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Retro Vintage Logo Design From Concept to Presentation

Adam Chraibi, Designer and animator

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38 Lessons (4h 2m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Design thinking process overview

    • 3. What Are Focus Groups ?

    • 4. What makes a good logo?

    • 5. Pricing and Designing for Exposure

    • 6. Brief/Discovery Session

    • 7. Sketching Ideas Down

    • 8. Field Search and Competitors Search

    • 9. Diveregent vs Convergent Thinking

    • 10. What to do with people from it looks like corporate and Does originality matters?

    • 11. Copyright Infringement

    • 12. Download Course Files

    • 13. Designing Badges Part 1

    • 14. Designing Badges Part 2

    • 15. Making Vectors Using Only Shapes and Pathfinder

    • 16. Drawing a Vintage Fish

    • 17. Image Trace Option and Combining Letter with Icon

    • 18. External Vector Ressources

    • 19. How To Make Different Type Of Laurels

    • 20. How To Make Different Type Of Banners

    • 21. How To Make a Rope

    • 22. Introduction to Type in Logo Design

    • 23. Automatically Pairing fonts and FontS Ressources

    • 24. Match fonts in Photoshop

    • 25. Putting The First Elements of the Logo Togheter

    • 26. Working with Type Part 1

    • 27. Working with Type Part 2

    • 28. Color intro

    • 29. Working with ASE Colors

    • 30. Spot Colors

    • 31. Apply Texture in Illustrator

    • 32. Mockup a Picture in Photoshop Part 1

    • 33. Mockup a Picture in Photoshop Part 2

    • 34. Dealing With Difficult Mockups

    • 35. Working with Ready To Go Mockups

    • 36. How to Make a Presentation in Illustrator

    • 37. How to Make a Presentation in InDesign (optional lecture)

    • 38. Design challenge final

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About This Class

This course is about Retro Vintage and Badge logo Design.I will be covering my process of thinking and how I go about making these types of logos.

I designed this course especially for students who are just starting in Logo design and here is what you gonna be learning:

  • So, we going to start by a general introduction to the design thinking process I work with to solve all my design problems.

  • Then we’ll see different question you can ask during the brief to get the most information for your logo design process.

  • I will also be addressing some common problems that you will face as a logo designer, things like copyrighting focus groups and similar looking logos.

  • I’ll show you how I generate Ideas by sketching and searching on the internet.

  • Then well jump to illustrator where I’ll show you how to create different badges.

  • Well see Different technique for making a vector.

  • Different techniques for making decorative like banners and laurels.

  • How to choose the right font and pair fonts together.

  • How to choose the right colors and work with ASE COLORS.

  • Then After that you would want to learn how to apply texture.

  • WE also see how you can mock up different images in Photoshop because mock-ups are super necessary.

  • And finally, I’ll show you how to present your logo in Illustrator and InDesign.

  • There are also downloadable documents one is about the course notes very important to read.

  • And one about colors associations.

logo Design is a very complex process, and making these types of logos is even harder. So taking this course will certainly help you in your journey but you need to practice,If you don't practice you can't do it.

Important note:

Of the journey from client brief to finished work. Different solutions can be produced for any given brief and these can differ widely in levels of creativity,practicality and budget. So, my process is different from a design agency because I’m working usually with very tight deadlines and budges.


1. Course Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is Adam. I'm a professional graphic designer in any major based in Casablanca, Morocco. I'm going to be instructor for this course. So this course is for anyone who want to start with logo design and have a solid understanding of the process. So we're going to start by a general introduction to the design thinking process I work with to solve all minors on problems. Then we'll see difference questions. You can ask during the brief to get the most information for your logo design process. I will also be address in some common problems that you will face as a logo designer, things like focus groups and similar looking locals. I'll show you how I generates ideas bist kitchen and searching on the Internet. Then we'll jump to illustrator where I'll show you how to create different bedrooms. We'll see different techniques for making a victor. Also different techniques for making decorative like banners and laurels. I'll show you have to choose the rights, founds and pair front together how to choose the rights colors and work with a C colors. Then after that, you would want to learn how to apply texture because vintage is all about texture. From there, I'll show you how we can use images like more cops and four shot because more cops are super necessary and offer sometimes can be very expensive. And finally, I'll show you how to present your local and illustrator in and design. There are also some gullible documents. One is about the course notes very important to read, and the other one is about color associations. So by the end of this course, I am pretty much sure that you should be able to design the first professional. Yes, after some practice, of course. So that was all about the presentation. See you inside. Oh. 2. Design thinking process overview: in this lecture wanted talk briefly above the process off design, thinking I'm not going to dive deep into design thinking it just an overview of the process that I think designers should know about. This process was published and developed by IDEO, which is a design and consulting firm based in California. So basically, they use these five steps, they say, to solve any design thinking problem. Could be identity design, UX design, industrial design and every designer that works there obviously used these steps. The five describe it steps by ideo Ours follow the 1st 1 is empathy, so empathy, as when you put yourself and shoes off your clients so that the first interaction with the clients debrief what you want to do here is Forget about yourself. Forget about your portfolio and just be a listening machine. Just listen, because moving forward, the brief will be like the Bible for your design. The second step is definition. So after listening to the brief, you should be able to rephrase the clients need in one sentence if possible, something like So you need a retro vintage kind of thing logo that's conveys such and such feeling for the step off Leon fell something like this. And then we have ideation. This is the phase where you actually start generating ideas. Ah, I would save Brainstorm in, but brainstorming is a group thing. That's when there's a lot of you trying to generate ideas. But when you work in alone, what you will do to generate ideas is sketching or mind mapping. I'll explain those more in details and further lectures. Then you can start searching on the Internet as well after your sketch or might map prototype. So I know this prototype thing is a term used a lot in UX design or product design, but it's also you can use it in local designers well, so in this step, after gathering old ideas from Skitch in and the Internet, what you want to do is focus on the best ones to work on and to refine more, using any design software last but not least, test. So once you finish with the prototype, you need to test it. You can show it to your friends or other designers that you trust. Don't go ahead and post the logo on those stupid groups on Facebook or the Internet and ask them. What do they think about the logo? Okay, if you don't have friends or designers that you trust, you can go ahead and contact your clients and tell him that you just need to show him couple off examples that you have. Really? So you say something like, I want to show you what I came up with. So far, nothing is final. If you like something, I will go ahead and work more on its and refine its. So when this final step, what you want to do is be open for critiques, okay? And I'm talking about constructive critiques, okay? Not destructive critiques and feedbacks, of course. So don't take anything personal Defeat back is bad. That's okay. It happens to everybody to the biggest agencies of the biggest designers. Just try to understand what the problem and what needs to be done. And then we start the process from step number four, which is prototype. It's also important to establish harmony rounds the clients will gets below go or projects cause, Believe me, after the second revision, things start getting a little bit weird. Okay? You just want to get rid of the clients who want to savor your reputation on you know, you wish you could pay him just so he can leave. 3. What Are Focus Groups ?: So focus group is basically when you get or 5 to 6 people and then just ask them what they think about the new design or the new products off the company. Is it important? I would say yes. You gain some nice insights and nice feeds back on your design. Um, do you have to provide that service? I think you need to discuss Dutch with clients, and they need that service or if they don't need it now, if you have the clients is a small business they probably wants need it. But you need to have your own focus grouped as them about your own design. And what do they think about your logo? In my case, I have my friends. You know? I ask them all the time on what's up? Why, what do you think about this? And you? What do you think about this? And here's one thing I really do ask them lots, and I think that sometimes they get, like, sort off. You know they don't like it, but then I'll try to make it up by saying, You know, I appreciate guys, next time I'll invite you for a drink and all that stuff, you know, to make up for me, asking them all the time. Why do they think about this new design? 4. What makes a good logo?: let's start with a brief introduction off logo design. So a logo as the face off the company. It's how people will recognize and remember the company. It should not literally describe what the business does, but rather identify the business in a way that is recognizable and memorable examples. You see this logo and you go our Mercedes. I know this company So a company without a logo is a faceless company. So, yes, it's very important for a company to have a logo. I also wanna point house the difference between logo and brand kins, because I can see that there is a lot of confusion about these two words. So Brand is the story off the company and all its represents. While the logo is the image that's identifies, the company simply puts that the logo is the face off the company, while the brand as the personality. But before you can go ahead and create logo, you need first to identify the brand message. This way, the logo has something to stand behind. So what makes a good logo first? It must be appropriates or relevance for the company, and by appropriate I mean the feeling off the logo to that company. For example, if it's a sports or gaming company, bold and dynamic, if it's a tick company, you want to go with a modern, sort off logo kind of thing with greedy INTs and a sensory funds. If it's something like a barber, you want to go with the vintage ritual logo. I think it's the best suit one. And so when you get the idea, it's also has to be simple and memorable. For example, you see it's for three seconds. You will remember. It's okay, should be able to explain what you do. So in three seconds. One more thing. It's also needs to be scalable. So this must sound ironic because we're designing a vintage logo on vintage logo's our that's known for being scalable. That's why it's important to ask where the logo is going to be used. If they needed to be scalable, we can create a complex version and vain a light version off the logo that they can use via difference applications and software. And what makes a good local designer is someone who has a good communication skills, need communication skills to understand what the clients is looking for and also to explain the idea behind everything that you create instead off saying, just because it's beautiful and everybody's doing it, being able to back up your choices and decision is a very good thing. Remember, you're trying to sell that logo, okay? And also remember that the logo doesn't need to be beautiful. It's needs to work for that company. It's very important to understand that there are different type. Off floor goes OK, I don't wanna explain each one of them in detail because it's gonna take forever. But just let's go briefly over. What are those types off logo's. So the 1st 1 is a monogram. Logos or letter marks the second one's Our Word Marks or loga types. The third is local symbols or pictorial marks, 4th 1 as abstract local marks. Then we have mascots, my favorites ones. We have the combination mark and then the emblem. Okay, so the emblem is to one of my favorite ones. You can see that it's almost like vintage logo. The only thing is with retro vintage local. We add some textures to it to make it look classy and old and vintage 5. Pricing and Designing for Exposure: So when it comes to Price and there is, like, no exact science twits, I'll bring it down into three major factors. The 1st 1 of course, is going to be your experience. The 2nd 1 is gonna be how to how you value you work on yourself as a designer on the 3rd 1 is based on Where do you come from? I see some people designing logos for $5. Okay. And once I have asked the designer why you designed for $5? I mean, it's not a lot of money. Not enough to pay your subscriptions. Your bells, You can't do anything with $5. So while you design in for $5 and basically what he told me is that's from where he live. Or for money comes from $5. Could buy him, like 10 cheeseburgers. Okay, so does a lot of cheeseburgers for $5 man, I don't know. So I was like, Ok, good. Well, if if you happy with this, then that's fine. Old Oh, I'm against design in for $5 because I think that's it. Cheapens again for everybody. Okay, so you just what you want to do here is just set up a reasonable price. Based on those three factors, that's I just told you one more thing I want to talk about since we talking about pricing is exposure. Okay, so sometimes I get these people all. Can you design a Me this logo? I'll give you exposure. I have followers on instagram exposure. Doesn't put food on the table. OK, Unless I'm getting exposure from someone. Was very known in the industry or a celebrity. I'm not doing the work for free. I'm too busy doing other stuff. I'm too busy creating courses, continents, books, you know, digital product. So don't come to me and tell me I'll give you exposure Design design for free. OK, I won't. I won't do it. You can ask me to design a logo for freedom and tell me that I need this. I don't have money and I want I may accept it. But when it comes to exposure, I really hate that word. Especially for someone who's not a celebrity. You can't give exposure, man. You just can't do it. Okay? What if you don't Have you have people on? None of them is interested in design. Then you give me an exposure and there nobody will contact me, or they may also contact me and tell me, Hey, since my friend give you exposure, I'll give you exposure as well and it's going to be a Siri's off, giving me exposures instead of cash. 6. Brief/Discovery Session: Now let's talk about the brief or the discovery session. This part of the design process is what gonna make or break your local. You can't design. We doubts to breathe because you're not an artist, your designer, so an artist can just open any software, and then there's start creating beautiful arts. But a designer need to understand what's message needs to be, or that's art need to convey. So the brief is to establish what's the problem is on. The design is a process that turns a brief or requirements into a finished products or design solution. So how do you gets most information from the brief? Well, simply by asking the right questions. So we are designing a vintage retro logo for seafood store that says their own fish and cook. It's so they sell the fish. And then, for any expire reason, we decided to eat it there. That can cook. It's for you, right? So this is our clients, and here are some questions that you can ask during the brief. So first question would be what is the story in mission off your company? So their stories that's basically they used to sail and catch their own fish. So this whole fishing thing just started as a hobby. And then they decided to open a shop to sell their own fish. And basically, what they do there is that every morning they go fishing and they bring their own fish to the store that they sell. And also, if for any expire, reason you decide is that fish there they can cook. It's for you. So basically the selfish and they cook. It's there. But the main thing that they're doing is selling fish, and their mission is keep providing the same quality fresh fish every day for their customers. The next question is, what are your goals for seeking a logo and the reason why you want to ask this question? Because some people think that if they have a new logo off, if they have a logo, it will increase their Selves, which we both know is not true and local can help increase yourselves and can help you get new customers. But you need to do more than that. You need to do ads, you need to have proper advertising proper products, and it's the whole thing that's going to make sales, not just the local. So in my case, they want to reach out to more customers via ads and social media. That's why they need a new logo. So they need the new face to look good when they doing at some social media because they want to expand. The third question would be, What's brands do you feel like capture a similar look to your brand? So the main thing I'm looking for here as their competitors, you know, out of companies that they look up to now I can do my own research on the Internet, what he competitors. But it's very helpful if they give you their competitors directly. So they tell you. OK, so I'm competing with that's in this in that guy there. Just an example. Okay, so I need some competitors and brands they look up to. You had a question would be this new logo. How do you want it to look? Any idea or concept you have in mind? Some people will just give you something that they saw on Pinterest. Okay, I want something like this. I need something like this exactly like this. That's my favorite type of client. sure. No problem, sir. But other people they don't snow. Okay? The teller. They want a more in super clean logo, but they don't know what they want. Okay, so this is question is very important. If they have pictures off how they think they should live, the consented to you. And if they don't snow what they want to look like So, for example, that's really okay. We want a vintage ritual slash badge logo, but that it's we don't know exactly, you know, Then what you can do is that's maybe you can show them some visuals, okay? And you don't have to show you are You can show your own sports folio, but then if you don't have a big portfolio, you can show other stuff. Other works from out of people. There is no copy right here because you just remind them visuals. And then if they like something, you can then just go ahead and focus on that type of things that they like and create something original from that. The other question would be how do people learn about your products or organization or service? So in my case, right here since my client is local, not international. People only know about them from signage and flyers that it distributes, but they want to bring their stuff onto social media. The other question that I will ask his Give me three words that she wants people to associate your company with. So here you need at least three words to work with. So in my case, he wants people to associate them with quality, freshness, welcoming and affordable. Okay, we're going to use those to use the right type, shape and color. What does your audience care about's fresh fish? Apparently, if my clients was telling guns, they would probably care about hunting or security or destroyed ing. He had a question is who is your ideal customer? What's age are they? Where do they live and what are they looking for? If they don't understand this question, then probably you're designing for your friend or just a small business. I don't know what they do in, but usually big I mean medium respectable business. They no idea the answer to this question. So what we're doing here is customer profiling, Okay? There are deal. Customer is married people. That's mom's. Even single dads and single moms. So they usually come here to brink or buy fresh food to their kids. Family. The age is usually between 30 46 years old. And the reason why we asking about ages, that let's say, for example, my clients customer were kids. So five years olds, 10 years old, 12 years olds and the client was asking me about a vintage logo our to probably advise them not to make these kind off logo. They would probably want to go with something cartoonish with lot off popping colors, things like that. So you get the idea why we asking about the age? Okay. And now for the checklist. Okay, this is a checklist to make sure that you understood the brief and what the clients want it . So your checklist is Do you understand what the clients is asking for? Does the clients understand what they're asking for? Do you agree on the definition of terms? Does the brief have any flaws? Can you manage client expectations If something is outside your comfort zone, you have other ways off doing it. You can ask for help. Maybe some other designer can do something for you. Okay, So this is a good checklist, I believe so. If the answer is yes to all these questions, then you're good to go. If there is no, that's means there is a higher risk for your logo being rejected. So you probably want to ask the clients again or find the creative solution. I don't know. Don't you get me mad? 7. Sketching Ideas Down: sketches for me are a must. It's the most important stage off the design. If you jump right into illustrator or for shop, they're going to limit your creativity because you have to find doubts, different tools, and you have to find out how to do that. Well, if you arse kitchen, you can just put it down. It doesn't matter if it's good. It doesn't matter if you draw it, because when you have an idea in mind and then you start thinking for something else for a second, that idea may go away. Just have the human brain is so you can use a paper, or if you have a pen and tablet, you can use that as well. There was a nice software that called sketchbook. I think it's very good for us kitchen, but I like sometimes to use pencil on paper and after you finish, you can use a computer to refine your sketches, of course, so according to have designer deep Oats begin anywhere from 20 to 30 sketches or ideas and then branch out to create variations off the original ideas. So my personal way offs Kitchen is that I'll go ahead and draw or writes a word. There is central to the design brief on. Then I'll start thinking about anything related to that specific word. For example, have fish here. We can see that's our down fish materials boats. And Kerr, you know anything that I can think off. Okay. Doesn't matter. Don't edit yourself. Just whatever you have in mind, put it down on paper. And then what I will do from there after I have wrote down everything that is related to that word. And then I'll go ahead and start combining ideas. So maybe I'll combine ship wheel with, for example, an anchor Or maybe combined an active posts with the sailor hats and something, you know, creative. Okay, so this is my taking that I use, And then one cell finish, I'll jump on the Internets. What if you can't control, you can do a might map. So, Mike, map is just a diagram used to visually organize information so you can have a diagram like this with central word in the center and difference ideas around that word. Okay, Once you finish with this step, you want to jump ahead and go on the Internets 8. Field Search and Competitors Search: field search and competitors search wants you doing with yours. Kitchen. You want to go ahead and search on the Internet to see what is done by others and what is working and also to check if someone already did the same designers. You because someone else may have thought about the same idea. So I would personally look for similar looking logos. I would look for other retro vintage or batch logos. I would look for restaurants and shops that sells the same thing. And I would look for products. Okay, if there is any fish products and may get inspiration from a swell, I use the Google and Pinterest both of them. I prefer a Pinterest, but you want to be careful from Pinterest because you may lose yourself in those pictures. Okay, once you have all the images gathered, wanna go ahead and put them all together in photo shop, in a mood board style scapes, whatever you wanna call it, You know, because we want to get inspiration way 9. Diveregent vs Convergent Thinking: So one trick about design thinking that I think you should know is that what we're doing here is called convergence thinking and the best way to explain the difference between convergence and divergence. Thinking is this example. So you can see at these bottles off whiskey, and you can see that the style here is almost the same. The designs look almost the same style we have the chalk art. We have vintage classic founds. We have this beautiful illustration, so that is convergence. Thinking OK is designing with same style as other competitors. However divergent thinking is when you go ahead and design a bottle like this so you can see that look on this battle. It looks obits. Modern for me doesn't scream whiskey because we ski battle need to convey that's feeling off old vintage, then agent and distillery in for years. And this one looks like it's been Asian for one day, at least for me. 10. What to do with people from it looks like corporate and Does originality matters?: So what to do with people from it Looks like cooperates and does origin ality matters. So here's the thing when it comes to origin ality. I don't believe that there is such thing as something original. Okay, because there is nothing new under the sun. I don't know where I heard this, but this is something that I really like. It say it goes like everything has been told before, but since no one was listening, so that's OK to tell them again. Now I'm telling you this to let you know. That's especially when it comes to local design or character design. I feel like everything has been done. There is nothing really new. Okay? People usually use inspirations and mood boards and scowl escapes to create something. I would say that sort off looks like something that they like. OK, but as far us talking about original design, I don't think this is a good term. What I say is original is your style off making logo's okay, So after years and years and years, you can start developing a style that is unique and original to you. Debts? Yes, but original designs I don't know. So here is something Paul Ryan said. Don't try to be original. Try to be good Clients. Do not hire the unique options they buy the least risky option. Familiar tea, Which something is safe. Okay, it's makes them feel safe. The only thing that is bad is when you steal something. Okay, copy paste. This is bad. The human brain by nature when it sees something is it tries to associate it with familiarity or similarity, something that they've seen before in their life that just have the human brains were okay . That's why I feel like design psychology is something that you guys should learn as well, because it's will really help you overcome those kinds of challenges that you will be facing as a graphic designer or lower designer. So the final advice is Go with what's works, Okay, don't try to reinvent the wheel, understand? That's everything has been fun. Okay? And just stop listening to people you're not designing for. There's another designer you're designing for a customer, and you should know that even people me and you, I'm probably sure that there are at least 40 other people that looks just like me in your So this is something like natural 11. Copyright Infringement: So what to do when there is a copyright infringements? When a lawyer as a signed in this copyrights cases, the first thing that he checks is whether the logo is used for the same profession or industry. Okay, because this happens like 99% of the time. One of them, it happens all the time. Okay, So usually big agencies, you know, huge big agencies that make a lot of money for designing logos. What they do is that they have lawyers, okay, that work with them And they asked them to check if that's logo is copyrighted anywhere in the world. OK, But since we cannot afford such luxury, Um, I need to tell you is that if the logo isn't as used for the same industrial profession, the lawyer will likely tell you that's there is in the case. So, as I always say, if your intention is not ceiling, just proceed with designing 12. Download Course Files: before we start, guys, you want to come over here to project and resource is and download files here. Okay, These are the fires we're gonna need for the course, so make sure you don't look them. 13. Designing Badges Part 1: Okay, let's go ahead and open. Illustrator creates new and these are the dimensions that I'm using. Okay. 1000 Sounders pixels by 1200 pixels. RGB 300 pixel Paresh Ah creates. So I'm gonna be creating a circular badge and the reason why I chose a circular, as I say, as I said before, they're gonna help with conveying that welcoming feeling that the clients wants. So click l for the Ellipse. Tal. I was gonna zoom in a little bit, and then when I'm going to do is just click hold shifts, option or shifts olds and track release the click first and then released the shifts and option or shift unfolds. Give it a black fill and no stroke now, okay, this may look so easy, but don't worry. Going to get harder in if it's okay. This is simple. So what I'm gonna do is at another badge inside off this one. Okay? And the way I'm going to do that is again click L for the Ellipse. Truell, Blake, Hold shift. An option or shifts and old drag like that's this time is going to be no fail with black stroke and create the size of bits off the stroke. Then I'm gonna go in type M with a rectangle tool. And this draw Eric tango here, just like that's V for the selection tool. Select everything. And then you can see here that there there is the alignments tools that I have or we can just click on shift. If seven. You can open the alignments panel and I want to line her resentful, and I want to align vertical okay, and make sure that you have a line to key object selected. Okay? The next. Then I'll do, is to open my Beth Finder. So shift control or shifts command if nine and van just unites everything doesn't look good . So control or command Z to undo. And I'm just going to expand or to increase the size off this circle just around here, I always hold shifting option or shifts and all when I'm expanding shapes so I can keep the right proportions and select everything again unites and this looks much better. Okay, now, I don't wanna leave it like this, so I'm gonna go ahead and add another rectangle right in the middle, So clique em with their example to draw a rectangle here, V for the selection tool. Select everything shifts if seven for the alignments panel and again, just align everything shifts. Command control F nine Unite's. Okay, click Eddie for the direct selection tool, and then I'm gonna click on this. Parts off the rectangle, hold shift and click on this side. The opposite side off the rectangles. Well, and the leads. Okay, this is what I'm looking for. I ve select everything. I'll give it a lighter value. Just sorts can contrast with this one, because I'm gonna put it on top of its Ah, okay. That looks, You know, once we add the colors and everything, this will look like something. Don't worry. So this is the badge. I think it's gonna work for me. It's all about experiment. And so I'm gonna leave it like here. And then I'm gonna bring some pictures so we can build other veg is I'll open my inspiration folder, hold that picture and just drag it here. I'm just gonna fit. It's inside the Arctic port. So we can we first engineer. It's so, guys, I'm showing you how to build these badges. Not because I want you to steal them just because I want to show you how these are made. Okay? And so we're not. Ceiling would just reverse engineering rhymes. Greats. And these badges belong to anyone everyone can use. And if you go on Google inside badges logo, you'll see that these badges are being repeated over and over again. So? So we really not stealing anything. Okay, So as you can see here, we have a lot off hexagon. Pentagon's in some circles. What? I will do it. Just go to me. Shaped tool. Select the polygon tool, click and drag. Hold shifts and release. Gonna make it black. No stroke. And then I'll have another shape, which is gonna be a Pentagon. So as you can see, while I'm clicking, I can hit up or down and on my keyboard, the up arrow or down arrow. And I'm going to increase the heads or the coroner's office, Pentagon or Hexagon. Whatever. Anyway, we need five heads for the Pentagon. Hold shifts. And here we have our Pentagon and Hexagon. Let's start with the first batch. This one right here, so you can see this one is pretty much simple. I'm gonna go ahead and duplicate this one hold shift and rotated 90 degrees. Switch to fill in a stroke and you can see that it's pretty much it's OK. The only thing we can do. The only difference that I can see is that the upper and lower head out of bits extended than the normal one. So we can click a for the direct election toe click on this head and click on this head. Then click on s this killing tool and then just expand the horizontal heads. Obits like this. Okay, I can increase the stroke of bits, click on stroke, and they're not like on this one, a line stroke to outside, Always a line stroke to outside guys, when you're building shapes and you can see that it looks exactly the same almost exactly the same. Now, if you want to have those mountains and trees and everything, you can just add them inside. I'll show you real quick how we can do it, because I'll gets more. I'll speak more in details about Victor's and everything on later lectures. So I did a line here. Maybe I'll decreased the strokes like that and Then you can just grab your start to click and drag again. If you hit up or down on your keyboard is going to increase or decrease the heads down. Decreases up increases. So I need a normal triangle pulled shifts filled with black. You know, I just want to show you a real quick how we can just start building our locals from, you know, from nothing. And here I have it. I have my mountains here. I can increase the size, hold shifts and increase the size of bits off the mountains. I can grab my pants, fool, fill with whites and then just, you know, had some shadows. Seems like that it's here, So I'm just showing you guys a real quick are You can start building your ah batch logo's They just, you know, click fee here and make it lights making shadows It could black. Then I can just hold old and or option old option and shifts and just tracked down click old option, track down, track down on the final one, track down this one. I may increase the width of it. So hold olds and drug from the side. I'm just going to select those on whom bringing them down little bits just like that. Select everything shifts command or shifts. Control F nine Unite's Increase the stroke. Little bits and give it a whites color rights on. Then I can just duplicates on the side by holding Alton Dragon Bolton shifts. Of course. I grabbed this one right click ranch range. Bring forward. That's enough. Or you can just click on control and Rights bracket. Okay, that better. Okay. And then I'm gonna grab this line shifts control shifts. Command writes brackets, and there you can see it. Jumps writes in the front. Off my victors, I'll bring gets up a little bit because I needed to cover the white stroke off the trees. And here you have it. You know, I'm just gonna bring those a little bit select does and make them smaller than the mountains. Holder shifts. You know, cause mountains are bigger than trees, using some logic here on. And do you have it, man, You know, it's like that man, son. Then you can start adding your type. You can feel this thing with black using just the pencil people. The pencil. No stroke. Fell with black and then just, you know no, what I'm seeing, man, right? You see, we have our logo, and I didn't even have to draw anything American at Sai Pierre and stuff and just fillets around. And you will have something looking like this. Okay, that reverse engineering guys. Now, I just wanted to show you how quickly can build a logo just using, you know, shapes and alignments and logic, stuff like that. 14. Designing Badges Part 2: Now we're going to get more in details, okay? I just want to keep focusing on the benches here. So this one, I'm gonna put it here. Now, let's see something that looks hard. You see that? This one right here, Dispatch. It looks almost the same as this one. But with increase it with. Okay. And how do you do? This is again. I'm gonna grab my hexagon, rotated 90 degrees. Just hold shift when you are rotating, switch to fill on the stroke. Okay? Now, what I'm gonna do is go windows or window properties. Make sure this one is not linked. And then I can just increase the with, you know, maybe they put 40 44. You see, that can increases decreases, You know, whatever you want, man. And then I can just select everything. Click A for the direct Selection two, and then just click on those gadgets points. Let me see what the name of those are. Keep forgetting the name. The name of these points right here. So go to view and you can see that they're cold corner, which is OK. Make sure you have them. Some people don't have this thing on, so make sure you have corner widgets show. Make sure you have smart guides on. And these are these settings that I'm working with, Guys. Okay. Bounding box should be on a swell. Okay, grab dozens in. Just curve them obits. Stroke line outside. You can see that we have another one inside. So we have this shape and we have another one inside of It's like a duplicates. So click V darts. Election to click here. Good objects. Bath offset path. Okay. Positive value Will duplicates outside the shape. Negative value will duplicates inside the shape. Make sure you have previews. Check. If I go minus one pixel, you can see that it's inside. But is it enough? I think so. Click. OK, decrease the stroke size and you can see it right here. Okay, Maybe this one is not enough. So just control Command Z to undo a couple times this time under objects offset path on. I'll try minus two. Okay. Yeah, This one looks better. And here we have it again. You can just add your mountains. Your banners will see how to build banners later and salon something else. Difficult. Let's see what we have here this one. This one looks challenging. This one to Caylee. Try this one right here. So we'll grab my Pentagon. I will rotate it. 180 degrees. Okay, A for the direct selection tool. Click on this anchor points, hold shifts and click on this one. Go to the alignments panel and click on this horizontal align rights. Okay, here we go. Now the order in which you choose these anchor points matters give because if I started from here from down to up and I click to hear something that happens, you see that fucker going? So click here first, then here and then there. Okay. Now again, with the direct selections will selected. You just want to grab everything, hold shifts and just go up, up, up, up, up, up. Then grab again. Everything. Make sure you have to the two of them selected. And then just curve in like this. So, like everything, maybe I'll just increasing the bits. I'll go again to properties and just increased the with a little bits. Let's give it a number. Here. 40. What's 40 once, 46. And it's good for six. Good man. Another too much to it. So much for its So yeah, but so far it looks good. So which of the feeling that stroke, huh? Outside. Okay. And here we have it, man. Here we have it. Okay. You can dance, star putting your stuff inside. You can, of course, just everything manually. So maybe I'll click on this thing here and this ankle points here and just go up a bits like this. Maybe this 12 will bring its up. Okay, so I don't know, guys, you know, I'm just showing you this technique so you can go ahead and try different stuff. It doesn't have to look exactly the same, but you get the idea. So this one we did this one is like this one. This one, too is like term. Usually try. This one is a bit challenging, but this one here on bring this one there also in drag ups or option. So I'm gonna rotate this again. 90 degrees, grab My Derek selections will click a on the keyboard, select the top parts, shifts an up arrow. Okay. And then what I'll do is I'll click on its with the debt with the direct selection tool and then maybe just curve things here. Bits like that because you can see the corners are bits curve. Now what we want to do is you see that straight line? We want to curve it as well. We want to have, like, some sort off things going inside. I don't know how to explain this, but you get the point, guys. So I'm gonna select my shape with direct selection to go objects goto path and add incur points. Now, if I click on a, you can see that there was a lot off income point addict. Okay? But we don't care about the others. We just wants the ones on the side. Okay, So click here, hold shifts and click on the other one Click s for the scaling tool, and then just spring them inside the pits. Okay? Switch the feeling. A stroke. Direct selection through. Click Away to the select and again. Same procedure, Alum. Align Stroke outside. Maybe I'll increase the way thin the properties panel 38. We try 40 objects. Path offsets. Yes, It looks like it was ready for me. Like, OK, decrease the bits. And how do we have? It's guys. Okay? Simple is this man? Simple Is this Maybe you want to try this one as well. So this one is just a bunch of circles. We have one circle here. We're one to and three circles. Okay, One, the black one. Then watch this. Command or control. See? And then command or control be. It's gonna duplicates the circle, but is gonna put it behind while we had earlier. So control and command seeking Chaka Man be duplicates behind and shall commence seek and document F duplicates in France. I'll give it the whites color white Phil and a black stroke and then hold It's and drag while holding shifts and bolts. And this is too much. I think of just little bits. It's like that. Decrease the stroke. Now. You can see that sometimes when we increase our the crease, you can see that there is a change in the stroke. Okay, If you don't want this, where you can do is control Command K, You're gonna open this preference window and you see this one right here? Scale stroke. In effect, you can just the selectors and click. Ok. Are you suggesting this a little bit crease. Now we can see when I'm in. Increasing in the in the crease and the stroke weights. Rooming remains the same. Yes, like this. Okay. And then from there, what I can do is click s click away, okay? Or click near to its and the void in the empty and track hold shifts. Control, command option or old, and then just drag. Okay, you can see that's the track is you can see that the circle is well proportioned. You know, we're not We're not going Ah, in different directions. Release hold, shift in control and left brackets So I can, you know, through its behind everything. Here you go, guys. Same thing. Now then you can just start feeling it's with Victor's shapes and everything. This one is just a normal triangle. But if I zoom in, you can see that there are three triangles and the 2nd 1 has, like some points or dishes. It's easy to do it to. You know, it's basically the same techniques, but what you'll do hear differently is once you have your triangle, you can go to stroke. Have this one chick decade line zero on the first in the first box. And here you can put a number. Let's see 12. Is it too much? Surks And make sure you have rounded cap on corners. Try different members. Okay, let's try this one. This circle right here, you can see that it has some sort off zigzag e wavy corners. So how you do this is you grab Gandhi, start to click and drag. You can increase the heads by clicking on up our air only keyboard. It's like this. So have his minions. Who wants now click control or command and then just expand or shrink on a shrink them here like this looks good, Click V and then just increase the shape of bits. I'm just gonna delete those. I don't need that shit strokes anymore. Increase the stroke a little bits or you know what? Just change. Switches that stroking to fill, Click a. And now we can see that we have a lot of these gadget corners. Whatever you call them. Click here and then just, you know, covered in the bits just like that. Okay, now we try something a bit difference. For example, if you want, you can take this. Give it to fill, and then maybe just split it in two. And the way I do that is by grabbing the knife tool hit it is click olds or option, which shifts, click and drag. And then you can just separate them like this and have something here, you know, maybe a tight, maybe some. I comes here. I don't know. I'm just showing you stuff, or you can build like that Police fame, you know, police batch thing. And how you would do that is, you know, just by having that polygon tool again, select the three heads and careers the heights Click here and here with the direct selection tool, and then just bring them together, click here and here and then just again bring them together like this. But this time you click Old's or option and click on those corner, which is yeah, corner, which it said it. Right. See, that's an increase. Okay, we can just double click, and you will have this corner final open, and then you can adjust things from here. Okay, Council, Any fool to the direct selection total. Then maybe I'll just bring this thing down like 50. No, Like this, maybe If I hold alter option and click on these points, you can see that's ah, you gets different results. So it's good to experiment. Everything is about experimenting. When you keep experimenting stuff, you come up with something with something you something fresh. So experimenting as the key you go. Okay, we'll do one more and then we'll jump to creating vectors so I'll grab this one direct selection. So click here. Here a line. Hear, hear a line. Select a reef end, click a everything click area, and then just curve these sharp edges. Obits. Okay, next click L. So I can grab my circles. And then when it puts a circle here, Okay, Like v shifts an option, or also then just duplicates on. But that circle here control life so we can see what going on. Control command wides goes to outline mode, and I just want to make sure that these circles are really centered. Okay, you can see it's a center. That means it's sensor something Here. Let's see Saint Sarah. Okay. Select everything. Open the Pathfinder recommend F nine or control F nine and then just minus Frantz. Okay. You know, we have a beautiful shape stroke. We can align outside and curve everything. I can go to objects. Bath. Beth, Beth, Birth offsets that off. Try this timeline A swan. Okay. And then just Yeah, of course. You can grab your lying here and do this, you know, change these true profile to this one. Increase its Maybe, you know, when you can add your type here, just stay in your eye, comes here, and so want guys. OK, so I think we have created enough fapiis. And after this, I believe you should be comfortable recreating any of those shapes. 15. Making Vectors Using Only Shapes and Pathfinder : Okay, Now let's start making our victor's. So I'm gonna delete this picture because I don't need it anymore. If seven for the layers panel, and then just add a new layer and hide this one. Okay, Now, in this lecture, I want to show how he can creates Victor's or icons. Is that using just shapes. So I goto file place and then just plays a picture off that ship real. Okay, here it is. Maybe I'll reduce the size of bits like this, and here we go. So when you're building with shapes, the first thing you want to do is learn how you can bring everything down into basic shapes . So here, for example, we have a small circle here, Another biggest circle here, you know, bunch of rectangles and squares. So 123 is a rectangle square, square, thin square, square, rig, single, square and square. And then this weird organic shape and the huge circle here. Okay, So bringing objects into basic shapes requires observation skills, and you can develop those by doing multiple projects and working on multiple Bo goes high dispensable. Click l. And then I'll just are withdrawing my small circle So I'll start with a small circle in the middle like this one. Black fell, No stroke. Command control C control, be expand the circle behind this Like this. And then I'll just give this one a wise color just for contrast. For now. Next thing, I'm gonna start building this handle or handle whatever you wanna call it. So clique em, then build my first rectangle again, filled with black black, No stroke, just like this. Maybe you just spend it up. It's Let's see how it loves. It. Looks almost like this one. I'll go and grab around of the rectangle to just like this. Okay, When I'm on a duplicate IDs by clicking or holding old option and dragon up also holding shifts, you know, build another phin square just like this. Let's see that looks good. Tries to align. It's visually now, then another rounded square and then another rectangle. But this one, I'm gonna make it bigger than the previous one. Now I'm gonna build a bigger circle like this. Increase the strolled, the D stroke weights. I think that looks good. Maybe try 12. I always love to go with Para members again. Another square here and then another thing Square. Oops. Let me see this one. Put it down a bit. Year another thing. Square here. Okay. Make sure everything is lined them. Okay. And then finally, I'm gonna build this shape right here. So grab the rectangle tool. Or I can just click on this one on drug it up, Up, up, up like this. A for the direct selection tool. Select the top both income points, and then just curve them. Okay, Now sell with the direct selection toe. Select the bottom and CA points. The better months s for the scale tool, and then just bring them together. Abyss. Okay, It looks fine. It doesn't have to look exactly the same, but debt looks fine. Now grab everything. Hold shifts and dragged through. Select the rest of it and a line. Okay. Click on this one. No, I'm just a freak off alignments. I want everything to be aligned perfectly. Oh, this So this one. This one stir, everything is lined. Good. Now I want to group my handle for my hand and don't group the circles. Okay? Just this one. So control command, G group. And then tonight everything and the reason why I united's. That's in case I expend it. I'm not going to lose details. Okay? I'm going to keep the same details off that thin if I expend it, okay? When we need to do now is just to rotate it equally around this circle. So to do that, click on its go to the irritation soon, or you can click Are you know, on the keyboard. Grab that Scient anchor points hold control so you can stay in a straight line and put it in the middle. Okay, I'm gonna give it a little twists or the push to see to see if it's going in the right direction that I want. Yes, it is. So control commands the two under hold. Old option and double click on that. Science incur parts. This window will open. I'm gonna enter 45 degrees, check preview and then copy. Okay. Now command the or control D Like this. And here we have This guy's okay. Sample is this. I can add more details to it Like I can add shapes, high life, so select everything. Duplicates. Grab the pence, fool p make no fail white stroke. Then I can just add some highlights. Click, click on then. You know, curve, maybe increase the size of this thing to to changed the stroke profile to this one. And here we have a beautiful highlights. I can also that doesn't seem censored. So just bring it here up. It's I can also add highlights on these handles or on the top of these handles, help is called handles. I kept saying handles like this, you know, I have to be careful. Looks pretty. Select it again. Select The highlights are from the irritations through. Bring it down again in the middle. Make sure it's going into the right direction and it's good control z option DoubleClick on hoppy. So the easy d d d d. Command d And here we have our highlights. Okay, so once you finish again, you want to make sure that you select everything. OK, select everything. Control, commitment. Jujitsu group. Okay, group. It's Group it so you can move it freely. If it's again here, shifts shifts in Alton drag. Now I can, you know, start adding stuff. Being creative, maybe at a circle here, officials make it whites or any other color. Anyway, leave. It waits for now. Applicators hold. Both of them are double click on the recisions rule. And then just copy. You know, you can just start doing stuff. I don't know, man. Don't know, man. And now it's built our anchor points. I'm just gonna bring it in place. This one, okay? Same thing. What's cannot be pleased. So the thing may happen to you, you know, because it may be copyrighted or something. I don't care, man. I don't care. I'm a designer. Open this picture. Demonically. It's copyrighted. It's belongs to enviro. I didn't pay attention to this, but I'm not. I don't want to steal it. I just want uses for referenced guys. Come on. I'm just going to click on that button on my keyboard. It's called print screen. Whatever. Go back to Illustrator Control. Command V. I'm not going to see this. I just want you just for inspiration. I mean, what the heck? Okay, so let's build our anchor. You can see we have this shape, these shapes and these shapes here, so want to 34567 about seven or eight shapes. All right, let's start with the circle. The most obvious than easy one. No, Phil, increase this show like this. Like this. It was good. Or eggs Angle. Yeah. It's like this ticket. It's transit line. Everything got done. It line frieze, death and pits. Okay. Again, we're going to use the same technique. Select your rectangle. So, like those anchor points is scale drab. Another circle like this one stroke? No, Phil. With the direct selection tool, select the top of the circle the elites. You find yourself with just the health of that circle. What? It's here. Increase the stroke. Obits on. Changed the profile to this one. Hold olds and drag from the side. You know, just expanded a bit like this. And of course, you can change the with of this 10 use and with tool this one right here shift w So click on its And maybe, you know you want to expend from here? I don't know. I'm just saying make it a tenner from here. All kind of stuff continues also from here. Someone in under an hour then just increased this thing. Obits like this more. I still don't like it so much. Slip. It's okay then. Go to my shapes and grab the star tool. I just need three hats hold shifts when the rotates its upside down. So 180 degrees just place It's here in the middle. Yes, yes. Go up like this. Okay. Treat the size of this one. Grab the startle again. Same thing. Three heads. But this time, hold control so you can see that's control. Will more facing two different shape? Uh, to is enough Or I can just make it. Make it to a fail then just, you know, police it. Here I was a little bit more. Okay. Reflects vertically. Copy. Hold shifts while dragon, can you just put it here? Okay, guys. And just like this, we have our our thing, You know? What is this thing right here? I can just put another example or line around them joints, make sure it's in the middle. Greece it more Give it a 10 points, maybe 12 office. Good rep. Does all of them the line rob the rounded rectangle? Understood. Just put something here, okay? It doesn't have to look exactly like the one on a picture. And here we have. It's been a basic too beautiful in cup ice. Okay. Duplicated. Go to objects. Expand appearance, Object. Expand. Okay. Mm. Unites. Switch the feeling, his stroke increase the feeling. A stroke. And you can see Now we have a beautiful line. Incur. Okay. I can even add some things here in the middle to make it look beautiful. You're saying, guys, it's all about experiments in Yeah, I can grab the whole thing now. Group plank reasons. Truck like this, I can click on stroke and try different variations. You see, as I changed those align stroke outside or inside, I get different results. I just don't looks weird. See this one? How would I know? What in the heck is this? Yeah, So I'm just playing with stuff, trying different stuff until it's yield some beautiful results. Okay, one more thing I want to try is that if I take this stroke here, it just one here just minutes. I don't like this So cruel. We set up. It's now it looks better. I can hold this. Okay. And I can go to this brush thing and I can try different things, brush libraries, artistic, and maybe try some artistic calligraphic brush. No, not this one. Detroit this one. Increase the brush stroke thing. Look at that deal some, okay? Results. It just a matter of trying different things, guys, you know, experimenting with stuff. I think this one's gonna look good as vintage. Maybe if I add a couple things to is really disdain in the middle and just try different things. But I don't know, guys, you know, we have to experiment with these things. You see, same thing with this one on group is that thing. Okay, guys, to keep in mind, that's it. Just about experiments in 16. Drawing a Vintage Fish: and the other technique I uses to drover images. So I'll bring my fish here, my salmon fish. But here we expanded the bits, like this one, you know? Yeah, I think like this is fine. And then what I'll do is I'll double click on the player templates they miss. It's an image to I give it 70%. Here. It's going to reduce the opacity of the image by 30%. Click. OK, having you layer selects the bold brush blob brush this one. Not this one. I hate this one. So select this one. Shift B. I'll go to the brush panel at new holographic brush. OK, three points. Pressure, three bones. Okay. I'm using a welcome tablets. A small one on small. Cheap on. Okay, cool. Now with my blob brush selected, I was gonna drove us over this one, you know, just drove over it. Now some people may say that's good technique. You know, you should not be drawing over stuff. I'm just using it as a reference. Guys, everyone use something as reference painters. They look at the horizon as referenced and they start painting. You know, illustrator, they look at object and this start drawing. They don't go over object because that their job is to be illustrators. But to me, I just want to get the job done. And I do this thing all the time drawing over images. It's my favorite stuff. Okay, so let's star just throwing over that thing. Way, way. Okay, so once I have basic shape played outs Now it doesn't look like much for now, I'll give you this, but once once I start adding the hatching stuff, the shadows and everything is gonna look better. So one thing you want to keep in mind here is that you want to add those lines like this Well done. Just two minutes will decrease stroke. You want to add those lines or hatches whenever you see a shadow is cast. Okay, So I want to do my best now to make it look vintage or you could see first and I'll do here is just follow, You know, the shadows on the fish on star, making it look more vintage and classic. So I'll do a hatching and cross hatching and just try adding textures and shadows. And also on what you can do is that you can redrow over your lines as well. Okay, so drawing over is also a very difficult thing. And the Onley, where you can get this thing right is that if you practice over and over again Okay, guys. So I'm going to speed things up because I don't want to keep you with me for 12 hours because this process is very time consuming and hand consuming. And the only way you get it right, As if you start practicing over and over again and just understand then how everything works. It takes It takes time to make logos, especially to draw. You know, you can't just expect to learn it in few days. It takes mountain years of practice and it's a never stop learning process. Way, way, way, - way , way, way. So I think I'm gonna stop here cause it's really it's good time consuming. And, as you can see, wield some pretty good result as a first try. OK, if I'm sure if I do, it's, you know, 34 or five times I can yield better results was very time consuming. As I said, I didn't loss. I did a lot off hatching and cross hatching and just tried to figure out where the shadows are. Now I can select everything. Got object expand. OK, give it a lighter value to make it look more vintage old ish. You know, that kind of thing? We're looking for groups who would be group Pathfinder unites. Okay, then I can add some text here on everything that in everything I'll do that later, but you get the idea. 17. Image Trace Option and Combining Letter with Icon: in the last two techniques I wanna use with you is if you get really, really stuck. Okay, So the 1st 1 you can just hire an illustrator, someone who can help you with the join on. The last one is you know, you can use image trays before that. I want a crop. It's a little bits. Apply Corporates again. I just want to get rid off. Any extras apply, and then I can go to image trace. Okay, click on it. You see, in here we have it's click here on the image Reese panel, or you can go toe window on, find this God, vast. Ignore whites. Okay, You can try different presets here. The thing with this technique, it doesn't always work for logo design, but it does work for merch. And then you want to make sure that the picture is not so copyrighted. Okay, you need to buy it. Try silhouettes, black and white logo. This looks okay. I'm just gonna ignore rights. And then from here, what you can do is expand. And then you see that we lose in some details. We can just We drove them. You know you can. Here's the blood brush drove over some parts here. Maybe, like this'll some stuff here, you know, and then just refined things more. I don't think if you trace its, it's going to stay copyrighted. But I'm not sure. You know, I'm not trying to show you bad habits. And, you know, I'm just trying to show you to survive. That's everyone has money to buy expensive stuff. And again, those designers, people who make these pictures, they spend a lot of time. So they deserve some credits, Some recognition. I feel them. No. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to survive. You can definitely use it as a reference, and you can draw over. It's OK if you can. You can do the work and make it fuels. Okay. Okay. So those were my two last solutions for you. If you're stuck with the drawing. So hire someone on those freelance Web sites or use the image tracing. Although these are my least recommended options. But sometimes, you know, if you test with an impossible drawing, you may as well higher and was trader Okay, since we're here, one more thing I want to try is to make a monogram. I forgot to make a monogram earlier, so I'll take this thing. New applicators. Oops. So expand appearance to avoid this expand. Yes, it was best find there. Unite's. No, it's not gonna happen. See? Go to tea. And I want the letter s I'm going to use in two trunks. Fonts called Parker. Okay. Parker? Yes. Trees this size in bigger. It's gonna give it to different values, so I can tell the difference. Do you put the poem? You see, I was thinking about combining these two like fists. I won't only be increased struck with this Goto objects expand. Yes. Have No. What I want to do is just try to create some negative space between the S and the anchor. So I'll grab my pence. Fool. Click here. Here, make a curve. You're here. Make a curve like this. Like here you have a care of, like, thing swung. No, select all the strokes. Hold shift while selection divide. I'm group and then just elites. These parts grab the direct selection tool. And then just just some of them did you know? So it's confronted thing. So surge here. Click on the S, make it black again. We have it on. May be finally. Just add a star here just to make a pup. Okay? Yes. So there was pretty much it for this lecture and see on next one. 18. External Vector Ressources: Okay, guys. So for external resources, when it comes to illustrations, I used to websites the most. Okay, the 1st 1 is spayed vessels. The 2nd 1 is free, which is free. Pick the thing about free because they have to give attributions literally. Here, incur vintage anchor ship weed or whatever you want to type, man. Uh huh. I see. I have some beautiful. You see, I have some beautiful results. So let's say we want to download this free pick license so it's free for personal use and commercial purpose with attribution. That means the James studio. I know these guys. I follow them on instagram. That means if you want to use this you want, you have to give them its attributions. So if you give this to the client, listen surrounded global design. But this anchor belongs to D j d J M studio. Or if you don't want to do this, you just buys, Okay? Either way, it's gonna be better than your clients getting a copyrights strike on your logo, okay? Or you can just redraw its If you re draw, it is gonna be yours because it's going to be different because your hand and style of a difference. That's why it's gonna be yours. Okay, So that that's all I have to say. That's all I have to say, man. So, for example, I want this download free download. Then you can open it. And sometimes you do find the Adobe Illustrator file and the baby s what? Sometimes you only find the E. P s extension. So open the A P. S. Okay, guys. And here you have it, so you can use its with your other logo's as a victor. But to be honest, if I'm not speaking for this, I won't chooses. You know, I'll be afraid if I use it. I'm gonna be afraid all the time. It like I'm selling drugs. I'm afraid the police catch me. It's gonna be the same feeling. So pay for your stuff. Make sure you have everything, writes the license. Um, if you can spare a go ahead and we drove, it's you know it's gonna be different because you cannot rejoice this exact same way. And yes, that's all I have to say. 19. How To Make Different Type Of Laurels: So in this lecture, we're gonna learn how to build banners, laurels and groups. So I have a new layer here. Then it started with building our organic laurel. But the first thing after you grab your lips tool, I'm gonna go ahead and just make a novel looking shape, direct selection tool. And then select the top and components of the oval. You go to converts. Any click here, convert selected anchor point to corner. Okay. Now hopes what I want to do is but the direct selection tool still click here, bring it up a bit. The care. Bring it down a bit so I can make you look a bit small. Like an organic shaped laurel. Grab the pencil. What's felt? Flick here. Go to center. Click down and curva bits. Okay, so next, everything. Pathfinder minus fronts. Okay, Now, this is an organic laurel. If you want to make a geometric one, you just grabbed two circles like this so much. Make sure the Intersect so hold its click. Old shifts and drag. The smart guides will say intersect. You release, select both and intersects in the Pathfinder. Okay, Now we can switch to fail in a stroke. Or you can grab your rectangle droll or example like this. Hold this tool called free transform and then just come to decide and bring it up a bit like this, you can hold shift. Now we have three different types off leaves. Now I can grab one and just make my first laurel. And it's gonna be the same technique that you can apply. 42 others duplicate this one, rotate it's make it smaller, like this grabbed Elaine Tool, hold shift and drag. Increase the stroke. Change the profile, then just, you know, just this. Make it feel organic and realistic. Now hold this. Okay? And why you want to do here is go to effects, distort and transform. Transform. Okay. I'm gonna come over here to copies on type, for example. 12. And then I'm gonna move them horizontally. It's like this Now, if you want to keep the same size, you can stop here, okay? And if you want to leave to start big and finished small, you can change the values here. So far, we have 100%. I can For example, try in 96 in 96 here and see how it looks now it looks. But for me, next and I want to do is align those leaves with this line so I can come to vertical and then just puts minus one. This is too much. So maybe I'll try minus or points. Five looks good. Click. OK, direct selection tool. And then just extend this line. Pits I hear held shifts. Release. It looks fine. I think it don't Obits. Now I can click here. Object, Expand appearance, expand reflection tool DoubleClick, horizontal copy. Hold shifts and drug hold chefs and click up on the keyboard. Okay. And then I'm gonna grab this one rotated Hold shifts. Make it small. And here we have our organic looking laurel. Okay, Control command group opened the brush panel. Select it. Hold its and dragon here. Select Arte Brush. Okay, leave everything the same. You can give it a name. Organic. No room changed the method to 10 so you can colorants and change colors and then click. OK, now if I grab a circle, hold the direct selection Soul click here on the side, the leads and just leave this parts. I can click here on my new organic little brush and I'll have this. Okay, if it's upside down, nowhere is just click on the pencil and click up here. Kind of reverses. Okay. Reflects first a cool help e. And here we have. It's guys see, Just like that. No, I'm sure if I go ahead and grabbed my s, This one come and see. Command V here, put it there. It's going to look amazing. Look at this. See that? So you can apply the same technique for both of these are the ones. Or you could just, for example, do this reflects Copy. Select both group shifts. Olten drag up Carrie Control command de de de de de rectangle tool down here. Select everything. The line. Okay. And then I'm gonna zoom in the bits to grab the pencil. And I could just, you know, there's something funny here through this reflect tool DoubleClick, copy, and then just put it here. Okay? I'm gonna put them together like thirst pumping boom group merge her unites. Okay, Now we have our beautiful other natural still, today 20. How To Make Different Type Of Banners: OK, now it's time for banners. Let's create some banners. But before that I just want O turn that thing here into a brush as well. So select everything. I'll go click shifts if seven for the alignments panel. I know it's horizontally aligned, but now I want to make sure it's vertically distributed while you do this to me. OK, make sure you change a line to selection and click again. No, select everything but the last parts. Okay, now you can see that sometimes you may align things technically, okay, but it doesn't feel rights visually. So after a line, technically, you can go ahead and make some visual. I adjustments. Okay, Happens all the time. Find thing. That's our line technically, but they feel off visually, just like that. You may have noticed. That's really pay a lot of attention to alignment that because I think the biggest mistake you know, a designer condo's is, you know, not aligning his stuff. So that's why I usually would spend a lot of time Just make sure everything is aligned. Okay, Now we have our brushes and everything. I'm just gonna place those selects everything here and just place so I'm here. Okay, guys, time for the banners. Okay, bring direct angles. So banner is basically are just a bunch off rectangles. So let's start with a normal basic banner, okay? We need a rectangle like this event we need to other smaller rectangles. Okay. Could be the same size. Or you know what? Just duplicate this one. Put it here, and then hold old. Sent direct from the side. Like this. Hold old inject from this up. We're going back on the subject from the site. I'm gonna give it white stroke so you can see some contrast and click on this one. Shift control or shifts. Command lift brackets. Place a behind. Okay. End of the same thing. Some holding its dragging, its holding old and shifts. And I want to make sure it says into sex. You know, pay attention to the smart skies that the smart guides do the work. This one is not intersected. So here we go. So this is a basic banner. Then what you can do is click on this thing and go to pencil, hold its and go for the plus, or add in component to make sure it says intersect here to intersects. Click a click on this one. Click on the yellow one. Yes. And drug. Both. Okay, Now select everything group. And what I'm gonna do now is make sure fail is black and increase the stroke whites and then just switch them. I can also move the sides off these banners a little bit. Get here. It's here. This wants to it. It's here. Select everything. Ships if seven make sure everything is aligned by clicking here. Horizontal distribute sensor selection. You can see now when I choose a line to selection. It did make some changes here. It did a line. It's always pay attention to this thing, man. Always pay attention here, lying to and there I congrats. My pencil. And then just, you know, no, Phil and then just creates that shadow illusion. Okay, Now let create something you know, obits difficult. Something more challenging. Again. I'm gonna grab my rectangle tools, then just creates a rectangle like this switch the feeling, a stroke. I don't want to have any stroke and then duplicate it three times a Linus censor critical distributes. Click on this one. Make. It's smaller than the 1st 1 so dragged from the size Well, while holding ultra option and this one even make it even smaller. Okay, I'm gonna change the colors of this 12 lights of value. Gonna know why in the second, Or maybe like there's something like this. Go to the plus pencil. I call it the plus Pencil, but it's called at anchor pronto. Make sure it's intersects. Click here and down here a grab this thing and you and components hold shifts. Grabbed the other one. This no one then just, you know, bring the thing inside. Now we have the 1st 1 go to effects warp flag just too much. So I'll enter 14. For example, Click. Ok, so like the other one the same thing. But this time it's going to be minus because I want a flag. It's, you know, the opposite way. Minus 14. Same thing here. Make it deposits of value. Okay, grab the pencil, then just click here and then link those like this. Oh, for select that thing and give. It's a darker color. Shifts Command control. Lift brackets send. It's all the way to the back. Okay? Just so we can add some shadows here and do the same thing for the bottom months or click here year. Yeah. Uh, here. Chefs command control. Next brackets. Okay. Select everything. Objects, expand. Appearance, object. Expense duplicated. Okay. You can change the colors if you want. Later. Counters off the shadows and off the banners or ribbons. Whatever. And you can just group. It's an expanded its, you know, change. Change that. The heights, the wave of it. Okay, one more thing you can do is you can add, like, some lines here, so I'm just gonna add them here first, increase the stroke of this line to to and then changed a stroke profile to this one. Okay, Now you can see here what we have. Okay, then duplicates and control command E just like this. Now, let me see how it's gonna fits here. It will remove. Two are the last ones. It looks script. Yeah, some of the group. It's and then put its here. Okay, I was just sizing things up. No, I'm gonna put it here. Click on its reflect tool. It's a cold copy. Old shifts in track. It looks good. Looks good. Okay. Three sizes do the same thing for the bottom wants. Just put it here like fists on group and then just, you know, fix the bottom lines. Okay, so that was different ways off making banners, you know, can also the group this you can also you can also warp this one. You know, you gonna increase the size of its or the whiff of its window or effects for the warp try different thing, you know? See, that's maybe this thing. Okay, you can try the friends effects and see what's your like, why you don't like and wants to finish what this want to. We want to group. It's so you can move. It's really right. And make sure you always duplicate your things. So I'm gonna leave everything here again if seven as a new layer. 21. How To Make a Rope: for the ropes again. We're gonna need direct angles. You can see. That's basically everything is made off shapes. Since we started, of course, I've been using the example. Uh, direct selections will click here. Click down here, then just curve those like this until you see the red thing rotated 45 degrees. Okay. You can see 45 their whole shift while you rotate in. I think I'll increased stroke ways. Three. It looks fine. Hold it's grab hold and shifts in track, Track, track, track, drug. And make sure the intersects. Okay. He wants one stroke on top of the other command control. Why? For the outline mode C of everything is alliance. Okay, I can just move things with my keyboard. Okay, that looks fine. Go back to normal mode and you can see that there is something forming here. Eso grab another example. Go on here. Rights in the middle. Make sure it's intersects with the middle off that ship that we built just like this, you know? See that thing in the middle? That's magenta color. You want to see that when I give it a fill color? Just for now would see here too same color. Hold it. Duplicated on. Do the same for this one. Okay, you can see intersects in the middle off that shape. Now I'm gonna grab these two shapes that I built. Objects expand, fail and stroke. There is no fail, so but it doesn't matter to Stephen like this. Opened the Pathfinder. And then you nights now select everything minus fronts. And you want to have something like this. Opened the brush panel and then put its inside the brush panel. Select pattern. Okay. You'll have something like this. Okay. You need to have something like this here into this preview box can give it a name. Ropes come over here to this thing. It's called outer corner tile and select order centered. Okay, so it's going to close the corners. If you ever meet some corners, change this 1 to 10. So we can. Cholera is change colors if he wants, Like, Okay, just gonna duplicate this thing here. No, If I grab my circle no, fail with stroke and click on the ropes, you can see that we have a beautiful hope. Okay. You can also add some lines to make it look vintage ish. changes the profile against this one. The stroke weights. Then just put some lines here. You know, it looks like a sharp something group. Same thing, Adam. Brush photo censored. Tense. Okay, Okay. Now you can see that's when we do this. We have this sort off vented ish look off the ropes because these can be adjusted. You can adjust them and work with them later on. That's for the sake of this course. I'm just gonna leave it here. 22. Introduction to Type in Logo Design: So here is a fact about type and local design. Off the world's hub brands, 63% employ a son serif font, 21% using Helvetica and their local source taste replacement. So when it comes to choosing the right site face, here are two important things that you need to keep in mind. One. Make sure you know how to pair phones. We'll see how in a second. The second thing you need to keep in mind is that make sure you use a relevant typeface for the logo. That means a typeface that will convey the overall feeling and the message off the design. So, for example, if it's a fashion industry, you want to use a lights seri phones like Sarah. For example, if it's a sports company, you want to use a sensory of bold, dynamic phones. Okay, these are just examples. So to combine or pear phones, one thing you need to focus on his contrast or hierarchy on here are difference ways to achieve contrast so you can use a serif font with a sans serif, or you can use, for example, one typeface and play with defense family. For example, health radicalized with a Helvetica bold or even extra bolt. Just make sure that the typeface you using has a big family, a lot off uncles and cousins. The third way to achieve contrast would be either to use Kernan tracking or just scaling. And finally, you could just experiment with everything that I just said and see what works. Okay, so that was it for that lecture and see on the next one. 23. Automatically Pairing fonts and FontS Ressources: Okay, guys. So let's use some external help. So two para phones automatically they are to whip size that I years can never and phones bear. Okay, there are other website, but these ones are the ones that I used and that's I feel more comfortable using. So when it comes to camera, you can just click here on the search bar. So let's say for example, I want to have the pair for this Baber snowier fonts. And here you have it. So we have babe, a small area which is matched with source some pro, the other website that I'm gonna be using this phone spare, so found spare basically is one of the best owns as well. But the thing is, you don't get to write down the phones that you want to match. We just have classifications here and you can choose from it. So, for example, I want a display funds to be matched with a sincerity. If I click, I will have my display phones here and a title and the Sun Serif match here. And the body Okay, So hidden is here. It's April fat face and the body is tried. Son, The only downside of these websites off these automatic France parent website is that you cannot enter a custom font. For example, here on can va, you can only work with the funds that's already exist in the website. If I want something like Nixa Accounts, findings and something here we can only found spare by classifications. But it's still better than nothing that I think if you're designing, for example, a typographic logo for incorporates, I think this website may be a great help. The next websites I want to share with you is phone Square all on this one. I use just to download free phones. Guys. Okay. Just free funds, for example. We need a vintage font or a vintage typeface can just type here vintage. I don't have some, you know, beautiful funds. They have a nice feature. We just called Thrones. Identify here where you can just upload an image. For example, it's upload this one. Okay. And then I just want a crop. The parts that I need to identify, just like this click here my traded. So you want to find the exact thing? But you can see that so we find something pretty close. You see this? So, like on it's just you don't love it and show you how to install phones in case you don't know. So don't load open. Okay, Once it's open, you just double click on its and clicking stole, and then you will find it an illustrator. And the next whip set is Google phones. This one probably is the most common one. I'm not a big fan off defense dot com when it comes to local design, So I just used these two. So let's say, for example, I'm still looking for that vintage Syfy's, and you can see that I get some beautiful time faces. Okay, so the next step, if you cannot find what you're looking for, you can just go to Google, type something like free vintage funds, okay. And you see here the ritual supply these websites up. I know the guy. I don't know him personally, but I know him from the use of channel. He has this websites were called retro supplied. You really have some nice stuff, man. You see, they have some really nice stuff here. But the thing is, not everything here is free where you can find some good deals. And of course you can see here. That's they have some beautiful stuff. Represents it. So the last website not free paid is in volatile elements. And but it was very good website. You can find the best more cops and funds in here. Okay, so you just look flow for ah, for whatever you're looking for and you will find it so fonts, etc. For the decorative funds. Yeah, I see. Is fun some beautiful stuff, man. So here on the search bar, you can switch between Fahnestock photos, whatever on its side vintage retro fonts. And look at that. You know I love this one. The sailor Vintage typeface. Yeah. This is the one I could use to, man. You see? Uh huh. A more inventive site face. Very good, sailor Staters. Wow. Anyone? This one looks like Parker. So I think I'm good with Parker. Okay, guys. So this is it. I'm gonna leave all the links and a pdf file and see on the next one 24. Match fonts in Photoshop: Okay, guys. So we're in for a shop right now on. Let's say you want to match a fonts on four shop. Okay? I'm just gonna place my picture right here and for the shop. So for any x y reason you like this phones and you don't know the name of its now in photo shop, you can match its almost same as we did on front Square. All only thing is that it's a bit harder. So I'm gonna select the pencil with my image selected, and then just draw like some sort off a rectangle around the typeface. Right? Click on click on make selection. Okay. Okay. That's well, just select the area that I want to match, and then I'm gonna click on this mask layer right here at layer mask. Now, I'm just left with defense. Okay, Cool. Right. Click on the layer. Convert to smart objects. Now, I'm gonna go to type and go to match funds. Then just gonna just a selection box like FIS. It's kind of say, surgeon for France. Okay, so the thing is, it's searching for fonts inside off adobe type kids. Okay, So for you guys, we don't have creative cloud subscriptions. And that's OK if you don't have creative club subscription. If you just started, you don't have money. You can't pay for the subscription. I've been there two men. Where is all good? So you can see here Funds available on Adobe. This one for me is the closest one to it. It's not the same. And remember that on a website we find something else. So we don't know that another typeface. But you get the closest to that funds. Okay, Now, you just use this when you really like the typeface and you really want to use it on your logo. Now, if I like it, I can just click right here on the cloud, activating That'll be funds. And they're now I have it like, Okay, my face. Click T click here and here it is, Mats be regular. You get another color. Black. That is beautiful. Yes. So these are some tips and tricks. That's I think it's useful for you to know. And for me, the best way to pair phones is gonna be the first way that I showed you do. It's manually and it's made takes time. But after some practice, you can get it writes 25. Putting The First Elements of the Logo Togheter : Okay. Lovely logo designers. And now it's time to start putting our logo together. So the first thing I want to do is just clean the junk. Victor's, you know, stuff that's just used for explanation. Um, I leave this layer number six here, Okay? Cause we're gonna use it. Van, Come over here. So art support tool, or you can click shift Blasco. Plus here at New Art Sport. I'm gonna go to my badges layer. Yes, kinds. I don't name my layers. I don't have time. I just I just go with the flow. You know what? I don't name them. I'll select this one, OK? Because it's this one that's I want to use, so I'm just gonna drug it and put it here. But the tent is that this batch is still under layer one, and I want to put its here. They're six. So, control, Command X selects lay number, sex control, Command F. So it's gonna based in place. Okay, Control, command X control command F based in place. Cuts and pasting place. Hide the badges called the victors or the icons layer. And I want to be using this one. Okay, Just control command group G to make sure it's grouped. Same thing Alton Dragon to the new art sport. And I'm gonna look for the banners. So we have beautiful banners here, as you can see. And I just want to use this one for now. Or maybe this one or this one. I don't know. I'm going to use this one. Same thing, old. I like it here. Here, we hides. Okay, so I lost my icon. That's normal because we didn't put its in layer number sex. So Control, Command Eggs Control Command F my face. Where the icon layers. Yeah, just one control, command X select Layer number six and in control Command F. And now we have everything here. Cool. Let's start building or putting together our logo. So this is my badge, and I insist on this batch. I don't know why. Again, Duplicate. It's here. And for now, I'm just going to give it a black stroke and an empty fail this for now, you know, grab my ship wheel, duplicate IDs and put it here. Okay, but this is too big. So I want to make it smaller bits. And now you can see when I make it smaller. It becomes fat, sees stroke don't scale, and it doesn't look the same. If you compare this one to this one, you see the difference. Well, it looks better. I got to say it looks better with the bigger with this with the bigger stroke with the bigger circle. But in case you don't want it to look bigger like this and you wanted to scale and keep the same size and proportion, what you can do is, for example, select the ship. We'll go to the properties panel, click here and the transform. You have this more option thing and then make sure you said like this one scale, strokes in effects. Okay. Now, if I scale, it's you see, I keep the same proportions. Keep the same size. You see. That's the elites. Okay. Someone. I keep mine like this. It looks it looks fine. Maybe I'll just change the highlights. This highlights here. I'll just leave it. I think it looks cute like this anyways. And the banner. Come here, sir, please. Yes. Shrink its in size. Let's see what we have here. But it looks good, baby. You know, hold alls changed the with Philip, it's this. Oh, that's experience, man. But it's in France. Just control rights bracket to put it in front. Select Immel Alliance Sensor. It's you know we can do here, so I'm just adjusting stuff yet. It looks good. You see, It looks good. Then what do you want? What do you want me to say? It looks good. Looks very good. I like it. I really like it. Okay. The next lecture we're going to start at in our type. But first, I want to give you a brief introduction about how to use type in local design. 26. Working with Type Part 1: So, in my case for the fonts, I'm gonna use a Parker phones. Okay, Sailors. Somebody used this one's right here, Parker. And this one is going to be the vintage decorative fonts. And I'm going to match it with either and Nixa. I don just gonna increase the size were quick. So Nixa I see one of these. No, I have to make sure the contrast. So I cannot choose the same weights regular or I'm gonna try another phone that stars with the letter D. I keep forgetting the name. Yeah, this one, Domus. Another spell of Thomas Keller. Tried, dumbest, some meatballs. OK, so maybe this one with this one. You see, it looks very hint from kindof typeface and this thing sailors. I want to add more contrast to it so I can increase the weight of that France by adding some stroke waves like this. Okay, see? Still me balls. Extra balls. Mm. Uh huh. All right. We'll see what we can do. Basil Sailor is gonna come here like FIS open my character panel like fists, and then I can increase this batch of bits so we can add some type in here. Ale. for the circle. You know, just make destro another circle here like this one. Decrease the stroke of bits, See, for the type tool. But I don't need to type tool. I need the type on a path to Okay, click on this one. So if you hold alter, option and lift arrow, you can, as you can see here on my character panel, decreasing the track in. Okay, So olds or option plus left arrow will decrease the track in between the characters rights era will increase the check in between the characters. They're being shrink it a bit. See what's going on here. When I increased the batch previous one up, it's like this. Okay, So, guys, you can see right here. That's when I click. I have these two handles right here. You see? 12 and the 1st 1 This one right here. It represents these starting points off the type. Okay, so let me change this type to something else. One type of fresh fish, for example. Control, command A to select everything. Then just increase the track in the pits. Old option plus right arrow. Grab a direct selection tool. And so this one is You can see it's for the starting point so I can move lefts and rights, my type and this one behind its ears for the finishing points. Okay, so it's going to give me more space to type more stuff fresh fish every day. Now you can't see day because I have this handle right here. And you see this red rectangle? That's means there is type hidden under that's handle someone I just grab. It's right here from the bottom. And you see that there is a Nikon inside my mouse and just give myself more space and more . And now you can see day. Okay, so I just wanted to explain those for you. And now I can put it back here to place what it waas like this. And the other thing you'll notice Here is this handle right here. You know this one just by itself? Just hanging there like a tail? No, this one. If I grab it too, you can see it here. It's going to make My ticks are upside down. So for example, it's here, and I can put it down here, you know, just like this. You can see it because we have the banner, but you get the idea. Okay, control documents each under. But if I remove this banner and put it here for a second, grab this and you'll see what I'm talking about. Here we go. Then I can just grab the handle, then adjusts that text here and do whatever I want with it. Okay, guys. So control command Z to undo, and then we'll just try to figure things out. So I have fresh fish every day here, but I want this time to cover the whole circle. Okay, so I'm just gonna delete every day from here. Control, command A to select everything. It just be tricking obits. And then I want to just adjust the size so you can adjust its size here or using a shortcuts. Gonna be shifts. Command control lifts in gold brackets, but it's a very difficult shortcuts, and I can't find left angled brackets, So I'm just going to use this one here, you know, increases the old fashion way. Just let me, you know, resize everything and fix everything together. Who so the size here is 47 can maybe increases the bits 44 on the sides here is 29. So we're contrasted in size, and that's fine. That's good enough. And now control comments. See, Control command F to duplicate that thing. And then I want to put this type upside down like this stand. Put it here first. That's type everything here, maybe puts the banner here. Okay? Or I can just, you know, shrink stuff even more inside that circle. Who just want like this. The ad alarm up like this. Sailors here increase decides off the batch Sun up here. It looks okay. It looks okay, man. I don't know. I said I have to adjust. Tough. I know. Maybe 28 since 20 eights here. Hopes. Okay, so X, everything. And then just line. Okay. What if I took this tried and Nixa funds regular first? Let's everything fish. Everything next. Uh huh. So, guys keep give the the default use minimal. Okay, maximum three funds. I usually used to funds for a logo. Don't use 34 or five. Found difference once in the languages. Bet. I think two is more than enough. One phones is fine, too. If the typeface has a big phones family. But if not. I think two phones are more than enough. Maybe just increase the size of this banner bits like this one. I want to increase the track. And on this sailor thing, Yes. We just trying different stuff. See what works, guys? I'm working live guys. You have to know. Does. You know, that's what I'm trying different stuff. Uh huh. Leads distant here. You know what's just delete everything. But first this put a year. I don't snow Now. Okay, maybe for this one. I put struck size too. A little bits increase on the track him and maybe increase the size on this one to lift. Try 30 in here. 30. I was gonna open my layer panel double click that layer, and I want to change the color of the bounding box because we can fucking barely see it. OK, now is good. Now it's ready. Is good 27. Working with Type Part 2: Okay, now, I just want to align everything. I think I'm gonna leave it like this and go ahead and start aligning stuff. You have this one. Make sure everything is well aligned. Line center, a line center. And I think I'm gonna go with this one because I love the contrast here with this fonts with the next offense. Here's me some good contrast. This one is good too. But I just prefer the contrast on this one. Now, I just want to align the type and everything. So I'm gonna bring my line and drew a line here. I'll give it Teoh color may be a sign or your low color. It's better, although doesn't contrast very well with with the whites on a background. So grab fresh fish thing like this. Grab it from this handle the starting point handle. So you know it's the starting point, because because it's gonna be always closer to the letter. Okay, It's gonna be doing closer to the letter, so grab it's from here. And then just try Justin. It's where the line just once like this one, you can turn the lining to smarts kite if he wants or It's your guide, but I don't want to, cause I want to keep moving is Okay, so now we can see that they're pretty much aligned or censored on this one. I just feel like I need to bring it down. Obits like fifth. Bring that line here. Click here. Start lining its here too. Uh huh. Uh, uh huh. Yes, I know. Six lot off work and precision. Not easy You want me to do, man? That's what you get for for being a longer designer. Carrie, bring it up a bit. It's like fists. So when I grabbed this in this batch and this batch and click on vertical distribute center selection, please. Okay. Now I'm sure that they vertically equally distributes. I'm just gonna hold group just for now. And now that's I'm sure that I'm not going to be changing the funds size or the French weights. I can go ahead and just outlined them, or I could just expended grab the type board of them and the ship wheel and then vertical distribute center to make sure they're equally distributed. Now we can see that we have same space between fresh fish. The ship wheel and the inside batch and every day again, group them together. Okay, hold click on them and click on the batch. And then just a line. Vertical line center and horizontal allying center. Okay, Now grab everything like this and group select everything with the banner and then just a line. Everything to center like this. And, you know, you can Landstar, visually, If you don't like something, grab my type again. And then I wanted type here to use the phone to Knicks. Are we using Nixon now? Next, the lights, um, change the fount through eights meeting, then take my, you know, iss t d. But the year, So that's suppose vertical line. I was gonna grab my rectangle. Sure example. Here. I just want to make sure everything is lying. I told you guys on the freak off alignments. It notes aligned. Not gonna be able to sleep. It doesn't have to be perfectly aligned. But, you know, it doesn't have to be perfectly ofus. Well, so what we have here s so maybe just a little push like this. That's better than nothing. Okay. Yeah, it's time. Can delete those deletes Those select everything duplicates here again and then on group. Okay, We want on group so we can apply colors. So shifts command or shift controlled G. So on group everything go to objects. We can see that there are still some things that need to be on group because this stain on group has such and gray on group on group. And now it's great. That's means we didn't group everything so we can start applying colors and then was the colors are done. We can again group everything and expand. Okay, so maybe this one I'll just increases size lip. It's like this one a 48. Let's see the contrast. Yes, it's very well contrasted. You can see that sailors contrast and with first Fisher every day. And that's the main thing that I'm looking for. So the thing about local designers that it never final, we can always go back, come back, adjust off on Group group. Okay, Just like this minutes goes like this, it's only final when the clients approves its that's final and that you can you can you can make no more changes to it. 28. Color intro: So here is another fact about colors and logos off the top 100 brands off the world, 95% used only one or two colors and their logo's source design buddy. So when it comes to using colors and logo design, really need to focus on two things you need to know. Color, harmony, the basic rules analogous and monochromatic. And you need to understand color associations. So I'm gonna provide you with the speedy of documents from my other course on color theory for graphic designers. And it contains all the colors, cultural associations and psychological meanings. And once you master, debt is going to be easier for you to choose the right color to convey the message off the logo. And the other thing you need to focus on is contrast. Okay, so you need to contrast the background from the foreground, and the best way is to use complementary colors. For example, this blue will contrast really good against this. Lights brown that it's the jumped illustrator on the player colors 29. Working with ASE Colors: So one thing here you want to pay attention to is that's your logo. Need to work in one color. Okay, so my local here is old black, and it should work in old black. If it doesn't work in one color, then there's probably something wrong because the habits or the custom for this type of flow goes is that you put the logo in one color and then you put the background or the badge in another color, and they should contrast. Okay, on the technique that I'm gonna be using to color, this logo is color association. So if the clients is not giving you a specific color to work with, you can think off. What are the colors? Associate ID with fishing and sailing. Okay, so in my head, right away I have blue and brown, and when I say blue and brown, that's means all shades of blue and all shades of brown. Okay, One more thing I want to mention is that if you're a graphic designer and you will really want to master colors, I highly recommend that you check my course on quality or if a graphic designers okay, I'm not promoting that course I'm giving you an advice. I highly recommended course. If it wasn't good, I wouldn't recommend it to you. Believe me. Okay, So what I want to do now is show you how we can work with a S e colors someone I head back to my creative cloud. I'll go to Web and launch adobe color, and then I'll go to explore. And you can see that there was a lot off bluish color palettes. And that because blue or classic blue is depends on color of the year. And it just gives you here train the colors of the year. Now you can access this website even though if you don't have ah Dobie subscription, you can still use it. And then I'm just gonna type sailing efficient, you know, stuff related to our Loga theme. And we can already see here some beautiful palace. So after looking for years, I'm really like in this palace. Okay, so I'm just going to click on it. And you can see here that we have all the hex codes, and if I go down, I confined Pantone matches en able to connect to server police. Try again in a while. Why you do this to me? Other Be why you do this just when I'm recording. Of course. Anyway, it doesn't matter. We can still, you know, make those colors Pantone, or turn them into spots, colors and the reason why you want to tell them into spot colors. Because when it's gonna be printed into different type of objects and applications, Pantone or spots, colors will make sure that the colors remains the same. Someone I don't load it as a s e and put its under my inspiration folder. Go back and maybe find another pallets. Ah, this one too. Like it's Now. Let's see if this time the pencil is going to match, we're gonna work. We had this one is working here. Uh huh. Anyway, don't know. This one is is is well okay. Go back to Illustrator. Open your swatches panel click here. Swatches. Lavery menu, Other library. This is our sailing ship. And here we have It's guys. Okay? Click on its And now I have It's under mice watchers and I could do the same procedure to bring the other one. Now let's go ahead and apply the colors, so I'm gonna try both palettes and see what results I'll have. Okay, but before this, I just want us that quick starts well here. I don't have to have any strokes reflected. Copy. Vertical well, shifts on. Put it here. One thing. I'm gonna do it real quick. Just group my type because I did on group everything earlier. You never know. Okay, now, let's apply the colors to hold the strokes when I hold this stroke and apply the color that you So when you holding on the stroke, you want to make sure you switch here. So now the field is on the front and stroke is behind. If you want to apply the color to the stroke, you need to switch here. Or you can go here and apply the color from here. Okay. Just make sure you select the stroke. Okay? Selects oldest trucks available first. See, I just want to now the type, but this this one has the stroke quits. Some extra u turns. That too. Now I can hold these handles. All of them. Same color hopes. I'm Is this one same color here? Same color for the stars. And now I can just make the brownish fell C. It looks good. Maybe I'll try something else like this. Try increase in the stroke off the patch. You know, when we just experimenting with colors and see was different results we may have. Okay, so try to apply. At least at least I would say four combinations way. Okay, guys. So once you we apply different colors, you can choose which one that you prefer. I personally prefer this one right here. Ah, this once you look skirt. And this one. Okay. I mean, I don't know. I prefer 1234 The thing is, we want it's black and white and we wanted to with difference colors. And now for the next parts to begin a star apply in texture. And I think I'm gonna go with this one. Maybe maybe one of those two. I don't know. Well, I think I'm gonna go for this one, This one for now. And the thing is, you want to present to the clients only the best options, because when you when you present too many options, you could see that I myself have problem. I'm struggling to choose between which one is good So that's why you just want to keep the options minimal and just present your clients with the best options. 30. Spot Colors: So we are in the end game right now. And what you want to do here is select the logos that's gonna presented the clients. I usually will show three different colors for one logo, and you should do the same. Kids. I think if you show too much colors, the client will just get lost. Okay? It's gonna be hard for him to make a choice. So I want to work with this one for this course. So I'm gonna choose this one, and we're gonna also need a black and white logo later for more cops in photo shop. So I'm not select my logo. Control command, See, or just leave it here. Go to art aboard new our sport, open the later spent all at a new layer, slicks that logo and then just drug IDs and put it here. So now what you want to do again? A select de logo Control command X elect a new layer control command f. Okay, hide the others. And I want you to hide everything and just keep that local. So first things I'm gonna look at is to see if there is any adjustments or improvements. I can make to my logo and I can spot right away. That's I may have to it just a little bit this banner. So with my pencil selected, no stroke. And, Phil, I want to add some shadows here because I forgot. Here we go. Like this looks good. Selects everything. The banners, the shadows, the type and the stars and group them. Hey, just group them now. What I can do is just apply some warp effects Now you? No, not this one. So this one is going overlap over every day, and it's gonna not gonna be readable. So maybe like this, if you want, it's silken work. Okay? Even though there is not enough negative space between every day and sailors, it's still readable. And if it's readable, that's fine. But this is not what I'm looking for. Maybe Borj. Yeah, Bull just fine. We would like this 3% So Okay. And the next thing I want to do is make my colors, spots, colors. So select the batch, select a rectangle, then just make a swatch here. And then I'm gonna duplicated and switch to the 2nd 1 with the stroke in to fill. So I'm gonna delete the stroke for this one. So I don't even know strokes and do the same for this one, because I don't need no strips. Now, what I want to do is transform those colors into spots, colors or Pantone colors. Because if you leave it like this, it's not going to bring the same, my friend. So select this. Watch, click over here, re color artwork, and then click here and then look for color books. Here, here it is. And then Pan Chown plus solid coated gates is the most common pension system as everybody's working with. So click here. Click here and you have yourself a pants on. Okay, How do I know? Double click checks? The hex code. Here. Click here. Double click check the hicks got here. Not the same click here goes watches. You can see that this watch has a little dots here in the corner. While if I click here, it doesn't. Okay, so do the same for the 2nd 1 Heller Books, Pantone plus solid coated. Okay, open your swatches panel. And now you can see that I lived those three orginal cutters under touched and you want to do the same. Don't ever change the original stuff. Always duplicates and change because you never know. You may send it's and the Mets silly that they need to see him like a colors, too. You never know what happens with these guys met. So keep the original files always and turns the duplicates. I'm gonna create a new folder. It's like mice Watchers name its logo Number one. And here I have already my pants on inside of it and you can select this 12 and just bring it here inside. Only didn't work. So selects this stain Selects the new folder plus icon. You can give it a name or you can leave. It's usually if you're sending this for some money. Have to name. It's okay, you have to give it to name. Maybe like this. But then I'm not sending this to anyone. And just with the course okay, color type. You can see that. Say spots color. That's means it's pants on click. OK, now I can select the whole thing, and once I expand my entire logo, I can make no changes. That's why I will do what I always do on duplicate cool now I can expend this. Adults haven't worry if it's expended. No Nazi, It's OK. Select everything. Objects expand, object feel and stroke. Yes, Thank you. Okay, Kuhlmann. Now we need to apply the Pantone colors. Now select the blue Select Click on select Sam Fill color and you can see that it's selecting the duplicate as well. But since I have only these two logos in my canvas, you know it's not selecting the other logos. So that's fine. We can change the duplicate as well. And now I'm gonna click on the blue pants on blue that I just created. Okay, now everything is blue. And the way you can tell is that if you click on that blue, you can see that's right. Here it has that dots in the corner. Okay, That's means all the blue that you had before our Pantone's. Okay? And it's good to check one by one. Because you look at this thing, it knots. It didn't apply to this thing. I don't know why this small type. Maybe this is not blue or I forgot to turn off the color. So trip. Hey, we go check mates. Yeah, stuff these okay? These are groups on group. Just a chick who Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you very much. Hope it and group again. Yes, there is a lot of grouping in Andhra pain. It is what it is when you try to make patch locals looking cool. 31. Apply Texture in Illustrator: Okay. Next thing is a texture. OK, texture. Men hawks are good. So maybe, just, you know, give it the biggest size. Like this. Andi, go to place. And I have my textures here inside this folder. Okay? You can find this folder with a document. You don't know that with the course. It has all kind of textures. I didn't create them. I just don't know them from a free website. I think it's waas retro stock or something they give These were free, but I put them for you in the documents. So you will have to look for them on the Internet on a good man. So let's say, for example, we wanted to apply this thing, this texture. I can put its here. Yes. Make sure it's covered the whole thing. Okay, Bones like this. Make sure image trace it. So it's going be a victor file. Now we can see nothing, because it has a lot off black. So we want to get rid of that black and just leave the white stuff. Um, what I can do here is go to expend first and then selects the magic one tool and then select the black. Okay, delete it. And now I'm just left with wives. Let's see, it's it's here. I don't like the districts too much. I don't think it's working, but let try different stuff. You know, like the texture control, command age to get rid of these anchor points and so you can see what's going on. Go to the transparency panel on, then destroy difference difference modes. Differences for blending modes. Maybe you like something? Okay. This ah overlay blending mode can look school, screen, screen, screen, screen if I decrease the opacity. Okay, select everything. Make mask inverts mask on chick clip. I don't like it, man. I don't like it. I don't like this texture. So release Select the texture on the leaders. So you have to understand nuts. Old textures are gonna work for a specific global. We have to try different textures. That's why I didn't put so many six years in your folder, Man Goto place again and I will I will try a new one. Maybe this one is gonna work better. Yes, sir. In a trice, you have to make sure these things are rector eyes. Don't worry. Just go to Imitrex panel ignore wise. It's block so expand and turns the color to anything that you want. Someone put its whites color. So look at the whole thing. Make inverts onto clip. It looks better. Okay, So if I click here you know, on this white thin I can move the texture as I want. Maybe I will decrease the opacity. 50%. 50% Looks good. And make sure you have this thing the mask selected. Don't select the logo. If you select this and decrease the opacity, you're going to be decreasing the opacity for the logo. Okay, so you can see that it was over late at it. Changes by mistake, but make sure you select the mask. Okay? The mask is a texture. This is the logo. Don't do anything to this so personally. I like to apply texture and for shop for the presentation. It just that in photo shop, ikan bring your textures into another level. And so in the next lecture, I'm gonna show you how we can apply textures in four shop and do mock ups for the presentation. 32. Mockup a Picture in Photoshop Part 1: OK, guys. Now it's time to look up these logos. And to do that, we want to export. Everything has transparent PNG. So, as you can see here, all these logo's are on layer number seven, and I have one with color and texture. And the other one is just black and whites. And you want to make sure that everything else it's transparent. So okay, you don't want to have any fill with the black and white local? Yes. What? You can think of it as just black. And as you can see here, we have a problem. Is that this thing right here? You see, this type of flow goes they usually consenting a lot of problems that you should be able to deal with now, to deal with this once elects this to called shaper tool. Okay, or shift plus n. And I'm gonna come over here to this part that I want to remove and then just draw like a zigzag on the top of its and it's gone. Okay. Just like that, man. No, bring it done here, and you can see it looks all good. Okay, File exports exporters. So I'm gonna name them ship. We logos use our sports and selects the range. Okay. I want art aboard two and arts board three exports transparent background. Make sure it's his transparency here and for the resolution. You wanna have it as high as the Empire State's 300 pixels branch. Okay, now go back to photo shop. But first I want to save this and close. So my computer want slow? So why do you want to use more cops mock ups? First, you need to know that they sell very good, good, more cops. They really sell. So first you want to show the logo in context. You want to help your client visualize how greats you can make the company look, Think of it as buying a car. You can see that numerous idiots is beautiful. It has some fresh panting, and everything is good. But you still want tickets for a says drive. You know, just so you could be convinced more cops are the same thing. So as you can see here, I can try the logo on different things. So I have fish stores. I have this guy that I want to use to, you know, I want to put some woke up on on here on his uniform, have this wall. The restaurant. They have this both that I can use to. And this is just a texture I want to apply. So you know what's up, man? Right? Someone head back to for the shop, and then I'll just open three pictures on the rest. You can do them yourself at the same techniques. Okay, so you can use photos, and you can use also more cops. I have these two more cups right here, one with the business card and stuff like that. And to use more cups, it's easier because you just have to follow the instructions on the mock up. What's pictures is a bits technical. And the reason why I want to show you how we can use pictures as mo cops. Because sometimes you won't be able to find good mark up. Okay, I see a lot of people using that stupid sweetie mock up all the time everywhere, and I think everybody has seen it. So it time to to find something else. So that happens when you cannot find good, more cops. And if you don't know how to mark a picture, you're gonna end up using the same free moke up that everybody's using, and that's bad for your business. So if you don't have money, you want to use pictures or if the mock up is too expensive for you right now, you want to use pictures as well. And sometimes you also find beautiful pictures that you just want to use as a moke up and that you cannot find a smoke up so duplicates, as I always do, file and place embedded. I'm gonna find my logos and here are they. I'll bring it the 1st 1 and I'll bring the 2nd 1 Okay, I'll hide 2nd 1 and just a for with the 1st 1 So for the 1st 1 you want to go ahead, and the first thing I'll usually do is reduce the opacity by at least 4%. Okay, maybe try difference. Blames mode, so select. Dissolve and then hold shifts and just click down on your keyboard so you can try different smoke ups. That's at once on see which one is working. So we just keep looking at logo while holding shifts and the down arrow on your keyboard overlay. Look not bad. Okay? Once I go through all of them, I think the best one is overlay. Okay? And now the hardest part is when you want to use perspectives. Yes. You know, this 2nd 1 I want to use its in perspective, which means here. Okay. And there are two ways off the win. Perspectives and photo shop. It's me. Reduce the opacity for this one first. So 96 out of spit. Okay, So what you can do, for the perspective is select the logo on any duplicate first and then go to edits, transform perspective. And then you can just start Justin, the perspective here until you get it arrives. Okay? It's a bit tricky. I got to say, if you do it the first time, but you have to learn. Uh ah. Those here grows here. So when you click here on the top, like in the middle, like right here, it's gonna move things. Lift is gonna distort it. Lifts and rights. Okay. Down the same thing. Lefts and right from the bottom. When you move things from this side right here, we when you click on those middle rectangles or anchor points it's gonna move its up and down. And when you click on the corners again, either shrink its from the side or expanded from the size. Okay. Depends on where you move it. See that? They just want to play with this a little bits until they get it right, Right. Year. And just try to follow the perspective, like Okay. And then you have something here. You can increase the size of its. So, yes, it looks It looks okay, man perspective. And you can just keep adjusting. Justin, it's all right. Now. You can see that the bounding box is eyes is the same thing. It's almost the same thing as the perspectives I have to say. Maybe just little bit here. Okay. Anyway, here we have, It's if you can do a better job looking up this one, that's good. OK, so that was the first technique 33. Mockup a Picture in Photoshop Part 2: And the second technique is that you can control and click to select our logo. Go to edits copy the select it Salikh creates a new layer on top of its hi. This and then with the new layer selected, go to filter. And you're gonna use the vanishing points. No lick here to draw a placeholder for your logo and then adjusted more with the perspectives holding these points. Okay, Now, when it's blue, that's means it's gonna work perfectly. If it's red, it's not gonna work. If it's yellow, it's means it's probably gonna work. Now I can control command V. Hold it and bring it here. You can see that it's here and then control comments he to adjust it. Okay. I wanted to adjust it here. Pictures justice size equally. I don't have any distortions. Uh, okay. This may take you some time. You know, perspectives are hard. Andi, I think I believe it's here. Okay, maybe this one looks better. I don't know. House A bit smaller, like FIS. Okay, So this is how we do perspectives, man. So I don't know which one you prefer. This one with this one? Yeah. This one need a bit more work, but I'm not going to spend time on his guys more. Now you know how to do it. You just have to adjust it. I think I'm gonna go with this. One is better. And the next thing you want to do is add the M Bos and be evil effects to your local. So double click on a layer, don't double click on the type. And we have here our be evil. And in both check that's and check contour and texture. And here are the Citians. I'm using an orb evil, or we can try and boss on stuff like that. See what works best for you stroking us? You're stroking bulls. Okay? I cannot give you the I cannot give you the exact values, guys, But you have to try different things. It is what it is. It's something for this one. Uh huh. In boss cancer or texture C n er people. A lot of people. So you know, here when I increase the size. Okay. Looks good. Best C six. Okay, lets try another one. I could describe. For example, something duplicates height logo placing, did it? I'm gonna use the one with black and whites. Just put it here. Looks good. 96 here. Opacity. See playing. Then he set off. They were ignored. Discolor gonna be all there. And what? It looks good. I got to say, man, maybe this one so looks good, too. Leave it. And whites, You know, Just see. You just have to check what works and what nuts. Okay, it is m boss. This one only has chokes on a moment. Make strokes. Emboss, contour, texture. Okay, being reduced. The opacity of all of this one. Texas ID love script looks good, You see, although this one I don't like, it's much here, doesn't look. It doesn't look like it's playing then with But the thing like this, it looks better. If it was black and whites, it's gonna look better. Okay. That's why some logo's when you're doing textures and you want to place them on cars and stuff, they look better in black and whites. And that's why you should design in black and white in this. Say that the logo should work in black and whites because of this. Okay, because against this word, it's better that if it just black and whites. My God, I really don't like the perspective of this one, but it's OK. Or maybe what you can, dio, Because I'm just trying to show you different stuff here. What you can do is just maybe adjust. Click here so you can just affect the layer inside off this adjustments just just the brightness off global. The contrast. Yeah, it looks much better. It's blend in with the picture. It's high office missing this. Yeah, this one looks better. You know, Vanishing Point is, is it's better than using the perspective, so But I don't know what you guys are gonna preferred. Vanishing points or the perspective tool. Now, as I was saying, you can really take you a little goingto another level by applying some sections in four shop overlay. Looks good. Car judge overlay looks good. I could see you guys duplicated to make more contrast. Then reduce the opacity of Pitt's. Mm hmm. Yeah. Looks good to know to try. I would get a one with the colors and six years, or you can have one just with the colors, you know, and see how it's works here. The law. Uh mm. Uh huh. Yeah. Looks good with overlay. It's really good right over there. OK, do the same thing here. Um does that thing pits? Yeah. So I can just export it like this. Export as exports, you can just put its here logo texture. You can do the same thing for the black and white if you want. Looks also awesome and exports to the others. The other pictures. Okay, I also like this smoke up, and I think if I puts the local with the colors in here is gonna look good. Okay. I would just have to blend. It's and so probably play with colors. It reduced the opacity. 6 96 players selected. Click here on the thin and look for you saturation. Make sure it's only affecting the logo. Maybe decrease the lightness like fists. You know, just try to match its with everything. We can just play with the lightness. No need to play with colors. No, because lights affect your colors as well. Okay, so it just just about trials. Guys have to try stuff, man. You see, the friends were blending modes. Now just apply. Be Villa Nimbus. Be evil in bus. These are the city is I'm using. It's extra too. And if you zoom in, you can see that It looks amazing. Man. You see, you see the power off having one color in your logo? It's really looks amazing. Uh huh. No, I don't know. Mom's trying. I am just trying men and just try and to make it plain in looks natural. I would usually go ahead and maybe, you know, try difference mask and stuff to make it look bigger and and original. But I don't want to keep your guys here forever, so I'm just gonna speed up the process. Okay, So if I use any mask, grab my brush, make sure it's black here, You know I can I can really do some stuff to blend. It's to blend it in. Ah, in the background. But if you can do this, go ahead and do it If you can't. I don't want to keep you here with me guys for, like, forever. But you get the idea rights. I just want to make it feel like it's belongs there. There. - Okay , guys. So I did. It's real quick just to give you an idea how it's gonna look OK, I would usually go ahead and spend more Simon to refine ages and stuff. But you see how it looks. You know when you woke up and you know how to do your stuff and you learn with time and you try different stuff, he told about experiments. And so we just a matter off trying. There is no exact procedures or exact numbers that you have to enter in your in your stuff . The tutorials for this are just they just serve as guides, so you have to take its and work. It's on your own way and try different stuff and experiments in. 34. Dealing With Difficult Mockups: Okay, guys. So sometimes you will find yourself with a kindof difficult smoke up like this one or picture like this one. And for any X y reason, you really want to use it because you think it's going to sell well, So if I select that picture, go to my lasso tool and then make a selection here, Goto edits Phil contents where not so great results. So you can see that this technique won't work for this difficult picture because this screen is sort off reflecting the stuff around it. So it's kind of difficult to mock up. So in this case, what I want to do is go ahead. So it it's in try different thing. I want to try content aware fill. Here's the short cuts you need. Some are small enough hand for this one. So contents where and you can see right away that we have some beautiful results. But look at this. There is some whites in here, and I think I missed selected the whites area. OK, so what you can do here is select here the last or tool, and then I'm gonna go ahead and just redraw my selection just like this and you can see that it's gone from here. The next thing I want to do is that you see that green stuff. What it's doing actually is selecting stuff from the screen and feeling it inside the selection. So what I can do is that I can decrease the size of the brush and then just deletes the patterns behind the screen. Remove a little bits off the head, the woman, and you can see right away that we have some beautiful results. Click. OK. Wants to happy control, command, deterrence elects, and then just apply your logo here. You know, of course, this one is not perfect to consider finance, but you get the idea, okay, with the logo on the top is gonna look fine. Then I can just go file placing better and have my local here, you know? It's like that's okay. The crease. See the cruise by 90%. The opacity, maybe more. 80 cents maybe. Looks good. I want to add, like, some lights coming outs off the logo. So I'm gonna duplicates shit. We logo and then with a duplicate select it can go filter blow co Schindler. You know just apply some lights to its play With the opacity A little bits Try some blending modes See which one is better Be hard life. You guys have to be creative, man Takes time, Takes time. If it's your first time is gonna be held If it's your 1000 time is gonna look super easy for you. So just like programming, local making takes time, you know? 35. Working with Ready To Go Mockups: OK, guys, Now we did the pictures. Let's talk a little bit about more cops. Okay, so I have to be honest with you here. Fremaux caps are usually bad and they usually don't sell Well, that's why I was showing you how we can use pictures. So the 10 with Fremaux cop says that's they look fake because it's free. So the creators don't usually spend a lot of time adjusting in the shadows and lights. And the best thing I can advice you if you're going freelance as to buy some more cops and the best websites I can recommend for this are in voto elements and be hands. So if I go for example, on search power and click for Let's see, for example vintage moke up, you can see that you find some really good high quality more cups in here. So let's refine the search of its more. So I need, for example, fish mock up. I'm gonna select graphic templates, see what we have here. Okay, so I fight separate from oak up. I think I have better results. Okay, The other one is being house, So you guys should be familiar with the hands, I guess. Okay. So the problem here is that we're looking for a very specific type off more cups. Okay. And if you cannot find its on these beautiful websites that I have a recommend can have to Uncle Gugelmin. Just use Google vintage or on the try. Retro. More cup free and first results is from free. Picks are free. Pick is the go to for free stuff and graphic design. You need illustration. Free pick. You need this free pick. Everything is in free pick guys, but you can see this is not a time looking for so maybe I'm not typing the right stuff of in such. This is surfboard. I didn't pay attention. It was surfboard. Okay, Retro. It's try, for example, risks Ron's smoke up again. We have free pick in the first results, and we have designed touch. Plus, let's see what they have here. Hmm. Very nice. Very nice. Okay, this is still has nothing to do with fish, I got to say, but it's gonna be very hard to find what I'm looking for. That's why, thank God we can use pictures to try free pick again. Maybe you don't have something here. This looks good. I like that. You know, it's used this and see what up? So download free. Download once as downloaded. Opened a zip file double click on a PSD. Okay, so this is the mock up guys. Okay? And you can see here. That logo would will work better if it's in one color. Okay, so I'm going to use black and whites, But usually what you want to use is the blue Navy color. So since I didn't export, it's a navy blue and only exporters and black and wife's. I'm gonna use black and white. So this one. So you have options. Who? Ah ha! On option one. Okay. Excuse me. His options through option. Okay, let's hide option one. Let's say with option to open its on, what you find here has very interesting. So it says here, place your design, Double click, edit. You see the thing with more cops. Very easy. Just follow the steps. But here's what I didn't tell you which tam nailed to double click is It's on the mask, Tampa nail or on the smart object, Tufnell. So in my humble experience, it's going to be the smart object thumbnail. Very nice bet I'm going on and we have local right here in the middle. And here is where you want to place your Louisville visitors in here. Let me check one more thing. Yeah. Uh, so they try different stuff first. What I want to do is go ahead, place my logo. Yeah. Okay. I think the policeman's is fine. No, I'm just gonna hide. It's for now. Grab the pencil and then just make a selection around this. The only reason we're doing this is because we want to keep the patterns select later. I want to go ahead and create a selection. Okay. Select Inverse. The selection. The mask. And here it is gone. Okay, bring back my logo. Control, Command safe. That's how it looks. It looks good. Maybe if I just shrink its obits. More control. Commence. See? Like this. Now again. Safe control. Clement s can see it. Saving. Here. Go back. Yeah. Okay, That looks good. That looks fine. So, as you can see guys, as I'm working in a as I'm doing things, I'm facing problems. And each time, if it's a difference problem, I try to solve it. in the different way, just using my experience and just using what I've learned and things I didn't before. So I'm not saying what I'm doing is easy, but you guys need to keep trying and figuring out stuff and just keep learning. Okay? I'm sure that you're not going to be able to do everything I have done so far right away. But if you keep trying and repetition, you know we're gonna be perfect, man. The thing is, I cannot tell you exactly what to do, because in each different situations, you cannot be facing a difference problems. So you need to learn how to solve problems that you're going to be facing as a local designer every time. Okay, Every time there's a new problem, I cannot just get all the problems and put them in this course or in this class. But what I'm hoping is that's when you see me working in face and difference problems and how I solve them. You may learn one thing or two once you finish your just save where exports that exported save. It's OK, guys. So this is the difference between more calves and using image for your logo 36. How to Make a Presentation in Illustrator: Okay, guys. So this is the final presentation for the logo. Okay, this is after the test and the design thinking process. Now, one thing I want toe tell you is that during the test process, you just want to show the logo and black and whites no need to apply colors. And if you apply a calorie comptel to your client, that's the color is not final. And then you can change its and work more and refined local more. So you get the idea. Anyway, let's say that the client like this one during the chest. So I went to head live. It's extra colors, everything. And this is how the presentation should look. Now, the thing is, I would usually have one logo, okay? Just this one in black and whites and this one with the colors and textures. But I did add the two others just to show you guys the other variation that I did okay, But we don't need those because the clients already made his choice. And usually he just need to choose one logo, so usually it's will look more or something like this. Okay, now there is no need to keep you with me one hour to show you how I did this. This is basic stuff. You just put the locals here, you know, basic, normal stuff that you can do. If you just remember the templates, you can replicate it. No problem. Okay, so, so far, I just wanna go back to the design process and see how we got to respect everything. So we did the empathy, which was the brief. We did the definition, which was rephrasing the customers need or the clients need in one sentence. We did ideation, which was these kitchen process and search on the internet. Google on Pinterest. We did the prototype. So we gathered all the ideas and I focused more on the ship wheel, incur the monogram as and the fish. And then we did the tests. Okay? I didn't have the clients with me or my friend with me to do the test live, but, you know, you can use your imagination. So we did the test and declines like this local anyway, So we have our local here. These are depends on colors, if you remember from here. Okay. I just put two circles with the hex code inside of them. And here I have to mention Pantone. So the typeface is You have to mention what typefaces did you use? So I did use a Parker typeface for sailor with increases strokes. You know, I just mention everything. I used the door, miss Tilt in semi bald for fresh fish every day. And I used the Nixa regular for fresh fish every day for this one. Okay, this one was for the previous logo that I just showed. You guys next here, I have to put my texture. So this is the texture that I used. So it's just a picture. It that's victory ized. And this is the full logo. Okay? And these are the mo cups that we spend our in for the shop making. Okay, so we have this guy by here, This guy, the boat fish. Okay, so I don't need to tell you how you can place them here, you know? Already did this. I'm just missing one picture, so I'm gonna add it's here. It's a file place. Look for the folder way where you place your markups and then just place it. Okay, You can see that's on bad went I'm bad with naming my files, but this is how it is, man. Okay, I love this one on the woods. It looks amazing. So once it about the pictures is that the pictures should have the same mood and feeling as the logo. Okay, so the pictures months must have that cold, bluish ocean look to it. So it's can go with the local or go with the theme of the logo, I should say, Okay, which is fishing and sailing in ocean now. One tip about the pictures for the presentations and mow cop. You can see that these pictures have different dimensions. One is okay. The other one is landscape. And the pro tip here is that you wanna have them in the same dimensions. Okay, The all should fits the canvas, so the presentation will look professional. If they don't fit the canvas, they'll probably look something like this. They probably looked something like this on. I don't I don't want this. You know, I don't want to have the whites in here. Okay? I want them to look like this. You know, when there is just a picture so you can see here. Same dimensions okay. I just want them to look something like this is so go back to Adobe Illustrator. Now, how do you do this? So the way you do this is that you have to expand or extent the picture to feel the whole campus like this. Okay. Make sure that's you. Keep the important parts inside of the canvas. Okay. For example, I want to keep demand and the logo inside, but we can cut those. You don't have to keep them. Now, you see that? This black, this black line right here. That's our arts board. Okay? And if you can't see it, you can just click on your picture, go to transparency panel and just reduce the transparency of bits so you can see what you're doing. The next thing would be to grab the rectangle tool, drove a rectangle on top off your art support. It should cover all the whole arts board. Okay, so let the little smart guides guide you like this. Make it transparent. So no fail, no stroke, direct selection. So select the whole thing. Right? Click, make clipping mask. Okay. You should have something like this. Now click on the picture. Double click on it so you can isolate it isolated and 100 percents and then go back. Okay, Do the same for this one. So hold Olson option while you dragon because you don't want to distorts the picture. Make sure you have the local in the shots, okay? And then just do this same thing, man. Select the whole thing. Make clipping mask, and here you have it. Okay, Just make sure you're just everything year. So they will look good on the pdf. Same thing here. Yeah. Okay. So I'm gonna go ahead and do it for all those Now, this is how we do. It's an illustrator. Okay, I personally okay. My way of doing it is that I'll use in design. Now, I didn't want to show you and design because I know most of you guys won't have and design is told, even though you should. But, you know, just to show you how we can do weights on illustrator again, I've opened in design and show you how I do it on in design. All right, so I'm just going to speed things up, guys at the same thing. Same procedure. It's repetitive, but once we finish, what you want to do is go to file and then click on Save as Okay. Make sure you give it a name. It's a logo Presentation. 14 for examples. Justin example. Guys, select here. Save Estai. Pdf. Okay, Save. And now for the cities are you can put high quality prints or just leave it illustrated with the faults. The options stay like this, but I want to talk about is the security. So here we have require passwords, toe open documents. And here you have used a password to restrict at it in security and permission settings. So depends on the case. You can use one of those. Okay, so I don't know. It depends on on the payments on if you want them to edit your file o knots. I don't know guys, but I just need to tell her that these options exist to secure your pdf file. So, for example, the payment is not there yet. And you send in the logo. You can use this one, or you send in the logo to someone who is not declined himself. And maybe you want to put the password on the documents because you don't want him to open the pdf and play with it or the hidden. He did not pay you. Hence, you can just put this in Salem. Really? If you want the password unit's complete your payments, sir. Okay, guys, I'm not going to use any passwords for now, but, you know, it's there and then just save now. If I opened the documents, you can see what we have here, okay? It looks beautiful. Very professional. All the pictures have the same. Where you see this one is a bit off sunny to go back and fix it. Which went out of you. Yeah, this one. I forgot to fix it because I'm speeding up things. Yeah, but I can just fix it and export it again. Okay. Make sure there is no lights in here like in here. Okay, guys always review your stuff before sin than anything for the clients. And this one of the pics elation is bet on this picture you see here. So I probably just delete this one. So I love it, man. I just love this one. But I gonna have to fix its from its up here. And you can add even another arts board where you can say for example, Thank you. Okay, I do. It's all the time. That's another one here with taking the big thank you. You know. Thank you. So I don't know what languages My keyboard? Because I work in two languages French and Arabic. Yes, I speak both I mean French in English and Arabic. But I just work in French and English. I don't for work in Arabic hold its grab its, you know, go to alignments. Spores line. I'll use Miss Helvetica. Maybe bold or boat owner. Just bold. Okay, guys, that you have, It's been OK. Now that I fixed everything. If I do the same thing again Pile Savers Council. Let's see. Okay. No whites here. Oh, my God. This one Hundreds little bit off its here. Okay, I fix its This one. No, wise, this one. No whites. You see? This one has no whites at all When he takes, it's good. So one still has some weight on the top of it. And see this one too. Here's another. Thank you. Okay, So I'm guessing I'm having a bad luck today with Dwight's. Zoom in enough Yeah, but you guys, you know, I just wanted to show you this life so you can see what happens when you work in with logos and more cups. You know, these things happens all the time, okay? Trying to show you things on how they really are. And no matter how how long do you do this? You will always have these kind of problems. You know, we always deal with these kinds of problems. Where is the man with the fish? A human. And you see, this one is so saying How How can you see this man? See? Same sex, mother. Not fairness. Okay, Guess so. You So So you get the idea. Just make sure everything looks good. Everything looks professional. So you see the process. You know, you know that if you charge $5 you won't be able to do all of this. 37. How to Make a Presentation in InDesign (optional lecture): Okay, guys. So this lecture is optional. I just want to show you how we can creates presentations and in design, because for me, in and design is more practical, and it was more designed for presentations, so I like to use each software for what it was designed for. So for the shop is for pictures, um, astray tourists for Victor's and in designers for presentations and desktop publishing in general. OK, so I'm gonna go ahead and creates a new folder. And what you want to do here as just changed the measurement units. Two pixels. Okay, Now I have five pages. I'm gonna leave them five pages for now. We continue them later on the margins and bleeding's. You don't have to worry about those that role, because nothing is gonna be prints it. We just gonna use it for presentation. Okay. Was he happy? Klay creates. Okay, guys. And the thing is, you want to go to file place. So as you can see here, I have export. It's my victors in PNG formats and with transparent background. So should be able to do that's now an illustrator and only to show you again. How and I'll click on my first picture. And what you want to do here is select from here, okay? And drag the pictures. We can fits the whole art abort. So you see those magenta rectangles right here? They look sort off like guides. You don't have to pay attention to those right now, because those are just the margins. Okay, those are just there for the printing process, okay? And since we're not going to be prints in anything, so just don't you worry about those leaves in like this someone I do the same fireplace. Or we can just control command D van and I want to select my fixture and my local and just put them here. Same thing. But this one here, I can adjust them later and shall command D. And now look for my mock ups that I created for shop, and I'm just gonna select all of them and then just place them here so you can see that this process is a bit faster than the previous one. And that's why I love to use in design. So what I'm doing here is that I need more pages. So you go to pages or just find window and pages. Right? Here you go. You can see its pages of 12. So right, click inserts pages. And let's say I'm gonna need six pages after the fifth page right here. Click. OK. And I have more pages. And now I can just place the others How much that I lift. They have one more. So inserts pages one after page 11. Good. Yeah. Okay. And just let nuts forget. Thank you. Okay, here we go. Now, what I'm gonna do is just adjust those pictures and the canvas, okay? Because I want to have the mock ups here, so make sure the more cops are within the canvas and how you would resize Annan designers by clicking and shifts controller shifts, command and then re sizing. Okay, Same thing for this one. So make sure that's your pictures are nuts overlapping. And what you want to do is click on W. And now you'll get a preview on how it will look as a pdf on, I can just adjust its and it's going to be better if I work in preview mode. So this one doesn't have the logo. Where is it's No worries. Just click in the middle and drag so this one doesn't have the logo. I don't know where it is. Maybe it's the wrong picture. The leads? Yeah, it's a duplicates. Here's the one with the local. When it here grab it's and then put it here. Okay, just click and drag. No need to hold anything. Something for this one. Let's see if it's overlapping. No, it knots. But this here and then Just adjusting stuff. Guys, this one looks good, but it's overlapping with this one. So what, you want to keep in mind while you're working in in design? If it's your first time, is that if you go and grab the middle of the picture, you're gonna move the picture inside the bounding box. You can see the bounding boxes here. It's not moving. Okay, Now, if you see the hand on the picture, that's mean you're gonna move. You're gonna be moving the picture inside the bounding box. If you want to resize the whole picture shifts command, shift control and click whatever you want on the bounding box. And then just extent it's like that. Okay, so I want if I want to move this picture here. Rabbits from here and then just drug. It's up if I grab it from the middle where I see the hands. But what happens? The bouncing back stays here and the picture is disappeared. So click once you see the blue bounding box, then put it here. If you click and see the yellow or orange bounding box, that's means you are selects in the picture inside off the bounding box. Okay, so we are left with two. Let's see, Are the day overlap in? No, No. So you can see how faster it is to do it in and design. All right, so let's go back to normal mode. Open pages. I am left with two more pages. Like unjust Deletes one right click delete page and this one I'll leave it for Thank you. So click on the texts. Hold in drag. Thank you. Go to the properties. Okay. You can find everything here inside window if you cannot find it here. So my workspace is essentials. His hair is properties. Guys, let's have our Mishel. If it's a come here which, like impressed, increase the size. Uh, maybe more. 160 it's gone. So, like I like I can increase my bounding box goats to paragraph down and then just adjusted year. Like Thetis, I can decrease the lettering. No, try auto. No. Um Oh, God. I'm gonna give you 300 along to page now. W for the preview. Moat on. You can see that It looks beautiful. File exports. Give it a name. Local presentation one saves Adobe Pdf Interactive. See this one in design. Just change the name here. So we don't have the same name. Is this one? Save all pages exports as pages. If you want to have some security stuff, go to security and you have the same thing here as illustrator exports, documents agency, Michael in space colors, the coverage is a little more okay, because it's not gonna be printed. So it doesn't matter how very full was printed. I would make sure that's my documents are seeing like a My pictures are See him like a and here you go, guys. See, that's council. See? It looks perfect here. Maybe a little bit just on this one. But beside that's perfecter. No, we'll see. No. Hey, miss this again. Fix it later, but you get me right to get the idea, Man 38. Design challenge final: Okay, guys. So we're done and what I want you to do now it's your turn. Use everything that you learn here. Design a logo you can design for the same company. Show me what you can come up with or you can design for an imaginary company that you can create in your brain. And then you can post it here. Facebook group, my instagrams gm to me, if it's good all posted on my accounts. I don't have a huge following. Yes, Buts. I will. I'm working on its. And yes, that's also hope you learned something. If you enjoy the course, make sure to leave a reviews really helpful for me on the SC on the next one.