Ring Weaving: How to Weave A Beautiful Tapestry On A Ring with a Radial Warp

Anne Jantz, Yarn Painter

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3 Videos (34m)
    • Ring Tapestry Weaving Radial Warp Segment #1 Introduction

    • Ring Tapestry Weaving Radial Warp Segment #2 Adding the Warp

    • Ring Tapestry Weaving Radial Warp Segment #3 Weaving on Your Ring


About This Class

In this class World traveler, Anne Jantz will show you how to complete a tapestry weaving on a large metal ring. Anne learned to weave in Sweden, and then took classes in Belgium and Australia. Anne is passionate about weaving tapestries. She describes the experience as painting with yarn. Ring weaving is a type of off-loom weaving. It is a convenient and inexpensive alternative to weaving on a loom. You can carry your ring and the yarn anywhere to do your work. Rings are not only inexpensive, they are also all ready to hang once your weaving is done. First, Anne will show you how to put the warp strings onto the ring, which is the inside structure for the tapestry. For this first experience Anne will have you apply a radial warp. Then she will demonstrate how to apply the weft, which is the part of the weaving that goes across, over and under the warp strings and becomes the face of the tapestry. Tapestry weaving is a weft-faced type of weaving, which means you don't see the warp except at the ends of the weaving. Then Anne will demonstrate plain weaving (also called tabby weaving), soumak, and rya. She will also demonstrate how to accent your piece with beading as a possible option. Adding fringe is another option. You will finish up with a gorgeous wall hanging you will be proud to show to your family and friends.










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Anne Jantz

Yarn Painter

  Anne Jantz has been an artist all her life, and loves many types of art. Anne has a B.F.A. in Painting and Sculpture and a Masters Degree in Art Education/Art Therapy, both from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.She also has studied art in the 7 countries and 7 states she's lived in with her husband and soulmate, Bill. She studied fiber art in Sweden, Belgium, Germany and Australia. Anne also writes children’s books because she loves children, animals, flowers, and bright, joyful colors. (Also, she never really grew up.) Anne and Bill live in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. They have two grown children, both married with children of their own.  Anne’s 5 grandchildren help plan her books, and they also do a lot of the video work for her classes.

"I learned to weave in Sweden. Sweden is a mecca for hand-weaving, and I was so fortunate to be able to learn it there. My husband was working a lot of hours at Volvo in Gothenburg, Sweden, and I was getting pretty bored. It was B.C. in our marriage (Before Children) so I didn't have a lot to do all day. I couldn't work there because I couldn't speak the language, so I contacted the American Information Service in Gothenburg and asked them to find a weaving school for me. They called back with the name of Tyra Persson's Weaving School, and I went there to meet Tyra. She was adorable! She was in her 70's, and she laughed a lot. She taught weaving in her home on the second floor, and you could hear the looms booming overhead when you walked in the house. She had about 9 other students, mostly Swedish ladies and one Norwegian. Tyra spoke no English, I spoke no Swedish, but we just clicked. I spent a year in her school, learned a lot of wonderful techniques, and got so hooked on weaving. Later I studied in Belgium and Australia. I am passionate about weaving. It is just like painting with yarn."