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Rendering Interiors for Beginners

Mike Golden, Visualist at dbox

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7 Lessons (2h 8m)
    • 1. v01_Introduction To Blender

    • 2. v02_Daylighting

    • 3. v03_Interior Lighting

    • 4. v04_ Combination Lighting

    • 5. v04_Render Passes

    • 6. v04_Post production

    • 7. v05_Finishing


About This Class


In this class, we will be going over various lighting strategies and techniques for bringing an interior rendering to life! You will learn all the tools you need to make dynamic and evocative interior renderings in multiple lighting conditions and setups.

What You'll Do
We will be working in the open-source, and free, 3D package called Blender. I will also be providing a fully modeled and textured scene for the class. So if you've ever felt intimidated by the technical hurdles of getting off the ground in 3D softwares, this is the perfect place to start.

This class will cover all of the tools you need to bring your interiors to life with no previous knowledge or experience necessary. So whether you are considering trying out 3D rendering, or looking for ways to bring your own designs to life, this class is for you. 

What You'll Learn

  • Intro to Blender – We will open the supplied Blender scene, learn to navigate within Blender and set up a camera, and create a rendering with the default lighting.
  • External Lighting – We will set up a camera within the supplied Blender scene, set up a direct light for the sun and fill lights from the sky, and render a day lit scene.
  • Internal Lighting – We will set up another camera inside the supplied Blender scene, set up lights within the scene such as point and spot lights to emulate interior lighting, and render an image illuminated from within.
  • Combination Lighting – We will set up a final camera and light the supplied Blender scene using a combination of the techniques already covered, balancing the exterior and interior lighting, and render an image with both ambient and point lighting.
  • Post Production – We will open our renderings in Photoshop and go over some basic color correction techniques, along with some tips and tricks to make our images pop.

What You'll Make
In this class you'll make a series of 3D renderings that cover the basics of different lighting situations:

  • A rendering with default lighting
  • A day lit rendering
  • A rendering lit from within
  • A rendering with a combination of light sources

Happy rendering!

UPDATE: I've posted the images I created while putting together the tutorials, you can see them by clicking on student work tab.


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