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Revive Your Memory with Ease, Tips on How to Remember Everything

teacher avatar George Hadzic, SkillShare Little Helper

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Here We Go

    • 2. Is our memory perfect

    • 3. Serious Mind

    • 4. Overall

    • 5. Use Both Sides

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About This Class

If you are looking to finally use the awesome potential of your memory, I can guide you.

If you're willing to make a few lifestyle changes and learn powerful memory techniques, you really can improve your memory. My goal is to explain every strategy that can help.

A strong memory depends on the health and vitality of your brain. Whether you're a student studying for final exams, a working professional interested in doing all you can to stay mentally sharp, or a senior looking to preserve and enhance your grey matter as you age, there are lots of things you can do to improve your memory and mental performance.

Whenever you feel stuck with or during this course, please fell free to share your problem as there are other students who potentially have the same problem that needs to be addressed, this way I can see what it needs to be update in the lectures so we are both on the winning side.

See you inside :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

George Hadzic

SkillShare Little Helper


Since I began to work both online and offline, I was interested in how to be productive more than just busy. More over when I had to managed a team of people then it become must rather than I might do it. Then I have specialized in professional training and improving peoples performance and efficiency.

As years go by I have perfected some of these methods and start to implement both my professional and private life. After that my life have dramatically changed, I am still learning and it will never stop but I want to share my knowledge.

As I am growing as a person I want to share this knowledge that I have collected with as many people as possible.

What I do want to do here is to have people said that i have changed their life to better.

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1. Here We Go: Hello and welcome to my memory course. I'm going to start this memory course by introducing exercise into your daily charity when your heart pops and you're sweating a lot, that appears to boost the size off hippocampus. That's the brain area involved in verbal memory and learning. It decreases the oxygen to your brain and reduces the risk for disorder that leads to memory loss, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Exercises also enhances the effects of helpful brain chemicals and reduce stress hormones. And, perhaps most importantly, it boost growth factor and stimulating new neural connections. So why I'm talking about the physical exercises in memory class? Simply physical exercises. Help your brain to stay shut and brain, just like any muscle in our body re cries to use it or lose it. The more you work out your brain, the better. You will be able to process the remember information. So also implement a good brain boosting activity. It's challenging it, teach you something new, no matter how intellectually demanding the activity is the good exercise off brain boosting activity that is simply out of your comfort zone and that you're simply unfamiliar with it to strengthen brain. You need to keep learning and developing new skills. It's challenging, so the best brain boosting activities demand your full and close attention. For instance, playing some new musical instrument or simply new piece of music counts and always continue to stretch your capabilities. When a previously difficult level starts to feel comfortable. That means it's time to tackle to the new level of performance. And by the end of the day you'll get yourself, Ah, brain lettering progress that is simply rewarding for you. The more interest and engage you are activity, the more likely will be continued doing it and the greater benefits you'll experience. So not only it's rewarding. It's also satisfying. And whatever exercise and motivators you choose commits to establish exercise as a habit, almost like taking a prescription medication. After all, they say that exercise is the medicine, and by exercising not only your have a health benefits, you'll also have a brain benefits 2. Is our memory perfect: So let's quickly wrap some basic arguments about our perfect memory. Is it perfect? We'll see. Most of people actually cannot remember the names off the people that they have just met, or even the phone number that they were handed over. And it is decreasing while we're age. But don't worry, I will guide you. By the end of this course, you will overcome this problem, and the Hewlett sold it very easily. First of all, on Lee, if you don't train or use your memory, then it will get worse. Whatever you're young or old, the reason for that are quite simple, negative attitude and lack of knowledge. It's quite simple. If you do not do sit ups, your stomach gets fat. Now ask yourself, How many informations can you remember during the day? The real answer is couple of billions. The human memory is so perfect, and it functions quite simple and unnoticeable that every bit of information, every word, every picture, every thought that you have is remembered by your brain considered these arguments. For example, do you have a vivid dreams about your relatives, your friends, your parents or even love affairs that you weren't think about it or hang out for like quite a while. But in your dreams, the pictures and the details off them are quite quite detailed. And they're exactly like in the reality that you have. Remember, this statement actually defines that somewhere in our brain there is an infinite storage room off perfect pictures and associations that is not changing during time and it can with the good trigger, Toby recalled. Practically anyone had the experience off sudden recall off people or the events from the earlier periods off their lives. This is very often when adults visit their primary school, or they had a bit of taste or smell, touch view or the sound that it can trigger the avalanche off the memory that we thought that they were forgotten. The ability off any senses to reproduce the perfect memory pictures means that they are exact trigger situations, and we can recall the vast majority of the events. With those experience, we know that our brain in this way can recall the informations from the past. The photographic memory is a specific phenomenon that allows you toe in very short period of time toe perfectly. Remember anything you want. This type of memory is weakening over time and shows us that from person to person. Of course, the those photos can be so precise that are in a great great details. This is showing us that we alongside the long term we have a short term memory and the ability off instant photographic memory. The memory techniques are the gathering off memory codes or the keys that is allowing people toe without any error to remember everything they want. These techniques are helping us toe search in a vast bank off data in our memory and for us easy to find anything that we want. 3. Serious Mind: your reign cannot to tell difference between opposed or a genuine smile. A post mile will elect psychologically the same pleasure or happiness response as a genuine smile. Your facial muscles que your brain to experience that, the positive emotion. Take notice of this. Consider how this information can help you regulate some of your emotional reaction by controlling your facial expressions. Try this the next time. If you are in bad mood instead of rowing, which reinforces negative mood, consider smiling. And if you're still moody, just remember were descendants of the apes who are living on a piece of rock in the middle off the galaxy who is going nowhere or God knows where. The mind plays an important role in achieving every kind of success and goal. Minor, everyday go or major goals with minor or day today golds. One usually knows what he wants to do or get, but keep in mind when you tell someone your goal and they acknowledge it, you're less likely to do or to realize that go. This is because your brain was takes. The talking for doing that is the gratification that the social acknowledgement brings tricks your brain into feeling that the goal has already been accomplished. The satisfaction you experience in the telling somebody remove the motivation to do whatever it takes to actually make it happen. So in order to achieve your goals, keep your mouth shut and by constantly repeating a skill that you're trying to master, your strengthening the neural networks that represent that action, anything happens physically in the brain. Whenever we perform the an action or simply visualized, your brain cannot tell the difference between an action you perform and inaction you visualized. So imagination is more important than the knowledge. Use your visualization throughout your entire life, so this rings like a true to the statement that you can fake it until you make it. 4. Overall: long before we have discovered the physiological separation off the left and the right hemisphere of the brain. Our ancestors initiative Lee. They figured out that there are two fundamental principles that is allowing us to have the perfect memory that is, imagination and association. Today, most of us are discouraged to use its imaginative capabilities, and we learn a very, very little about the nature off our mental associations. It's quite simple. If you want to remember something, anything that you have to do is Onley, toe associate, or to connect with something similar or a common item. In order to have a perfect memory, you have to imply these elements in your mental image. The first element is synesthesia, which refers off mixing your senses in order to look. Develop your memory. It is proved that is quite necessary to increase the sensibility off your senses and to practice them as much as possible. So you have to practice your eyes, your ears, your smell, your taste and your touch alongside with Keenest easier motion. Give us the best amount off abilities for our brain to connect with the motion and with the event or the item that we need to remember. Therefore, it is quite necessary for our mental image and our memory. Images toe have a rhythm. If we have a rhythm in it and we have a variations of rhythm, we will remember it even better. And if we want to remember something, quite often, we associate it with something that we can remember it by heart. The next element is familiar with everyone. It is sexuality. We all have the great memory in this area, so simply use it. And for the humor. If your mental images are funnier, more wackier or unreal or doesn't even have any sense, therefore you will remember them very easily. So play and have fun with your memory. Imagination is like an engine for your memory. Even the Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge because knowledge is limited. Wild imaginations holds within the whole universe and its stimulus. The progress and evolution gives a life breath. The more you use your vile imagination, the better you will remember, which is the fundamental principle off memory. The next on the list is numerical order. If you count something, you're giving it a specific and efficiency in the principal off order and logic, while symbolism is substituting the common boring and obstructive terms or ideas as, for instance, the signs stop or the light bulb. If you turn that term in something interesting with more meaning, you're going toe vastly improve the probability off, recall it and whenever is possible for you, use the whole specter off rainbow colors and simply caller your ideas and terms and therefore make them easier for remembering. The next on the list is the principal off order in the combination with the in the combination with the rest of the principles. This is allowing the information toe immediately being stored and toe. Analyze it and to increase the possibility off the brain for random, receive the examples for it are degradation grouping by color, sorting by categories and hierarchy. The positive mental images in most cases are quite easier to remember because our brain wants to return. Tow them similar to it. The negative mental images, no matter what you have read before they can be blocked in our memory because the brain in the process off searching is seeing that they're uncomfortable. In every memory system, there is a key word and this word we're going to call a key memory word, which is represent the hook that you will trigger the term or the idea that you want to remember. This word simply needs to produce a picture or show in the mind that is using these memory systems if you use the memory, principles and the techniques on the right way. Not only that, your memory is going to increase invest areas, but your creativity is going to skyrocket. And with improving on your memory and creativity, your complete mental functioning and assimilation off knowledge is going toe increase in a fantastic way. In this process, you're going to get a one new dynamic, Synthes E off left and the right hemisphere off the brain. 5. Use Both Sides: Now you're going to find out that your memory can be improved and improving your memory. You're releasing a vast amount off energy off your imagination and creativity. The most simple one off the memory system that you're going to learn in this course is the chain system. This system is basically like a short list off items like the least for the shopping, So the main point here is that every item is chained toe oneto another. To put it simple, this system is based on the list off the items, which is connected one to each other. While you were using the system, do not forget to use all 12 off the memory principle that you have learned so far, which is synesthesia movement association, sexuality, humor, imagination, numerical order symbols, multi colors, principal off order, positive mental images and exaggerating. And, of course, do not forget to use all the six senses that you have. So instead, in a hurry to write down every item that you need to buy or you just simply repeat the list over and over and over till you get it out. You simply can use the memory principle in the next manner. Be original. Use your imagination and colors as much as possible, as I already have told you so. Heavy mental image off every item that you have on that list. Use your own imagination again and make it Inuit way so that you can remember it with more ease. Try toe. Also exaggerate anything. You can even speed up the time off the protests off that image that is going on overall, make a fun, short speed up exaggerated story off you and those items that are on the list. Remember to use all the memory principles and to use all the senses in that story. And you will be amazed how easier it gets to remember a whole bunch of items on that list without even breaking a sweat. And the more fun an exaggeration you put in that story, the easier it gets.