Responsive Web Design: Mobile First Approach with HTML5 & CSS3

Danny Florian, Instructor at

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12 Videos (1h 14m)
    • Intro

    • Column Grid Part 1

    • Column Grid Part 2

    • Column Grid Part 3

    • Column Grid Part4

    • Column Grid Part 5

    • Hero and 3 Blocks

    • Applying Media Queries

    • Mobile First Approach In Detail

    • iPhone Section

    • Flush Section (Edge to Edge)

    • Footer


About This Class

It's no surprise that there are more people surfing the web on their mobile devices than desktops in today's digital landscape. In this class I will introduce the Mobile First Approach and show you the basic skills to get started.

We will create a responsive website from scratch which you can follow along with OR apply what you learn to an existing site and watch it come to life on your mobile device.

Using HTML5 & CSS3 you will be on your way to mastering responsive web design.

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Another great course from Danny, direct to the point. No BS. Thank you!
Erika Lehmann

Super awesome human being

Danny! Thank you so much for this class! You made my life a lot easier. Recently I was interested in mobile first approach and I wanted to see an example. And your class is exactly what I needed! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Mila Dubas

Newborn illustrator

I'm watching this right now and what I wish this tutorial offered was a quick how to code from the beginning. The explanations are fantastic, however when you code it you retain the information better. Not to mention the thought behind the code as well. Otherwise this is a great tutorial.





Danny Florian

Instructor at

I’m Danny Florian, Front-End Developer and mad scientist at heart. With a background in microbiology, I love knowing what makes things work. Which led me to migrate from the world of microbes to the intricacies of code where I can manipulate the DNA of a website to achieve amazing results. Let’s experiment together.