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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Element

    • 2. Element Properties

    • 3. Select Elements in a Linked Model

    • 4. Select Pinned elements

    • 5. Select Elements by Face

    • 6. Select Elements Using a Filter

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About This Class


Creating design geometry is often done parametrically in Revit, which means that the related elements in the design are defined by linked parameters defining the interaction between the two.

By the end of this chapter, you'll know about: The three different types of elements in Revit project.

Making relations between elements using Constraints.

The difference between type properties and instance properties.

Ways to select the various kinds of elements in a project.

The function of TAB key.

Create, save and modify a selection.

How to control size of the element graphically.

Meet Your Teacher

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Samaah Sultaan

Mechanical engineer


I am a mechanical engineer, I worked at many disciplines: drawing, maintenance, technical and design. I'd like sharing knowledge with others that's why I started teaching five years ago during work then online, My wish that all people can get knowledge easily.

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1. Element: creating designer J. Mystery is often down, but I'm a trickery. Engrave it, which means the related elements in the design are defying by linking parameters, defining the indirection between the two. By the end of this chapter, you wouldn't know about the three different sides off elements rivet approach. Make your relations between elements using CONST. Reince the different between type robberies and instance province ways. Thistle is a very sconce off vitamin and approach the function off the key. Create See a modify selection how to control size off the element drifting. 2. Element Properties: Each element you place in throwing has two sets off properties that control the appearance and behavior. Thai progress on Instant Brothers to know the difference. Listen, live his window, which has specific them. It'll that's still seem in the first and second living. When we're talking about the mention, the broker is here. It's called type robberies. But if we're considering the division off window that Shane's according to Location House, then we mean in a stockbroker's. 3. Select Elements in a Linked Model: during the design stage, you may want to change already in the morning. Every provides many of controls and tools that he used to 25 women in drawing area, which will be activated when Element is selected. The design element may place in project or at Lincoln Files. River provides importing and exporting files such as I have see do you that energy and boy in clouds fires to control enemy that are available for selection that link it fires. You can use options on states far Architects elect to expend throat going me in drone area . If I click on any element and link it, more than nothing will be selected. Why that? Take a look on state spot. It's the left lens icon heads Red Cross, which means the option is not enabled under four Shake this little ist the option. Is there no cliff to certain on the option? There is cross disappear in drawing area. Move the cursor over that, I mean in linking modern collectors and let them with it. It shows in. So I select Click Scared to select the Lincoln mark to select element in elected modern like roof press step until the roof is highlighted and collector selected out to hide roof . Display the blow elements right click while selecting the rule and shall stuff menu click hide in you as Elect Rather, We wanted to hide this roof on Lee all all roofs. In his view, I choose elements to hide this roof on click scared toe and equipment. Now I can see all Annan's pillow. A little hold should ski. Why did you press the middle button to irritate the model for better off he What if I wanted to hide all trees in this view? How were the mouse over? She Kristen, I'm tis the street is highlighted and collector selected right click, click hiding view as a lick category, then click escape toe and recommend Never get to southwest to view the whole modern Oh, threes are headed an interview. 4. Select Pinned elements: elements can be bended to prevent them from moving. If I tried to select this door, I got it. I like the window, which can be silly. There isn't ISS when the door is placed. It has been then the options, selected elements disabled to not allow selecting it or any been sentiments. We can reverse this procedure, like licking the same Aiken to remove that it cross to a less elected anyway. And elements in Prodi's You can also find the same option as a select drop down menu. So I love lifting bend elements. Check the sun on the ocean. Now I can select the door, isn't it? Noted the Bell icon. If you want to arm band the door, click on on Bento in Modify panel, and you can then move or modify the door. 5. Select Elements by Face: I want to be able to select this world by clicking its center brothers and ages. To do that enables select elements by face option on states. Bar our eternal the option insulate drop down menu and drawing area over the mouse over a center of war. ANC lettuce Late. You can see it's a formation and probably spot it, however, center of Karen and collect to select. You can observe with the current time inside, selective. You can also isolate the wall, and the second living are the floor was the little animals. White face option is enabled. It's applies to all modern views and detail views. I need to move that window to a different location over the mouse over the window and collect the select. There was selected rather than the window click on Celeste elements. My face I can to the civil adoption now select in the window will be easy. Drive the window to the desire location Control NZ two Under the last six 6. Select Elements Using a Filter: when selection includes elements off different categories. You can use filter to remove unwanted categories from selection. For example, a selection. Close walls windows effort. Richer. You can use filter toe army the furniture from selection. Select elements using filter. Define selection box around the animals to select. Place a course around one side off the elements and Wregget diagonally to former tangle er boundary. To select any payments that are wholly or partially within the boundary of the box. Travel the coarser from right, so lift to select the only elements that are completely within the boundary of the box during the course. Er from left to right click. Modify multi select step. Thank leg shelter the further they look. Let's all categories all the elements that our country selected. The Count Colon in the case, the number of selected elements in each category. The total number of filaments Currencies elected this place as a bottom over there. Toxic load all lemons in cancer. Very clear. Its check box to include all elements in Castlebury. Select its check box to select all categories collection. Call to clear all categories. Click Schechner as you would if I selections The totals update in the Vale Oh, and on the status part, click OK