Rescue Your Doodles and Color Them | Joseph Francis | Skillshare

Rescue Your Doodles and Color Them

Joseph Francis, Check out my classes!

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2 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. From Lined School Notebook to Clean Line Art

    • 2. My Take on Coloring Line Art


About This Class


I'm going to do 2 things in this class:

First - before you even enroll - I'm going to show you how to clean up artwork scanned straight out of a school notebook - the kind of place where you may have doodled something you later wished had been on better paper.

Second I'm going to show you my method for isolating and coloring linework. I think it might be different than others you have seen.

The class is short and sweet.

C'mon in!





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Joseph Francis

Check out my classes!

I started in New York at what is now called RGA Digital Studios, but was then called R/Greenberg Associates. I've worked at many of the top motion graphics and title design companies including yU+Co and Imaginary Forces, and with top creative directors including Kyle Cooper (Prologue).

Visit my LinkedIn profile here.

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