Reusable custom lightbox -- Easy DIY project -- (Minimum tools required) | Millie Knaff | Skillshare

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Reusable custom lightbox -- Easy DIY project -- (Minimum tools required)

teacher avatar Millie Knaff, Illustrator DIY boss Mum to two beauts

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Intro 1

    • 2. Materials 1 1

    • 3. Assembly part a

    • 4. Assembly b

    • 5. Tips 1

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About This Class

This is an easy project that requires minimum skills and can be done in about 10 minutes (20 minute drying time not included :)

The lightbox should be around $70 or a bit more depending on what quality materials you choose.

A list of materials is in the project section. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Millie Knaff

Illustrator DIY boss Mum to two beauts


I am a visual artist and a mother to two beautiful young children.

After spending a few years away from my art, I am now diving back in with new ideas and bucket loads of inspo.

I have studied illustration and tattooing and i hope to get back to it ASAP, in the meanwhile, I am happy to teach some of the skills and useful tricks I have learnt along the way.

Stay tuned for new classes, they will range from illustration, to tattoo designs to DIY projects that will further any 2D artists skills. I like a good short cut, however, i am all about quality over quantity, so you are sure to find quality over cost. I am very conscious of making a long lasting product that will be reusable or recyclable over time. To me that is being money smart. :)

Big cartel:

ht... See full profile

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1. Intro 1: thing. In this class, you will learn Teoh, build a light bulbs with minimal tools and skills required. Um, it's easy and quick to assemble. It should take about 20 minutes if you get a cut at your local hardware shop, which they usually don't mind doing with my guidance, you will be able to make some custom. My boat is changeable led lights, so you can keep it as long. This'll Box is a grateful for any two D artist on craftsman person. Really, you can use it for your tattoo designs for tracing, whichever you like. For illustration. It's a really, really good to are very excited to see what you will do that if you're not sure how to use this box, make sure you follow me because my next class is a teacher to trace using it. Oh, even make your lives 2. Materials 1 1: what you will need. Drill liquid now is a strong word. Six long timber screws and 14 short ones or just nails. If you do go with nails, get a hammer, but take acrylic sheet. 900 millimeters by 600 millimeters. Try and get it. Three millimeters stick or sica if you can. An MDF backboard 900 millimeters by 600 millimeters six moment steak or less could be okay to Don't go anything it and say three millimeters. Some cyborgs are 89 by 19 inches and some letters. Miss Rights. This is off course, just a guideline. It's just following the size of the opaque acrylic sheet. So whatever size you can find in doubt, just follow those when you're the Hard West. Or make sure you ask one of the people who is cutting your word to make sure and cut a one inch for in one of the long reports so you can put your clock through. It is very, very important. If you do forget to get it done, you can always just get a little Hansel and cut two cuts down straight down, two lines parallel, one inch apart, and then the middle bid should just put out. Otherwise, you'll just have to go back to the shop. No, the way to do it would be to use a drill, not everybody. Hostos Drown star. It would be like a one inch hole. Um, so you could easily just put the court through with little plug bit. 3. Assembly part a: - on a clean surface. Just glue three of the sites, excluding the top part where the light is going to go through. Once you have glued down or your sideboards, screw them into place accordingly. Notice the piece of extra sable that I've lived out just to show you on. Then you can just insert two screws on either sides. They're no where you can remove it easily to change your life. 4. Assembly b: eso for this part. I'm just showing you here in a simple couple of samples that would be the same sizes us your sideboards on. And I'm just showing you where you would put your screws. It's always easier if you just mark where you're gonna do it first. So this is gonna be in the middle length ways and its ways. So basically, it's including the thickness off the board on the other side that you're gonna screw too. You don't really need to use rule is fairly straightforward way Just make sure that they are not properly So you've got the mark on the one side. I just have to make sure that they meet exactly where they should be. So marking you the other side of the board. So then you're gonna do a little drill on one of these marks? Action on both of them would really facilitate everything. And then you're gonna put your spirit. And after you've done the true did little bits of drilling not too deep. You don't want to break the wood. It's just gonna facilitate does so. As you can see, it's pretty straightforward. I'm showing you here home deep I go so that I didn't film this bit. But, I mean, it's pretty straightforward. No, no, really, What is pretty forgiving? It's also just, um, use your trail discredit drill a little bit, and then you just season. Once that's done, trying to spread your led lights evenly if you want, you can even put two sets of lights. Um, it doesn't really matter cause it's meant lights ocean heat up too much. Just make sure you ask a professional about it first, and this is the cold going through the whole year. Next step. It's time to go down your acrylic sheet again, omitting the top part so that you can change the light. 5. Tips 1: So that's it. I want to congratulate you. Finishing your project. Just wanted to remind you not to last. Panels can change lives. You're just You can keep this box for years to come. I can always painted tin the word which, like don't forget to post pictures in the project. And if you have any questions, I'm always thank you very much.