Resize Images for Social Media- In Just ONE Step!

Mamdouh Kaldas, Adobe Education Trainer and Freelancing Instructor

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5 Videos (13m)
    • Social Media Resizing Intro

    • Create Your Design

    • Let the Magic Begin

    • Resizing for Multiple Platforms

    • All Platforms at Once


About This Class

Do you post images to social media a lot?

Do you spend a lot of time creating images and resizing them for each social media platform and suffer with remembering the correct size for each of them?

Do you wish you had a tool to do all the work for you after you create your first design?

Here it comes.

Enroll in this class today and get ready to enjoy!





Mamdouh Kaldas

Adobe Education Trainer and Freelancing Instructor

I am a certified Adobe Education Trainer and have worked as a trainer for a couple of years and recently moved into becoming an Online Instructor.

Graduated as a pharmacist, I found my passion in technology and from learning to teaching, I spend most of my time in front of my computer learning new skills, freelancing and creating online courses to help you learn those same skills with ease.

I am also a freelancer with 9+ years of experience working with WordPress and Graphic Des...

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