Replicate Any Photographer's Style: Making Preset Looks in Lightroom | Nick Keil | Skillshare

Replicate Any Photographer's Style: Making Preset Looks in Lightroom

Nick Keil, Director, Designer, Writer, Photographer

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12 Lessons (1h 46m)
    • 1. How to Make a Mikuta Look in Lightroom (Adobe Lightroom Preset Tutorial)

    • 2. Edit a Sunset Portrait with VSCO-Style-Editing

    • 3. Making a Moody Urban VSCO Look in Lightroom

    • 4. How to Edit a Faded VSCO "Classic Films-Look" Portrait in Lightroom

    • 5. How to Make a VSCO Desaturated High Contrast Film Preset in Lightroom

    • 6. How to Make the HB1 & HB2 (HypeBeast) VSCO Preset in Lightroom

    • 7. How to Make a @sam_dameshek Preset/Look in Lightroom

    • 8. How to make an @ownthelight Vitaly S look in Lightroom

    • 9. How to Make a Sue Bryce Look in Lightroom

    • 10. How to Create a Bryant Eslava Look/Preset in Lightroom

    • 11. How to Make a Dani Diamond Hazey-Look/Preset in Lightroom

    • 12. How to Make a VSCO Film 07 (Eclectic Films) Look/Preset in Lightroom


About This Class


This is an ongoing and constantly updated class, so be sure to check back to it at least once a week for new content! It is part ARCHIVE and part NEW CONTENT. Any new videos will have the SkillShare logo on the bottom left!

On this #PhotoFridayChallenge we take a look at photographer Brandon Woelfel, who's visual aesthetic is radically unique to anyone else's out there.

The goal of this series is to be able to teach you not only how to edit in Lightroom, but also how to discern visual aesthetics that certain photographers will use. The point of this series is not to be able to replicate the photographer's style exactly—in some cases I know that it'll be completely wrong— rather to be able to use what we've learned and apply it to your own photographs.

Disclaimer: These tutorials are not connected to the original artist, or company's direct editing style. It is used to illustrate how to achieve a similar tone to the artist, (i.e. visually replicated motifs and color-styles) not how to infringe upon the artistic rights and styles of the original artist/company. If any artist wishes to have their video removed, they have the right to contact and ask it to be removed.





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Nick Keil

Director, Designer, Writer, Photographer

I find the simplest way to describe eclectic and moody personality is to refer you to my Facebook bio, “lactose intolerant but good with Photoshop”. And for the most part, that has been a very relevant way of describing who I am— unable to eat anything but soy-cheese substitutes and driven to the brink of madness with how dangerous my passion for all aspects of creating visual art mediums is. And I love owls. Especially when they do the little ruffly thing w...

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