Retire Early With Cryptocurrencies

Tim Smith, Top Instructor - Tech & Money

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27 Videos (2h 1m)
    • Welcome To Retire Early With Cryptocurrencies

    • Let's Retire Early With Cryptocurrencies

    • Course Breakdown

    • Course Projects

    • Hot Topics Section

    • Hot Topic: Always Stay On Top of Changes

    • Hot Topic: Cryptosphere Greed Gauge

    • Hot Topic: Will Bitcoin Hit $3 Million?

    • Hot Topic: Will Bitcoin Hit $3000 In 2017?

    • Hot Topic: Will Gold Hit $10,000 An Ounce?

    • Will Gold Rise To $15,000 By 2025?

    • Finance Section

    • 8 Behaviors of Top Cryptosphere Traders

    • Is Bitcoin A Scam or A Ponzi Scheme?

    • How To Earn Bitcoins On Bitcoins

    • Gold vs. Bitcoin

    • A Warning About Gold Storage

    • How Can I Get Bitcoins?

    • How To Earn $700 (A Bitcoin) Right Now

    • Tips For Identifying Scams

    • Most Important Trading Video Ever (Or Second)

    • How I Build A "Stable" Currency

    • Coding Section

    • Coding Exercise Part I

    • Coding Exercise Part II

    • Coding Exercise Part III

    • Subscriber Content Section


About This Class

Since Bitcoin began, it has returned over 65,000,000% - with it's most spectacular return exceeding 124,000,000% at one point.  Ethereum returned over 2000% at one point in less than a year of existence, SteemIt returned over 2500% within a 10 day period at one point, and other crypto-currencies have had phenomenal gains as well.  Of course, many crypto-currencies and assets have failed as well, meaning this industry comes with an extreme amount of risk and potential for loss if one is expecting a certain outcome.

Crypto-currencies and crypto-assets might offer users a way to retire early or increase income, provided that a person is willing to handle losses, risk, and perform due diligence on their choices.  Additionally, for people who love to build ideas with code, the crypto-community may offer a way to create a financial problem that people experience, offering a way to generate revenue if the idea succeeds.

In this ongoing course, we look at the crypto-financial world with a focus on both finance and technology, as FinTech involves an understanding of both.  Some of the questions we look at are:

  • How can I obtain crypto-currencies and crypto-assets?
  • Will Bitcoin hit $3000 in 2017?
  • Will Gold hit $10,000 by 2021?
  • Can I earn passive income with bitcoin?
  • How can I reduce my risk with crypto-currencies and crypto-assets?
  • Where can I get data for analysis on various crypto-currencies?
  • What are some meaningful data questions to ask for analysis?
  • How can I develop an idea for a smart contract?
  • And many more popular questions answered.

For the financial types who are seeking financial independent of passive income and early retirement, this course covers some of those opportunities.  For development and creator types, this course covers some ideas, as well as some code to help you get started creating opportunity for yourself and others.

Finally, as a reminder, do not take this course thinking that you will make a lot and only risk what you are willing to lose fully.  If you cannot lose even $1, then do not use any money to buy any crypto-currency or crypto-asset, as this is an unpredictable market.





Tim Smith

Top Instructor - Tech & Money

I wrote the bestseller The Decentralized Retirement Plan and am a regular columnist at FinTekNeeks.

I'm excited about explaining deep technical topics and cryptocurrencies in a clear manner.  Many students, readers and clients of mine have noticed that both of these communities are full of jargon that confuses people who are new.  These communities prevent new people from entering because rather than bringing the technology to new people, they encumber new learners with terms they don't grasp.

Should you follow me and enroll in my courses?  If the following excite you:

  • Learning about bitcoin and some other currencies
  • Earning money with bitcoin and other currencies
  • Making your data fascinating so that you tell better stories and earn more money
  • Keeping your money safe from hackers
  • Being taught by someone who's enthusiastic and excited about the topics they're teaching
  • Getting bitcoin right now with three simple steps!

Remember, if you're a premium student, you have unlimited access to all of my courses.