Responsive Web Development: HTML & CSS for Web Designers | Christopher Dodd | Skillshare

Responsive Web Development: HTML & CSS for Web Designers

Christopher Dodd, Web Developer / Blogger

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14 Lessons (1h 45m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Design vs Development - Responsiveness

    • 3. Design vs Development - Code & Visual Display

    • 4. Design vs Development - SEO

    • 5. PSD to HTML - Before we get started

    • 6. PSD to HTML - Setup

    • 7. PSD to HTML - Structure

    • 8. CSS - Section 1

    • 9. CSS - Section 2

    • 10. CSS - Section 3

    • 11. CSS - Media Queries

    • 12. Creating a Mobile Menu

    • 13. Bonus: Intro to Bootstrap

    • 14. Conclusion

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About This Class

This class is a two-part course intended to bridge the gap between web design and web development.

The first section of the course will be about the differences between web design and web development. We’ll go over responsive design, talk about code and end with a little bit of SEO.

In the second section, we’ll take a ready-made design created in Photoshop and turn that into a fully responsive web page.

Despite the title, this class is setup to benefit both web designers and web developers.

For web designers, you will learn how your designs translate into a working websites so that you can better communicate with developers or build out your own designs yourself.

For web developers, you’ll learn how to work with designers and create an accurate copy of their designs in HTML and CSS.

Whether you’re a developer wanting to work with a designer, a designer wanting work with a developer or just someone who wants to build skills in both areas, this course is for you.





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Christopher Dodd

Web Developer / Blogger

Christopher Dodd is a self-taught web developer, YouTuber and blogger with a mission to help individuals learn the skills to freelance and make a living independently. 

Chris learned web development in 2015 in order to work remotely and travel the world and has done so for the past 2+ years. 

Through his YouTube channel, blog and Instagram, Chris inspires and educates newbie 'digital nomads' to chase their passions and pursue a location independent career.

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