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Retargeting PPC Ads in Google, Facebook, YouTube, and AdRoll

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

Retargeting PPC Ads in Google, Facebook, YouTube, and AdRoll

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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24 Lessons (2h 8m)
    • 1. What is retargeting + remarketing defined. What do you use retargeting ads for?

    • 2. What is really useful to know about retargeting before you try to start doing it

    • 3. How to setup Google Analytics and link to your Google AdWords account.

    • 4. Google AdWords conversion tracking setup for any website, wordpress, and Udemy.

    • 5. Creating a remarketing Google AdWords campaign and ad group.

    • 6. How to quickly copy remarketing campaigns in Google AdWords to split on location

    • 7. Google AdWords $0.02 clicks with retargeting optimization for conversions.

    • 8. Finding conversions in Google AdWords Remarketing campaigns with a free offer.

    • 9. What you should know about YouTube retargeting before you start.

    • 10. Setting up YouTube remarketing. What you need to do first!

    • 11. Creating your first YouTube remarketing ad in Google AdWords for video.

    • 12. Testing different YouTube remarketing audiences for best results.

    • 13. Splitting remarketing ads by geography. Global, US, Canada, UK, AU, NZ.

    • 14. How to judge your ROI on your retargeted ads within YouTube.

    • 15. Step one in optimizing my YouTube remarketing video ads with Google AdWords.

    • 16. Facebook retargeting introduction! What you will want to know before starting!

    • 17. Setting up a Facebook pixel for tracking website visitors with Facebook ads.

    • 18. Facebook custom audiences overview. Where can you see your website visitors?

    • 19. How to create a Facebook retargeted ad using an existing post.

    • 20. What you want to know about AdRoll before you get started.

    • 21. How to install the smartpixel with AdRoll on any website and on WordPress.

    • 22. AdRoll retargeting banner ad creation for website remarketing.

    • 23. AdRoll first retarketing campaign approved! Now what?

    • 24. Retargeting can be awesome and takes patience to get started with!

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About This Class

Learning retargeting ads on Google, Facebook, YouTube, and AdRoll gets a lot easier when you take this course now!

  1. Find what opportunities there are on Google, Facebook, YouTube, and AdRoll to reach your existing audience!
  2. See how to use Google AdWords for conversions with live hands on advertising campaign creation for online sales using remarketing campaigns through Google Analytics targeted at previous website visitors and previous YouTube channel viewers.
  3. Explore retargeting ads on Facebook, YouTube, and AdRoll with hands on tutorials showing you exactly how to make your ads and optimize them!

After managing billions of online advertisements since 2012, you can trust each of my Udemy courses to speed up your learning online, grow your business faster, and reduce the frustration of figuring out the best strategies for success with pay per click advertising online!

Act on your feelings of LOVE, HOPE, and FAITH to enroll in this course now!

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

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1. What is retargeting + remarketing defined. What do you use retargeting ads for?: what is retargeting and re marketing, retargeting and re marketing refer to when you do advertising to people who have already visited your website. And more broadly, it can be for people who are already on your email list or who even are similar to people that like your page on Facebook. But generally, retargeting refers to this happening. So first, let's say I'm the customer. I come visit your website. That's step one, then Step two. You show me specific ads because you know that I came to my website so retargeting can be really good in the sense of you know who your advertising to, ah, lot more without having the trust targeting categories or any other data, you can know that your advertising just two people who have already been to your website the first impression has already been created, and you can focus just on getting re engagement. Re marketing and retargeting is something a lot of people get really excited about because of that niche targeting aspect. All you have to do is work hard to find a way. For example, Google organic surge that gets people to your website free, and then you can have this very highly niche audience toe advertise to that aspect of it is very exciting. The reality of it tends to be, ah, lot more patient and slow approach, as you can imagine, if you need to advertise, only two people have already been near website or YouTube channel, or all the other things you can do with re marketing. You often will need to have an existing audience to start with that. So this makes retargeting a lot different than a lot of paid ads, because one of the main uses of paid ads is to create a first impression to get brand awareness to get people to your website for the first time. Retargeting were cars that people have already been to. Something you own, such as your website Ah, YouTube channel. A Facebook page retargeting requires that you've already established some kind of first contact and then you try and reestablish it. A remind people that they already have heard of you before. There's obvious excitement about that because it seems like it's a lot easier to get to know someone better than it is to try and make a first impression, which is absolutely right The challenge with re marketing is that you have to get them there in the first place. So once you've already got someone there, of course it's going to be easier. The challenge of re marketing is that you have to do all of that work and build all of that existing audience first before you can even use it. So if you don't have a website yet, retargeting is not practical for you. If you don't have realistically at least 10,000 people who've already been to your website , that retargeting is not practical for you. The audience is just too small, but you'll be amazed at some of the retargeting opportunities you have using things like a Facebook page or a YouTube channel that you might not even think of as giving you already made re marketing audience things like a you to meet course. If you already have a you to me course with Google Analytics set up, you might have already made remarking audience and what's cool. You can also use re marketing audiences from other people, so re marketing and retargeting. I use both words interchangeably here for S E O and the idea is re marketing and retargeting give you the chance to reach people again. It's like dating. You might spend a lot of your life on first dates if you were me. But the real value off dating on that first date is to get to the second date. So retargeting is great in that aspect there, essentially starting on the second date. The only problem is you've got to figure out a way to land all those first dates before you get a second date. So I hope this is a useful definition of retargeting re marketing for you. And I appreciate the time you're spending here with me to learn about this. 2. What is really useful to know about retargeting before you try to start doing it: what is really useful to know about retargeting before you even get started. First, you need an existing audience. Forget about doing retargeting. If you don't have an existing audience, that means either on your website or on Facebook or on YouTube or on any integrated website solution like you to me. With Google analytics set up, I've already gotten existing audience there, which I could use even if I didn't have a website. So anywhere you've got an existing audience, you can do retargeting. However, you can't do retargeting without having an existing audience. That is a key feature of retargeting. Second retargeting successful very greatly across platforms. What may work excellent on Facebook may not work at all on AdWords or add role or on YouTube. The only way to know for sure is to try out the different platforms. For yourself, Re marketing is very tricky, sometimes in terms of getting good results. For example, on add roll, the burnout that happens often is very fast. The smaller audience you have often the first time I show ads on add role. I can get really good results and then I get almost nothing. So retargeting is really frustrating. If you don't at a minimum have at least a list size of 10,000 people, and that could be an email list you've plugged into Facebook to create a custom audience. It could be a customer list. It could be 10,000 visits your website and Google AdWords. 10,000 people view to channel on YouTube There's all kinds of remarking on against is You can have. But if they're not at least 10,000 people is going to be really frustrating, usually because the time and effort you put into doing the ads usually will not provide any kind of return compared to what you actually get out of it. If you have a smaller audience for retargeting, it's just too much time and effort to work with the ads to get a good ad solution up to make it worth. While I know there's a lot of excitement about retargeting, and what you should know is that most of that retargeting excitement is four big established brands. For example, you know me there retargeting ads are all over the place, and I often get sales out of their ads. There. Re marketing adds air really good for them because they don't care which product they sell . Same thing with Amazon. They put their re marketing ads everywhere because they don't care what they sell. They have a gigantic brand with a gigantic budget. They can afford to just brute force. Do re marketing if you do not have a very specific product to sell. If you just are trying to get people come back to your website. Re marketing can be frustrating because you might get higher cost per clicks. You might get lower impressions. You might put a lot of work into the ads only to get worse results than you do just getting first impressions. So re marketing is very exciting and offers awesome opportunities. That said, it also has some seriously limitations that you want to know about getting started. The audience size is the biggest limitation. And if you don't have something to sell, that's another big limitation in terms of making the ads profitable. If you're just trying to get awareness of who you are, you often can use paper click ads. Just find to do that. If you're trying to really build a relationship with people, re marketing ads can help a lot. However, If you're trying to build a relationship and you don't have a product to sell, there's a lot better ways to do it than using re marketing ads. For example, if you have a YouTube channel, that's just for fun and not profitable or that's not making any money and you don't have anything to sell doing, remarking adds, probably does not make a whole lot of sense unless you've got a lot of audience and you can afford to. It's much better to just try and build your subscriber base and to try and stick straight to a free model. Same thing with Google, Organic traffic and Facebook. If you are just trying to build the size of page re, marketing adds, probably aren't that useful for you. You could just get likes a lot easier than that. Same with Web traffic. You're just trying to get Web traffic for things like Google AdSense or something. You might as well just use whatever cheap traffic you can get in Google. Re marketing might not make that much sense, so re marketing can be awesome At the same time. If you know this up front about it. If you know these limitations I've given you, you can avoid the places where re marketing is a big waste of time. So thank you for sharing this with me. And I hope looking at the ups and downs of re marketing before you even get started learning it is helpful for you. 3. How to setup Google Analytics and link to your Google AdWords account.: If you want to do re marketing with Google AdWords, the first thing you need to set up his Google analytics. The nice thing is you might already use Google analytics, whereas with add roller Facebook ads, you're not going toe have put those pixels in your website from the beginning, But with Google Analytics, you might have Google analytics already installed. If you don't, I'll show you what you need to do to get it done. Obviously, to sign up to start, you need to goto google dot com slash analytics and sign up there. I will trust you can do that with your Google account. The next thing l show you is the easiest way to get Google analytics on your website based on when I use. So all I do is use the word press s CEO plug in from Joost and then they also have a Google Analytics plug in That makes it ridiculously simple to put Google analytics on my website. All I have to do is put my tracking code into this plug in. That's it. It's really easy. I just put it in there and then that's it. All I have to do is. Leave it really easy now. You also can do it a lot of other ways based on your theme, as long as you have your you a number right here. There are all kinds of theme options in WordPress that will allow you to put it in using that number. You also can follow Google's instructions to put the code in yourself. So, Harv, you install it on your website. I don't know exactly what your website is using, so I will trust you can research how to install it on your specific website if you have an option other than WordPress. Next, what you need to do is go to the admin and then you need to do re marketing. So you want your re marketing to be enabled. And that way you can use Google AdWords to do re marketing. You have to put your re marketing up. First, you have to create an audience with it, so I'll show you one that does not have an audience created with it yet, so you can see what it looks like. So here is another one of my websites and I'll go over to the admin and you'll see in re marketing, I don't have it set up, so if you don't have it set up yet, this is what you need to do. First, you'll need to pick an advertising account, link it and then enable re marketing. So once you've already done that, you won't need to go do that again. You'll just have your audiences up here. And the nice thing with Google AdWords is you don't have to link re marketing and then wait for everything to track. So with Facebook ad role, you've got a stick and actual pixel on your website. With Google, all you have to do is have had Google analytics installed. Link your re marketing, and then you can go back and use the users that Google AdWords is already tracked for you. Now what you need to do also is link a Google AdWords account, so you'll need a Google AdWords account set up already, and then you'll need to create a link to that AdWords account. The easiest way to do this is toe have it on the same email, So if I go to my Google AdWords account, it's linked on the exact same email. So if I goto adwords google dot com I am right in the same window and I go to the exact same account. Now this analytics account I put this on here newly because my other Google analytics account was linked to a different AdWords account. So all I had to do is add myself as a user on this property so you can do that in user management, and you can see Then when I did, I added this ad minute jerry banfield dot com. I added this as a user on this analytics account. So then I could directly link this AdWords account with this Google Analytics account. So those are things you can do to get set up with your Google analytics and your re marketing in Google. AdWords. Once you've got all these things done, you could then can start with making some re marketing ads in Google. AdWords You can see so far on the ones I made. I'll show you how I made these and I make more. I'm getting very low cost clicks on these, which is nice, so I'll show you how to do that. Also, the key thing is you need Google analytics installed in tracking data first. So the very first thing you've got to do is get Google analytics up and then wait for the data to come in. You usually should wait at least a week before even bother to make ads depending on how many website visitors you have. So thank you for watching this. And I hope showing you how to get Google analytics set up and linked with your AdWords account is helpful. 4. Google AdWords conversion tracking setup for any website, wordpress, and Udemy.: the most critical thing you can do to have success with your re marketing adds, is to have conversion tracking set up on whatever offer or product you're selling. Rather, that's even a landing page load. Ah, check out page or a success payment complete page or an email sign up, complete anything you're doing. You've got toe, have this set up the conversion tracking and I'll show you how to do it right now, at least for you to meet course and how to apply it to anything else you're doing. So you go to tools conversions and then you set that up and Google contract all conversions and one type of campaign, which is very convenient. You don't have to specify in each campaign exactly which one it is. So in order to get your conversion set up, you click plush conversion and then you put whatever type off conversion you have. What you probably are going to have is a website, so I'll hit select here, and then I'll type my conversion name in you to me entrepreneurship course. $25. And I can put that in then, as a you know, me, course sale. Even and then I put in how much it's worth to my business. I put in $25. The cool thing is I can also do a free code with this, which I'll show you how to do at the same time. And I count all conversions in here and then I can put it into a purchase sale and allow bid optimization for conversions. You want Google to be able to bid higher if Google thinks you're going to do a conversion and if you want to do a free offer or something like that, you can just hit. Don't assign a value, or you can put the value can vary so that there is no value assigned. So what I want to do is put this is $25 because even if I do free conversions now to test it, then I will wanted eventually to be $25. The key, then, is to get this code and have it pasted in the body part of the tag. You'd like Teoh copy, so if you want your conversion tracking, you need this between the body tags on whatever page you want to track. You can use the Google tag assistant to make sure your codes correctly there. And if you've got WordPress, all you usually need to do is drop this in the text portion off the website. It's really easy to do on any specific page on Google. AdWords. They have a conversion. I d. Right here. If I can copy it, that's my conversion. I d. So that's one of them unique parts in this script. So some applications will have third party tracking so on. You know me courses there is third party tracking. So what I'm going to do, I put that exact conversion I d into 1/3 party integration. Some of your email marketing software may have 1/3 party conversion. Tracking like this or it may paste the entire code in. If you're using lead pages, I think it places the entire code in there. So what I have to do on my Utah me course then is I take that conversion label out there. I put that into the exact when I want, and then I hit save. So then I've got conversion tracking set up on my una me course. Now, if this was on my wordpress website. What I would want to do is just copy this entire section of code and then just paste it into whatever section I had on my website. So let's say I wanted to track. Rather, people actually converted by just reading this post. So all that have to do is click on the text and then put this anywhere in here, just paste the code in there, and then the code would load every time someone visits the page. So conversion tracking is incredibly important. It's very hard to optimize any of your re marketing ads without conversion tracking, as I'll emphasize later, when I'm analyzing the results of my re marketing campaigns with you, you can look at a cost per click. You can look at click there. You can look at a lot of things, but without conversions, you're really shooting in the dark. You want to do anything it takes to get your conversion tracking set up in a way that you can optimize and give Google data on where you're actually making money or getting a call to action, such as a email registration completed, you've got to have that set up or almost anything else you're doing is generally a waste of time and effort. So this is where you set up conversion tracking, As you can see here, then I've put everything in a nice uniform format. So the most unique part the course name comes first, and then they're all, you know, me sales. So getting your conversion set up like this will give you the chance to really take your re . Marketing adds to the next level. So thank you for watching this. And I hope this has been helpful for you. 5. Creating a remarketing Google AdWords campaign and ad group.: If you want to make a re marketing ad campaign and Google AdWords and you've already set up your Google analytics, what you can do to get started is very quickly. Just click. The AdWords link over in the audience is so I'll show you how I got here. So I will go back to home and then I click on Add Men. I'm on the property I want with the re marketing audience I want. Then I go over to re marketing. I click on audiences. Then Google brings this up. It's got all users for my website. Then I click on type AdWords. It will make a new link for me right there that I can then use to start a new campaign automatically without having to actually go picket in AdWords. I can then create the campaign and I'll make this a sales global campaign and I'll choose all countries for this. And then I just put a budget in $10 per day and when I want to do is focus on conversions. But I have to have conversions tracked first, so all I have to do is enable enhance CPC to help with that for now and then I can change it. I scroll down to the bottom and I want to do optimize for conversions and then I want to change the device preference. I'm have to do that later, but I can change the device. So I bid lower on mobile because I'm less likely to get conversions on Mobile based on my existing data. So then I hit Save, and then Google automatically has included my re marketing audiences because of the way I said the campaign up. So now all I have to do is call this whatever actual product I want to promote. So I'll call this the entrepreneurship and I'll do two cents per click on that. And I might. I'll try three cents per click. I want looking for cheap global clicks here. So now you see, I'm on the interest in marking. I'm on the re marketing lists and what I can do. I've got all users automatically selected on here. That's the same website audience you see right here. So that's the audience now. I've only had this up for a few days, so the audience is very small still, What I can do is also add extra re marketing lists in and what I can do then is I can pull these ah video viewers. Listen so I can target people from my YouTube channel in here also, so I can put something like watched a video from Jerry Banfield in here, and then you'll see the impressions go up a lot more there and I can put visited Jerry Banfield page like Cherry Banfield Video subscribe to jury banned film. So now I've got in addition to my website uses. I've also got my YouTube remarking audiences in here so you don't have to use this option. You don't have to use any of these options if you don't want to. All you might need is the all users in here. You can also pull in. If you have one big enough re marketing list, you can also pull in similar to re marketing lists and with the video views you can pull in the similar video views also. So what I actually want to try for this is just to try a similar audience on Lee and see what happens that way. And if I want to go back and put in my website audience. You'll see. I just deleted it. If I want to go back in, I can just put my all users back in right there. So it's very easy to do that and move all of these around you can. Then there. Oh, you're targeting further. However, if you're using remarking and you probably already have a pretty narrow audience, you may not want to put it any more narrow. And you also can give Google AdWords the option to find additional customers automatically . So that's on option. I'm still exploring. So if there re marketing campaigns is good to test these out and see what works. So next I hit, saving continue. And now all I need to do is make an actual ad for this. But what's cool is I don't have to actually make an ad right now. I can skip ad creation. I can then make individual ads right here. However, since I already have another campaign up and this might help you if you already have other Google AdWords campaigns and you just wanted to re marketing one, then what you can do is actually copy and adds group from another ad set. So that makes it a lot easier. So what I'll do in this one is this is a sales global similar, So all I have to do. I've already made ads on this other campaign. It's all I actually have to do is copy both of these ads sets and then put them in a new campaign. So I'll go down a copy and then I'll go back here to the new campaign and I have this existing and group in it. But all I can then just paste these other ad groups and and I click here to paste, and I can paste both of these in it. So what I can do then is try a higher cost per click in this ad set and see how that comes out so I can run it in two at the same time and try it with his different cost per click. And now what's cool? I can also go into each one of these, and if I want to modify the audience, I'll have to do is going to display network and interests and re marketing. So that's from the one I did before. So you'll note that what I actually created from the entrepreneurship is a little bit different, so it has a smaller set of ads in it. So then I can easily go make a new ad. So I click text ad. And now what I can do is make a new ad in this ad set very quickly, and I can just use my existing product to make the ad fast. So now I've built the entire add. An idea, especially with display ads, is to let people know that they've already seen who I am. So this isn't something new. So that's why I put my name in there the complete online entrepreneurship course with Jerry Banfield. So I put that in There is a quick display ad, and then I submit that all I have to do then is copy and edit to make another ad really quick. So all I have to do is try a different headline, and I keep everything else the same. And that's the benefit of using the copy and edit. It's very easy to test out. And then to make sure my ad works, I can just click on the link really fast. Make sure the ad link works and then close out. That's a good way to make sure you've made the ad correctly. So I hope I've shown you very quickly how to go through and do all types of re marketing campaigns from quickly making ad in your Google analytics to bringing that over into a sales, to then copying any existing adds that you have in other places in AdWords and then putting them available in your actual re marketing campaign. I appreciate you watching this and hope this has been useful. 6. How to quickly copy remarketing campaigns in Google AdWords to split on location: once you've already made a re marketing campaign and you want to try out different targeting settings, the easiest thing to do is simply to copy the existing campaign you have. So, for example, I've started off with a global re marketing campaign. So what I want to do is change that into a US and sales based campaign, but the same time I want to be able to leave the global one going because I'm getting clicks for two cents each. So I want to be able to see if I can actually make any sales on that at two cents each. Meanwhile, Aiken, try a more focused with the higher bid and see if I can go for sales that way. So what I'll do is click to select the campaign. Then I copy it. Then I paste it, and all I have to do then is changed the settings to target different countries and then place higher bids on the problem. If you do copy a campaign and you've deleted an ad set in it, it actually does copy the deleted ad set also just as a note. So now I do. I go, you to me sales. Re marketing. I changed the name of the campaign, so I know what I'm doing. Then I go into the campaign itself. Then I have two different courses I'm selling. I copied all of the ads over from the other campaign, and then what I do is I've edit the location options. So then I put in this countries that I know are good for making sales specifically and what I usually do with Canada's. I exclude kwab back if you're not, if you are from there, no offense. I usually am not making sales in come back, though, so I tend to exclude it. If you have data like that that can help your campaigns run better and I usually put Israel and because I've been making a lot of sales from Israel also. So I put that United Kingdom and then I also put New Zealand. So now I've got my list of countries that have proven toe work good to make sales, and so all I have to do is keep everything else the same. So that's the sweet part of this. Now I've got a new campaign up with all of the same settings as I had before, And the difference is I am going to just bid higher and focus two clicks on countries that I know are for making sales. So when I ultimately want to know is, can I get cheap display clicks out of my re marketing audience? And can I get actual conversions on them? So far, I don't have any conversions on the global campaign, but the clicks are so cheap by minus. Well, try it. I'm getting hundreds of people to go visit my courses, so I might as well see if I can make any sales that way. So I'm trying this re marketing campaign, and then what I'll do is put the courses on these. But what I can also do is just make a new ad set within each one so that I can use one individual campaign to promote all of my different courses so you can go about that. Either way, it's easier to split things on the location. No, because location is a campaign level setting, whereas I can have different ad sets for different products within the campaign. I can't have different locations within the campaign. You'll notice these are all campaign settings, so location is a big factor to split on, and you can put products in the same one. And you can use all your re marketing ads in the same audience, too. So I appreciate you watching this. I hope this has been useful for showing you how to quickly split campaigns up between different types of locations. 7. Google AdWords $0.02 clicks with retargeting optimization for conversions.: How do you analyze your re marketing campaigns on Google AdWords? The easiest way to do it is with conversions tracked. So the main thing I will decide to do in terms of continuing to keep these campaigns running is see how much it costs for them to kit a conversion. Right now, the conversion value is $25. So I've only spent $10 on each of these campaigns. So what I want to do is let them run until they're a little bit past $25 see if I can get an actual sale out of any of them tracked. If they do not get sales, then there's no point continuing to run them. It's that simple, the secondary thing I can use to evaluate them, to see the average cost per click. Now my sales countries air getting 12 sank clicks, which is pretty good, considering these are retargeted ads that are already proving to reach relevant visitors. That said, it doesn't matter how cheap the clicks are if I don't convert any sales, so what I'm doing is taking a look at these. I'll let them run long enough to see if they get a conversion if they don't get conversions , that I won't continue using them. The nice thing is, right now I'm getting tons of clicks and the idea is always to get those fringe benefits. So my name's getting out there with all these ad impressions. I'm getting lots of clicks. People are at least taking a look at my courses, so I'm getting benefits for sure. The problem is, I'm not getting any conversions, but that's okay. Often I have to make a lot of campaigns before I can actually get conversions. So this is the campaign tracking level when I can also do is go in and click on each campaign and learn exactly where I'm getting the most action, where I'm getting the highest click through where I'm getting the lowest cost clicks so my entrepreneurship add, is doing decent in terms of clicks. My super learning is doing great in terms of clicks, and my Facebook course is doing good in terms of clicks also, but it's getting a little bit higher cost per click, but it's got a solid click through if you'll notice. The display network on Lee with all features, is working a little bit better than the display network Onley without all features. It's just re marketing in terms of click through rate, so the click through rates are a little lower on these. But these are very low cost clicks to these air, going out to all countries in the world with a two cent max bid. So both of these air proving to get good clicks with a decent click through rate, considering it's a display network, and my you Timmy sales has a lower cost per click. But these are only two sales countries. Countries were improving to get lots of sales. You can see the cost per clicks a lot higher, but the ultimate judge of all of these is rather I'm getting conversions. I'm not getting any conversions, so all of these will get paused eventually. If I don't get conversions, what I can do at least this figure out how to make creating additional adds easier so I can do that quickly by starting at the campaign, going to display network and then interests and re marketing. Then when I want to see our which exact targeting settings and my using in terms of the audience that are getting the most clicks. And then if I actually get a conversion, it really helps to actually get a conversion to see which audience works the best. Then I can see which audience actually converts the best. So without getting conversion, it's very difficult to judge, which is actually working regardless of the cost per click borough. I can learn, at least is. Which audience should I just make my ad groups to by default? Ultimately, I want to get as many clicks and impressions as possible, and I want to get the best click through Wait, I don't wanna waste. Ah, whole bunch of time trying to make adds to an audience that's not big enough or where they're not very interested, so you'll notice the best click. The rate I have so far is on the similar to view Jerry Banfield YouTube channel. I've got a 3% click through rate on that, but it's a bit smaller in terms of the actual ad spend and the next level on that, Then it's also the super learning course, and that has visited Jury Banfield Channel Page. The cool thing I can learn from this is that both my similar audiences, so these are not truly marketing audiences, but these are audiences built that are similar to my existing re marketing audiences. The similar audiences are working just about as good as the people that actually viewed my channel. That's very good to know. That allows me to know that the similar audiences have a powerful potential to be interested in what I'm offering. And the similar audiences might even produce a better opportunity to introduce new people or what I do so I can learn that similar audiences air definitely good to use. So now what I can do is double check that I actually did that in my other ad campaign so I can go to display network and you'll notice then I don't have quite as many similar audiences in here because this one for the Facebook course is Onley using the actual audiences I have. So these air Onley actual re marketing audiences from my YouTube channel, and if you have them from your website in here, it looks the same depending on the name you have. So when I want to do in here is add new audiences in here, so I want a plus. Targeting and when I want to do is add similar targeting in here so I can do that. I can click, edit, and then I can go to similar to re marketing lists. And that's just for my website, and I can go to similar to video views. And I can know that all of these similar audiences might work, too, so I can add them in there. So that's worth trying and knowing at least that that works now on that actual ad set. Is it really necessary? It's hard to say, because that ad spend was enough. But if I'm not getting conversions, I'm mine is. Well, try something new. I have nothing to lose if I'm not getting conversions with trying something new. So the ultimate thing with doing re marketing ads or any ads in Google, you've got to have that conversion tracking set up because just clicks air, usually worthless. You want to know what is actually converting. You can see low cost clicks right here globally and then 12 cents per click from sales countries. Those are pretty good cost per click. What I need, though, are conversions, so I can start everything I do with all the click through rate in a CPC that's all great. But without conversions, it's all crap. All of the data I have right now are useful for trying to aim me at conversions. So once I can zero in on conversions, then I can do the real work. For example, if I look at Rob's account, I'm managing. This has been a great example off zooming and on conversions. So once I have the conversion zoomed in on, you can see here with 157 conversions on his account, it's really easy to zoom in on conversions and then to figure out how to do more conversions. Ultimately, that's all that really matters. The CPC and all this click none of that matters. All that matters is this. That cost per conversion and the conversion rate. So what I'm showing you how to do with these re marketing campaigns of my own is get to a place from start to finish where I'm getting conversion, so I will take you there as much as I can with these re marketing campaigns, and I will keep trying new things. These air all for paid offers also. So if you're not getting conversions on a paid off for the next logical thing to do is set up a free offer because a free offer with the conversion is much more useful than a paid offer with no converge in you at least can see exactly where you can zoom in on. So thank you for watching this, and I hope this has been useful for you. 8. Finding conversions in Google AdWords Remarketing campaigns with a free offer.: Usually, when you start your re marketing ads, you want to start with some kind of paid offer, because if you can get sales immediately on your paid offer, wouldn't you rather start with that? I know I would. Now the next step. If you're not getting sales right away, one of the easiest things to do is try and provide a free offer and tracked conversions that way. Ultimately, what you want to know is what kind of interest is there in what you're clicking. So when people are clicking on your ads, you want to know what kind of interest there providing. And if you can give a free offer out and there's no interest, then you really have very little chance of success. If you can get interest in a free offer, then you can zoom in on exactly which people are interested in a free offer and then try a paid off for the thing is, just using a paid offer provides no conversions, lots of times getting started, so it's hard to see where your interest is from your audience. So what you can do is just copy the ad groups you have so watch what I'm going to do. I'm going to copy all of these ad groups. I know I'm getting good clicks on them, so I'm going to copy all of them and then I'm going to paste them all and use a free offer in each of these. So I'm going to pause all of the new group so they don't get started right away. I'm going to edit all of them so that I can put a free offer in them instead of a paid offer. And that way I will get to see exactly what is really working and what's not. So then I just changed the name of this to free. I'll change the name to all of these two free. And that way I will know exactly what opportunity I have. I know these are already working to get low cost clicks. Now what I want to see is can they get conversions with a free offer? So all I have to do is take my new link out of this. So I have a new link on the other window. That's to a free offer instead of a paid offer. So I check all of these and I edit all of them and I want to change the u R l's. I want to change all of these. So when I want to change is the final. You are Ln here, which is where they actually land. So I can see the display you, Earl, is you to me dot com slash entrepreneurship online. So I strip that off and then I put my free code in this one. So I make changes and now these go to the free offer instead of the paid offer. So now I all I have to do is check that out and verify it. Okay, Great. That goes to the free offer. That's perfect. So now all I have to do is go back up to this campaign level. I will change the name to you to meet global re marketing, free to differentiate it from the other one. And now I will go into the individual and sets. I'll pause. This entrepreneurship adds that and I'll turn that one on. Now I've got a free one. So now I can get some conversion data and now I can repeat this same process for the next two. So I'll grab my learning course one. I will select all of these ads so I can change it all at once. So I go to change text ads. I go grab my free code from other screen. And I watched my you, Earl. So I've got a w w. So I need to put that in there because Google will give you a hard time. If you try and do more than one, you are all. So now I've got the free oral, and here I make changes to this Replace all those. And now what I do is click and able to turn that back on. I go back up to the campaign level, go over toe ad groups, and then when I'm going to do is turn the super learning one that's not free off. So now I've changed two out of three of these into free. So now I go into this last one and repeat the same process. So I select all I changed text ads. I go grab my free code off of my other monitor. I dropped that in there. I stripped the h t t p s off. And now I've got the new your all in there. I click on it to make sure it's working. Okay, that looks good. So now I've got three new ad sets up ad groups up, and I've paused the old ones. So now this whole campaign, I will just go back to all enabled. This whole campaign is for free offers to my courses to a global audience. This way I can determine exactly where my potential for sales are. So I've already got a global re marketing up, and now I've got a global re marketing free up, and I have, ah, you to me sales re marketing to sales countries. So this gives me the chance to really test my re marketing ads out and see where the opportunities are. Theoretically, this one should start pulling in conversions. And then when I can do is look at what's converting in this campaign. I can try new things in that campaign and then use what I learned from the conversions in this campaign to make some better sales ads in thes to re marketing campaigns. So this is how you really can hit the next level. You've got to learn with anything you're doing with paid ads. You've ultimately got toe learn and zoom in on exactly what works. If that means I have to use a free offer to find out exactly what works to start. I'm happy to do that because that will likely help me zoom in on what will work for my sales data. So that's what I've done. And I will follow up with you on how that works. So thank you for watching this. And I hope this has been useful for you and doing your own re marketing ads in Google. 9. What you should know about YouTube retargeting before you start.: before you even get started with you two bads, especially if you've never used them before. Or if you've just used them a little bit. There's a few things you might want to know first. You too bad zehr Bit strange. The targeting, in my experience, is not that great, which makes it hard to reach your ideal user and the results I see on YouTube generally or not, how I would expect them to be. So if you think you two bads are likely to just produce an instant return where you can just set up a video, put a link straight to your website, you're going to generate a sale. So far, I have not seen that work. Hardly all what I have seen work extremely well are using YouTube ads to rank a video higher, which then will get the video all kinds of organic traffic from suggested video and from search, which then leads to a ton of good actions for free. That's exactly what I've done very successfully, and I'm still doing today on YouTube. I find which videos people like toe watch in ads. I put our plus, long adds up, and then I see what amount of watch time they put on the video, and then I leave those videos running for a long time. Meanwhile, they rank higher and higher and higher. Then I get the really valuable organic traffic for free every day. Hundreds of views on individual videos, thousands of views on my channel free and those free views are where the really good traffic comes from the people who are immediately ready to by the people who really need help with something. The people you might take 10 plus dollars per click to try and reach with an exact search term on Google AdWords, you can rank the video high using YouTube ads for free and then pull those sales in. So the biggest opportunity I see with re marketing ads is not to make immediate sales is to generate subscribers, generate higher organic rankings and then to generally build a bigger organic presence on YouTube. You contest out ads for immediate sales. You can test out ads doing anything else on YouTube with your re marketing audience. The best value I find is for ranking videos higher, so if you want that to happen, if you can plan your advertising and marketing strategy on YouTube around the ability to get YouTube videos ranked high. You can repeatedly use this process to build a community of really avid fans on YouTube that will watch all of your videos that will help you rank high, and that will then bring you in more people for free all of the time. So you two bads, in my experience, do not generally bringing in a good short term return. But the majority of my ad budget is dedicated to Google AdWords because you two bads consistently bring in the best long term value. When I run ads today, I have a guarantee they're going toe work because as long as people spend time watching the video, YouTube will rank it higher. And as long as I noticed the rank time and notice how the organic traffic is coming in on the video, then I have a guaranteed positive result out of my ends. It doesn't matter if anyone actually takes action from the ads at all, and if they do take action, gigantic bonus. You two bads are the best thing I've found to get a guaranteed win out of paid advertising So that's why I'm really excited about you two bads. That's why I do my own YouTube re marketing ads. And that's why I'm showing you how to make those ads. So I hope this overview of what I've found really works good with you. Two bads is useful for you before you even start learning exactly how to do it. The worst thing I've found I can do is try and learn something I didn't need to know in the first place. So I hope this is helpful figuring that out. 10. Setting up YouTube remarketing. What you need to do first!: What do you need in order to show a video as a re marketing ad on YouTube? So here's what you need to do before you even try and get started with actually doing this First and most importantly, you need a video to actually show. So this is on my YouTube channel, and I'm still waiting for this brand new video I uploaded to be complete. You need a good intro video before you even hope to get started with this strategy. What I've done with my intro video is I've started it off with Webcam so that if someone's watched my channel and heard my voice, then I am communicating with them directly through Web cam so they can personally see me and get to know me a little better. So the 1st 3 minutes or so starts off with Webcam, but then I move into actual screen capture. What I want to do is show what I want the actual action taken on my channel. So in this you're seeing I'm doing the subscribe button to tell people. Look, if you just do one thing, you want to subscribe to my channel and then I go deeper and I show how to use the search function in my channel to find specific videos because I have hundreds of videos up. So what people want to do usually is watch a video on a certain subject, so I show them how to find videos on the exact subject they want. Then I go deeper in I show how to just browse the recent videos I've uploaded in case I want to get caught up and see what I'm doing right now. Then I go farther in and show my you Timmy courses. Now you'll note the videos halfway through before I've started any type of sales pitch, and this then gives me the opportunity to actually make money directly off this video. It's really helpful if you have things to sell to make sure that they're accessible directly on YouTube with some kind of promo rolling. So then all of these promo links track directly to my sales from this YouTube video, so this helps me to see what kind of actual return I'm getting, and I show in the video how to scroll down and actually use the links. I do that and then I'm showing going to my website. I showed all of the blawg posts I have. And then I go deeper in and I explain each you to me course individually. And then I wrap it up at the very end with a thank you and another called action to subscribe to my channel. So if you want to do re marketing, you want to have a video, you show people that's all inclusive. You have their attention watching this new video, so you might as well make the most of it. And if anything, you just want to get them in the first few minutes to see you more as a person. And then they're likely to get hit with the video over and over again. So if they watch three minutes of it, YouTube will then generally stick them at wherever they were before, so that then you can kind of progress them through the same video. So I use a 20 minute long video that has everything in it. It's designed for both the user who wants Onley free content to start. That is to get them to subscribe on my YouTube channel. And then it goes into the person who can afford to pay, gives them a little taste of the you know me courses, goes back and looks more on my website, what's available free and then goes back and gives even more detail in the U to me courses with the final reference to my patri on page for the very niche user. So that's what you want before you even try and get started. So if you're uploading, a 20 minute video could take a minute to process. So I am waiting on this video to process now while I make this lecture with you. So once you've got that video to start, and I'm assuming you already have a YouTube channel, if you're taking my re marketing, look at what to do on YouTube. But obviously you need a YouTube channel. You want to have lots of videos up on it, and you can use this for any purpose. So you could use this to send people straight to your you Timmy courses or product. Like I could make a video for a specific course to send people that course, and I will try that to see how well it works. But to get started, I just want to see if I can get free YouTube subscribers start with the easiest action and make room out of that to get more. So the key to that is, now that I have this video, what I need then are these re marketing lists. So if you need to set one thing up in advance, you've got to get these re marketing lists because you can't do any re marketing until you've got these lists. And the way you do that is you need to link YouTube accounts. So I have linked this account to my AdWords account, and now this AdWords account is on a separate account from the YouTube channel. So when you do that, you'll need to hit link YouTube channel. You'll need to hit someone else, owns the channel and follow Google's instructions to link the account. Once you've done that, then you can set up your re marketing lists. You just hit a plus button and then you go through and set up all off the duration and settings on the list. Now you can actually go back and get users from the last 30 days, which is really nice. So you want to get this set up a soon as possible. And then what I like to do is make a big list in addition to my smallest. So I've got 30 data lists, visited Jury Banfield's channel in the last 30 days. So I've got several different 30 day lists, few Jerry Banfield Channel and then when I have is a big 540 day list from people who viewed my channel, so what I could do then I contest all of these ads out differently to see which one actually works better. So more than likely the 30 day ones to a smaller audience will work better. But I can at least try out this bigger one to 700,000 users and see if that works better. So having MAWR lists is better because you could test them against each other and see which works the best. Now, one of the cool things you can do is you can do a similar so I can actually show a video to someone who's similar to one of my videos and see how well that works. YouTube has a lot of data on its users, so I can actually show ads to people have never even watched my video. But they've watched a similar video, another very good tactic to use with your re marketing. So if you've got a personal in general intro video, you can just try these lists out, make more listen, just see what works. So before you even get started, this is what you need to set up on YouTube in order to even try and make ads for re marketing. And then once you've got these re marketing list set up, once you've linked your YouTube accounts together and now, as you can see, once I've got my upload complete, then I can go ahead and start making my re marketing adds. So I appreciate you watching this, and I hope this look at how to get your re marketing set up on YouTube is useful for you. 11. Creating your first YouTube remarketing ad in Google AdWords for video.: Here's how you make your very first re marketing campaign on Google. AdWords for video, a k a. YouTube ads. Step one. You need a link to a video that's up. And I prefer one that has a cover image already. And then you need your re marketing list set up over here. So you need a re marketing list to target. When I'm going to do is start with a global one to my everyone that's viewed my YouTube channel in the last year and 1/2. So yes, that's abroad one. I'm just getting started with it to see where we're at. So I click all video campaigns, I click plus campaign, and I just make new campaign so there's no issues $10 a day, and then I will call this whitey intro Global All Channel viewers. That way I know exactly who I'm targeting. I will turn off the Google Display network because watch times aren't as good. Now what I do is I control Copy that dropped the video ad right here and now That's my video ad that shows. So what you want to do is use your YouTube channel for this. Now I'm trying to drive subscribers, so I'm going to do it that way. But if you want to advertise a product, your website, you just put that in the URL instead. So I'll put the display. You are all there and then it goes in the destination. You are all right. Here. I take the display ads off because I just want people to watch the video. I don't need clicks on it, so I'll decrease the mobile bid toe less because mobile watch times are lower. Then when I want to do is capped the frequency it once per day don't want YouTube to beat someone over the head with this. So I'll put that on there and then I hit Save Now I haven't done any re marketing yet. That's a standard advertising campaign I've made right there. So what I can do here is put two cents in the cost per view. It will estimate the reach, but then what I'm going to do is use my re marketing list, and then I take that big re marketing list right here and see what it says after that. So it may or may not actually get good views that way. I'm just going to put it in at two cents of you and see what happens. Now. I'll save targeting group, and that's all I have to do. Now that ad is created, and I made my first re marketing ad campaign, so it'll take a little while I get approved. As with all YouTube ads, that usually happens within a few hours, though, on my ads, and then it will start running. Now the way I'll judge this, I'll see how the watch times are on it, and I'll see if I earn subscribers like shears, clicks, etcetera. So all I want to do is give this individual wanna try and then try some other settings on it and see which one works the best. Now, I especially want subscribers out of this, but since there's all kinds of possibilities and it's people that visited my channel before , there's lots of different opportunities. So what I do is I make this to start, and then I start making different ones of these campaigns to see how they compare. So I made this one to start, and now I will continue to show how I make different ones to test out which actually works the best. I appreciate you watching this and hope it's been useful 12. Testing different YouTube remarketing audiences for best results.: now that I've showed how to first create an individual re marketing campaign by making one you too bad campaign and then copying that in two different countries. Now I will show you how to quickly make Mawr campaigns and just test out the audience. So when I want to do is do my more recent channel visitors instead of my all time channel visitors. So I'm going to copy all of these a copy all of these campaigns and then all I have to do is change my targeting group in them. So this is how you can get a lot of split testing done very quickly on YouTube. So now I just change the name on this, too. 30 day channel viewers I hit Save. Now I go into the campaign. What I need to switch her the targets. So I need to edit this targeting group. I go to re marketing lists when I need to do is add another one and I go into view Jerry Banfield Channel page or watched a video from Jerry Banfield. Either one of those air Good and what I can do is confirm. Once I've added this that I put the right list in because I can't see exactly how many days they've been on it from this view. But what I can do is pause this. Go back over to the video re marketing. Listen, make sure the name is correct. So that's the one. I wanted it as 66,000 people on it with a 30 day duration where someone watched a video from me. So that confirms that is the right one I wanted to do. So I will go back to that and do the rest of the campaign. So Aiken, directly go to this new sales one. I can edit the title right here and now I can go 30 days save. So now I know what I'm supposed to be doing in this click targeting group. Re marketing lists. Pause. This one and a new re marketing list. Same thing I just did. So scroll down here. I hit ad. Now that re marketing list is live on my sales countries. Now all I have to do is go over here and go to the U. S. A one at the U. S. A. One into 30 days, and you want you'll notice is because I clicked on this campaign. It actually put me straight in the same area, so that's a faster way to do it. So now I've quickly edited that one, and I can go here and click all video campaigns. And then I came click campaigns up here. Now I can see all of these and I want to standardize the title. So I just take out 30 day viewers and even 30 days. I want the title standardized, so I easily tell what different. So now I've got six new campaigns up instead of three. And instead of one originally again, you wouldn't want to do this if you weren't 100% sure or 99% sure there won't be any video approval issues, so I've done that now. One last thing I want to do what I want to do is try another list, so I'll go to my re marketing list to confirm. So one thing I've tried is a watched a video in the last 30 days. What I've also done is got people viewing my YouTube channel from the last year and 1/2. What I like to be able to try are these other two similar to ones YouTube knows. These users are similar to the people already subscribed to my channel and similar to the people already liking a video of minds. What I want to try and do and see if there's any opportunities to grab people off of similar videos. I don't know if that will work, but it's worth testing. So what I do, I'll go do this again. Except what I can do is copy this and make to this time to speed things up. So what I'm going to have total will be 12 of these new campaigns $120 a day now. I don't plan on spending that much for very long. What I do plan on doing is taking a look after a day or two to see what kind of results I get and then start pausing the ones that aren't working. So that's the beauty of it. When I'm looking for these goldmine campaigns like this, I'm looking for these ones that work really well and then I could run them for a long time . So I'm willing to take the risk that I make some campaigns that don't work good. If in return I confined ones that will work good for a long time. So I start off editing them, and I will edit the number one first. And when I want to is delete the 30 days and put similar liked video and I'll copy that. So I edit all these quickly, so I put similar, like, video. So that way I know I'm targeting in all of these. So now I go individually at it, the targeting settings in these and I don't have to go change the name and all I have to do in the re marketing list. I just pause this one and then add another one. And then I want to go to this similar two liked a video from Jerry Banfield. So I put that in there, and I add Now I'll have to do is look up here and find the exact same one. So I clicked the U. S. A version of this pause. Add re marketing list. Similar, like video. Same thing ad. Now I've got that one on there, and now I do the same thing on the global pause and new, and now I'm reaching an audience of people that have watched a video similar to mine. Now, some of these may have actually watched my video in a different browser or somewhere else. But this is according to YouTube's data, so it's worth giving a try, even if it doesn't work well. So now those air complete. Now all I need to do is go up and edit these last ones that have a number two on him. So now what I do is similar subscribers a copy, and it and I do the same thing. Similar subscribers. Now I go to the 1st 1 exact same thing back to targets, back to re marketing lists. Pause hit, new remark. Killing us Now I hit similar to subscribe and the advantage to doing this, especially with re marketing. There's liable to be a lot variation in how many actual ads I can show so some of these may not run at all. And that way I may not have even actually spend the full budget. So it's nice to try these out and see how all of them work. So then I just go down and edit the rest of these US. A. Similar subscribers pause and remarking list similar to subscribed and then global. Similar subscribers pause and done. Now I go back to the main campaign. Now I have 12 different campaigns, and you can see why you wouldn't want to do this unless you had confidence. Your video is going to get approved. I've got 12 similar campaigns, all set up all at $10 a day, and all I have to do then are especially. Look at these video, played two stats and then start looking at the clicks. The views that earned subscribers all have to do is look at the stats then and I will know which of these air worth continuing. And it's a distinct possibility. None of these may well be worth continuing. All of this assumes I made a good video to start with. Some people may not like the video, so I might end up causing all of these. The advantage of this is I'm doing a broad outreach to everyone order a lot of people that have watched a video from my channel this way, so I will be pulling people back into my channel from all over the world and getting possibly more sales out of it. I don't have to make very many sales or get very many subscribers for this to be worth it. So I hope this has been helpful for you in showing you how you can easily turn, Ah, few campaigns into a lot more. And how especially you do great re marketing with you two bads very quickly. I appreciate you watching this and hope it's been useful. 13. Splitting remarketing ads by geography. Global, US, Canada, UK, AU, NZ.: Once you've set up one re marketing campaign in YouTube ads, then what I want to do next is test the different possibilities. Now, if you haven't had your your EL or your channel approved before, you want to wait until the ads actually serving the risk you take making. What I'm about to do now is you risk getting a bunch of campaigns rejected all at once. Of course, that's happened to me, too, but I am pretty sure this video will get approved. I wouldn't do this, and I'm certain there's no issues with my You are all because it's my YouTube channel. I've made a bunch of ads with it before, So what I want to do now is copy that last campaign I made and make three location targeted campaigns. Actually, I'll just due to I'll make to location targeted copies one of the U. S. And one to Canada, the U. K, Australia, Israel, New Zealand. And that's probably it. So this allows me to split by location. So now I just change that to us. I can quickly replicate my work, and all I have to do is change a setting. I change this setting right here. So I just put us save. And now what I need to do also is switch my target. So I go to targets I need to put this up to Let's try six cents each for the U. S. Because my adds air getting five cent ones now. So I'm doing six cents for the U. S. Next one I need to do is go through and edit this Canada UK etcetera one. So? So I'm going to call this intro sales countries. It's safe now. I do the same thing on here, except I put different countries in. So I do Let me choose. I do Canada and I'll show you how to exclude to. I rarely get any sales or good action from Quebec If you're from Quebec. Sorry. Although it's less likely you're seeing this and then add, I usually exclude come back because I don't tend to get is gonna result from come back and then I start putting in these other countries United Kingdom, Ireland, Israel, Australia and New Zealand. These are countries that proved to be good sales locations. So I want to specifically try my re marketing in these countries So now that I've done that , what I need to do again is changed my targeting. And I'll do. I'll try five cents of you on this because I know some of these countries will be cheaper than just the US. So now I've got three campaigns up instead of just one. And most importantly, I can get a little bit of split testing between different countries. I can see do my sales countries, or do the U. S. People watch these longer? Do I even have enough people in the U S to just do a re marketing ad? Do people globally watch it longer? If I convey two cents to get a lot of watch time and I'm not getting any sales or subscribers out of the other sales ones, I might as well run the global. So this allows me to see which data actually works the best instead of trying to guess, because when you try and guess which is going to work the best, at least when I do, I'm inevitably wrong. So I'm taking an approach that will allow the data to show me what works the best and then all I have to do is just keep running the best of these campaigns. So thank you for watching this. And I hope this has been helpful showing you how to do a YOUTUBE ad campaign, especially for re marketing ads and splitting them quickly between different countries by copying and existing campaign. 14. How to judge your ROI on your retargeted ads within YouTube.: How do you know if you're getting a good return on your investment on your YouTube ad? The main thing I look for is the video played two statistic. This shows me how long people are watching my video and this is an hour long video. This is no two minute video. So if I'm getting 20% almost of people watch nearly the whole video. I know I'm getting a really good return out of the video because people like it enough tow . Watch it for a really long time. The ultimate goal you want then, is to get a ton of low cost, high retention views and rank high. So, like this video, what happens when you rank high? Then you get a bunch of free views. Often the free views you get are the most valuable. So what? I look at it here. These are my YouTube ads for the video. I just showed you These are the last 30 days. Now, your note. Half of the views were from youtube ads, but the other half are free and most importantly, I'm crushing it on the YouTube suggested video. And not just that, but the longer I'm running the ads them or they keep going up and up and up my watch. Time ranks me higher in the suggested video. And so this video, then the 01 CPC Facebook ad tutorial. I'm getting a lot of views on the suggested video, so that shows me I'm getting a great return out of this. I'm spending $10 a day, the videos ranking a lot higher, and it's getting a ton of free organic views. So that's the main metric I used to decide what kind of return I'm getting out of the YouTube ads guaranteed. Now there's lots of things you can do. You can set up in track how many sales you're getting. You can track how many subscribers you're getting over here with likes shares, etcetera. But what you ultimately want to get is people watching the video as long as possible. If people are watching the video for a long time, that's an indication that they like it, and it's a guarantee that it will rank higher. So go back into the math. On this. Nearly 20% of the people are watching this hour and 1/2 video all the way. That's an exceptional value. So the more videos you can get like that, the more free views you'll get. So it's much better to get all these free views in addition to the organic ones. And if you set your you to re marketing video up so that all people need to do is actually watch the video and then there's links to sales in here. So on my Facebook ads video, I'm showing you, it's set up just like that. So all people have to do once they watched the video. Then they go pop over to my website to go by the course. So what happens is I keep getting sales off my website all the time. So even if I get one sale a day off that video, the ads and more than pay for themselves, So the whole thing I do is set up my videos so that they rank high and then have a chance to do good from the ads also. So that's how I know if I'm getting a good return on my ads. I've made a lot of ads and you can see I'm running this one because it's one of the best out of all the ones I've ran before, so I keep running it. And then if it stops growing, if those numbers I showed you on YouTube stopped going up or they kind of Plato, then I will turn the ads off. But for over the last month, I've been continually advertising it. You can see it's continually going up, so as long as you tube is going to continue to show it more, I want to continue to advertise it more. So that's how I know if I'm getting a good return. And when you're doing any kind of ads, you've got to know whether you're getting a good return out of it or not. The frustrating thing is you really need several days of data to see if you're getting a good return, so it takes patients. You're not likely to find out right away if you're getting a great return. So I try and do smaller budgets and run them for a long time. Instead of doing higher budgets, I can't afford to run indefinitely if they're not working perfectly. So if you'll see, I like to make lots of small $10 Daish campaigns and then judge the return based on how much the videos played primarily and then secondary off of some of these stats. So I appreciate you watching this and hope this look and how to see if your ads you're doing well on the YouTube end of things is helpful. 15. Step one in optimizing my YouTube remarketing video ads with Google AdWords.: Here's how to optimize your existing re marketing campaigns on YouTube After you've got a couple days of data, I've got just about one day right now with a little bit extra from another day, So I've got enough to optimize my campaigns here. What I want to do is optimize for the amount of videos played, too, because if people aren't watching the video, that shows a pretty low interest in it. And it's also important to keep an eye on how much I'm paying purview. So the cost isn't that different between global and then specific countries. So I definitely want to just optimized on the percent viewed. And I don't want to have a bunch of campaigns running that aren't doing anything at all. It's a distraction. So here's what I'm starting with. I'll go from the bottom up. My intro video was similar, like video is not getting very many views anyway, and there's not getting much watch time, so I'm going to pause that same thing with this one. Not much Watch time, not many views anyway. So I pause that continuing up same thing with this one, pausing that now going up very low percent. Watch time on this. Not a lot of use anyway, pausing that continuing on the U. S. A similar subscriber. Same thing. So obviously for this intro video makes a big difference if they've seen my channel or not , and I can go up here and do the same thing, this is not very much watch time. Even though the views aren't very expensive, I'm not getting much out of it. Now. It's time to optimize a little bit further, so you'll notice this campaign is not actually running that much. I'm getting good costs views in it. However, this one with all channel viewers is getting more views but less watch time because more than likely, a lot of people have not seen any videos of mine lately compared to this one. So I'd rather just have the 30 day one going at this point based on the data. So that's what I'm going to do is just paused this one and then just leave the 30 day one going now on the USA one. It doesn't seem to matter as much. The data looks about the same, and I'm getting good amounts of views on both of those. So for now, I'll leave those both running, and I have a similar thing here with the All Channel viewers versus the 30 day viewers on Global, I'm getting longer watch times out of the 30 day viewers because the ads are more likely more relevant and especially more people are staying to the end of the video. That's what I want now. This still has good watch time anyway, and I'm only paying two cents per view. But ultimately I want to be reaching the best of my audience. I can and saw. Those 30 day viewers are where the real good opportunity is. And what I can do, though, is just leave these running for a while longer and see how the data continues to come out with more people watching the videos at two cents of you, I'm getting lots of views, so it's good to have more views on my videos to start with. So now you can see I brought those original 12 down into five and then their six that was already running, So I will leave these running longer and continue to see what I actually get out of them now. If I don't get any actual sales out of them. That will be a consideration. Also, do I want to keep running ads for my channel intro video when I'm not getting sales out of it? All I have to do is just keep running the ads and see what happens. Still, for long term branding, these re marketing videos are great because I'm re engaging viewers that see one of my videos and then coming back to them and hitting them with the intro ad. So for anything they're doing online, there's a greater chance if they happen to see anything I've created again that I will be able to reach them even more effectively. So that's idea is to not just waste that first impression. But make sure I'm reengaging with the watch times on these. This seems like a good value in the USA. I'm paying for five cents and globally 2 to 3 cents, and around 1/4 to one out of five people are watching my video all the way through on a lot of these, so that's a good value. So I will keep this running. I will see what happens and keep you updated on how I optimize thes because all of the strategies I show you are based on being able to optimize and make better. What you start with what I've found. Almost all the success in online advertising comes from how you actually make better what you start with, as opposed to just how you create the ads. So thank you for watching this, and I hope this has been helpful. 16. Facebook retargeting introduction! What you will want to know before starting!: thank you for learning more about Facebook. Retargeting Facebook Retargeting is one of the most exciting areas of retargeting. In terms of options. Facebook has a lot of different options. You can use four retargeting at the same time. Facebook ads for retargeting often don't work very well, so it's very interesting to see the potential there based on the audience versus the actual return. So with Facebook retargeting, the easiest thing you can do is just set up a retargeting audience and then simply copy one of your existing ads and try it on your retargeting audience. Really simple, really easy to get started with and lots of different audience options. So once you know that you can easily try Facebook retargeting, and then you can continue to go in deeper if it works for you. So big thing with Facebook retargeting is separating the excitement from the reality, the excitement. Oh, it's just gonna work. I'm gonna put all of these email subscribers in. I'm going to get all of these leads and boom, it's going to work right away. The reality is, anything to do with retargeting has about the same chance of working as anything else you do it often will take Justus much effort, except there's different places you can put effort into in Facebook retargeting. You can do really good building your audience deep. You can get a similar audience toe, one you've already built, and you can even use things like customer lists to build an audience and then make one similar to that, along with website visitors or people who like your page Really cool options. However, you've got to have conversion tracking set up. If you want to know what return you're getting out of it without having conversion tracking set up, there's no good way to know exactly where you're getting the value out of retargeting. Same is with Facebook ads. Generally, conversion tracking is critical, so you want to do your Facebook ads for retargeting with idea of conversion tracking in mind from the beginning. Of course, if you can't do conversion tracking, you can at least try and get low cost clicks. So it's really easy to get started with Facebook Retargeting. Of course, the one big limitation. If you're trying to use website visitors, an email list or ah Facebook page for an existing audience, you've got to have the audience first just is with anything else. How it's easier. Facebook allows you to scale what you have pretty well using similar audiences. Facebook and Google AdWords air Very good for both, allowing you to scale. Still, if you want to skill, you've gotta have a good data for Facebook to start with. So if you are trying to get website visitors, you're going to need to put the code on your website now and often leave it for 30 plus days before you get a good size audience. If you don't have at least 300 people a day or about 10,000 people a month coming your website, there's almost no point trying to do Facebook retargeting. Your audience is going to be so small unless you're on a very small budget and you have a ridiculously high profit margin and your audience is actually all on Facebook and you can make your ads work. It's just going to be a lot more time and energy than you're going to get a good return out of it. If you've got a bigger website audience, you can get a fantastic return out of having your website traffic linked on Facebook. Also, you can use our Facebook page and you can targeted specifically by country. So if you've done my strategy and got a gigantic amount of global likes with ads, and then you've got a very focused organic audience in your home country and similar countries, you can then scale your existing audience and then intentionally target people in your country similar to the people you've already got organically. Very cool option. You can also do the same thing with any email or customer list you ab. You can upload all that in there. Same limitation is website visitors. If you don't have at least 10,000 in terms of raw data and especially with e mails, you more than likely are not going to have a big enough list to really get a good focused audience on Facebook. So a Facebook retargeting. There's lots of potential, however, the potentials limited to whatever kind of audience you're using. Finally, social lead freak. If using that software can be helpful for doing Facebook retargeting, however, I do not use social lead freak for any of my own retargeting because of the potential problems that can happen from it. If you use it too much, you can get your Facebook at account disabled, and I certainly don't want to do that. Also, it can take a ton of time and effort to use another software or third party to gather data for you and then put it in. Yes, it can work really good sometimes. However, if you're not using your own data, you often are Justus well off trying to use Facebook targeting in the interests yourself as you are trying to pull someone else's data. Of course, there are always opportunities, So as long as you're willing to put time and effort into trying to learn Facebook retargeting and you're open to trying, whatever will work for you, you confined awesome opportunities in Facebook retargeting. So thank you for sharing this with me, and I hope it's been useful 17. Setting up a Facebook pixel for tracking website visitors with Facebook ads.: what you need to get started with Facebook ads to do retargeting on your website is a Facebook retargeting pixel placed on every single page of your website. So in order to get this, this is what the code looks like in Facebook ads. And then what you need to do is have this code in every single page of your website. You can see on my website jerry banfield dot com. All I have to do is view page source and then in here I have the exact code that is on the pixel with Facebook ads, so that allows me to have this pixel on every single page. So I will show you how to create the pixel in Facebook and how toe put it in your WordPress website. If you use something other than WordPress, you need to put this in the head code of your website using whatever management's off where you're relying on. So here's how you create one what you do on Facebook ads. So if you start in the ads manager, what you do is go down to audiences on the left side and then you go to create audience on the upper right. You had costume audience. Then you click on web traffic and here's where you can set up your options. Usually, what I do is the last 30 days to 180 days, with everyone visiting the website and also including past website traffic. So that's pretty sweet then and then all you have to do is type a name in for the pixel, something like website visitors. And if using multiple websites actual you are Ellas, you can see on my pixel. I have jury banfield dot com website visitor. Then you just create the pixel and then any time in here you click on you can select the pixel and hit view pixel and then you can copy that code if you need more help. Facebook has a page showing it on the developer end, how to get more help, and you can just click on help center and it takes you straight to that page. Once you've got this code, then you need to actually get it in the source of your website. You can see on my source code. I've got all of these things in my website header code and that's where the Facebook pixel needs to be, too. So as soon as someone loads the page than their telling Facebook, they've loaded the pixel. What I do on WordPress is I use this header and footer plug in because that makes it easy to just stick anything in the header. The problem is using custom plug ins. Then you have things like your Google Web master tools code. You have your Google analytics code, and there could be other code. You have that you need to put things in the header and a footer, so if you just get this plug in, it makes things a lot easier. So once you've installed that plug in and you just go to plug ins, add new after you've downloaded it and then put the ZIP file in, then all you have to do is take that pixel from Facebook ads. That's right Here. You take that pixel and drop it into code to be added on the head section of every page. Then you just put that code in new. It's safe, and then that codes on every single page. As you can see, I refresh my page and I refresh my page source. now, in order to make sure the codes they're all I have to do is copy. This is my pixel. I d. Right here. So, in other words, you'll have the same tracking code on yours, except you'll have a different pixel. I d. And then all I have to do find Aiken, find the script is right here, so I can see in the head code. I've got my Facebook tracking picture working. Now I can see the body code is here in the rest of the website loads after that. So that's good. And when I can do is then check another page on it, and then I can add that right here I can control f and now the pixels on there. So my facebook pixels correctly placed on every single page. Now, the funny thing, his I had another WordPress theme. Last time I put the pics on my website. So the pixel, Actually, I have to wait until the pixel updates. So it's important to do this as for in advance as possible. You want to make sure you get the pixel on there, because then you have to manually track every single visitor that comes through your website, so you want to get this pixel on their way before you're ready to start with your Facebook ads. This is the first thing you want to do, and you want to make sure it's actually loading because it takes some time for Facebook to get caught up and make sure tracking website visitors. So what you want to do is just keep up with it in here, and the size of it should continue to go up over time. And if you're not sure, then all you have to do is just you can create another one or you can double check manually that it's on every page or on several pages like I just did. So I appreciate you watching this. I hope this is helpful for you and showing exactly how to put your Facebook re marketing pixel on your website. 18. Facebook custom audiences overview. Where can you see your website visitors?: your Facebook website. Visitors are in the custom audience tab in your ad manager. So if you go back to your ads manager and you go to audiences on the lower left, you can see all of your Facebook custom audience is. So I made a website visitor pixel before, and then I added a new one for 180 days to make an updated pixel. So it takes time to go through and collect all of these new pixels. Well, there is something cool you can do in here. In addition to re marketing in the audience tab, you can create a custom audience so you can put your customer list in. You can import from male chimp, or you can manually upload a list of user ID's mobile ad I DS or any other type of data you have so you can make an audience that way. In addition to making a website traffic, you can also create an activity using your app. So if you've got that SdK integrated for Facebook related apso APS on IOS and Android that you might be using with Facebook ads, you can also create an audience to get people interact with that app again. That's one thing you can do. You can also do look alike audiences with any page. You are an admin on which is really cool. So, for example, I can use my own page, and then I can pick a specific country to do the audience on so I can do us and I can on Lee do one country at a time on this so you pick a country and then you can make a lookalike audience that Facebook takes people who are similar to who are liking the page on it and then makes an audience similar to those people. So you have to do then is create audience, and you can make an audience like this. You can either make a small one or a large one or medium size. I guess you can build an audience of people who are similar to the people already liking your pace. So Facebook has a lot of data they can use to gather that. So if you've worked really hard to get people like your page, you can then make a look like audience and target that look like audience to see if they will convert same thing with your email subscribers. If you've worked really hard to build your email list, you can put it into Facebook using the custom audience tab. You can put your customer list in, and then you can go make a lookalike audience in the upper right. You can pick your email list. So, for example, I can use my email subscribers right here. I can then make a list similar of Facebook users who've already subscribed to me via email , so these audience tools can be very powerful. They also can be a big waste of time. If you put too much time and energy into making these audiences on Lee to discover the audiences don't work very good, which is very possible then the worst thing you can have done is to have wasted your time and your money looking into something that didn't work. The way to minimize that is to just do a little bit at a time. So start with the re marketing pixel, and once you have the data for that, then you can try making a look like audience. Or, if you already have an established Facebook page, try doing a look like audience. Just try a couple of adds to it and then scale up. If it works, then try and do more. Try a 1% or five or a 10% and if the 1st 1 works, try doing more. So. The custom audiences have is very powerful, but at the same time you can waste a lot of time and energy trying to fool around with making audiences and then creating ads to them. So it's a powerful tool if you know how to use it like I've shown you to make different audiences, then try and do a little bit with it, see what kind of return you get. And then if you get a good return, you get promising results. Then you can try and do more with it. So I hope this explanation of the custom audiences tab has helped you figure out exactly where you're re marketing pixel traffic is, and then what you can do to scale that up, so I'll show you one more time here. So if I want to create look like audience for my website visitors, I can do it just like that and create audience and I also can do people who've actually converted on my website. I can make a look like audience like that, too. So any conversion tracking pixel you have, you then can actually go through and track and making lookalike audience on that. So it's a really sweet option in here that you have and you can use. So thank you for watching this. And I hope this look at Facebook custom audiences has been useful. 19. How to create a Facebook retargeted ad using an existing post.: the easiest thing you can do to get started with your re marketing ad is to use an existing ad you've already made, especially if you've worked hard to get conversions. You've worked hard in the power editor to make a really good ad or you've worked are hard on your ads already. The easiest thing you can do is get started by going to an existing successful campaign and then making an ad specifically for the re marketing audience. So I will show you the easiest way to do this. So here's one of my old campaigns that was quite successful, and all I'm going to do now is turned this campaign back on and target the ads to re marketing instead of targeting them to the old audience I had. So what I will do is go in and edit the ad first, and I will just edit the name of this one to call it re marketing. This is a lot easier, because if you'll notice, let's take a look at this ad together. I've already made an ad that was getting low cost website clicks. It's got tons of social proof on it. Comments and shears it already looks really good. It's already proven successful. So what I want to do is just use the hard work I've already done instead of trying to do new hard work. So what I'll do is edit the targeting and placement in this ad. So I'm using my re marketing. Add instead of using my previous ad, and what I'll do is take the country's off of it and now I'll put my new custom audience in . So I've got 3500 people on this ad, so it's got a small re. So what I want to do is expand the age as much as I can, and that you can see is not doing much. So let's see how far my age actually goes out. So apparently I do have some older people coming to the website and I take off the business targeting on it now. So now I've got it wide open. This can target anyone that's come to my website, and I could put the age down 13. Even so, there's I'll just put it 18 and I'll put the maximum up to say 57. So I've got 2600 people liken target now using my custom audience. And now I hit Save and I hit Continue. So I updated that ad. So it'll have to go through a quick re approval, which shouldn't be a problem because it already got approved and ran a lot before. You can see the advantage of doing it this way. I've now taken off the country targeting, and I'm simply targeting anyone who's been to my website, with the majority having been from the U. S. And I can even take off the language targeting on it if I want to, I can at least check and see what a difference that makes So I could try and take these off and you'll see that doesn't make any difference. So there's no point doing that. So I've already got everything set up and I've got it for clicks toe website. So that's perfect. So now the ad goes back into re review, and then I clicked back out to the campaign. I'll turn the campaign back on alternate old ad set off. So now I've went and made a new ad to my re marketing audience that took virtually no effort, and that's already proven toe work. Good to get low cost website clicks. How sweet is that? So if you want to make a re marketing ad and you've done the work, as you can see here, I've got 289 ad campaigns in here. If you've already done the work to go through and make your Facebook ads, why work hard? Especially when you're setting up your re marketing? You just want to do something simple to get started because you don't know how well you're re marketing is even going toe work if it'll even run it all. If you even have a big enough audience to do it on, so just really quick do like I just did use one of your old campaigns. Probably that's paused finding add that worked and just stick your re marketing ad targeting riel fast on it. And once you've done that, then just let it go through whatever process it needs to to get started, let it run a few days. Make sure your budgets at least getting spent. Then you can try and Seymour about whether you should go forward and put more work in the re marketing. So I hope this has been useful for you. I appreciate your time you spent watching this and I look forward to sharing more with you . 20. What you want to know about AdRoll before you get started.: What should you know before you even start learning? Add role or try and figure it out. Add roles. Got a couple of different things about it from using some other ad systems. One of the most important to know up front is that Admiral is extremely restrictive with what you can advertise. The reason is add Rule is placing your ads in Google, Facebook and all kind of other display advertiser websites. That means add role has to adhere to the most restrictive guidelines out of each area for everything. So that means, if Google's kind of lax in one area and Facebook strict in another area than the strict standard, is used when you combine that across all the other platforms, getting something approved on add role can be very challenging. If you've went through and got all your visitor retargeting data done, all the work to get in a position to use Admiral and then you get your ads rejected and you can't use your website. It all very frustrating, so important to consider beforehand. You can always send them a message with your you are l and ask. Hey, is this going to get approved? That's all you have to do to save yourself a lot of heartache beforehand. I got my wife site rejected the first time I tried it, As I swear with about everything I've done, I then was able to work with the admiral staff, make some changes to my ads and then get my website approved. Now I'm doing ads straight to my you know me courses. So I would hope that there's not any issue getting those approved. That said, another thing you can do if you're advertising multiple products is just make a couple of banner ads to start, make sure your ad campaign gets approved and then ADM or Banner ads to the campaign as it is approved and starts running. The most important thing with add role you want to do going forward is to watch how the campaign's progress one of the campaign's I had on and Roll worked really well, and it immediately got a sale. A $25 sale for $3 in ad spend. Great, right? So I let it keep running and running and running, and it didn't make another sale after that. Unlike 100 more dollars, so add role often will have a very short half life on how long the ads work. So an important thing to consider before you start the biggest part to all of this with add role is you've got to have their smart tracking pixels set up, and you have to track it from day one. You can't do like on YouTube. You can retroactively track 30 days back on ADROLL. You've got to set that thing up on day one, and they have their exact specific pixel that you've got to set it up. So if you're thinking Admiral something you could just dive into right now and get going with that's true if you've already got their pixel set up. If you haven't set their pixel up, you need to set that up and you'll need at least a decent amount of traffic on your website before you can even show your ads at all. Finally, Admiral can take a little bit of time to get started with. It took me like several weeks to get my very first campaign going because I had to set up my ads. Everything had to wait for approval. Then my ad didn't get approved right away so that I had to go back and fix it night issues of my euro. It took several weeks before I actually could start my campaign, and Admiral builds you up front for your ads to which is much different than I'm used to with Google and Facebook. So on ad roll, you don't want to set up a gigantic campaign to start with and then realize you can't run it. So it's better on adroll, especially to start small. Their minimum is $25 a week, so you start small and then make sure that can run and then build up. You don't need over $100 a week on Admiral unless you have 10,000 plus visitors already tracked and admirals reach in. Terms of CPM is also decently small, so you just have to track and see how it goes. So thank you for learning more about how to do your ads on add roll. The most important things to consider before you even get started 21. How to install the smartpixel with AdRoll on any website and on WordPress.: for working with add roll. The very first thing you need to do is get your smart pixel active on your website because you can't do anything on add role until Ad World tracks your visitors. Adroll uses a smart pixel to track your visitors, and then that's how Adroll knows who to show ads to. So without that smart pixel, you can't do anything, and you usually are going to need at least about 30 days of that smart pixel being active before you can start on and roll unless you've got thousands of Web site visitors every day . So how do you get the smart pixel up? I'll show you the easiest way to do it. First, you need the code here that Admiral gives you. You can place this code before the body tag on all pages on your website. If you're just designing your page manually or you directly work with the code, I do this. I use a plug in on WordPress that makes it really easy. Called ad role retargeting. I use the admiral retargeting plug in. Then I go to settings. I go down here to Admiral retargeting and all I have to do is directly take thes unique I ds out of the smart pixel so you can see Admiral Advertiser I d add role pixel I d and all have to do is put those in there and then this plug in puts them on every page of the website. Really simple. So that's the first thing I did to get started with Admiral Retargeting. If you use WordPress, there is the easy way to use that with a plug in. If you do your own code, all you have to do is copy and then what? You'll need to. It'll take a few days or a few visitors. Sometimes you'll need to see that this green thing is active right here to show that you're admiral code is working correctly. So once you've got that set up, then you can go ahead and make ads on and roll. So I appreciate you watching this and hope this has been useful 22. AdRoll retargeting banner ad creation for website remarketing.: Here's how you set up an ad campaign in Admiral Quickly. What you need first, our banner ads. So these air for Web retargeting specifically. So you set up banner ads in these exact sizes while zoom and more so these are the sizes you need. You want 300 by 2 50 You want 7 28 by 91. 60 by 600. 300 by 600 2 50 by 50. Now, you can do without some of these. I'm actually only going to submit with these three right here, so I'm going to try it that way. So once I've got my banner ads set up and the easiest way to make banner ads is to use something like snag it. If you've already got a product online, then why struggle and make your own images What you can see right here, on you, to me. I've already got this course online, and if I slide over here into the course, I've already got all kinds of images and texts. I really don't need to make a new banner ad, and I've got enough to just copy and paste it into an existing ad, So I just took a few things off of it. I made some quick banner ads. They don't have to be perfect. All I want to do is just see if they're going toe work. So I threw together a couple of quick banner ads. They may not be the prettiest, but again, they're functional. And that's the main thing. So I threw together these banner ads. So now what I do is I go through and check out the ad role interface and start putting these in. So I've got this size this size in that size, So I go through to create a new campaign. I click create new campaign. I click on general websites, and then when I do is just call my campaign name what it is. It's the you to me learn genius, of course, and I said a minimum weekly budget of 25. And then it says how Maney weekly, unique visitors I have from there so it should be able to reach a significant percentage of my total visitors and then where I can do is advertise worldwide, and that's a simple way to do it because anyone that's visiting my website is liable have the potential to actually buy this course. So what I do, then click next step and then I can add segments if I want to. So all I do is choose existing. I click all visitors, and I have a total 1800 on this list. So I hit finished. Then I hit. Next step I click on the ads, and I have two out of three of their recommend. Add sizes along with one ad that they also recommend. And so this is just for a first initial campaign. I want to get this set up as soon as possible, and you'll note there's a little problem with that so I can go in and actually fix it quickly. It's one pixel too small, So in order to fix that, I just dragged this down. One more pixel and that's two pixels. So I drag it up one pixel there. It's the exact right size. So then I just hit, save, minimize, choose files. Now this ad will work and I can see the images right right there. So I picked that and then I can control click to click multiple ones. When I want to do is make sure the actual ad sizes correct That one's correct. And then I just need a 300 to 51 and I need to jump up now. That's correct. So all these air correct. So I shift, click open all of them and upload them. And so now I need a smaller file size on the other ad. So I have to go back to this. So all I had to do to make that smaller than xgo save it is a Jiff. So I can upload those and you'll note I didn't put the right You are l on them. So it's easy to remove a ad, an ad role. So I just go delete them. And then when I do is go back to upload new I choose files, and now what I need is my gym file. So that smaller And then I grabbed these other two ads open, and now what? I need the URL. So I've got the URL over here in another window, so I'll take the girl out, and this your allows me then to track actual admiral sales. So now I upload all those they're So now I've set up my new ad I hit next step, but then I hit. Launch. You can see the new ads down here now, and it's listed as pending. So what they have to do then is review it to make sure everything is fully compliant with their advertising policies, and then it will be able to go live after that. So that's all you need to do to set up an admiral ad. Once you've went through and done everything else Admiral needs you to do so that's pretty painless. If you can use the processes I've shown you real quick, and I will give you more detail about how I do each of those. So thank you for watching this, and I hope it's been useful. 23. AdRoll first retarketing campaign approved! Now what?: Once you have your first ad campaign approved and actually running on ed roll, then the next step is to go through and make more after seeing how your ads are actually running so minor running right now at seven cents per click, getting started with a pretty high click through rate, which shows there's good, genuine interest in my ad that said, I haven't made any sales on it yet, which is okay, because I have a $25 offer on it. So at this click through rate with this CPM in this cost per click, I can afford to run a lot more ads. However, the more ads I make an ad role. I'm going to be showering the same set of visitors with the same set of ads. So that's a big consideration. Depending on how big your list is. Admiral can run up to the last three months, so there's Onley about 18,000 people. I'm going to be able to reach on my remarking list, so that means at this run rate, I can probably advertise anywhere from 2 to 10 different products maximum in order to actually reach my audience and that even will be, ah, consistent following of him wherever they go online. So with add role, you're really limited toe how big your existing audience is, and you can see that in the visitor data so Adroll can go back 90 days. But the visitor report data they have is only 30 days by default. So if I want to see my last 90 days, I can just go back to around December 11th update it, and then I can take a look at how maney people I can potentially reach with my ad. You'll see down here it has 18,000 visitors and 17,000 up here, so that's how many people I can potentially reach. That's important because I can't reach more than that. So for most ad campaigns, that's a pretty small potential reach. Now the nice thing is, add role will follow them almost anywhere they go on the Internet. But that said, this is off to a good start. And so, since this is off to a good start, I could figure that I could make maybe 3 to 5 new campaigns next, So that's worth noting when you get started with add Role is first will your ads actually run it all? Second, how much they cost? And third, what kind of return you're getting? Obviously, I'm going to need a week to see if this actually produces a sale or not. But the nice thing is, where I'm sending them also has retargeting ads of their own. So as long as I'm getting people from my website, then I will get their remarking, adds free. Everyone who's clicked this I then get free re marketing adds that the website I'm sending them to will pay for. So that's a guaranteed win for me. So at this point, I just want them to get as many clicks is possible over there for the lowest cost. What I don't want to do is spend a whole lot of work putting ads in and roll when I only have 18,000 people I can reach with those ads. So at this point, it's important to figure out OK, what are the best ads I can make next on adroll, whereas with Google AdWords, Facebook ads, YouTube, I can just kind of shotgun approach. Put everything up. They're going forward with Admiral. This makes it clear I want to just feature my 3 to 5 best products I could advertise and get them up on Admiral next. So I appreciate you taking a look at this. I hope this is useful in seeing once your ad campaign gets approved with add role. What are the next steps in order to scale it up? 24. Retargeting can be awesome and takes patience to get started with!: thank you for completing my retargeting course covering Google, Facebook, YouTube and add role re marketing and retargeting ads. I hope this has been really useful for you in seeing what you can do to make your retargeting ad campaigns. You can count on me to consistently answer the discussion questions you have in this course . If you have ideas or suggestions, please post them in the discussions. That's where we can interact. That's where I can give you further value as a student. In this course, you get lifetime access to this course, which means you'll consistently get new lectures in it. The more I learn about retargeting, the more you get in this course by default. You will not get notified of new lectures. However, when I make big updates, I will be able to send you an announcement and share that I've added several new lectures in the course with you. I also have more than 15 other courses. You can take about all kinds of related items, such as Facebook ads, Google ads and Mawr in depth on anything you want to get out of this course in terms of just pay per click ads so thank you very much for participating in this. I hope if you've enjoyed this course will take just a quick second toe leave. Ah, good review of it. Good reviews are one of the biggest things you to me uses to judge how good, of course is And you can really do something meaningful to help me and other students. If you think I should keep making courses and that other students should take this course if you don't have ah, good review to leave, I would love your discussion feedback to know exactly what I could do to make the course better. Almost all of my courses that are great now started off his average at best, and I listen to student feedback and made the changes over and over and over again. My philosophy with you, to me, is I work hard to serve you every day. So that's what I'm offering on an ongoing basis with lifetime access. You get in this course so thank you very much for being enrolled in this course. I appreciate the chance to serve you and hope this course has been useful for you.