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Ridiculously Easy Alfredo Sauce

teacher avatar Elizabetta, The Southern Sicilian

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introducing Alfredo

    • 2. Alfredo - Three Ingredients

    • 3. Alfredo - Preparation

    • 4. Alfredo - The Method

    • 5. Alfredo - Plate it, Garnish it, Do it

    • 6. Alfredo Techniques - Up close

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About This Class

Alfredo is a cinch when you make it the authentic way. Learn to create velvety, creamy, cheesy Alfredo sauce with three ingredients - yep, three! Prepare it tableside and impress your guests. This Alfredo is so darn easy, you'll never buy the bottled stuff again! And if you do …



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The Southern Sicilian


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1. Introducing Alfredo: Hi. Welcome to Sicily. Meets himself. I'm living, also known as the leases. And today I'm going to teach you how to make a ridiculously easy Alfredo sauce. You can tell some fettuccini with positive your joints First. A word about Alfreda. You see, there are a lot of people up system. A genial Fredo isn't even an Italian dish. So I did a little research. This is what I think Back in the early 19 hundreds, hold the restaurant tour in Rome. He had a nail in wife to entice her to eat. He created this delicious, velvety, cheesy sauce, Tossed it with pasta. She loved it. He locked it. Everybody who tasted it loved it. Yeah. Before you know it, it was apparent on the menu of this restaurant. The man's name L. Friedel, the literally Leo the Lily. While something like that. Anyways, first name was afraid of anti. Named with sauce after it. So is fettuccini Alfredo on Italian dish. We're just arrest document. Who cares? The Thai split, doesn't it? Who doesn't love a nice, hot, steamy bowl of better Jamie out Friday? Nobody. I want to know. No. Hit that one there, Mr Me he thinks he's Italian. But if you look closely, clearly says made in China. But before we begin our Alfredo preparations, there is a matter of great seriousness. We must have stuff first. How many of you are guilty of buying that white pasty sludge in the jar off supermarket shelf? You want, Alfredo? Oh, come on, everybody's done it. Except me. Let's see a show of hands. Don't be shy. Given worse than that, I've got this. Oh, my Children. I hereby absolve you of your Alfredo sons. Go and thank afraid of no more. They you feel better. I feel better now we can begin our afraid of preparations with a clean slate. And you will never go back to that still about stuff again because this is gonna be some ridiculously easy. It's ridiculous. But if you do backslide well, Mama gonna get you 2. Alfredo - Three Ingredients: who's ready to become an Alfredo? Wasn't you perhaps good. Let's talk ingredients. I call this ridiculously easy, afraid of for a reason, because it's ridiculously easy. That's, um, three ingredients. Really Butter Parmesan Reggiano cheese. A little Boston water. That's it. And you don't need any fancy utensils even later. A pasta for feed on if a pasta for just grab the biggest fork you have in the utensil drawer and something to toss with. It could be two forks, your salad tongs or appear clause. Which is my preference. A nice sized bowl or platter that can retain a little heat cheese grater. Pretty simple, huh? Of course we're gonna add in the fettuccini and a little salt for pasta bar. Yeah, that's it. Simple ingredients, simple tools. And when we come back and the next segment, I'm going to show you the simple technique. That's where all the magic happens. You're gonna be a listen. You're gonna love it. You're gonna master it, because if you don't, you show, not ask my class. You knew I was going to say that, didn't you 3. Alfredo - Preparation: Okay, I've gotten Liu head Start on. You all have done those cut up a stick, a cold butter and 1/2 inch pieces and put it in a bowl. Make sure it's nice and cold. When you do this part, though, you're gonna get butter all over your fingers and have slippy fingers. You're gonna be dropping stuff everywhere. Don't want to do that. Okay, so we have a stick of back that up now. Would want great Parmesan rushing on no cheese. But first, a word about Parmesan cheese. You don't want any kind of Parmesan for this dish? You want Parmesan Reggiano imported from Italy and do make sure it has a nice piece of Ryan on it right here. And I'm going to tell you why the closer we great down to the Rhine, the nuttier, more complex, the flavors are going to get. And you're gonna want all that goodness in your alfredo sauce. Besides, that's where you gonna find an abundance to those crunchy little crystals that make eating Parmesan cheese such a delight. Okay, lets great a little more. We're gonna need about 1.5 to 2 cups of this Parmesan. cheese for eight ounces. What? We're doing this stuff a little bit about Mama. Her name was Selena, and her family came here from Visit Penal, Sicily. In the early 19 hundreds. They landed Adela Scient and then migrated to Birmingham, Alabama. They, along with a lot of other Sicilian immigrants, established a little Italy. Mama was a wonderful mother, fabulous, and she lived in Little Italy for a long time. Sadly, with each generation, the Children moved on, myself included, so that little Italy is no longer Mom was no longer with us either. I sure do miss her, but you know, I keep her right there in the kitchen with me, and I feel like she's cooking standing by my side. Giving me for sage advice is, um, preparing step of additions just taught me slash. And I will see her now. Saying, Elizabeth, you created too much Parmesan cheese. Silly Mom, you can't have too much Parmesan cheese now, can you? Sure does snow good, though. All right. The next thing we have is our pot of pasta water come to boil right here. And that means we're going to meet. Since I don't mind my friend Sylvia. There she keeps her hand on that little salt shaker because she thinks I eat way too much soft. I'm Southern and Cecilia Lux Salt Self about smarter, though. I have a salt cellar into the pot of water. Two tablespoons of salt. I know that sounds like a lot, but it really isn't. You'll see as you boil that Fanchini. It's going to be infused just ever so lightly with a nice saltiness. And that's all the soft that you're going to need because we have salt here in the Parmesan cheese and if you're using butter that as a little salt in and you've got that too. So I got plenty of salt going for you here. Now that's a gene. It's time for that will win. Um, I want to tell you a little bit about that genie. Let me show you this. It's a little why, and it's very flat on the sides. Can you see that? That makes it just perfect. The fettuccini Alfredo, because you have more of a surface there to kind of hold on to that beautiful sauce and get all listening and flavorful and carry all that goodness right to your mouth. I love pasta. That fettuccini is the perfect vehicle to get that Alfredo from my plate too. Right there into the cop. We're gonna put about eight ounces there. Of course, you can just open your eight outs packaging. Dump it in our half a 16 ounce package, but I I'm kind of an expert, but figuring out how much eight ounces is got it right there have been doing this a lot. This isn't my first pony show into the e stern out. It all gets down in there and separated, going in the pot. Just that, Yeah, we're only gonna want to cook it till a cell didn't day. That means that the pasta, when it's done, we'll have a little bit of bite in the subject. You don't want it mushy. Now that's the ruling your dish tasted. Issue go long if you have to, but don't overcook it Very important. Can't reiterate that. Take about 4 to 5 minutes on that until we get it to El Din and then I'll see you back here and we're going to put it all together. And if he thought this part was easy, just wait till the next part. Not only easy, though. It's really a lot of fun. You'll see. See you back here 4. Alfredo - The Method: Okay. A fish. The peace of our better cini Out of the boiling pot to sleep. It's al dente. It's hot, though, Let's say yeah, just about another minute or so. That means it's time to prepare Charbel or platter again. Make sure that it's heat resistance. We'll take it over here to the boiling pot. Sit down very carefully. Take a scoop of this pasta water. Put it down into the bottom of your both gently started around a little bit. Just look that sit in there for just a few seconds just to kind of warm the ball. Well, that Yeah, in that one, they turn big pot. Be careful now. I don't want anybody to get burnt making ridiculously easy Alfredo sauce, you know, wouldn't be worth it. Okay. And to the war, both were going to put our fold slices of better. Can you move those around stardom around a little bit? Okay, now it's serious. Let's return herbals back to the spot. And we're going to use our pasta for to scoop out the Ogden Day. Father Jean put it right on top of that butter. Do you want Almost seems good enough to eat just like that. Just with better, huh? My nominees to fix that force and that when we were little just possible. Better. None of that. Best that stuff. Every okay, now match in the mall. Turn it off. I can start this over here. Now. I don't think of my claws or you should for certain tones. What are you using? Gonna spread that most out. Oh, my God. Used one more time. This is coming here. Now listen to an Italian cook. The pasta water is cooking gold. Never throw it out until you're absolutely done making whatever pasta dish in making. We're gonna put one scoop of the starchy hostile are Oh, uh, of the hot veggie. Here we go. Please be careful. I don't want anybody coasting on my patient. They got making my ridiculously just kind of ruin everything for Don't run things for easy bake. Got it. All right. This is where our cheese comes into play. We got our fettuccini sitting in the bowl on top of the better, with a scoop of starchy possible water. And now we're going to coverage with shredded Parmesan cheese and I mean, cover it. I don't want to see any of that pasta underneath that cheese. Er, why you doing this? Where we get Wow, see that Completely covered. That's the effect we're going for here. All right, now let the fun begin, Gloss, let's get climb. Start tossing this beauty tossed talks plus stir. Feeling adventurous, you can flip and then we're going to get pretty there. That's why you wanted this al dente. I do because you don't want this tearing up. What we're doing. All this very aggressive tossing and stirring of the better Cheney with butter across the water About a minute here. And as you're doing this, you're going to see the miracle of the afraid all taking place. What are you noticing there on the bottom? Yeah, that sauce, the sauce developing there. Thickening up. Yeah, that's the past. Your genes. It is smelling right to let me tell you the nice, buttery unity Freeney aroma. There's nothing like it. Nothing. It's a signature of good better Chiney Freedom Minutes keep going here, going until everything is nice and picking up. Wow, sure, you scrape some of that cheese up off the bottom. There might like to stick a little bit We don't want that. We want every bit of it after this sauce. Well, in this opportune like your Friedel, the little Italy, we'll pretend like you're over and run. Creating the first fettuccini. Alfredo, your ailing wife has been whoever. Yeah, I got one on that. A little splatter on my apron. Their my little rooster apron, pal. Khalkhali who over here isn't real happy about that, Are you, Coppolino? Okay, You know what? I got a little bit of cheese still sitting here. We'll go ahead and add it because, look, you know jeez. Yeah, More little stir and toss. Um, I think for their people, nobody there. Wow. Fettuccini, Alfredo, just like that. No, it wasn't that ridiculously easy. I know at this point you probably can't even believe that we just did that. And what the result is meet you back here in the next segment, though I should have played it. Yeah, well, talk about a couple of varnishes in case you wanna fancy it up a little bit for company that there's no need to. It is already the thing of beauty 5. Alfredo - Plate it, Garnish it, Do it: Yeah, all that tossing may make rather Thursday a little sip of Brunello di Montalcino, my favorite wine from Tuscany. I can't ever get enough. A lot of people tell. May I get plenty? Gather anywhere. We'll show you how to plate your fettuccini. Alfredo. Mine's been sitting for a couple minutes now, so it's all nice and thick and creamy, another little toss, and then use my claws or forks or tones to pick up a serving size. I want to move it over to my possible more plate when a reaper and drop it. Ha ha! You thought I was going to do something fancy like they do with those thick it shows. Twirl it into a volcano or something. You need to do all that. You want to see that kind of thing, Go to somebody else is cooking class. Let's not garnishes. I like to take a whole nutmeg and great a little bit. Sometimes I'm talking my warm that a changing alfredo, not Maiga's. A spiced up really well. If anything, creamy, buttery as just a little hint of spice and little brings out those warm flavours, you only need a little bit. That's it. on everything you can do. You can add a little bit of chopped basil or Basel Iccho This mama would say, or Italian personally. Just a little bit of that. Right on. Talk to get a little coat. And there you have it. A beautiful dish of freshly made fettuccini. Alfredo, if you want to. Really? Well, your guess. Prepare a table. Something talking accounted for years, I guarantee. Oh, yeah, There's one more garnish. I prefer a little spritz of mine. Ortega Benito, not que en up t My favorite perfume from Italy Beautiful fragrance just mingles so gorgeous . Warm aromas Fettuccini. Alfredo, I never doing it for your class project. Post your pictures and videos on my page of making your own fettuccine Alfredo using techniques I showed you here today. Tell me what went right? Tell me what went wrong? Ask questions. I'm here to help. I hope to see you back here again. Next time maybe we'll make something southern. Maybe we'll make something else Italian. You will make something that's kind of a mix of both. You never know. In any case, it's gonna be fine and fabulous. Hope to see you back here at Sicily meets the South. Until then, chow and bio 6. Alfredo Techniques - Up close: see how finally I shredded cheese. You're read it because you go along your vigorous stir toss lip over and over again, sickening better the cheese in just a little of that beautiful starchy tossed a water to make a very velvety cheesy sauce. Well, there you have a little bit on there, just like this smells wonderful, woman. It's that warm pasta, not a good thing to do.