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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 1. Retouch lips tutorial

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About This Class

In this tutorial I will show some some of the great techniques for retouching lips in Portrait Images. This tutorial might require some of the previous knwledge of Photoshop, however as I explai every step I do, I strongly believe beginners easily can follow.

If You wat to know how to fix the damaged lips as well as make them look soft and bring up some of the great colors to them. This tutorial is absolutely must have for You!

Meet Your Teacher

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Marcin Mikus

Retoucher and Photoshop Instructor


I'm open minded and creative Photoshop Instructor and interationaly published Professional Retoucher.  The area I'm interested in is photo retouching and photomanipulation. I believe that massive layers of imagination allows me to create interesting, nontrivial ideas.

I've been teaching Photoshop for the last seven years. I spend almost every day with photoshop and in time I was able to gain more and more knowledge about right ways of teaching Photoshop. After few years of teaching on youtube I felt it's the right time to come out with Premium Courses, where I can share some amazing ideas and make Photoshop fun! 

If you are looking for a place where you can learn photoshop retouching in the right way, this is the best place to be!

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1. Retouch lips tutorial: however, on My name is marching Mikos and welcome in another photo shop video tutorial. I'm really excited about this episode, cause today I'm going to show you fantastic method on retouching the leaps. Sometimes we got this, Really? I hardly dry skin around the lips. So in this video, less and I'm going to show you fantastic technique how you can actually retouch the lips, how you can actually remove all of the angry dry spot from the leaps Before we start our lesson, I'd like to tell you few words about my last video course that is on you to me right now. As you can see, it's here and why I'm telling about this cause I provide for you 100 $9 coupons for this is 81% off. Right now it's show 11 euros. I'm not sure why, actually, but it shows this kind of price. I'm from Europe, So probably that's the reason why it shows me 11 euros. However, the price is $9 so we can get this for $9 as you can see 81% off. So I believe it's really great deal for you. It's my last course and I really recommend is there's many fantastic great less on simply speaking all the good stuff you need to know about beauty Retouch. So let's go back toe our less on and I'm going to provide you the link toe discourse in the description to this video. So what I'm going to do in this episode I'm going to show you how to get from this two days with our lips. When resume this, you can cities more clear what was the result at the beginning and how the leaves looks after that week. Retouch I've got I'm going toe remove the process I've done right now. I don't need this anymore and I'm going to zoom this image quite much too. Make sure you can see everything very clear. So as you can see, we have a lot off this Try sports a loved off the rights on the lips and actually, in some ways on the amount true photograph is sometimes it looks ok. However, in this case, when you want to retouch the image in really right way, when we want to upload this picture somewhere, it doesn't look that great. We have this white spots here. The skin is too dry. So I'm going to show you really great technique how you can retouch these kind of things. The first thing I'm going to do, I'm going to duplicate my background player. I don't have to cut out the Libs. I just can't duplicate whole layer. So I'm going to press control or command and J. Or you can just heat right and duplicate layer. And I'm going to call these creeps. So right now there's two ways we can chose three countries, curves or levels. Whatever you prefer. You can do this in the both ways. I prefer to work with levels, which gives me a bit more control in this case, some what I'm going to do. I'm going to assume this even more because I have to see this really right. So really be careful right now, cause that's quite important thing. What we have to do, we have to dark in this leaps to get off off this white spots we have to dark and this as much to make this areas and beat down to make this no dance truck. So I'm going to start with this dark slider And don't worry, it won't be too much. Just let it go even more, Okay? It's really dark right now. And as you can see, only the areas that are left. There's few white spots and the rest of the things We're going to take care a bit later. The point is, we got off off most of the area, so the main point is done right now. Now we can close this and now we are going to do fantastic things which going toe makes the sleeps really outstanding. So I'm going to image apply image and the layer is merge right now as a source, we're going to set the merch layers. But all fun is about blending. I'm going to change. Blanding quiches set us a soup trick right now into multiply and what multiplies doing? Simply speaking, one multiply doesn't blend the white color. So all the areas which were white, I'm not blinded. So that's why we dark in this image. And right now you can see the result. Our lips looks much better, but the one think is wrong. The color off course. Some off. You might like this car because it looks quite nice, but I wouldn't do the think right if I would show you the method which changed the lip color. So right now, on the lead player, I'm going toe create layer mask and I'm going to invert the color on this layer mask toe black on the live owes. I'm going to heat right interests create sleeping mask. So the effect on this will be applied on Lito this early player. Now I'm going to choose thes black layer mask and he was in a brush. I'm going toe paint around the lips and bring up the color that exists on this legal later , he's going to take a while. Maybe not that long, but I would really recommend you to do this right to do this carefully. We don't want to make this leaps hungry. So now it's done. So now it's done and our color is un applied to these leaps. However, as I said before, we have to do something with color. So the most important part is going to start right now. What we going to do? You can heat right on these levels and then we goingto go to Blend Inc options and we're goingto work of blending options. And to be more precise, we're going to work with this blend. If option, I'm going toe work with Gray. Of course, we can use other channels, but crazy, most universal color in this case graced the most universal child. So the best choice is to work with grade. Other channels are not really that popular, and under days we have toe bar sliders. How? Let me tell you forwards. If you're not sure, how does it work? It might be a bit confusing here, So I'm going to explain in a few words, How does it actually work when we going to use the top bar slider is going toe affect only the layer we have selected right now. So it's going toe affect only the layer called levels one. And then we have underlying layer and this underlying layer affect all the layers that are under this levels one layer under the selected layer and let it through the selected player . I know my words. Do not say my So I'm going to show you an example. How this actually working? We have two sliders, the black one and the white one. It's kind of on writing. So how does it work when we going toe, pull up the black slider? What was happening? We're not going toe. Apply to this layer anything that is darker, then this this area of great this great color over here. So a sigh pulled to the right side. As you can see, this red color is darker, so it's not applying anything which is darker than these gray color and in similar way works this wild slider. When we pull this through the left side, it doesn't really change anything because it's not applying anything that is brighter than this white color. So as you can see, when we go into this side, it works. However, we not going to use this wide section end in verse in our way way works this underline layer everywhere where this underlying layer he's dunker than this amount of gray. The top layer, which is levels were exist. This red color will not. So, as you can see that how is work and, of course, to say, months before, about if on the underlying layer, everything, what is brighter than the sweat core? One show on this top layer which is selected. So as I have a bit more layers, I'm going to work with them underlying layer going to pull this to the right side and get to the point where I'm losing this, not mine. Read strong color. But it doesn't look nice, cause it simply just cuts off the color. And as you can see closely, we can see some pixels and it doesn't look like we did our work, right? So I'm going to press old or option on going to ST Slider. So when I'm going to do this, as you can see, it works totally, much better because it's just do then soft across the solve. So we have control, and it doesn't look that but anymore, cause it's not cut off the color, but just do very soft across the sold between this store. I'm going to get something which is suitable. I don't want sculler. Okay, so after days we can press, okay, we get off this, not our natural color. I'm going to put all of this to the group, and I'm going to call this just leaps us. I don't have an idea. So let's have a look as you can see we still have the same colorize before around our leaves. But we only take them some of the brightest colors from the image. We still have some of the white Paris when actually, we can keep this like this if you like, But I'm going to show you how to take care of this wide ports of the image. But I'm going to do I'm going to create a stamp on the top. So how? Control or command shift and he on the top. And right now I'm going toe cut out the leaps from there. This doesn't have to be careful. Just I'm going toe the selection around us. We can't see. It's not really great. And then just he tried liar via cut and this layer below, we can remove. And I'm going to call this low frequency so you can know what I'm actually doing right now . And then I'm going to duplicate this layer once again. And this will be high frequency. I'm going toe work with frequency separation and going to show. You have to retouch the lives and how to change the color of the ribs. How to work with the color off the lips in nondestructive way. So I'm going to start with low frequency. We have to go to the filter blower and gosh in lower and what we have to do. We have to set the radios. In my case, it's around five pixels when we lost the details, all the veins from the leaps, but we can see the shape of the lips so around five point free. In my case, it's real, right? That's what his frequency separation. We just speed this image in this case, the leaps for two layers, which has different, kind off frequencies, which I have different kind of details. Love frequencies similar like in the music, contains the turns off the image of the colors of the meat, and high frequency is responsible for the details for all the small veins. So in high frequent slayer, I'm going to go to image apply image layer as a source is low frequency blending, subtract, and the eight bit image scale is two and two and 128 on 16. Beauty meets, which are raw images, is two and zero than its invert and instead of subtract ISS at. But as I said, it's a bit image. Most off your images. You are going to work. It's a B hit. Okay? And now I'm going to change blending mode from normal toe leaner light. Have this everything around. I'm just going to take care off after I put this to the group goingto read a layer mask and with black color. In this case, I'm going to get read of this. On the contrary around. Of course. It wasn't something we want toe. It is not something we want to. So the first thing I'm going to do this, I'm going to work with hand frequency. Of course, we're not going to work with low frequency because we're not going to fix any turns. Its everything all right, We just have some of them. This white spots, anyone to get off of this, I'm going to choose close time to repent. Just truths or heat s on your keyboard and flow. I'm going to set us a very low maybe even less than 40 maybe 30% because I don't want to cover the sports totally because it is going to look very fake. So this high frequency I'm going toe take a stumps and just paint on this white spots off course. Only the strongest ones. Some of the soft spots you can keep. Because if you get off of them as I said before, it's going to look fake. So just a little bit paint on this spot to make them look, Montel. But not that destroyed. Do not make sleeps. Looks really dry. And but Okay, now I'm going to then top player. I'm in top bottle top lead. I'm sorry. Sometimes I'm getting confused. Okay, Just a bit. Here we have some of this. Not really. Go Terry out. Yeah, of course. When assk you can see here on them on the skin. When you have this kind of things on the skin, the right thing to do the same kind of thing. I didn't plan this, but that's us. We're here. Why not? So we get off this A sports, maybe not all of them. I don't want to take too much off your time. I already feel I talked to months and at the end right now, as you can see, we re touched this, but probably men off. You think how we can change the color of the Libs in Re Natural Way and Unders Minute Tutorials, which shows how campaigns are on the leaps on. That's it. But actually, when you paint around the lips, we are just destroying the texture off the lips, and we don't wonders. We want to keep all of the nice texture of the leaves as it this. So between low frequency layer and high frequency layer, I'm going to create you layer, and I'm going to call this color. And as you remember my words, High frequency contains all of the details off. The image contains the texture of the image. So if I'm going toe paint on the color layer below the high frequency layer, it's not going to affect the texture. So let's, um, this I'm going toe choose a brush, of course, and they think is I'm going to change this to the soft light, just in case us normal could be too strong. And I know it will be too strong because I did this before. And now we can take a stamp of the color off our leaps we want and the contrast make this color maybe a bit stronger than it is in mine, I'm going to paint her on the lips. Of course, this color is too strong, but I just want to paint right now and about the right color. I'm going toe worry after I'm going to paint on this off course. Be careful on the edges forest here. So, as I said, it's is way too strong. So just to think you can do at the end, I can just simply change capacity. I'm going to pull down a paucity toe 50. It could even less. In this case, it's very strong, maybe 40 off course you can, He tried and go toe blending options toe work with the color a bit more. If you don't like this call, I want to keep this color, actually, so I'm not going toe work with this. You can create layer mask if you wish Toe fix some of the leaps over here. If you are not happy with. If I change the floor for the small, keep more control and then you can retouch. But right now I'm really happy with this effort. It's not that strong. So as we finished that basic retouch as we removed all of the bad parts of the Libs. It would be really good toe. Add some lawlessness to them, to the leaps, to make them a bit more shiny cause. And they're very much right now. They look really nice, but they don't have this nice contrast and are very much I'm going toe close this group right now, and that's a very simple step. I'm just going to create new layer. I'm not going to change the name because that's just a tutorial and using a barrage and flow out 100% I'm going toe paint over in the areas I want toe, bring some closeness off course. It doesn't have to be everywhere, just the area that you want to make a bit more dramatic. So I'm going toe. Try with this at first, and I'm going to change blend month normal toe overlay. As you can see, it's not rematch rickon, maybe even even more off this in some other parts and when we paint this, we can actually use the flow toe. Make this a bit so often. However, there is no need in this case because we can simply change the opacity a bit later, so as I paint this like this. Now we can change capacity. Pull this down because obviously it's a very strong at the moment, and it's helping to bring up some closeness off course. It has a very a rough edges right now. We could say so we can use simple treek, which is Garzon Blower, to make this a bit blurry. Of course not to Matt. Just a little bit. To get off this, I'd be looking edges and duds. Final result, we can pull it even more down. You can off course experiment with few others, blending corruptions like vivid line. But it doesn't look that well and grace, so just drive a few olders and choose the one which looks the best. I think in this case, really overlying will be the best. If you create more layers off course, the closeness will be bigger. Control Command J. We can duplicate this toe, add the result we really want or create new layer to improve some of them specific areas even more. It's all up to you. Whatever you going to do with the Libs, we whatever, find out results you want to get. That's all depends on you. I'm going to blow this a little bit more. So I'm going to stay with something like this. Instead of white color, you can use dodge and burn. You can use curves, anything that is available for you in photo shop. So I'm just going to put this on layers to the group because it doesn't look that nice Control or Mongie. I'm going to duplicate this Bagram player to show you our result. So that's the imagery started with, and that's where we ended up. The lips are really in my sultan ful beat on glossy. So I really like this result. I really like this affect. Let some days, even a bit more. So that's our leaps before this retouch and that our result at the end, I'm really happy with the result. Leave some comments what you think about this tutorial? I believe it was helpful for you. Once again, I'm going to remind you to check out my you de Macoris on in mind dollars right now, only 100 discount coupons 81% off. So check it out. It's really all the greatest. Think you need to know about high end beauty retouch so thank you for watching this tutorial, and I'm going to see you soon in the next 40 short video tutorial. Thank you.