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Riichi Mahjong for beginners

Kim Parkkinen

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6 Lessons (1h 28m)
    • 1. Intro to the course

    • 2. The tiles

    • 3. Starting the game

    • 4. Playing the game.

    • 5. Scoring

    • 6. Full game with commentary


About This Class

Do you want to learn Riichi Mahjong?

No, not the abomination that you may know from western computer games, but the Japanese variant of original Chinese game that resembles Poker with forming hands with the mahjong tiles and then scoring said hands.

This course will go through the absolute basics of the rules and the tiles and ending with a full game played against other people in tenhou.net.

I love this game and hope you gain something from this!



1. Intro to the course: hello and welcome to this short tutorial series about the easy Marjon. The easy margin is the Japanese variant off Marjon, which originated from China, and it's quite different from the Western monstrosity. You may know where you, right to match pass and then reborn tiles from a pile at each of my John actually resembles Paul Kerr. So you want to form hands from the tiles you draw from them little wall. You can see there and then make sure you have the most points from every player at the end of the game. This course will go through the basic rules of the game, so nothing to advance will be covered. I hope you can stay with with May the old band Kim. 2. The tiles: tiles just like a deck of cards. A set of margin consists off 136 tiles. The sweets are called the pins, the bomb, booze and the characters you can see on your screen right now. Then there are the owners, which are called the Winds northeast. Some and west at the dragons red, white and green. There are four identical tiles of each of these. These tiles are shovelled at the beginning of the game and formed into a wall. You see right here see these little creed wars formed by margin piles, then 1000 drawn until everyone has their starving hands. The starting order is determined by putting each of the wind tiles face down the table. And there one who draws the east tile will be the first dealer. Let me open that. Here we go. I am using that European module Module Association's official rulebook to ask a reference point. But these here are the winds. This is the east wind. This is the south wind. This is the west wind. This is the north wind. This is the white dragon. This is the green dragon. And this is the Red Dragon in some European marjoram sets. There are actual laters instead of these. This is E. This is s. This is double you on. This is n saying, with these there's usually the white dragon is just blank tile or it has a blue square eight aside here. Then there is sometimes a small cheese on the top corner of this tile. And as more are on the top corner of this style, this is the one of bamboos. It usually is. Ah, one of the tiles that people get very confused about. Ah, it's very open, decorated with the bird, usually either a parent or being like this. These are the character of tiles. These usually take the longest to learn for people, but they are no that bad. This one off man characters 234 5678 and nine, respectively. And in some European and Americans, that's these. Also just have a number associated with them on the top left or right corner. In the next chapter, we will talk about how the game actually works. What you do with the tiles when you actually have your starting had. How do you even get your starting hand? How it's that determined. Hopefully you will stick with made Children, Kim 3. Starting the game: how the game works. So we have now shuffled our tiles and formed them into walls like these. Yes, you're going to see well called. Yes. Now how do you form a margin hand? It is by rolling it die in an automatic margin table like this one. I just got from Google. There is a bottom that will roll to die. They can be a little bit hard. Disable they are there. And then from the East seat there, player who drew the east tile, which, by the way, the wind tiles. Scott gets shuffled back to their walls. After that seats are drawn. The East player on the east sit will then take from their left the amount off tiles that di show. So let's say there is that their vessel off the dies is eight. And let's say the East Player is sitting here, which means that then that South player will be sitting here West Player well visiting here and the North Player will be city here. The East Player will then count eight tiles from there, left 1234567 and eight. And then he will cut the tiles from here no. From here, this will become a date of all. But the dead world can be only seven over these past off tiles long. So what we will do is take that, left most pair and just put it here. So the extension off this After this, the Ted third tile from the visitor right will be flipped. Face up. This is called the daughter pile or don't indicator as if this most commonly known I don't know what that is. The daughter indicator shows a tile which makes the tiles following it much, much more valuable. So let's say the daughter indicator iss that to off pence that means that if you have a set off three pens in your hand, they will be much more valuable. But we will get into that when I talk about scoring and stuff. Then, after we have formed the dead wall which is ready much this part here while these two are here, the East Player starts by drawing tool titles here These four, then the South player. We'll take the next next full right here. And so when I sold fourth, I'm felt everyone has the gentiles in their hand. East player will take for their from the wall. And that is how we form that remaining wall off the game. And from that wall, every turn, you will a draw another tile in the next part. All this cause we will be talking about actually playing our tiles on. Ah, how we get to the end game. Hope you will stick with me. Until then, Kim. 4. Playing the game.: the goal of the game. Here we have a flash module game made by game design. You can just find this by Googling Flash reaching margin. And I think this is the best way for me to show how the game goes. As you can see, we have a deal over to the left, and they are the east wind, which means that I am the South Wind following east. We have a two off the characters as the daughter tile, which means that threes off the character are, ah, much more valuable than they normally would be. I will not stop toast or I will not talk about scoring yet. I will just talk you through how ah Teoh in a margin goes. As you can see, we have this one up in here played by the D'Leh. That means that he, after on drawing his car at, removed one card from card tile from his hand and played it in from front of him. That means that it's now Ah, anyone's game to pick that up. I will talk about that a little bit later. Let's very worry about that just right now. What you want to do in model is form sets off three and then one pair. As you can see here I have 78 and nine off bamboos. This is called a cheese. It or threats. Ah, I don't have any Poland sets, which are three of the three of a kind sets. Which means if I had one of more five pin here it will be. I oppose it. I will just quickly Blais until that thing happens. Well, here we go. I can actually talk about this. So the name region comes from that term, meaning the reach or to announce your winning. In this case, I happened to draw a tile that puts me one tile away from getting the said four sets and a pair. In this case, I drew a nine pin. There we go. Went declaring region. You put the tile sideways in front of you to show the toil that worked as that et Tyler. It comes into play at some point. Some points when court scoring, scoring the hand. Another thing you can't canto that happens when you declare VT is that you have the discard every single toil in your hand from your hand that doesn't give you. Ah, have winning had in this case. I need an eight pin. He goes here we have 456 Here we have 789 and here we have 789 I just threw. They're eight pin, which is called Zuma, a k a self draw. If someone else place the tile, that would be your winning tile. No matter if you have declared free cheese or nuts, it would be called a donor when checking for the winning and and if your hand was closed, I will talk about that a little bit later. I was supposed to talk about that first, but then I got there an easy opportunity. You will sleep over that tile below the daughter indicator for another daughter in together , which it has a chance to make her hand even more valuable. But we don't care about that trust right now. As you can see, it just said that that brown is east to the first round is east one where that where it's that dealers to and that round of Ma June and when Ah, every single player has had a chance to be an east and the dealership moves to the next person if the dealer doesn't win on because I want the previous frowned and not the dealer , the next person, which is me. Coincidentally, because I was the West, I was the South wind and the bravest around. Now I am east, which means that I am in dealer and I want to keep this position as long as possible because I can just keep gaining points like that and making sure that the brown doesn't end until I have a good amount of points. You don't have the worry about that. The Scots right now I am. Okay, well, let's talk about this now. This was really like and on the safeties, Carter anyways, but let's talk about this. So remember how I said that that three over kinds are poor innocents? Well, if you have a pair off tiles in your hand and someone blaze a tile that's missing from that pair, you can just call porn. Out of these happens, it will skips over any player who will be following the player you stole. That tile from the title will be turned sideways. Ah, depending on which player that title was stolen from. In this case it was stolen from me. So that center piece center tile is 10 sideways and then the game continues Normally stealing or so called Opening your hand movers your hand value so you usually want Teoh. Keep your hand closed as long as possible. The whole North tiles mentioned in the second video of this course are a different story. I will talk about that later. There's one more. One more than I want to show and I hope I get the chance. If I don't, then I will just demonstrate it by ah talking you through it. I am making really, really dumb place just so that I can actually demonstrate things. OK, there I just called the porno for this one pence. And now because that actually called counts as my drone tile, which means that now I have the discards a tile from my hand. Come on, let me call on other Poland because just call on just so that I could demonstrate this, as you can see here, the shows that I stole that one pain from this guy and this shows that I stole this at nine Pin from this guy 00 well, let's okay, let's talk about that, actually. So as you saw this guy called 40 I am used to it having only one eye bob in this game. It's breathing with two. It doesn't really matter this. You can do only if player before you blade a toil that belongs to a straight set. In this case, this player played the seven off bamboos and this guy had the six and eight bumpers in his hat so he could have eso. He called 40 and this happens. And then the game continues. Normally he discards the card, and then that turn goes all over. Okay, here we have an example off their donor. That does happen. So he played the two off that Amman tiles or characters. I like calling them mon tiles. Which is that jump on his name for them? Them correct that it's way too long when combat the bamboo on been pence. It's just furloughs much better. Oh, yeah, acts actually talk about this. So here I can't really give you good examples now because that I'm not going to talk about the actual scoring it. But if your hand does not have certain quality is in it. So called multipliers or Hans and whose you can't declare. I don't I will not t that either. Has anyone played five balm? 1,000,000,000. No, no one has. I hope I get that chance to show you one of that. It it added. Things think that kind of happen. Well, there is that on now. I kind of call that run. So there is a red. Everything that can happen and that's called con or in some localization is corn. I like the corn. Porn is someone's called Poon and KIIS. Something's called chow, but I like the actual chop on his terminology. But yeah, if you have free over kind already in your hand and you and someone place the fourth style , you can call for Khan. This allows you to draw a tile from the dead wall. Normally, the game ends on the last tile Before the dead War, we told about the dead wall in the actual game set up. Ah, video. It also gives you another dollar. This one here, this will be flipped open. You can also declare so could close Con. If you have all four tiles in your hand. It's fairly rare, Ben happen Stones on what it does is you, really to centerpieces, which would be a these two fives face down and then two off the sites, which would be this and then that 4th 1 here to face up and put them decide that would still keep your hand closed. It would still be counted as a closed hand, which means that it wouldn't lover your hand value. It would still act as a con, so you would draw a tile from the dead wall. On the another note, I will be opened up in the next video. We will be talking about the actual scoring, which is probably the most confusing part over the gate. I hope you stick with May on Bill that Kim 5. Scoring: scoring. There are multiple hands in a modern and it reads the module and they are all worth different amounts of points. We're going to use the official European module. That's association scoring sheet as our reference points and talk about some possible said , uh, possible scoring hands and how you actually go for strategizing when it comes. Teoh well, playing the game. So yeah, as you can see that hands in Lisi module and margin in part pretty much every version off the real margins are called the Yakult. And depending on how many Yockey is, you get that more often offensive. The more valuable the hand is. For example, if your hand somehow manages to Onley be led had you justic love reality and have no other yahoo in your head, it would be just that he jihad and it will be it with one a thon or one. Yeah, cute. Then there are the many points a k A. These come from that sets on that ah Straits video Han If your hand is concealed and you have, for example, all your hand is just said that sets off the four of the same kind, they will gain for many points each and after your hand is finished, it would mean that all the many points would be contact together and rounded up. There are multiple different rulings for this. For example, this tonight I don't care. I don't give you many points by themselves. But the sets off three and four off the same tile they do. One of my favorite yahoo that I like to use as an example is the or peer straight in the English translations. Even though that T is three flushes No three off the same map. These things don't give you many points on themselves. If you happen to have them from one through nine off the same suit, it will still give you want Ya que There is another ya que There if you can keep your hand concealed So no points and no cheese. Let me try and get through this game fairly fast. Make it move a little bit faster so that I can actually talk about Oh, these are being fooled. Okay, here is the corn. And this is the clothes that Consul, even during the 80 s, the Khan doesn't affect your actual had you can still call it like if removing the Khan doesn't cause your hand, the suddenly lose all the value from that 80. You can still call the car, and that is it soon. Okay, so let's talk about talk above the scoring. This slight. Actually, that's fairly good job at it by showing that even if translations off all that fun Oh, yeah. Q. In this case, he declared Rechy, he drew the tile himself and that had was fully concealed because remember that closed Khan is counted as consul Han. Still, he had these five bomb do here, which was the next time tile from They don't mind IQ indicator. He also had the foreman here, which is called the Eudora, which means that it's on the daughter they all give him. Wanna phone? If you go back here, you know it doesn't show. Show the daughter here, but it does so show the man. Is it Zima, which actually isn't mentioned here. But it's called the men's and Zuma. When you draw a tile yourself and the hat is concealed, that is that easy. And then there were the two Doris, which are, as I told you earlier they make your hand more valuable. But the way they make your hand more valuable is by adding Wana von to your hand when they are there. Here you see, it's a 444 Mangan hand. Mangan means it's had ways. I can never remember this. It's ah, beat more than five funds total. I honestly don't know how it became among on handling it. It's supposed to be only find. Maybe that uses some old read it also something we can take. A look at the many points off this hand we are already know we have karnowski impulse there . Term. I should mention terminals me and Tiles one and nine. Those are so called terminal tiles, and there are there is that comes to play pretty much only when we are talking about a tile with no terminal sport owners. That is also at Tampa, which means that all sets content either terminals or honors. I can never remember how many hunt that. No terminals. All owners. Ah, he's up, up. It's somewhere in the No, it's only one. Yeah, it's Tanya, but here we have the kind of symbols. Eight points are simple tiles. We do have a pair of dragons here which acts too many points there, which doesn't really change anything it and thats above it. So we have total 18 total of 18 minute points with full fun. Andi he waas north, so he wasn't east and he eats emote. So it's here. Oh, now I know where the Mangan Khan came from. It came from their beaches, sticks here. So VT is declared by throwing 1000 points from your point pool. Everyone starts with a certain amount off points when the game starts. In this case it seems to be, I think it's 20,000. I have played with 25,000. I have light with 15,000. It depends on how long you want the game to be, but to declare victory, you need to have 1000 points and you declare it by playing this region. Stick here once one dope means that it's 1000 points. And because I was a dealer and worn by declaring rhe, I got my realistic back. But it is kept as a bonus there until I lose on the logistics. Just keep getting on at it. So that bonus pool every time a dealer keeps winning. So in this case, he got the 1000 point steak, I bet earlier and his own steak, which gave him their 1000 points more. If there was no DT previously, it would have been 3001 thought a 13 1300 points from everyone and 2600 from the dealer. But now it's 6000 because off the a logistic let's look into that silly, silly hands called Yeah, cumin. Don't be suppressed if you will never see any off. These young cumin are extremely a bear. It's like knowing although we all straight from flush in polka. Ah, these already give you a lot of points as you can see here, if you are a dealer and you just happen to steal points from someone, they will have to pay more than points than you prob probably started with. I was supposed to actually mention that So you saw this? I already mentioned it, actually. But yeah, when you zimmel, everyone pays on dealer paste, the double that other people pay. But if you win by dawn by stealing a tile on Lee, the person that orange you know winning title belongs to has to pay to you. So if that earlier hand waas I don't that person who dealt that done Kyle would have had to pay 1000 points. The guy who was just one These, uh, the absolute basics over the region. Margin In the next video, I will be playing through wonderful, much off leads in Martin, uh, and explaining the actual game play on my decisions and trying to play a little bit better than what I have been playing this in this videos. And then that will be that. And I really hope you enjoy this on this is my first time doing anything like this. So I was starting a lot. Ah, I really hope this got you either interested or if you were interested earlier, and I had no idea how things actually worked. I hope I was able to explain that properly as well. But I hope you stick with me until that final episode over this Kloss. Okay? 6. Full game with commentary: at full of game. So here we are. This site is called 10 Ho and it is the best site I know above. And the site I used to play margin against actual people. Ah, there is a time limit. So I have to go quite fast with this. But here we can see the actual of wall on how it is formed. Here we see the daughter and the dead wall split is here. Even though it's little bit hard to see, I will try to get the colors more visible soon enough. So here we see my hand and it's not very good in my eyes. I do have a PE of the red dragons, which is fairly nice. It will give me already one yaki birth of points if I happen if I get at 31. But there are lots off tiles that are, like, really far apart from each other, for example. Oh, that's really fast alone. So this is called He didn't have so they didn't declare its it on, just kept their had a secret. It was I actually missed the type of hand it waas who? This could be something We are back to that. To Red Dragons, we have to north winds. Ah, let's not call those yet. We can skip calling that that is that tiles if I need to be and we don't really have the goal for that That was a felon escape play. Now One thing I did mention is that people can't win film a tile they have already played. So the safest tiles to be scarred, our tiles that are already played. But because it's so early, it's actually fairly hard to charge anything that's going on Well, so I'm making fairly risky place. Ah, you know what? We will keep this as our pair because we are south with ourselves. So the north winds won't give us any points. Only your own wind on their around wind. We'll give you extra points if you happen to get a three of a kind off them Now they decided e g. So we have seen that they have discarded mostly that paints and they are from the back end of it. So 76 and nine, which means that I already have one really safe car tile here. They're already There is also, uh, nine here played pretty much just before my turn, so I was fairly certain that it was somewhat safe of a tile. Now he just played the two off a bomb booze, So I know that it is safe. Otherwise he would have called being from there. Ah, let me read of that as well, because I'm fairly afraid off this one month because we don't see that starting mantles anywhere. I also really would like to get rid off these two. There is the eight month Ah, what a shame. Yeah, that is 123 sets. So this is not very It's I only said no, it's not even on Lee sets. It's just I think it's just treaty with that bonus. That's that's a shame, because I was having a very, very like good hand for me. I like to keep my dragons. He is a West wind, so he called his own own wins. I like to keep my dragons in my hand, even though there are only four of each in the game, Um, tended. Keep them on. Usually I get rid of my winds. Ah, everyone has that own style of play. I am fairly straightforward I I don't think as much as I should think. Which is usually ending are ending up very badly. Ah, now tiles I want to get rid off is this one And this nine also these things at some point, but they are fairly dangerous. Just for this reason, as you as you saw, someone may already have a pair of these in their hand. So until I see one of these already being played, I will give them in my hand until all Unless I'm starting to get in. Teoh Some actually actually useful. Ah, territory with my hand, for example. Now we get that 234 here, which is fairly nice. There was already a nine played, so I felt fairly safe with that. Oh, we may actually end up with a straight here, So if we draw one here and nine here 12345 Yep. We need 601 and nine and there are no six displayed, so we can still wait for them. There are like, there is a thing called Waits in this game, which means that you are going for certain tile. Usually those are things that come up when going. Okay, so yeah. Oh, dear. He was That was a really annoying. Well, that's called weight. He was waiting for a pair of red dragons. Lucky lit. It didn't make the hat very expensive because there was really literally nothing else in there month. Yeah, uh, certain weights are better than others. For example, if you don't see any off the tiles you are actually going for in already played, there is fairly high chance that you either drove them yourself or someone will play them for you. And then when those tiles start ah, getting played, you can start throwing your tiles away and trying to get ah, battle Todd's yourself. Here we have a pair of white dragons and they played my dragon. Now I will actually call it for that. But I usually like to wait until the second dragon man gets played all my own weight. If I happened to have a pair of my own weighed in my hand because, as I said, keeping your hand closed makes it more valuable. So if I happen to draw that hand myself, it would have been much better. Now there are barely any like high pins out there, so that was fairly scary. Ah, same with, like, low. Who? Lo lo pence and low bamboos. This, by the way, this is a red pin. A k daughter fire. It acts just like the daughter from They don't, uh, that the daughter indicator shows so every right there is ahead five in each of the sets. And they give you one fun to your hand when it completes. Oh, Now, I just would like to get on either at six here or a three here so that I can get rid off this thing. That's a seven. That's actually kind of versus yeah. Let's try something real funky because now I am waiting for my fault to be gone. A pair at five in between, off these so that I can get through it off This. So now my weights are a little bit different. There's six. I don't need them because I want to keep these as a three set off. Three. If possible, I would like to go for Onley points, and this is actually going to be really dangerous, because if I don't get for example, this is a $5 indicator which is, which already means that there is one less five off bamboos in the game. So it's very, very, very unlikely that I actually draw a five bamboos myself. I also kept that five off. Mom, they're just because if I can make a pair with that, don't out five. Ah, as I am not looking at that tiles at all. I'm a so many every escape place here, Uh, as my winning tile, It would give me a lot off points. They had I'm going here. It's called the toilet hole. Oh, this treaty, It means that all that sets in your hand are the three of a kind of Arians. That hand is looking very scary as well. He just got that that Green Dragons the And there is also that ET So we really need to pay attention on the tiles we have. We will Blais. There is already 18 here, so he can't win from that. But it was really scary for this, but I really didn't want to discard anything else because there is literally no force here . And now this is I have played 13 and there was were already won three so it was fairly unlikely that either of them would want the three pin as their the This is fairly scary as well. But let's just go on now. If the game ends and no one as you can see here at No. One wins, it's called the 10 Pipe now. Well, it's I can't actually remember what it's called, but at this point we'll check for 10 pi a k if anyone is from one tile. The victory. So everyone were who declared Rechy or automatically end up like that. And if, like that guy, he wants one away from the wind. Ah, they get paid by everyone who wasn't that 10 pie, for example. Me. I was two miles away from that, then. That's a thing I make. Drop that one us Well, because again we have a charm for their full straight 12345 Let's not call that yet. 12345 When it six and a nine Here also I want here. I hope you were starting to see how ah mahn John. Actually, Wicks, they already played one green dragon there, so that was fairly safe. No one called for that one under stay are playing like I am and keep the dragon pass on Deal that lost Cole. Ah, I would really like to get the one here or the night hair. It would make my weights much easier here. I could have weight cheat that too, but it doesn't give me it. It doesn't gave me anything. I still I already have the two here and that'll 34 set. No, I don't need the four. I don't need this. Montel does that et here, which is really scared. Scared? Scary. Hey, mostly has thrown away the bamboo tiles. There is now a small pin being the pin removal. I'm really, really scared by throat that and it comes to throwing these away. Okay, Sweet. I could have from this away because I already know that there is already one in my hand and nothing too special going on there. This is also really scary this late in the game. Even though it's my old wind someone way. Still be waiting for it as a pair just to finish their hand off. There is my Ritchie. So now we have 234567 Well, we need six here. We're waiting for the six off the bamboo. That is all we're waiting for now having two races. It's really scary because it's pretty much are just race. Ah, until well, three of images is X extra scary. But I can't just run from that because it's that sixth of bamboos. My hand wasn't very right. Valuable about. At least it made that dealership move. Forwards. Okay, here we have actually a fairly nice hand. Let's give my dragon here. We have already appointed here we have don't here, so I could It's a little re escape, but I could go for hand. That only has one suit because we already have these men. Eamonn tiles in our hand. Problem is that that daughter indicator is also a Montel. So it already removes one tile that I could use in my hand. Luckily, I'm not that ah, close to needing at Tumin. So just by junking things away now, I need to start getting rid off these And it's really scary because none of these happy blade yet I am growing so many friggin mon tiles on the most one of the moment. I get rid off like some things here and there. I stopped. Now I will stop definitely drawing that tiles I need. I have to actual polls here, which is really cool because it may mean that I can start calling cons. There is my absolute favorite fun in the game is called and in San Chiyo and are well yes, region Kaiho. It's one of them and it means that you win by the tile you draw from that day The wall. I will not call on that. I want to keep my hand closed. Uh, you win by a Tyler draw from the dead wall. And as you remember, you can only draw from the dead wall if you declare con Another one is a high data. All you which is also really cool. It means that you win by a tile that is lost in the game. Which means that when we get here and if this is a tile that I need toe win. Ah, it will give me a one, Huh? One on. Ah, yeah. Oh, boy. Ok, let's Let's go for it. Let's Let's go for it. This will be really, really scary. There have already been tool to was played. I already have that. There's one here. So why didn't keep that? Oh, no. There he didn't. For again being Yeah. This guy really doesn't like calling for the eighties. I should have discarded that. Why dragon? I didn't pay any of them trends in my game. That's a shame. That handle looked really good in my eyes. Yeah, that's not throwing away some tiles. We don't need that dragon. This is my own Not not actually not himself. So we already have went through one full circle and now we are at that so called south round. So the first round is called the east around on depending on how many rounds? Ob blade. Ah, Why did I throw that that way? That makes no sense. I'm an idiot That round the name Moose from one the other. Usually it's only tool down game. So we are only playing east around and a south round. Ah, Now I'm trying to desperately salvage this. Ah, and this game will end after the south around, which means that after everyone has bean a dealer in they see true, I should have get that because I could have waited for that. Two or three have been 34 Fire. Yeah, my dear. So we are now back to that position where we were, like, at the very beginning, beginning of the game. He's a dealer. I am South Wind. And only difference is that that because the ground wind is south, that south wind tiles uh, that looks like this are actually more important. I will keep this. That's my pair because it doesn't give me anything if I call on that. Ah, it's not my wind. And it's not the round win. I am south. The South winds will give one. Uh, Yakult. Now, if you have a full set of them, there is already three of them played, so no one will gain them. Was it my cold, cold cold on their name? I don't want that. I want to give my hand. That's that Politically hand again. This hand is going is very close. I just need either of these in my hand to be able to call one of these hams the sets so we can get rid of these and get to the temp. I, which means that I have one tile away from the winning. Now, if, uh somehow that Barry's Ah, threes and fives already Blade and I am waiting for impossible tiles. It actually will cost you points. Ah, when the game mints because you can't make an illegal call. And illegal calls are calls that are actually impossible, like you don't have really had at all. And you just go and call for that ET, and then we get to the scoring and there is absolutely nothing in your hand that's an illegal coal. Ah, I actually don't think that helicke alls I just mentioned are legal that in the way that they make you lose points. Okay, this is him. God damn it. Uh, one of the situations which I lost me to call for a con when it doesn't change my actual had. Unfortunately, neither of these will help me. And this is why I would have liked to give my had a closed, but yeah, now we're waiting for these three because there are no more north winds to be played. They are. They have already been played on Onley tile that's available east. That three off the Bundys. And there are 23 There are four more tiles left. He will draw on and he will draw that last one. And if somehow, Yeah, there are three people intent by again. This guy really doesn't like Hiss Reges. I really like my reaches because they put a lot of pressure to people. But there is also a real tactical bandit on that. Keeping the media's a secret. Let me chuck away that useless wind here. I do have a daughter tile here. Your I negate every six. So I kind of want to keep this seven here. We got the state here. 123 We have a safe here. Doesn't one tile away from that one? I need to get rid of this one. You don't need that one that will form it for my old. Usually you want to get first, get rid off tiles that are just lonely. For example, you only have one win and one dragon in your hand. Those really don't do anything. Ah, second thing thing you want to get rid office that tiles that just are too far away to be years full. For example, this tour here? Yeah, I could I would have waited for at three and a four group or a one on one of the three drop . Well, again, it doesn't if if this I wait, I don't want to do because there are certain hands, like, kind of want to go for And in this case, I want to try and get a four here for here on before here. Got Ah, If that doesn't happen, then yeah, sure. I could have waited for that and then tried to go for a hand where I have the same set. Ah, off each suite, There's might 80. No, let's just dump this one here. So now we just need a seeks. Oh, bamboos here her And we haven't fairly small a winning hand. Ah, there is a winning hand or that involves having one set off each. And if I kept, this is to it would have actually being very good. But I just wanted to get that had done very fast so that we could get moving. So far, we only have ET and that one daughter here, this had doesn't look very expensive, which is kind of a shame. I like going for more expensive hands balm. Sometimes this just happens. It hasn't happened yet. But if I were to blade, it seeks off bamboos earlier and then get to this situation and called for a T. Ah, I cannot win on any other tile except the one I draw by myself. Funnily enough, now this is a fairly hard wait because the Sikhs is already a daughter indicator. So I am waiting for a tile that all that already has one less of them in in play. So and now we know that there's one more, one less of them. So now we have two of them. Ah, weighing the play away from the play. If we see 1/3 1 somewhere, it then this will become so called hell. Await a k. I wait for a single tile in the game. Those are fairly scary. I really like them. I didn't expect this to turn into a hell. Wait, I expected. It's expected this to be a hard weight because of the daughter indicator, but that tireless in the middle on the road But towards the end usually get this card it fairly early. People dented concentrate around that like 2345 ah playoff situation. This was a fairly fast loan from that guy. These there has not being very expensive hands going on things was a really funny situation . I had no, like, actually tiles that are close to each other like I had one pair. But that doesn't count every other tile in my hand. Waas like, very far brought from being anything off use. So in that case, the around can be called and tiles will be shuffled. And then that tiles will be deal built again and the round will stop over again. That doesn't That doesn't happen very often. I could have kept that hand, but it's it's not a fun to play with a hand like that. You want at least two? Have one set off something in somewhere like this. 678 here to actually get out. Get across on these You can actually go for. For example, this hand has a very high potential off being a hand with no terminals at owners at all. There are no dragons in my hand. And there if I can get rid of this one Ah, then there will be no terminals in my hat hand either. And if I can win with that hand, it will give me an extra yaki. This guy keeps calling things and it's very scary. Let's get rid of that. There was already a one plate there, so the first cat that can happen is probably chose that, uh, G or pay upon someone was keep the first call. And now it's waiting for the Marijn upon. This was very safe because he has already called the ones and you can call a con on already called upon unless you draw the tile yourself. If he drew this, he could have added it here on Made that ah, porn into the corn. And then it would have continued as a con which means would have met drawing a tile from it . Added wall and stuff like that. There already was a Ford there so he can't win from me blaming for here. This hand is very hard to read. There is not much to go go on for. Oh, that was a very much very, very quickly. So that was a so called free Teoh eat but sits alone. It meant said that he drew the tile on the first going out the tile he needed for the win. It gives him at one more fun. So that was a nice for him. Now I am lost. I have only 166,000 points. No, 16,600 points. There we go. Numbers are hard. Someone is a condom Blading on this play won't. And this guy s at 357,000 which is no 35,700 numbers. So he's in the lead. And if I were to hit with a very large hand on him, it would actually be fairly nice again. This hand may end up being a hand with no terminals and owners if I decided to drop these guys here. This is very nice to have, like already upon here, here, here, waiting for, ah, multiple sites off set here. Like if I draw seeks or three here. This is pretty much useless because, uh, I just need a four a seven here. I need to get rid of that thing. I worked like to get rid of the these things because I like going forward hand with no terminals and owners in. Sometimes this happens. You just keep on drawing on tiles that you just discarded. That's extremely annoying, especially with stuff like dragons or your old winds or the round winds. And we have a very earliest Teetsi. So another eight. But Zimmer her? Ah, how close? A fairly large hand, actually. 7800. And it was a dealer. So that dealership to dealership companies. Now we had another one of these. This is more than I have seen in a while. I usually say, like, one or a tea over there every now and then. But who I like This had actually more than I like that when the previous one who That's very nice. I really like this hand. Let's make that into a set. Now I have a kind of fives with the daughter. They're not porno porno fires, but they don't have their. So if I draw the daughter a gay that to here, it will give me a lot of more value in my hand, Frank and just I need to get rid of this thing. I don't need to throw that. I don't want to get keep that thing. We were really hoping for this to, ah, to up in here. It will be really nice. They're already has has been one. Six been played. So me drawing into this one is fairly unlikely. It may end up being a nine. Even the oneness played already. I would really, really like if I could get the six. Here he goes. Then things will be fairly nice. God damn it, These calls. Nothing too dangerous for me yet. As off yet I can't. Well, I I can hope for drawing at nine here now, like there's one there and there is three. Their whole that wants that really forced. Most won't again. When I get that really nice hand, someone goes for a really, really fast one as well. Again a lot of dragons, which is nice. Now we have it east here. It means that the daughter is actually the south wind that don't us off the wince. Ah, well, in the same order as their seats. So it will be east, south, west and north. And with dragons it will be green. Ah, whites and then red and then green show show up as Dona Indicators. Now I have no idea what I'm doing. I am just playing because I am having that really nice hand again. I would really like to get one more one that one off pins, even though one of them has already been played who? No, we'll see what will happen now. There is a really, really good hand if you can get set off each wagon and they get in your hand. Unfortunately, I don't have a green one in my hand yet and probably will never get one in this game. It will make things way too amazing if I happen to get even a pair off. Ah, Green Dragons. Now these are only valuable disappear because there are already two of them played. Now I actually want to keep terminals because I want to make sure that every said in my hand contents either terminals or owners with at least one T. So now I need seven here on I am parades in much of the temple. No, I'm not. I need one here or here. I would really like if I didn't have to call of the White Dragons. Now the seventies were called here, So it's really unlikely for me to get the seven here. No, it's that. Nor can I get the Ah, nine speakers. There already have been three nice cold. So I played. So I control into those. So it may be in my best interest to try to get to treat off these three. Good for that, I really do need to get something useful. I could have played the nine now and give it that before. Even though it doesn't help me in any way, shape or form bump. I just really, really, really want to do something. Okay. I will keep the five big us, I hope. Hold a sliver of hope off growing into that five off daughter a dead five. Okay, Now this, on the other hand, is going to be really interesting. Because if I happen to draw into the another a green dragon, I am very, very close. Teoh. Very good hand. There is already one green dragon played, which means that it's very unlikely for me to draw into one. Let me conduct and nothing useful. And it opened up, daughter. That's not very useful for me. That Khan is also really dangerous because it because it gives a lot of us to other players . Now I need to get rid of this And this. There goes another five, the Green Dragons. So let's just dump that we go the three of these. So now only if I birds able were able to get that one here. I would dump this, then. Yeah, well, this going on in the field, this is going to end up in a very soon again. Of course, I'm no giving anything I need. This guy is really not, uh, fan off the Montel. So escorting them months? Yes, fairly safe. Ah, of course, like I was two away from 10 pie. I needed to get rid of the three and a five or the shame I had a really nice hand forming again. I'm going to screwed it up. Screwed it at some point. Probably when I called those red Dragons I should have based on greedy, I kind of was hoping for something that I called use from the dead wall. I didn't work out like that. I should have. I really should have no number. It's really hard to play and commentator at the same time because there is a time limit went playing against other people online. So I excuse me for Miss missing obvious place. I'm trying to make very simple place and explaining what I'm going for. For example, here again. Ah, I don't see anything like super valuable going on. Okay, Someone is going to prom. That here. I don't understand why people are these impatient, though. Like there are reasons why you would want to call immediately. For example, if you are really close to getting a useful hand, Bob. Well, there are ways I see really no reason, Teoh not hold on to the dragons and try to keep your hand closed. Yeah, that was really dangerous, but I really didn't want to get stock Where That east wind in my hand. Ah, I was about to say something about some way. Oh, yeah, about my hand. I don't really see anything used for here. There is a really, really, really rare yaki that involves you doing nothing but this car being terminals and owners. Until that Wallens, if there are no being bought terminals and owners in your ah, this car pool, then you will get a lot of points. But that really is no reason to go for that. It's really predictable for people to start just locating their hands. Sold it. They are waiting for the terminals and or owners you are waiting for. Why did I throw that away? I don't have this once here from Oh yeah, There are two already thrown away so I wanted to play it safe. I'm already really, really far behind. So if ah if o on I Oh man. And he has even at Eudora Yeah, I just they'll be until his hand. I laid really bad liver but this is how the game actually goes on and on. I'm really far behind. Only have for 4600 points one good hit on me and I I am out. The game also ends if someone runs out the points in some rules. Actually, if you hit exactly zero points, you're going to still continue playing. But ah, going for Let's go about this. This is really dumb. But let's go for the anyways. But usually it's just a few Zeta or below That gave just end on that guy with the most points will win. I would like to win at least one hand, but it's somewhat difficult to get to that point. I'm just keeping the northwards here as a pair so that I don't have to worry about it. They won't be useful. Let's appear. But at least now I can concentrate on making sets out of my old all other tiles. I don't really see any of England useful here. Like there is a tool for five. And then, uh, eight year. And then there is a 13 here and the six and eight here. This guy is calling L'Art. Here's another eighth. I would like to get some of my sets ready. Like drawing a three would be really nice. Ah, I don't have anything to anything close to the one. I had this three here, but it was Faillace Seeley to leave it there in case I drew a two and a four. That's really dangerous because isolated the game, but I don't want to get stuck with it. Uh, this guy is just in a calling spree. Oh, dear. Okay, so this is that really interesting phenomenon. Now, if he happened to have or anyone happened to have the two or pins in their hands, they will get actually to Hans. Want that? Oh, and he just demoed anything. Unfortunately, he only had up being there and again. I don't really see anything through useful going on. I can't believe I'm still in the game after this. Yeah, Uh, a couple of nines here. There's a seven here. 789 I like. If I drew either 78 or nine bamboos, I would probably keep it just so that I can try for the three over the same sets about. It's fairly far fetched. I don't need that. I don't need this'll. Luckily, it went through, which is very, very nice. We want to get rid of this, too. It's not doing anything for us. Fairly risky money. About two. Even throw with the way this guy really likes their callings. There's already wastes played, so don't need to keep them on, even though they are my own wind. But after they played this one, I didn't really border keeping lamb. There's already that nine. Another two. He already quoted three, so don't need to keep on that. I'm having the five there in case I get that Dota north all that useful already. Plenty of notes played no reason to keep them in my hand. 1234 Ah, I could keep that because it makes things a little bit easier to manage. I don't need to keep that bamboo in my hand that Issa seven. Do we go for that? It's valid. Risky? There's already 19 played. Oh, that's that. Rome nine. I'm looking at that pins. Okay, we have 79. We have 7 to 779 And he I just played into his hand. Holy crap. He has Ah, no, that's not the toy toy. It's just that daughter and then Tourette. It's actually no, it's that no terminals and owners and then told us, And now I lost. So this is how did the margin works? And I hope you enjoy this class, and I was able to explain everything properly. Uh, thanks for watching. See you in the next gloss. Whatever the topic, maybe Kim