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Responsibility Accounting & Performance Measurement

Robert Steele

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12 Lessons (2h 11m)
    • 1. Responsibility Accounting & Performance Measures Course

    • 2. 150 Decentralization

    • 3. 170 Responsibility Accounting System

    • 4. 172 Responsibility Accounting Performance Reports

    • 5. 180 Direct & Indirect Expenses

    • 6. 190 Indirect Expenses Allocation

    • 7. 192 Indirect Expense Allocation

    • 8. 194 Allocation of Occupancy Costs

    • 9. 200 Departmental Income Statement Steps

    • 10. 210 Example Departmental Income Statement Steps

    • 11. 212 Forecasted Departmental Income Statement

    • 12. 220 Investment Center Return On Investment (ROI)


About This Class

Responsibility accounting & performance measures.

We will describe the concept of decentralization, how it applies to businesses, and the pros and cons of a more decentralized organization from a centralized one.

The course will cover general managerial accounting concepts necessary to study responsibility accounting, comparing and contrasting managerial accounting and financial accounting.

We will explain what a responsibility accounting system looks like and the benefits of a responsibility accounting system.

The course will discuss the categorization of costs between direct costs and indirect costs and why this categorization between direct and indirect is useful for reporting financial data by department.

We will describe the problems with allocating indirect costs to the proper departments and explain various methods for allocating indirect costs.

The course will describe what a departmental income statement is and how to create a departmental income statement.

We will explore what a forecasted departmental income statement is and put together a forecasted departmental income statement.

The course will discuss other performance measures like return on investment (ROI) and a balance scorecard.