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Rise and Shine! Start Your Day with Yoga.

teacher avatar Eva Schroeder, Yoga teacher & Student of Life

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Lying Yogi Warm Up

    • 2. Seated Yogi Warm Up

    • 3. Standing Yogi Warm Up

    • 4. A modified Sun Salutation to greet your day

    • 5. Warm Up Goodness with Sun Salutations

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About This Class

Hello my friend,
Roll out of bed and step straight onto your Yoga mat for a class to wake you up, get you energised and set up for a successful day ahead.

Do one of the short lessons or combine them with each other. They all have a somewhat different focus:

- We'll start lying down
- move up to do some seated work
- move up onto our knees, to then progress all the way to standing up
- In the mix you'll find a gentle Sun Salutation modification, that's adapted to get you ready for the last session:
- a lovely variation of the timeless Sun Salutation (A) flow

If you've not yet watched my class "How to get started. Without bending yourself into a pretzel", do go ahead to schedule some time to check it out. It'll give you some helpful pointers if this is your first ever yoga experience.

I hope you'll love it! If you do, I'd appreciate it if you could take a moment to give me a thumbs up.

As always, do get in touch with any questions you may have.
Many thanks and much love, happy practicing! 

Enjoy moving! 
Namaste Yogi!

P.S. My favourite translation of the word "Namaste" is: "The Soul Within Me Bows To The Soul Within You" A beautiful greeting and acknowledgment of mutual respect to the divinity within us.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Eva Schroeder

Yoga teacher & Student of Life


What strange times we find ourselves in. Times that call us all to stop, more than ever, to breathe, to become still. To notice the mind "stuff", notice the feelings and emotions, the way we react to what we're facing. To find balance. In all areas of your life.

Take this surreal, incredible opportunity to tune inwards, to journey inside of yourself, to elevate consciousness. And in the meantime, let our world recover and take a breath as well...

If you feel stressed or overwhelmed by the happenings of the past months, here's my invitation to you: 

Breathe deeply.

Take a deep belly breath IN.
And a deep long breath OUT.
Repeat that 3 times. Do it now.

Then let your breath fall to a more natural rhythm again. A... See full profile

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1. Lying Yogi Warm Up: Hi, guys. So this is a nice little cool down to do after your run after any training session, and you will want a strap for this one, or belt anything that you can loop around your foot. Now I'll show you in a moment, so lie on your back on a spring anyth into your chest year so just rocked from side to side , a little running a little massage for the spy in the muscles around your spine. If you bring the knees a little away from each other on a few circles here with your my bones in the hip socket, maybe hold here, linger here for a moment and then study peonies back into your chest and extending your left leg down to the floor. So that's too much for the left hip flexor here. Feel free to just bend you knee however much. However, uh, it feels good. Here we go and then keep drawing your right knee into your chest. Year. You may feel a little compression here off the right hip flexor, maybe final massagee a little sway and rock from side to side. Respond a little movement, little openness and just going to encourage a little little circulation. And then whenever we release the this compression here, while the fresh blood can flow back into that area and then slowly just bend, just open your right knee to the right. I just find it a little bit more for the inner thigh. Here, notice what's happening in your left hip. So if you left hip it's lifting up a lot. Just take your left hand and press it down to the floor just to find a little evenness here in your pelvis and relation to your spines. They really want to move the stretch into the right hip rather than into into the sacred me in your lower back. Well, I use a little bit of you, um, core strength here to draw the left side down and then slowly bring your need back up and then extend your leg up towards the ceiling cable. You won't need your stuff and just loop it around around here. Foot on hold onto the struck wide high here so you can just relax your arms and your shoulders a little bit more, which is gonna help the structure a little bit. Yeah, a little bit easier here. So if you can't quite straight in the link, just keep it bend, but see whether you can keep the knees somewhat on top of the hip. So if you way far out here, it's gonna be quite a lot of effort for your arms as well. They just find a little bit of that. You bend in your knees long as you feel the stretch in the back of your legs. That's exactly where you want to be. So don't worry about it. So see in hell for a little effort. So press into your strap. Has he excel now? Either bend, straighten the leg a little bit more, or maybe hug it in towards you a little bit more. So you just want to find a little of that length in the back of your legs. It just said in a little bit of that edge and just see where you're at. Then hold it there for a few moments. So with the Ian, how find a little length the egg cell. Maybe deepen the stretch a little bit more? No, the times way. Yeah, I tend to just brush through the stretches after one you just wanna get it out of the way, but see what they can. Just find a little moment here just to run in the last that into this stretches and just relax your shoulders and arms. So the fashion on the connective tissue of the hamstrings it is directly connected to the fashion of the lower Bacchus. Well, now, obviously the structure and the pelvis. So whenever the hamstrings tightened up a little, that May or yeah, the media has a direct effect on the on the lower back, A swells. It just be nice and easy, nice and gentle here. Relax into that stretch and he knows the whole back line of your body is starting to soften a little bit more. Let's take a woman deep in how Lengthen the length and we draw the toast towards a little bit more. On it slowly is released. The strap been uni dimensional left legs. Well, if it's not already bend, they cross your right, take over, bring it on space side, really hips underneath each other, and then they do knees. Move over to the left. Here, look over to your right side. Take that deep full breast. maybe take your left hand onto your right knee a little way down during your right shoulder down to the floor. Lindsay, where they can find that deep, full breath again. Notice where exactly you feel the strips that may be in your shoulder, maybe your rib cage or you lower back. Maybe the hip a little bit goes a little bit deeper into the hip than a normal spinal twist . Let's take one more full big breath in and then slowly whose release Younis back into your chest. Squeeze little hug and then extend your right like down to the floor. Change sides again, staying here. Just hold you left knee and you may already feel it in the right hip, the right hip flexor. And again, if that's too much to spend your right knee, Do you want it just as much? And it's often is you need Teoh. You don't want to push you but yourself beyond beyond what you would be happy to do, especially after you've done the training session, your muscles and your bodies only gonna be tired already. I just just encourage it to open up rather than force yourself to move into a stretch when open your left knee to the left. Same here from that organization. The left inner thigh. When we take your right hand onto your right hip, gently press that down, get any movements. I feel good. Maybe that don't feel so good. Just find a little Oh, my Sasha. And then slowly bring any back. Take your stop, wrap it around your foot and I find out lengthy again, says he inhale. Reach the hill up, newsy exile, maybe straight in the leg a little bit more. Maybe hug it towards a little bit more again. And really doesn't matter if that's where you are right now. Just been Do me a little hold on to the strap a little higher. We're gonna ease into that starting you may probably were already feeling in the back of your leg. Also noticed at this point whether you collapsing somewhat in the left side waist here, do you want to find a nice long spine at any time? So Robbie left outer hip towards the front of your mat here and little length on. That may just be very subtle. For now. Let's see what they can just find a little awareness of that. Well, let's take one more deep full breath in here, the excel. Maybe deep in the stretch. A little, Um, it's money. This spend any, then you write me, cross the left knee over your right and then slowly rule over to your right. Same here. Look over to the left shoulder. Take it full. Deep breath into the spying into the area way feel the twist the most. I'm gonna draw your left shoulder down towards the floor. There you want to have a balance, a little bit of a balance between the left shoulder and the left knee. A little smile only face on. Then slowly where the next x hell, Slowly bring your knees backing. None rock from side to side on. Roll over to your left and process off back up so you can do this again after a run. You can do this in the morning or in the evening before you go to bed. It's nice one as well. Just find a little open this year. I hope you enjoy and have a good rest of your day number 2. Seated Yogi Warm Up: hi guys. So this is a nice, gentle seated warm up, so come to see cross legged position. If you having trouble sitting cross legged, you can pop yourself up onto a block, a bowl stop or blanket or a big book to elevate your hips up a little. And that's going to just make it a little easier to sit up nice and tall if you lower backs . No, when you have sex is are not very happy sitting cross legged. So we're going to start by just finding a couple of breath here. So really breathe all the way down into the lower lung's front, a little expansion into your rib cage into the back of your lungs as well. There's really find that full capacity within your lungs, finding that three day and three dimensional shape within your lungs. It was kind of sent a find a couple of breath here, maybe, and release a little through the hip Flexo through your legs. If you hyper Mobil, we're very flexible in the hip. You may not have any trouble sitting cross legged, so what we're gonna do is take the left hand over to this side, take your right arm up on gently. Stretch it over to the left. I'm just gonna find a little way. If yes, if you inhale, come up example over to the right changing sides. Begin how? Excel over to the left and how come up excel over to the right. I was thinking one more. Here. Listen, mate is stretching it out, holding it here for moments. So medial, right, sitting bone down and then region right hand up a noise. They want to stretch in both directions. You can even look down. Maybe case up a little bit more of that movement here. Three. A right shoulder. Gently press into your left hand. Notice I can shoot a little easier into the into the hip here, take more, more deviant house stretchered away and then slowly bring yourself back. Let's come over to the right side. Same here. Reach a left hand up in the way. She's your variation for your neck. Maybe what? Your right elbow ins. You can relax through your right shoulder a little bit more on final movement here, through the left of that feels good. Take a little pressure into the and right hand. Were last full breath in and slowly bring yourself back So find yeah, it will be more of that length here through your waste. No team. Reach both arms up intel A of your hands and impress your palms up towards the ceiling. So in that strength yet route up Can you relax through your hips and your legs? A little jury 1,000,000,000 Take a deep full breath And if you excel some twist over to your left side here So find your obliques and hold it here for more on Keep pressing our arms up towards the ceiling on Keep holding that twist and breathe here fully deeply Into that twist into that strength the excel maybe twisted out a little more and then slowly come back to center. Digger, Full breath in on. We're going to go over to the right, so squeeze it out. Noticing the arms, their starting together. Get a little baggy, Press them up, Mason strong. Here, take another full big breath into the twist. Excel completely. I'm in. Slowly bring yourself back. Relax your arms by your side of your shoulders. Little rigor. They're gonna come into another twists now. So take your left hand behind you. You can come on your fingertips, maybe in your palms, or maybe your fingers to elevate your a little bit more so finally, more of that length and its support in your spine to sit up nice and tall. Take your right hand, Teoh your left knee or you're right. Eso your left leg and Ian hat lengthen up first in that space between the vertebra and then it's excelled, wasted out, maybe gaze over towards the left shoulder when still gave reaching that right shoulder back a little a spell. So you find that hopeless in your chest year. So it take a deep full breath into your mid back on excel completely and see where they can find the same engagement off the muscles that he just engaged in the previous exercise. In the previous twist, I also noticed, if you're right hip, kind of reaching forward, gently draw their backs again. You're breathing as you're twisting from your mid back rather than from your sacrum in your lower back. Let's take more last deep full breath and excel completely this thing a little bit more, and then so you come back to center. I'm gonna move over to the other side. Right hand behind here, Left hand. You're right. Like in half and at length first. And then as he excel, twist it out. Get noticed. The left hip reached that back a little. Breathe into the site. 40 maybe Lean back a little. No, I can If I little bit more space, wave your breath and then just deadly Gaze over to your right shoulder. Let's take one last deep breath in on the exhale Slowly come back to center. Spend gentle counter, twist you for the last one. We're going to walk our hands forward. Don't make more of a deeper stretch for the hips, so simply walk your hands forward, maybe find little sway from side to side. And it doesn't matter how far you go here. How are you? Conformed yourself forward. Some people are happy like flood down on their belly, and some people just happy up here, so keep it lengthening. Store your spine, and if you feel that strong sensation in the hip, just pause there. Holder there and gently hold it until you find a little bit of that ease so can single little deeper and it may not be. Today may not be next week, but simply work on your breath, expanding out on an excel, surrender into that stretch and just kind of relax through your neck in your face and again , whatever you are, does this reach your fingertips forward and then see what he can. Walk them over to the left here. If you want a little bit more, reach your right fingertips forward, but route your right hip down into the map. And again that same concept. We want to stretch in both direction here opposite director. So find that internal strength that inner strength to lengthen in both sides. Relax your head relaxing face. Then it slowly walking thing it is back to the center and then all the way over to the left side, saying Here, reach also over to the right region. Left fingertips forward. Read your left hips back like a deep full breath in on this lonely walking things back to the center on. Come all the way back up again. They're gonna change the crossing of our lakes really briefly, so you to just even it out. This may be the awkward cipher you notice how that feels, but see what they can find. That same lift up through your spine. I literally walk if it working fingers forward by little sway from side to side. Same here and maybe this maker into the into the opposite hip and then slowly walk ins over to the right in had to lengthen, excel, think and just kind of surrender into that stretch on and slowly walking fingertips back to the center and then all the way over to the left she route. You're right sitting bone down these into the right side. Maybe take your right fingertips forward a little more you and relax cynic on this lonely walking thing toe stuck to the center and gently bring yourself back up again. And there you go, Well done. 3. Standing Yogi Warm Up: so this group is a nice little running warm up, but we are going to start in on all fours, positions on on your hands and knees. Hips are comfortable, listens away from each other. Ham's about shoulder with systems taquitos for now. So I'm just started with a couple of cat Count Monte is a little bit of that decompression for this fine vinyl rounding here. So again, with the in house, just let your belly job till the palace would looking up and with the excel around a spine , rolled your back and run each other on just a few more. Tilt your palace forward, my spine follow. Rule the shoulder blade spark X out till the pelvis back around your spine and final engagement here in your arms already says you press the floor way hell, get elbows in towards each other. Little get all moans back into the socket. I just noticed wearing your spine when you're spending can feel any niggles. Maybe find a couple of side women from a few hours sells anything that feels good. Every couple of circles started back towards your heels at home. Stretch for the soles of the feet which for some people can be quite tight here. So the fashion underneath if it just get quite tight sometimes. And, yeah, you feel just be gentle here. So oppressive feats of presidents into the mat, huggy elbows in and then hubby Almonte's again back into the soccer final support. Long stability, Joy. A 1,000,000,000 sudden lift your knees up and slowly making way into a downward facing dog shape. And it's always just gonna find a little mobility here. When you left me, bend your right knee, stretching out the cars, maybe draw with heels home and then lift them up again. There's a little little length feel pivot from side to side, getting into the site body a little here as well. Deer rib, cage up homes. When I see Ian Howell again, reaching fills up on an Excel on, draw them both down. So I remember. Just keep a bend in your knees to find that link through your spine, I slowly look forward. All we're gonna do its work. The feet forward was given any. Spend a little balance here, factory your feet about hip width distance. Just let your head hang for moment. Maybe shake it our little sway from side to side. Shake it your head. We hold onto opposite elbows here and find a little happiness and your upper body, but then started pressing feet down into the mouths of them. Little engagement. Notice a little off that engagement off the muscles with Vigna wings running all the way into the Korea. I was lonely, soft. Many's men round your spine, so rolled it up. Keep pressing the feed, the homeless. He find that lightness is your oldest spine. Oh, little way up, I got So let's find a little bit of that standing Natural Foundation again. As we just said, press a feet down into the mountain. You may even just lift old toast, appear for moments or lift them up. Final of that activation of the arches on the niece of feet. It was kind of pressed the four points in off your feet into the floor. So I just underneath the big tear it a little toe and just on the outside, off both yours. Years have a little bit of that engagement down, Finding that energy that muscular energy coming all the way up suddenly release the toast you never wanted grip with your toes, just finally at ease in the toes, but still then activation year off the the artist underneath to keep that that strengthen that connection to the floor. So again, I see over as if you do then find a little off that core strength already, so press down knows a little. Rise here through your spine, that neutral palace. In fact, bring your fingers to your hips here and just find a couple of pelvic till it's back and forward. There's notice when movement you confined here, notice if you tell your pelvis forward how you can final dip in the lower back, which, if you go too far, you may feel a little little pinching little discomfort in the lower back and say with the other side. So if you tell your pelvis back notice tell you my my upper backgrounds a little here, so find that position here and then the position of your pelvis, where your spine is at its longer it feels and its longest on just work from there. So find that midline off the post, and from here somebody could relax your shoulders a little bit more and another long tip. If you bring a pops forward, knows a little bit of that outward rotation of your of your arms of your ambrosia to find even more off that opener through the chest. The nice and nice and easy. You know, relax your arms, relaxed the head and a little smile on your face. And then we took crown of their head up towards the ceiling. So His Majesty drawing down So the feet you want, it'll find out, lifting the lightness up through the crown of the head. We keep your chin tucked a little. We'll take a couple of deep breath. Years are really brave into your side body on an exile, little hugging in towards the midline again, Big brother on an Excel completely eso with the next in how bring both arms wide and then all the way up, Reach up from such and then excel like the arms by your side. That and again, Ian, how? Read your arms up, Maybe lift your shoulder blades nice and high here as well, and Excel rallies one more hit. Big inhale reach both arms up on an Excel runnings. Now keep us Solis. Nice and low and seeing how once more bring your arms up No crap your right wrist. I under stretch over to the left and then inhale slowly bring it up, excel over to the right and how to come up and then exile one more time over to my left on an in house load. Ever get back on an excel over to the right in how bring arms by your side Keeping that same stone foundation And then all we're gonna do is just bringing arms wide here. We're gonna find a couple of circles here and see how you can move from your shoulder blades rather than too much from your big arm muscle here. So find that that movement coming from your back a little bit of that rotation Here I go slowly making most circles become a little bigger. Keep those arms nice and strong Nations strike here, keep drawing a belly and keep pressing your feet into them as well. And then let yer circles become really big. Maybe final. Oh, little warming up here already And I really, really, really big. I mean slowly excited here, going backwards. So finding again This is big circles. First I'm in slowly. What then becomes smaller and smaller and smaller. Find a couple more here. I'm in slowly. That's relief. Let's give them a little We'll shake here. Right. So let's, um, step to the front. Over on that, Um, I'm gonna move into 3/2 sun salutations. They're gonna move into that a little bit later in more detail later. But for now, simply again, bring your feet hip distance apart. Price iffy down from that same strong foundation or mobility. A little movement here in the palace. Gioia your belly in on again in how Just take one full breath and on an Excel readies leave the next in helping both thumbs nosing why he'd lift up with the excel slowly Benjani's ever so slightly Fold yourself forward in hell. Come half my upbringing. Hands to the knees. Liberty is my bones even found a little shoulder lift up in excel to fold again Here as much as you can see in a press the feet down Lived yourself up nice along palms touch and then relax your arms by your side and again inhale Keep your spine soup along here Asi exhale slowly fold yourself. What changing from your hips in have come halfway excel. Fold a little deeper, maybe a little again in help. Bring your arms out, Pressed IFI. Don't keep up strength in your core here. Nation needs a long and keep that support. Moving from that space is the x Alec and slowly fold his health food and how come halfway on an Exhale release again and then press the feed down. Lived yourself up. I'm an excel. Relax arms buyers out to do a couple more here. So Ian helping both leaks Andre. Those movements excel. Fold hisself forward in how Come halfway Excel. Release on an inhale again. Lift yourself up. Float up on such excel relaxed one Us on here big in a Bring yourself up press if you don't keep that length in your spine and how halfway excel. Twofold on the pain. How to press itself back up again. I'm an excel. Relax your arms by your side. Thank you so much. Well done. Off to the next clip 4. A modified Sun Salutation to greet your day: stand at the front off your mat on a slight engagement in your legs. Soft through the knees during a 1,000,000,000. Let the crown off your head. Reach up. Don't take a moment to just tune in here. Find a few deep breath all the way into the lower lungs. The rib cage on the back, off the lungs as well. Was he in hell? Read your arms above your head. Look up, homes. Touch, Excel, Release your arms again and how. Repeat Big Full breath and re Jones Excel Relaxing arms by your side one more time. Big inhale. Reach your arms up. Exaggerate those movements. Exile release. Is he in Helmand? Add on now palms. Touch, Excel. Fold yourself forward, bending the knees as much as you need to in hell. Come halfway up. Hands to the knees, shins or floor X sound Default. NL has come up again wide. Three. Arms palms touch above your head. Excel, relax your arms by your side in helping her arms up. Excel. Fooled yourself forward again. Bend even easier if you need to. In her come halfway up, look up along through the spine. Excel, folding forward and again to come up all the way syndrome Mia Hips Excel Relax your arms by your side in Halligan Arm's reach Excel, fold yourself forward in hell halfway up, Look up you the XLR Plenty hands and step your right foot back in challenge. Place your right knee down to the floor, left knee tracks right above your left ankle. Dry left upon back ce inhale. Reach both arms up Roy. Rebellion. Lift up excel plenty hunts and step back into your planks and nails and strong reach the heels back crown of the head reaches forward Placing these down, I'm being a elbows in towards the way. Stay open any color bones nationwide in the upper body except press it up in how you know press it up. Excel l was in and slowly Lois off all the way down to the floor. Roll your shoulder blades back. Final movement here and the shoulders. You mean how come into your baby Cobra lived your upper body up tax era leas in 100 Valley and lived up Accel Release more, more time big in. I'll also stay strong annual express the tops of the feet down on and then find that engagement tuck your toes, press yourself back through your child's pose. Back up into your downward facing dog. Lift up nice and high. That's it. A wonderful breath year. Finding a length through the spine. The back of your legs. One. Have been your knees and walk your feet forward meeting your hands at the top. You know the lengthen a little and then maybe release a little deeper on Bend your knees. Press yourself up all the way pumps touch above your head. Excel really second side in how Reach your arms up. Excel folding forward. Listen long through the back in hell, half weap. Excel plenty and spending his left foot steps back into lunch. Place the left knee down in havering. Both arms up Roy ability in Reach it away from your right thigh. Plenty hunts. Stepping back into plank. I know that Excel place he needs down straightaway. L was moving half. Push up again. Press it back up. Excel halfway, maybe a little less. And then in hell process back the last one. Hold it for a moment and then lower yourself A whole the way down. No, from your role, your shoulder blades. Back then, slide your elbows and right underneath the shoulders. Yet your forearms of hair alot find a few movements with your head. A little release for the next year. We'll see what we can. Final engagement through your shoulder plates. Squeeze them together. Draw your belly and up towards the sternum under your belly in. So you wanna tell the palace back ever so slightly, finding a little Lift your of your belly happen away from the floor. Take a deep full breath in from that opening. If it's too much for the lower back, just lower down alone, bringing hands on the knees or shoulders again on and slowly slide your hands underneath the shoulders. Maybe a little lower next to the rib cage. Tuck the toes in and find out strength to press yourself back up into your force. Andan reached back into downward facing dog. I was walking our little any movements that feel good. Release with head and neck on the heels down. Reached the hips up on that length through the lower back and walk your feet forward. Length near spinal. More excel to release. Well, I'm impressed. The feet down from that strength through leg come up with a loan back. Little bubble their exile. Release your arms by your site. One more full breath in excel release. 5. Warm Up Goodness with Sun Salutations: so come to the top of your mat Taken in Al. Bring both arms up as he excel Folding forward, See in hell Come halfway up. Hands to the floor, Knees, oceans and an excel Release plenty hands. Step your right foot back, left foot straight into your plank. Place your knees down, Elbows in Big Inhale coming up into Cobra Exile. Released Tuckett hosts and press it back into downward Facing up. Lift it up nice and high on bended knees as much as you need to just work on lengthening the spine. First land and take one more deep And how here look forward on the step Your right foot forward left foot steps for than in hell to lengthen and excel, maybe to deepen the stretch A little pricey heels don't come up all the way Pumps touch, Excel Relax your arms by your side Second round, big in our arms up Excel Folding forward in hell. Come halfway up, Look up, exhale plenty and spend any step back into your plank and again place your knees down, up, bring it elbows and stay open And your collarbones Exile flowing down all the way, you know, roll the shoulder blades back. Three. Core towards your heart, Aaron and presses off back into downward facing dog and just take a few rounds of breath here. Really, press your hands down, preserve feet down. Notice I can get a little upward lift lightness in your upper body little ground reaction force I've been with the next Excel. Let's gently bend your knees again. Look forward on step your left foot forward right foot steps forward in how to wriggle the spine out of the hips. Excel to release a little deeper and then inhale. Bring arms wide and up again. Excel Release your arms by your side in helping both arms up. Lift up stronger your core excel hinging from the hips. Inhale. Come halfway up. Look up eggs elegant. Plant your hands, Step it back into plank. Wonderful breath here. Excel placing any sound at all bows in glory stuff done in How keep your core engaged. Start up towards your heart, eggs a little, waving your spine and then press yourself back into your downward facing dog. Reach your heels down towards the floor. They don't have to touch the floor. Much is still final lift. You and your thigh bones back and up. Really find at length in the back of your legs. My that full d brother, Bend your knees, Look forward step or maybe a little hop forward meeting a hands at the top. Take that in out of lengthen Excel to release a little deeper and then swoop it up all the way. Palms touch above yet Excel Relax arms, you know again re Jones up all the way. Stay strong in your core as he fold forward in hell. Come halfway up. Excel Plant You had stepped back into plank in that same here's a press. The hands down is his lonely place in these down and lower yourself all the way. Done finding that engagement in your upper body in your rib cage, hugging everything in towards the mid line and then press it back into downward facing dog lifted up and see what you can. Just move your shoulder blades away from the ears a little so the upper arm bones can hug towards each other. Must be nice and broad in your on your upper back. You isn't easy in your breath and take more, more full breath. I love eggs elegance Step A little hopeful would meet your hands. Take that in How to lengthen Excel To draw yourself in a little deeper is he? Now bend your knees a little, come up with a long back and then exhale. Relax your arms by your side. In her last round, our press the feed Down Excel. Fold forward in how come halfway up, Look up, excel plenty and step back into your plank and again float down through that strength. Place your knees down elbows point back and then inhale. Find that openers in your chest lived up maybe a little, maybe a lot, and then reaching back into your downward facing dog and find out. Foundation. Percy, hands down. Press your feet down, then take that full deep breath all the way into the bottom of your lungs and make your breath a tool to stretch your lungs. Can you find that deep, full delicious breath and again with your ex talent has been, do needs. Look forward. Step a little. Hop forward. Media hands excel to release a little deeper on. Bring your arms up and relax arms by your side. Take wonderful breath. No must a thank you very much