Ribbon Embroidered Garden Rose | Inna Bird | Skillshare

Ribbon Embroidered Garden Rose

Inna Bird, Embroidery Artist

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12 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Composition and Materials

    • 3. Rose Petals Top First Layer

    • 4. Rose Petals Top Second Layer

    • 5. Rose Petals Middle

    • 6. Rose Petals Bottom

    • 7. Hip

    • 8. Stem

    • 9. Leaves

    • 10. Sepals

    • 11. Stamens

    • 12. Finishing


About This Class

Roses made with silk ribbon look stunning! Ribbon embroidery allow you to create life like flowers with real depth and shadow. It is classy and has an old-world charm associated with it. 


In this class you'll learn how to embroider a Garden Rose using just two Stitches: The Straight Stitch and The Ribbon Stitch. 

Straight Stitch

  • Bring the needle up at A (picture below) and pull it through.
  • Insert it down at B and pull through.
  • Repeat it to make the different petals of a flower.

Ribbon Stitch

  • Bring the needle up at A (picture below). Pull it through.
  • Insert it down at B. Note that B is a point on the ribbon itself; close to Pull it through gently. Since the ribbon will curl into B, don’t pull tightly, or the effect will be lost.


For this class I am using silk ribbon. However, if you are a beginner, you can practice with other ribbons such as satin, polyester, rayon etc. 

Choose a tight fabric with an even-weave. Linen, dupioni silk, denim, cotton brocade, moiré are ideal. The fabric should be secured in an embroidery hoop 20cm/8inch.

I would suggest to use a chenille needle N 13. It has a sharp point and a larger eye for threading wide ribbon.

Have a pencil or erasable pen and don't forget a nice pair of scissors.


Ribbon Embroidery is a great craft. It's easy to learn and quick to finish a project.

 Let's get stitching!