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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Ocean Art Demo

    • 4. Fin!

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About This Class

In 'Resin Ocean Art' I will cover the knowledge & skills you need to create your own ocean inspired artwork using resin. I'll discuss the supplies you need to get started, how to prep your workspace for the best results, and pouring, mixing, and heating techniques to achieve that seafoam effect.

Epoxy resin is a a fluid medium that can be colored and poured onto a surface to create wall art, homewares, and other crafty items. As it cures, it hardens to have a high gloss finish - eye catching!

This class is great for all levels, whether you have no creative experience, dabble in other mediums, or use resin already and want to learn new techniques.

Grab a notebook & pen to take notes during the course, and try it out yourself after watching! I look forward to seeing your project, so please snap a picture and share in the projects tab.



Meet Your Teacher

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Anastasiya Bachmanova

Artist at


Hello, I'm Anastasiya, an artist living in Santa Cruz, California! 

My passion is to experience the outdoors via surfing, climbing, hiking, and other adventures, and my inspiration comes from moments of connection to my surroundings - the life, the colors, the energy. I translate these moments into paintings that are true to their subjects, yet enhanced with an expression of my personality - using bright colors and flowing lines. The blank canvas is a tool to share my thoughts and opinions on what is important, what is worth protecting, and what is so magical about a certain moment or place. See what I'm up to on Instagram!


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1. Intro: many Anna artist based in Santa for working. All of a sudden, I've been drawing painting my whole life, too much showing and selling work for about five years now. I've loved incorporating President my own, more super lowing beautiful. It's a really fun it if you beat him to play with when you go into. But don't expect to have a full out of control everything but with a little practice. And now in this past, we're gonna go over supplies you're gonna need to get going. Process of fixing your resident coloring it. We've like that. This was great for all levels. Your first time using it already. Wherever you are, let's get started. 2. Supplies: there's like supplies we're gonna need, you believe a surface to work on my favorite ISS. No, you can get these a your local heart store, this level I'm really from my panels with a little bit of Peter's tape around the sides. If you wanted to drip down the sides, even just do it on the back. But you're gonna get these drips on the back. So if you want to watch against the wall, if you want to use a little bit of take field trips right off security, you could also use campus. But for larger pieces, it might buckle under the weight of the resident. But avoid using anything that not scored is like glass or plastic and secure president appeal right off that the residents self, there's quite a few brands of resin that you can use. I currently work with our present as it is very user friendly and non tax. Second, designed for artists, whichever you present you using, be sure toe thoroughly follow their mixing, curing and safety instructions, which you should be able to find in their manual on the website. If it's not mixed properly, it will securing process sticky your lumpy spot. Reason is usually a two part system consisting of the resin and the hardener. I went next, a chemical reaction begins in the curing process starts. You have a pretty short window of time to work with the resin before it becomes, too. This is usually it's, Oh, just like ours like that. And then the curing time varies among the different brands, but it might be around 24 to 72 hours or so before, quite to the touch really cured your colors. Tinder resin. You can use acrylic pain ehrlich egg that is especially formulated for resident, alcoholic and probably other. I like to use acrylic paint like pretty much, um, but again, you want Teoh. Refer to your resin brand for instructions on how much color to add usually only need a tiny amount of color because you have too much the delicate balance Present partner is affected in it, all right. Oh, your beauty and torches used to get all the bubbles out of your resident after it's poured to leave a smooth finish. Um, the bubbles in the resin will rise to the surface as it cures kind of slowly so If you skip this step, it will leave like a weird texture on terrorism. Um, yeah, but these you confined like a home goods store there. The kind used for every day. And and they're refillable the canister butane fuel. So you just hold it upside down and pour it into a little opening at the bottom. Um, yeah. These have, like, different settings on them. They're pretty simple to use. I was kind of intimidated the first time you used one of these, but really, isn't that bad at all? And then you also have a gun. Um, and these air used to create the lacing effect in the resin. So they really pushed the resident around a lot more than the torch does. Um, so they're not really interchangeable. This will get some bubbles out, but torch. So you wanna have both of these, and you can You can get it like a hardware store. Um, like that it just plugs into the wall. They might have different settings, like a low and high. I've heard of people using hair drives before, too, but I haven't tried that. Think those would probably blow a lot warned us. Sponsored peace. So, um, you're gonna need some mixing supplies, so even use, like a plastic cup plastic measuring cup to measure your resin. And they're usable. Teoh, the resident, dry up upon the plastic, you peel it right off secure. So nice, and you can use, like, Popsicle sticks or something like that for the story process. Protect your pork space and yourself because resident is super sticky and messy. So first, protect your working area. Shower curtain is like the perfect thing recovering your table cause the present peels right off. Um, you want to wear clothes that you don't mind getting messy and then we're an apron as well . Rubber gloves? Definitely. If you have long hair, tie it up. Um, the resident can be an irritant if it gets on your skin. And make sure you read, like with safety instructions for your isn't so you know what to do if it does get on your skin or in your eye. Worst case scenario. Um, for some of the brands you like, Nieto ask to for the fuse. Um, so just do a little bit of research on your resident you're using where you get started and be sure to work in a well ventilated space was, um and then lastly, lastly, you need something to protect your piece as a cures. Because the president of states, sticky as a drives and any, like little dust particles or hair that falls on it gets stuck. Peace. So you can use, like, a cardboard box, just a foot right over the peace and security. Um, so in the next clip, I'm going to demonstrate how to make one of these. 3. Ocean Art Demo: you guys. So now I'm going to demonstrate the making of one of thes resin ocean painting. So you might want to watch this a couple of times and then give it a go yourself. Um, so I've prepped my work space totally have got the shower curtain on my table to catch the drips, so it's easy to clean up. I have my wood panel with tape around the edges and it's propped up on some other little paint cans. And then I like to use an app on my phone to make sure the wood panels level. So you just want to make sure that little bubble stays in the middle. Um, if it's not level, the resonance gonna drip down one side. Um, that's going to change a lot as it cures, cause it'll kind of stretched out that whim. So you do that. I've picked out the colors I'm gonna use, so I'm going with four colors right now. One color for the sand, white for the foamy waves, a dark blue and the light blue. Um, Teoh get the ocean effects. And then I've got my mixing cups so I'm gonna mix the resident one cup to start with and then divvy it up between other cups to get my colors. And I've got my mixing sticks for stirring this. Well, um, and right now I'm gonna mix the residents. I'm gonna pause for that because it takes a few minutes. Jump back in in a moment. Okay, So now I have done my resin mixing. You want to remember You're following the instructions on your resin brand for the time of mixing in the ratio. Resident toe. Hartner. Um, you wanna make sure you're scraping the sides as you go to really get it all incorporated in the bottom as well, But try not toe with it, because that'll just make more bubbles. Okay, son. Now I'm gonna use this. Original cup is one of the colors just fell in my wood, so I'm gonna divvy it up about equal parts for each color. A little bit less of the white because you don't need as much of But you do need a lot of the blues. Teoh kind of fill in the whole ocean area. Start with about equal amounts. You see how much I have left? Since I'm only has a little bit. So I'm confused that Sam, either I'm still being nice and the sand color. You could even leave it clear if you're using a wood panel, because the wood is already the perfect color. But I like to get just a little drop. Team him. Sorry about the background noise from my garage. So yeah, I just put in two drops of that color that I'm stirring it for free. And you could even check the pass ity by just like running it down stick. He wanted to be more clear and more pain. I love the combination of this bright aqua green with se lo blue. Really pretty like blue color. Just a drop of white in this one, too. Let's start like blue, white and sand. No change. What himself? Enough space to work. I'm gonna begin sand colors. He's gonna pour it on the bottom of my wood panel straight out of the cup. A little screen when you're getting all the risen out of your cup. You want to be kind of mindful about scraping it out like the other colors. I ported out of my mixing cup into these one. So it's safe. Discreet But what happens in the cup that you mixed in originally, Um, sometimes the resin isn't totally mixed cause it's still kind of stuck on the sides and on the bottom. So if you like, really try to scrape it all out, it's gonna leave sticky spots when it cures. So I poured my sand out, and I'm just spreading it around with warm. Third of the way. Now I'm gonna do my like boo. - No . Lastly, they're of the dark blue came once you have your colors. Now you can do a little mixing, so either with one of these sticks or a palette knife. Or I like to just use my finger to kind of blended, and I'll do the later colors first. Kind of lend that light blue into sand. I'm gonna try to get smooth transitions. It's a little more natural that way. Imagine with Sam getting sucked in, cover up some of those empty spots. Do the same thing here. Blend the dark blue like blue, and if you have any reason left your crops even even add a little lines going across emotions. Very organic, natural flowy lines and shapes don't really have to worry about trying to get anything perfect for random. I'm also a challenge in place. Uh, this point, you can do a little bit of blowtorch in before we add the waves to get all the bubbles out of a resin. So I'm gonna take my glove off so I don't get me little court. Joe dunked up. When you do the torching, you want to keep it moving. If you torch too long in one spot, it'll burn the risen and make harden like weird texture. Wanna cures stop the end of the world? No, I've done it a couple of times and it's been fine, but you do want to avoid that. Lets outs infuse to not so nice. Try to get every corner and the edges a couple plans over. I'm kind of heat holding the torch of the at an angle like a 45 degree ing goal, and the flame is just kissing the resin, so it's not like fully in the reason it's not to farm, and you should be able to see the little bubbles coming out. If you look at it in the light, some you can see the bubbles coming in the reflection. So that's looking pretty good to me. No slide my gunky glove back on. Now we get to do the waves. So I got my white here and I like to do the first wave on the bottom, just like a little bit over the sand. So sound just like to do just pour a nice lying across layer and something here. It's like all organic, you know, It could become a random with it and see what happens. Don't stress about trying to get anything perfect. No, I think I'll dio another wave down there them now to get those leasing effects, you're going to use the heat gun, my house to settings. I like to use the high setting and same thing here. You're holding your gun at an angle and kind of pushing the white back into the rest of the painting. So here we go. Doesn't always work the first time, so you might have to go a couple times to get the right lacing effect. But either way, it'll kind of like mix up the resonant, make it look pretty soft. You know that he can really pushes the resin around the lock and then see, once it starts to settle, those cells start to appear. And then from here, you can do a little bit of tilting. If you wanna move the resin around a little bit more summit tilted down just to make the waves crash on the beach a little, I think I'll keep it up. That. So There you go. That's how you mean present option waves. 4. Fin!: didn't think you were watching. That's the basic process. May be watched that video a couple times to get the flow down and then from give it a go. Prep your word space and see what happens. Well, I would love to see your project. So when you finish, take a picture and shared in the project page. And if you have any questions troubleshooting or like any other pain points fruit asked me . Remember, the more you practice, the faster you'll first prize medium, and then the more you work with it, you'll learn how to get the yes, the same with the lacing effects. Those take a couple of tries to kind of get it down, get the right thing. So just remember to practice how fun stay creative.