Retro Images With Photoshop. Sharable Images In Minutes

Jon Haase, Instructor, Coach, and Photographer

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4 Videos (12m)
    • What To Expect

    • Let's Transform an Image Using Google NIK On Your Computer

    • Now Let's Do Almost The Same Thing Using Snapped On Your Smartphone

    • Wrapping up


About This Class

Adobe Photoshop, learn to create a creative and powerful image using Google's NIK suite for Adobe Photoshop.  You'll save over 20 minutes per photo by learning how this powerful and versatile software can easily create customizable retro/vintage portraits you'll love.  

When you are done with this coures you'll be able to express your creativity without getting lost in complicated layers or hard to remember Photoshop workflows.  You'll also learn what Google NIK is and how you can use it and customize it.

In addition, you'll discover how you can get those same powerful and intuitive controls over your images for free on your smartphone.  Using Snapseed, possibly the most powerful free photo editing app, you'll learn how to harness the same creative control right on your iPhone, Samsung, etc.  

You'll see:

  • how to import images
  • how to make selective and precise controls
  • how to get the perfectly tuned and balanced image
  • one click export back into your photo library while preserving the original image.

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What another great course here. Learning other options, in expanding my creativity and did I not have snapseed (?) on my my iPhone 6s plus. Time to put it to photography work.





Jon Haase

Instructor, Coach, and Photographer

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About Jon 

Jon is a coach, business owner, photography instructor with over 7,000 students who he teaches online and in person.  He's also a professional portrait photographer.  He is a passionate teacher and visual artist showcasing the beauty of life one portrait and photography class at a time.  His passion has led him from photography to instruction where he continues his vision of finding and showcasing the beauty of life.  He has published photography tutorials in Popular Photography Magazine, and Digital Photography School.  

Jon maintains a studio in Hawaii. 

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Jon holds an B.S. in Mechanical Engineering where he graduated with honors.  He also holds a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering again graduating with top marks from the James a Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland.  He pursues his passion of photography and instructing all over the world.  



To create photographers who can capture the beauty of life all over the world and share it in order to make the world a more beautiful, peaceful, and understanding place.  


A world connected through images where we are sharing in the beauty life while in community.