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Resume-To-Go: Proven Structure Models to Upscale a Resume!

teacher avatar Dylan Schettler-Moncus, Emerging Leader of 2019, Job Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 21m)
    • 1. Resume-To-Go Intro

    • 2. Introduction - How to Use this Course

    • 3. What is a Resume and What Purpose Does it Serve in Today's World?

    • 4. Different Types of Resumes

    • 5. What are Employers Looking for in Job Candidates and Resumes?

    • 6. Creating a Combination Resume Format

    • 7. How to Write an Effective Bullet Point

    • 8. Bullet Point Examples with Combination Resume

    • 9. How to Write a Resume with No Experience

    • 10. Bullet Point Examples with Skills Based Resume

    • 11. Alternative Formatting Techniques

    • 12. Resume Checklist and Conclusion

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About This Class

             Are you in a hurry? Do you need to submit a resume in the next few days? Do you want immediate responses that get the interviews and jobs you desire?  Whether you have no job experience or you're a college/ high school student or you're the average job seeker, Resume-To-Go SAVES YOU TIME and uncovers document models and structures to have your resume STANDOUT from other candidates and get you the responses you want.

             Having had experience in the higher education industry and employment industry as a hiring specialist, I have worked with hundreds upon hundreds of job seeking resumes and have discovered a fast and response-driven process into getting employers to react to my resume model.

             Here is what you will get out of this course:

  • An overview of the different types of resumes available for job seeking

  • An inside look on what employers are seeking from job candidates

  • A Combination and Skills-Based Resume

  • A Soft Skill/ Hard Skill Cheat Sheet

  • A Bullet Point System that includes EXAMPLES

  • Inside tips to expand your resume beyond the course

             Resume-To-Go is user friendly and explains everything with step-by-step instructions  for the student to follow along with their own computer or laptop. With tutorials that are under 10 minutes and a subtitle addition to view further, everything is provided to have the OPTIMAL resume building experience.


             YOU WANT RESPONSES! YOU WANT TO SAVE TIME! With skillshare programs, there is absolutely no risk in you obtaining a results-driven resume. The decision is up to you. If you are stuck in any area of the program, you will have access to contact me for questions and support. I am at your services! 

Can't wait to see you in class! :) 

Yours Truly,
Dylan Moncus

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dylan Schettler-Moncus

Emerging Leader of 2019, Job Coach


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1. Resume-To-Go Intro: Hi, My name is Dylan Monkeys. I'm a resume writing professional for over nine years that has helped hundreds of students and job seekers like you find high paying jobs for companies like Keller Williams, a Santi Herring and David, just to name a few. Having learned from the top resume writing professionals in the industry, I am very familiar of what employers are looking for and resumes. If you are wanting to get more interviews through a document that showcases your best skills, then keep watching. Utilizing strategies of creative wording, proper formatting structures and strong bullet points. I will show you how to write a resume no matter what your prior working experience was. That highlights your talents on paper, translating to more interviews instead of paying big dollars for a consultant or filling out a free resume template that doesn't get you the results you want. My course goes through a step by step process from the drafting stage to the final product , just under an hour and 1/2 that is both affordable and gets you results. Having done this nearly a decade, finding people jobs it's something that I do every day. What are you waiting for? Let's get you started with your fresh new resume right away 2. Introduction - How to Use this Course: I first would like to say thank you so much for purchasing this resume. Course I really appreciate it. And I can't wait to share with you my knowledge to progress. You and the job searching process. You made the right decision, and I can guarantee you will receive more phone calls for job interviews by the end of this program. But first, there are some ground rules that we need to establish. I want to explain to you how to best use this course appropriately. There. 10 lectures that are taught utilizing power points and Microsoft Word to interactive leash show you how I create resumes and the reasoning behind them. I implored to you that you go through this program chronologically instead of starting from one video and skipping ahead to the next. You can watch a video a day if you in a day or all in one. Please watch the lectures in order, though aside from that, there are any questions that arise throughout this course. Feel free to contact me. I've provided my email here. If you need to message me at all, I am at your service is now that that is out of the way, let's begin 3. What is a Resume and What Purpose Does it Serve in Today's World?: Hello. Everyone today will be addressing the question. What is a resume? But what purpose does it serve in today's world? Before I answer that question, I'd first like to introduce his course with the story on how I attained my first job. I was attending a local community college and thought it would be a great idea to apply for student employment. There was an opening in the Career Services Department for a pure assistant position that included duties of assisting and resume writing, cover letters, mock interviews and applying for employment opportunities and no prior experience or knowledge in any of these skills. However, I did my research of the department and utilize a resume template, which I would never recommend using now to apply for the position, I was called in for a single interview, and after three weeks I was called back and offered the job. The reason I mentioned this story is because after I was hired on my idea of what a resume is and what it should be entirely changed. After receiving extensive training and mentoring under the top resume writing professionals , I discovered the concept of the resume building mindset to address this I first like to discuss you to resume is not speaking from the contrast. A resume is not what you did. It is what you learn. Let me repeat that a resume is not what you did. It is about what you learn. Whether this was customer service organization, time management team building an employer is only interested off what skills you can provide. Mentioning your daily task and activities from previous jobs is not a bad idea. To list is your bullet points, but do not lose focus of the reasoning behind your task and activities. Second, a resume is not a one time document. If you go into any resume building course with the notion that you could use this document for any job application out there, I hate to break it to you. This is not the case. This document is continuously changing, depending on the amount of work you put in now or in the future. If you plan on moving up the corporate ladder or into a management position or change careers, a resume will need to be updated and finally it resume is not an entire representation of you. A resume does not showcase the employer, your personality, behavior, soft skills and overall attitude. This is up to you alone, especially during the interview process. Now moving forward, I'd like to explain now what arrest me actually is, since we've covered the contrast. Essentially a resume is a marketing document. As with any product, marketing is a strategy to sell an item or service. In this case, you are trying to sell your potential labour to an employer. In addition, a resume is a job secret tool. A toolbox is typically used to either fix or create something that needs to be repaired, restored or built. In this case, we're building to the job. And what tools do we need while a cover letter, proper interview clothes, maybe company research? And, yes, a resume. All in all, in today's world, the purpose of a resume Mason clear as to getting a job. But back to the idea of the resume building mindset. This is just not true. One conversation I have with my supervisor a few years back really stuck to me when he said , The purpose of a resume is to simply get you an interview or connection. You have to do the rest having this mindset in place. After I let the institution for another opportunity, I crafted my resume with this idea target. Out of the 11 jobs I had applied for in my search, I received all 11 or those opportunities to find my dream job. If I had never had that conversation with my boss, my mindset would have still been in job mood and not interview mode. In the next video, I will demonstrate the different types of resumes one can use and how this can attribute to the resume building mindset to get you interviews. 4. Different Types of Resumes: So today we're going to discuss the different types of resumes you may come across and how to choose which one for your document. Before I begin. I just want to explain that there is no correct way to writing Arrest me. Even with the formalities, resumes are structured an organization that may best fit the user. Reading the document, for example, I worked with a graphic design class that didn't even use the traditional recipe formats. But the presentation and order was clear and showcase a graphic designing skills. I would say the same is to say as well for people applying for jobs in certain parts of the trucking industry. You don't wanna be too fancy with your structure, although I do believe that having an understanding of the core resume formats is critical to how you will apply your resume when job searching. Fundamentally, there are three types of commonly used resumes that we will be going over today that being the skills based, the chronological base and the combination resume, I will go over both the pros and cons to each is skills based primarily highlights values and your soft skills. This resume is generally used for individuals with no prior experience in the workforce whatsoever to the top. We have the bullet points under the highlighted skill section that could be used to mention a value or strength, and the body of the resume includes a skill provided with bullet point examples. We'll go over how to write an effective bullet point in the coming videos towards the bottom. Traditionally, these sections are called additions and are listed is simply add more worthy content to the skills based resume. Given that no experience is the purpose behind it now, I'm going to open the chronological based resume. Notice that we don't have a skills, ah highlighted skills Piece added. Since we're now in the chronological four man, this document focuses primarily on people with working and volunteer experience, but in a specific field. For example, if I'm applying for a job at a coating company, I'm not going to list that I worked at Baja Fresh or the Country Club is a server. Having information that is consistent will serve you the best and in chronological format. In addition, the body of the resume consists of your job title and bullet point examples that follow again. We have a dishes to the resume to add more content. They don't have to include education or awards. These pieces air there, for example, seek, although for a chronological resume again, I'd be consistent with your entire document information and your additions. Finally, this is my favorite and most widely used resume of them all. We have the combination resume. The combination resume is self explanatory. At this point, it takes both the skills base and chronological into one format. This one is used for people with minimal working or volunteer experience. Teoh, even those with a longer working background. There are two very distinct differences, though, that I'll be going over for the skills based piece of the resume. You do not list values for your bullet points. Instead, you provide experiences, task and activities from your past that relieved to that one skill. This enforces the idea what you learn other than what you did. Also, the Working history section doesn't need any bullet points. This simply serves the idea of chronologically listing your working history. If this is tailor a tailor resume towards a particular job, I list relevant jobless ing. If it is a generic resume to get you any job. Having this list shows that you understand the idea working. So I would list as many as you can fill for being the most. So that concludes this section next will go over what employers are actually looking for and why this is important and resume building. Thank you. 5. What are Employers Looking for in Job Candidates and Resumes?: I first want to give you perspective what employers are looking for in job candidates and their resumes. That way you are better prepared when you start typing your own document again. Being a student employee of a community college, I saw several students that were hired on and were screened through by my mentors. One mentor in particular, would have meetings with employers in the value on a regular basis to discover what hiring managers really wanted from applicants regrouping to the idea of it is not what you did. It is what you learned is essentially the baseline for what you can offer. Volunteer experience counts. Helping your grandmother with gardening counts, mowing the lawn for your neighbor, helping students in a classroom with the difficult question, driving a work on time. These activities all show value, also known as a soft skill. Generationally speaking, this is lacking in our workforce. Social media is just one factor into this lacking equation. But even being able to show up on time or work with the gracious attitude is something that is not present. So not only is there a need for employers to hire people, but there's definitely a need for quality workers. With that being said, there are several soft skills. I'll be going over today that adding to your resume can speak volumes for you in the long run. Problem solving is one that I would list, given that you possess such a skill problem solving shows that you're independent and upon and can resolve situations professionally from an incentive standpoint, having faith in an employee to make appropriate decisions. In reaction to particular dilemma, this skill alone makes the company money further productive. Ity is something you need to sell in today's labor market, and here's how you can do just that. Granted, this method is used primarily in the interview process. There are parts of the resume where you can add features of the star method. To your document. Star represents a story or action that you took to improve the event. So we have a situation which explains the overall synopsis of the issue at hand. This could be a conflict with the co worker or discussing difficult news with the client. Then he would describe the task involved with the overall synopses. Such is your responsibility or role in the circumstance. Next we have the action step, the most crucial part to the star method that highlights what you actually did. Finally, we have the results. What was the outcome and what did you learn? Having an understanding of this concept greatly demonstrates the idea of the problem solving peace and will serve you well in your resume. The second soft skill that comes up often is the willingness to learn or adapt. Having to adjust to a working culture can take some time in certain industries. There are high turnover rates, and this may raise skepticism for employers in hiring you. Adding the skill of willingness to learn to resume would be quite the advantage for a bullet point. Example stating adaptable in a working setting to get quality results for the well being of the company would be a good start or team player that is resourceful and coordinating task with others to produce a beneficial outcome would be another example again, these phrases represents soft skills and are not specific examples for a bullet point which we will get into in the following videos. Finally, we have the skill clarity. Instead of writing down this skill, there are a couple of tricks. You can add to your document that demonstrate this idea. Believe me when I say employers are watching, being clear and concise with your wording is essential. Having proper grammar and punctuation and no short hand, all represent clarity. Being consistent with your formatting can be included in this piece is, well, you don't want to add a border to the subtitle if you didn't add this to the previous subtitle. Organization is also key, especially for bullet points. I've seen too many resumes where bullet one is out of place or educational piece is listed under working experience. Ensure If you're half hearted when drafting your resume, people do notice, moving forward and actually writing the resume. We have now covered the purpose of the document, the different types of resume ease and what employers are looking for, and job seekers and candidate Ressam ease. Let's continue with the drafting process 6. Creating a Combination Resume Format: we finally made it to the drafting process. To really get a full understanding incomprehension of this video, I would suggest following along with me on your own computer with Microsoft. Wear open pause and washes video as many times as you would like. I know I already have a template assigned to this course, for example, Seek. However, being able to create your own document will allow you to add further additions and at its two year estimated that a template will not, Which is why I highly do not suggest using any form of a template. Today I'll be introducing a combination recipe format on a single page and the following video. I'll be presenting a power point on creating bullet points that provide worthy content. It is really important, though, to have a formatting down first before you begin typing out your bullet points. So without further ado, let's begin. So I want you to click over to the layout tab here. Let's change the marches over to a 0.5 narrow, and then I want you to triple click into the header year. You will type in your name, hold shift and then enter type in your phone number. Hold shift and enter one more time and then type in your email address, hover over the document texts, click back into the home tab and then change the font size to 12 points. Bolden, once you've done that, was change the font text. Either gear Amman or times New Roman rotate between the two. But for this video, I'm gonna be using gear. Ammand then highlights your name in here. Let's change the font size to 36 because we really want your name to stand out on your rest of me. Click out of that. Move the cursor anywhere, cited the email and in the paragraph section, we have our borders. And here let's add a bottom border click out of the header. And since we're at the top of the page here, hit, shift, enter warmer time in type in highlighted skilled. Since we're in the highlighted skills, peace now highlights the techs. Let's change the font size to a 16 fund and make sure that it's the same Want text as the header. So change it back to Gary Mine, Bolden and add in our bottom border. Click underneath the border. Change it back to a 12 point font size for a bullet points, and I've already provided a handout for the highlighted skills piece. So go through that list and find six highlighted skills that you can add to this section. I've already have some listed out. I'm gonna go ahead and type them right now, so we have Microsoft program clerical peer support, willingness to learn Problem Solver, an independent, and I want you to hit Enter after that and back space as much as you can to the left alignment. Once you've done that, go ahead and type in. Relevant skilled highlights the text and let's change it to a 16 font size Bolden. We don't need to change the want text because it's already in German, and then add in the bottom border. Click underneath the border. Let's change it back to 12 points, and from here moving on, I need you to pick three soft skills from the handout that I have provided for you of skills that you have learned or experience or can provide bullet points of activities. Task and really be concrete and clear with your examples when writing down your bullet points. I've provided a video and the one following from this, but really hone in on those three skills that you can really identify with and relate to. And so I have communication being one of those. And since it is a subtitle within Entitle, let's change it to a 14 on size Bouldin hit Enter. But I'm Bolden future back to a 12 point font size and start adding in our bullet points again. I provided a video on the following and then backspace into the left alignments. Let's add in a multi tasking being our second soft skill. Golden 14 to enter again. I'm Bolden, 12 point backspace in tow. Left alignments add in our final soft skill being data entry. 14. Font size Teoh. Enter on Bolden 12 point font size and start adding our bullet points and backspace until let's Lyman this. We've done that. Now we're in the working experience section to the rest of me, but I want you to highlight this piece, holding it, change into a 16 font size and click out and add in our bottom border and notice that working group would be highlighted skills, relevant skills and now working experience titles and So here I've provided to job listing examples, and I'll be going over the formalities of how to write out a job listing in a working experience section. I changed it to a 12 point font size, and here we have office assistant. We want to Boldin the title because we really want the employer to see what your position or title waas and then have words space as much as you can to the rights alignment, leaving you with some extra space and then on Bolden the text and start adding in the most recent working year of its title, 2017 and 2018. Move the cursor in front of the year and start spacing as much as you can the right alignment. Now you can move the cursor in front of the text year, hold shift and then enter, and here you will be typing in your company. And so, for the fictional company thing that I have is Rogue Valley diving and go ahead and have or space into the rights alignments. And here you add in the location. So I'm just gonna put in Medford, Oregon, base as much as you can to write a Lyman. Now I'm gonna move the cursor in front of the location and for the next listing, you don't need to hit, Shift, enter. You can just simply hit enter. And here I will type in administrative existent as the high tour and bold in the text here and then tab or space into the rights alignment. I'm bowled in it now, a general rule of thumb that I use for the years of experience that I write down. If it is more than eight once that you were at a current job than you would add in the year , like 2017 2018 2019. But if it is less than eight months and you would have to write out the short hand of the working experiences, so we're gonna do exactly that right now, and I want to show you we have June of 2016 2 December of 2016. Let's space sat out to the right alignment. As much as we can move the cursor in front of the year hit shift enter and this one I have Valley catering, and then we're gonna tab or space as much as we can for the right I've been the location being Medford, Oregon, and space as much as you can see right, move the cursor here, hit, enter. And for this next one, I'm going to be adding, in an ambition, this one being education. For those of you who are currently in college, there is a way for you to write down your current degree that you're obtaining on your resume without even graduating. This really shows your ambition, your motivation, your perseverance to an employer and is really crucial in writing down. So I'm going to do exactly that. The type in education hover over the text with Boldin it at in a 16 font size and place a bottom border. Move the text underneath the title, change it back to a 12 point font size. And so, for this piece, let's add in the current degree that you're trying to obtain. For example, second would be typing in associates of science being computer science, have her space into the right alignment, and let's have been anticipated graduation and then you'd put in the year. So if it's a two year degree, put it out two years of 2020. This is a way you can write down that you're currently a painting a college degree without really having to put much effort into it. You can simply just put it in the same formatting as a title year company or institution and then the location on. Then don't forget to Boldin the title here. Once you've done that, move the cursor in front of the graduation year. It shift. Enter. I've been the name of the institution, and so I'm just gonna put rogue college and have or space into the right alignment and in the location being Medford, Oregon. And when it speaks as much as I can to ride alignment. And there you go. And so again, I just want to clarify. This is a combination resume and for the additions, including the working experience in education, it is really important that you get the formatting down with a title year company and place for any addition. It doesn't have to be education. It could be awards. It could be certifications. As long as you have this formatting down, this shows congrats. See, this shows consistency and a resume document and is really important cause the employer does notice, and in In addition to all of this, we also have the titles to where we have the 16 font size with the Bolden text with the bottom border for highlighted skills, relevant skills, working experience, education. And so these are really important pieces in formatting that hopefully you learned a lot in today again. In my next video, I'll be going over bullet points and moving forward along with our resume. Thank you. 7. How to Write an Effective Bullet Point: So in the last video I showed you, I presented how to write an appropriate format for your resume. Today will be going over content and actually creating an effective bullet point for your document. There are essentials we must go over and I'll be sharing exactly that with you before I show you my system. There are a few formalities that we must address. You may know this piece already. However, it is a good reminder for you in the future, so there are no periods at the end of bullet points. This may or may not be a surprise to you, but I run into this quite often. With many resumes I've reviewed. You are phrasing, a statement which does not require a period or any grammatical ending for that matter. In addition, since we are phrasing, there is no need for I or use statements again. I'm running to this frequently. This is sort of a good Segway into the final bullet point, but you will need to be riding from the standpoint of the third person now. This may seem awkward at first, since we almost always address ourselves in the first person. But using noun such as individual or person can help assist in this part of bullet point drafting. Once you get into the hang of it, you should be at ease with it moving forward. So now onto the system I've created for bullet points, I noticed in common trend among many of the documents that I craft for students and what was desired from employers and that being title activity number or specificity really placed in no particular order title is what you weren't and where you worked. Speaking in the third person, this may greatly come to your advantage statements such as hostess at Red Lobster's restaurant or Welder At first point. Welding is exactly what I mean by explaining your title, then, adding the activity would be the body of the phrase really get into detail what you actually did. Providing concrete examples of what a hostess Orwell Durkan do is really crucial and writing a meaningful bullet point. And finally we have the number or specificity of your activity. If you can write the number of years you worked at Red Lobster or first point welding or how many clients you serve, this could be quite the advantage You'll have, among other job candidates. I'll get into specific examples later in this video. There are rules that we must go over before I start with these examples. First off, you only need to address your title or position once in a bullet point, any others that proceed from that same title or position. You don't need to add it 345 times. If you want to add a new experience or activity separate from the other title, then it would be saved toe. Add this new position in next. If you not have a title, which happens often but wants to mention a skill, you can substitute the title with experience. For example, instead of stating hostess at Red Lobster, you can add experience working in the restaurant industry. Although this is being Braun. If you are wanting to add a skill, this may be the route to go for the numbers section, sometimes finding the exact number one. Remembering your work experience so many years back can be challenging, providing a guesstimate or some form of specificity. Camera plays the numbers. You can even use adjectives to get your point across. Now that we have covered the bullet point system. Let's continue with some actual examples. So we have took orders for people at a restaurant and provided customer service so immediately from first look, there is a period at the end of the phrase we can go ahead and Amit down. Also, there is a title missing with really no activity stated other than customer service. But still, that doesn't really say much about what you did in my next line. I've provided the edits to this bullet point, so let's see if we can find the title. First. We have server at Denny's restaurant waiting 15 20 tables daily. Taking customer orders would be both the activity and number in this part. Notice that we are really specific in this piece and our listing activities that show customer service and tours. Ian enhancing relationships through excellent customer service really takes a nun another step in the bullet point by adding another activity with an adjective. Next, we have in charge of inventory to make sure food items were in constant rotation again, this doesn't have an activity or specificity, however, given the previous example where we already listed title, we don't we do not need to have this again before I click to the next slide. Really? Imagine what other duties you can do and checking for inventory. What am I going to need or communicate to others when going through this process? How can I better word this statement than the ones currently provided moving on? We have managed inventory thoroughly, using a checklist sheet to ensure items for food preparation were in constant rotation and communicating any items and shortage toe upper management. This is a strong statement, the use of wording and specificity, really elaborating what you did. You can use a checklist to inventory items and you reported your results of those in upper staff. These pieces alone showcase your attention to detail and communication skills. Our last bullet Point states I was lead supervisor for two years, helping train new food prep employees and providing support to others Right off about. We started with an I statement which, referring back to the general rules for bullet points we do not use. How can we start this statement without using I. Also, being a lead supervisor is quite the role. If there was more to add activity wise to really describe your position as a supervisor. How would you do that? Remember, be specific as you possibly can if you cannot provide numbers. So now we have professional lead supervisor with two years experience that assisted in training new employees, approving time sheets, communicating any support needs to management and bringing a positive attitude to the working environment. So we got rid of the eye and started with professional lead supervisor, adding an adjective to the now. Also, we provide a number with two years experience as out role. In addition, we were specific in regards to activity. I literally have four points of reference for this bullet point now on Lee did we provide concrete examples? But we also provided a sauce skill where it states bringing a positive attitude to the working environment. So to conclude this piece again, always remember to keep in mind title activity number or specificity for the resume format that I provided in the previous video. I will go over riding more bullet points in the next thank you 8. Bullet Point Examples with Combination Resume: So in the last video, we went over how to write a bullet point with a few examples to utilize. Today we are back to our resume and video four and will write bullet points underneath each skill that provided content with the bullet points system in place. The more we practice, the better you will get on doing this for your own rest may. So as I scrolled down here, we have communication, multitasking and data entry being the skills, peace to our combination resume on. What we're gonna do is from the listings that we have from working experience and education . We will sort of create these fictional bullet points based off of these experiences and really hone in on the Bullet Wayne system using again title activity number or specificity . And so let's begin with the office assistant position. So we have title. Let's the office assistance for 1.5 years. ATS Rove Valley diving. I want you to notice. And we have two titles with the office assistant and wrote Valley diving. And then we have the numbers peace with you being there for about a 1.5 years. So let's write in an activity. So representing the front desk in directing multiple, not full phone lines and engaging with current fine film to strengthen company relationships really want to be a straightforward moving forward. It doesn't have to be hard. It literally is that simple as writing down the title activity number or specificity. If you really use those pieces to your bullet point, you will provide worthy content. So let's move on to our next one. I want to substitute the title for experience, and I also want to substitute the number for specificity to really get you in the hang of using the bullet point system. So, let's say experience stinking Teoh upper management regarding customer complaints while also following written pro seizures and actually listening to client interns. We're here for the experience. Peace. We have experienced speaking upper management in that place, and then we also have the number or specificity taking the place right here, a customer complaints while also following written procedures and actively listening to clients concerns. Again, this is the activity and specificity portion. So for our next bullet point, we have performed various phone projects consisting of around 80 to 90 calls a week for keeping retention among immediate immediate customers in attaining new diving word. His penance as well. Guys, you could tell we have the number being 18 to 90 calls a week. We have the experience peace being performed, various phone projects. And then we also have the activity where we're keeping retention among immediate customers and attaining new part diving participants as well. Again, very straightforward. So onto multi tasking. There's ability to work on several drafting projects for item inventory and meet the required required dead lines within the same we as in administrative that system and valley teetering. I wanted to show this example because you don't always have to seek to the traditional title at the very beginning of the ah bullet points. You can even add it at the end. So we have minutes in Ministry of Assistant at Valley Catering being the title, and then for the activity or specificity portion. Since we're substituting number for specificity, we have ability to work on several drafting projects, for I am inventory and meeting those deadlines within the same week. Assistance roles included yes, such as attending catering events, the exposing company present that working mixers, providing support, true cuts from here service and always maintaining professionalism. So here we have the title with assistant roles and for the activity and specificity. Again, we're not using number, and we already have the activities listed. And so we're very specific where we're writing tending catering events, exposing cup company presence at networking mixers, providing support through customer service and always maintaining professionalism. This is a really strong statement because you're getting into detail and being specific about your role. That's an administrative assistant. And finally, we have of meaning a green any computer science while also balancing work and school wife by writing down our by. How were schedule for the re and meeting those gold with in two See Assam? You hear? It might be a little bit tricky for some people, but for the education piece, we did list associates of science computer signs, and so that would be our title. Obtaining a degree in computer science or the number wasn't necessarily written down in as obvious, with 80 to 90 calls a week or 1.5 years and Roe Valley diving. But we have an hour by hour schedule, which is a number and something that we can utilize. That would be the number piece to this bullet point and then the activity being balancing work in school life by writing down the schedule for the week and meeting those schools. So now we have data entry, so I'm gonna put in it and experience Pete's. We have familiar with micro soft Excel. Can it? Creating formulas and tables, providing relevant information to marketing to marketing regarding flying ratings or opinions of theory experiences with road diving for valley catering. So here we have a title piece on. We also have an experience peace with being familiar of Microsoft Excel. Also, there is no number so and this we have creating formulas and tables and providing information to marketing that would be both the activity and specificity. If you go back into the previous video, there really is no order and using the bullet points system. But if you have all of these factors into a single bullet point, it will provide that word. The content for your bullet points. Next, we have schedule outbound appointments with a national staff through outlook listing details for the appointment such as and overall Curtis for the meeting. Expect iffy time and please and and auto made it. We're my day, so we have experience being scheduled outbound appointments right here and then the activity and specificity. Since there is no number would be listing details for the appointments, such as an overall purpose of the meeting, a specific time and place and an automated reminder again, be specific that there is no number to report. Now. We have submitted over 40 to 50 narratives or notes a month through a company database system to show progress to management everything port and customer fact. Right here we have 40 40 to 50 narratives or notes a month being the numbers piece, and this can also included the experience cemented over for you to 50 narratives or notes a month through a company database system in place of the title, obviously, and then for the activity and specificity, we have to show progress to management and retain important customer fax. So I really hope that was clear. Well, there is one additional thing that I would like to do to this resume, since it is a one page combination resume on due to the amount of space that we have here that we've added. We want to get rid of extra spaces, so one way you can do that. If you look at the highlighted skills piece here, there's plenty of unneeded space that we can get rid of. And there's is a way you can do just that to go or to lay out in the page. Set up section, there's a piece called columns. Click on that Unless bring it to three and see it divides it proportionally across the document here. And what do you know? We're back to one page. So this is a one page combination resume. In the next video, I'll be going over a skills based resume. So if you have zero experience, if you're currently in high school or if you haven't really been out there in the workforce , this is a video for you and and hopefully we can go over how to write bullet points to really have your resume shine. And so I hope this was really informative. And I'll see you in the next video. Thank you 9. How to Write a Resume with No Experience: in the combination resume, we really took a look at people with experience and minimal working history and crafted a one page document with bullet points that contain notable content. Now I will be addressing resumes with no working history and how to write them video to. We went over the different types of resumes one can utilize. Depending on their experiences. We will be going over the skills based resume that fits within the no experience criteria. Before I begin. Most people think they don't really have anything to add to the rest of it, given they have never really been in the workforce or out in the world as much. However, there are things you can't list from your everyday life or in the past to add in your resume that are not work related. If you can go back to a time when you did house chores once a school and finish projects, read books helped a friend with the task cleaned your house, these air activities that can really too soft skills. Let's take, for example, the skill of organization. Turning a paper in before the deadline can account for this clearing your room or mowing your front lawn can connect to organization. Remember, it is not what you did. It is what you learn, And adding all your activities to a particular skill is a skill learnt. If you have these experiences, then you can go ahead and utilize the bullet point system and possibly the combination resume format. So what if you did absolutely nothing your entire life and needed to write a resume? Well, there was one particular student that I worked with were tracing back to high school and even back to middle school. He fit within the category of doing nothing. I did write a skills based resume for him and several others like him, but utilize a few tricks to really get a footing with the resume. I do want to say, though you will need to add experience to your resume if you want to make yourself a competitive job candidate. If you want that dream job or a job to sustain a comfortable living doing, simply nothing will not get you there First off. If you have no experience to write from, you do not use the bullet point system. It would make sense since you do not have a title, you do not have an activity, and you do not have a number or specificity piece to write about. Instead, you will have to rephrase statements into a skill, value or belief. Here's what I mean by this. Let's say you were working a job and showed up on time everyday, completing activities with a dutiful heart. Well, there is a way to phrase that activity into a skill or belief. Now what if you said professional individual that values showing up to activities on time and organizing the date productively? It didn't say that you worked at place A or B, and this is truthful towards what you may believe with this skills based resume in having no experience, this is what you will be utilising for bullet points. Fair warning, though, to always be truthful and what you write. And never try to bend the truth to make your resume sound better. This can negatively affect your image, and we don't want to do that. We will take a look at a few examples. Keep in mind that we still use the general formalities for bullet points throughout the rest of May. So instead of writing out a before and after bullet point for these examples. I wanted to write a generalized soft skill to go with the bullet, points says. There really isn't it before it used to work with and this slide? We have a team player and then a phrase that follows stating works well in a group environment, always open to new ideas and creativity within the working space. No. First you would have to identify with this statement from the start. But what works well with this particular statement is that it doesn't say that you have this previous experience, nor does it list any form of activities. It is a skill. This is what we're striving for under no volunteer or working background. Next side, we have problem solving where the bullet point States critical thinker that observes events and finds the best possible solutions to take action from this statement alone can be taken into everyday life. Almost daily, you're faced with choices on a job. There are many other choices you will be confronted with relating this to your resume. This bullet point actually says a lot about you without mentioning any examples, but simply a skill given that you again possessed such a skill. Positivity is probably my favorite saw skill to use for skills based resume, since you can highly relate this to life, even if you have done nothing. So the following reads ability to maintain optimism during difficult challenges and overcome these two circumstances with an encouraging attitude. Notice that it is quite big but identifies your value of overcoming hardship through positivity. You are also independent in your maintenance of optimism. This is a strong bullet point, even without examples, because I can list to values you possess in this single bullet point. In the next video, I will go over the formatting of the skills based, resume briefly and then get into the bullet point drafting for the document. Thank you. 10. Bullet Point Examples with Skills Based Resume: here. I want to provide bullet point examples with little or no experience for the resume, especially for those of you in college. It doesn't have to be difficult or challenging. Remember to pause or rewind this video to really review the content thoroughly. So let's take a look at our highlighted skills. I once again picked mine from the list provided in this course, and I hope you will do the same to follow those being professional, adaptable willingness to learn team player, time management and positivity. Now we'll go into the body peace. I wanted to provide both examples with volunteer or school experience, as well as bullet points with generic statements for those with no experience. Here, we have the skills, persistence, organization and self motivation, the ones with volunteer experience. We can use the bullet points system, the ones with no experience. We will be stating skills, values or beliefs as discussed in video. Seven. For starters, we have experience finishing 10 lines one time and submitting homeward. It's a college student asking for support when needed through futures and fulfilling the filling projects independently with success. I love this statement because you didn't list any working experience, but you showed that you're a dedicated individual with finishing deadlines and seeking assistance through tutors. This is what we're looking for and his skills, values or beliefs. System necks. There's volunteer, I think Technician for Rogue Holly that is helped around 15 classes per term year with launching by Hate is walking if you computer distance and appropriately, uh, read setting password for students I wanted to utilise. Now a volunteer related bullet point notice. I provide a title being I t technician. I provided activities including launching pages, logging into computer systems, resetting passwords, and I provided a number with fitting classes per term year. Remember that volunteer experience counts on your resume. You can even add, in addition, to create a volunteer listing as you would with a job title in a combination resume. For this video, however, we will strictly stick to the standards of a skills base to finish a section off. There's balance individual that finds time to complete weekly responsibilities hasn't under graduate and keep two obligations as an i b. A technician gaining in gaining hands on experience at the institute. It's again doesn't follow the bullet point system, but all relates back to the single subtitle of being persistent, You are able to complete your degree and volunteer your time at the college. This also shows the skill of multitasking and is overall a great bullet point, considering that there are two skills we can address in this statement. Under organization, I'll start off with ability, whose schedule hes in one hour increments through an APP, calendar and successfully complete heat has with floor Aunt optimization. As I said in video seven, there are many things we do throughout our day to relate into a resume. Today. I see many people organizing their time through Google calendars for tasks such as grocery shopping, haircut appointments or coffee meetings. But don't think of adding this to your their resume. Surprisingly, scheduling activities throughout your day shows employers the likelihood of you doing the same exact thing for your work day. Increasing productive ITI and value. If this is you and you have zero experience toe, add in a resume uses bullet point for our second bullet point. We have successful lantern that's structures three kings and life goals through the assistance of mentors for both guidance and direction for future her tubes. I like the bullet point because it showcases that you understand what you want for a career and aren't just looking for a job to get by. When someone sees this bullet point, they know here or she is not applying for a job just to get a job. A rule of thumb When writing these statements is toe, always take the next step and adding more value in your bullet points. And for our final statement, we have name things. Order. True cold Palin is we found any distractions and zero progress procrastinate. Region it in attaining Absolutely okay, it's words she's fired. Result. What's raise people away from thing organized really is distractions or procrastination, although the only way an employer can determine this piece is to actually see your results . Adding this to your resume is simply affirmation and relates back to organization. Moving on to self motivation, there's introduced new log in Pruetts injuries. Do it in hands productive ity as a volunteer, Okay, providing a step by step handbook to train new staff. I provided this bullet point because I once used it on my resume and used it without the bullet points system in place. What is particular about this statement is really the self motivation piece you went above and beyond the call of duty to make a process simpler for those in your working or volunteering environment. This would definitely be for the student with prior volunteer experience, but I wanted to use it as a reminder to really think about the work you do to provide results in adding to your resume. This strategy will strengthen your talking points for higher paying jobs over time and can really gain you an advantage over other job candidates. We have determine in meaning a computer computer find three within three years, staining a 3.79 she p a sure ill pounds Pure room. Yes, I would list your degree and GP as a bullet point. People generally recognized that the higher the G p A. The more work you put in to maintain that g p A. I usually have a rule of a 3.5 or higher, enlisting this number and mentioning your degree. You are also showcasing your thoughts and pursuing more than just a job but a career. And finally we have life long learner that's values reading. President. Any books as possible related to computer signs you discover they continue, but people we feel and it's I said in video seven, that reading books can account for a bullet point, and I stand by that books are knowledge. And to be quite honest, not a whole lot of people like to read. If you're a student, though, you probably do read textbooks and homework assignments to possibly ace an assessment or a class. If this is you, or if you really do outside book or article research and your desired career field, then do list this again relating this skill of motivation. Reading books in your degree or related field doesn't have working or volunteer experience , but shows your desire to continue learning something other job candidates might not possess . Now that we have completed the skills based rest of me, we will look into additional formats and changes you can use for your resume moving forward . I don't want to leave you with just a fixed resume. I want you to be able to add more sections and content that will really get your message across to employers. As we're getting close to the end of this course, I will show you how to do just that 11. Alternative Formatting Techniques: throughout this course, you should have a single page resume by now. That includes powerful bullet points, a strong form of documents structure and a marketing tool to grab the attention of employers down the road. There are a few things we must discuss in adding more content to you. Arrest me and changing the structure to be able to make your own updates periodically. I always received these two questions when building the rest Me. How do you fit so much information into a single page resume? If more content is added, and what other structures can I utilise to make my resume stand out? I want to begin with the first question. I have my resume open from video six. As you can see, the constant added in the body, peace is adding 12 point font size. If I were to add any additional bullet points or any additional phrases, the document changes to two pages and just to show you hit enter and we have a few pages. We do not want that. It may seem as simple to just change the font size, However, you must keep in mind the structure. Other resume If one piece is at 11.4 in size. The rest of the document must be at an 11 point font size. This includes the personal information in the title of the text in the highlighted skills that text in the body, the text in the working experience and the text in the educational piece. Also, since you are changing the size, he must also address the proportions to the subheadings and the headings each title. So this time communication multitasking in data entry will be adding 12 point font size. If we were to decrease that instead of a 14 bond size and each title including the highlighted skills, relevant skills, working experience in education will be out 14 points if we were to decrease font size instead of 16. And so I'm just gonna go ahead and do just that, for example, see, so we want to change the font size to 11 here so well to an 11 here 11 11 and 11 in the text that we have under working experience noticed that when I decrease the text size, how the left alignment stays the same, you don't need to do anything there but for the rights of Lyman, you will need to space a bit. Get to the furthers. Most part of the right alignment. Have the culinary here. There's, well, a scene. Bottom piece. Now, finally, we just need to change the educational to 11 text sized speaks that this let's just can perfect. And now we're gonna be changing the idols. We have 16 here. Let's go ahead and change that to 14 14 14 and 14. The name for the subtitles. We wanted it changed that to a 12. Okay, perfect. So you might be wondering why we don't want to change the font size of your name. In reality, you want to keep your name as large as possible. If it comes to the point where you absolutely need to decrease the font size to add more content than do so, this should be the last resort you choose. So for the second question and utilizing structures to make your resume stand out, as I have said previously, that really is no correct or absolute way to writing a resume. There are different types of resumes, but even sticking to these traditional formats may not get your message across to employers . Let's say you're applying for a job where, in the description that highlights in particular, that a bachelor's degree or an associate's degree is required for the job. Instead of listing your addition of education at the bottom as we do here, you can add it to the top of your document. That way, this is the first item the employer sees when taking a look at your resume. So I'm gonna go ahead and do just that. Be sure. Uh, copy all of the document checks here. You just hit enter once and taste the next. Here and here. You can just hit back, face shift and her, and it brings us back to that actual little space that we added here and notice that in between each section that there is no space in between. And so I'm just gonna back space, the highlighted skills. One more, get rid of that extra space. And then we also want to get rid of the educational piece that we have here the bottom since it is now. There you go. We have the educational piece at the very top. In fact, you can do this with any addition. List item first followed by a highlighted skills may be the appropriate rob toe Follow now , if you want to make your title stand down as well. Centering the text is another route you can take. I'm actually going to do that right now. Be sure to center your title or your name is well as the titles in the text here. Century centering the subtitles, too. This incorporates ease of reading when searching for information on a document. All in all, even with the commonly used combination and skills based resumes, there are little formatting techniques you can add that significantly changed the outlook for your resume that we just went over. Now that we have gone over these techniques, let's take a look at the final checklist piece before submitting your resume to your next job. 12. Resume Checklist and Conclusion : Congratulations. You made it through this course. And by now have the items necessary and accomplishing your own resume. Before we complete this course. I want to share with you four steps that I've utilised in revising my resume before submitting a finalized document to an employer. This is your resume, checklists. Step one, Read your bullet Points out loud. I found this to be very useful. Even as I'm writing out Bullet Point, what is actually written in what is actually said can sound quite differently. I've seen this many a times where a student writes a statement out that looks good on paper . But when you read out loud, this statement falls short of what one is trying to get across. Keep in mind to do this step several times until you finally developed a strong and concise statement That makes sense. Overall, Step two. Check for any grammar or punctuation. Ares. I would hate for you to have everything you need going for your rest. Me? But you forgot to capitalize a certain letter or you misspelled a word. Take this step seriously. Employers will turn to another resume and will not even bother looking at yours. If there are any grammar errors to your document, I don't want this to happen to you. Step three. Check for appropriate formatting alignment, fonts and text size. Remember how I mentioned consistency and a resume is what employers tend to look for following Step three. Adjust is just that. Make sure that you have proper alignment with your document text. If every heading is aligned to the left, keep the other headings to the left as well. Also, if the document fought is in times new Roman double check to see the text is all in times New Roman. I've had students were one. Part of the document isn't Behrmann, but the other is in times new Roman, and you can definitely tell the difference between the two. Keep it in one fund, in other words, and finally, as we went over and video nine, addressing the different proportions is essential for maintaining consistency. If the body of the text under a heading is 11 font size, the text under every other heading should be at an 11 fun size and step for peer review, just like writing and paper. Haven't least 2 to 3 other professionals, not your friends but professionals to go over your document and see if they have any comments or suggestions you can build from. If you want to make it a step further. If there's a potential job that you're applying for, say in the legal field and you're about to submit your resume, have a lawyer or illegal clerk revere resume. This applies with any other profession. See if the language of your document matches the industry's language. This lands you more interviews and more connections in that field. So now that we've accomplished the reviewing process, you are ready to submit your resume. You have learned what a resume actually is in the different ones you can utilize. We search on what employers are looking for in job candidates and their resumes. Then we crafted a combination and skills based resume, going over proper formatting and strong bullet points to develop. Finally, I added some additional formatting techniques you can use for your own document when updating and creating a reviewing process before submission. I've had a great time sharing with you my knowledge and developing your resume, and I'm confident to hear back from your next interview. Thank you so much. If you had any questions, feel free to reach out to me. I am at your service is