Roblox Scripting Made Easy for Beginners! Learn How to Create Games! | Mr. CoolTeacher | Skillshare

Roblox Scripting Made Easy for Beginners! Learn How to Create Games!

Mr. CoolTeacher, Roblox Game Developer, YouTuber

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13 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Welcome to the Scripting Club!

    • 2. Setting Up Roblox Studio for Scripting

    • 3. Explorer Folders Explained

    • 4. Use Variables to Stay Clean

    • 5. Creating, Cloning, Destroying

    • 6. Customzing a Part from a Script

    • 7. Use Events to Make Explosive Lava

    • 8. Deep Dive Into Functions

    • 9. All About If Statements

    • 10. Having Fun with While Loops

    • 11. It's For Loop Time

    • 12. How to Read the Roblox Dev Wiki

    • 13. Make Your Own Game!

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About This Class

Created for You

This guide is designed for everyone, including you! The videos are short, packed with knowledge and have MEMES in them so it'll be a blast to watch for anybody! A course like this is truly nothing you've ever seen before and I really recommend you give it a try if you want to create your own Roblox games!

You've probably always wanted to make your own game. If that's true then this course will really help you because scripting is needed for every game. I really want you to turn your game development dreams into a reality because that's my dream too!

Enjoy Learning

I've been scripting and making games for many years. I've learned how to script fluently through those years so I can teach people effectively. This course took a very long time to create because I wanted to make the learning experience fun! The course is finally available and I hope you're excited to learn!

Learning Goals

In this course you'll learn how to:

  • Open and set up Roblox Studio for scripting
  • Understand what the folders in the explorer are used for
  • Use variables to organize your script
  • Create, clone and destroy from a script
  • Customize a part and turn it into a masterpiece
  • Use events to create explosive lava
  • Use if statements to check things
  • Create your own custom functions
  • While loops and how to break a loop
  • Both types of for loops
  • How to read the wiki

At the end of the course, you're going to get a cool project! The project combines everything you learn from this course to create your very own game!