Retire Early With Cryptocurrencies

Tim Smith, Top Instructor - Tech & Money

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21 Videos (4h 26m)
    • Welcome To Retire Early With Cryptocurrencies

    • About This Course

    • Course Overview and Breakdown

    • Hot Topics Section

    • 7 Traits of A Pump and Dump

    • SEC's Signs of Scams

    • 8 Behaviors of Top Traders

    • Bitcoin Section

    • What Is Bitcoin and Its Blockchain

    • Will Bitcoin Rise To $10K $500K $1 Million

    • Is Bitcoin A Scam? Is It Headed To $0?

    • Cryptosphere Section

    • General and Cryptosphere Warning

    • What Is Blockchain and How Can I Use It

    • How To Get Crypto Tokens Without Trading

    • Metals Section

    • Is Gold Headed To $10,000 An Ounce? Or Higher?

    • To Sell Or Not To Sell - That Is the Question

    • Congratulations

    • Limited Time Only Section

    • China's Oil Move


About This Class

During the dotcom era of the 1990s, Cisco returned over 100,000%.  At first sight, this return looks like a misprint, as it seems impossible.  Yet Cisco returned this to patient investors before the dotcom era bubble popped.  In bitcoin’s history, bitcoin returned over 1,000,000% at one point.  

In this course, we discuss bitcoin, the cryptosphere, and other financial topics of interest while periodically featuring limited-time only content relative to the amount of active subscribers.  This course also answers simple questions using facts from reality, like are spectacular returns possible in Mother Nature too?  Is every high return an automatic scam?  What other markets might be discounted now?

Some of the topics covered in the course and topics that have been featured the limited-time only content:

  1. Will bitcoin eventually rise to $3,000?
  2. What is the cryptosphere?
  3. What is the blockchain?
  4. Can I use the blockchain in my industry or my interests?
  5. What are 3 facts to know about the blockchain that may help me avoid losing quite a bit of money?
  6. What are 4 trading behaviors I should watch out for?
  7. What patterns in market should I consider?
  8. Will Gold rise to $10,000 an ounce?
  9. What are some strategies for timing sell orders?

For those of you with business ideas, this course offers insight into a growing industry that may or may not be able to help you leverage what you do.  If nothing excites you more than doing something you love, you will enjoy this course.  If nothing excites you, I would suggest you stay away from this course.

As for who should not sign up for this course:

If you want to learn about an industry that may expand your current opportunities - while also learning about practical financial topics, this course may be right for you.

Note: in 2016, this course primarily covered crypto-opportunities since a person could argue about the ripe timing.  In 2017, this course does not only cover the cryptosphere, but other topics as well.  Also, while limited-time only content was featured throughout 2016 and some of 2017, due to a low amount of enrollments, the limited-time only content was discontinued.

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It's more fundamental than cryptocurrencies - it's about keeping a calm head, knowing the ground truth. Even if you're not into crypto, you'll come out of this one better in life.
Incredible tutorials and advice. Even if you don't have all the required (I'm not very good at coding yet) the information and content is worth much more than you pay for. Add in Tim's blog and it's one of the best ways to start your venture into cryptocurrencies!!!





Tim Smith

Top Instructor - Tech & Money

I wrote the bestseller The Decentralized Retirement Plan and am a regular columnist at FinTekNeeks.

I'm excited about explaining deep technical topics and cryptocurrencies in a clear manner. Many students, readers and clients of mine have noticed that both of these communities are full of jargon that confuses people who are new. These communities prevent new people from entering because rather than bringing the technology to new people, they encumber new learners with terms they don'...

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