then and went problem Class C Rwanda Road. And they hope hope to finish the class. Yeah, and yeah, it passed on the other one pass and yeah, now you know, to review a lot five also and how to run a test case with road finger you're really create the report that waas defend that we create Mannelly so you can open the report and you can see all test cases here. And you will see with the with the name and the title. And if you go here, you will see that the documentation they want that you put you clean under and is going to go to the documentation with their we did that I had with the taste cases. So that's all we are going to create more complicated this cases in the future. And I hope you can if you have any doubt or anything that you want to ask, just go to deception and ask to me See you in the next class 13. Closing: End of the class: Are you happy enough with my class? Remember to review it on. Give me your comments about it. I will be extremely happy to read it and receive it. See you soon in the nest class.