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Resumes/CV Design: Create Captivating Resumes that Companies Love!

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Making your Resume Irresistible!

    • 3. Getting Amazing Royalty Free Images for your Resume

    • 4. Your Final Project

    • 5. Congratulations!

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About This Class

Welcome to the course.
Today you will learn how to create and design super Captivating Resumes that will make you stand up and will attract the interest of the company that is trying to hire you.
We’ll use a Free Online tool so you don’t need to buy or install any software and also, you will have access to amazing pre-design templates that look super professional, so you can create your Resume just with a few click.
Join me inside the course and let’s start using the power of design to take your Resumes to the next level!


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. Trailer: Welcome to the cards. Today you'll learn how to create on the sign super captivated recipes that will make you stand up and attract the interest off. The company that is trying to hire you will use a free online tool so you don't need to buy or install any software's. And also you will have access to amazing pre designed template that look super professional so you can create your resume just with a few clicks. So join me inside the course and let's start using all the power off the sign to take your resumes to the next level. 2. Making your Resume Irresistible!: working to the course and happy to see you here inside the training to the Euler, how to create on stunning, super easy to read and super professional wrestler me one also arrested Recover So you can you guarantee that the p the person the company that is reading your resume will be very engaged until they read the whole message you have to share on. We will do that by creating on infographic style off your resume that is captivating on is very Citterio to do that will use a free tool called canvas. So if we go here to Canada dot com, you can access the tool on you Maybe already know this tool? Maybe you don't know the tool yet. Let me tell you, this is a great software that is totally free that you can use to create any. The sign you see here the bottom there Mission East can va empowering the world to the sign so they have the gold to make very easy for you to create professional look professional looking this signs. So in this case, we're here in camera dot com The first step we do hear you see create at the sign here The top on we go toe more click on the plus sign here so we can access all the template And here you can see all the popular the sign types, social media, post documents, blogging, marketing material on DSO on social media, headers, events and add So you have all the templates here ready for you to access on in these cars today we're creating Actually arrested me on also arrested recover enough. We're creating the graphic in our infographic style that will warranty that the person the company that is reading year resume will be totally engaged. So in this case, under documents, click on arrest mint. You see here that they already have at be full size. That is the perfect size for your resume. So it's opening the template right now. Wonderful. We have the blank space here, the blank canvas ready to start building your design. Your resume. So what? What can vice so good? Basically, because they share with you for free and some off that are paid super professional template not just for a resume, but for anything you want to do. So I recommend you to explore Canada in deep later because it will help you to make your life easier when you are looking for gray the science. So in this case here, if we can to the left menu and weekly can lay out You see all the templates All these are our wrestle meant templates that you can use very easily You can customize with your information with your picture and with in any way you want changing color fonds on information. So in this course, we're focusing into kind off the signs. One piece with a picture on the 2nd 1 is without a picture. So in this case, the first the sign that I want to show you is thes which is called Daniel Kennedy's An example. And you see, when I put my mouse over the sign here, you see at the bottom we have two icons that pop up one east information. So you can click on that have information about the design on the other One is the dollar signs. So that means they decide this template is not free. That means you need to pay for these specific simply. But don't worry. If you really like these, I'll show you here in this course, how you can customize by removing the copyrighted elements, the pay and premium elements. So you can still have this beautiful template and use it for your purposes toward totally free without the printing templates. So, in this case, if we click on these sign you see that Did the science pop up? We have a back current image here on the top. A nice mountain image. We have the picture off the off. You, in this case, will be your picture. Here. Your name, your title phone number, email. Where do you leave the city experience? Education and skills and interests. So why these works? Why this is so captivating. Basically, because when you apply for a job, this company received handwritten off resumes for all over the war or all over the city over the country. The penny which companies, if we're talking about big companies like Google or Apple, there received, like, 100 thousands off resume. So how can you warranty that you wouldn't want The HR department gets your resume, they will. The rest of it will call their attention. They will compel to read your information to read arrested me on that the secret is to create these resumes Thailand. So these one can be your whole resume or these can be your resume cover. I use it before as a restaurant cover and works Great. We're using an infographic style and it's very easy to read on all organized us. You can see here. How do you customize these? Premium recent me by Claudia removed the primitive elements so you can use it for free if we go to the left Many of the layout menu here on the left and we click on the I for information. You will see the items off these template. So we have the background image, which is this mountain here is free. We have some other items are free and we have one item that is paid. And this is the premium element of wanting to remove in order to use this template for for years. You're so you You see here that the picture of this guy here is a paid element, so we actually don't want the picture of this guy. We want the picture of your picture here so it can be personalized to its your specific needs. So how do you? How do we remove that? Basically, we're him off this by adding another far or here on this space to do that, we goto uploads. And in here you just click. Find your image you can click on upload me much here, or you can just drag and drop the image here on the Ablow session. So you see the image here I have duplicated because I just upload it again so you can see how I how I do it. All you need to do now is click on the image and it opens here on the main, the sine ira. So little resize, thes toe to be very small. Just fit in here. Okay, Just click on, drop it here. You see, when I move the image inside the circle, it actually opens the much inside the circle. So when you see that just released the click on Now your picture is here on the main image off course next week And customize your name so you can change your name here. If you want, you can change your title phone number and you can cost mice all these information here you can change the phone how they change the fund. Basically, you click on the tax click on the arrow, pointing down toe open more options. Here, you can do the bold, italic or normal upper case left ride that you can you can center your tax in different ways on If you want to change the phone, you see here the first option ease. You have all the funds that are available on your computer right now. So let me undo these on leave, leaving us D for so the D for ease. Let's year also out. So let's go back to that. It's this one perfect. On the text here, you all you need to go to changes. Just double click, and you can start typing. Yes, you prefer also the skills. Same thing you can just added these as you want. You can add new skills here. Okay, on also, you have here on the right a measurement off how strong you are on these specific skills. So how do you change these? Basically, you double click on the on the circles and you have 12345 Esquire's here with different colors. So if I want to have like five stars here. So total domination of the skill I click on this one, which is gray, and I change it to black. So now I have five stars. If I want to have only three, I've changed his back to gray, so I have no three, three points for the specific skill. So this is how you customize. I hope you understand. It's very easy to do it on this. I'm sure this will make a huge difference on year resume application. Before we go to the next video, I'll show you another template that I really like. This is a template which is without a picture. So this is this actually looks like a resume cover peach on in here. You have your name, you have Why your address information? A small statement about you, About you professionally. Also, you have some. In this case, this guy is showing some films that he made in the past Work, experience, education. So the main points to call the attention off the company you are a plane are here on the on the resume cover and you could, you know really how to customise This is just double plague and change the phone, change the tax. Another model I want to show you that is free. Es especially for programmers. I really like is this one. So you see here again, The picture is here. You can change these to your picture, Lewis and ourselves off. Or the sign you have information, profile, experience, skills, allegations. So basically all are the same. All these templates have the same information or very similar information. But the sign that template is a little bit different. On what? What I invite you to do right now East to actually find the sign that is better for your specific application for your specific company that you are applying. I love this one, for example, which is premium. And if I click on I to get more information, you see that the only premium item is the father. So if you put your photo here, you can use this template totally free. Why? I like this Because this is this looks like an infographic and it's very easy to read. So name information about the person you see that location is here on big title. This is very important for companies, so they already see where you completely university or college achievements. Very important to the second thing they look, his achievement experiences here skills you again. You have all these thoughts showing that the how confident you are with this one specific skill software. You have a Facebook page here. You're what? Page and a twitter handle. So this is this this specific? The sign this specific resume cover have all the items, all the main items a company or a recruiter can this look is looking for And they can have all this information without meaning to read pages and pages off resumes that are plain and not with a good design. So this is very stripped on. I think will help you to get your next job, or at least get you to an interview, which is an amazing thing to do in the next video. I'll show you some websites where you can get great royalty for images that you can use on your the science on this case on the first example and we talk about the mountain and remember, we have the picture. Let me share here. This one, we have the picture off the mountain of the back So if you want to place other images here , I'll show you in the next video four amazing websites where you can find unlimited royalty for images to use on any project you have. Even on your website on your Facebook on YouTube, you can use it as a thumbnail own on your resume. On this case, you will use these amazing images professional looking images that are relative free and you can use for any project you have. So I hope you like this. I hope you invest some time. Read the sign in your your sme here or your resume cover we use in these templates that are super super awesome on I hope to see you in the next video. 3. Getting Amazing Royalty Free Images for your Resume: well in this course will talk about free, really free images, how you can get the images on where you could get the images and we will talk a little bit about the license so you can have peace of mind when you use these images on your project on your website or anywhere online were you need images. Okay, So the first website we are looking today is call unspool ash dot com on this website east . Great. They have great high quality images on is totally free so you can download the high resolution photos on. You can use it for whatever you want. Also, they have a subscribe option so you can click here and subscribe on. You will receive 10 farmers every 10 day. So basically, these website works. People send photographers and people that love taking pictures. They send all the pictures to these guys to the un splash dot com team and they publish here for free nobody hours money. Here. They're just helping you to have amazing pictures on your side. So if you want to describe you, click unsubscribe here on enter your information. So basically you will receive on your inbox 10 for us every every 10 days. So that's great. You can have. You can download the forest and you can have an online library. You can put store all the photos on your hard drive on. Use whatever you want, you know. So if we click here on, do whatever you want, you see the license. The license is saying that all the forests are published on unspool. Ashar lies and under the creative Commons zero, which means that you can copy, modify this tree with and use of force for free, including for commercial purposes without asking permission, or prevent providing attributions with a total for or in spots. So that's why we want, you know, sometimes people spend I spend hours and hours on the Internet looking for pictures when I need to use for my website and this is a great solution. So you see all the pictures here. Basically, what you can do is you can have for these are the Fichter Fichter Pictures. You can go to new to see the new ones on also collection. They have a great collection of fathers. The penny off day off every single category. You can load more here on Also, you can use the search box. Let's say I want pictures with laptops, so I type laptop. And here I see all the pictures were laptop. And when I When I find one that I like let's just one here Let's say, Well, like this one, we just click on it on you Click on download. So by doing that, did you see that the browser open a new tab. And in here you click on the image to expand its high quality image. Right? Click and save. As so you can save us with the name that you that you like, Let's say your laptop. And now the picture is here on my desktop so I can open, and I can use these for wherever I want. So this is the first option. Guys, let's see if there is anything else that I need to show you here. So I invite you. I invite you to look for, use the search option here and look for the picture you want. You can choose the view that you want Here we have three columns off pictures is faster and easier to find. The one that you like, or you can use the first option here, which is showing one picture at the time so you can see the patron a bigger size. But do you see that takes more time to find a picture you want, But that's up to you. So this is the first option. The second option is called pixels Pack cells dot com On This is Great. I work. I use a lot off technology pictures or laptops, networks, cables stuff like that on these website have lot off these pictures, and I love it. So, basically, is the same. The same functionality. Let's take a look on the license first, so we click on license here and you can read the whole agreement. But the main point here is that all the pictures are under the Creative Commons zero license. This means the picture are completely free to use for any legal purposes. The pictures Freeport for personal and even commercial use. You can modify. I've copy the street with the photos, all without asking permission or setting the link to a source. So that's why that's great. No attributions require okay on. You can feel free to read the whole license before you use the pictures just to be safe on here. How they use the website is similar. Toe on splash. You have the search box here on also you can see here the popular searches. So you see Summer, Beezus, Abstract sunset art on all these options. So let's take a look on nature, for example. So in nature we have great pictures off off landscapes, nature, animals. So you can use all these for your website. Imagine how Look how great your waas your website will look with these pictures. You have unlimited pictures here and you can download for free. So this is one option. Let's take a look again on the laptop option Some pictures you will find in all the websites. For example this picture here who s on splash dot com to so but that's that's fine. You can just go here. I'm fine. The picture you want for your business for your project. So this is back sauce. You can also Ablow picture. So I invite you if you are a photographer or you If you have great pictures to share with the world on, you want to do it for free you and you want to contribute with these guys. All you need to do is go to upload on. You can become part off pixels. Basically, they explain. You hear how it works, They have a challenge. You see here the winners off the challenge of November 2015 on It's great. I think if you are using the pictures, if you're using the photos on pixel or any other website that we're talking here, I recommend you off course toe, contribute with them the next option. Ease snapped. Stocks nap. Io Okay. Stocks, not I Oh, this is the website. Same. Same thing. You can search here, search for the Forest year. But first, let's take a look on the copyright restriction. Okay, just to make sure we're safe. So I click here on free from copyright restrictions on its opening. So basically, cco license all for us in stocks that four under the creative common C c O licence. That means that you can copy, modify, distribute any forest on this website even commercially, even for commercial purpose, all without ask information. So basically, we we have the same license for all the three website that we investigate until now on. What you need to do here is check out the full license just to make sure you agree with all before you use any pictures. So in here you can search or you can go down. Look for the picture you want on what I like here is these at the top. When you have the search option on, you can sort the forest by date. Trending views, download off favorites. I like these because sometimes the trending is cute for you to find the best picture. That picture there are there are trending right now. The penny off, what you search for. OK, so these are Let's take a look on a laptop again laptop. So it's no certainty is sort for by a relevance, but let's sort but by trending. So this is the trend in the results for laptop on basically here all you need to do is click on the picture you like. You can see here the photographer, the view click. You have the photographer profile. You have the dimensions of the picture size. The date added on some tax. So basically you can say you can search said this as a favorite so you can download later. Sometimes you are looking for picture, and you find pictures you will like to download later so you can at us favorite. But if you want to download, all you need to do is click on download. High resolution on the download starts automatically, so that's it. Very simple. If I click here, I'll open the picture. That's it. You can modify. You can attacks here or useful wherever you want. On the last option here, East picks obey dot com. This is a very famous website. They have free images and video that you can use anywhere a game. Here. All images are under this creative cone CC or CC zero Okay, that you can download if modify and distribute. Even for commercial applications. North Division requires always a recommended to quicken Larmore and read the whole license just to be safe. Okay, so here you have photos, illustration, vector graphics or videos. Sigalert on the far is because we're focusing seen here on images. But of course, if you need videos for your websites, royalty for Devious, you can also click on videos here or instructional graphics. So let's say well, like these blueberry for here, So click on the blueberry and in here again. You can read the cco public domain free for commercial use, nor tradition. Require something I always recommended to check these because I found in these website picks. Obey some pictures that are not allow for commercial use just for free use. So always unpick survey when you can take a picture, take a look here on the right and just confirmed that is free for commercial use and have no attribution require again to download these all you need to do is click on from free download and here you have options so you can download small size median, large or original. You see, the original is huge is almost 1000 by 5000 and it has 18 megabytes. So it's a great high resolution picture that you can use for everything that you want. Here you have related images. So this is good because if you are looking for blueberry for us, you confined here or other related images. For example, this is a great blueberry forum on. This is also a great for so you you have these options on Big Subait when you say the size , when each is the size you want, remember, if you are using in your website in war in a war press website, for example, I don't recommend you toe down a very big image because the website will be slow and the the page with low slower depending on the speed of the connection off the visitor. But that's fine. That's your decision. So I'll download the small size. All I need to do is click on down low here and that's it. Sometimes when you clean doll Oh, it will ask you to enter some characters here to make sure you're you're a human and you are not a computer least downloading the the images in high quantity. Okay, so all these websites you can use for free I hope you like this option. I hope this website help you and save you time because the most important things saved saving time here. I spent hours and hours on the Internet and I I think YouTube looking for the perfect image . And now you have four websites that are great tools to help you on your daily work. 4. Your Final Project: How is your term? I invite you to come here to Canada dot com and start creating your rest of me with all your information customizing following the steps you learn here on the course on when you are ready. I invited to post these this recipe or the rest of a cover. You are the signing here on the projects, Arianna. Skilled share. And that's great because me and all the community, we can give you feedback on ways to improve on. Do you, bruv, you the sign and make it even better. I hope to see you. The sign here on the projects area on See you in the next video. 5. Congratulations!: Congratulations and happy to see you here at the end of the class. I hope you like this class this training on. I hope to see you in the other classes I have here on skill share. Also, if you have any questions, you can contact me on Diego Davila dot com. I love to receive your emails and to have conversation with my students. And I promise you that if you send me a memo, I will reply to you. I also appreciate your thumbs up here on the sculpture and I hope to see you in the next class.