Roadmap to Success: Communicate Your Project to Anyone!

Naomi Freeman, Founder. Entrepreneur.

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10 Videos (31m)
    • Introduction

    • What is a Roadmap?

    • Tools

    • Getting Started

    • Creating Swimlanes

    • Creating Milestones

    • Adding Tasks

    • Tagging Risks

    • Adding Status Trackers

    • Wrapping Up


About This Class

Do you want to better communicate your business idea with your teammates, employees, advisors, partners, and even investors?

A project roadmap is a great addition to your toolbelt! The project roadmap is a graphical, high level overview of your company/project/product’s deliverables presented on a timeline. This isn’t a detail heavy project plan - think of it more as a snapshot that can be easily shared with a variety of people.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur starting your own company, a chief technology officer tasked with figuring out what needs to be built when, or you just want to sharpen your project communication and management skills, this class is for you.

You’ll learn how to develop a compelling, usable project roadmap for your company, project, or future business.

As a class project, you’ll use my template to create a project roadmap that gets employees, contractors, mentors and curious investors understanding your product, project or company like never before.

Through this video series we’ll work together to create an easy-to-understand product roadmap that includes:

  • project goals and objectives
  • a timeline
  • important milestones and deliverables
  • possible risks
  • dependencies (what work relies on other work getting done first)

No prior experience required!

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I am new to the business side of this and found the step-by-step instruction very helpful.





Naomi Freeman

Founder. Entrepreneur.


I am Naomi, a founder and entrepreneur, living in the far corner of the world, in the mountains in Norway. I am an adventurer, lover of all things glitter, initiator, and a super book nerd. My full-time job is as an idea broker - I help people make their ideas become super real and super awesome.

I've been nominated as one of the Women of Influence for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards, and had an extraordinary opportunity as 1 of only 8 founders worldwide to att...

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