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Restream Live on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Twitter via Periscope, VK, DLive, and Smashcast!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Introduction! You will love using restream to be live everywhere!

    • 2. How restreams appear on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Twitter, etc

    • 3. How much does restream cost? Free with standard at $19 a month for Facebook

    • 4. Share your restream dashboard with us for the class project!

    • 5. Restream dashboard and easy stream setup in OBS

    • 6. Adding channels and where to stream?

    • 7. One channel for all comments with restream's chat bot!

    • 8. Combined stream analytics show all platforms combined and individually

    • 9. Use pre recorded videos for a live stream?

    • 10. Change titles on most platforms all on restream

    • 11. Automatic live notifications on social media and discord

    • 12. Discord restream bot roles to ensure notifications are posted

    • 13. One destination for all links and info

    • 14. Thank you for finishing this class!

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About This Class

Live streaming video production today is the number one skill I recommend learning because going live on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Twitter with Periscope, VK, DLive, and Smashcast is the biggest opportunity to turn a hobby like gaming into a business, grow an existing venture like a podcast into a more interactive format, and carry a message to those ready to receive it from self-help to teaching to creativity!  Restream gives us the ability to show up on all of these platforms easily at once without needing to upgrade our computer and maintain interactivity in chat as easily as streaming to just one destination!  In this course, we discover how to use restream including the basics, a look at which platforms are best, analytics, pricing, chat bot setup, and more!

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Introduction! You will love using restream to be live everywhere!: thank you for discovering Re stream dot I'll with me. What is it? Re stream is a website dreaming service that allows us to send one feet of our stream and then re stream sends it out to all of the destinations. This is awesome. And I'm very grateful. I've just started using this re stream goes out to Facebook YouTube twitch mixer, Twitter via periscope VK, the Russian social meaning networking website. The live of one is live streaming website on the Blockchain smashed cast and a bunch more destinations we might ask. Well, why? Why stream on all these websites at once? Why not just do one of them or try and do maybe two? What happens I've noticed on my streams is I'll have someone discover me on mixer. Then when they find out, I'm also live on twitch and on YouTube and Facebook go follow me on all of those other places. People on Facebook will be watching and realize they prefer to watch on YouTube or twitch and they'll go follow and watch over there. It allows me to make the most of every single opportunity that's possible. 90% of success in life is just showing up with Reese Dream. We have the chance to show up on all the main live streaming destinations and therefore to be positioned toe have great things happen to us. For example, I got in the hype zone on mixer and all of a sudden 150 people from three it went from two or 3 to 150 people watching in just a few minutes, which even though I've been streaming ah bunch on Facebook was more than we're watching at the time on Facebook. If I wouldn't have been using re stream, I would not have been streaming to mixer. And from that I got new followers. And often people are coming from mixer and following everywhere else and vice versa. Coming from Facebook and going over to mixer, this gives me the opportunity to ah, just keep my streaming simple. I used to use one computer to stream to different destinations. Why do that? Restrain makes it so easy. Not only that, but integrated chat is so difficult. Re stream has a chat interface that you can pull in most of your streaming destinations except Facebook currently, and put them all in one chat screen. Not only that, but re stream could even mirror the chat from all the destinations to all the other. For example, on someone post a comment on Twitter. I don't know if tours working less use different one. I think periscope is working. When someone posted comment, I'm twitch. It will put it up on YouTube. It will put it up on mixer. A baht from re stream will put the chat everywhere else. That way, people on YouTube are actually able to chat back and forth with people on mixer or on twitch, and that keeps the chat active. Which gives me the ability to make the very most out of every single life stream I do today . I consistently tell new streamers, Jerry, what advice do you have used? Re stream dot I'll stream everywhere and keep everywhere in mind. Do your streams in a format that can be successful on Facebook, on YouTube, on twitch and on twitter and mixer, do your streams in a format that position yourself for success in every different destination. It takes a little more time and effort to get set up and to get all the platform sink and think about all this. But if you're serious about streaming, then it's absolutely worth it. What we'll do here is go through re stream dot I'll with you help you see that this is really not that hard to set up, that you can absolutely get this set up on as many platforms as you want. And what's beautiful is it's no big deal on re stream. Whether you want to stream to two different platforms or 10. It's just about how well each platform individually stinks. With three Syrian. We'll go through that. Thank you for getting started here with me. I'm so excited to share my enthusiasm and the knowledge about re stream dot io with you. 2. How restreams appear on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Twitter, etc: when I used re stream. How does this look on other platforms? And what do I need to consider before I go online? Here's what it looks like on Facebook. I've got the Facebook has a description. It has a game tagged with it, and then it's got all these interactions on it. The region stuff are blocked because I'm using the brave browser. Therefore, for Facebook. It's important if you doing gaming to do a custom R E M P integration, because otherwise it will not tagged the game correctly on it, and it won't count towards your gaming. Therefore, if you want to do re stream on Facebook, make sure you use the custom integration here. What you cannot. There was another way to do it where it's signed in and put the video straight to Facebook . You don't want to do that yet until they've got the ability to tag the game on there, and you probably should be able to edit the title on it, too. You'll notice Facebook live. You can't change the title on it. You can't change the game. Having the game is essential for Facebook live. Therefore, you want to do Facebook live. This is how the videos look. If you've got the game tag to correctly the title shows up down here along with the game, then you've got the description. You've got the likes to comments the views, the shares and the stars on it on YouTube. I've got my live videos up here. I can see in my studio under live all the different videos. Now on YouTube the thumbnail. I need to upload my own thumbnail to it to get the best results. I also write the description on YouTube that actually needs to be done on my life and on YouTube. And then you can see all the live streams back since I started streaming with re stream tons Mawr engagement new subscribers on my channel before I did re stream. I hardly did any live streams on YouTube since years ago, So I'm very grateful you can see just consistent live streams. Every day is a great way to build a following on twitch. I can go through the recent broadcast and expand all I've done all of these with re stream . So I've now done nine with re stream. I actually needed to get my twitch of Philly deleted briar toe live streaming on twitch. If you're an affiliate or partner on twitch, you're not allowed to live stream anywhere else at the same time. Therefore, I recommend don't bother with Twitch of Philly, because it's better to stream to twitch and just build a following and forget about the affiliate features until you've got a huge following. And then it might be worth considering going exclusive. Do twist. But most of the time, most streamers are not going to build enough following to merit exclusivity on twitch. Even with 1000 700 followers on Twitch, I don't just exclusively stream to twitch. I wasn't affiliate, but then I wasn't streaming on twitch because I wasn't allowed to multi stream by their terms and conditions. Have I finally just got them to delete the affiliate? It's better to just stream on twitch without affiliate than to not stream at all, or to just not stream everywhere else. And Onley stream to twitch. There's huge opportunities on YouTube, huge opportunities on Facebook, huge opportunities on twitch, huge opportunities on mixer and potentially other platforms. If you're only streaming the one, you're just not going to find out about that. But I'm twitch. You're not allowed to. If you're an affiliate, you can just email, contact customer service and get them to delete your affiliate. If you've already been an affiliate and you want it deleted on mixer, this is how it looks like. You can see the past streams on mixer over here and I've been live streaming Ah, few. Ah, a couple more streams on mixer because I had the a little bit to get the twitch deleted. I'm grateful. I'm how many followers I'm up to. 43 followers on mixer up from 34 about a week ago. The initial growth is wonderful. Getting up to 43 followers. I mean, getting up too much bigger numbers is easier because you don't get up to bigger numbers. You don't get upto little numbers first. Here's how it looks on Twitter. When you go through and do it on Twitter, you've got I've got getting consistent views on every single video I put on Twitter. Even though people that watch No, they can watch everywhere else. 73 views on this I'm building a following on periscope. These posts go over to periscope on smash. Castor doesn't look like there's hardly anything happening here, but it's almost no extra effort to stream to smash cast. But why not? Same thing with VK dot com. It doesn't hardly look like there's anything happening on VK dot com, either. There's only one view on every video, but hey, I can stream there to takes hardly no extra effort. Why not on d Live d live? I lost my huge following I had when it moved off of steam. Now I've built up eight new followers from zero. I'm getting some actual chat on D Live, which is good. There's not a ton happening on the live. But, hey, what? Since I've already been streaming and people already know me there, why not? So I've got These are the eight different platforms I'm streaming to now, any of these that I can effortlessly stream to on re stream. I'm going to sign up for more platforms. That ad, because if the chats integrated, if it takes almost no extra effort to stream there, why not? Why not stream there? You never know what could happen. And with re stream, it doesn't cost me anything. If it's set up easily, so I'm grateful for the chance today to show you this with three stream. It's so helpful. I'm so grateful to be able to re stream on all eight of these websites now instead of just Facebook or just twitch or just YouTube. 3. How much does restream cost? Free with standard at $19 a month for Facebook: how much does re stream costs? This is what's amazing about re stream is that they're able to offer it for free. Yes, you can actually use re stream for free. You can have forever free for everyone. You can do 30 plus dreaming platforms globally, and you can do no limit on bit rate and monitor stream quality. This, I imagine, is enough for 90 to 95% of live streamers unless you want to use Facebook, in which case you need the standard, which is a $16 a month payment. If you want to just do one Facebook channel. This will be plenty for you. You get the forever free plus that you can do the real time platform and channel toggle ing , which is really helpful for starting and stopping your live streams. That way, you don't just have to send your stream and start immediately, but you can actually turn on and off individual platforms, which I love doing it that way. What I'm using. I'm on the company plan because the company plan takes off re stream. Brandon gives me additional analytics, and audience insights with one I'm on is the premium, which is $83 a month. It has up to five custom destinations. Currently, I'm just using one. And it also allows no, uh, ree stream branding, which I like, because that just keeps things simple. I have enough of my own brand. I prefer not to have any other branding on mine. You also can use some additional features, and you've got to premium support. And I love the analytics and audience insights. I can see how many people are watching in real time. I can see how many people are chatting across all platforms at once. You probably don't need that option. No, I would say the most. You might want the standard, the forever freeze Fine if you don't want to do Facebook, but more than likely, you're going to want to do Facebook. Therefore, the standard $16 month plan gives you one Facebook channel you can do. There's also add ons for trans coding. There's a simple way to not need trance coating, though. Just live stream at 12 80 by 7 20 is your resolution. Do 60 frames per second, and you shouldn't need any trans coding all of the platforms Right now I'm streaming to Facebook, YouTube, twitch mixer, Twitter via periscope and three others all worked fine with 12 80 by 7 20 resolution with 60 frames a second. Therefore, I don't need any trans coating trends. Coding is nice. If for some reason you do want a livestream in 1920 by 10 80 60 frames per second and you can use trans coating, then to put it to specific destinations at a lower resolution, However, it's easier to just put it out in one format and then record. What I do is record in 1920 by 10 any 60. Then I can have highlights that our maximum resolution This is a pricing for re stream, and you can easily try it forever free. I highly recommend streaming to Facebook. Those so therefore, the $16 month plan is what you might want. Notice I had these on the yearly discount, so if you just pay monthly, it's $19 a month for the standard 4. Share your restream dashboard with us for the class project!: or the class project on skill share where you please share with us how you are using re stream? No, us. Maybe a picture of your destinations like this would be great. And then maybe you could link to or share with us so we can find it on different platforms ourselves. We might be able to give you some feedback. For example, I washed the streamer on Facebook the other day. His audio was out of sync. I was able to say, Look, here's exactly how you sync up your audio. This is unwatchable with your mouth and the sound being out of sync. Your camera and your microphone are not putting it in. Toby s at the exact same time we can help you. We also might be able to start watching your videos and you'll feel great helping teach the course because you might help me discover. Hey, there's a platform, Jerry, you've missed that. You're not streaming on. Just sign up there. It's really easy. You might be able to help me. So I'd love for you to help me all of this opportunity, feel good and enjoy the class on skill share way. I imagine when you see this, you'll join us with the class project 5. Restream dashboard and easy stream setup in OBS: Welcome to the inside of the dashboard on re stream dot I'll This is what my interface looks like fell on lee. Difference when I'm alive is it will show me the bit rate. And I can even show you what that looks like real quick. All you do is push live. And now you'll notice I've got all these toggled off right now, but when I push this start streaming on here, it will pull my stream up almost instantly. And then I've got the brave browser on. So it blocked auto play up will always allow auto play on here. Then I can see my stream monitor right here. I can see my resolution. I can see my Britain. Great. My frames per second and my key frame interval. I also have my dreaming monitor Over here will show me what my page looks like. If I do a little reload over here, I should actually get a picture on it. And it's then all I need to do there. You can see the picture in the upper right now. All I need to do If I hit toggle on, I will suddenly go live on all these platforms. So let's not do that right now. While I'm just recording a video showing you how to do this, this is super simple. All you need to do to set this up is go into O B s and you just put in the stream key and the arm tp you are all It's really, really easy. I'll turn off the streaming and I'll pull over Oh, bs to show you what this looks like. So if I minimize over here, I'll drag o b s over here, I'll show you exactly how to do this in O b s So all you need to do to go live You just hit your settings up here, you hit your stream, you pick re stream dot io up here on the top, and you just copy and paste your stream key in here. And that's all you need to do to set this up. Once you've got that, it's now set up just the way mine is that now we'll go to re stream all you need to do once you've got your re stream set up is then add channels and prepare each of those channels and you are ready to go. This is super easy. And does it make? It makes life so much easier. So I'm grateful. People kept saying I kept hearing about it. Took me a while to use it. I'm finally using it, and there it is. 6. Adding channels and where to stream?: Once you've got your stream in, the first thing to do is make sure your stream actually goes to re stream dot I'll once you've got that done, then it's time to add channels. And this is where you can see the real power off re stream. Look at all these channels this incredible. These are all things you can live stream to simultaneously. All of these you can live stream Teoh, each of them. Plus, you can do any custom live streaming destination. You want to have their something not on here, and you've got a paid plan. You can connect to any of these. I live stream do Mixer, which YouTube gaming or just YouTube. It's kind of the same periscope, which is Twitter's live streaming platform, VK live, which is the Russian Facebook equivalent. You might ask, Why would I life from there? Because how many other people from the USA are live streaming video games to the Russian Social Media Network? There's opportunities all over. You can't imagine there's things, the great things that can happen, why not live stream there? Also, I live stream to smash cast. I also live stream to D live, which is a new platform that's on the block chain on the Lino Blockchain. Now there's also are there any more, and I also go down here and I live stream on the paid platforms. I live stream to Facebook life. The rial power of this is to help all these work together. Every single follower is so important when you live stream to Facebook live. You can really get your friends and family watching on Facebook. Live when you live. Stream to Mixer mixer is one of the easiest places I've seen to just live. Stream consistently and build a new following because this is Microsoft Platform and especially if you're live streaming PlayStation or PC games, there's not opportunity stream stuff on mixture that hardly anyone else's streaming. For example, League of Legends. There's, ah, good ratio of people watching versus hardly anyone streams Legal legends on mixer, which is the top destination for live streaming games. If you're streaming games or you're doing music or creativity, you absolutely want to at least try twitch. YouTube is really good for organic discovery overtimes. You absolutely want to stream to YouTube and plan it out so that your video off the live stream is worth watching years from now, things like first impressions of playing a game, things like tutorials. Things like making music are singing or performances or things like inspirational videos. Anything you can think of that would be worth watching even after it wasn't live Really good to do on YouTube. Periscope is Twitter's platform If you've got any following on Twitter, there's no reason not to throw periscope in there. It goes out as a live video right on the Twitter feed, so easy to get some people watching there and VK live. You sign up for the Russian Social Network for you. Trust them their phone number like I do. And that took, like, 10 minutes, maybe 20 minutes, to decide that I'm like, I always change my phone number if they abuse it. I signed up for VK Live after seeing. There's a lot of people watching on VK live. There's almost no one from the US live streaming on VK live, giving me the chance to be one of, if not the only option toe watch someone playing video games from the U. S. On VK life working one of those niche areas could be really good Smash cast. I just live stream on there cause it's easy. It takes almost no extra effort, and there's some of these other platforms I may sign up for an ad. If it takes no extra effort, you might as well show up there. I tried life streaming onstream craft, but the thing that makes it this annoying is when you sign up somewhere and everything has to be done. Custom on D Live Right now, you can't change the title in re stream and you need to change the image every time on re stream which every one of those little extra things you need to do take significant extra effort which, if the more places you're live streaming to, the more annoying it gets. Therefore, I have it down. Now where the set up I have is pretty easy to go live to every different destination where the time and energy and putting the launch, the livestream corresponds to the return. I'm getting out of it. Thank you very much for looking at all the channels you can add here. You can also do multiple live streams to Facebook and this might be a great idea if you have a new gaming page or you don't have ah Page yet or you've got several pages you can actually, instead of sharing from one page to another, you can live stream break to those destinations you can live stream straight on your personal page. You can live stream straight on your profile. You can live stream straight to a group, and this might be worth it. Sometimes it might not be worth it. It I just endlessly, um, always testing things test test test, and then once you've tested stuff, it makes it so much easier to see what really works. So these are the platforms I use. I use mixer de live periscope, mash cast, BK and Facebook. Live with a customer of TP YouTube and twitch. Now for you. If you want to sign up for the Russian social network VK dot com. To sign up is pretty straightforward and easy. And once you've got it signed up, the integration with re stream is easy to maintain, so I'd recommend that one MASH cast is pretty easy to sign up for. Pretty easy to maintain periscope. If you're on Twitter, definitely sign up used periscope. The live If you're in the crypto in the Blockchain Maybe you could use D live right now d live. You have to change the image and the title and the game manually. And the chat does not work really annoying. However, since I've been was one of the first people to stream on D live, I figured I might as well keep going on D Life Mixer. Very powerful. Definitely streaming mixer, definitely stream to twitch. And definitely to Facebook. These air What I'm using And I imagine this is useful for you to figure out which one of these to sign up for. 7. One channel for all comments with restream's chat bot!: the truly outstanding feature that's available in re stream is the chat application. If you go to re stream dot io slash chat application or on your dashboard, you just click over here on the chat and then you click open and browser. You'll see what it looks like right here. This integrated dashboard for chat is just a miracle because you can pull your chat from most of the streaming platforms and put it all in one interface. This is really nice, because then when you've got someone watching on twitch, you can easily respond to them. You get someone watching on YouTube, you can then respond to them all. The chat just comes up one after another, and you can easily see what platform it's on. And this makes that ability to interact on all the different destinations easy. I used to re stream on six different websites at once, and it was a nightmare because I had to have all these different chat windows open. But with re stream, One integrated chat window covers most of them. This can also help you decide how you want to plan out which services to stream to, because you really need to be able tohave the chat ready? This is what the chat looks like when it's live. You can see how the all these different destinations just come up. You can see exactly where people are streaming on. You can customize it all. This stuff can be customized in here and also what you what you can do. You can go over and to click on the about. And this about page is really important. The about pages really important because this gives you an idea of which platforms actually fully work with the chat twitch Fully works, meaning You can read, relay and reply that the key critical thing you need to be able to do is read chat. So when someone makes a chat, you can actually see it. Relay chat means when someone post on Facebook, it doesn't work currently. But when someone posts, let's and twitch, it will go out to all the other platforms. You can use the baht to go out to every platform. Reply means when you make a reply, it'll go back. So the key critical features the ability to read relay is nice. Also, you can get an idea of how cooperative the platform is based on the chat integration here. So Twitch does, ah, full integration. You've got cyber game. It says it does that I haven't tried Cyber game or Good game. MASH Cast has a full chat integration YouTube. Full chat integration. Ustream has the 1st 2 critical ones, but you can see if some of these you can at least read. Even if you can't really the chat as long as you can read it, it really helps the most. These ones listed here, you can at least read the chat on, which is critical, for example, Facebook. It says it can read, but I haven't got it to read because the way I stream with Facebook, it doesn't re. But it says it can read periscope. You can get it off their discord. What you can look at down here are the ones that don't work, and if it's not listed up here, you can assume it does not work. Some, for example, D Live does not work to pull the chat back, and that makes it so. I have to have a separate window open for D Live. Therefore, my suggestion is if the chat doesn't work. I'm not sure if it's worth using. If you can't respond and have that interactive livestream, I'm not sure if it's worth using. I used to use the ZEW buh are and you can see you now looks like it's got some really good traffic. If you can't respond to the chat, though, you can't have an interactive stream. However, I'm back this list, I imagine they're continually updating it and getting it to work. If it's on this list where you can at least read the chat, this platform that you can read the chat from any of these might be worth trying. I I intend to research to more these platforms because it can be, ah, great opportunity to be kind of what a big fish in a little pond. You can go into one of these platforms where there's maybe not that many people streaming and just throw it up there on re stream and afford still what if nobody watches it? You weren't going to stream there in the first place. Therefore, some of these might be really good niche opportunities. You might be able to build a following on one of these platforms easier than some of the bigger ones. But I'm looking to try some of these other platforms that have chat enabled. Right now, I'm not trying any new platforms that don't have chat enabled. So once you've got the chatbots enabled, you can. The baht can go around. You've got settings, you can put it on. I've got my body on relay mold, which it says is in beta, which means any comment that goes out on a platform that can relay will be relayed, meaning someone puts a comment on mixer. The re stream Bob puts it out on Twitch puts it out on YouTube as a comment with the destination that also constantly encourages people to follow on multiple destinations. If people can see all their chatting on YouTube there, chatting on twitch people, I don't have to ask people to go follow on a bunch of different platforms. That chatbots encourages it constantly for me. Sometimes people will be watching on a platform that's not the main place they watch. They'll discover you. Then you could get him on the main place, your watts. I've got my bought promoted to a moderator. Also, that can help it not get filtered for spam. You've got words you can filter in here. I've went through and put in some of the standard bad words. And then any time I see words that I'd rather not having my chat that then the body is going in, putting that chat out all over the other channels. I just throw those in the filter as well. I'm very grateful for the chance to share this with you today. This is a hugely helpful feature on re stream that I imagine you'll love as much as I do. 8. Combined stream analytics show all platforms combined and individually: if you've got one of the paid stream plans, what you can do is look at the analytics tab over here, which is really sweet. Get some positive reinforcement and toe aggregate all the data among all the different stream destinations. I am so grateful. I've just started this pretty recently on re Stream, and now I've got really good data. I can see that in the past week I've streamed for 11 hours and 19 minutes. I can see hundreds of chat messages. I can see 100 and 55 different people chatting average viewers. I think that is average total on the destinations besides Facebook and then the max viewers . I can see also that is live and the stats are based on re streams data I can also I can see where the most active people are. For example, I can see the number of chat messages on twitch to average viewers. I think that's the total unique viewers or a stream in the max Unique viewers First Dream Mixer. Now this looks great data for mixed drinks, even though average viewers total on mixtures lower than twitch, the max viewers on a stream was much higher than twitch. And there's a lot of chat messages on mixer as well, even though a few less people chatting. I didn't see the data on YouTube live lot, a great number of average viewers on YouTube alive and the Max viewers on YouTube. Also, for one stream, lots of chat messages and I and C periscope over here. I guess that's not working for the average viewers, and you've got a long data period you can do. I've only been using re stream for about two weeks, and you can see when you go back farther, it's got even more data on it. So if I go past week, it could go past four weeks. 12 or 24. There's a ton of different dream. There's a ton of different data in here. You can see your streams, how many's done. You can go over here and look how long they've been. It's nice. I can see how long I've streamed each day. I can show when I've streamed and I can look at their average duration and stream time, which is interesting. Then I could look at the chat messages separately by each different platform, which is cool. I can see the total on the messages. On different days, I can look like this mixer. I can go by each specific flat form. But no, they have to be actually supported. No, you're not seeing any data from ones that aren't supported. I go over here to chatters now chatters I imagine our individual accounts. And isn't that nice to know there's 141 different accounts chatting with me over last week ? That is an outstanding following. And while it might not look impressive from moment to moment with a total viewers think about that. 141 different people, different accounts, chatting. I can also see where the most active chat is to help me potentially learned where the best opportunity I can learn the popular phrases people are seeing. Jerry, you can do it by platform. You can do trending emojis on here and go over to audience average viewers. And that, I think, is simultaneous, though that's the average total viewers. I'm not sure how it gets this data, though, because most of the time there's more people watching. Sometimes it looks like the views. I don't know how it's calculating this. I guess that's the average by all platform so I can see the average viewers that says 23 on YouTube. But then, if you look over here, the average is six. So I guess this is average weekly viewers right here and then you can get the average daily viewers right here, and it's nice when you live streamed all these different destinations, you can see which one's going best. I can see on Mixer not a lot of average Butte viewers, but I can see on twitch a decent amount of average viewers and on YouTube, the most average viewers I've noticed. Periscopes not tracking correctly smashed cast either isn't tracking correctly. There's been no one same thing with VK, and Facebook's not connected correctly, either. You also see Max viewers to see when you're Stream peaked, 152 max viewers from Mixer On that day, when I hit the hype zone on mixture of the other day, I look on you tube. This is the max that we're all together at once, I think, and on twitch you can see the max at once. Also, you can look at watched minutes as well, that is a lot of minutes. In the last week, people have spent 57 almost 58 hours watching my live streams. He can look day by day and see how much people watch Now. This doesn't count everywhere or by Facebook, so the analytics can be really a bold just to give you some positive reinforcement. Now, I recommend don't get too hung up on the data and being obsessed about getting the most followers in the minutes. This, to me is just good positive reinforcement that there's a lot of people watching my stream and enjoying it. And if I'm doing a great job for the people who are watching and I consistently, um, streaming on all these destinations, there's likely to be really good growth. I've only been live streaming with re stream a couple of weeks, and these kind of numbers indicate a lot of upward growth. That's possible. Maybe not on every platform, but at least on one or two of them. There's there's really good upward growth that's possible. And the trick with recent stream is I can be everywhere. I don't have to pick and guess that maybe on Mixer, I will start getting enough viewers to, Ah, reach partner and have a big community on mixer. But I don't know that right now. I've got a big community on Facebook and you, too, but I don't know where the best growth's going coming from. Fortunately, I don't have to guess on re stream. I see that many of these different destinations are having good active watch, time chat and average viewership, and that's good positive reinforcement to just keep showing up every day. So the analytics today, looking at thes for me, it's the first time I've looked at them in this detail, and this is really helpful for me to see that there's a lot of people watching my streams on all kinds of different destinations of great opportunity for me to help and grow. 9. Use pre recorded videos for a live stream?: re stream also has a scheduler. If you don't even live stream that you can use the scheduler. It's re scheduler dot re stream dot io. You can actually do live streaming with just pre recorded videos. You upload a video use where the stream and schedule your live stream. I personally don't live stream anything pre recorded because I already live stream so much . However, if you don't live streaming, just do pre recorded videos that this might be something you're interested. Note that different platforms have different rules on what can be live streamed and have it be pre recorded. For example, Facebook says that re recorded content must be clearly marked as such, or you can get flagged for it. Therefore, check the terms and conditions on whether you conduce to pre recorded videos as a live stream or not. And exactly how you conduce that. That said, most places, I imagine there's a way you can do live videos using a pre recorded video with the live stream pre recorded videos scheduling option on re stream 10. Change titles on most platforms all on restream: What makes re stream awesome alarm and everything else, I've said is the ability to use different aisles and put them all in one interface. You've got all these different platforms where you can put different titles on them if you wish, or you can put one title in an update, all of them this way you can optimize your title based on certain platforms. For example, on YouTube, it might be helpful to put the name of the game in on VK might be good to put the name of the game in on other platforms like Mixer Twitch, you might not need to put the game name in in one place. You can change all the titles and the games without having the even go to that website. My criteria going forward for adding any new platforms is that they must work with chat and titles. If I could just sign up, change the title in here and have all the chat show up, then why not live stream there as you'll notice on the live and Facebook? I'm not able to do that. D Live and Facebook, currently with my set up, are not working now. There might be a way can work with Facebook if I put it in directly. But then I can't use the go live button and have the video game tag. I imagine Re Stream Will is working on getting that improved, but right now it's not working. So what I'm able to do is change the title on every different destination and change the game everywhere except Facebook in D Live, which just gives me a couple of things to do right before the stream. In addition to the title, when you click each of these individually, if you're playing video games, you definitely want to do this. Make sure you set the game in each of these before you live stream. If there's the option. If there's not, for example, YouTube you can set a thumbnail and a game. You do need to go the YouTube live interface to do that, which, since I already need to do the D live one anyway, I need to get a thumbnail for YouTube beforehand. Then I have to You have a description for Facebook, so I just write a description beforehand along with the thumbnail. Then I dropped that in YouTube and Facebook and I do that on YouTube Live. Then I just changed the title right here, along with everything else of this title changer is super helpful. You can just put one title in here hit update all. And as long as it's supported on here, it will update all of these, and it makes it so much easier than having to go toe every single destination, fix the title. Make sure you get the title updated correctly before you start streaming once you start streaming it. I don't know how well it works consistently to change the titles to make sure you set the title before you start streaming that the game before you start streaming. But if for some reason you didn't even if you've started dreaming, going to this dashboard updates in real time, so you still can do that. 11. Automatic live notifications on social media and discord: re stream also has the ability to put out automatic social alerts when you go live. I think these are essential depending on your set up, because when you go live, if you've got a discord server, you want to just post about it. If you've got a Twitter account, there's and Facebook it might be a little different. I was using the Twitter one, but I find it unnecessary to tweet when I'm already live streaming on periscope. All it does is put the same it. Actually, if you do this when you've got it connected to Twitter and you're live streaming the periscope, it'll put up a tweet that will have your last, the previous live video you did in with it. Then your Twitter account, when you go live with periscope, will automatically tweet your new one. And it looks ridiculous. So I actually disconnected my Twitter account because when I go live on periscope, it automatically post to Twitter. However, if you have more than one Twitter account, this might be helpful. You could use your one Twitter account to essentially tell everyone you're going live, and then your other Twitter account that you're actually I'm periscope with you can go live on that one for a discord server. For some reason, this has not worked on my channel so far. I might need to go fix the settings on the re stream, but right now it has not put this out automatically. Gonna go live on Facebook. I don't see any reason to put this on Facebook either because I'm already live streaming on Facebook. Therefore, why bother with putting the livestream notification to Facebook? I actually need to manually share currently on Facebook. However, this as he's got a discord server, it would be really helpful. Actually, if it works for you and then when you can write this down here, I just linked to all the different destinations I was going live. Since I'm not doing stream craft anymore, I'll take this out and hopefully when I get the discord account, I'll double check the bots permissions. And when I get that right, then hopefully it'll at least notify everyone in my discord server when I go life 12. Discord restream bot roles to ensure notifications are posted: setting up discord live notifications properly is something that could be really helpful if you've got a discord server. A discord server is great for building a community where you can just chat. Now what I'll do is show you how I set these bots up to make sure they can directly put the stream out right now. The way had it set up, they weren't putting it out. What we'll do now is get it set up so they are correctly putting things out. What I need to do in order to do this is I need to go into first my rolls on my server. So in order to get to this, I am in my jury. Banfield and Friends Discord Server. I go over to server settings and I go click on roles. Now what I can do is go look at the re stream baht over here. I gave these in different colors. What the re stream baht needs to be able to do is to send messages which is able to dio, and it needs to be able to embed links also so it doesn't need, and it needs to be able to mention everyone so those are the key settings you need to turn on, and I'll just turn this on on both of them. It needs to be able you and bad links. And it needs to be able to mention everyone because the way I had it set up before the baht wasn't able to mention everyone. So now the baht can mention everyone. Then what I can do over here, I can go back into the Notifications Channel. I hit at it channel, then on permissions, I go over here and hit Plus, and now I've got the re stream bots I can add. Then I can specifically make sure that the re stream bots can go in here and put the right messages in. It needs to be able to read and send messages, I guess embed links and mention everyone. So these are what I need the bought to be able to do it. So I'll hit, start on their or save changes. Then I'll go in here and put the re stream bought in both of these joined. I think they're one of them's for chat, and the other one is for the notification. So I'll hit, read messages, send messages and bad links and mention everyone. This will give the ability of the re stream baht when it comes into channel. Because the way had everyone set up in my notifications channel, everyone was not able to mention everyone or to go in and bed links. Attach files, etcetera. So I've if your body is not working, you can check on your channel right here. You can whatever channel you trying to put it in. I've got it in a notifications tab. And this way, the bots should be able to correctly drop it in now to the chat. Since I went and edited that. So if you got a discord server and you're using the re stream Bott and for some reason, it's not putting a message in there, check on the roles like I just did on the baht. Check on the channel. You're trying to have it put in, and it should work for you. 13. One destination for all links and info: when we have a lot of different places were streaming. How do we make a simple destination for everyone who wants to learn more ha instead of linked, dropping all these different channels everywhere? What I've done is consolidated everything into jury banfield dot com slash gaming on my life streams with the majority of my life. Trips are gaming. What I've done. I've got this jerry banfield dot com gaming page. Then I've got links that other places I stream. Then I've got everything else people ask about on here. And then I'm continuing to expand this page as well. So people ask about Where's my discord server? If you go to jury banfield dot com slash gaming, it's on there. Where's your Facebook? Your mixer? You twist YouTube. They're all linked on there. Where how do I get to play with you? Become a supporter, become a member on YouTube, become a patron on patron, become a partner that all those are linked on their what headset or using? Go to jury Bayfield dot com. I've got the headset on their or a PlayStation and for X box, which Xbox do you have? I've got the exact link to Amazon there. Which PlayStation do you have? I have the exact link there. What do you use for your studio? Your microphone. You camera. I've got the exact links to all those on this page as well. This makes it. I've also got my schedule. I'm live sometime between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern U. S. A. I say why I'm doing my gaming. And then anything I add to it. And then I've got in future videos. I can just direct everyone in the same You are l all over the place, and then I can do a little pop up like this. I can throw a little pop up on my screen, for example. I've got one up here already set up on my podcast. But what I'm doing is I'm adding this pop up to my live streams. That way it shows people exactly where to go wherever there watching all one destination. What I also I'm going to put up here is a donate button, and I'll put links to some of the other platforms on here as well. Just have a button row on my website that's got buttons for all the different destinations , along with more detailed links and anything new that can come up. For example, if I want to add a section for branded or sponsored gaming videos, I could just throw a contact form on there. This way, this doesn't change over time. Everyone goes to the same destination. And then, if anything, breaks, for example, I need a new discord link or I switch Facebook pages air whatever it is. Or if I stop streaming somewhere, I can just remove this off of jury banfield dot com slash gaming than any of the old videos will still direct to the right place. What I used to do is linked. Drop all the different things in one stream than the problem with that is, if anything breaks and someone's watching the video on demand later, then I've got a length that no longer is valid. People are coming to my website getting confused. So with this one link approach, you use your website and you send everyone all the one spot. Then this is good. If people want to follow on a bunch of different destinations, all I need someone to do is go to Jerry Banfield dot com slash gaming. And with IM about to expand the buttons on here, the ability to follow on every different platform becomes very easy. It also, but comes easy to drop a donation. Become a member. For example, someone watching on Facebook might not have payment set up on Facebook but might become a member on YouTube than I've got all the links directly set up there. Or it's or having this one link destination is helping me a lot right now on my streams that I can just put jury banfield dot com slash gaming instead of 15 individual links. 14. Thank you for finishing this class!: thank you very much for finishing this re stream course with me. I'm honored. You've spent so much time here with me. I'm grateful for the chance to teach you about something that's extremely helpful for me in my day today. Streaming activities. I am Imagine this is really helpful for you, that you've got all the way to the end. One way you can help out and feel good in the process is leaving a review. I know when I listen to an audiobook, I finished a video course and it was helpful. If I get to the end, I almost always end up leaving a five star review because if I didn't like it, I quit watching it or quit listening to it earlier. And I generally don't bother with leaving a negative review on it because there's enough other people that are doing a great job with that. I'm appreciate the chance to serve you today. I am grateful for the chance If you'd like to watch some of my live streams for you to follow me anywhere wherever you Ah, And if you like to work with me and collaborate with me, I have a partner program a jury. Banfield dot com slash partners You might enjoy. I have a podcast I put out every day. Also, if you'd like to listen to that jury Bayfield dot com slash podcast. I trust you'll go there and get started enjoying at hearing me on your phone every day. I love your awesome Thank you for finishing this re stream course with me, and I imagine I'll see you again soon.