Responsive Web Design: Learn to Design a Responsive Landing Page

John Ashenden, Head of Design, Mesosphere

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6 Lessons (3h 47m)
    • 1. Principles of Responsive Design

    • 2. Design The Foundation (Part 1 of 2)

    • 3. Design The Foundation (Part 2 of 2)

    • 4. Designing for a Responsive Website (Part 1 of 2)

    • 5. Designing for a Responsive Website (Part 2 of 2)

    • 6. Design to Development

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57 of 62 students recommend this class
Riley Jones

Coffee Fueled Creative

The class presents a set of basic concepts that are useful when thinking about responsive design layouts. The individual videos are a little long winded but very informative.
super amazing class!! learned a lot :)
I have not yet finished this class yet. So far I have already learnt so much for wire-framing and will be creating my own
This was a great class, especially for someone like me, who had never designed a responsive site before. I didn't even know where to start! It covers all of the basics, most importantly covering how and why we should design for multiple devices. By focusing on concepts, fundamentals, and the implementation of DESIGN (not development), this class gives you all the tools you need to design a responsive site that's completely ready to hand over to a developer. Super informative and extremely comprehensive. I was able to take this and design a fully responsive site for a freelance project! :D
David Kovalev

Graphic & Web Designer

Not sure how anyone can rate this course as a NO... this class covers all the basics of the industry (the who what when where why). If you want to sit back and watch a pro design a site for 3 main media types (mobile, tablet, desktop) then this is for you. He shares lots of information, tips and resources that to me seem like a MUST HAVE. Thanks again for expanding my knowledge on this subject. A+