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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 17m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Creating Certificates

    • 3. Adding Test Devices and Test Accounts

    • 4. Prepare the App for Testing: App ID, iTunes Connect, and 2 Provisioning Profiles

    • 5. Testing the App

    • 6. Change the Images

    • 7. Change the Theme and Content - Part 1

    • 8. Change the Theme and Content - Part 2

    • 9. In-App Purchases Part 1: iTunes Connect

    • 10. In-App Purchases Part 2: Xcode

    • 11. Ads and Analytics

    • 12. Submitting an App to the App Store for Review

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About This Class

This course will show you exactly what you need to do to reskin a specific source code in Xcode so that you can create your own iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch app very quickly and inexpensively and start making money almost immediately. The class project is to launch your very first reskin of a source code.

Why reskin? Reskinning is a much better, faster, and cheaper way to enter the app market because a developer has already done the dirty work of building an app from scratch. You can come in, make some changes to the design and content, and then submit the app for review. And best of all, you can do this work yourself to save money. Hiring a developer to build an app from scratch is very expensive and time consuming.

You will see every single edit necessary to launch an app, and in less than 2 hours. This includes the very first steps you take after you get your hands on a source code (learning how to test the app) to editing the app in Xcode, and all the way to submitting the app to the App Store for review. The tutorial uses a REAL source code example and completes every single step necessary to reskin the app from start to finish, and is structured in that way. While this uses a specific code (that you can purchase and edit for yourself), the course is still very useful for reskinning any app. It will give you the knowledge necessary to understand documents that come with source codes that you can purchase at very low prices. 

This is perfect for any beginner that is interested in entering the world of app development, but does not want to spend a ton of money or time creating an app from scratch and hiring developers. Instead, you can focus on monetization through in-app purchases and ad networks, which, by the way, is part of this course. You can literally reskin one source code 100 times using this tutorial to generate large profits incredibly quickly.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Pixtant LLC

App developer with a quarter million+ downloads


Justin Malik and Lee Rankinen launched Pixtant, an iOS and Android social polling application, in February 2013. After receiving nearly a quarter million downloads on iOS alone in roughly 6 months, Justin and Lee decided to step it up a knotch by creating apps that deliver a fast and healthy returns on their investments. Justin, who rarely used a Mac, took less than a week to learn enough about XCode to release their first reskin of a source code. Within only a couple months, Pixtant LLC had over 15 apps in the App Store.

Justin currently manages Pixtant marketing, technical development, and finances. In 2010, he graduated from the 20-month MBA program at Pepperdine University with a full scholarship alongside his soon-to-be business partner, Lee. Lee currently manages Pixtant co... See full profile

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2. Creating Certificates: - everyone. - In this first tutorial, - I'm to show you how to create the two certificates that you need to create nap or to re - skin and app. - They only do these once per years. - If you've done this before, - you can go ahead and move on to tutorial number two. - Now, - certificates are pretty much your way of signing the app. - So you just got to create it. - Um and then you can pretty much forget about it until one year rolls around. - So let's get to it. - Okay, - so let's go ahead and open up our IOS development center and then from there, - going to the certificates, - identify IRS in profile section. - We're gonna go into certificates. - And if you've never done this before, - you just see a blank screen just like this. - So we're gonna go to the top where the plus button is. - Click on that in the 1st 1 we're gonna do is a development certificate to click on the IOS - app development and click. - Continue saying we need to see us our file. - So to do that, - let's minimize safari. - Click on your finder is the easiest way to get there in the top. - Click go to utilities and then go to key chain access. - Once you're in there, - click the menu teaching Isis menu, - go to certificate assistant and click on the one that says requests a certificate from a - certificate Authority Sounds nice and complicated, - but it's actually really easy. - Go in and enter the email address and the name of the person that is registered with the - account. - Say that to your disk. - I'm gonna save to the desktop. - It's easiest place to find it. - Go ahead, - click done, - and we can minimize that and go back into the IOS Development Center. - So click continue on this page and you can choose file to upload that file that we just - created. - That's on the desktop. - Some choose that and generate it. - Once that's done, - go ahead and download it. - Open up your downloads and double click that certificate. - If you go back in a key chain access, - you'll see that it popped up. - I can see it right here. - This one wasn't here before, - so that's good. - It installed and we're gonna add one more back in safari. - This one's gonna be for productions. - You can distribute the app in the APP store. - So click on the APP store and ad hoc section click. - Continue. - It says we need to CSR file again. - We're actually gonna use the exact same file that we used before. - So go to choose file, - pick up the certificate from your desktop click, - choose and then generate again. - We're gonna do the same thing and download it and then open up your downloads. - Double click to install. - If you go to key chain access, - you should now have to certificates. - So if you go back into safari, - you click done. - You should see both your certificates and one for IOS Development and one for Iowa's - distribution. - And that's it. - You only need to do this once per year, - so don't need to worry about this for a while. - Thanks, - guys. 3. Adding Test Devices and Test Accounts: - everyone. - Welcome to Tutorial To which is registering devices in a test account, - Registering Devices and IOS Development Centre lets you test on an iPhone or iPad or - whatever it is that you want to test on. - And then test accounts let you purchase in that purchases without actually having to pay - for it, - which is helpful. - So let's get to it. - Let's go ahead and go back into the Iowa's Development Center and go back into the - certificates, - identifies and profile section. - But this time go do devices. - Yours is probably gonna be empty here, - and that's fine. - Just go ahead and click on the plus sign in the top right corner to add a new device. - I would recommend Nemea your name and then what kind of device it is. - So I'm gonna put Lee's iPad, - since that's what I'm to be registering now we need the U. - D. - I. - D. - Number of that device. - The easiest way I know together is to go into iTunes. - Make sure your devices connected to your laptop, - and then it should appear appear in the right hand corner. - So go ahead and click that and you'll see the device settings. - The capacity in the serial number here. - What shows serial number going and click on that. - It's gonna change into the U. - D I. - D. - Number. - You can right click on those numbers and then click on copy. - Identify her to get the U D I. - D. - Number. - So after that's copied, - let's go back into safari and paste that number. - Then we're gonna click, - continue and go in and register the device. - He'll say it's complete. - Click done, - and it should show up in your list and then repeat that process for any other devices that - you want to be able to test on. - All right, - so let's create a test account next, - going to iTunes, - connect and click on manage users in the bottom left corner and then test user click on the - top left, - Add new user and then fill in this information for the email address. - If you're using a apple i D. - That's already taken. - They probably won't work. - You need a fresh email address, - and if you use Google, - there's a little trick. - So what? - Gmail. - If you add a plus sign after your your user name, - you can add a number, - and I'll still go to your email address. - So, - for example, - if your email addresses pick Stint LLC at gmail dot com, - you could put in picks in L. - L C plus one at gmail dot com. - You'll still go to use. - That's fine, - and you can kind of trick Apple in the thinking. - It's a different email address, - so let's fill in this information now. - You should receive an email, - so see it here and then go ahead and verify it. - We're going to sign in. - Thank like verify address should verify it, - and that's it. - So use this email address when you're testing for in APP purchases and you'll see how to do - that later on in this tutorial on and I purchases. - All right, - I'll see in the next tutorial. - Thanks, - guys. 4. Prepare the App for Testing: App ID, iTunes Connect, and 2 Provisioning Profiles: - Hey, - everyone, - welcome to the third tutorial, - which is going to show you how to prepare the after testing Now what that includes is - registering the app I D in the Iowa's development Center and getting the APP name and - iTunes connect. - And we're also gonna show you how to do to provisioning profiles so that you can test the - app. - So here we go. - Let's go back into the Iowa's development Center, - and, - as usual, - we're going to certificates, - identifies and profiles. - And then this time in the identify your section, - you were gonna register your app I d. - So click in the top right corner, - the plus sign. - Then where's his name? - Let's enter the name of your app, - but it doesn't need to be the full name. - Just go in and enter like a short cut name for it that you'll recognize some to enter - Factbook. - Next, - we need to enter a bundle I D. - And this is usually in the format of com dot your name of your business name dot app name - someone put in, - Come and then lease name and then the app name, - which is gonna be factbook again. - It's not the full app name just a short cut. - And if you scroll down to go to APP services where you can add in push notifications, - whatever else is going to be in this APP, - game center and in APP purchases already selected. - And for that that we're doing today, - we don't need anything else. - Some to go ahead and click. - Continue. - All right. - The next page is just a confirmation page. - There's make sure everything looks right and make sure enabled everything correctly and - then go ahead and click. - Submit. - You just see a registration complete page and that's it for the app I d Go ahead and click - Done. - Next, - we're gonna create the to provisioning profiles that we need to develop and test the app - and then distribute the app to the APP store. - So let's go in and under provisioning profiles. - Click on all and then click on the plus sign in the upper right corner. - 1st 1 we're gonna do is for development. - So click on the IOS app development button and then click. - Continue now If you've only created one app i d. - Then it should show up here just like that. - Um, - if you have multiple ones, - you need to select the right one and then click. - Continue the next pages where you select the certificates you want include in this - provisioning profile. - So we made sort of gets earlier. - You probably have one here going and select that one and click. - Continue. - Then you want to select the devices that you want to be able to test on. - It's easier just to select him all them to go and do that click continue and then create a - profile name. - I like to name it the name of the app dash. - And then I like to say development because we're gonna do a distribution one also and I - don't want to get those confused. - So that's my naming convention. - You do something along those lines and then click generate. - Once that's done, - go ahead and download it and then click in your downloads and double click on that - provisioning profile to install it. - Now go ahead, - scroll down and we're gonna click at another. - And this time we're gonna do distribution to the APP store. - Click continue. - Same thing here. - You probably have only one app I d. - So you can just leave it. - But if you have Multiple one. - Select the right one and click. - Continue and then select the certificate, - just like before For a distribution click continue. - And I'm going to name this one. - The name of the app Factbook Dash and I would say distribution for this one. - Go ahead, - scroll down. - Click Generate. - Then download it and open up your downloads. - Double click to install. - All right, - so the last part is gonna be to register the app in iTunes connect. - So go ahead and log into iTunes, - connect, - and then click on, - manage your APS in the top left corner, - click on add new app, - and then go and select your language and then entering the APP name. - Now here. - You want to make sure you got all the spelling, - right? - Cause this is gonna be the official name for your app. - Next, - you need to enter a skew number and this is pretty random. - You're never gonna use this again. - So just go in and enter something like the name of the APP and then the year that's what I - usually do. - And then for bundle, - I d make sure you select the app I d that we created earlier. - So go ahead and click that and make sure everything's correct, - and then click Continue. - On this next page, - you can set the availability date of your app. - So if you wanna have a specific date in the future, - you can select it here. - I usually don't. - I usually just leave it so that it gets published a soon as possible. - And then you could select the price here. - So to your one would be 99 cents. - If you click on them, - you'll see it. - So if you click on to your to, - then I can see that that's us $1.99. - But for this app, - I'm gonna click on free. - And then you can decide if you're gonna give a discount for educational institutions and - decide if you want to put it in certain territories on Lee. - I'm the Leavitt for everywhere. - So go ahead, - click. - Continue. - Now we're gonna start entering some app information. - So here we go. - First version number. - I wanna put in one point. - Oh, - it's the 1st 1 And then copyright. - I like to put the year and then the name of the person or the company. - Next is selecting the categories that your APP is gonna be in. - So for the primary category, - I'm going to select book and then secondary. - I'm to say it's reference and then we need to put in the rating for the APP, - and that's based on some criteria that you can see down here. - So go and fill this out. - If Europe applies, - um, - to for having frequent intense violence, - you need to put that in so that you don't get rejected, - so I'll fill out my now then, - if your app is made for kids, - you can select that in the metadata section. - We're gonna put in description keywords and your support. - U R l along with optional marketing you our own privacy policy. - You are else. - Then go ahead and enter your contact informations can need your first name, - last name email, - address, - a phone number and you leave the rest of these blank here and at the bottom. - We're gonna have to upload a large app icon and couple screenshots now. - Often when I have reached this section, - I haven't made my app icon yet or screenshots, - and I think it's kind of ridiculous that you have to put it in right now, - but you do so if you don't have your icon or screenshots already, - just make blank or template files and just take him in here for now. - You can change them later, - and once that's done, - you're ready to save it. - So there we go. - I see I put in the APP icon and says, - Prepare for upload So we're ready to start testing this app that concludes Tutorial three. - So head on over the tutorial four When started cranking out the APP itself. - Thanks, - guys. 5. Testing the App: - everyone. - Welcome to Tutorial Four. - This is where it gets exciting. - We're gonna do our first AP test and finally open up X code to start changing around the - code. - So let's do this. - Okay? - So go ahead and open up your APP. - Folder inside should be a X code project file, - which is the X Code project file. - So double click on that. - I was telling me I need to upgrade my irate. - Let's just go ahead and do that, - Okay? - So welcome to X code. - The first thing I noticed is that in the top left, - it says Fast laugh, - which is the name of his project. - Let's go in and change that to something that applies to us. - For me, - it's gonna be fact book. - So do that. - We're gonna click on it once, - click on it again, - and then I'll let you edit it to change it. - Think like enter. - Now it's asking if we want to rename the project content items. - So let's go ahead and rename it now. - Sometimes they'll say or ask you if you want to do a snapshot. - Um, - I think these are a good idea. - Executed kind of saved as it goes along, - so it's scary if you make a change. - Sometimes it's hard to undo. - So let's go and enable this. - Okay. - And the top left. - I can also see it still says fast laugh. - This is the scheme. - We're gonna change this also. - So if you click on it and then go to manage schemes, - let's go ahead and click the minus sign that's gonna delete it. - It's a quick Tole. - Now, - with the plus sign, - it's gonna name it correctly. - We're gonna hit. - Okay, - click OK again. - And now select your project in the top left corner right here and then right over here, - you're gonna see project and targets. - So it's like the targets first, - so your screen should look like this. - Now make sure General is selected. - These are the tabs at the top. - So general should be selected. - And the first thing you're going to see his bundle identify air. - So we created this in the IOS Development Center. - Ah, - couple tutorials ago. - So go ahead and into yours, - then for version. - You should just put 1.0, - and build through the same one point. - Oh, - now let's go to the build settings tab at the top, - Scroll down a bit and go to the area that says code signing. - Now, - if you go down a little bit should say provisioning profile and that name should sound - familiar. - We created provisioning profiles for this project, - so we're gonna go ahead and fill these in. - So where it says none, - click on that. - Now I have a bunch here, - but if you just started, - you probably only have a couple provisioning profiles, - so you should be able to find yours pretty quickly. - Mine was named Factbook Dash Development in fact, - book dash distribution. - And since we're developing right now in testing, - going and click on the development one now do that everywhere it says none. - Now, - if you go up a bit, - you'll see code signing identity. - And this is where we gonna put in the certificate that we did a while back. - So let's go into here where says multiple values and select that certificate that we - created now. - Same thing here. - Wherever it's not selected, - go ahead and select it. - So all of them should say the same thing here in the code signing section. - All should say the same thing here in the provisioning profile section. - Once that's done, - let's go back to the top left and bring the select instead of the target. - We're gonna select the project this time. - Now click on the info tab first and under configurations right now, - says used release for command Line builds. - Let's just say debug for now. - And then let's go to build settings scroll down and code signing is here again. - We're gonna fill this in one more time just to be safe. - So let's do the provisioning profile first again. - And you could see I selected the development one again and then go back up to code signing - identity and filled out into Okay, - so I think we're ready to test this. - If you go the top left where it shows your scheme and then it shows iPhone retina 3.5 inch - . - This is what we're gonna be testing on. - So this is the IOS simulator, - and you contest on a 3.5 inch for inch for 64 bit an iPad, - or you can connect your own device and then it'll pop up. - So let's try that. - All right, - so I connected my iPhone, - so if I click in here and I go up, - you'll see that my iPhone is listed there now, - since you won't be able to see that if I try testing, - I must stay on the simulator and let's go with the foreign. - 64 bit iPhone retina. - Now to test it, - all you do is hit the play button here, - or you can go to product and then run. - So let's go in and do that. - It's gonna tell you if the bills exceeded and then down here in the corner, - you can see IOS Simulator starting to go. - It should pop up on its own, - though, - and there we go, - popped up. - So that's great. - That means the test worked. - And there we go. - We see the first joke. - So everything's running smoothly. - You should be able to test now. - And any time you make changes, - you contest again. - So we're gonna start making changes to this code specifically in the next tutorial. - So I'll see you there. - Thanks, - guys. 6. Change the Images: - All right, - Welcome to Tutorial five, - which is going to show you a re skin a specific code in this one. - We're gonna talk about the random facts generator source code that Austin Church developed - , - and he's from bright new dot com. - I really like his codes and he's a great guy, - so that helps. - He responds very quickly to problems, - and this code is only $99 for an unlimited license, - which is a total steel. - You can create hundreds of APS with this code that generate profits. - We've had success with this app and highly recommend getting this source code and trying it - out for yourself. - Now, - if you don't have the source code, - you can still use. - This tutorial is a helpful guide to understand X code and the things that you need to - change in X code to re skin pretty much any app in this to tora. - Specifically, - we're gonna go over changing graphics and how that's done. - If you don't have your graphics done yet, - then you can go ahead and skip this tutorial on, - move onto the next one and come back to this one later. - So let's go ahead and do this before changing the graphics out. - What I like to do is copy the folder that we've been working with and paste it somewhere - else so that if we mess it up, - we still have it. - Okay, - now that that's done, - we can go in and start changing out these graphics. - Now. - It's pretty simple. - The idea is basically just replacing the files. - So whether you do the graphics yourselfer, - you have someone else do it. - What I like is toe have the folder kind of match up with the original APP folder. - I'll show you what I mean by that. - If you open up the original APP folder, - you'll see that there are six images here that we're gonna need to replace for our icons - and to our screens inside of the app. - So, - in my re skin folder, - right when you open up, - you see the same thing. - You see two screens and four icons. - So this makes it really easy just to copy these over and replace them. - So that's what I'm gonna do right now. - It's all I did was copy and then replace the files in the original APP folder. - Now in my re skin folder. - I have a resource is folder, - which it has some mawr images in it. - Somebody go into the resource is folder in the original app. - And sure enough, - there's three images here that we need to replace some to do the same thing again. - I'm to take these three files copy, - um, - and then replace them. - Now, - I have three other folders inside my re skin folder. - I have icons purchase. - And you I was jumping icons. - We're also gonna jump in tow icons in the original at folder, - and I can see that they match up pretty well. - So we do the same thing again. - Just copy him over. - Now, - if we go back in both folders, - let's jump into the purchase folder now, - you don't need to replace all these images. - Austin tells you which ones are OK to keep, - and he actually lets you keep a lot of these, - but I chose to replace him, - so I'm to replace this folder, - but you actually don't have to. - And the same is true for the U. - Y. - Folder. - He's got iPad and iPhone images, - and I did the same and you don't need to replace all of them. - But check out his guide and he'll tell you which ones are OK. - But I'm gonna go ahead and replace mine right now. - So we really want to dio. - You can do one file at a time or folders like I did, - but just make sure that you're replacing every single image and that there named exactly - the same. - If there's one letter off for a capital letter or something, - this app will not run correctly. - So you got to make sure, - for example, - this one's default Dash 5 68 h at two x dot ping Very complicated. - Just make sure you copy that exact same file name over. - I remember when I first did this. - In the beginning, - I messed it up and some images were missing. - If it's your very first time we might want to do is just copy one file over at a time and - make sure it says like you're replacing a file because if you're not replacing a file on, - it just pops on over. - You did something wrong. - It should give you an alert message saying, - Are you sure you want to replace this file? - Okay, - so I did all the icons and the U. - Y. - Stuff and some screens. - So let's go and see. - If I made those changes correctly, - we're gonna jump into X code, - and the first thing I like to do is go to product clean. - There's often fixes a lot of random issues that might be going on in your ex code project, - so it's a good practice to clean it every once in a while after you make some changes to - the code or two images. - Now let's try running this in the simulator. - Yeah, - that's looking good already, - so you can see I put this red background in. - I left his buttons here, - Um, - and these buttons are the ones that he used. - But I changed this background. - So looks like everything is working now if I goto hardware in the Iowa Simulator and click - on home kind of minimizes it and you see, - I got the APP icon right? - Also, - to get practice to try this in multiple simulators actually is probably best to do any - devices. - If you have an iPad and an iPhone tried on both and make sure the icon shows up correctly - and all your images are there all right. - So that's super simple. - You should be able to change your graphics pretty easily. - So we're gonna start messing with the code in the next tutorial. - Thanks. 7. Change the Theme and Content - Part 1: - Hey, - welcome to Tutorial six, - which is about fixing the theme and content for the random facts generator source code that - awesome church has provided at bright new dot com. - As I mentioned before, - if you don't have the source code, - you can get it on this site. - Or you can just use this tutorial as a template for pretty much re skinning any app. - So let's jump right in picking up right where we left off. - We were in the simulator, - and you might have noticed that underneath the icon, - the text says, - jokes there. - And since this is a fact app, - it doesn't really make sense for to say jokes, - and Apple could actually reject you for that. - So you want to change this so that it makes sense for your app. - So we're gonna do that right now. - So let's close out a simulator. - And to do that, - you right, - click it and then click on quit. - So to change the name of the app underneath the icon when you run it, - we're gonna go into the target, - which is right here, - up in the upper left corner, - and then we're gonna go to build settings and then scroll down. - This is an alphabetical order by these headings you see here we're going to packaging and - then look for product name. - Let's change that to fact book. - Now, - sometimes you do this in a different place, - actually. - So I'm gonna show you that right now. - If you go to info at the top, - you'll see here Bundle display, - name shows, - dollar sign, - product name. - And that's what we just change the product name and this code, - right years basically saying to pull that name from the product name so you could just type - over this and that will also change the name of the APP for you. - Now we're gonna change the local notifications. - Local notifications are kind of like push notifications that you see, - except they're coming in from the app itself and just like sending it out at certain - intervals. - So if you have a nap, - it might say, - Hey, - we miss you. - Come back or something along those lines, - that could be a local notification. - And this app does have local notifications. - If you go into the resource is folder, - click that arrow and go to jokes. - Local notification dot text There's a ton of these that he has already set up for the jokes - App. - Now, - these don't really make sense for fax. - So what you want to do is change these and you don't need as many as he has. - But a good amount would be good so they don't keep seeing the same notifications over and - over. - So if the 1st 1 says one here stupid joke, - maybe you just type over this one here a great fact. - And if you decide to have somebody else replace the whole text file for you, - there could be some issues. - Like if they created in Windows and you save over the file, - you might run into some problems. - It might actually not work properly. - So the easiest, - safest way to do it just edit it right inside of X code right here. - And you're not gonna run into issues that way. - So once you're done with that, - we also need to change the jokes themselves into fax. - The joke's themselves are also in the resource is folder. - It's under insults. - So they click on that triangle. - There are the four groups that correspond to the four groups in the APP itself. - Everyone do is to go to each one of these and change out the information so that the - content works for your app. - Now, - some of these text files are formatted in different ways. - So, - like in this jokes one, - they're separated by dashes. - So what you would do is just take out 1st 1 put in a great fact here of some sort, - and that should work. - Um, - replacing a text file. - Like I said earlier, - you can get a little tricky, - but this is the safest way to do it. - You don't need to have as many as he has to get of less or more. - Just follow this convention and edit it right in here. - If you don't want to run into issues now, - looking at this naming convention, - it says jokes, - knock, - knock one liners. - These don't really make sense. - But don't change them because the code uses thes file names. - And if you change the file name is not gonna work anymore. - Now might be a good time to test the app, - but before you do that, - it's a good idea to go to product clean. - And if you're running this in the simulator thing, - you probably want to clear out your simulators history. - Otherwise, - it might keep using the old information. - I've had that happen before, - so I'll show you how to do that. - Let's go ahead and run this so I'm seeing facts here, - which is good. - But if you're seeing jokes still one thing to try. - If you're in the simulators to go to the top where says Iowa Simulator and click on Reset - content and settings and then click reset, - then you can click Stop from here and then run it again and everything should be fine. - If you're trying this on your device, - then make sure you uninstalled the app every time you run a new one. - So that's the theme, - but we still have a lot to change for content, - so we're going to start doing that now. - Let's start by fixing up the Facebook sharing settings. - So the easiest way to find this is to use the search tool, - which is this magnifying glass in the upper left corner. - So click on that and type in 10 24 dot ping. - There's gonna be a shortcut to get to where we want to go, - so the results should be a facebook manager dot m file and this u r l Here. - If you go ahead and click on it, - then go into the main pane window here. - And when you start editing this red text in general, - when you edit things in X code, - if you're re skinning an app, - you're pretty much just gonna be changing read text. - So that's the stuff to look for. - Now the first thing I see is a link to his Facebook page, - which is facebook dot com slash bright newt. - So hopefully you have a Facebook page set up. - If you don't, - you're gonna need one, - because this app uses a Facebook page. - So go ahead and type your Facebook page here. - Next. - Is that your l that we were looking for in the first place, - which is that 10 24 dot ping file. - So what this is is an image that goes along with the Facebook share that shows a picture of - your icon we're going to need to do is have a link to your icon somewhere online. - So you need some sort of hosting service that will store that file for you. - I host in mine on our wordpress blog's. - So I'm gonna go ahead and put that link here. - The image I used is believe it's 1 44 by 1 44 Yeah, - so it's not that big of an image doesn't need to be when it's shared through Facebook. - Next is the call out what the person's pretty much saying when they're sharing it. - That says, - Check out the stupid jokes and puns in this app. - So let's change that to to make it more relevant. - I'm gonna have it say, - check out these great fax and then for the caption right below. - Put the name of your app There. - Now, - looking below, - I just realized this as Facebook Wall Post description. - But descriptions spelled wrong, - and I think that's not gonna be good for the app. - I think you want to fix this. - And that just kind of points out that while you're working through this, - just kind of take a look at these red text items and make sure everything looks right. - All right, - let's move on and search for some more text. - So in the search box, - we're gonna type in open parentheses, - void close parentheses, - follow Facebook, - and that's gonna take you the Info view controller dot m file and let's go ahead and click - on one of these. - You'll notice there's no red text around here. - Doesn't look like we're gonna change anything around here. - So click on the next one. - There we go. - I see a Facebook page link, - so we're gonna change this now. - Underneath. - You could see that there's some green writing. - There's two slashes and some green writing, - and that means it's a comment. - This isn't really code, - this comment says Facebook appetite Fan page. - So you're gonna need tohave a fan page set up for this app. - Or maybe for your company or yourself, - I guess, - and you're gonna drop that link here. - So I went ahead and added my Facebook fan page to an app. - Really? - That's called I triple dare you, - and it's not really related to fax or anything. - But honestly, - I don't want to create a new fan page for this app, - since I plan to re skin this tons of times, - I don't want that many fan pages, - so once you're done with that, - we need to get a Facebook app. - I d. - Let's go ahead and jump into safari all right? - So first thing, - you have to be a Facebook developer. - So once you do that, - you can get a nap. - I d Your account should look something like this. - A almost developer section right here. - If you go down, - you can click on create app in the top right corner. - There's a create new app button Click on that and then enter the name of the app. - Now, - something funny about Facebook is that anything with book in it isn't allowed. - You see, - it's has failed here. - So this really doesn't matter for our purposes. - So I'm just gonna write something else here, - go ahead and leave the name space Blank and then put in the category. - Let's disabled a sandbox mode, - which is testing mode. - And then I do not know if this is completely necessary, - but I like to do it for you in a native IOS APS. - We're gonna enter the bundle I d along with the APP store I d. - Which in get an iTunes connect. - That's the apple I d. - I'm also going to click on enabled for Facebook. - Log in. - I'm not totally sure if this is necessary, - but I like to do it and click save changes. - I get this message every time where it says it couldn't retrieve my APP store i d. - But I save again. - It's always fine. - I'll save it again now under the name you'll see APP idea. - And we're gonna copy this. - Going back to Ex code, - we're gonna go to the APP delegate dot h file. - So go back to this folder button and under fast laugh older 1st 1 should be app, - delegate dot age and you could see Facebook app ideas right here and read. - It's going to take those numbers and replace them with our own. - We're also going to click on the top, - make sure your target is selected, - and under the info type here at the top, - we're gonna put the Facebook app. - I d down here where it shows Facebook app idea and there's a number. - So click on it and replace it. - So that's it for Facebook. - And if you got through this whole process and it works, - then congratulations because this is definitely the hardest part of the whole re skin - process for this app, - at least, - so that would be a good time to go up to product clean and then go ahead and test this on - your device. - I'm to do that right now, 8. Change the Theme and Content - Part 2: - Okay. - So Facebook worked perfectly for me, - Hopefully did for you also. - And there were just two things I noticed that I would like to mention now. - One of them is not related to Facebook, - but I want to get that taken care of. - But the other is And that was when I said, - Ah, - the Facebook app name wasn't that important. - That actually shows up in one spot when you're allowing access. - So he will say the name of your app wants access to Facebook. - So just a note is Ah, - put something there that you know isn't crazy. - Or just make it relevant to your app and you'll be fine. - And next thing has do with Iowa seven. - The bar at the top is kind of messing up the graphics. - This code was not actually made for Iowa seven originally and hasn't been updated. - So I want to do a quick fix so that it looks better on Iowa seven that fixes on the same - page. - So we're gonna be in the project. - She if you click on targets and on the info tab, - we're gonna add two lines here. - So right click and click on add row and type in status bars initially hidden. - And we're gonna set that to yes, - we had one more. - And the name one of this one is view controller, - base status, - bar appearance. - And we're going to set that to know now these two steps that we just did our really only - for IOS seven and for the newer X Code. - And this is as of October of 2013. - So if you have an older version of X code, - you probably won't need this and you'll be able to publish it fine without any problems. - But that status bar at the top kind of looks funky with a combination of Iowa seven and the - newest X coat. - All right, - so we're ready to move on. - Let's tackle Twitter this time. - So we're gonna search again this summer in a search for Avoid Follow Twitter if you click - on the 1st 1 Same thing is the last time. - This isn't the place. - We're gonna be editing stuff so quick on the next one. - And here's some red text that we're gonna have to change this 1st 1 you could see it says - app. - Follow Twitter. - So basically, - it's just where you want people to follow you on Twitter, - So put your link in there. - Now we're gonna search for avoid add tweet content and in the same files can be under info - view controller dot m Click on the 2nd 1 And there's all this red text down here that we - can change. - So right now says the jokes app, - you can check it out. - Um, - go in and change it to whatever information you want. - Also, - you notice that there's a G l o b dot L Y link here, - which is linking to iTunes Connect. - So where you want to do is change this link. - Also, - I usually use bit Lee for this socially. - Got to do that in a second. - First, - let's change the text. - Okay, - So to fix that link, - let's jump into iTunes connect, - and in your app, - you'll see view an app store. - If you right, - click that and then copy the link, - you can register for an account with Billy and then paste that link up here in the corner. - What that does is it gives you an address that's a lot shorter, - so copy that Go back and ex code, - and then put that link here. - That should be it for Twitter. - So go ahead and clean it again and then test it next. - We're gonna fix up the section so that the user is able to review and rate your app in the - APP store. - So it's a couple places we need to do this. - The first happens to be right underneath this ad tweet content section that we just worked - on. - So it's devoid review on APP store. - You can search for this if you're not on the same page already. - Now, - down here in the red content, - there's ah at an app I d. - Right after this equal sign, - we're going to replace that to go out and delete it and get your app i d from iTunes - connect. - It's on this page right here. - Next, - we need to find the app delegate dot h file. - So click on your folder at the top left corner, - then go into Fast Life folder. - And then the first file is apt delegate dot h Click on that and then find APP store rate I - d and those blue numbers. - We're gonna change that to the same ones we just copied. - So pace that in. - Go ahead and click on the search button, - and we're gonna type in rate dot message. - If you click on that, - you can see that there's a message and it says, - Are you enjoying this up? - I just left it. - But you can change that if you want. - Right underneath that it says rate dot application name. - Let's go ahead and change the name here to your up. - Let's clean that again, - and that should be it for the rating section now. - These were usually harder test because the APP doesn't really exist yet, - so you can't review it, - so I usually get this done and hope for the best. - Let's keep going. - We're on a roll, - so the next thing we're gonna do is the shared by email method. - So let's search for the function void. - Share email. - You should see four results here. - Click on the 1st 1 Nations, - he read text that would make sense to change. - 1st 1 is the subject line, - and it's as funny joke from best do bad jokes and puns. - Freeze! - Let's change that. - And then the message says, - I thought you would get a kick out of this joke doesn't make sense for facts. - So machines that also and then right below that is some more text that we should change. - So I just replaced my APP name there, - and then you'll notice there's that G l o b dot l. - Why link again? - Let's use our Betley link that we created earlier. - Now let's go to the next one in the search box. - Nothing there to change. - Let's go the next one and here we go again. - Let's go ahead and replace thes. - That 1st 1 is a subject, - and this next one in red is the body of the email above that, - you see some green text that's been commented out, - so it's not doing anything, - so we don't need to change that again. - There's that link that we want to replace with Billy last. - Let's check the last one up here, - and there's some more text that we need to change. - Let's do one more search and Mr for Bright Newt 2013 and this is a copyright that appears - on the info page. - So go ahead and change this also, - then go to product clean and test Europe. - Okay, - we're almost done. - Hang in there, - or you might be having fun doing this. - So in that case, - Ah, - yeah, - we have a lot to go. - Not really, - though. - We're gonna fix the contact support section now, - So we're gonna search for avoid contact support again. - We're going to the 2nd 1 and change your email down here. - And you also want change the subject line to match the name of your app. - Now you can change these parts down here says Europe would be even better if dot, - dot, - dot, - and they fill it in. - I'm just gonna go ahead and leave it. - And we also need to change the legal section. - So search for avoid open legal and click on the 2nd 1 and all that we need to change is - this link here. - Right now, - it's pointing a bright new dot com and his terms of use. - So you need to have a web page where your terms of use can be displayed to go ahead and - paste yours there. - Okay, - Now we have one really quick fix. - So if you go to the search and search for enjoy your insults. - There's a message here that appears after you restore your purchases. - It says Enjoy your insults. - And that should say something that fits your content for me. - It's gonna be fax gonna put that in and that fixes that part. - So that should be it that covers all the content. - And if you made it this far and you're testing and everything looks good, - then great job. - It's all pretty easy from here on. - So you did most of the work already and all the hard parts are done. - The only things left now are the in app purchases. - They probably still say joke names there. - And then I purchases themselves. - Don't work, - and that's okay. - And then the ads, - you need to be able to get paid for those. - So we only need to fix those two things, - and this app is gonna be ready to launch. - So great job. - And I'll see in the next video 9. In-App Purchases Part 1: iTunes Connect: - Welcome to Tutorial seven. - We're getting pretty close to being done. - This one's about in APP purchases, - and using your tests account to test those in APP purchases. - So let's jump right in. - All right, - so let's start an ex code. - And if you go down to the Insults folder, - this is where we put in our new fax or whatever it is that you're going to be showing in - the APP. - And there are four different sections, - which correspondent? - Four different places where they can see different categories of fax or whatever it is. - So the 1st 1 that shows up is this joke Start text file, - and it's free, - and then the other three are paid. - So whatever categories he decided to do, - it would be a good idea just to write down and keep it on the side. - That jokes corresponds to for me, - it's gonna be science fax, - and then tough guy corresponds toe life fax, - knock, - knock. - It's celebrity fax and one liners are animal facts, - so just keep that somewhere written down so you can refer back to it later. - Now, - if you've gotten this far, - you've probably ready filled in this information so the next part is gonna be to enable the - in app purchases and to test them. - So let's jump into iTunes connect. - Okay, - so we're in iTunes connect. - Now, - we're going to go to the manager app section and then click on your app. - Now, - if you go to manage in that purchases in the top, - right, - we're going to create a new one. - Now, - this count is new, - and there is some information missing here. - It says I must go to the contracts tax and banking module to be ableto enable in APP - purchases. - So I'm to do that now. - We're gonna come back, - all right? - Since my contracts tax and banking information wasn't completed yet, - I couldn't add new in app purchases, - but I just filled that out. - So now if I go into manage your APS, - click on the APP and go to manage in our purchases and create new, - there's these sections here for consumable and non consumable purchases. - So we're gonna start filling these out for this app. - All the in APP purchases were doing for this app are non consumable. - And on consumables are things that you would buy only once and then can be restored later - if you delete the app and get the app again or if you get a new device or something along - those lines. - Consumable in APP purchases, - On the other hand are things like tokens or coins or whatever that you had purchased over - and over again and keep collecting getting more off. - So for sets of facts in this app would make sense that you'd only buy it once you went by - the same fax over and over again. - So we're gonna go to non consumable. - It's like that. - The first purchase we're gonna do is the remove the top banner ad, - and all that does is remove that Fleury banner that you see at the top of the APP screen. - Now, - the reference name is what you're going to see in iTunes connect when you get sales. - So you want it to be meaningful for you, - but it doesn't have to be user friendly for other people. - So I'm gonna put in fact book dash, - remove ad Now, - just a note. - This does not remove all the ads. - The way this was coded was that it only removes that one flurry banner ads so you don't - want toe, - make people upset and say that you're moving all the ads when we fill this out. - Now, - the product idea is kind of similar to the bundle I d. - It's usually com dot your name or company name dot app name, - and then we're gonna add a dot and then put in the in APP purchase name. - This can really be anything, - but also try to make this meaningful for you in this case is were re skinning an app. - I'm gonna use the same naming convention that they use in the program, - so be easier to edit. - Next coat. - That's gonna be com dot your name dot ap name dot Remove underscore banner underscore ad - next to make sure cleared for sales clicked on yes. - And then select the price that you want to charge people. - For this I'm to select here, - and one which is 99 cents in U. - S. - Dollars. - Next, - we need to add a language to click on add language. - Select your language. - Next is the display name, - and that actually shows up for the user when they purchase it. - So I'll say something along lines of Do you want to purchase one Remove banner ad. - I want to be really specific here because only removes the top banner ads, - so I'm gonna put that in. - It's pretty rare that the description actually gets used in the app, - but sometimes it does. - I usually just copy the same thing is a display name. - Unless I have more things to say in this case, - I don't I'm just gonna put remove top banner ad, - then click Save. - You're not gonna be hosting anything with apples to keep. - This has no. - We can leave the review notes blank. - And now we need to add a screenshot. - I shall. - We don't need at it right now. - Let's get the in app purchases working first and then we're gonna screenshot it and then - add the screenshots later. - So let's go ahead and save. - So here you can see it is waiting for screenshot before we can do anything, - but you'll still be able to test it. - Now we're gonna add the three in APP purchases for the categories. - So for my fact categories is gonna be animals celebrity and life fax to go to create new - again. - We're still doing non consumable and enter the reference name that's gonna make sense for - you When you see the reports. - Next for the product, - I d. - We're gonna do the same thing, - Wouldn't do com dot your name dot app name dot name of the in APP purchase. - This time, - we're not going to use his naming convention because this is probably something along lines - of one liners or knock knock. - And I want to make this more meaningful for us. - So put the category name after at the very end so that it makes sense for you. - So for mine is gonna be com dot li ranking in dot fact booked animals again. - Keep cleared for sale. - Yes. - And then enter the price here for what? - However much you want charge for it. - And now the language again, - they're going to see the display name. - So I'm gonna put animal fax here. - So let's say something like, - Do you want to purchase one animal facts and I'm gonna enter the same thing for description - . - We're gonna wait to do the screenshot again. - So click save and I repeat this for the two other categories that you're going to charge - for. - The first category is freeze. - That's not gonna be in app purchase. - So just leave that one. - And that Someone that corresponds to the jokes start text file. - They'll be your free category. - Someone enter my other two categories right now. - Okay. - I finished putting mine in. - Just make sure you get the spelling correct. - For this product, - I d. - Which resembles your bundle. - I d capitals matter. - And when we put this in X code, - if you spell it even a little bit off, - it's not gonna work. - So to make sure everything looks good and we're gonna go to X code. 10. In-App Purchases Part 2: Xcode: - Okay, - so now that we've set them up in iTunes connect now when you set up the anti purchases in X - code. - So my shortcut for doing this is to go to search in the top left corner, - the magnifying glass, - and we're gonna search for com dot bright Newt. - And these are gonna be his in app purchases that he set up and we're gonna change them. - We're gonna edit them so that they fit are naming conventions. - So search for that. - Let's go through these one by one First ones in data model dot m. - If I click on that, - I can see the removed banner ad is here. - So let's replace com dot bright new dot fast life jokes with the one that we set up. - So mine was calm dot li ranking and, - uh, - factbook dot Remove underscore banner underscore ad. - And if you remember, - I told you, - just leave it. - Name that way so that we wouldn't have to change it. - But if you changed it, - you're gonna change this. - Remove underlying banner underlying add part. - Let's go the next one. - Now, - this one says com dot bright new dot insult, - shake. - And I think that's to do with the shaking of the device. - So I'm not gonna change that. - That's not enough. - Purchase. - So let's move on the next one. - Now we're in the purchases dot p list file. - This is definitely where we want to be to change the categories. - So the ones I see here are one liners, - and for me, - that applies to animal facts. - So we see description says, - plus 122 jokes, - I could be wrong, - but I don't remember seeing this in the APP. - If you did, - you can change it. - But I don't want change in that mess, - something up. - So I was gonna leave that images one liners. - That's the name of the image. - We don't want to change that because we replaced our images and we kept the image naming - convention the same. - So don't change that for sure. - Now the name we won't change that, - cause that's gonna pier on the button. - So I'm gonna rename this animals now. - Don't change the path either, - but we're gonna change the in APP purchase. - I d So Phil years out so that it matches iTunes connect. - Mine is calmed out the rank and end up fact booked on animals. - That's what I put in iTunes. - Connect for this in APP. - Purchase. - Underneath is this is bought item. - And if you set this to yes, - then it's gonna make it so that's already purchased so that they don't have to purchase it - . - So if you wanted to make some of yours free, - some more of them, - except the 1st 1 you can change this now. - I've never changed it before, - so I'm not going to do it. - And I like that you have to buy three of them, - so don't hold me to it if it doesn't work perfectly. - But I've purchased other codes from Austin Church and it has a similar thing going on, - so and it worked. - So I'm pretty sure this will work if you want to change it. - But I believe it. - Okay, - that first section is done, - So let's click on the next one in our search box. - And this is the tough guy one. - This is the last of the buttons, - and for me, - it applies to life affects some changes. - So it matches thier life acts that I set up in iTunes connect. - Okay, - so again, - just change the name and then changed, - and I purchase I d section. - Now let's go. - The next one, - this is Knock, - knock. - And for me, - that's gonna be celebrity fax something. - Change that. - Moving on Now we have that removed. - Banner ad one. - So replaced Just the and I purchase I d. - Here. - All right, - let's keep going now as he a segmented sort bardot m file I'm a click on that. - I see this is like a debug section and it says calmed upright new dot Fast life jokes that - yo, - mama pack. - What is that? - Um, - the only things for sale in this app were the ones that we've done, - which are, - like the tough guy Knock, - knock one liners, - jokes. - So this pack here, - I haven't seen it exists in the app. - So I believe that now the next one is this Chuck Norris one which applies the tough guy, - which for me is life fax. - So let's change that moving on this next one is one liners for me. - That's animals Change it. - Next, - we have knock, - knock and that celebrity for me to change it, - okay? - And we do this again, - says he Chuck Norris. - That's gonna be tough guy, - which is life fax for me. - Next is one liners. - Change that one and see knock, - knock from a change it. - Here we go again. - They see some more, - and the next one got change That should begin close to being done. - So let's keep going. - Case that one's fixed and looks like I have one in here. - Start screen view controller dot m file and see what that is. - Okay, - it's the remove banner. - Ad one again. - So fixed that up. - Okay, - So what we have done is we search for all the places where, - say, - com dot bright Newt. - So I should cover all the in APP purchases. - Now, - let's do one more search. - We're gonna search for one. - Oh, - any dash liners. - Now, - there's a file called segmented sort bar dot m and click on the 1st 1 This is where the - names come from on the first page on the buttons. - So we're gonna change these out to match what you want right above. - There's jokes up here. - That's your first category. - So change it to what you want to display on that button. - Next is one liners. - So change that, - then change. - Knock, - knock and last change, - tough guy. - Let's click the next one on our search, - and we're gonna do this one more time. - Okay? - I think we're ready for a test. - Okay, - so you should be ready to test this. - But before you do that, - let's Ah, - clean it like we like to do. - And we're gonna test this on your device, - so make sure your devices selected up here and before you run it, - go to your device and go into your APP store. - Scroll down to the bottom on the featured page and you're gonna need a sign out of your - apple. - I d. - So just click on your apple, - I d where you see it down there. - And that's where you see your balance and stuff like that. - So click on it, - sign out and then run the APP. - Once your app is running, - you can try testing the anti purchases and there's a couple places. - It's on the main screen. - You can click on the category to purchase it where there's a little store bun and you can - purchase the categories there also. - So now when you click on it, - it's gonna ask you to sign in and use your test account that we create in iTunes way back - in. - Probably tutorial number two. - So if you sign in with that, - you can purchase the entire purchase just like you would for reals. - So purchase all of on you purchase three categories and don't forget about the banner of - the top. - Make sure it all works. - And if it does, - we're almost done. - We need to put those screen shots in and then do one little step and we're gonna be ready - to move on next tutorial. - So let's do the screenshots right now. - All right? - I took my screenshot and it looks like this. - What I like about this one is that it shows all four in that purchases in one section, - and we can use this same in that purchase screenshot for all of our in APP purchases and - iTunes connected when we upload the screenshot. - That's really easy to take a screenshot. - If you don't know how on your device, - all you do is hit the power button in the home button at the same time and then you'll be - added to your photo real and you can save it from there to your computer. - So once that's done, - let's go to iTunes Connect. - Going to manage your APS, - click on the APP and then going to manage in APP purchases. - There were to jump into each one that says We're waiting for a screenshot. - Go down to where? - Says in APP, - purchase details and click on edit and then go down to the bottom and choose a file for the - screenshot for review. - Some to select that file that I took, - choose it and then click safe click Done. - And now you'll see it's ready to submit. - So the screenshot I took shows all of these the animals celebrity life and remove ad - purchases all on one screen so we can use that same screenshot. - So I'm gonna uploaded for all of these, - Okay, - They also ready to submit now is that's awesome. - Let's click done. - And I was one last thing. - I want you to dio when you go into your version, - click view details and then scroll down a bit. - Now you should see this in APP Purchases section. - This is very important because when we submit this for review, - we need to make sure that they're also going to review the in app purchases. - So they need to be selected here. - Click on edit, - select him all and click safe nicey that they're all four here. - That's good. - So when we are ready to upload, - our binary thes will also be submitted for review. - Okay, - so you're not. - Purchases should work, - and we're ready to submit them. - But we're not gonna do that yet. - We just have one last thing to do in the next tutorial. - And let's make some money with ads. - I'll see you there. 11. Ads and Analytics: - all right. - Time sure does fly were at tutorial eight already. - And this is for ads and analytics for ads were gonna be putting in your ad I d. - So that you get paid instead. - The person who wrote this code. - So that's good. - And then, - analytics, - we're gonna be putting in your flurry i d. - So you can see sessions and number of users and a bunch of other great information that - Fleury has. - Now, - this is the last time we'll be editing code. - After this tutorial, - we're gonna submit this sucker, - so that's super exciting. - Let's get right to this. - Okay? - We're gonna start with play Haven. - So this is play haven dot com and you go to the top, - right? - You should see an ad game button. - You know, - I a less and then you're gonna enter the games title, - then click Submit The orientation of this is Portrait. - So click on that and then click add game not scrolled down to number two. - And we're gonna go to view and ad placements. - Click on add placement, - and the 1st 1 we're gonna put in is nag on. - Start up and you want to spell this The same way that coder did. - Would you give me nag? - Underscore on Underscore Start Underscore than up. - Just like this, - for the description could put nag on Start up. - And that's just the advertisement that pops up for play even when you start it without - another placement. - The next one is nag on Return to Front and has the same kind of spelling with the - underscores. - And then you could put a bag on Return to front for description and click safe. - Then one more replacement. - This is gonna be Mawr underscored games all in lower case and prescription to put more - games. - Think like safe. - And now let's close out of that right here on the same screen you could see Token and - Secret. - There's a little clipboard icon in that helps you copy. - It's a copy of the token and let's go to X Code. - Find the APP delegate dot h file, - which is in the fast laugh older. - It's right here and inside there you should see play haven token delete the numbers and - letters inside their leave the quotes and replace it. - Now we're gonna do the same thing for the play, - even secret, - So copy that one. - Go back to Ex code and paste that over the numbers and letters already in there. - Let's go back to play even one more time. - The scroll up to the top. - Let's click on the APP name at the top right over here and down at the bottom. - We're gonna add a new interstitial ad. - I'm just gonna name this interstitial and then we need to select the placement that this - applies to. - It applies to the start up and to the return to front. - So when people first launched this app, - they should see an ad at the start up, - also known as an interstitial and then also one if they exit the app and return back to the - front. - Now if we go down a bit, - we can publish this click publish, - then go back up to the APP name again and go down to the more games widget and click on Add - new. - I'm just gonna name this more games and you can choose to advertise other people's games or - your own games. - If you advertise your own games that I could get paid. - So in general, - like to do mostly advertisers games and then I like to show around seven or so. - If you go down, - we're going to say that this applies to the more games placement and then we're gonna - publish it. - That's it for play Haven is pretty easy, - so you can start testing it and numbers will start appearing here now, - his tackle revving up. - Okay, - So head on to rev Mob mobile ad networks are Commerce rev mob dot com. - Then click on add New app on an IOS app. - You enter the name and then click, - save, - click on the APP and then go down to the bottom. - You'll see banner here, - so click on add placement right over here on the right side. - I'm just gonna name this banner and then click create placement. - Go back down to the bottom click on that banner that we just created, - and we're gonna copy the I d. - Go back into X code in the same app. - Delegate dot age file. - You'll see Rev Ma Banner I d. - So paste it there. - Go back into rev mob and let's go back to the app age and we're going to add a full screen - placement gonna name this full screen and then click Create placement, - Go down and we're gonna click on full screen. - Click on it and then get this I d copy that. - Going back to Exco, - we're gonna put that in breath. - Mob full screen placement I D and one more time back to Rev Mob. - We're gonna go back to the app age and at the very top, - there's just a regular app i d. - And there's a clip, - Orban. - So you can copy that. - Go back to ex code and replace it in this rev mob app I d section. - Okay, - that's it for Rev Mob. - So we're halfway there now. - We've got to do flurry and tap joy. - All right, - head on over to fleury dot com, - then goto applications and add a new application that you get you to this screen. - We can click on iPhone and then enter your application name. - That's like the category for me. - It's gonna be books and then click create app. - They're gonna give you your flurry key. - So click on that and copy it and then go back in x code in the APP delegate H file that - were working in earlier. - You'll see flurry Analytics session I d We're gonna replace that. - Keep the quotes just like before and put in your new key. - That's it for Fleury. - Super simple. - So let's do tap. - Join now, - if you go to a tap joy dot com and then go to APS and add up, - you'll see this screen, - and all we gotta do is leave this as not live. - Keep it on IOS and enter the name of the APP. - Click on add up and you'll get your app I d. - Right here underneath it. - So copy that and then go to X code And we're gonna do a search this time and we're going to - search for a tap Joy Connect space Request Tap Joy Connect. - You probably deserved for tap joined. - Find it that way. - But this is very specific and it's going to get us right where we want to go, - which is the app delegate dot m file and this tap joy connect section. - So we need enter two keys 1st 1 and then the secret key. - After that, - we already copied the first key. - And then let's go back to tap. - Joy grabbed the key. - The secret key that is Go back into X code and put that over the key that's already in - there and we're set. - So we've done play Haven rev mob Flurry and Tap Julie, - which are already in this code, - and I contest them to make sure that they start logging information into your accounts to - go ahead and mess around with that. - And I'll see in the next tutorial, - and that's going to be submitting to the APP stores. - That's great. - Have fun testing in the meantime. 12. Submitting an App to the App Store for Review: - Well, - this is it, - guys. - Is this tutorial nine submitting the up and this is the moment we've been waiting for. - All the work has paid off and we're ready to submit, - and I'm super excited about it. - This is Ah, - submission for me also, - cause I'm doing this with you guys as we dio. - So this app is going to go right along with yours. - At this point, - you should have implemented everything and should have thoroughly tested your app, - so everything should work. - Fine. - There should be no bugs. - All the ads should be showing up. - And you should be seeing ad impressions in those ad networks. - I've actually had a nap rejected before because there were too many ads. - So there is a cool way around this which is just paused the ads in the ad network so apple - doesn't see it. - And then once your app is approved, - you can just resume the ad campaign. - Simple. - Is that so? - Without further ado, - let's submit this app. - Here we go. - Let's start with our good old friend iTunes connect. - So going to manage your APS, - choose your up and go to your current version? - This would be a good time to do one last check to make sure everything spelled correctly - and it looks good. - And you're happy with the keywords and your description. - Because if you want, - change those things after you submit your you have to redo this whole submission process - and it takes Apple a good 7 to 10 days to approve an app, - so might as well get it right the first time. - So I've reviewed mine, - and what you want to do is at the very bottom or at the very top click on ready to upload - binary. - It's gonna ask you with his cryptography, - probably not. - So click save and it's gonna say you're now ready to upload your binary click. - Continue now. - We're gonna jump in X coat. - All right, - so let's go to the project. - If you like that folder icon in the top left and then click on your project, - make sure your project is selected in the upper left corner of the main pane window, - then go down to configurations. - We're gonna hit the plus sign, - and we're gonna click on duplicate release configuration. - It's going to release copy there. - Let's type over it. - Distribution now, - right below that says use debug for command line builds. - Let's change that to distribution on the next tab at the top, - there's build settings. - And if you remember way back early, - we change these codes signings to be for development. - Well, - you might also remember we made to provisioning profiles into certificates 14 development - one for distribution. - So now we're gonna change these two distribution, - then do the code signing identity section. - So everything in the code signing identity should be distribution. - And then everything in the provisioning profile section should be distribution. - Now let's go to your target. - We're gonna do the same thing here for code signing and provisioning profile. - So if you go down to provisioning profile, - change that to distribution, - then go up to code signing identity and change that to distribution also. - And now let's go to your scheme. - That's in the top left corner where says the name of your APP, - click on it and then go to at its game at the top where it says destination. - It should say IOS device. - If your iPhone is plugged in or your iPad plugged in, - just unplug it from your Mac and then this will probably just say IOS device. - So keep it like that and then build configuration down here in the info section. - Change that to say distribution. - Think like OK, - all right. - We're getting to my favorite part, - so I'm excited. - Click on products in the menu, - and then we're gonna go to archive. - Now, - this is gonna archive your app and it's gonna build it. - So if there's any problems, - they'll stop. - But it should be good if you've done your testing, - Alright, - the bills exceeded, - and there it is. - We're in the organizer, - so we're very close now. - What you going to do is click on, - distribute in the upper right corner and then you're gonna leave it on, - submit to the IOS app store, - click on next, - then sign into your iTunes account with your user name and password, - and then click next here. - You want to pick the correct provisioning profile again, - so make sure it's the right app and it says distribution. - Then we're gonna click. - Submit. - This is it. - It's being uploaded. - This is crazy. - If you're on, - WiFi should go pretty fast because this is a smaller source code. - And in general, - if it gets through the first probably one or two minutes, - then your usually good, - they'll probably finish halfway there. - That's a really good sign. - It's probably not gonna fail at this point, - all right? - It says the submissions exceeded and there were warnings, - not a big deal. - If there are warnings with yours. - Lately, - it's been with the icons because the code is an updated for Iowa. - Seven. - They want a lot more icons, - and it's not coded to support those yet, - But it's no big deal. - They'll still approve it as long as everything else works with your app. - So we did it. - I really hope yours went through and you didn't run into any problems because this is - awesome. - This is the best part, - and it's time to party. - Click finish, - and we're done. - Usually, - this will take anywhere from 6 to 12 days for Apple to review it, - so you can make another one in that time. - That's how awesome this source code is and so easy to dio. - So with that, - I think it's time for me to sign off and say Thank you for watching this tutorial and it - was great working with you guys. - If you have any questions, - you can come find me. - My name's Justine and I'm at pick stint blawg dot com That's P i X t a n t blawg dot com - Thanks again, - I'll see you later.