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Rhythm Studies & Strumming Patterns

teacher avatar Kun Loong Chia

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (3h 14m)
    • 1. Rhythm Studies -Introduction Video-

    • 2. Rhythm Studies Chapter 1 - Quarter Notes & 8th Notes

    • 3. Rhythm Studies Chapter 2 - Quarter, Dotted 8ths & 16ths

    • 4. Rhythm Studies Chapter 3 - Quarter & 8th Note Triplets

    • 5. Rhythm Studies Chapter 4 - Quarter, 8th Notes, 8th Note Triplets

    • 6. Rhythm Studies Chapter 5 - 8th Note Triplets, Dotted 8ths/16ths

    • 7. Rhythm Studies Chapter 6 - Quarter & 16th Notes

    • 8. Rhythm Studies Chapter 7 - 8th & 16th Notes

    • 9. Rhythm Studies Chapter 8 - 8th & 16th Note Variations (Part 1)

    • 10. Rhythm Studies Chapter 8 - 8th & 16th Note Variations (Part 2)

    • 11. Rhythm Studies Chapter 8 - 8th & 16th Note Variations (Part 3)

    • 12. Rhythm Studies Chapter 9 - Quarter, 8th Note & 8th Note Rests (Part 1)

    • 13. Rhythm Studies Chapter 9 - Quarter, 8th Note & 8th Note Rests (Part 2)

    • 14. Chapter 10 8th Note Ties, Rests, & Syncopation (Part 1)

    • 15. Chapter 10 8th Note Ties, Rests, & Syncopation (Part 2)

    • 16. Chapter 10 Syncopation Set 2 (Part 1)

    • 17. Chapter 10 Syncopation Set 2 (Part 2)

    • 18. Chapter 11 Syncopation Exercises (Part 1)

    • 19. Chapter 11 Syncopation Exercises (Part 2)

    • 20. Chapter 11 Syncopation Exercises (Part 3)

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About This Class

This course aims to develop your rhythm sense, playing according to time, with a metronome, how to read rhythmic notation, and to train your ears and eyes to recognize strumming patterns. At the end of the series, the learner will be able to recognize and play different strumming patterns with ease and confidence, utilizing in their instruments playing regardless of genre.

There are PDFs available for you as a student to refer to and practice even without the videos, but it would be good to count along with the videos before practicing them!

Meet Your Teacher

Music Trainer based in Singapore. Singer-songwriter.

I've taught Guitar, Ukulele, Drums, Cajon, Piano for pop, praise, worship, to a wide range of students from the ages of 4 - 74, in both individual and group settings. I tend to relate to kids very well, and have been told that I'm patient enough for the senior generation. Yet, my materials and insights are never lost on the youths nor young adults as well.

I've also begun teaching some of my individual students how to play by ear, understanding music theory, and even encouraging them on writing their own songs and get started on the music production and audio engineering journey.

I hope to reach a wider group of people with my materials and to establish myself as a renowned instructor and musician, and combining t... See full profile

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1. Rhythm Studies -Introduction Video-: 2. Rhythm Studies Chapter 1 - Quarter Notes & 8th Notes: All right, you guys, this is good. Will come to the freedom to meet practice strumming patterns Portion. Okay, so this is an entirely new I would say Siri's okay. I decided to separate it from good Or would you know I don't see, we said I have learning to play for worship because I think for that portion, they would like to focus millions cots, and this will be more the rhythm section. So if you're Newby, you know you can consider check out at a cost so they can improve your understanding of the courts on ukulele Guitar, piano. If you are purely focussing on improving your reader makes sense in your beats. Understanding how toe here. We don't have to visualize in Congregant, This is the video for you, right? So first off, starting we are diving right into playing a combination off eighth notes and quarter notes . Okay, So you are for the videos. You see that I generated you will be playing against Metrodome. Okay? And I tend to keep it 70 people and you can keep it 60. It's too fast for you can go faster if you would like to. The idea is to always increase the timing, the more comfortable you are. Okay, so for all my exercises always play. Just gotta using the g e minus, he courts. And if you like to practice against the other families again, check out, Of course, to better understand how toe transpose and basically techo Doctor, does this feel right? Alright, so first off, a snow squall denotes I would usually come and I'll get right. So exercise what? One and 234123 Exercise to ghostlike, please. 12 and 3412 and three. Exercise street goes like this. 123 and four. 123 Okay, exercise for goes like this. 1234 and one to three. Okay. Ah, size five. Ghosts like this one. End to end. 3412 and three. Exercise six goes like this one to end three and 41 two and three. Okay, exercise seven goes like this. 123 and four and one, 23 Exercise goes like this one. And 2341234 Exercise. Nine goes like this one and two and three. What to? Okay, exercise. 10 goes like this. 12 and three and four and run to and exercise 11 goes like this one a two and three and four and one into four. Exercised. 12 goes like this. 123 and four in 1234 exercise 30 goes like one into a 341234 Exercise. 40 goes like this one and 234 12 Okay, exercise 15 Ghosts like this. One, two and 341234 Right Now comes this thing called Two bikes I saw sometimes later videos. You see 16 buses. So this is a combination off. Whatever we have just done. Okay. And it's scrambled up and I just run true. S you really? So it's always sight reading suddenly So, uh, use the resource. Okay. I don't know if I guess polio in front of you. And as I read three. OK, follow through. And, chief, enjoy me reading. So your daughter knows that does just one stand clean or one big one sound and your eighth notes on those with a beam on top. And there's one between. So exercise goes like this one and 234 God two and 34 to three and four and one and two and 34 two and three, 12 and three. What? 234 and 1234 full. Two and three to what? To? Okay. Went into a three and two 34 to a three and four, two and three rest. Rest two and 34 one in 23 And what to 34123 Okay, so that tax is nice. Goes one, three. What? One 312341234 123 But 2 to 3 to every rest. Rest. 23123 3123 So that concludes our lesson. White Chapter one on your notes. So move along. If this is pretty sure for you and your practice, this increase in spirit, if you can Every day I think just think about barely 5 10 minutes. All right? The idea is to always improve our increases. Speak by maybe one or two. So I'll see you next. Video 3. Rhythm Studies Chapter 2 - Quarter, Dotted 8ths & 16ths: All right. So welcome to the second lesson today. We're looking at daughter it notes and 16 notes of aviation's. Okay, so this is a little interesting. Usually, I would actually go through the 16 notes first before we talk about this. But these very centers to hear two sounds Perbet. So it sounds somewhat humility of normal eighth notes, but one off your note. It's likely behind. All right, It's not as are equally spaced on. So in this case, our little the videos, you see what I mean That you will have an eight normally don't. Beside debt signifies, that is 1.5 times longer than the original notes. And then it is actually paired up with 16 which has two years on top. All right, so, again, recognizing the notes, you take time. Okay? What you want to use to get used to the counting wreck whenever you see something like that . So today, shut down purely on your daughter. It's and 16 notes combination variations right now against a metronome as well. Okay, so exercise. Want something? Jeannie Mai C. So 123 Okay. Excites to goes like this one to agree. One 23 Okay, Excise. Three goals like there's one, 23 of 123 sighs full goes like this. 12341234 Look. Ready to exercise. Five goes like this. 1234 What? I agree. Ah, Size six goes like this. 123 off. One, 23 Off exits Icepick ghost like this. One, 234123 Ik ghost like this one too. 30 But yeah, that's just not tonight. Goes like this one, too. What about three? Exercised a close one to, uh oh, Okay. Besides, you love, it goes like this one. Texas has 12 posts like this. What a coup. 30 exercise close like this. What a coup! Three for what? 234 up size 40 ghost like this. 123 of all. 123 of four. Exercise. 50 goes like what? 234 to a three. Okay, so now for the 20 by exercise which combines everything that so far will be off rest between. Okay, we put your notes since you don t k and looked through it as I count, it will sound something like this. 34123401 to three of 4012 30401 to a degree. What to agree? What? 234 But a 234 one to a three For what? 23 off. What? What? 30 to three. What about three? What? What? 30 three. What? To a three rest rest to a three. What? A to three foot. Oh, what t three foot. What into a three test cases. So taking complaints 30 beats per minute. Right now it's a living too fast for your can actually slow down. I'm using online vaginal or use just that makes Google and can If you country feeling confident and you want to treat push yourself increases Speak. The idea practices that, um if you can beat or you can improve by one bp poetic this morning. Um, so let's try pretty by exercise you take, you tell right now. G minus e every four. Okay, So one 23 to 341 What? Three, Three What? 23 What? One to a Free from what? What? 1 to 1. 123123 s rest to a 312 one. So, um, view me take off my one right day because I'm reading it. I got distracted for a well trained to hit, so run through that you don't have to come by all 20. Almost technically speaking. Generally the idea is to listen to this different rhythms and playing get used to him so that when you do chance upon them in a song, you actually do recognize what it's supposed to sound. I was supposed to look like in your mind. All right, so I'll see you guys for the next video practice. 4. Rhythm Studies Chapter 3 - Quarter & 8th Note Triplets: Alright, guys, it's gonna get so welcome. Toe kept the three off these shopping patterns and reading studies. So again, the main objective is through the different practices that go through. You get used to counting and listening toe specific type of sound you get, and when you do chance upon them in songs, you look to recognize them and in effect or in essence, learn to be able to decipher all of the arrived to showing back yourselves. Okay, if anything, leading up to read days. Also, anybody to become a better side reader. So when you see music, he says, you do get an idea of how it's supposed toe sound like we typically Okay, so today we're looking at eight notes triple. It's pretty interesting. The cultivar ignore triplets is slightly different from normal. So it not us, Toby, to sounds in one beat and equally spaced apart triplets. As the name suggests, you hear three sounds in a big, and they are also equally spaced apart. So, um, you kind of can't imagine that it's gonna be slightly faster, okay? And so I'm gonna sound off for you and hopefully in practice themselves. You do get to count long. Okay, so again, I'm practicing for McKenna at 70 beats per minute can go slow if you want to pay for the purposes of this video. Just showing you how practice. So this is how you know it goes on, like, 123 and four. But you're no triplets with something one and include and create. And I think so. This is exercise. What? And two threes. One and two, Three. You're gonna see I'm using a down up dunk for my trip. Let's go down, up, down. Because the next people always be right. So 12 some people like to do don't come. People do downtown, uptown, all all three cake entirely up to you. Usually you would like to do whatever is most efficient. So exercise to sounds like this one. Two and a three. For what? To a degree. Okay, exercise three. Sounds like 123 and go. 123 Exercise fall. Sounds like this. 1234 And 1234 Okay, exercise. Five. Sounds like this one. And two and three. What? An intern and three good six. Sounds like this. One, two, and three. And four. What? I think seven sounds like this. 123 and 41 234 Exercise eight. Sounds like this. What? 23 and four. Okay, exercise. Nice. Sounds like they stay. 12 and three, and four. And 123 and four. Okay, count. 1234123 and four, 6 11 Sounds like this one. Two n 34123 Like 23 What? To three? I think size 30. Sounds like this. What? 234 to 3. I m exercise 40. Sounds like 1234123 Exercise. 50. Sounds like this one. And two and 341234 Okay, okay, so now 16 boxes size. Okay, so we put your notes, uh, call the out. If we leave, you're getting used to it. Okay, so here goes. 12348 And one, 23 and four. One into a three and a full one, two, and three. And what? And into 342 34 and one. And two, 41 To what? To three. What? To a three 12 one in two and three for one two and three and 4123412341 and two and three rest. Okay, so here goes size. Okay, take it slower, because it really play, and everybody can change. So G minus e 60 by size gone full. - All right, so that was your signal. Cripple its again. Mixed. So practice and and I'll see you for the next year. 5. Rhythm Studies Chapter 4 - Quarter, 8th Notes, 8th Note Triplets: All right, You guys are gonna get welcome to checked. Uh, full. All right, So the 1st 1 we did notes 2nd 1 what's your dr Eighth with a variation of your 16th then in chapter three? Really? Triplets. Now for chapter four, we're dealing with a mixture off your signal triplets. And you know, my now it's gonna be a little challenging because switching from trippers units can be a bit confusing times. Okay, so this is your metro again. It's it's sending me Pierre. This is your four months of blood outside of your normal eating solid. Now you're treat. Blacks will sound like the extra 1,000,000,000 notes. What into a three in four and one and two and four glided Warm up is to count meeting both . You can start going from your number 8 to 8 triplets all the other way around. So I'm going to start counting by doing dignitary blocks going to my notes, Okay. And then I'll count. No number is going to be so. The 1st 1 side is what into a tree. Not coming and go. It's no statue. Good. So you sound like one and two and three and four Okay If you want to, you can t both one and into in three and four or five years. One and two and three and four. It's kind of a fun size of basically record green around. So this is exercise one. Think it noted bloods and include, So here we go. One and two and three for a one in 234 Okay. Okay. Exercise, too. One end to an angry and four and one and two exercise. Three. Sounds like 12 and three and one and two. And like to size five. Sounds like this one into a 3412 and three. Okay, six. Sounds like this. One in two and three and 4123 Since I seven Sounds like this one in two and three and one into. Okay, XX eight. Sounds like this one. And two and three and four. A one and two and three and four. Okay, exercise guy counts like one and two and three and four and one. And some stay clowns like this. One and two and three and 4123 Exercise 11. Sounds like this. One in two and 34123 Exercise. 12. Sounds like this one. And two and three and two and study one and two and 34 and 1234 one and two, and three, and two, and three. 50. Sounds like this one. And two and three and four and one and two and three and four. Okay, now for the 16 bikes size it. Kind of mouth food. Pull out the shit if you have too, and and just read along with me. 16 by exercise for chapter for two and three and four and run into. And three and four. One and two and three. One in two and four and one and into an angry and full. And one in two and three and four and one and two and three and four. And one and two. And 3412 and three. And one in 23 and four. And one and two and three and four and one into 3412 and three. And 12 and three. And one and two. And 34 one, and two. And three. Wrist. Right. I'm awfully. Okay, so let's try reading out what to. - All right, So take it slow. Uh, have a great it. You'll find that your differentiation off your it no triplets entrance your notes will be a lot more tighter. Okay, it's not easier start. But as you can tell, if you're playing along, I'm sure you can few days stuff get very used to reading it. Today is not one day being. You kind of have to go back disease often. So as you run through these and I see reason, you realize that you understand what's going on that's good. Proceed to the next video and just practice along with it. But if you have difficulty getting used to the counting or following, always make sure the review each exercise one by one. First, according to detectors. Right. So I'll see you guys what it makes video. Um, every time I find practicing 6. Rhythm Studies Chapter 5 - 8th Note Triplets, Dotted 8ths/16ths: right, So welcome to less than five. This is about the eighth note. Triplets. Eyes are not on it. Slash on 16 note. So if you remember from chapter two, there was this particular interesting sound A daughter. Eight end of 16 of the region is where you still hear two sounds forbade, right? But those are nice. Equally spaced on no money. So short front is usually longer than the one behind. And the company's 1234 Now we're combining them with a thought. Triplets. So if you can really remember your your triplets, it noted that sounds like one and two and three and four And to get it, if you're doctor 8 16 your sound something like this one. 00 and, uh okay, so get some. Take some time to get used to the counting. Okay? Once again, pull out the resources. Look at it visually. Really? See the movement to see how that looks like. Okay. And used by counting to help you play and the sounds. So once again, I'm playing according toe PM off 17. Okay, this is exercise one twice. So gun and to treat Okay, it's going here. Is very interesting. Some exercise, too, goes like this. What? 234 Okay, exercise three. Sounds like what to do. Exercise full. Sounds like this one too. Okay, Thanks. Five into three. Off one into a three six. Sounds like this. 12 and three. It sounds like what? 23 and four and three sounds like this one into an entry. And 123 Thanks. Sounds like this 123 Sounds like this one into a three. It comes like this to an end. 34 and two and four. It's a size 12. Sounds like this one into the one. Okay. E steady. Sounds like this. 12341234 E 30. Sounds like this one. And two and one and s eyes 15. Sounds like this one. And two and 34 and one in two and four. Right now comes in 16 blocks, Sykes. So really through One time comes like 1234 And 123 and 41 and two and three. Game and 412 and three. A full and one. And two and three. A fall in a one and 234 and one and 23 and four. And 12 and three for one. And 23412 and 41 and two, three and a one and two and three and four. And 12 and three, and four. And 123 and four, and one and two and three off one and two and three and just don't have any. So one and two and three. Okay. So that that exercise some awful to read up about how best to be except Leak co. 123 123 I want to rest. All right, so there was it. Don't triplets extract. You don't that? It notes And 16 on valuation. Okay. It's not symbol. Okay, try a vested battery. You can actually run through on the metronome. Going down. Speak que con slightly slow if you have to. Um, right. So I'll see you guys next figure 7. Rhythm Studies Chapter 6 - Quarter & 16th Notes: All right. Hey, guys, welcome to lessen six thes time around. We're playing around with with 16. No, 10 quarter notes and this is where it starts to get exciting. Day. I personally like to play 16 notes. And in case you might have noticed some my previous videos. Well, strumming the doctor eight and 16 there was movement on my head. I'm actually going one e I was playing the 60 notes. Okay, but I was only shrinking on the one. So one the unit was signing today know how to get that. Said that instead actually doing 60 notes. So some people argue that before do your doctor eight and 16. You can actually stop by playing the 16 goals first. Okay, but I find that, um, both ways are still record toe count and to move your hands as well. So let's hear how. Sounds like hey, again, I'm playing against a mention of off 70. Began it. And this is size one. Want me to three? What? You to three. Okay, that's a size two. Sounds like this one. Duty and a three. What? To eat. Texas size three. Sounds like what? 23 of one to exercise full. Sounds like to 3 51 to Okay, exercise five. Sounds like three. What? Exercise? Six. Sounds like this one to eat. What? To be a three. Exercise seven. Sounds like one, 2341 23 Okay, that's a size eight. Sounds like one year. Two three for one year. 234 years. Okay, money exercise 10. Sounds like one two e and a E could be in a 34 Yeah, Kevin sounds like run. You know, to be a ah, that's a size self. Sounds like you 23 e one e two to e and to 34 Exercise. Lt sounds like what? Three way? It's a size 40. Sounds like 123 e and to the Okay. Okay. Exercise 50. Sounds like this 12 and 3 51 to be free. Okay. Now for the 20 mikes. Sykes, I'm going to read it through. So reflected a pdf Have too many boxes. Eyes What? He ended 23 one to be in the three fucking what? 23 g. And for no and three for one to be What he what? To 3 40 Know what he did ready for what? He ended. What? Turkey? Three. What? He ended two. What? See what? He ended. Two for what he to for No one. E e. You know what? And a three rest rest to end three. But he ended two, three. You know what? To the full one E and a turkey and a three rest. So here goes pretty by. Safe too. Ready? Go E you too. 12 Teoh. Rest rest, Teoh. Three rest. Right. So that concludes the 16 0 just introduction. The next few chapters will talk about the different variations off Your 16 knows as well. All right. So practices get used to your one end to end your hands movie all the time. And yeah, I'll see you guys next. 8. Rhythm Studies Chapter 7 - 8th & 16th Notes: Hey, guys, welcome to lessen. Seven things are gonna get even more interesting this time. So for lesson seven, we are doing a combination of your 16 notes, and it scared it. Okay, so just a quick we can your call the Nosa one B one some if notes I want to something there are equally spaced on. Right? So you're 16. Likewise one before sounds equally spaced. So and I'm talking about $16.80. Those usually come goes like this one to end, but Okay, so let's dive right in to be playing against a veteran of absurdity. BPM. Okay. And this is exercise what you end to end three full. And what he ended two and three. That's a size two. Sounds like this one. NGV three exercise three. Sounds like this one. And two and three basis size fall. Sounds like this one. And two and 3 42 Exercise five. Sounds like this one. Exercise six. Sounds like this one end to the end of the hall. And what end? X I seven sounds like this one into Ah, that's a size. Sounds like texas sized night. Sounds like this. What? You end it exercise. Sounds like one E one. Ah, that's a scythe. Exercise. 12. Sounds like this attitude in the e one e two and three. Ah, it s a size 40. Sounds like this. But you to a exercise 15. Sounds like this one. And right, so now 20 by exercise. Okay. It's gonna be long. So Kalata Pdf. Okay, here goes. What? He ended two and three in full and one end to the energy three and 41 into a three into three and 40 and one e en to. And what He ended up in the end, but he ended two and two and the phone E and turkey and an end to every and funny and 12 years. But he ended two and and funny and one and two in the n F O. T two and t one and t and three rest. So you go study by exercise one to 12 What? You good. Okay, so that concludes. Let's, uh, seven. Right and sleazy, huh? Talking and blades in time. Be off. Okay. So it's always good to run true verbally how? It's supposed to sound like before you start attempting it, especially for the long exercises across all the chapters, the sight reading posturing definitely take some time to get used to get every practicing this for quite a while. So I use this tradition was of my students to get em kind off familiar with how the different bits and readapt and divisions sounds like. Okay, so practice this. We still have a lot more to go, right? I want to go to with your different variations of your 16 hours a single patients. Little Siri's Okay, so practice hard and I'll see you guys for the next few. 9. Rhythm Studies Chapter 8 - 8th & 16th Note Variations (Part 1): All right, guys. Welcome, Teoh lesson Chapter it Right. So today we're dealing with 69 variations. So this there few variations in this particular chapter itself where the 16 notes you will half either your e all the earth being taken away. So your normal 16 01 e. So by taking on the e could be silent. You have one. If it's a oh, but keeping the you have what? E right. So you have to variations day one e n or one. Okay, so, um, we wanted a PD every foot of notes and get used to reading the different types off relations that you see the notation, and you will find that a lot of shopping patterns actually do use these variations. Now this. Okay, so today's variation 16 revolutions will be coupled to get a few notes as well. So you're number one to end. And, as always, we are playing against a metronome off 17. Okay, so let's run true. Exercise one. What an to end. Three in full. And what end? Two and three. Okay. Okay. Do you know that when you do, you know when you know you're going down, up, down up. So any of the shocks a opposing being, the your earlier points. You still have to maintain that. Shook. Okay, just don't touch the streets. So what? He and, uh one. And, uh, he was doing okay, So exercise too One and two and three and four in one and two and three and full. It's a size two goes like this. What end To end Three and four and one into the three and four. Ah, that's a size four goes like this one in to every into three. Ah, exercise five goes like this one. End to end and to exercise six Ghost like this one end to end three and a four and 1234 Okay, exercise. Seven goes like this one and two and three and one and two. Every goes like this. One and two and three and four and 123 Okay, exercise nine goes like this. What? The end. And three and four and what we end. 34 exercise. 10 goes like this one and two. That's a size 11 goes like this one into and and, ah, exercise 12 goes like this exercise cutting goes like this 12 and three. Ah, size 40 goes like this and full exercise fitting goes like this one and two and three and four and four. Exercise assisting goes like this one and two and three and four and one and three. Exercise 17 goes like this and exercise 18 goes like this one and two and three and four and three. Thats 19 goes like one end. Ah, size 20 goes like this one. Exercise training one goes like this one and two and a three for one into a three d and four. 10. Rhythm Studies Chapter 8 - 8th & 16th Note Variations (Part 2): exercise training to goes like this. One and two and three and four and one and two and three, exercise 23 goes like this. What end to it s a size 24 Goes like this one to be free, missus. Size 25 goals like this. What you meant? 12 and three and four and three. Exercise training six goes like this one e three e three. Size seven goes like this one. And and to be a Texas sized training, it goes like this one into energy and four and one and the phone. And that's a size. Training nine goes like this. What? End? To end one into exercise. 30 Goes like days one and two and three and one. And it s a size 31. Sounds like this. I think size 32 sounds like this. What? 33 to messis eyes 34. Sounds like this. What? The end to end a tree and fucking And thanks a size 35. Sounds like this one. And in the end, what? And 36 sounds like this too. And so now we're gonna go into the thesis. A 40 by exercise against was compelled along. Okay, and let's trial better. Run treat. Okay. It's gonna be in contents exercise. Great. What? And to every end for an A one into a three and a four. What the energy and three and one into what energy? And and I think anything and to end the NFL. And what? Bennett and and and and and and t three and one and two. And it's a foot and one and two and three and four and the two and and and a one and and phone Three and four in two and three. And what an energy! And a three and four. And what? The energy 23 and four and two and three and four, two and three and one and two and three for one Ends of the earth at the end. And and three and four and 33 1 and two and three and and And what? And the entry and and into and and know what he and to be three and one and two and three and a folk. What end to end Every. And you know what he and three rest 11. Rhythm Studies Chapter 8 - 8th & 16th Note Variations (Part 3): cool cake. I really sure Exactly what to ready? 2312341234 to 4. Sorry, it took a 12 and three and one. And 23412 and one and one. And you have 11 No. 13 and one and three breast. Okay, so there was a 40 bikes. Ice cake. That's one more. 48 by exercise. All right, So, um, for 48 by exercise is gonna be a long one. Let's take a reader again. Playing against a mechanism off. 17 minute. Okay. Right. So Okay, What? To three and four. One to end. 34 one in 234 in one in two men. Three and one, two and 3 40 And what entropy. But the energy and one in turkey. And 34 one and two. And And what you want to eat? And three and two. And union go and into a three and a phone. And what and what? And and and and and what? And one in any tree and and what? And and and and and what? What? What? Anything. One end to the anything and one cu and three. And what he what To three and one and two and one could be energy. And what? Anna too? And what to and to the NFL and and over energy and what not and what the end to end and for what and what to be And three rest. Okay, so that's rippling pretty long. One the game G minus C three and what? One? Three What? What? What? You know what? And and to rest, - right , so they bring some of the and off that's, uh, itself. Okay, Uh, right through this part, please get used to count. Think your company. Oh, provision off your 16 1 in one year. Right? So the next pot will be something that's slightly interesting. So get usedto making get used to come in your quarter. Notary 1969. Be very sure off. Howdy. Some, like holiday, should be played against a veteran of this frame partner You want to be always bring against the Metrodome toe, improve your time sense. OK, so I'll see you guys for the next video. Um 12. Rhythm Studies Chapter 9 - Quarter, 8th Note & 8th Note Rests (Part 1): All right, you guys, welcome to lessen night. Okay? And this time around, we're dealing with It's not sign your it's no rest together with your normal so quickly kept, we have done your quarter no switches. One b one sound your eighth notes, which is one big to sounds. Your eighth note Triplets one B three sounds in your 16 recently, your one before sounds. Now you're 16. Does your variations where you can take away your E and your in Later on other chapters, you can even tickle your or even your beat yourself the one so you have interesting sounds that can come up with it. But before we get into debt, we're going into the study more basic form of deficit, which is there is no rest. So where we are playing your one n two and three and four, and sometimes you will see your if it's being rest on even the bitter self so you could have a one day silent, your two or three oil four sided. Okay, so we don't do Let's dive right. There are few exercises here to go truth. So again I'm running true against ah Metrodome off 70 beats per minute. A few. Frito Run. 1960 if you want to. Yeah, Take it slow. Break this county. Okay. Good luck. So exercise what sounds like this. And 234 and 23 arrest. By pressing my president insurance I cut off. So excites to sounds like this. And to in grief, all to Greek. Exercise three sons like this one into ANC and one in two. And yes, I suppose. Sounds like this rest. End to bend. And four and two Exercise five. Sounds like this. What? Two bank And for what? Two and four exercise. Six. Sounds like this. 12 and four and two and exercise seven. Sounds like this in two and 34 and and two and 34 bank exercise. Eight songs like this. And two and four and two Exercise nine. Sounds like what? 231 23 exercise Ted Sounds like to To and exercise 11. Sounds like this one. And three and one. And okay, Isis, size 12. Sounds like this one. And 34 one and three. Okay, exercise 13. Sounds like one, too. What? To size 14. Sounds like this. What? 34 what? And three Exercise. 50 Sounds like this and to to exercise 60 sounds like it's best into for two. Exercise 17 sounds like and to three full and 234 size 18 sounds like this to end. Ah, it's a size 19. Sounds like to exercise. 20 Sounds like this in 23 and four and one and 23 and four. Ah, size anyone sounds like to 13. Rhythm Studies Chapter 9 - Quarter, 8th Note & 8th Note Rests (Part 2): exercise training to sounds like this one, too, to exercise training three cells like this. 123123 Exercise Training for sounds like this one and two. What to right? So that was the end of the exercises. And now, uh, for 48 by one game, so really through one time. Look 48 by excites. What group? 23 and call one into end and four and 12 wrist and for one and three and full. One in 23 and 12 and four and two, and and fall into but and three into. And they run into and and to and and to and and what it to? And 23 and four and what? 23 EC and 23 but and three interest end to end the for what? To end and full, and and to fall two and four and 23 and four and 23 and four, 123 and two, and three and four and 234 and two one to but and to just for one in two and four and two and two and three What end to end and four and one and three and 413 Hey, one, two and 1231 and one. And two. And four. 12334 And to full. And two and four and one and two and one and two and three for one. And and? And what? And they rest. Right. Let's drink. What? 23 and four Teoh rest. One best entry and 412312 and 123 for one. Teoh. 23 23 one. What? 212 into three and four and rest. 234123 and 234 a 1 to 4 to rest. Rest 12 And what? Three? What? 23 three And all right, so there was more food. You can call me silently. You don't come out loud for purposes of this video, this one coming on, But usually when I'm practicing, I just called my head. Um, the idea is that the longer you practice, the counting becomes so in it that you don't even think about it, okay? And even we don't a veteran. Um, you will find it with enough practice with the Metro. You find out you tend to keep time even more consistently than most off course. It's not that we can totally do it on the way to mention them. Okay, if you notice. Sometimes traumas do have an in ear monitor keeping the beat so they know what they're supposed to play it. All right. So, ideally, you want always practice against a metronome, recovers off proficiency level your head. Okay, If anything, this is just Oh, Russia oil fundamentals. And to give you any southouse and then trump repentance would actually sound like so you tend to pay more attention. The weight of the bricks are hangs on arrests. They told us the sound sounds like 1/4 note, a note or 16. And I'll show you that by the end of this entire series, you will start a few more confident We can read it entirely by year. Okay. And not only that, you're show me better tend to find the most efficient way of playing being down strokes on your trucks here. So assume guys on the next video. Um, coming soon. But we were dealing with Syncopation that's realize things like your excellence and yours. More strokes that your you know, you're chucking you that strums stuff like it. All right, so see what it 14. Chapter 10 8th Note Ties, Rests, & Syncopation (Part 1): All right. Hey, guys, Welcome to Chapter 10. Right now, we're gonna go into the south. Think about Syncopation. The idea behind Syncopations, that usually playing something that's off beat, reading on beat all you could say that the emphasis is on the off one. So your timing and your countings to the same. But you might be counting seven things steadily louder. Or you might be emphasizing seven things more than your normal 1234 So an example could be instead, off one and two and 34 You could be doing something that one end to end three end for So you usually hear such comments assessing stuff. Greggy. Um, swing. So what? John rest at Cody. Non mentioned pop or rock? Okay, So goingto Syncopation set one for today. You will see that there are a few insistence off things that have to clarify. I was sure that different exercises in our explain to you what the differences are, so it's going by just exercise. 1234 you will see excites one a one b one C. Now the main difference between the A. B. C's they are contact similarly, but they're depicted visually, differently. All get depicted in the visual lead, different manner. Um, some ways, especially when you're strumming there is a main difference. Or there's a very stuck on transmitting to all this sounds that we're trying to achieve. So for most of your pattern patterns A. You were here that this arrest in your pattern Bees or patterns? Bees. You were here at that time. And for better sees, there are basically similar hope. It'll be just depicted differently or returning to familiar. So take the time to run through them and really compared the differences. Okay, so I would put a B C's right together and can see the difference. But we will run true. Issue them first. So this is exercised. 18 something G minus. So 18 counts like this. Let me just set up the country. Okay. Once again, veterano at 70 beats per minute. Okay. Can go slow if you want to. This is exercise 11 and last entry one and angry. Okay, now it's cites one b instead of resting. I'm gonna time. So the somebody see over there squeaking like underneath those two. It means the time essentially what you're trying to do is to play the one on the left and let it ring for Durant. So the campaign goes like this one end in grief for one and and three as compared to earlier where we went one and and three. So this is exercise one big one in and three. Okay, now exercise one C sounds same s exercise one week, just in different ways. You can see over here, but the video exercise one b you have one Inc in the tiger to ink. Now that look when you let it ring, you can also simulate the big depicting pressing exercise one c. So take a look at your first notice, an ignorant, but your second now becomes the portal and you let it come at Sanoma and two before you go into that. So, um, typically, most musicians would like to read stuff like in this case, one anyone B one C is not necessarily easier to read, but it isn't Neto and consider cut off every time off reading reach, right. So what I'm trying to give you hear different instances that will come out or the difference is a different kind of visual majors you have when you try to work out something . So anyone of these three methods are good ways to score out. All right, so try and I still get traumatized them and basically. But this reading and levelling them whenever. Right. So exercise once he counts similar areas One beak, one end in three for one in three. All right, so now for two. What to a 12? No to be. It goes like this. 12 and 412 And they exercise to see. Sounds like this one to end 12 and okay, exercise 131 23 Investing 123 ec No, I sex. Three week. 123 And 123 And that's a size Creasy Sounds like 123 and 123 Okay, exercise for salt one and three exacts for B. Sounds like one end and agree. And one egg and three. Okay, exercise. Foresee sounds. 13 Exercise 51 Angst Bank one and exercise five b Some one size five c sounds one 15. Chapter 10 8th Note Ties, Rests, & Syncopation (Part 2): exercise 68 Sounds like 34 x 34 Exercise sits the sounds like and three. Exercise. Six C. Sounds like three. Exercise. Seven. Sounds like exercise. 70 Sounds like and X I seven c Sounds like this, but and one egg exercise. Eight. A. Sounds like 212 Exercise. Eight. B Sounds like 12 and exercise. It sounds like to exercise. 90. Sounds like and rest exercise. Nine. B Sounds like this. Okay, sighs nicey. Exercise. 10 A. Sounds like EC ecke ecke ecke. It's a size 10. B Sounds like and Stain C sounds like that's a size 11. A. Sounds like Ext. 34 Bank E. It's a size 11. B Sounds like three for three 11 c. Sounds like exercise. 12 A. Sounds like to egg two eggs Exercise. Health be. Sounds like to a look that's a size 12 c. Sounds like to a All right, so there waas Syncopation set cake. I'll see you guys from the next video and reduce Syncopation set to, and things will look a little bit more complicated. There'll be a few mix and match is between your patterns from your e side of stuff. For your B side of stuff or when you see some stuff. So they know that when they arrest, you have to come themselves when they are no rest that you let it ring it depicted in the US patent. See, we have to get used to reading it out. So good practices always to read out exercises before we try. All right, so I'll see you guys for the next video. 16. Chapter 10 Syncopation Set 2 (Part 1): All right, you guys have come back to check the 10. Today. We are Syncopation set to. So as we talked about in a previous video, you have your Syncopations being emphasis on off. It's all right now and playing certain sounds there off treading on beats. So in the previous video was talking about three different texting. You see, one way we're playing on rest. The 2nd 1 was more guys. Where is that? That one was the sound simulative ties. But the waiting visually did this different. So in. Single patient said to we're dealing with how some of the sounds will be convict differently within the exercise itself. So, for example, in exercise one, you could have maybe two different ways off how some of the notes might be drawn. All right, so I'll give you trying. Give it, outrank it the sound of thing, but visually show you the two different methods. Oh, good, different ways that you see that. All right. Of course, the rest are more points in bowling. Your arrest, the arrest. Just when you have when you bring a lot of Thai stand away that you're drawing something that's different. All right, So let's get straight into it, Syncopation said to as the number of exercises. So we ran through them, all right? And then, yeah, let's see how it goes. So begin of their load up the mention them. OK, 70 beats per minute. And this is precisely could 31 Inc increase evil one end and green? Okay, okay, Exercise to sounds like 12 and 12 and exercise three. Sounds like 123 and 123 Okay, that's a size four. Sounds like one in three exercise. Five. Sounds like one and size six Sounds like and 34 and Greek. Okay, it's a size seven. Sounds like to egg and sounds like it's a size nine. Sounds like and one and exercise. 10 Sounds like and and £11 like this and three for rest and green exercise. 12. Sounds like one and exercise 13. Sounds like one. And, ah, that's size 40. Sounds like one End one and exercise. 15 sounds left one and three for a one a and 34 exercise. 60. Sounds like one in two and three and one and two, and exercise 17. Sounds like 123 and 123 size 80 Sounds like 12 and three and two and three sighs. 19. Sounds like this one and exercise 20. Sounds like one and one bank, and that's a size 21. Sounds like one and four to into a 17. Chapter 10 Syncopation Set 2 (Part 2): exercise training. Three. Sounds like one and two and two and exercise training. Four. Sounds like this 12 and 12 and five. Sounds like sighs. Training. Six. Sounds like and and that's a size Training seven Sounds like and 34 and three exercise training. It sounds like one into and one and two sighs. Training nine. Sounds like into two. Sounds like sighs. What sounds like thats a size 32 sounds like. And exercise 33 Sounds like this. And for and for. Okay, okay, - five . Sounds like into the banks. And 23 Okay, six. Sounds like to a to seven. Sounds like s study. Eight. Sounds like and to And and I think it sounds like one into to exercise faulty sounds like this. Rest, too, and rest breast, too, And And risk. 41. Sounds like one and four one. And and exercise 42. Sounds like this one and three and one and three size 43. So before one of excess 43 you know this in exercise 42. There's a dot beside 1/4 gay. So as you can recall from your lesson to happen to the dot means Basically, you're adding half the original value to the itself. So what do they look itself? Okay, so in this case, your quarter not usually like for one big by having a dark last wine. So essentially, it is a one on your quarter, Ty. All right, So exercise 43. Sounds like one end three and rest one and three and best size 44. Sounds like that's a size 45. Sounds like exercise 46. Sounds like one. And and three and three. Exercise for seven. Sounds like 13 size 48. Sounds like And three and three. All right, so they're heavy. Total 40 in Texas. Scientists case will take time to run three days. And for the next two videos, he was to be under chapter 10. Okay, let's separate out in tow. Various exercises that we just look at greeting and running through that. Okay, so you don't run to it, but you got what makes for you 18. Chapter 11 Syncopation Exercises (Part 1): Hey, guys. Pieces quit. So it's been a huge break since I last recorded the previous video and this about the video game. But this was the last one off the freedom studies and a strong Siris on accepting a new year. Training syllabus for freedom Fries are No. 10 court. So do check out the other city assessment done with this article. All right, so this is chapter 11 and we're putting it all together. A combination of understanding. You know what the notes, notes, 60 notes, triplets, Syncopation, and this set off exercise is gonna be really, really tough. It's one line instead. And Joe entire peach so excites one. It's a park. Go. 345678 1940 bucks exercises. So ideas the same for the rest of it. Okay, so we're gonna run through and take it up to go treat you see if you can just, just like All right. So these books, so again you will. So, um, again, I'm sitting down metronome click to 60. So this is your final physical picture, excise. What? And I'm gonna be just using G card because your freedoms of speech Okay, one make a one three. A a Thank you. Okay. Thank you. Okay. What? Okay. Thank you. Thank you. What? Ok, okay, Okay. Right. So that's so Are we raising the and not any major ones on the screen? So it's kind of is your toe re through? It's a hole. Okay, But if you want to just like that other previous videos, you can intrude trying even line by like All right, So what interest? All kind of things that aren't true and type. He's OK. So exercise too, right? It's a week. 0 60 beats 123 to thank you one. I want to thank Okay. Yeah. Okay. What? Okay, we'll continue exercise three. Okay. So any point time if you feel like the speech to classically try 50 50 or 13 you run through for bus, you can pause and rewind the video. We do four months again. They sent to me play one time before you tell yourself. Ideally, you should be counting first before, right? Because I won't be coming to your existence. Just can't s I click. Okay. Pretty What? Go. What? What? What? What? - What 19. Chapter 11 Syncopation Exercises (Part 2): right. That's my vote Exercise. Folk. What? 23 What? Hey, what a Hey! Hey, three. Okay, One. What? What? - All right. What? Exercise? Five. Halfway. They Texas. Nice day. Okay, you can take a policy in interest. Try. Try again. So that the rental and that causing one shot to say about cross my mind. I'm just gonna feel wonderful. Week, right? What A and exercise. What? Okay, three. - What ? What? Okay, go. Anything you do these exercises, let's say you find it. Do you have difficulty counting Smoothly continued. The less my country to help you right now, this stuff is you can bring out notes this petition numbers to eat. One, three What? Okay, What? What? Thank thank Thank Thank you. And what? Right. So there's, like, six good to go exercise have on it. 20. Chapter 11 Syncopation Exercises (Part 3): makes its size and a for me. Hey. Hey. - Okay . Thank you. What? Thank you. Okay. No right to end. Thank you. Okay. What? Okay. Okay. What? What? What? Okay to Okay. Okay. What? - Right . Okay, so not exercise tonight. Um, they just feel about exercise. Nice that you wouldn't see. It's much rest, but there'll be a lot of triplets. Triplets. I'm not just no, no trip. Lest there be 16. True test as well. So let me put a few tough one. So you have one Batticaloa. You'll be full. Like your math. So it sounds like what? To an entry For what? A coup? A bank Did you have anyone fief, like based triplets? 16 or so? I want a cheaper. So, you know, those are becoming slightly louder for this tribe. Best we should get my rest, but otherwise how before busy? Maybe under a couple. It is ice. What? 12 What ? - But what? - This What? Okay. All right. So that was it. Um, Because in druggies and down section right, this'll last night size and definitely definitely not easy. So traveling run through them. Yeah. And leaving a comment, let me know what you guys would like to learn the next kick. Something that new. Your training costs, which have run on a few of my students So far, things have been looking pretty good. So, uh, give it shot. Let me know what you guys think and see you guys next week.