Resilience and Emotional Mastery to conquer life struggles Module 2 | Miguel Angelo | Skillshare

Resilience and Emotional Mastery to conquer life struggles Module 2

Miguel Angelo, Become a Person of Value

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7 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Overview of full course

    • 2. My story on resilience

    • 3. Accept where you are at

    • 4. Detach your self from suffering!

    • 5. Have a support group

    • 6. Workingout

    • 7. Make friends with your worst enemy


About This Class

This is the second part of the Resilience and Emotional Mastery covering concept that will help you overcome emotional turmoil.  Apply these principles to powerfully take on life struggles and influence the results of your hardships with a different energy.


  • To handle difficult situations better

  • To release and to overcome negative emotions, feelings, and thoughts

  • To be more positive

  • To detach your self from suffering and pain

  • To make better decisions in your struggles

  • To raise your energy to take on hardships

  • To clear your to mind to make better decisions


1. Overview of full course: Do you think you're in a bad situation? Do you think you lost your job? You think your business is that what's keeping you down? Do you think you're alone? Do you think there is no way out? Is that what's making you feel bad? Or maybe you lack motivation. You lack initiative. Do you lack time? Are these old excuses that are holding you back? Hey, what's going on? Guys? Welcome to this course. Resilience, that emotion mastering building a mental toughness toe to take on anything in life. So this course what I want to share with you is what has helped me techniques and ideas that I've lived through. And then I used in my own daily life to actually overcome changes in my life struggles, obstacles and really hard hardship moments in my life that really put me down. Or I felt that I was really going through a hard time. So all of this techniques that habits are gonna help you to actually get through this certain situation that you're living to actually master your emotions, to get a full of your emotion. But more importantly, to actually jump back on the horse and really move forward with your life because that's what it's all about. It's about falling, picking up yourself, untrusting yourself and moving forward again. It's it's about that. It's about always learning, but always also moving forward and it never really staying down. And the list time you stay down there, they, they, the Mormon officials, gonna be for you. So this is all about getting up faster and faster in order to keep moving forward with life , whether it is with a career, whether it is with with the partner. But it's all about the mentality that you build up on it. It's about looking for new ways and new new way of seeing things that moving forward with it is getting back up on the horse and just keep striving. Teoh Storm and really use after you finished after you get through the storm, you're going to see that all the struggle that you went through, it is a matter of building you, often actually making you more more, more powerful, stronger in different scenarios, but also with your business is with your relationships, and it's a matter of getting to know yourself as well. So in this in this course what? I want to cover it. All of this techniques about inhabits are gonna really strive towards getting you out of the hole and really putting you back into a mentality of power. How to get how to really be more resourceful, how to accept things. They are out of your control, which is really hard. A lot of the times I've been there myself where I just can't really let go over or trying to control things that I have my reach. We're gonna be talking about the catchment detachment from results how to really let go those attachments, especially when those things that were attached to just get taken away unexpectedly and suddenly, just like it happened. Now, in based, we're gonna be talking about how to keep your emotional master and keep going with it and have its I always bring yourself to a powerful emotional state on taking on struggles and things that life throw you in a powerful but also relaxed and confident way. This the more you stay on the positive side, the best results are going to be and the copy we're going to be, but also important, the more you're gonna be enjoying the journey of it. Us. Hardisty, my seem you will enjoy the journey. You're going to make the best out of way. Because in every struggle there is opportunity for girls. There's opportunity for business. There's opportunity to actually make the best of it. Because all there is to it is growth. There is growth in it. And the more you focus on that, the more country you become. I'm gonna be sharing with you some stories from my own personal life of the things that I have to go through. And I hope all of this helps you through the whole strong or whatever it is that you're going through right now. So stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy this course. 2. My story on resilience: Hey, what's going on? Guys? Welcome to this lecture on this. I want to share with you a personal story that that I can actually, uh ah that I had to actually use my resilience and actually grow and really expand how quickly was needed to adapt the situation. I have different stories, but the one specific that I want to share with you is when I had to move the different country where we're thinking to be tough. My my story began with, uh, with my ex that I had a kid with or that I have a kid with and we will not be living together for close to 4.5 years. So we dated for a while that we moved together. We had we had a kid, my daughter, which I adore her. And I'm very grateful for her and us as we keep going. The relationship there was a day where where things his shift. I hadn't pay attention to a lot of things that were happening in my life and in general. And one day she has decided it was over that she wasn't happy with me, and she needed to break up and move back Teoh Europe. So obviously the break up was really Farkas. I was planning all these things with her. I was planning all these things with my family. I consider that my family or I mean, I had my daughter her and we were building up on this dream of off building up on the house and building up certain things. And suddenly one day I got back from work and Teoh to her to tell me that it was over and that she wasn't happy. And the hardest part is that she stayed around for about a month, still living with me. And I had to and had to actually use suffer through it because she didn't feel the same way about me anymore. And it was you so hard to the month because I had to see her every day. I wanted t keep living the way I was living and it wasn't the way was. So Every time I tried to get be normal, she would just reject ah, lot of it that I couldn't handle was part of me inside of me. I couldn't accept those those decision that she had made. I did not accept. I didn't want to believe that it was over. I didn't want to accept that. And I was really broken. And you see in my daughter leave and and aside from her was like use double the pain and just seeing them leave us. One day they said it that they had already taken back to Europe and it was one day after the other as well. It was I remember clearly was safe Thursday and Friday they had their flight back to Europe . So I mean, I made the purpose and to my daughter, the commitment that I was going to see her within three months, that this situation should not take me down completely, that I needed to move forward, that it was something that happens to a lot of people. It was something that for the first time in my life, it happened to me a so that close link that I had to to a partner, excited my baby with her and it was extremely people. But I decided that I needed to look into it to see what I could gain from it when I could learn from it. And as I look into it. I knew a lot of things, a lot of in securities that that I had inside of me. That part of it had to do with how she felt about me that changed everything. Also, how how I reacted to specific things within our relationship. So I look into it. I look into myself and he was very painful. I have to agree with this. It was very painful for me to open up to my own self and but I made the decision not to blame her, not to blame anyone but to blame myself. I took full responsibility for the break up even though I had to do with both of us, so I took full responsibility. In order for me to really look deep inside and find out what I have done wrong or what I could have done different or more specifically, what I could still work on myself to be a better person. I started really making a list of those things that I wanted to work on. It really started putting statements together that I could read and really reprogrammed myself on those statements and all those insecurities that I had to actually build up on it . And I remember that it was about a month prior before I flew to Europe that my brother called me and he said, Why don't you wait a couple of months off coming and taking flight with you so we can goals together? And I said no. Listen in my head, I promised my daughter made the promise to my daughter that I was gonna be there within three months. And by the time he will come and meet me in Mexico to fight to fly to Europe, it would have been about 4.5, almost five months. So I deny he's proved his proposition. And I just booked my flight. I said, I'm gonna book my flight. I'm gonna go see my daughter and I'm gonna head off. So finally, he Reverend, she's thinks that he came along, he booked his flight with me. We flew together to Europe when I came to see my daughter and I saw her and I started, you know, she was already there and I stayed with her for a few months. So one day I looked at her and I said, You know what? I cannot go back. I cannot leave my daughter. So I had with me literally $1500 with me, laughed in my pocket. And nobody did not know anybody in the town where my daughter lives with her family or her mom's family lived. And, uh and I remember this day because I soon as I conveyed the news to everybody, everything you switch around me, all the people that were beginning to be friendly with me because in a sense, I was only on vacation. They started closing up their doors on me a little bit ticket, and it was really difficult cause I have nobody My brother had left. My family was back home. I didn't have anybody in that town and I had no no way of paying my rent anymore. I was literally almost on the street. I was I I remember that one day I was really just crying, thinking off solutions to my issues, trying to figure it out hot, too hot to really get a hold of my life. Even living on the street wasn't gonna be us. Painful as I thought it was gonna be. Yes. Will you compare it and to the lifestyle you used to do compared to different things. It is really a dramatic change and is really difficult, painful the beginning. But the sooner started accepting it. It seemed like it was losing its power on the pain that it was creating in me. So moving forward, I got my situation sorted out a year up five years later, now getting my citizenship in the Europe. And I'm really excited about that. Thankfully, And I think all the people around me, my brother, my family and the support group of people that have always been there for me, which is very important for me and here in this course I want to share with you a routine that I use now daily to take on things in life throws at me nowadays with all the struggles that happen in my life that I wish I had back in the day to make things easier and smoother and also get back on my feet quicker. So I'm really excited to share this with you, and I'll see you in the first lecture 3. Accept where you are at: what? Some people welcome to this lecture on this lecture. I am excited about a concept that it's really hard, and it was really hard for me as well. But as soon as I started exploring in its nest, are applying it to my life. He took away a lot of the pain, a lot of the suffering that I was having in certain situations that on the way so usedto acceptance of the concept of acceptance. Accepting where you right, If you have a struggle in your life except where you're at, I accept the fact that you're there for a reason, and that is happening that you cannot control the outcome. You can influence the outcome, but the alcohol would be there. So you accept whatever it is that it's being the outcome of that moment, your situation, where you're at if you're in a situation where it's very difficult. When I was when I was almost homeless, I was in a situation where I almost had to leave my apartment, so I had to accept the fact that if I needed to leave it, if they kicked me out of the apartment, I would have to leave I will have to end up in the streets. So when you accept those kind of situations, whether you end up there or not, it's a matter of accepting a situation, because otherwise you're gonna be be stressing yourself Mawr be struggling mawr and mentally you're gonna be really stressed and more important, except that you're not where you want to be, that you're not already where you're planning on being there. You are not, uh, five years from now that you're not with those results that you were looking forward to accept that you're not there and I accept that you were here. And then you can start creating changes in your personal life and in the process in order to be able to bring those results to your life. Also accepting how people behave around you, how people make the sisters around, you know about the alcohol situations and events, but also about accepting how people react and there are different. And they have a different story and a different agenda. And when they come, make decisions that effective Zahra way have to accept the way they behave a bit. Your partner that has accepted to leave you like like like I mentioned before about my story when my think that accepting the decisions that other people are making, the way they behave towards you is very important to sometimes we try to control people would create conflict by trying to control how people are reacting to us. Some people won't be having a day and they automatically insult you. Or are you certain things that annoy you? And the only thing that you can do is accept the fact that they they have issues but also accept that you can control the way you see things and how you understand where that person is coming from and trying to avoid getting cut up on those scenarios self trying to control those people. So except when you have no control over accept the results, I accept, uh, the outcomes, I said, everything that is externally, the only thing that you can control is the way you perceive things in the way you reacted things and also accept that I simply you could do it because a lot of times we tend to just get caught up in the whole, like I cannot change how I see things I cannot change how became on things. I cannot change how I perceive this scenario. And when you come up with that, you really not accepting the fact that you have a power to do so that you are powerful enough toe really change your perspective on that scenario. So I accept the fact that you have the power and really make use of it. The other thing I want to cover with a sentence as well is having a direction of something . All this stinks but having a direction of where you're going, Like I said, accepting the fact that you were not there. But if you have a direction except you're not there and start moving forward towards that direction, focusing on the process and on the growth of yourself when you went in that direction, you're gonna have a richer and more more enriching journey along the way because you're focusing on the things that you're doing now the girl of your personal life, while born in that direction, instead of being attached to the results and really creating more pain in your life 4. Detach your self from suffering!: All right, guys, walk up to this lecture of this lecture. I want to cover detachment, detachment from results. What I mean by is we become attach so much to results that we suffer. Any attachment that you have will bring your suffering. And even if you get the results that you wanted to get still, you will suffer. And the reason is because you want to sustain those were sold. You want to keep up? I don't know if you ever met a person that gets a new card and they get the new car. And what happens is that my guess, scratching my broke down and I have an accident and they suffer along the way of that. Just a small example off the things that will bring you pain even if you get the things that you actually are wanting. But more importantly, when you detach yourself from those results because you get attached to the story, you get attached. The results and what do you think they're gonna bring you and they really thing about that is the story telling yourself about it because when you get there is not usually what you thought he was going to be after you get there. Usually you were already looking for the next thing you already look struggling to get the next thing and not just automatically, um, becomes meaningless when you thought it was going to be. It's not really it there anymore. It's not really what you don't even if it's for a little bit. My last year, a couple of moments before it just disappears when you thought he was going to be. Anyway, how many people appreciate what they have? Changing your edits to appreciate what you have is gonna give you mawr enriching life along the way more balanced life. Because when you get there, you don't even appreciate the new house, a new car. You appreciate it to the point that all the story that you thought it was gonna give you disappears and you go on after the next thing because the next thing is the one that you think is gonna fill up the gap off happiness. So we put happiness in the results and is really always chasing happiness and always chasing up to the next thing after the next thing and we forget to you be grateful for the things that we have. That's a bush to make us happy if comparison to other people don't even have you have when I have, because you have to be grateful for the roof that it's above your head for the car that you have for the cell phone you have for the food that you're eating for covering your needs of your life, for having the life that you have a family that you have the party that you wake up with when you appreciate those things like will give you more. But being detached from the result is very important because when you get blinded by result and tested the result, you forget about the process. You forget about being grateful. You forget about enjoying life in general. You think that the results are gonna give you that enjoyment you're looking for. You put that attachment into it and only does is bringing more suffering. It makes yourself for along the way, especially if you'll get it that you become sad, depressed and you're going through all that, whatever it is that you're going through, your struggle. If you become attached to the resulting in getting your partner back in and keep your business going. Your career going right now with this thing that it's happening. Uh, it's gonna bring your suffering, and he's gonna get make you make better decisions along the way. Not only that, but when you focus on the process, you might realize that you need your skills that you can expect to take the time. Now you might realize that you can take your business in a different direction. When I had when I moved and two different country and I left my business back in Mexico and I was struggling, I realized that I couldn't keep going on my businesses in Mexico because there was no way that I could be there because I was with my daughter. So the idea became clear to me that I needed to work away Teoh to be able to keep going with my businesses ever mortally so. I got tools to be able to do that. So what you are set when you become attached from the results of except for your it will clear your head to the point where it will give you ideas and even tools to deal with the situation where you're at. And he might be the idea that you might go in a different direction for now, for your business, for your career, or to grow in certain skills. That might give you right now what you need to survive through this through this scenario off. But you're struggling and and later taking on your business again, or that I even be those skills that are gonna bring even more to your business later on as things settle down with with your struggles, so the the touch from it's a very powerful but also being committed to the process. Commit to the process if you're a personal, wants to work out and wants to have a gold off, having a specific kind of body or having a specific kind of kind of result that maybe your commitment is to be of the gym six times per day. Six started six times per week. If your business is struggling and it is to get floated, and really, I don't know if it's a website to get a website born in position to the highest requisite, your commitment might be to the process of learning how to do it in order to hire the right person or two doing research. So commit to all those days off the process that are gonna help you with the results from being attached to the result and whatever happens or not, you still got something out of it. And that's the learning apart. You still grew personally and with new skills that you could make use later on in the future, or that you can use now on a different project or different day. You know how many times my businesses fail and things didn't work out the way I respect him . But I realized that all the hard work that I did true I did. But to have them and to keep him and and to expand and evolve with them all the hard work actually benefited me for the future of businesses that have now. So when you're there, just focused on the process and commit to it in the learning, and I'm actually enjoying it more than anything else because it's incredible if you focus on the result. If you're if you're working on yourself right now, meditating, taking care of yourself right now is gonna help you expect later on your personal life, especially when we get out of this situation. So I hope this helps and I'll see in the next lecture. 5. Have a support group: anyway, guys, welcome to these. Lecture of this lecture. When I want to expand is on how to become more resourceful. How can you be more resources for in your life and we're gonna go through difference lectures on this part because I think is very important. Especially Were you having a struggle in a hardship in your life? Whatever it is that it's happening, being resourceful is usually very powerful and very helpful in overcoming those struggles. In order to be able to get up on your feet easy and quickly and really keep moving forward to actually have a circle of off people, you can count on the support team that you encounter. Like I mentioned in my story, having my family and my brother to actually assist me through through through the struggles that I had in my life, especially that story that I share with you guys. It was very important because otherwise you would have had a heart a harder time to overcome most financial obstacles along the way. But more importantly, just this reported sell give you encouragement to keep moving forward. Sometimes in order for you not to give up eyes very important that supported a group off off people. Whether is your family, your France people are, you know, acquaintances. I know that are there to really encourage you to move forward is very important. Why? Because it's not only about being able for them. Being able to give you those resource is to make it easier on the Wiggles tools, but also as an emotional support to handle things in a more stable way that will help you clear your head and also seemed more clearly the decisions and the way you're gonna handle things to create new track, new new ways of handling situations and and resolving the struggles that you might have. It will make things easier, whether it's emotionally or really financially, however, they can help even with connections, even with whatever it is. If you support team or group might be on your friends, family, acquaintances, professionals, whatever it is that will make those strolls easier than I have the answer for you. Well, it might help you use clear your head to find that answer that will help you move forward and maybe even help you emotionally to accept certain things that you're not accepting at the time, so, yeah, my brother was very essential in my family to my life struggles that have helped me a lot. 6. Workingout : Hey, what's up, guys? Welcome to this lecture I want to share with you. I want to go deep a little bit into the other thing that has helped me a lot, and that is being part of the jam going toe workout. And even now that I work out at home, it still gives me motivated that work up. If you push yourself to do a 30 minute workout, a 20 minute workout at least daily or twice a day, I do 30 minute workouts daily at least. Sometimes I take a day or two day off through the week. But if you're able to do that releases a chemical that keeps you awake conscious, it gives your energized. It gives you energy to actually be able to react better to those conflicts and struggles and hardships that you're having in your life right now. I know that it's really hard to get you to give to do that, especially when you're already going down Hell if you want, if you're going to a break up or if you, if you happen to struggle with your family if you use your business is going really downhill. If you're If money is a problem right now. All these things that are happening in your life right now just being stressed and being depressed doesn't help. It doesn't help you to get anything done. And it doesn't give you the motivation to get about doing physical activities like it's a gym or workout at home. If you can do pushups, there's ways to work out. I hope there's exercises, a workout with your home. Wait, buddy, you will wake you up. It will give you It will empower you to feel better about yourself and in return, taking having better results in your in your struggle because you put in the better energy into it. You're actually are motivated. You're doing the work when you're committed to the process like I've shared before. This is gonna help. You have the energy to keep focused on the process and on the from doing. Rather than getting the results, the results will come by themselves. Us. You are working on the process and unchanging the process. All those exercises are gonna help you stimulate your mind not only your body and give you the motivation to keep working on things. That concentration on energy to concentrate and thanks. Just take a break and really standing. Start stressing out over being caught up in the the being cut up in the attachment of the outcome. Bring yourself back and take a break and just do a workout. You'll see how you feel more fresh to your meditation. Like I mentioned before, though, this habits that are gonna give you mawr more for your time that you're putting into your actual things that you're doing for two. Phase your struggles right now. 7. Make friends with your worst enemy: Hey, what's going on? Guys? Welcome to this section of this section. I want to talk about how to deal with being a loan, how to deal with your relationship with yourself. I know that a lot of us have struggles and a lot of buzz not used to, um, being alone, especially when you cut up in a situation where you have to stay home. So a lot of us are now are not used to being our own company, and we don't really enjoy it because that what does that what does this to actually get to know yourself better? And that could be scary. It could be scary to know your your false your you're fails your bet things. But it's actually more scary to actually build your potentials a lot of the time since we tend to shrink. Uh, because we're sterile can really do and the holes of back as well. So this is time for you to actually turned on by yourself, especially when you're on your own and you don't have anybody around to counter. People are far away. You can give him a call, but you can only get cold certain times per day, just instead of being attached to Teoh to be independent and other people start building up the relationship with yourself part of a shared different techniques. Also meditation that will help you. Part of those techniques of meditation that will help you as well. To build your own relationship with yourself will help you center, but more importantly, just being on your own quietly. We don't watch TV without any distractions that will help you there in a bit more about yourself to actually be able to to grow as well, because sometimes that's the only way to see a lot of year off your own off your own. I call of your deficiencies that we don't. We don't see when we're out there dealing with people at all times. So if you if you have a piece of a notebook, a notebook, start journaling, start journaling about what you're thinking. Anything that comes to your head about how you're feeling and that give you information about yourself. When you put on a piece of paper, you'll be able to really digest the better and to see some of the things that you can work on yourself. Just things that come to your head, especially the negative ones, will give you a whole bunch off things that make no sense or they have certain kind off patterns along all of your life. I come from a long time ago. Those are things to get to know yourself. But you can actually work on and really switch them around and just like a switching around to positive when you have a statement of you that's come to your head and maybe you're not valuable enough that you're boring you that you're wordless, you have to sex, which that to a positive. That's why they're important yourself talk and this is part of yourself tough. When you change that positive, you're You have to start talking to yourself in a more encouragement Boston way, because we are our own worst enemies. We are our own worst enemies, but we can become our most powerful oh, friends that they could be. What we have to do is just take a quick switch, what you are doing already. You're already doing it already telling yourself in a negative way. So by journal e what it does, he actually makes you see the things that you're telling yourself and makes more more sensible and clear what? The things that you've got a changing yourself to change into positive so yourself talk is very important going from from I'm not good enough. I'm not value enough to also sell validator. I'm so worth it that I deserve more of life. All of this positive things that we're putting your energy into It will help you project them to life, and it will make you feel better. It will actually empower you and really connect with yourself in that level over being the more empowering friend of yourself. So the one power company to yourself when you're alone, this is time to work on that. When you're a Lord getting all those things out, I know it's hard to actually get doing it, but I just started doing it. You're going to see the change. I think this test a while back and I want to share with you. I want to share because it really had an impact. I was watching walking down the beach when I lived in Mexico and and we're looking on the beach and I was talking to myself in a negative way to see how things were reacting. And the more I talk negative to myself better for like half an hour. I notice that my body was just like really is crunching down and really feeling sad and my break it telling me more ideas where needed to keep in that state of mind More reasons for more excuses but more reasons for it. How miserable my life Waas how people didn't accept me all of these things. And I know what is that ice I approach people people approached because I knew a lot of people there. They feel my energy don't react according to my energy, off, off, self off, negative self talk. And they reacted that way. They perceived and reacted to that self talk to that negative energy, and they re actually different. Then I realized what I was doing, and I switched it around and I started talking to myself positively, didn't physically I started doing a little bit allowed with what he heard me, and then I started doing it in my head. So I started saying how great I waas, how confident I waas, how incredible I waas and how amazing I waas And you know what? That change Everything. I noticed my body started getting up confident. Everything changed and I said, Well, forward. I I know that I had a different reaction from people. They reacted to the powerful positive talk that I was having to myself. It was my energy coming through and people were just reacted differently. And he was just incredible to see the switch. And I dare you to actually try this exercise. Do that and you'll see the difference on people not only on you by those people. The reactor you have the world brings a specific things to you. If you're always thinking negative, just gonna vote negative things to you like we'll just give you negative things for you to be right about feeling wrong. But also, if you keep up the a positive state, it will give you positive things for you to be right about feeling right are feeling good. So where do you want to stand? Is a question. And this is time for you to do this kind of exercises because now that you are in your own , that you are alone, that you want to really build a relationship with yourself, which is gonna empower you and give him and really bring a richer life out there After you are able to to have the positive religion with you up to yourself, validator self love, self, self aceptar. Then you need the external world to dictate all this things for you. You become attached from acquiring those things you become detached from really, depending on those people to make you feel good, you're gonna feel good on your own and that it was gonna share with the people which automatically is gonna have a different chain reaction in your life. The other thing about good time yourself. It's also learning. What is it that you like and like, What is it that you enjoy finding out, maybe sports down days, maybe finding out things that you want to do now for later on, or things that you really enjoy learning about. It could be learning about why it could be learning about fashion. It could be learning about a specific cultural Biggs, whatever it is, Maybe this is a time to also learn those things because he will original life later on something you enjoy something to get to know yourself A. But more on that subject as well. On it might become one of those hobbies. Eventually, up there, you build up on it.