Rendering Light: Compositions With Colored Pencil | Marco Mazzoni | Skillshare

Rendering Light: Compositions With Colored Pencil

Marco Mazzoni, Fine Artist, Italy

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5 Videos (43m)
    • Introduction to the Medium

    • History of Chiaroscuro

    • Chiaroscuro Drawing

    • Adding Color

    • Color in Layers


About This Class

Chiaroscuro was used by the art masters throughout history to capture beautiful and realistic lightin. This class is going to explore modern chiaroscuro with deep colored pencil rendering and object layering in a composition. The colored pencil affects the volume of the whole work, and this class will give you techniques to get the most out of them! We will begin with placing the black and white space, and adding layers of color as you build your drawing.

I work with the human figure and elements in nature, and will walk you through creating a portrait that blends the two. We will finish your composition with the veil technique, covering the entire piece in a light veil of color to add mood to your work.

What You'll Learn

I will teach you the process of building a drawing from the ground up, chiaroscuro style, in colored pencils. This involves strategic black and white placement and layering.

  • Sketching. Sketch out and prepare your composition. 
  • Chiaroscuro. Plan the placement of your lights and darks to set yourself up for good rendering.
  • Coloring. Color your shapes and bring depth to your work.
  • Veiling. Apply the veil illustration technique to your drawing. 

What You'll Do

You will create your own illustration, learning different pressure, color and realist techniques with colored pencil. This class will push you to explore your perception of elements in nature, and to see limitless possibility in collage and blending objects in 2 dimensional drawing. It will greatly improve your drawing and perception skill, and will challenge the standard use for colored pencil.





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Marco Mazzoni

Fine Artist, Italy

Marco is an artist and illustrator from Italy. I have studied the natural world through observation and artistic interpretation since my childhood. I'm inspired by objects in nature, and how light interacts with elements of the earth. My work blends human features, natural objects, and how the light interacts with all of them.

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