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Reveal your videos with ease - Clean video transition in After Effects!

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lecture 1 - Creating the project

    • 3. Lecture 2 - Create the text pre composition

    • 4. Lecture 3 - Small Text Adjustments

    • 5. Lecture 4 - Create the mask revealer

    • 6. Lecture 5 - Make Amazing Backgrounds

    • 7. Lecture 6 Making last adjustments

    • 8. Lecture 7 - Adding the animation to our video

    • 9. Lecture 8 - How to add a second text in the same fashion

    • 10. Lecture 9 - Thank You!

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About This Class

What is this class about?

With this short class I wanted to show you how you can create a useful and clean video transition animation project from start to finish. This will be a clean design, showing you the entire workflow, what to work with, how to use shape layers, keyframes, masking and other adjustments in order to create this final animation.


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[Q] I finished the class but would rather like to gain some ground knowledge on After Effects, can you help?

In case you want to expand on your After Effects knowledge and learn it from "zero to hero" feel free to enroll to my 4+ hours Masterclass course teaching everything about motion graphics and After Effects you need to know from scratch. Finishing this masterclass guarantees that you will understand all my smaller design classes without any problem!

After Effects for Beginners - Get Started with Motion Graphics!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to this after effects class. I want to show and teach you a fun workflow where you can prepare an animation like that. We will create a completely custom background and mask to help us reveal our video. We will also use example footage to make this a real life project. It's a really fun project. No matter if you are a total beginner or know your way around by the end of this class, you will be able to create this kind of animation on your own from scratch an aftereffect. I sincerely invite you to take the class with me and have some fun designing and roll now, and I'll see you inside. 2. Lecture 1 - Creating the project: Hello, everyone Today let us jump right into the tutorials. At first I would like you to download any video file you would like. If you don't have any video files to use, you can goto video easy dot com. This website allows you to download free stock files and these are videophiles and I'll just download the shortest one. So this one has 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 12 seconds. OK, simple video footage. 12 seconds. It will be perfectly enough to work with other. Just download it and use it within my video. Once you have that file, go into after effect and create a new product, you can simply go to file new and select a new product. Now I'm using after effects CC 2017. But it doesn't matter if you have C s six cc cc 2015 or this version because the things we will do will work on all off those Softwares. The reveal er's the track minutes. This was all available in previous versions as well, so it doesn't matter which version off after effects. You have want to arrive in the software, please click on this button to create the actual composition. Well, work in a composition will be our work window, and I'll just call it, maybe reveal It doesn't really matter. I wanted to be full age, the size or the size of my video. I remember that the video is smaller, but the video is only an example to to show you how the title will actually reveal something. So you can go with full HD 30 frames invigoration. Well, 30 seconds. 20 seconds. I will start with 10 seconds because my revealed will be most likely about five or six seconds, so it will be a shorter one. But we can make the duration 10 for the beginning or right. Want to arrive in this product? Please take the file you've downloaded. Take it here and place it within the product container. This will be easy for us to work because once we already which is dropped, it file in and we can work with it immediately. You see, the video file is already here. I don't need it now. I'll need it at the very end. So this is it for the first lesson. Please go ahead and create the new project. Important video and prepare your composition. It can be, for example, 10 seconds long. In the next lesson, we will immediately start the work. So be prepared. See you in a moment. 3. Lecture 2 - Create the text pre composition: Okay. Welcome on board. Now let us start creating our actual stuff, which will be coming up. And this will be a text click here on your new composition and select the tax two. I'll select the textile and place that actually would like it to reveal the video. In my case, this will be something like tutorial or video tutorial presented by me or or I will just start off with video tutorial, video tutorial. In my case, I'm using the next a bold formed. It's a really nice formed and I'll make it off course smaller. I will goto airline and I will place it in the middle. Make clicking this button And this button. If you don't see the line options, just goto window and open up a line. Okay? We have the text here later on. In the future, if I want to use this, I would like this text to be changeable that while you click on the text you're right. Click. You select pre composed and for example, you can call it changed text here. This will be very easier because later on, if you want to change the text, you double click here you double click here and you can change the text to anything you want. In my case, everything is upper case. But it's up to you. How would you like this text to look? Okay, so we have the reveal and we have the change text here. Perfect. Now we want the text to ofcourse look better. That why you need to open the effects and presets panel. So I'll goto effects and presets once again if you don't see it. Window effects and presets. You know it, bro. Okay, Or sister. So I'll use a blur effect. And within the effect, you have an entire blur and sharpen effects panel. And now we have several options to choose from. If you want to to have a blur, For example, Goshen Blur is like the blur off blurs. It's the simplest, but a very nice blur. But if you tend to do for another animation, you can use radio blur. It looks like that and you can change the blur values like this. You can delete this and select another. For example, Channel radio blur, for example, camera lens. It all can be used. You can use the camera lens and it'll enable Debler like that. You see what happens? Okay, I know that I most likely will use the garden blur. I hope I pronounce this okay. And God, Schindler, It's a really soft, simple, beautiful blur, and you will most likely use it very often. So remember about that one. But I would like to be a tiny little bit fancy more fancy here, so I'll use the directional blur. The directional blur Let me up to blur. It's a really cool one because you can animate both the blur and the direction. So are you like this, and I'll start my animation immediately. Please click on this. Stop what? And this stopwatch and start with the same amount off 50. You can of course, use another blur. But I will start with a strong one. Okay. Like that. Perfect. And I would like it to be a shifted perfect now person this pre composition and press you. You see, the two first key frames which you created have appeared on the screen now going forward about one second and 15 frames into the animation. The blur should disappear because I want to read the text finally and I'll go back to values off zero and zero. Now let's preview. How will this look? Okay. A very, very nice blur coming slowly into the screen. And then again it will disappear. And if you think that this is too slow, you take the last key frames. You place them closer. But in my opinion, one second 15 frames was just about right to reveal the text. Stay alert. The while on the screen ended hides the text. Okay, let's first make the animations and then we'll adjust the key frames. One Another adjustment I would like to make is to click on the change text here in first t like opacity, and it shouldn't be visible immediately. That's why I place a key frame here. And I placed the opacity to zero and going a bit forward, like 20 frames. It should be revealed. So this will create this animation that it slowly fades into the screen. Okay, perfect. So at this point, you should have this text container with the changeable text and on the reveal composition , it should slowly reveal like that. If that's too boring for you, you can of course, I had also to keep him at the direction, press you to show all key frames. And I forgot to change the direction or no, it actually changes to 0% but zero is too boring. Let's make it 200. Now the blur is a little bit stronger. Okay, This is the animation you should have until now. Now, please follow up to the next lesson where we will adjust the animations in orderto finalize the text animation itself. Thank you for listening and see in the next lesson. 4. Lecture 3 - Small Text Adjustments: hello and welcome in the next lesson. Now I would like to adjust the animation just a tiny bit because it may seem a bit too slow . You can select okey frames you can right click on them key from a system and ease them in easing makes the animation a bit more smooth. And I will not explain everything about this in detail now because you can find this in my bigger after effects course where explained everything step by step. But here I would like to show you you can select hokey frames and go into the graph editor . The graph editor allows you to adjust the speed off and velocity off the key frames. I used the speed graph and you see, this is a very simple information, but I can click on it. I can adjust it a little bit and it will be quicker at the beginning. And as time progresses, it will slow down. So let's preview that Well, I don't quite like it. I think we need more speed at the beginning, so I will put them to the left side like that. Okay, that's privet It Yeah, it goes in really quickly and then it slowly fades to the point where it should be visible . Now the text slowly reveals itself. Perfect. Here I could show you a trick. If you want to reveal and hide the text later, you can copy all key frames. Control. See? Go forward to the place You would like them to be hidden Control V. Right click key frame assistant Time reverse key frames. This would reverse or key frames and it will be hidden like this. Now the opacity, of course, would need to be adjusted toe mirror this opacity so it should be here. Okay. And you would have an animation like that. But we'll make a different disappearance of the text. So this is not necessary. I just wanted to show you this little trick. He should have their animation adjusted like that now, and we will slowly create the mask which will reveal everything with the second video. Police said over to the next lesson where we will work on the mask and this is an essential lesson. A really very important lesson. So we will have a lot of fun doing it 5. Lecture 4 - Create the mask revealer: all right. Once we have this text animation, I will write, flick new and select a new shape layer. Now, I have this straight player and I also pre composed it because I want to work with in another composition. Pre composed and coat mask. Reveal. Er okay. You don't have to use caps lock. Don't worry. I go into the masking. Reveal her. Okay. What do we have here now? I want to create a new shape. So take your rectangle tool and make a big shaped like that. It doesn't really matter how big it has to be big. Okay, I make it even bigger and all right, select this shape layer. Click on directing Goto and select the second tool here. Now, to creates mask. I would like to use the ellipse till now and create an ellipse mask. So I'll press my shift key and create a mess like that. Or as I see, this should be even bigger. Take on the shape layer, double click on it and make it bigger. Okay. And to the left, click on the fate player. Click on the circle. Remember to click this button because normally it would create a shape. But you want to create a mask, boom and masked. And with the shift key, create a mask like that. Now, you might not see what's happening here, but let me take it into the screen. You see, this is a big white mask. Now, I would double click on the mask because it appears it could be placed better, and it still can be bigger. Okay. Is this enough? Perfect. Revealed a mask and use mask. Feather. I'll fender the mask out to about you See, That's why this object needed to be so big. Because even with the feather, this shape layer has to be bigger than that. Okay, Perfect. Now we have the mask. Father said to 500 pixels and I will take the shape layer and place it on the left side. You need to make so this this little object will fade into the screen. There are so many ways of doing this. For example, you can take this anchor point press white on your keyboard. Take the anchor point. No click all this shape, layer and press s. If you would make a scale animation, it would slowly faith and reveal into the screen, but I want to take a different approach. But the scale seems really promising. But you can also do it like that. If you want to be a bit more professional and advanced, right, click new and select new object. This new object, I take it the move toe and place it here on the bottom. Now select shape layer until it shape layer. Distant object is your parent. You have to obey him. Okay, By obeying, I mean pressing on the new object pressing are like rotation and having fun with the rotation. You see now the rotation, it appears, isn't so perfect. So you need to animate this. Click that stopwatch here. Oh, this key frame should be at the beginning at the very beginning and going maybe one second forward. The rotation should be like that. And now this scale I see should be okay. Now it covers the entire screen, does it? If not, just take it. Take the selection toe unadjusted. So it covers the entire screen. Now we have it. Oh, the rotation should be stronger at the beginning. Delete This key frame should be negative amount because you can see it on the screen. It has to come in and reveal the screen. And this is why we use white color. OK, you've done your reveal. Your animation should look like that. Perfect. I really like this animation and now close everything down and on the review. You see this ugly reveal comes in, but actually you want this mask reveal er, to have to be a track meant So you need to select change text. Here. You need to select trackman and you need to select all far inverted Met once again Everything. What al format War Lou Memet and what overall track matte R is explained in my bigger course off after effects. So I'll not explain it right now, But let's just head over and select all for inverted Matt. Then take the second layer and place it a bit forward. You see, the Texas revealed like normal, but then again and animation happens, and this animation hides this text, and this will be perfect because this entire animation will reveal the video we want to use . This lesson is a tiny bit more advanced, So if you don't know anything about aftereffects, don't worry, you will slowly to learn those things. For now, you just have to know that a mask is something that can reveal another layer we created here. A custom mask. We created an animation and to use this animation to reveal our screen. And that's what all after effects transitions, video transitions are about. So one video goes to another video, and this is all may quit, reveals masks, transitions. This all forced into this one category, and you need to know a little bit about this in order to make such animations. Okay, we have the beautiful reveal. I really like how it flows into the screen. It nicely fights out the text. It isn't too strong. So let's head over to the next lesson where we'll add some coloristic and overall adjustments, and we will follow through with this animation 6. Lecture 5 - Make Amazing Backgrounds: Okay. Hey, again. So we have this animation until now, you have the text, animation and the mask reveal her. And by now, it should look like that. It should have an animation. And then it fades off where the fate of begins is up to you. You know that when you go inside here, the animation starts in the beginning. So how far you shifted is up to you? Okay. Now, I would like to add some color stick your right click on the timeline, select new and select new solid layer. Don't mind the color. It can be a white collar. It really stinks into my head now because we'll use ingredient. Go to the effects and presets and write your ingredient. And you should use you Should you can. Of course, you can use anything you want. You are the boss here, but I want to show you and teach you that you can use the four color grading. I really like this Grady int because it has four colors. And the amazing thing here is that you can use one color range and it will still look like a flowing background. It looks like it will be color corrected and overall looks good. Now selected are color for all of these. I will select a dark blue maybe a darkish like that. Don't worry. Will all adjust that again. The blue Schwan. Okay, Hit, Enter and well, I do like those kind of blues like this and look at the screen out. Now I want to get rid off the green a little bit and I can I can move them around. I can shift them around and discreet. A really nice color grading screen. You can still adjust the blend digital a little bit if you want it to be like this grainy effect and the opacity, But I want just a bit of deter so it will get a bit more clean. Okay, A bit of jitter. And the blend is very nice. So stay with the blend as it is, and no, it should be as the last layer because this is only our background. Now, if you feel that you don't have control over those cores and you can't seem to find the right color, you can additionally use tint. 10 think is amazing because it can adjust the entire color range it will map there black colors and white colors and what we have now we have blue, which is somewhat in between white and black. We have darker blue, which is closer to black, so I can met Black Kohler's. I'll open the tent, the tent effect. I can let the black colors to, for example, a green one. A dark green one. I can map white colors to another green or yellowish one, and you can see that we can adjust the four colored radiant with just using the tent. It doesn't have to be so strong. But if I set it to 30% I create this really nice effect. If I would go inside the text, make this text smaller because I feel like smaller text will look more impactful, actually, and I go to the reveal Look what happens. I have a really, really nice to reveal. All this is too quick. I have this really nice text reveal and then it slowly fades off. Okay, but now only the text fates off. But I wanted the background toe also fade off. I'll show you everything how to complete this project and finalized it in the next lesson. I do hope that you created every nice background you can, of course, use in the background you want and any color you want. But I want to show you this this kind off way off, using colorist, ICS and tending them. It's like a color correction toe now. Still, I can use another. It's just like Photoshopped. I can use curves now. I'll place and curves as the last one, and you can adjust the color. And remember that this is only the color off this background. If you want this to be stronger and more vibrant, you go up like this and you can select several points here and adjust both the whites and the blacks. I think we have a really vibrant and strong color. Now I do really like the background. Okay, let's follow up to the next lesson where we'll make this entire animation complete 7. Lecture 6 Making last adjustments: Okay, now we slowly arrive at the point where we need to preview the animation and think about if it's okay if it's too quick, too slow if we need any more adjustments, because we are just about to finish this animation. So I'll come to the very beginning and l press space to preview the animation. Okay, it's fairly quick, and maybe this one, it's a bit too strong. I would maybe make the animation a bit slower, so the opacity isn't so visible here, and it fights in slower to the screen. Also, those key frames can be a bit slower. Also, I think the rotation on the Blur it's a bit too strong. I would like it to be more blurry, less rotating, So I'll go to the beginning and we have to blur length and I'll adjust the length to Okay, I don't see it now because at the beginning it's invisible. But is this okay? E. I think I'll stay with that. It slowly comes into the animation. I wanted it to be. Okay, let me preview it for last time. I see a made an error because here it should also be zero. Why do you do this to me? Zero, bro. Okay, now the animation would render, and we need to make one adjustments. We need to take the text and the background with the shift key and just pre composed them together once again, pre composed. And it can be called pre compon, because this mask has both to reveal this background and this text together. Okay, I've rendered this. And let's preview, we have the reveal we have to reveal her, and we have no errors in our screen. At about five seconds, it's all over. So you can take this and make this compulsion smaller. This composition can end at five seconds. Okay, It will repeat itself because this animation takes only five seconds to play. And this is all you need to know in this lesson. In the next lesson, we'll finalize this animation and I'll show you how to use this video. How simple it is to use such an video as an opener for your actual videos. 8. Lecture 7 - Adding the animation to our video: Okay, you are an after affect. You You prepared your video for you too poor for something. And you just go it And after effects you create this animation as you did now and let's pre compose them one less time together and this will be our ready reveal. We can pre compose them. We can call them ready animation, spiteful or something like this. And we can go to our project panel. We have this ready animation title and let's take Dezio. Let's say that this is the video you imported it into after effect. You'll create this video and press here because this crease a new composition This is my video. And the only thing I have to do is to select ready animation title. I put the ready animation title here. Boom, boom, boom! It goes in. It animates as you remember for five seconds Let me try to render it. It will take a little second. So wait a moment. Okay. I think now it will render The animation is playing and your video is beautifully revealed . And if you think that this review is too quick no problem remember that we have the reveal option that look like on the reveal publicly. Here, double click the mask, Reveal er and it could be a bit slower. You see those key frames? If I placed them further away, this entire regular will be a bit slower now. Maybe I overdone it, making only five seconds. But yeah, I overdone it now. It takes a bit longer, so it can be a bit longer. It can be seven seconds here, but once I create my my time lapse video I have here and I placed this composition. It has originally 10 seconds with Israeli takes about seven now to play or six. And this text is very nicely revealing itself into the video you actually have. And then you can render this out. You can put those videos together and you have already filed for you to pull for somewhere else. Revealing such a nice text. If you don't want the background, no problem. Go into the ready and mission title Pre camp one and just the select the background. That's everything. You go back to the to the video and you see only a title will now appear and do this title nicely. Fates off. I would like to render this to show it to you because this will look better. Let's take a preview. We have our video tutorial and beautiful. If you want to go one step forward again, you press a four on your keyboard and you enable three d the new press p like position. You go forward, you keep her in the position, you go to the end of the animation. You can even go above it. And the Z rotation, which is a disease position. Sorry, we'll get it closer to you. I'll make the do about 400. Okay, It actually goes no backwards. But if you want it, go to go forward. You just put in negative amount here and I get it like this. And perfect. I really do like those animations if they are really clean and they are revealing something with a nice Fadi fashion. And we made this really in a couple of minutes in after effects. Let me show you in the next lesson how easy it would be toe at a second next year because one text might not be enough. And you will need a second text here at the end in the video to reveal to thinks 9. Lecture 8 - How to add a second text in the same fashion: Okay. What if you want a second text to have the same animation or another simpler one. Now we have all those elements prepared. I could place the text here. Let's go, for example, to start off the video. And if I don't have time to go inside here, go inside here. Copy. Old off key frames will. Actually, we would need to copy the directional blur and the opacity. So we would need to click here, go to window effects controls, and we would need to select this effect those key frames and then copy them. I'll just copy the opacity. I'll go back to the screen and on this text, like in place it here, Presti and just control V. You have to opacity and the text appears. Now if I want the text to disappear, I know that I have my mask Reveal already. Select a mask, Reveal er, place it above the text and select once again. F four Trackman alphabet inverted Place this forward. You see, the second text appears and the second text will fade out with this mask, revealing this pre composition this mess regular. I'll make it maybe orange, so it's better visible. It's like a ready fate outer for everything you want to use in after effects. So you can save it is super fader or something like that and then wherever you place it, you just take the lyre under it. You make it toe offer inverted met and little, very nicely review and height, or in this case, it will hide. Of course. So you have this animation following the first text, then the second text. Let's go, let it go that it face off and you have a super simple animation. I do hope that you understood everything. If not, you should take my bigger aftereffects course where everything is explained step by step so you can follow through all of the time teaching. If there is something that you don't understand, you can ask me a question or take this bigger course because the bigger course is especially for those people who don't know after effects so much don't know what track minutes, key frames, animations, timelines All of this, I explained in the big course. And then when you follow my other designs like like this one, you will already know everything, and you will have no problem following. I hope that in any way, in any case, that you were able to create this innovation. You did like this information because it was really enjoyable for me to record. I had a really fun doing this because it's it's simple and it looks very good. You don't have to be super advanced at motion graphics, but you should have an understanding if you plan to use you took for your business. You want to be a good video editor, and you know that you'll do this for years and years and you want to brand yourself on the Web. It needs to look good. People are getting better and the quality is getting up, especially on important platforms. And I just hope that you enjoy those animations and like to learn them. Thank you so much for listening for now. I'm heading out. Thank you once again and see you in the next one 10. Lecture 9 - Thank You!: Okay. Thanks again. This is everything in this tutorial. I hope you did learn a lot. You don't enjoy it. And I'll be really happy if you give me a thumbs up. A positive review. This will let me know that you like those tutorials and would like to see more off them. In case you have any trouble it after effects. Please check out other of my classes. You can, for example, use the big aftereffects course if you don't know anything. And if you are a bit more advanced, just cycle through those animations and they're in the descriptions. This is really great support for me. It's like the best way you can support me by following other of my content and learning along with me. I am trying to give you a smudge knowledge as possible. And I do hope that you enjoy it. Thanks once again and see you in the next one