Resize Images for Social Media- In Just ONE Step! | Mamdouh Kaldas | Skillshare

Resize Images for Social Media- In Just ONE Step!

Mamdouh Kaldas, Adobe Education Trainer and Freelancing Instructor

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5 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Social Media Resizing Intro

    • 2. Create Your Design

    • 3. Let the Magic Begin

    • 4. Resizing for Multiple Platforms

    • 5. All Platforms at Once


About This Class

Do you post images to social media a lot?

Do you spend a lot of time creating images and resizing them for each social media platform and suffer with remembering the correct size for each of them?

Do you wish you had a tool to do all the work for you after you create your first design?

Here it comes.

Enroll in this class today and get ready to enjoy!





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Mamdouh Kaldas

Adobe Education Trainer and Freelancing Instructor

I am a certified Adobe Education Trainer and have worked as a trainer for a couple of years and recently moved into becoming an Online Instructor.

Graduated as a pharmacist, I found my passion in technology and from learning to teaching, I spend most of my time in front of my computer learning new skills, freelancing and creating online courses to help you learn those same skills with ease.

I am also a freelancer with 9+ years of experience working with WordPress and Graphic Des...

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