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Resume Writing/ Branding Tips, Tricks To Hunt Your Dream Job (With Examples)

teacher avatar Mohamed Yasser

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

27 Lessons (1h 46m)
    • 1. Why Learn Resume Branding?

    • 2. 1 Introduction

    • 3. 2 Four challenges of job market

    • 4. 3 how companies fill jobs

    • 5. 4 Resume Challenges

    • 6. 5 why no one is calling

    • 7. 6 What HR look for in resume1

    • 8. 7 Cv vs Resume

    • 9. 8 Mistakes in Resume Start

    • 10. 9 Objective vs Summary

    • 11. 10 How to write a strong Summary

    • 12. 11 Customize your resume for job ad

    • 13. 12 Resources to collect info about target job

    • 14. 13 Education Section

    • 15. 14 Skills Section

    • 16. 15 Courses Section

    • 17. 16 Knowledge VS Experience

    • 18. 17 Experience Common Mistakes

    • 19. 18 Experience Section

    • 20. 19 how to get templates

    • 21. 20 how to get creative templates

    • 22. 21 Resources to review your resume

    • 23. 22 Write attractive Email

    • 24. 23 Standout from email crowd

    • 25. 24 Email Tracking

    • 26. 25 Docsend

    • 27. 26 Course Summary

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About This Class


  • Understand The HR mindset when reviewing a resume to convince him with your qualifications

  • Present your qualifications in a great and convincing way 

  • Write an outstanding resume that will get you noticed by HR & Hiring managers-

  • Be aware of the best structure and content of a strong resume 

  • Feel confident & Special about yourself when applying for a job 

  • Impress HR & Hiring Managers 

  • Get More Interview invitations


  • If you are tired of sending your resume without getting any response or Interview invitations

  • If you don't feel confident about your resume

  • don't know how to show and write your qualifications right

  • Can't handle your employment gaps, short work period, career shifting in resume

  • If you don't know how to get HR attention and convince him

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1. Why Learn Resume Branding?: How many times have you applied for a job but never being called for a job interview A lot of times, right? The problem is, there are hundreds of applicants applying for its shoppers, same as you and your traditional rez. Me is not good enough to convince recruiters to invite you for a job interview, and unfortunately, you miss a lot of job opportunities that you deserve on the qualified for I have a struggled with the same problem at the beginning of my job surface journey bags in. I couldn't find out why companies never called me back, despite I applied for a lot of job vacancies. And when I started working as a charter, couldn't feel. I found out why companies didn't call me back, and I found out a lot of mistakes on my resume. That's why I created the scores, resume Brandon course and which I'm going to help you build a strong dressing me step by step. In order to get more job interviews, you're in this course. You are going to recognize the three challenges that face arrest me when you're applying for a job and why companies never call you back and discover what recruiters look for. One screening. Terrorism also identifies the common mistakes or resumes that make recruiters reject you and how to pass the screening stage. You're also going to learn how to write each part of your abs me an attractive and convincing way and how to present your qualifications and a strong and credible for. Also, you will learn the best way to apply for a job and how to get more job interviews. This is not a traditional CV writing course, because you're going to learn advanced technique, a writing, presenting and branding of prevarications resin, which will double the number of interviews you get. Take this course now on. Don't mess more job opportunities. And don't forget torched the free videos available here to make sure this is the right course for you. Brister. Now and see what the next lecture 2. 1 Introduction: Hello, everyone. Welcome to the recipe branding course where you are going to learn how to build a strong, crazy me and how to increase your chances to hunt your dream drop. My name is Mohammed. Yes, sir, I work as a career coach on right before that, I used to work as a recruiter for over five years. During these years as a recruiter, I have a screen thousands off resumes and made hundreds of interviews. And I have been watching a lot of qualified and talented people who is think, a lot of opportunities because they can't represent their own value and resume or during interviews in a good or convincing way. This has encouraged me to help them and to start my own company, carry your stand out, in which I have written over 500 articles on tips and tricks to succeed in the job market and how to brand and represent your qualifications and the best way possible in order to haunt your dream job. After working as a recruiter, I have working and carried coaching field where I have helped over 150 Client was over 80% satisfactory results. I have also delivered 450 hours of coaching, and over 1000 person attended my public trainings. All of that has provided me with a real experience that I'm going to use to help you. During fifth course, we're going to discuss a lot of topics divided into six sections and the first section. We're going to discuss the information that you need to know before sending your resume for any vacancy, as well as the techniques that companies used to recruit and select, qualified and suitable. And please in the second section, we're going to discuss how to build a strong presence on what recruiters look for while screening your resume. And for the third section, we are going to discuss how to make a good first impression with the recruiters and how to pass the screening stage after that. In the fourth section, we're going to discuss how tried each part and you resume step by step on how to present your skills and resume in an effective and persuasive way was less time and less words. In the first section, we're going to discuss how to build a professional resume and how to avoid the most common reason you're writing mistakes and how to get a news. Resume temples to present your qualifications in a better way. And finally, in the last section, we're going to discuss the tips and tricks off applying for any job vacancy. What should you do to get more interview invitations and how to ride a strong, attractive email that grabs recruited attention to read your resin? I hope you make the most out of the scores. Seems an X value. 3. 2 Four challenges of job market: Hello, everyone, Welcome back again in this section, we're going to discuss important facts you need to know before applying for a job. And in this particular video, I'm going to discuss the four challenges off the labor market that stop you from getting your dream job. There are different hidden challenges in Europe market, and the 1st 1 of them is crowded Job market. There are a lot of people in the same age field and experience as yours for ourselves and the people who are competing with you and apply for the same limited opportunities. So you have to stand out among the crowd, which isn't an easy thing to do. You want to know more about who are you competing was simply logon to Lincoln in and search for people with your field or possession. We live in the same country or city as yours and you'll find them to be aware of the competition. The second change is that the competition is very hard in the labour market as there are candidates was the same qualifications as yours and maybe better than you. Those people may have more experience certificates or better skills than you and This makes the competition very difficult because companies prefer to hire the most qualified applicants reasons and fresh grads or applicants was less experience. The several challenges that qualification and experience are not everything. What will really give you the drop is your skills. There are a lot of people with residents, fall of degrees, certificates and many years of experience, but it's still unemployed or can get the dream shop. So why does that happen? The volunteer is not how many years of experience you have, but how you present your qualifications, even if it's not the rest. Companies look for people who can add value to the work, not just who has experience or certificates. You don't have to be an expert or have a lot of certificates and qualifications to perform better in your work. The whole point is to present your qualifications, willing tourism and show. How do these qualifications can add value to the company? It's not quantity that matters, but quality and experience that you have gained what you have learned and can be used different for the company. And finally there are 80% on publishing job opportunities in the labour market, so all of the vacancy ads that you see on Facebook or LinkedIn or even on the recruiting. Both sides represent only 20% or less of the available job opportunities. But in this case, what happens to the 80% unpopular jobs? How are they field? These vacancies are filled through M. Pierre failure or networking it Working plays a huge role in hunting your dream job, as many companies prefer to ask him, please, or network to recommend people to apply for the vacancy rather than going through a longer process, recruitment and the four long videos. We're going to discuss these challenges in detail and helped overcome them. Also, how to create the strong resumes that impress recruiters and hiring managers and how to persuade them to invite you for an interview. Stay tuned. 4. 3 how companies fill jobs: How do companies fell? Jobs were looking for a job. Most people search for your vacancies online through social media recruitment websites. But is this really the only method companies used to fill jobs? Actually, there are four different recruiting message companies used to recruit and fell jobs. The first message. It's called internal recruitment or internal hiring and turn. Harding is feeling it off vacancy with the current and please resident outside applicants. For example, if an employee resigned or get fired, the first thing the company does is making an internal job post wizened the company itself to give current and please opportunity to apply for the shop to change positions or shift careers on almost 5 to 10% off Job opportunities in the labour market are failed using internal recruitment. But what if the company couldn't fill the vacancy using internal recruitment? In this case, the company uses a second message, which is called simply prefer her over network. And this misses the company asked and pleased to recommend people who are qualified for the job, and there's a difference between the referring and favoritism. Favoritism is hiring a certain candidate because of his or hair relation to the employer on , regardless of his qualifications, while, on the other hand, and clear a fairer in carriages existing and please to recommend qualified candidates from there. So she in network on all candidates will be evaluated equally in order to get the shop. And about 65 to 70% of your vacancies in the labor market are fell using network. In fact, this is the most commonly used method to recruit and fell jobs. But what if the company still couldn't find a qualified candidates through and please networks? Here comes a certain recruitment message, which is resin Me Search and this method. Companies search their database to screen cities off previous applicants, or they can contact recruitment agencies to help them find a qualified candidate for the drop on. About 10 to 15% of rope opportunities in the job market are failed using this missile. Now, let's assume that the company used Internet recruitment and plea referral a regime search, but still couldn't find a qualified candidate. In this case, companies use job advertisement, the boss says vacancy alliance from social media like Facebook or LinkedIn or through recruiting trip size and agencies and about 20% off your bacon's is in the job market are failed using this method. This is the last message companies used to fail jobs, mainly because advertising cost a lot of money and time consuming for employers. In addition, most applicants may not be qualified enough to get the job, and that's why there are different recruiting message before vacancy align Posting. This is Bring us back to what I have previously discussed with you, which is the heading Shop market and which is there are 80% and announced vacancies. And as I mentioned before, these vacancies are filled using at the recruitment it, working and raising the surf. That's why you should use these methods in order to find your drinking shop. Hoping hundreds, this video and settings video. I'm going to talk about challenges that face a resume when applying for drop and the reason why you apply to many vacancies, and no one called you back for an interview. State owned 5. 4 Resume Challenges: hello, have you on? There are three challenges that face to resume when applying for a job and could use the chance of getting an interview. The first challenge is a huge number of people who applied to the same job opportunity. There are about 500 applicants apply on every job on average, and this number could be different. Business industry that your field and the country you live in and whatever is the number of applicant is you still competing with a lot of people toe hunt your target job. So when recruiters announced the job, vacancy there and books becomes full of hundreds of females on your CV is wanted them, and you're supposed to convince the recruiter toe, open your email, read your resume and give you the chance to be interviewed for the job. And this is what you are going to learn is the following videos. You're going to learn how to attack recruiter's attention to read your email and how to convince him to read your resume. And this is the first challenge that's faced resume when applying for a shop. The second challenge is the applicant tracking system, or E. T. S This is a filtration system a lot of companies use to help them filter on drank applicant cities automatically to save time and effort, and because it would be difficult for recruiters to screen and filter all applicants, please. So the if your strengths applicant cities according to some criteria or drop requirements. For example, if there are 100 applicant for the job, the 80th system will rank them from 1 to 100 so recruiters can screen on Liza Top 10 or Top 20. Most relevant applicant to the job bite recruitment website, for example, uses 80 assistant. If you open the site and applied for any job, you can view a lest off all jobs you have applied for, like this one here and you can see how many applicants applied for it shop. And here you can see your ranking in comparison to other applicants. Here is might ranking is the first job I have applied for. It was 1048 hours of fun sounds and 49 that was 40 years ago. So Website also tells you how many profiles the recruiters has viewed out off the total applicants and in this example, here's a recruiter view. Would only 10 profiles out off 1049? This was an example of how the 80 s works. Letter videos. We're going to discuss how to increase your rank in the eighties using keywords and finally , the final challenges that face your resume is a screening stage. If you pass the last two challenges successfully now, recruiters will open your resume on the started screaming stage. Can you guess? How much time does the recruiter spend to screen? Resume recruiters takes from 6 to 10 seconds on Lee to screen your resume. So we have 6 to 10 seconds to convince the recruiter that you are the first applicant for drop and to convince him that you deserve an interview invitation. So in the following section of the course, we will discuss how to attract recruiter's attention and convince him in just 6 to 10 seconds or maybe less seems an exception. 6. 5 why no one is calling: Hello, everyone. Why you never get a cold for a job interview? Also, you have applied for a plenty of drops. This is one of the most frequently asked questions that people ask me. They say I have applied for manager vacancies and sent my resume several times, but no one has ever called me for a job interview. And this did. You are going to talk about the reason why you don't reach the interview stage on mistakes that a lot of people make a resume on why recruiters reject your resume one of the most common mistakes that many people make. Ascending an attractive female who, when applying for a job in the previous videos, we have discussed that almost 500 person apply for the same vacancy are applying for. So there are 500 Emil sent to the recruiter for each vacancy on your job. Streit An attractive email to persuade the recruiter three d resume. Then you have to create persuasive reason me to get an interview invitation. The first mistake writing and email is a male subject. The subject is the first single recruiter Seasons and books, and it's the first things that encourage the recruiter to check your email. Ah, lots of people use very general and unclear subject on the email, such as my city, my finance. We are looking for a job and so on. This is too general, because recruiters are responsible for failing a variety of vacancies with huge number of applicants. So when you send unclear or general email subject, recruiters get confused. I want Wester time three your email and find out which vacancy are applying for. So be specific on right. A subject that show what is the vacancy are applying for you? Carides the title of the position as written in the Vacancy ed on Write your name next to it. Andan Zeneca's Videos I'm going to teach you how to create an attractive email what right in the subject and what you should write in your email and how to send your resume in attractive way. The second mistake is the timing off. Applying for a job. A lot of people apply very late for a vacancy, like two weeks or 10 days after throw post. Your chance of getting a job decreases when you apply very late, because by time you apply hundreds of people had already applied before he do so, applying a range of two or three days after the job post and maximum. Don't be the first person to apply because recruiters opens the emails couple of days after announcing the vacancy. So your email would be lost in the flood of other emails, and if you apply it last, it would be too late as a recruiter may have already selected suitable applicants, so I recommend you to apply two or three days after the drop post. Another mistake. A resume is your address. How far you left from war camp? Yes, strong reason for recruiters to reject your resume If you are applying for a vacancy in another city that's far from yours the right your full address or the city where you live instead, right on alternative address in the city where you want to work, it can be the address off a relative or a friend that you can live with or a possible place to live in. If you don't have an alternative address, you can mentions that you are willing to relocation. Another mistaking you resume is your picture. It's better to not put your photo and resume. A lesser job requires certain physical qualities such as good appearance, others and that your picture can make you discriminated. There are many unprofessional recruiters who make assumption on judge, others based on appearance and can reject you business that so only attach your photo is the vacancy requires that, and it should be a professional. One was a mature background on a slightly smiling face. The third mistake is writing a general resumes that includes all of your experience and all of your skills. Most people use it to apply for a different jobs. This is completely wrong because every job requires different qualifications and the skills . So one reason me can fit all vacancies. Customize your resume to the requirements off each vacancy. Apply for pay attention to the qualifications and terms and vacancy ads and use them in your resume. Ask yourself, Did I write a specific qualifications that fills the vacancy, or did I write general and irrelevant ones? Also, grammar and spelling stakes can make your resume get rejected as they give recruiters a bad impression about you or you don't care about details, so always check your spelling on the gram stakes before Sub Matic Erez. Um, finally, you can be rejected because they are not qualified for the job. Or, in other words, your qualifications. Don't match the vacancy requirements. Qualifications are one of the reason why you get rejected, especially if there are more qualified applicants I in. That's why it's very important. Three. The vacancy. Add very well toe. Understand the rope requirements and match them to your qualifications and ask yourself, Do I have those requirements or not? Off course. You can apply for a job if you don't have enough experience, but there are some qualifications a company can compromise. These were is a common mistake that most people make when applying pressure up, which makes the recruiters ignored your email and resume in the forum videos. We're going to discuss how to avoid these mistakes on how to persuade the recruiters to read your resume and give you the chance to be interviewed. Statement 7. 6 What HR look for in resume1: Lovie on what are recruiters? Look for when screening resume in 6 to 10 seconds. Lenders, which is one of the biggest recruitment of sightings. World leader. Research on 30 recruiters for 10 weeks to find out what are the main things they look for, when is a screen resume? Decided to use the technique called eye tracking, using glasses that measure eye movement and how long they look at a certain part of the resin they have discovered the most. Three common things. Recruit respect. Attention toe. One. Screening. Present the first thing recruiters look for when it's screening. Resume as the first sport off your resume, which includes your basic info such as name, email, phone number, address and the cemetery. Wrote about your serve or your objective. The second board recruiters look foreign Resident is your education section in order to know more about your background, what you have studied on efforts relevant to the job you're applying for or not. And, of course, if you're applying for a job field that is different from the field of study, it's Petra tried education section at the end off the resume or proceeded by qualifications that indicates that you are really is a person applicant for the shop. The third part is that the coaches look for for a long time in resident is experienced section in order to find out if your experience is relevant to the vacancy or not. Another result that the research has also discovered there's that 80% off recruiters don't complete treating resume if the first sport is an interesting or irrelevant. There are many different reasons that make recruiters lose attention, like if you are not qualified enough for the job or addresses distant from the workplace or using an N professional picture a few or other mistakes like using colored, formed in your resin E or using unprofessional template or design or finding grammar and the spelling mistakes in resin. This reason my drive recruiter's attention away from your resume. So you need to attract recruiter's attention from the first line off your resume and will represent your qualifications. Otherwise, recruiters will not complete treating the resin. So here are street it's that can help you build a strong, attractive resin. The first step is important comes first, but your most important qualifications for the job first. For example, if the company acquires experience as the most important qualification. Then you should boot experience section in the first part of your resume after your sama report. And if the education is very important in another vacancy, you should put your education first, but only if it's relevant to the job. So all those port important qualification first, right after your family, because you never know if the recruiter will complete reading a resume or not. Tip number two is use keywords that are relevant to your feel the fork in your resume. Don't use uncommon appreciations that are rarely used because many recruiters can't understand technical terms off each vacancy. This simply asked the technical manager about the company required qualification to make a job post. So recruiters look for keywords and terms if they are founders. Me, since the applicant is considered a qualified and will be invited for a job interview. For that reason, ride the commonly used terminology off your field off. Work on beacon size, but don't use any uncommon abbreviations. Tip number three years. Create a job target trez me. You should always customize your resume according to each vacancy are primed for Don't use a general resin me because every vacancy records different specific qualifications and keywords, so review resin and customize it to present yourself as the most suitable applicant for the shop. These were the three tips that will help you build a strong dress me when applying for a job in settings video. I'm going to tell you the difference between Resin E and C V, and which one of them is suitable for applying for a shop state owned. 8. 7 Cv vs Resume: Hello, everyone. What is the difference between city and racism and which one is better usedto in applying for a job or a summer internship? A lot of people confused TV for a resume, and the only common difference between the two words is that Post are synonym for each other. Who resume is an American English and ski is a British equivalent. And this video, I'm going to explain the difference between post terms on whether to city or resume toe, apply for a job and internship. Let's start with the city. The AIM purpose off the city s represent only for academic and educational skills in a detailed form. It's commonly used in academia when applying for a scholarship or a postgraduate degree, which requires detailed professional history. The C V contains your full details, academic and professional history. This include all of the researchers. You have done the old surprises you have received and make sure to be as detailed and accurate as possible. Who knew Creator city as it should fall Your present, your career history. The C V can be 3 to 10 pages long, and it can exceed that number now. What about raising the main purpose of Fresenius represent you as the best one for the job , and you can only write the skills and qualifications that are relevant to the vacancy you are applying for but in a precise and concise form. This is why it's commonly used to apply for a job or a summer internship, which require a certain qualification. For that reason, he should only write resumes operated qualifications such as experience in that field and how this experience would benefit the company are applying for. You could also write about your field related education skills and certificate arrest. Me is usually one or two pages long, maximum and, as I have mentioned before, the previous video recruited to spend about 6 to 10 seconds to scan resume. This is very short time to review the qualifications, and this is why you should be specific and concise when you write your resume on Onley. Focus and drop related competence because non relevant raising me give a bad impression about you, and it's very likely that recruiters would consider you unfit for the drop. But on the other hand, when the recruiter views a relevant drop related trays, me, it's very likely that the resume would make a very good impression on Recruiter in this case will consider you as relevant and qualified enough to be interviewed in brief There is Me is better used when applying for a job or summer internship. It represent your qualifications and a specific, concise and job related way at this time and less wars. He swears them in differences between a city on the resin seeing cynics venue. 9. 8 Mistakes in Resume Start: Hello, everyone. Welcome back again to raise me, Brandon. Course this is Mohammed. Yes, sir. And in this section are going to talk about how to best the screening stage and how to win the first impression as the best applicant for the shop. And in this particular will, you are going to discuss the common mistakes that a lot of people do were writing. The first section resident. I have mentioned in the previous videos that about more than 80% of recruiters want complete treating your resume unless it was interesting from the first part of it. And there are some common mistakes that some people do in writing the first part of president. These mistakes can make recruiters immediately stop breathing resin. And I'm going to show you some of these mistakes on why they can make recruiters reject terrorism. This is an example of her is me fall of these mistakes. Let's take a look in it. The first mistake is dry things, awards TV or resume as a title. Recruiters already understand that you are applying for a job, and this is your resume, so you don't have to name it. The second mistake is writing. Give place a purse because it's unimportant to the company. What really matter is your current address for city? Not your place. A purse. The's information won't make you rejected, but the waste a lot of space and time because there are much important information to add in the first part. If a resume the certain steak is writing or age or data purse, this info can get you discriminated because some companies hire according to age and can reject you because of that, so it's better not to mention it. Unfortunately, some companies have restricted age limit on off course. It's unprofessional and illegal in some countries, as Harding must be business qualifications, not age. Another mistake is writing your marital status. Misery are single, married or engage. This information is very personal, and recruiters don't have the right to know it or even ask you about it. Hiring according to age, Religion six or appearance is a discrimination, and it's highly incriminated according to the labor law, most Canter's. So don't add personal informations that can make you discriminate it. Another mistake is writing your address in details because the main purpose of writing address is to know the area where you 11 and if it's closed toe work or not. So write your address in brief because it's important to consume less is basing. Arrest me on right the most important information. Also writing your personal information and the beginning. What attracted recruiters to hire you or to continue reading your residence? Here is an example of her resume for an applicant Cold Summer, and here are her mistakes and resin. First of all, putting a picture resident is a huge mistake. A lesser job requires attaching picture because, as mentioned before, in some cases you can be discriminated based on your appearance. So don't attach your picture. A lesser drop requires a good appearance and make it as professional as possible with a neutral background on a slightly smiling face. Now is the idrissi is very detailed, and as we discussed before, he should be concise and only write the area or city where you live. Another mistake Summer did is adding three cellphone numbers. This will make recruiters confused and distracted while trying to reach air, so it's better to add one or maximum two working available phone numbers. Your email address should also be professional and have your first and last name without a provision or nicknames on the farm steak is, and the ways objective is written. Most people, right, ready made objectives explain why they want the drop, like writing, seeking a position to satisfy my passion, apply my skills and gain experience. This is a very commonly used sentence that most people right on recruiters won't hire you for these reasons and sending us videos. We're going to discuss what, right at the beginning off the rez me to attract recruiters and convince them you are the best one for the job. Also, they're going to know the difference between an objective and Samarie and why writing Osama is better is an objective state owned. 10. 9 Objective vs Summary: hello have you on? What is the difference between objective and samarie and which one you should use trite and effective. For this part off your resume is the briefest example who have discussed the common mistakes that most people do in resume on. One of them is writing a general objective like this example here, this applicant Roti is seeking a job to learn from it and to fulfill his fashion. But is that a good reason for a company to hire him? Learning and gain experience persuades the recruiters to hire him. Let's compare. This was another example on Point out what you can do to persuade the recruiters that you are the 1st 1 for the job. And this examples applicant wrote a specific, detailed objective. He's applying for a marketing specialist job in Coca Cola, and he specified that the objective this example may be better than the 1st 1 But if a company like Coca Cola needed a marketing specialist, sounds and people would apply for the same possession, so this objective doesn't really explain why they should hire him. It doesn't persuade the recruiters that he deserve a chance to be interviewed out of thousands of applicants using such a general objective isn't persuasive, and usually objectives are untried. Ah, lessee are very unique and interesting. Now let's explain what you stride and white writing a summary is better than writing and objective. For example, if you went to a shoe shop to buy a pair of shoes and it was very expensive, maybe worse, $1000. And when you ask the sales person, why is the shoes very expensive and why you should buy them instead of any other shoes? The sales person replies. Oh, it's $1000 because I need the money to base their end and to buy supplies to my Children. Do this reasons seem convincing to you? Does the salesperson made you even consider buying? This was, of course, not. Now applies the same concept on job hunting. You are trying to convince companies to hire you by telling them that you want to learn, gain experience and prove yourself and get money. This doesn't make a recruiters higher. You recruiters would like to know. How would you benefit the company? No, just yourself. That's why it's better. Try to seminary instead off objective and in your summary. You should highlight three main points. First, who you are and what do you do. Second your qualifications. That makes you the best one for the shop and served. Why should the company hired you? What distinguish you from others, or how would you benefit the company? These are the three main points that you should write in your sanity and reason why it's spacers and objective is the next video. We're going to learn how tried the first part off resume toe when recruiters first impression and to convince them to consider you for a job interview, Stay tuned. 11. 10 How to write a strong Summary: hello of you on. This is Mohammed. Yes, and from resident Brandon Course is this video are going to learn how tried to strong Samarie and you arrest me when you do any job interview the first questions that interviewer asks U S to introduce yourself. The name purpose off this question is to know your qualifications, who you are and what you can do in brief. This is also the main purpose off the summary section and resume, which is Don't you do yourself your qualifications. And why should this company hire you? Somebody should answer three questions about you first. Who are you? Second? What are your qualifications and served? Why do you think you are qualified for this shop, or why should they hire you? This? Did you? I'm going to explain how to answer each of these questions in your summary On what you should try to prove that you are the best person for the job and the first part of your resume. You should explain who you are, and this includes your kind of position or job or whatever you are currently working in, even if you are a fresh grad or a student right next to that your years of experience. But if you are fresh bread or don't have experienced shows that you are interested in passionate about this career failed fork you are applying for. For example, if you work in marketing and applying for another marketing job, he will serve the 70 by writing your current position. Let's say a marketing specialist was two years of experience and the strong passion Martin . And if you are a fresh bread, you could write fresh bread from faculty off business administration with strong passion marketing, and he can do the same with any job you are applying for. So in the first part you are identifying current job status or position and your experience to the recruiters in the second boat. You should. I like your qualifications, and how relevant are Zetas, the shop? Also, you can highlight your professional and unique characteristics. Let's stay a job, requires accuracy and details oriented person. You can add that to your qualifications, or you can mention that you are a people oriented. If you are applying for a job that requires interactions with a lot of people, you can replace that or add it to your area of expertise. Effort, thrill of into the vacancy. You can add also your degrees like diploma or masturbate city or a certain certificate. And you can also add job relevant technical skills like Strong Excel if you are an accounting or strong presentation skills. If you work in marketing whatever technical skills you have, you can add them to your samarie on a support he should edit. Your qualifications is your relevant education. And if your education is not relevant to the job, do write it and mention at the last port off your resume. Finally, why should the company hire you as we have discussed before, you should write this part of the salmon using the six most required skills off the job. These are the three steps that can help you write a strong 70 and I'm going to show you more examples. Somebody in the next venues stay tuned 12. 11 Customize your resume for job ad: I love you on this video. I'm going to show you how to customize the resume to fit a job vacancy and how tried to strong samarie. Whether we have an experience in your field or not. Let's take a case of study. This is an account and your posts on lengthen. After eight days off, releasing this show posed, about 1777 applicants have applied, and they are all competing with each other. This vacancy requires some qualifications. As you can see down here, the company needs someone was a bachelor degree in accounting, with 3 to 5 years of related experience on excellent common look, Microsoft Office and especially Excel float in English and French on also details oriented person on some other co requirements. These are only the position requirements in the job posed the job description. Birth include description of the job as well as some other qualifications. Now let me show you how to customise dressed me to match this rope post and have to attract recruiter's attention. I will show you two examples, one for an experience applicant and the other one for a fresh bed with no experience in this example, the applicant has experienced an accounting and, as mentioned before he started there is any by writing his name as the main title of phrasing. Then he wrote his email address, cell phone number and breathe. Address was link them profile link so that recruiters get the chance to know more about him . Then he wrote the target position as written in the show post to highlight it. After that, he rode. The Sama report, This applicant wrote, is an accounting professional with three years experience in the construction and manufacturing industries, and he mentions that he is details oriented person as written in the low post requirements . Also, he mentioned some technical skills that are required for the vacancy like Strong, Common and Excel for accounting. Also, he could have mentioned more details about his fluency in English and French as the things he required. In the last part of his summary, he rode the keywords the most require skills by the vacancy and the skills he's already has . These key words are mentioned in the rope description, and applicant highlighted them as his main 60 skills, who she can do very well, and he titled them professional skills and interest, and this will give a great impression of the applicant on would make him more qualified for the job. This is an applicant was experience and accounting, trying to customize the first board first resume to match the vacancy requirements. But how can a fresh grad or an applicant was no experience? Customize his resume to the same job post this applicant began. There is me was writing his name, then professional email. Others phone number, Address the Lincoln and Profile link, then writing the target position and the Samarie. But the summary is written the friendly. In this resume, this applicant is a fresh bread so he don't have a bravest work experience in accounting. This is why he wrote his a fresh bread with a strong passion for accounting. Then he highlighted a personal skills that is unique and relevant to the job itself. He wrote. He has analytical skills and is dependable person on post qualifications are required for the job. In addition to that, he also had a job related education, and he wrote, As you can see here, that he has interest, not experience, is a technical requirements off the job and he has a strong comment of Excel for accounting as well. He used the same require skills as keywords but changes the title, the knowledge in instead off professional skills on interest. So if you have a cigarette ical knowledge off any skills, whether you have started in college or inventively, right, it erez me in this way. Recruiters on Lee Bae more attention to the information written in bold, so they will identify the key words before the title Knowledge in. And if the interviewer asked about these skills, you could simply point out that you wrote knowledge and not experience this miss. It helps you point out your real potential and customize resume according to the job you are applying for in a few seconds on will give you the impression that you are the first person for the job, or at least deserve a chance to be interviewed. Evan was that with having related experience. Most importantly, the right skills are information your resume that you are not good at or you don't have knowledge, and because whatever you're writing, your resume would be asked about the job. Interview on wrong information would make you seem less trust warsi. I will give a bad impression if you and the interview stage scenes innings value 13. 12 Resources to collect info about target job: hello View on how to know more info about your target job. We have this cousins a previous videos that you could customise raise me to each vacancy applying for according to the drop requirements. Most people face a problem when applying for a job vacancy, which is a lack of information about the target job. This information includes of requirements, job specification on subscription. In this video, I'm going to show your four tools that can help you collect information about your target job. To be able to customize your resume and present yourself as the best applicant for the shop . The first tool you can use to collect information about your target job is the job post itself. This is the first thing to look at. It can be on Facebook, LinkedIn or any other country out of sight. But some job post don't provide you with the necessary information about the job you are applying for, especially when zero post is advertised on Facebook because most as Onley includes the job title, future prick, wire mints, email address or link to send your resume for and this info are not enough for you to customize resume, but anyway, the shop post is the first century very well to know the job requirements, job title and job description. And if you couldn't find this information is the show post You can use the second message, which is the job description search you have to be aware of. The subscription is the job you are applying for and as I have mentioned before, some drop post Don't provide the full job description of the vacancy so you can use Google Search to find more info buses up like subscription or requirements. Google search will be a great help if you don't have a previous experience in this field and want to know more info about the target subscription or requirement. The search tool is a famous upside called on it Aligned that work. This is one of the larger top sides that can give you a deep information about the most occupations around the World Assembly search. Any job you want was inside, and you'll find more details about it. Let's take an example. Let's assume I'm applying for an HR later job, so I will write HR in the search bar and the click search. So all the occupations related to the HR career will appear in the results, so I will choose HR specialists rope here. Now, As you can see, the side provides me with a lot of info, like the main purpose of the job. Similar titles that are available in the job market. The task is that you have to do with this job. It also provides you with tools, technology and software is that you need to perform if you work it in the shop, as well as the knowledge that he should have and the skills that enable you to perform better. Also, the abilities and activities you will do, like answers the phone interacting with computers on another activities. The site also provide details of the education you need to work as an HR specialist as well as working style. Work values are market sellers for the shop, but sellers will depend on the country where you want work at. So this may not be very help for accurate for you, but this is a great resource to help you collect more information about your target job. The find the resource is Lincoln in. If the searched the company where you want to work for or your target job title. LinkedIn will find a lot of people who read books in the same position and maybe in your target company. Let me show you an example. If you're applying for a job in Coca Cola, you can use LinkedIn to search the company page. As you see right here and on the right of that beach, you would find all the employees who work for Coca Cola from around the world so you can press see all to see the full list off him, please. Here you can see all Coca Cola employees around the world. You can also filter the list by location. For example, I will select Egypt so the list will be filtered down 366 and please in Coca Cola Egypt. Let's search for limply work and HR. So I will write a chart in the title field as humans that I'm applying for an HR specialists. So I would choose the person who worked as an HR specialists like this one here. So I will open his profile here to seize the task that he responsible for on his qualifications so I can figure more info about the shop to customize Moresby based on the's info. These were the four resources that would help you gather more information about your target job to customize your resume accordingly, and the present yourself as the first applicant for the job. Stay tuned for the next video. 14. 13 Education Section: Hello, everyone and this section. We're going to discuss how to present on the brand your qualifications and resume and helped write each part of Fresenius step by step in a preview and concise way and most importantly, how to be more persuasive and effective in presenting your qualifications. In this particular video, you are going to discuss the education part. Resin is a previous video. I have mentioned that recruiters pay more attention to education and experience section resin. The importance of this section depends on the kind and field off the job you are applying for. For example, if you're applying for a vacancy, which is a relevant eradication, it's special to move education port at the end of your resume because education wouldn't be the most important part if it was not relevant to the job you are applying for. So pay attention to the post. Does a vacancy require particular education degree or a specific certificate? If not, then education section becomes less important. Erez. Um, so let's discuss how try the education section. 1st 4 You should drive each section, resume in a brief and concise way to keep your resume shortest possible. So you should use your space wisely. Who were writing the education section Resume You can start was writing girl faculties name . Then you correct your major of study. Then you can ride your school or university name after that, right? Your graduation date. If you are already graduated Oregon right, Expected graduation date. If you are still student and finally write your overall GP or great in case you did a graduation project, you could mention the project's name was a brief description about it and agreed, You have received. There are a lot of companies that focus on graduation project, especially if the job requires certain technical skills. Also, you could write a post graduate degree or diploma like this example here, right? The type of degree, like master or diploma, then rides the major of study. Then you go right University name on your graduation date. Let's take an example. Adam started in the Faculty of Business in the University of Pennsylvania from 2005 till two sounds in 10 so he spent five years in college on his overall grade, this past or see on his major is marketing and then received best or see great every year in college, but he received very good or be great in his final year of college. So how can you write Adams Education Section? Resume now, pause the video and try to apply what we have discussed. Hello, everyone and this section. We're going to discuss how to present on the brand new qualifications and resume and helped write each part off resumes, step by step in a preview and concise way and most importantly, how to be more persuasive and and remember that you should always focus on the post, the point in resume and do your best to avoid negative points without lying. So if Adam had obstacles during his college years, represents that a resume in a positive way by highlighting, supposed to point to resume and if a recruiter asked for more details, be honest about your weaknesses, I mentioned how were you able to overcome them. Now back to Adams example. He graduated with an overall great pass or see great, but he received very good or re grade in his final year of college. So highlight this point by writing senior last year. Great and write very good or be great in bold it's most likely that recruiters will only pay attention. Toe very good. Great, because threaten and bold. And because raise miss screening time is very short. So recruiters will assume that very good or be great is the overall grade off Adam. But again, be honest in the interview stage when the interviewer asked for more details or clarification. The main point of phrasing is toe honestly highlight your real qualities to increase your chances of getting interviewed, and he could clear any misunderstanding during the interview stage. And that's the main purpose of the scores to make your qualifications. Will presented resume to get more interview invitations, seasonings value. 15. 14 Skills Section: Hello again. How to present your skills of resume skulls. Selection is one of the most important sections that recruiters look for a resume. Don't exactly what you can do, and should you use this section to highlight your job related skills, you should only ride job related sculpts because writing a relevant skills will be used this on unimportant recruiters or hiring managers. So make use of this section to represent your best, the skulls, and how's he relevant to your target job? Let's take a look on. Some of the common mistakes mostly will do who writing skills section resin and how to avoid thes mistakes. This is an example of the message someone has used a writing his skills section resin. Let's point the saying that he it wrong and why First, full computer skills, this person, road general informations of evidence, the pores em like writing basic skills like Internet browsing using Windows XP or when the state These are not skills. They are common skills that almost everyone can do nowadays, and they are basic garments for any job, so you can try them in your skills section. The second mistake is writing Microsoft Office in general, you mentioned exactly what you can do with Mike Stuff office so you can mention your level in using word or PowerPoint or excel, because the more vivid details about your skill, the more trust worse, who you would become on other schools written this resin e is for the shop. We don't know in which field that's this applicant work. But let's assume that this person is an accountant, for example, and wrote for the shop in the skills section. This is completely useless and irrelevant for accounting. Job Onley. Ride the skills that are important and relevant your target job. So if you are a graphic designer writing fourth, Schaub alone is too general to try to satisfy your level in using foot shop and how you can use it. And how does that benefit the drop you are applying for the next porters. Personal skills, the ride. Personal skills. In this way, a common mistakes a lot of people do is writing personal skills. In general, recruiters don't care off this part because anyone can write anything without any evidence to support it. So recruit was almost test personal skills in the job interview stage and this is the best place to present and talk about your personal skills and support them by evidence and experience from your past shop or past company. So is the best way to represent your personal skills. Its dimensions. Emmons Experience section, for example, If you want to show your leadership skills, you Carides that you are. For example, if you want to show your leadership skills, you Carides that you have led the project team to achieve a certain goal or if you want to show your presentation skills, for example, you can say that presented my company in the annual conference off stakeholders, for example, and so on. This will support your skills and give you more credible. The applicant here did another mistakes in writing his language skills. He wrote that his proficiency level French is fair. This doesn't present a strong professional sea level. It's not about the number off languages or skill you have, but how skillfully are in thes skills. So right, only job, relevant language and skills that you are good at. Now let's learn how tried scale section and a better way the skills section should be written in this way as you see right here, and the title of this section can be called other relevant information or skills. You can start writing the skill section by writing your language skills, so rides a languish, then you're a level of proficiency in each language. Now what about computer skills? You can point down the skills that are relevant to the shop with your level in H skill, and the more details you add, some more credibly become. If you are an accountant, for example, was excellent max soft skills. That's okay, but it's better to specify that you are excellent user off excel because most accounting use excel, and it's even better to specify what can you do using excel like using accounting tools such as but the tables and equations like the lock up. This will give you more credibility and value for recruiters and hiring managers. The third part is very important, which is your technical skills. So is the taking of skills for marketing, for example, is how to order ties and make ads, and the technical skills for accounting include making financial statements and also the technical skills for recruitment field include interfering skills, so whatever you feel the fork is right, your technical skills. This will attract Recruiter's attention because they look for keywords related to the job on After I think they're in the summary, You corrected again. The scale of section Toby More credible, the fourth and final saying he could write in the skill section Job related awards. This part is optional, and you don't have tried it unless you want to. Now let's play a game again. Our cold Sarah Sarah has applied for a marketing specialist vacancy. She's fluent in French, and she has a strong persuasion, skills and leadership skills, and she has an active team player. She can also create creative marketing, adds a marketing plans and can use Microsoft office. And finally, she received the Employee of the Year award in her previous company last year. Now post a video on to try to ride the skills section for Sarah using what you have learned so far. Okay, here's how Sarraute here skills section resin Sarah started by her. I think your language skills. She mentioned two languages, which are French and Arabic, and the proficiency level off each language and computer skills. She wrote that she is excellent in Microsoft office, especially Power Point, because he worked depends on using Power Point to make presentation, and she wanted to show that she has a good command off using Microsoft PowerPoint. She also wrote. She has an advanced Internet search, and this is also an important part off her marketing shop. Then, in the technical skills, she wrote the core Skills Off marketing field, which were mentioned in her target job post, such as advertising, marketing, planning on market research. So she emphasized the skills that she is very good at in her work. And Evan, if you have a red aerating your technical skills in the summer report that special attire alighted again in the skills section toe, attract recruiter's attention because, as I have mentioned before, recruiters always search for keywords to find the qualified applicants. But in key words and terminology in your resume would also be great if the company uses applicant tracking system, which computers fell to raise me business drop requirements and cures. Finally, Sorry received the pissed and play of the year award in her previous company. This is optional tripe, but she wrote that she received the past marketing a plea award, and she highlighted the reason for receiving it, which is exceeding the annual target by 10%. That gives a wonderful first impression to hiring managers recruiters about her. So this is house are presented her skills section resin to show her value elicits place at this time. Zealous singers, assuming that social Post doesn't mention detail, the skills requirements you can review Lecture 13 to discover three other resources to gather more information about your target job. Finally, if you don't have the required skills for any job, you can simply learn and the practice them practice makes perfect any skills you want to learn practice. It was its language for personal skills or even a computer skills. Use Internet to learn It's easy and available, so always practice. This is a golden rule to acquire any skills. Thanks for watching and seeing the next video 16. 15 Courses Section: Hello, everyone. How tried cautious section Your Resume Courses section is very important to demonstrate that you are a person who seeks self improvement and that you want to learn more about your feel the fork, but he shouldn't try it. All the courses that you have taken a resume and in this video we are going to learn how tried the courses section to demonstrate that you are self improver on a good fit for your target job. So how tried a strong, efficient courses section resume and how to highlight the value of what you have started? Well, let's take a look at the steps you should follow. Tried this section so I had any course, certificate or scholarship to resume. Start with the course title. Now let's start with the name of the course provider because the content entitle are more important recruiters. Then you can ride the name of course provider, and this will give a strong value to, of course, as we will discuss further. Then you can ride the core state to point out When did you take the scores? So if it was a short course, you corrupt the year only, and if It was a long course, such as a diploma or anything else you Carides a year and the months from and to or from year X two years E. Finally, you can write a summary about the course content. There are three things you can use to maximize the value of your courses. First is the name of your course provider. For example, if you took a course from Harvard University, this will add a great value to the course itself. Also, you can increase the value of your course by mentioning course content. If the content of the course is strong and relevant, your job field this will add a great value to the course. Another thing is, is the name or the position off course instructor if he is well known in that field or work in a well known company. So to add value to any course in your resume, you can use the name of the course provider, the content off the course and the instructor, name or position, as we're going to see in the next example. You can also apply the same message on writing your certificates when writing a certificate . Gonna start with the certificate. Name zero rides a certificate provider. Then you can ride the date off receiving the certificate. Let's take a guess. Study for Person called John John wants to work in the marketing field. He took a marketing The Blohm offers American University in Cairo on a free course or marketing basics at public marketing event. Besides that, they took issue Ponting session and his affair he attended before. Also, he took an online marketing course from Stanford University on course. Zero upside on the French course from Peril. It's learning Center now. Stop the video Under tried to apply what you have learned. Try it. Courses section for John. Now let's see the right Way tried the courses section for John, as mentioned before Jean Poke more than one course in several fields. First, he took a marketing course and course it upside from Stanford University, and some people underestimate the importance of flying courses. But there's an advantage in this particular course, as it's given by Stanford University. So Jean Rhodes, the name of the course the mentioned the university name and then explained in brackets that this course is an allying course. Then he mentions a website and the date of the scores. After that the roads, a marketing diploma and mentioned it was from the American University in Cairo, and then he wrote the diploma duration. He also mentioned that he took a free course about the basics of marketing at one of the public marketing event. But writing public event resume can decrease the value of this course because it's a free course. However, John here highlighted the position off the instructor instead of writing public event because the course was given by Coca Cola marketing manager. This is a great advantage. Even the course is for free or at a public event because the instructors someone who works in the same field on in a well known company, so this will add a great value to this scores. After that, he wrote the name of the event and the date of the scores. In addition to that, John highlighted the content off the scores because this content, such as advertising on the branding, are common keywords in the marketing field, and once recruiters and hiring managers see them and resume, they will know that this person learned a lot of things relevant to this job, in addition to the importance of the instructor, name or position. Also, we neglected to mention two courses. The first is the job pounding session because it's the personal skills Jean seek to develop , and it's not related to his target job. The second is a French language course, because recruiters expect read your language skills and the skills section, not your courses section language courses is not important. What's really important is your language skills, whether it's good, very good or flown on, regardless of how you started, this language is the important thing. Here is the skull itself. So is the courses section is not the right section to present your language skills. This also applies to the interpersonal skills courses. If you had a course about interpersonal skills, do not write it in the courses section because it's not important to recruiters. They want to know what you can do instead of what you know and remember that always right technical courses that are related to the job you are applying for and the same he learned and housing will benefit the company and avoid writing interpersonal skills courses or self development or other skills that are not related to a target job on Always work on improving your technical skills, and if you don't have enough money to achieve that, there are many free or lie resources available to everyone. Here are some example of famous a lot learning upsides in which you can learn anything from the best expert in your field without spending much money or resting time. These are very good resources for learning, and many of them provide free. In addition to the switch sides, you can learn from lender ADX drug if you want courses and our vic and many others. If you can't get a certificate from the subsides, it's OK. You can still mention it in your resume because the most important saying for competence is to hire applicants who fed the job requirements regardless of the resource of thes knowledge or skills. So learn from any available resource that are suitable for you. The most important things that you want to show to recruiters that you are working on improving yourself and that what you want to highlight in your resume and confirmed in the job interview. Finally, if you're just starting and you need more knowledge and the training in the field. There are many companies that are willing to train you and please if they are willing to do so. So work more in yourself and use this site. Learn and save more time and money, and you can always mention online courses. Resume if they are relevant to your target job. Seasonings video. 17. 16 Knowledge VS Experience: Hello everyone, welcome back again and this video are going to talk about the experience sections, tourism and, as mentioned before experienced sections, one of the most important person's resume on all recruiters. Pay attention toe when screening your resume. There are a lot of professionals who are experts in their work and has done great achievements, but they don't know how toe will represent all of these achievements. A resume toe brands their own value. Most people wait for the interview stage to talk about achievements, but if you didn't show your experiences right, way and resume, you won't get the chance to be interviewed. And this is will affect your job hunting Success and this video are going to discuss in detail the real meaning of experience on what recruiters and hiring managers look for in your resume in general and in the experience section in particular. Also, you will learn have to talk about your experience and your work achievements in an attractive and persuasive way. But before that, let's discuss the difference between experience and knowledge. Knowledge is a theoretical information about a certain field or skill, and it represents your understanding and awareness effects and information. But this doesn't mean that you have applied thes information in the real life. In another way, experience doesn't necessarily means the time you have has been working in a shop, but it's reflect. How will you apply this theoretical information or knowledge in a powerful form? Let's make an example of a person who has spent 20 years doing the same routine morning task or a limited number of tasks. Can we say that this person has a real 20 years of experience? Of course not. This person has only one year of experience repeated for 20 years, and this is a difference between time on the practice. So when a company requires a job applicant with three years of experience in marketing, for example, what's the Actually look for is a person who has tried to apply the market in knowledge and series for three years and made some achievements and some mistakes. So he will repeat the achievements and wouldn't repeat the mistakes again in the naked shop . And this is experience, so experience is the knowledge that you have applied in the real life, along with errors, trials and mistakes that you have made experience is not a matter of time re years, and it's not enough to say that I have two or 10 years of experience. This is not the right selling point for you. There are a lot off expert with more years of experience in your field. But the most important thing is what you have achieved in thes two or 10 years and how often you practice your knowledge or have you helped your previous company and most importantly, how are you going to help the company are applying for in the future? And this is what we should talk about? The experience section seems an experience. 18. 17 Experience Common Mistakes: Welcome back again. After discussing the difference between knowledge and experience in this video, I'm going to highlight the common mistakes many people make or writing experience section resume. I'm going to analyze some message used by most applicant represents their experience. Resume on point Out is right and wrong Message and writings Experience section. Let's take an example. This applicants has written experienced section in that form. As you can see, he has only written his current position is the name of his company and the year in which he has worked there. It is the same thing was the following experience and wrote work duration dates in detail. This message is used by a lot of people. They don't add any details and experience section and only mentions their titles and work duration that this advantage of this message is that it lacks any details about your drop so recruiters can't know what you have achieved in that position on what were your tasks and responsibilities. Also, the title of your job can be similar in different companies, but task and responsibilities you do and how you do them can be different from one company to another and from industry to another, so the title could be the same. But the task might be different. This is why you should add more details about your job. The next message is used by more than 80% of job applicants and writing experience. This person here has written the same details the company titled Duration, But he has added the task and itude is that were assigned to him. Most people cap is the job description off the job and passed it on the resume, whether they have already done this task or not, regardless of how often they do them. If it was anyone daily or months with us, you can judge applicant performance by reading his subscription. This is a recruiters view. Most applicant prepares its message because it's full of details, and it's easy stride the simply cubs job description to the reason. And that's why being better than the brief is message. It's not the best way to represent your experience. Resin. Let me explain by giving you an example. The owner of this resin me, let's call him Mr X, Mr X work as an accountant, and he has covered his subscription and added it to his resume. Now let's assume that Mr Ricks has to colleagues that work in the same job he has. We're going to call them Mr Z on Mr Y. Who are accountants to, And they did the same task in the same company as Mr X do. And this is likely to happen as big companies usually have many employees working in the same title and tasks. So if another company has an accountant, Vacants and Mr X applied, as well as Mr Y and Mr Z, if all of them have performing the same task and rode the same job description resume, how would recruiters and technical managers, the other company, choose the best person and how they can comparing the three applicants? How would they distinguish him from his colleagues? Assuming that Mr X is the best accounted of them all, this message is too general to brief on doesn't give you credibility because it doesn't present how often he doesn't ask or how well you did them. So it's not suitable to present your experience and resume. And the next video we're going to discuss what recruiters and technical manners look for in the experience section and how trite your experience in a way that present your real value or your networks and persuade the recruiter that you can be valuable to the camping and deserve to be interviewed. Stay tuned. 19. 18 Experience Section: in the previous video have discussed the common mistakes writing experience section and I have showed you some wrong methods. A lot of people whose writings that experience section resume in this video, we are going to learn how to represent your experience when you arrest me. I like to real value, customize your experience to the job and prove that you are the best applicant for the job . Before discussing how tried experience section, you need to understand what do recruiters or technical managers look for in this section while screening Erez? Um, when technical managers are famous, companies such as Microsoft, Google and Coca Cola were asking about the requirements they look for when hiring applicants. Most of memories bones that they look for a person who can make results achieve real valuable goals, or a person who has a Red Help, his previous company and has achievements record. When they hired this kind of applicants, he would performs the shop well and assist the company using the's previous experience. Most managers ask recruiters to hire applicants who can assess the company, achieve goals, solve problems. Most managers have a set off objectives they won't reach on obstacles they want to demolish , and they need an applicant who has already done that before and can do it again. So Recruiters Radio Experience section They search for your work achievement since a previous company and house they would benefit from you in the future. Now how should you present your experience in a persuasive, strong form on demonstrates the value of your work. Here is an example of a person who has been working as a medical assistant and six of October hospital for three years. She covered her rob scrip Shinto a resume and added two tasks. The first Oscars taken care patients, chickens, the vital signs and giving them injections. The other task is answering phone calls on updating medical records like the example in the previous video have discussed. This nurse has told colleagues. Let's assume that her colleagues did the same task in the same hospital and applying for the same position as hair. If all of them have performed the same task and rode them and the experience section in the same form, none of them would be different. And to recruiters, the three are the same. Now how can she present experience in a strong, efficient form. As I have mentioned before, managers look for results, goals, numbers and percentage of the work you have done. And the more details you add, some more credible. You become back to this example here, let's learn how try to experience section in a well representative way. So applicant change her experience from taking care of patients in tow, taking care off 20 patients weekly by mentioning the number of patients, she identified the scope of her work and there is more than that. Not only has she mentions a number of patients, she has also explains the disease he suffered from, which was cancer. Cancer is a difficult earns to treat and demands great psychological, physical and clinical support. And for the second task she does that. She answered phone calls, and he she added that she answered up to 75 calls a day and has updated more than 500 medical files to the patients. This explained her work scope and gives value to watch it on in her job. So when you compare between this form of presenting her past experience and the new one, you would find a huge difference here you would find more details about the task. She has performed their value, her impact on how she helps the hospital and surpassed Let's look at another example. This is an example of a man who work in a warehouse. Typically, warehouse workers perform several different tasks. First, he helped a manufacturing spare pours. Second, he was responsible for shipping and receiving goads in the warehouse. Finally, he was responsible off counting on the stocking goods. Now how can he present his experience in a way that demonstrates the value of his work? Let's rewrite his experience section for the first task. He wrote that he contributed to the manufacturing off spare parts ranging in value between 1000 to 5000 per piece. The other task is that he was responsible off shaving and receiving goods in the warehouse . It demonstrated the size off his task. So instead of writing responsible for shaping and leaving goods, he explains that he is responsible for shipping and receiving 50 orders per day. Third, he wrote that the goods in the warehouse were entrusted to him and he was responsible for stalking, counting on protecting them. But when presenting that in his resume. He wrote that he was entrusted with goods valued at £1 million adding, These details present the value and the scope off these tasks. Furthermore, his manager forces him to work extra hours on the form. Task is outside the scope of his work and for free whether to present or not the present. This experience resume is a matter off argument. But what matter to us here is have this man demonstrated this experience? He wrote that he was selected by the CEO to support three different departments which made the company save £6000. That equals the salary off three in please for each department. So he did the work for three additional and please beside his basic warp. This adds value to what he did and present how he helped the company save money. Now let's play a game to apply what we have learned. In this example, a man called Ali Ali works as a sales coordinator. He wrote his experience like this in his resume. A new drop is three right Ali experienced section and carried example off his value and work scope. Applying what I've learned in the previous example now pose the venue, and after he finished, he play again to know the answer. Okay, let's take a look on your answer and try to compare to that one and the first tusk instead , off writing coordinated deals with clients in general, he wrote the name off of companies which he had coordinated deals was on the wards off these deals, which was £1 million. He also pointed out that he helped 30 clans today with their purses and answered the questions. Also, he receives the best cells coordinator and explained that this old is given to the top three in please who made deals over 500,000 per year. This explained in details of function off his shop and his value. And when tickle managers or recruiters look at this message and presenting experience, they would know that this person has made important achievements and has helped with his company in the past. More importantly, this person would be one of the top applicants and has more chance to be hard or at least deserves the chance to be interviewed. This was the right message to represent your experience closer venue and try now to rewrite your experience, a resume to present your real value scenes and eggs, video 20. 19 how to get templates: Hello. Everyone will come back again. Raise me, Brandon Course and this video are going to talk about templates. One of the most common problems that face a lot of people is have to find design for your is me. A lot of people asked me, Are there any ready made templates to copy? Should I search mobile for templates? So I'm gonna tell you really fast in the free method to find very stem bliss without coming designs from the Internet. And you can do this through Microsoft towards Mac soft work and help you create a make different designs for your resume. It's very simple. Just opens a program. Click on the file pattern on the left, then choose new file and in the search box striped raise me. Then you will find almost more than 60 temples in different designs on also different colors to choose from can choose the most suitable design for you, and you can show the temples click on it and there are loads for free and you can use it as you want. Using Max off toward is the fastest method to find the free template design for your arrest me because It's full of different designs and different colors. So tries this Mrs now and create your own custom. Ours Resonance through Microsoft Word CNX video. 21. 20 how to get creative templates: Hello, everyone. The brief is video. Have talked about how to get raising me template using Microsoft Word in this video who are going to discuss how to make a creative resume design using Canada. Canada is a well known designing website, and it's very easy to use. Just search kind of the common line, and you can sign up easily with your email or Facebook account. The upside can help you create a lot of designs for different purposes like social media posts, presentations, posters, Facebook covers and many more designs. And the most important thing is Canada can help you create designs for your resume. If you clicked here and there s me icon, various raise me templates, such venues will show up. And as you can see, there are many templates on the left. Some are symbol or basics. Others are more complex on some templates include picture or infographic for met. Just take a template and you can end it very easy. Here is an example of basic temples that you can zoom in and see all the details and edit them. Let's try to edit this template. Okay, Now I'm editing the name by clicking on net, and you can do the same method to edit any section off the rez me like experience or education section, or even lead or move some birds of the template. And here is another template. This one is more organized, and you can even add your picture. Tow it by clicking, upload and the truth picture. Now it added my picture and put my name on Juries. Me and I can end an edit any part in this template. After customizing and editing your resume in the way you like it to be, you can delude it as an image or PDF on. I recommend you to the eluded as a Pdf because it's more professional when use it to apply for a job. Thanks for watching and soon's and experience. 22. 21 Resources to review your resume: we'll come back again to raise me Brandy course. One of the main reasons that make recruit rejected resume is your grammar and spelling mistakes, and this would you are going to learn how to review Arrest me before sending it to any company. I'm going to show you one of the best upside that chick grammar and spelling mistakes and corrected the subsides. Schooley Graham early. The site identifies grammar and the spelling mistakes in any tickets or file, and you can also connect that your social media accounts or email. And it would recognise grammar and spelling mistakes for any rating content, and it will help you correct these mistakes. Let's take a lock in house. The site works first, hoping Gramley off site and simply a pootie raise me from this button here. Now I will upload my resume and wait for the side to scan it for any spelling. And the grammar mistakes here is a result. Graham Murray revealed my resume and underlying spelling underground mistakes in my resume and gave me the correct ward to the right and in Carides, the correct word by one click like that. Okay, It also suggests better editing options. For example, hear the words reseller is not recognized by the system because it's an Arab record, so you could ignore the other thing here. Also, there is a spelling mistake, the word organization. So I will also correct it like that. So on all grammar and spelling, six can be auto corrected easily like this week. And as I have mentioned before, you can connect it to your email and social media accounts to correct your spelling and grammar For any allying contents, right? This is not the only upside that can help you correct the grammar and spelling mistakes. This file is full of pesticides that you could use to check grammar, spelling and Evan. Translation. Some people struggle to translate the resume or to choose the right word to present their qualifications. Most people use Google translation, which is not very accurate. So check the soup sides that are more effective than Google translation and can help you choose the right words free resume without any grammar or spelling mistakes. See in the next video 23. 22 Write attractive Email: Hello, everyone, Welcome back again. How to get more job interview invitations. One of the most common problems that faces applicants is that the emails a resume to multiple vacancies, but still no one called them for a job interview and this section. I'm going to show you how to increase your chances of getting more job interview invitations. Step by. Step on. In this, you are going to discuss how trite an attractive, strong emails that attract recruiters toe open a radio. Ressam, the Media Center apply for a job is the first impression you make a recruiters, so it has to be well made, an attractive to convince recruiters toe of aneurysm. As I have mentioned before, About 500 applicants apply for its job vacancy. Recruiters are usually responsible for failing manager fake Ince's, so their email and books can be fall of emails from different applicant for different vacancies. So unless your email is attractive and persuasive, your chances of getting an interview would be very limited. Let's learn how to write an attractive email when applying for a job. The first thing you should write is the email address of the company are applying for this email address is usually provided in the show post itself, like this email address here for IBM company, for example, carrier at I PM the come. But if you're applying for different job vacancies at different companies, don't send one email to all companies at once. This is a common mistake among job seekers. Sending more resume to multiple companies in the same email can seem careless and indicates that you are simply searching for any opportunity, regardless of the company or the shop title. So right, a specific, immediate one company at the time. If you are applying for multiple vacancies, the second borders your email subject, and I have mentioned some common mistakes. Writing a male subject that makes your email and attractive. The subject is the first thing that recruiter see in their in box, So it should include the position you are applying for an your name like this example here and this example, I'm applying for H R journalists vacancy. So I wrote the position as written in the show post with my name. Because the recruiters and books are usually full of he means from a lot of people applying for different jobs so they simply look for an email subject that tells them who was applying toe which vacancy and it wouldn't carries them to open our read your email. The sort of steps writings a body of your email. What can you write in this part? Most people right? Ready made sentence such as kind refinement. Attention. Three. I'm looking for a drop. It would be a great for me to join your team and so on. But most recruiters don't pay attention to this kind of females. Be unique all right, something different in the body. You can achieve that by writing the job. Tighten in a big phone. Then the Samarie wrote your resume. This is a different and unique. Also told, attracted Hooters Attention To read your email. The somebody should include a brief introduction to your skills on who are you are qualified for the job. This will make recruiters eager to appear resin e to know whether you have these skills or not. Next is your signature. Most people ride Sanks or best regards with the name only, but you can add your professional social media platforms such as Lincoln Profile or any other lank like your portfolio or work samples. This is would be a good advantage for you if you work as a designer or in social media related jobs, because companies would like to know more about you through your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account or your own website toe. Have a better view about. You can create your signature using upside cold wise temp, and it allows you to add your social media accounts, pictures or website your email by simply connecting your email to the side. The help Recruiters find out more about you. The lost sport in your email is attachment. Ah, lot of people forget to use this feature when applying for a job. Of course, you have to attach rather me. However, it's spacers to rename it from common titles like My Resume, Me or My Final Resume or residue on and turn it into your own name on the job title you are applying for. So why is that more effective? We're recruiters. Open your email and would like to save your attached dressing me to their computers. They may lose it or among many other applicants. So in order to make it easier for recruiters to find your resume later and save us from being lost. Rename Erez Me was your name and the shop title you're applying for. These are the most important elements that you should include in your email to make it more interesting and attractive for recruiters. Toe open your resume. And that's the main purpose off the Emil. Why it's a purpose of the resume is to get you a job interview invitation. The process of getting a job requires persuading recruiters toe open your email. Then it's screening a resin and invite you for a job interview. And the next video are going to learn another message that would increase its chances of getting a job interview statement. 24. 23 Standout from email crowd: hello, Every on how to stand out of the crowd and to get more job interviews is the biggest video have discussed how to apply for a job by email and how trite, interesting, strong it means that attract recruiters. Toe open a read resume in this video are. Don't learn another message to make sure that you raise me has reached the company and to give herself a better chance to get a job interview when applying for a shop. Most applicants center resume to HR recruiters through the email address provided in such a post. But is that the only way to apply for a job? Of course not. There is another method, which has sending a resume to post a recruiter and the Harding manager. For example, if there is a your post for a marketing specialist vacancy, the typical saying to do is to apply for the shop by sending arrest me to the recruitment email or through company website. However, hundreds of people would apply for the same vacancy using the same method, and you have to stand out from this huge number of applicants and to achieve that should contact the hiring manager and send him your resume directly alongside with other methods. This would highly increase your chances to get a job interview. But how can you contact the Harding manager? Actually, there are some methods that can help you contact hiring managers. Revenue recruiters. One of them is like then, as I have mentioned before in the previous videos, Lincoln and could help you know more info about your target company or the target job or the skills required for this career or job and the kind off employees who work at this company. You can also use it to know who is the marketing manager. If you're applying for a market special vacancy, for example, and send them, you raise me or personally ask about any information related to the vacancy. This will be a greatest as resume would reach the hiring manager directly, avoiding the typical hiring process that start with the recruiters who create a job pose, then filter hundreds for applicants and shortlist 10 or 20 shortlisted applicants, then filters the most fit applicants to meet the Harding manager at the final s teach to take his final hiring decision. So most of the time, hiring managers control the hiring process and sending them your resume directly would be a great advantage for you because it's hiring manager convinced that you are suitable for the job, he would send your resume to recruiters directly with the recommendation for a job interview invitation. This is a shortcut to stand out in the counted Harding process. You can avoid Olds crowd and reach the hiring manager directly. And in case he liked to raise me, it's very likely that you would get hard. The second message is calling the company itself to ask who is the Harding manager and how to contact him. Or you can ask to contact him directly to tell him that you're interested in supposition and want to send him your resume directly. This won't be embarrassing or awkward, as it will distinguish you among other applicants who haven't tried to do this message. The last message it is sending dressing to the Harding manager personal email address directly as it would increase the chances of getting job interview. As we have discussed, you can do the same thing with recruiters, search for recruiters off your target company or language then and connect with them, then send them a message telling them that you are interesting and working for the company , and you have a flight for a job vacancy, I would like to know is the feedback. This would enable recruiters to check your LinkedIn profile and gather more information about you. And you could also call the company and talk to recruiters directly to follow up after sending your resume and check if he got your resume or not, this would indicate that you are persistent and very interested in getting that shop. So remember to contact the hiring manager recruiters but most importantly, the hiring manager. So why contacting her? The hiring manager is very important because managers have the final word in hiring applicants. So increase your chance of getting a job interview through directly contacting the hiring manager recruiters through LinkedIn or personally meals. Cnes innings veggies. 25. 24 Email Tracking: Hello, everyone, welcome back again. In the previous videos, we talked about the methods you should use to increase the opportunities to get more interviews. Writing an attractive Emil to attract the recruiter's attention is not the only problem you face when you apply for a job. There is an answer. Problems that face you after writing a good email and ago dress Ammi, which is the feedback you want to make sure that's recruiters has received and read your email. It can be a nerve breaking. Do not know whether your email has reached the recruiter on Was raided, not on many applicants. Think there's a recruiter like my resume, who I haven't. They called me. It better is a lot of variables to evaluate why the company didn't call you. It could be how you wrote the email, or that's the reason he doesn't represent your qualifications in a good way. The best way to Comey words is email tracking. There's upside called banana tagged. Com can track your sent emails and send you notification when you mail is opened. This website works was email on outlook and you can connect it to your email address and it will track all the email you sent. After you send your email, you will receive a notification to tell you that your email was open. Also, when you send the link inside the email, like your party for you link or your LinkedIn profile, the website identifies you. If it was clicked or not, let's take a look. And how's a website works when you sign up to the website with your Gmail account, for example, on opened a new email. A small books appears at the end off your email. Once you check that box, the upside tracks. Any email you send from this email account beside also gives you another feature, which is scheduling your email. You can a scandal. It's a time when your medicine was that it's two days or one week after writing it. Then when you send it decided, notifies you when was opened, provided with the date on our But how can you get an accurate feedback off how you present yourself? Impose the email and resume. For example, if you have sent your emails to 10 companies on Onley. Eight out of 10 emails were opened. Pakistan. No one called you then the problem lies in cerise me itself. It most likely is that your email was interesting amid the recruiter. Open your resume, but your resume didn't represent your qualifications in a very good way. Now, if only two out of 10 emails were opened, since the problem lies in how you wrote the email or the timing off sending it, maybe you have send it very late, like three weeks or months after the show post. Or maybe sending an email is not the proper message to apply for that job, and in this case you should apply using Lincoln and, for example, or the company of site or any other message. In conclusion, email tracking gives you feedback on your resume on the email you sent to find out, and the very way to resume and your email writing skills to break the barriers between you and the recruiters. Thanks for watching and seems an experience 26. 25 Docsend: Lovie on how much time recruiters bent of you. Resident is the previous video. You have learned how to track the emails you send when applying for a job. To know whether that I mean you have sent has reached the recruiters. And if they have read it or not in this video, are going through how to track terrorism itself. How do you know if your resume you is open and read or not? And how long did the recruiters been dreaming resin? You can do that using this amazing website docks and the come this upside track documents through uploading any document is upside and linking it to your email address. So when you send any files through your email, you would be able to know if it's the file was opened and how much time has it being opened ? Let me explain. How does the website works? You could sign up to Doc's and the comes through your LinkedIn account or email account, and now I'm tryingto sign in using my Lincoln an account. You can then upload your resume. I've already uploaded some documents, but I blew the new one, click new documents here and choose any folly want to both it and the upside. And as you can see here, I've already uploaded distressing me to use it as an example. Now, to track this document, I will open my Gmail account, which is connected so upside already on trying to send a new email. When you connected your regime in a counters upside and trying to open a new email, you will see ducks and logo down here into the email, and when clicking it, all the documents uploaded on the upside will appear right here. I will select Accountant Resume, and I can choose two options. One is allowing a nominee's fuming that anyone can see it on. Also, you can allow their loading. Then, when I click, insert syriza, MEES added, as a normal attachment, not a link. Now I'm writing the receiver and the subject off the email, and when I click, send the email appears like this to the receiver. And as soon as as recruiters quickens attachment, they can viewed on the upside itself. Meanwhile, the upside track, The Times a recruiter spent screening the resin recruiters can also delude or print your resume, so to track your resume go back to the upside and click on the document to know if it was open or not. And how long has the recruiters been screening it? He reserves me, was view with twice one of them by me right now. And I have read the already Me. So it says here 100% of the file was read. I've also been 36 2nd readings, a resume and upside provide statistics off the time here I spent 31 2nd viewing the first page on five second beyond the second page so you could use this website to track. Any reason you send when applying for a shop on the site will send you notification about the status of your resume, whether it was opened or not And for how long has it being opened? One time. I have sent my resume to apply for a job on. After seeing identification, I found out that recruiters has spent about having our reading my resume, which was won by age only we could spend maximum 10 seconds can resume under spending heaven. Our reading it means that there s a me was very unique and impressive, and they called me right after the deadline for applying for a job has passed. Ducks End is a strong tools that you should use when applying for a job, especially when you are applying for a big company and you want to get a feedback your resume and to know if the problem lies in your resume or your email, or maybe in the way you are applying for the job. For example, if I recruit reviewed your resume in two seconds on Lee, that mean you wrote something completely wrong in the introduction is resume like Putin, your photo or your address is very far off work or any other mistakes that can make recruiters reject your resume. This information are very useful and important when applying for a drop scenes in experience. 27. 26 Course Summary: Hello, Viane. Congratulations for completing grabs Me, Brandon Course and thank you for being part of it. I hope you have benefited from the course and would use what you have learned and you're pounding journey. Let's summarize what you have discussed throughout the course is the first section of discussed the information you need to know before sending a resume. What are the message companies used to hire and have recruit receive resume in the second section, we have learned how to build a strong presence on what recruiters look for. Any screening. Your resume, the service section of discussed how to best the screening stage and how to win the first impression off recruiters and persuade them to complete treating Grasim. We have also learned writing and presenting each section of resin and how to present your qualifications in attractive and persuasive way. In the Fifth section, you have learned how to have a professional resin and how to find attractive resume temples . We have also discussed the common mistakes that you need to avoid the writing resin, and finally, you have identified some message that can help you get more job interviews like how you write strong in me and when applying for a job on how to make sure that recruiters received your resume and how to track your email on resident. Finally, if you have any questions, could send them through the questions and answer section by clicking. Ask a new question here on. I would answer any of your questions, and I would really appreciate if you read the course and write what you have learned on What did you like the most? Or how can I make the scores better and more effective? And if you still have further questions, you can contact me through this immune address my Facebook page. Could he stand out or through my LinkedIn profile? I hope that your lines this course and thank you again for being part of it I would like you.