Roadmap to Your Best Vacation | Jaclyn Green-Stock | Skillshare

Roadmap to Your Best Vacation

Jaclyn Green-Stock, FInding adventure

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9 Videos (17m)
    • 1 Roadmap to Your Best Vacation

    • 2 Know Thyself

    • 3 Plan a Perfect Vacation

    • 4 Researching aka Staring at Instagram

    • 5 Getting Lost to Be Found

    • 6 Go Local

    • 7 How to Make Friends

    • 8 Be a Traveler Not a Tourist

    • 9 Finding Adventure


About This Class


Planning a trip, or hoping to soon? Together we’ll create your very own curated guidebook that will be a roadmap for your upcoming travel. We'll go step by step together to make sure you know where to find unique and local travel experiences, both before you go on your trip and during. Along the way I'll include lessons learned from my travels, and include stories from my recent trip to Bucharest that illustrate what we're learning!






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Jaclyn Green-Stock

FInding adventure

Jaclyn is an explorer and traveler who loves finding unique experiences wherever she goes. She has traveled with friends, family, and within the past several years become become a fan of solo travel. Jaclyn believes that anyone can find adventure anywhere, as long as they keep their eyes open along the journey. Ironically, her terrible sense of direction has led her to leave the map behind and wander into some amazing street markets, concerts, and neighborhoods. Jaclyn is taking the Flight 00...

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